Answered Prayers from The Christmas Novena, 2017

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. Two miracle happen to two of the young women that i was ask to pray for.
    My niece CHIARA, her brain tumour, after the radiation it became very small, with the surprise of her Oncologist, never so that before.
    She just had a check up a few weeks ago and she is well and very happy.

    KARA the daughter of a very good friends of mine was diagnose with liver cancer and after chemo therapy and operation, now she will have a liver transplant and her youngest sister with is the recipient. Wonderful.
    Thank you so much for the prayers. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  2. Coupled with St. Andrews Novena and this beautiful Christmas Novena, prayers have been answered and help has been given to us for a difficult family situation. Thank You Lord Jesus. May You be reborn many times over in the hearts of all mankind.

  3. A little lady at Church was to have surgery and possibly lose her leg. She had the surgery and was spared her leg. Glory to God in the Highest. Thank you Jesus and blessings and thanks also to Brother Andre for his prayers and intercession.

  4. God is ever faithful. I prayed for success in my PR application and God answered half way through the Novena. Thank you Jesus. I love you Lord!

  5. thank you jesus for answered my prayers i thank you for helping my mother and my mothers best friend i thank you for everything lord jesus

  6. Please pray for my son to redeem himself with God, to leave all addictions. To get a job and go to school. To forgive his father from the bottom of his heart. Yo have a good Christmas, not to create violence, either one of them. My husband to have the right words for his son and for my son to have the right heart and words for his father. For a Christmas miracle. Of love peace and forgiveness. For the Holy Spirit to come today here. For my daughter to stop all medication for all the family depression and thoughts of suitcide to go away. For a good job for me soon. For all of you and your needs before mine. Thanks.

  7. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. One of the things I prayed for in this novena was better communication with my girlfriend. Over the last week have not had any disagreements and we have been communicating nicely. Thank you Jesus!!!! Also thank you Mary for always bringing me closer to your son. Have a Merry Christmas..

  8. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for all the blessings You have given to my family and me!
    Please bless all who have prayed this novena.

  9. My daughter gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the 20th. We were praying for a safe delivery as she had lost a baby boy two years back, Doctors were unable to identify the problem on time. We thank God for this Christmas gift and we hope she grows up knowing and loving God, Amen. This novena was a blessing

  10. Heavenly Father thank you for answering my prayer. I prayed that you help me financially to help my son to fix his drivers license and to have money to help him with his divorce. I thank you heavenly father for answering that request I received the money ,my son received his license and is proceeding with his divorce.I pray father that you continue wrapping your arms around my son and continue blessing him for him and his 2 sons as I pray that he passes his test to become management so he can move forward only you the almighty God AMEN in your heavenly name

  11. Jeff hasn’t sent me any texts, EMs, or made any comments directly to me that were derogatory, mean, or nasty. I thank God that he is in therapy again and there seems to be a small measure of peace because of it. Thank you, God, for the focus I’ve had to get things done at home and at work – I pray you stay with me as I finalize my year-end reviews at work and get the remaining items pulled together in preparation for divorce mediation. Thank you, God, for working in me most directly – help me to continue to bring this divorce to a quick conclusion that protects all of my financial and physical assets for the good of my children and myself. Thank you, God, for being with me and sending your Holy Son and His Blessed Mother into our lives. Peace.

  12. I thank baby Jesus for my son’s improvement in health for which I prayed during the novena prayers.
    Dear baby Jesus please heal my son completely and give him a new lease of life and free him from all his struggles and pain. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, love you Jesus.

  13. I prau and kindly ask you to pray for me to get a well paying job. I have done several interviews this year but I have not been called to any of the jobs.

  14. Prayed for my daughter-in-law have safe delivery of healthy baby after negative prognosis. She delievery w/out assistance or any drugs a healthy 9lb boy! Thank you , Jesus!

  15. I ask God to restore long overdue peace in my parent’s home. To end…50+ years of emotional and verbal fights being initiated by my father.

    I also ask God to bless me and my husband with a child…or two :)

  16. Tyce improved/ He gets two more sessions of cord blood stem cells. Pray that he continues to heal. In Jesus name do we pray. Mother of mercy pray for us.

  17. I have been doing these Novena prayers for quite a while and a week ago my son calls and say he has found a job and is starting in the New Year.
    Thank very much for prayers answered and what a wonderful Christmas he has given us especially for my son. What a relief. He has been looking a job for few years.
    Thank you very much and have a wonderful Christmas. God is good. God is great.

  18. I asked for financial help as I work on commission – because I want to go to Lourdes and Avila on a spiritual pilgrimage in the spring and because I want to pay for 3 less fortunate friends to accompany me. This week I closed the biggest deal of my life and will be able to take my friends to all the shrines in France and Spain. Thank you dear Lord and for Our Lady’s intercession.

  19. I want to give thanks to God that our daughter’s fiance proposed to her so we are now planning for them to receive the sacrament of matrimony. We give praise and thanks to our God.
    We also want to give thanks for the heater that was installed in our home. We now look for to the completion of repairs to our home – the roof, the kitchen and the driveway.
    Out God is awesome!!!

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this novena.
    I have looked for answers, and actually miracles have taken place.
    I had a long awaited conversation with my seven year old grandson about his being adopted, which he initiated. He was so comfortable talking about this with me – I am forever grateful to know his understanding at this point in his young life.
    As I write this, his parents are getting ready to take him to a children’s Christmas eve service. Not something that has ever happened before. They don’t usually attend church.
    Also our unbaptized 20 year old grandaughter is on her way to attend Mass with her Catholic boyfriend and his family.
    I cannot explain the total joy and gratitude I am experiencing right now.
    These may seem like tiny miracles to some, but they are answers to many many prayers. All Praise and thanksgiving!!!

  21. I would like to give Thanks since I have been Praying More Novenas things are starting to happen, I got a pain issue in my lower back and legs and requested prayer for that and one thing I had been saying prayers for is help to get things done around my house since Hurricane Harvey ect. and I would ask and broken promises. Glory Be To God!!! I actually got a person to help me with lifting and hauling things and moving old wood and I Thank You All for The Prayers and Always Thanking God, Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary and All The Angles and Saints…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years…

  22. After many months of not seeing my Mom, I (and many members of her family!) got to see her last night at her sister’s 92nd birthday party. May all who’ve prayed this novena have their prayers answered!!

  23. Jesus I wish so much that I could say thank you for bringing our Paul back to his family on earth, Jesus let the love I have for Paul bring him home to us today, I implore you , have pity ,
    I can’t give up hope I trust you, if you hear me , I know you will answer my prayer
    glory to you Jesus, thank you for the good things you gave me, but without Paul my family and I cannot enjoy anything
    help us please

  24. Thankful for a job and all the other things the Lord has done in my life and for my family. God keep all those praying this novena safe and answer their prayers. Merry Christmas and Happy New year with lots of blessings

  25. Prayer of Thanksgiving for Olivia’s continued healing and progress.

    Also a prayer of Thanksgiving for my successful gastric sleeve surgery almost 2 weeks ago.

  26. One of my prayer intentions was to get more clarity as to how to live a more virtuous life so that I could better understand how to love God with my whole my whole mind, my whole heart, and my whole strength. Yielding my will to His has and always will be the answer. Thanks for clarifying this for me one more time, Lord. Amen.

  27. My son with stage 3 kidney disease (which makes surgery dangerous) not only came out of his shoulder surgery without any unseen problems, but he did not have to be cut as expected. A scope was used. Thank you God Jesus.

  28. For the blessing of finding the perfect home for my foster baby. Prayers go out to all foster organizations and foster parents, as well as, the adoptive parents and families. Blessings to you for what you do!

  29. Thank You Lord, for the spritual and mental healing. We know that life without You is not easy. Therefore We have to call upon You and invite You to dwell into our Hearts in order to live accordingly and overcome all the obstacles. Thank You for everything Lord.

  30. My brother and sister were involved in an accident and they were not injured they were safe together with other youths as they were heading to shrine to pray.Thank you Jesus

  31. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for bringing our son home safe and healthy from his Fall semester abroad in China.

    May everyone have a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas.

    God is good.

  32. Thank you Lord for being me out of the dark place with all my burdens – eliminating them and bringing into the light and into joy and grace in readiness for the Mee Year. I pray for all who need you to have their lives saved and enriched. Amen

  33. My daughter in law delivered a health baby boy during the novena. That is one of my prayer request. Thank you Mother Mary for answered prayer.

  34. Hi,
    My daughter called me. Though it wasn’t as positive as I wanted it to be, it’s still a start that I am greatful for it. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I trust Him. I prayed that she will realize my unconditional love for her, and hers for me. Also that she come back to her Catholic faith. I love her dearly and above all my Lord Jesus Christ!
    Merry Christmas everyone and may your prayers be answered through our love of our Savior!

  35. I thank God for what he is doing in my daughter sandra’s life. I thank God for the gift he has given to my daughter. What our mother mary has done for my daughter is over my understanding. I thank God.

  36. Prayers answered for my daughter’s job evaluation as she got a huge raise with promises of even more in 6 months! ALso, prayer for family reconciliation is slowly happening & everyone is home for Christmas & going to church service together tonight! Thank you, dear Lord!

  37. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful people, that I have recently realized, have been in my life all along. Too numerous to mention. This realization is a great help for the depression I experience. I still have a lot of work to do spiritually. The novenas are a godsend. Jesus, I trust in You!

  38. Peaase Jesus help me out in this financial difficultiesand also help my son from drug use and problems also look after my family and look after them

  39. I prayed for healing of a close relationship, healing transformed me to be more silent like the Virgin Mary, and prayerful towards my stepson.

  40. Although this was not a specific intention of mine during this novena this blessing has been on my heart for a long time. A doctor at my OB/GYN spoke at our church’s women’s conference this past spring. She shared her life story with us…how she joined the Catholic faith & how her family has joined too & also how she used to perform abortions in her work but now fights for the lives of the precious babies despite conflict with her work. After hearing her story I had hoped to have her become my primary doctor since I am a patient with her work. When I found out that I was pregnant with my son in June I had asked my doctor’s office if I could switch & they had told me no & that I would stay with my same doctor. I was bummed but I let the thought leave my mind; however, not my heart. Earlier this week I learned that my then primary doctor was a supporter of abortions & read a horrifying article that she had published praising those that offer abortions & perform them. I reached out to the doctor who spoke at the conference asking if I could please have her become my primary since I was not comfortable with my current doctor. She responded to me right away telling me that yes, she would love to be my doctor! By the next day she had made the changes to my list of appointments going forward & she is now my primary. I feel so blessed to have been given this gift. God is good!! ????????❤️

  41. Thank you baby Jesus for answering my prayers. We have received a financial blessing with a liam that has allied us to take steps to financial freedom. My daughter was able to purchase her first car. We thank you for our health and keeping us safe. My daughter has established a good relationship with the father of her child. We have many things to be thankful for by praying this Novena. Amen!!!

  42. I have been so blessed,God has been with me as I had a terrible accident of falling down stairs and my brain was bleeding from both sides, they did emergency surgery, shaved my head, cut it open with tubes inserted for drainage, the Lord has been with me through this whole thing , the surgeon said I had a 50/50 chance of survival, or being a vegetable, and not to look for me to be out of the hospital till Christmas, but I’m home, not a full 100% yet but I’m doing great, and I know God is behind it all. So I want to thank my master for his work with me. I love you my precious God

  43. I asked for the Lord to give my children strength while in their difficult curriculums in collage…especially during their exams.
    The Lord helped them focus and push through hours and weeks of study with little sleep…
    They both got straight A s!
    Thank you Lord

  44. Although my nephew and his fiancé are not practicing Catholics, he is attending midnight mass with me as been our tradition, this is his decision with no mention of Church from me or anybody else.. And although we haven’t sold our house, we have had discussions and inspections for a very interested buyer. Most importantly I am more at peace and able to trust God and his Will for my nephew and me.

  45. My sweet Jesus…come to our homes and our hearts. Bring faith, love and joy to all your children on earth. I pray for health for my son Jeff, Mark and Domenic and my grand baby Rain. I pray for Kristin, Toni and Michelle’s daughter. I also pray for All the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Amen. Come baby Jesus, come.

  46. 1. Political tension has eased a bit.
    2. One of my debtors came forth with a promise to pay money he owed me for long before end of the year.
    3. God has blessed my pig project greatly.

  47. I put in a request to pray for my girlfriend who had pneumonia with MRSA to be home for Christmas. She came home last night after spending 20 days in hospital. Great Christmas miracle. Praise the Lotd!

  48. The Lord answered my prayer He healed my granddaughter and she is out of the wheelchair and walking. Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

  49. My life has only gotten better from prayer.
    Believe in yourself , Think positive and Trust in God . ????✝️❤️. Miracles will happen ????

  50. I thank you infant Jesus for all the favours granted to me.i thank john-paul and Annie and wishing you both a very merry Christmas.

  51. I have been praying for my appraisal report to come back as a single family home as of Friday afternoon, the bank called me and said they were going to classify it as a single family home. I’m still praying that when the report coming back from the appraiser it says that! Thank you lord,you are my savior ????

  52. Thank You Lord for all the blessings…my sister’s hemoglobin has normalized and she was discharged at once from the hospital..Thank You Lord God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit..amen.

  53. This is the first time in 14 years my son decided to come over for Christmas to my house. I thank God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph that he has made this first attempt. I will continue to pray that one day soon his wife too will come and unite herself with this family. I also pray that they both start coming to church again.

  54. My answered prayers came in receiving information, wisdom, and solutions to various obstacles this year. 2017 is the year of novenas for me. I prayed over 10 novenas this year and truly saw Our Holy Father leading me. Miracles came in the form of unity in the family, humble moments, and divine intervention. I am so thankful for praymorenovenas for helping. May God bless you exceedingly and provide all the resources to continue this good work. Thank you.

  55. Dear Lord Infant Jesus,
    Thank you for everything.
    Please have mercy on my daughter a GVGR. Please heal her seizure disorder, please heal and cure all the causes and triggers of her seizure, please help her outgrow her seizure disorder, please heal and cure all of her other abnormalities, please help her return to her normal ways and activities, and please help her land a job in accordance with your holy will.
    Thank you very much.
    Happy Birthday Lord Infant Jesus. Merry Christmas. Thank you for all the blessings that you have been showering my family.

  56. We are truly blessed this Christmas our grandson is doing really well after a very difficult journey into darkness.There is peace & joy & much love in our family.There is no end to Our Lords blessings,with faith &prayer all is possible.

  57. I had gone through the first stage of an interview for a job which I have been praying for and it wasn’t easy. This week during the Novena I received news that I have been selected to move to the final stage of the interview. I am thankful to God this is a miracle and I know that God will see me through the final stage and grant me this job. Glory to God. Continue praying with me

  58. Thank you Lord for all you do, thank you for helping my baby girl with her new home. I know you have been with my son Jimmy because I have seen and beard of some changes, and thank you dear good for Mr. Rogers health he was able to return home and schedule his surgery soon. In the name of the father and the Holly Spirit AMEN..

  59. Thank you for your prayers for my husband who came home from the hospital last week. He has been in the hospital 5 times since January. He has 3 different types of cancer, but thankfully, we have good insurance that has allowed him to take a new drug that gives us hope. The prayers from all of you have made a difference! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  60. My 14 month old son is recovering well from pneumonia. My dog ran away and was safely returned the next day. My surgery went without complications.

  61. I had prayed my husband would come to church again for Christmas bc the last few years he stepped away. He agreed to go to Christmas mass (with some enthusiasm too). This is very special. Thank you Lord, and to-our Blessed Morher’s intersession. Many rosaries were prayed for this too. Bless everyone in this Novena and all the prayers in our world.

  62. Thank you for praying for us! God has given all the strength my mother needs during this very difficult time of her life – cancer. Thank you & praise the Lord! Merry Christmas!!! M

  63. Thank you Lord Jesus for our son and grandson coming back into our lives. I continue to pray for Tim and his family. Please Lord send the right people into their lives that will help them all. I pray that my faith will continue to increase . I pray that my husbands faith will continue to increase. I pray that my children and grandchildren will increase in faith and love for you. I pray for family and for world peace. I ask all this through Christ our Lord ???? Amen !

  64. My prayers have been answered there has been peace & love between me & my fiancé thank you to all who have been praying with me I will forever be grateful thank you!! Merry Christmas to all of you Jesus is coming!

  65. Thank you Infant Jesus for the Christmas miracle for Lo; for blessing her with a renewed contract of her job and renewing our hope to expect the unexpected.

    We praise and thank you for this blessing showered just at a very difficult time.

  66. The doctors told my uncle he had very little time left. That his organs were shutting down and we should get him into a nursing home. Thanks be to Jesus and Mary my uncle will be celebrating Christmas at home with us! Clearly a Christmas miracle!
    Thank you for praying with me!!

  67. Thank you Jesus and Holy Family thank you thank you thank you!
    I wrote a letter to Stephen and he called me last night– I’ve been praying for his healing & deliverance from addiction & to come back to the Lord. He told me he has 110 days sober, is going to meetings and reflecting on his life. I invited him to Christmas mass, not sure if he’s coming but thank you Jesus last Christmas he was in a alcohol induced Coma. jesus I know you got him, please continue to protect him from all temptation & evil, thank you for allowing me to share Christmas peace & joy with him. My Christmas just got more meaningful and I’m so blessed and better for all the struggles of 2017. I pray for a Merry Christmas for all here and a big thank you for another year of John Paul & Annies powerful ministry praymorenovenas. My life has been blessed by all here & the opportunity to pray in community. Wherever two or more are gathered! Blessed & peaceful Christmas & New Year Everyone! ????????❤????

  68. My daughter who is a cancer patient, has s teduction in her tumor markers. We are thankful to Jesus and all the saints for her continued recovery.

  69. Today on Christmas Eve, I found out that after one and a half years of struggling with infertility, we are expecting our first child! Thank you Jesus for this Christmas miracle!

  70. Thank you God for giving peace and good health to
    Janice S
    Frank S
    Christi S

    Jesus, I trust in you
    Jesus, I love you
    Thank you for all you do for everyone on earth.