Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2017

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divine mercyThank you for joining us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share those with us below!

Praise God for these answered prayers!

If your prayers have not been answered during this novena, please do not give up on your faith and on hope.

Jesus is always with us, and is especially close to us during our struggles and sufferings, and moments of what seem like Unanswered Prayers.

We hope this post will be helpful to you during this time: Unanswered Prayers.

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  1. Hello John-Paul&Annie,

    i have been praying for years for my youngest sister to have a baby and after the Divine Mercy Novena, i just believed and didn’t ask anymore.
    Last week, she came over and she is about 5months pregnant to the glory of GOD.
    Thank you JESUS!!
    I believed and it is true.

  2. I had a resident Berther with a mass blocking his stomach and could not eat one day and with in a few days he went into hospital refused an operation that would remove it and then was put into hospices a few days after that We all loved him so much. I was saying the Divine Mercy Novena for Him he was 2 days from Death on Divine Mercy Sunday and that day I offered the Mercy Mass for him as well and he may instantly got better and with in a week was realeased and came home to his berth n sailboat n today I helped him puta new battery in the Mercedes car he given away that was given back to him All his belongings were given away He had to go online for clothes but all else was cheerfully given back He’s so much better thank you lord the Mass had moved away aloowing for nutrition and now he’s realeased from hospitals ce following w ups n is willing to remove the mass thank you Lord

  3. Praise God and His Divine Mercy for all. I prayed this novena, and also to Our Lady of Fatima and St. Therese, and by God’s grace my boyfriend was granted a tourist VISA to visit me and we will be attending a conference together to learn more about God’s love for us. Thank you, Lord!

  4. Part of my prayer was answered when our Lord opened the door for my granddaughter to enter the college of her choice rather than one she really didn’t want to go to. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer

  5. Thank you. I was praying so hard that my 6 month mammogram would be normal this time and it was. Thank you so hearing my prayers and answering them. My faith is so strong and I do believe that you will always answer my prayers.

  6. Thanks for our lady of Fatima novena, my prayer was that I may go back to study and for a way to raise the fee needed, and God has done it for me His name be praised. Thank you Jesus!

  7. I prayed the Divine Mercy novena seeking God’s indulgence in my financial situation with the bank, on the third of the novena the bank called to stop the court case and called us to renegotiate our loan. Thanks much John Paul and Annie and the prayer commhnity. Prayer is powerful, let us continue to pray without ceasing and do so with sincere hearts. Amen

  8. The Lord provided me with enough money to pay for major bills and other expenses. It was a miracle because I had a few dollars left in my bank account from my part time job.
    God is good-all the time-God is good! Praise be to God!!!! Thank you Lord for answering my prayers!!!!

  9. With much thankfulness and gratefulness we sold house on the first day and we after much up and down searches we found our new home. I also believe St Joseph helped us thru it all too. When everything clicked we knew where we belonged.

  10. I have being praying with praymorenovenas for about 2.5 years and at the time the Divine Mercy Novena was announced, I was at a low point. My prayers were for myself and 2 other people and no advances were being seen with any of these matters. I had noted in an email from John-Paul & Annie that answered novena petitions were happening years into the continued prayers. I decided at that moment to persist with petitions to the Almighty via Novenas.

    About the 3rd day in the Divine Mercy Novena, a miracle occurred! My sister received a kidney donation – I had prayed for her return to full health! She is recovering well and adjusting to the new life given to her by our Lord. All praise to the Almighty for His Grace. Thank you Lord.

  11. I am are very grateful to God, we prayed as a famiy the divine mercy novena, for my recovery from recurrent cough, am now okay- no cough any more. We also prayed for my husband recovery from nerve problems, there is now a very significant improvement in his health. Thank you lord, I know even the other requests we made to you are on the way coming, for your love is eternal! Thank you Jesus

  12. My son waa admitted into a gvt sponsored course
    My Dad has been ill, he has not recovered but he has been reffered for cure
    My hubby is more caring now

  13. My husband and I had just finished praying the Divine Mercy Novena on day 8 when we received a phone call that our son had been injured in a motorcycle accident and was being transferred to the ER. I know that it was the Divine Mercy of our Lord that protected our son that night. It was a hit-n-run were the automobile that hit him left the scene of the accident. Our son
    suffered massive road rash to his face, arms, hand and knees but
    thankfully no concussion, broken bones nor internal injuries or
    bleeding. Other kind individuals stopped and rendered aid. Praise
    be to Jesus and His Divine Mercy.

  14. Halleluh! Our Lord is prayers we answered prayed for the readmision of my son back to school and it was done. Am encouraging everyone God’s time is the best.and pray without ceasing.still praying that he shall pass his final year exam

  15. I thank God for His faithfulness to his people! I was sick since somehow December last year! after this Novena i am now ok! Thank you God! i will stay for you! keep on helping your people for the GLORY of your HOLY NAME. Amen.

  16. Thank you so much for the answered petitions and prayers. Truly our Lord through His Divine Mercy answers what seemingly an impossible request and petitions, all according to His greatest plan. Our faith, belief, hope, love and support especially as a family are all strengthened. Thank you for giving my son and us another chance, and for bringing our family together in praying. Thank you so much!

  17. Praise God for this miracle!!! Chad, a young father from Florida, collapsed and was in a coma right before Easter. His sister-in-law and I started the Divine Mercy Novena for him. He is currently awake, walking, talking and eating again. I am claiming this as a miracle since the doctors cannot explain his quick recovery. God is so good to those who put their trust in Him!

  18. God is great. I have been committed to doing novenas and even celebrated the divine mercy Sunday. also received reconciliation sacrament. believe me when I say my prayers were answered. So don’t give up . everything you ask from our God almighty through prayers will be granted to you.

  19. I thank God for answered prayer. Me and my daughter were praying the Divine Mercy Novena, that the good Lord grant them permanent jobs, before finishing the Novena, my son told us that he found a job. God is great and I praise him. I lift his name high. I also thank John and Anne and all those who prayed this novena with us. God bless you all, Amen! UP

  20. I prayed that my husband would be offered a job close to home and with wood. He was offered a position this past Tuesday. Thank you!!!!!

  21. I asked our Divine Mercy to please help the doctors find the reason I was having such a difficult time breathing and they did!! I was increasing having more and more of a hard time breathing. Finally, they discovered a bacteria I had. The antibiotic they were giving me was the wrong one. The bacteria was feeding off of it and getting stronger. I feel like I have a chance now to have a more productive life. I still will have problems breathing because of my disease, I have COPD, but breathing is a lot easier. Thank you Lord God and Divine Mercy

  22. I had the answered prayer for a sick friend for not having prolonged suffering and they passed within the week. Also, and answered prayer regarding my daughter and son who were taking the final steps to divorce and now back together. Thank you for the intercession of our Blessed Mother and the Lord answering prayers for all. Amen.

  23. My son has been accepted into graduate school. His hope is to get accepted into dental school but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. I will keep praying the novenas in hope of that happening but for now we were blessed with the graduate school offer for his masters degree .

  24. Good day,
    Peace of the Lord be with you. I prayed the St. Rita novena during my fellowship exams and God answered me with success. Praise the Lord!
    God bless you for the good work that you are doing.
    Please continue to pray for me as I write the second stage of my exams.

    Warm Regards,


  25. Thanks to everyone who was praying this Divine Mercy Novena with me! I m so glad during the time of the Novena I was able to speak to the man I love since a lot of time, more than two years.
    This is really a miracle of Grace. Thank you Lord Jesus!

    Thanks and GodBless You All ????????❤????????

  27. I am 10weeks pregnant. Thank you one and all for your prayers.God Bless and please continue to pray for me as i am having terrible nausea and that i have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  28. I prayed for my son steven who had been lost in the world of drugs, who I had not heard from since 12/24/16. He came home on Mercy Sunday and even though he continues to struggle I see a change working in him! Thank you Jesus????????❤️

  29. Thanks God for the Divine Mercy Novena..After praying for my husband to stop prostitution, he has finally asked me to forgive him. God answers prayers for real. And i still ask you to help continue me pray for him to turn to Almighty God..Thanks Lord for the answered prayer.


  30. Through Jesus’s Divine Mercy, I was offered a job. I experienced His mercy as I went through interviews and reaching out for references. I prayed the novena more towards the end. The last day we attended a service for Divine Mercy and sang the novena. It was incredible! We have a merciful and loving Lord!

  31. Through this novena, I was praying to God to bless me with a new job and HE did. During the cause of my last interview as soon as the interview was over they offered me the job on the spot.

  32. Thanks be to God for His mercies. Amongst what I prayed for during the novena was finance to start up my business again. To the glory of God I just asked a friend whom is not among those I intend asking and he gave the amount I asked for the next day. God’s mercy never comes to an end, they are new every morning. The other intentions will come through as He wills.

  33. Eternal Father,
    I just got the news that the bank has accepted the loan for my daughter to buy the 44% share of the house, making her the sole owner; thus leading the road to the peaceful separation of my daughter from this man who has abused my daughter physically, mentally and financially.
    I pray for this man, that he will cooperate with us for the rest.
    I am still waiting for the news that my son get a job!
    Thank you, Jesus, for your sorrowful passion!

  34. The Monday following the feast of the Divine Mercy Our Lord has prevented me from a car accident that could be fatal, either me or the other driver couldn’t understand how we did not crash into each other’s car….It must be thanks to the Divine Mercy intervention. Thanks my Lord and Savior you are so Good so Wonderful!

  35. My son, Luke, who has suffered from alcoholism for nearly four years, spoke to his wife and children for the first time in many months. He is in rehab right now and finally opened up to a trusted individual about his real problem. My long long prayer has been answered. Thank you, Jesus You are so Good!!!!!

  36. Yes, at least a part answer to my prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena. A better financial outlook and really needed funds came through for me last week. Praise Be to the Lord on HIGH !!

  37. I am retired and live on my monthly check which is not very much. On the last day of the novena my car broke down and was going to cost too much to repair I just started to pray and put my problem in my Lord’s hands.
    On Divine Mercy Sunday my daughter call to let me know she had a car for me. I thank my Lord everyday for so many blessings that I have received and my Blessed Mother.

  38. Thank you Lord Jesus for my clarity and peace in my life from praying the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart novenas. No anxiety experienced since, thank you thank you, AMEN.

  39. I have been praying the past novenas and have prayed that the Lord help my son with job opportunities. He was called to several interviews and finally was hired and will begin his training today. I will continue to pray that all goes well at this job for him.

  40. A close person who was owing a lot of my savings and was dodging me for the past 5 months paid up in full. We give thanks and glory to God.

  41. My husband was so hesitant and resistant on going to catholic retreats. After finishing the Divine Mercy , he went on a retreat and came home beaming with Joy and very happy. God had completely changed his perspective and he now have a stronger faith. He had found new friends in the church and now, he is the one encouraging me to attend the retreat as well. Thanks be to God. I have been praying for this! God is now leading him to the good crowd.

  42. Thank you to the novena crew and anyone that prayed the Divine Mercy novena with me. My wife has stage 3 breast cancer and her recent scan came back clear!

  43. been praying the divine mercy novena for my brother who has been sick and he has improved very much, God heals.

  44. JC
    Thanks to Divine Mercy for answering my prayers. I was praying for a condo since I was down sizing and my prayers were answered.

  45. After doing the Divine Mercy Novena, and also encouraging others to do it. I feel more at peace with my self and I thank God for the gift of life and good health.
    Thank you Jesus I love you.

  46. Thanks to the Divine Mercy. I have often committed sin with my cousin, and after that realize that if anything wrong outcome would come then I may be in trouble. And so, I felt in tense. But through Divine Mercy Novena nothing such anything happened. For which I am very grateful for Divine Mercy from Heavenly father. Lord take me to the right path always.

  47. My father had a stroke on 3/12, which left him unable to talk. I started the Divine Mercy novena on Sat a day late. A few hrs after I finished saying Day 9 prayer, my brother texted that dad was starting to talk, not clear, but talking… All glory and praise to you, Jesus…

  48. I thank God that during the Divine Mercy Novena and our Mother of Perpetual Help prayers, my womb was healed.

  49. I prayed to Divine Mercy for the successful burial of my dad. Everything went well despite all the problems and challenges that l went through. I am grateful to God for a successful burial for me and my family. Thank you Jesus for your divine Mercy.

  50. While praying The Divine Mercy novena my son accepted to start attending Alcoholic Anonymous counselling sessions and he is doing well in his recovery. Thank you Jesus for your divine mercy.

  51. After praying this novena, the pain I’ve been enduring in my abdomen suddenly disappeared. I prayed for it for so long because I can’t afford to get sick specially I am working for my family. God is so good all the time.

  52. I have always been praying for my youngest son to find a stable and better paying job now that he has a family of his own. Through the novenas, he has found a well paid job but I am still praying that he becomes permanent.

  53. The Lord did not listen to my prayers during the Divine Mercy Novena.
    I asked God to heal me and help me with my insomnia and I still cannot sleep at night.
    I guess my problem is not important for God or he might not think that sleeping is important for me.
    Yesterday I slept one hour and then another hour.
    Today, after not sleeping, I felt depressed, anxious, moody.
    I guess God doesn’t want to heal me.
    I’ve taken magnesium that my doctor has prescribed and it doesn’t work. I’ve taken Melatonin and it doesn’t work.
    My last resource is to see a psychiatrist and see if sleeping pills work for me.
    I thought God could heal me.
    I feel sad, betrayed and unloved by God.
    I feel I asked him bread and fish and He gave me a stone instead.
    He doesn’t care about me.
    Please pray for me

    • I wish to thank God, for the gift of a job for my son he started work today. Praise be His Holy Name. Amen.

  54. Monday after Divine Mercy Feast my son-in-law to be received the awaited 4 year scholarship for the school of medicine, which he begins in August 2017. Praise the Lord for His Divine Mercy and His Divine Providence.

  55. My husband and I were really going through a tough time the week before the Novena. We were even seriously considering divorce. A friend of mine suggested the Novena, and I am so grateful to everyone’s love and support! We still have some obstacles to face, but we are surviving the storms. Thanks be to God!

  56. Thank you for your prayers. I’ve been suffering from anxiety and depression for the last 8 months. At the end of the Divine Chaplet novena I found my mental health to be much improved. God is good.

  57. Our son was going through some interview process and writing exams in order to get this job he was dreaming of his entire life.
    We prayed the Divine Mercy Novena for him to come out successful at the end of it all. Yes, The Divine Mercy and Assistance was with him right through and he got his clearance to go on the job today – on St. Joseph’s day 01MAY17.
    I thank the Lord for listening to our plea.

  58. On Good Friday, an MD in a company i had signified interest to work in since last year but had not heard from for more than a year called me up for discussion. We had a meeting on Easter Monday and he offered me the job. I have been out of work since January 2016 and i really needed a job.
    I give GOD all the Glory.

  59. Prayed for someone in my life and things are working out well. Am greatful to God for answered prayers.

  60. Was praying for healing for my Mom from a staph infection. She was mentally delusional and physically in a lot of pain. Thanks be to God she has regained most of her mental capacities but unfortunately she is still in a lot of physical pain. Still praying that God will take away this great physical suffering.

  61. Praise be the Lord for His infinite love and mercy to us!
    I asked St. Joseph’s intercession for the unemployed and I prayed the Divine Mercy Novena for the peace of the world.
    My husband has been without a job for a year and last week, he started working in a restaurant’s kitchen, he also received a call from a friend to do a Mexican catering for 25 people and finally, he received an offer by post for a job doing marketing research.
    A triple blessing!. Let’s keep praying, let’s keep trusting…God loves us.

  62. I sold my house! I got the offer late at night on Divine Mercy Sunday… I prayed the Mercy novena for that specific blessing, I prayed faithfully and God answered me. Thank you My beloved Jesus Christ, and thank you for posting this faboulus website to help us pray novenas.

  63. I’m praying the next novena that I might be able to retire earlier than anticipated from my current position – I need the money to be a certain amount to support me while I a) look for another position and b) move to be closer to my family and ailing mother in Florida. So, I’m praying for God to expedite things and help me financially so that I may make this move – sooner rather than later.

  64. My stepdaughter of twelve years told me she has finally come to realize how I have always been there for her, and how she truly loves me! She thanked me for being the good and loving wife to her father that he deserves. And she’s working her way back to the Catholic Chirch. More blessings than I prayed for!! God is so merciful and generous!

  65. Prayers for a teenager who had a baseball size cancerous growth on his left shoulder. The cancer spread to his 10th rib on the right and his left hip. He has been receiving cancer treatment for 12 weeks. I saw him two days ago-the shoulder has been reduced but the doctors are still speaking of amputating his whole arm, rib and replacing his hip. I am asking the Lord for a redirection miracle. Fr Don

  66. We prayed that our son would return to the Church and the process has begun!!! Our “prodigal” son came to talk to us last Tuesday admitting that he has struggled for the last 9 years since he left home, has made mistakes and asked us for forgiveness!!! PRAISE GOD!!! Also, he is much more open to acknowledging God and us talking about Him. (It was just a few months ago that he told us were were too religious!!) GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!! He is starting a new job today and says he has found the girl he wants to marry!!! AGAIN, PRAISE GOD, HE’S READY TO FULLY GROW UP!!!

  67. My daughter’s friend decided not to take a job out of town and told her it was because of her. He told her he really likes her a lot and would love to see where their friendship will take them.
    Of course, we are praying that he makes their friendship official now and that the two of them will fall in love and get married and live a long and happy marriage.

  68. I had a follow up CT scan for my colon cancer done during the Novena and I prayed my result would be good, that there will be no worrisome findings. I just got back my results and not only were there no new lesions, but the ones that were previously seen have improved. God is truly merciful!

  69. Yes Yes Divine Mercy Novena helped my daughter to ask me to pray for her through her difficult time in her child custody. This week is crucial and more prayers are required.
    Pl join me and continue praying for a favourable child custody, fair financial settlement and her superiors in the office give justice to the job my daughter is doing and she can retain her job or get a new job.
    Thank you all for praying
    I believe and i thank you Jesus, because i know its done.
    Praise You Jesus

  70. I prayer for the success of my surgery during the divine mercy novena, thank God, it went well. All through the divine mercy novena. Join me to thank the merciful Jesus as I continue to pray for other intentions I ask through the divine mercy. Sr maryann

  71. A very dear teenager very close to me is having a very hard time with a condition that has transpired. She soon will be going to HS. She has developed an attitude she never had, very bratty and rebellious, although she is an honor student. I asked the Divine Mercy to calm her, and give her fortitude and patience with her condition , also asked for the complete remission of her malady.
    She looks happier and less rebellious. Will continue to pray to the Divine Mercy ! and you my brothers and sisters pray for her too , because NOTHING is more powerful than prayers , Divine Mercy, pray for us , Sacred Heart of Jesus, in you we trust .

  72. After praying the Devine Mercy Novena, our grandson, in much need of a car, was able to get a car that was affordable & in great condition. The previous owner, our neighbor, said whatever he can afford & he thinks is fair, that’s what I will charge! Looking forward to the Novena to our Lady of Fatima, starting May 4th.

  73. Praise be to the Almighty, Am grateful to the Lord for he had my cry and answered my prayer. I received an extension for my contract at work. Thank Your God. May Your name be praised.