Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2017

divine mercyThank you for joining us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share those with us below!

Praise God for these answered prayers!

If your prayers have not been answered during this novena, please do not give up on your faith and on hope.

Jesus is always with us, and is especially close to us during our struggles and sufferings, and moments of what seem like Unanswered Prayers.

We hope this post will be helpful to you during this time: Unanswered Prayers.

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  1. Eternal Father,
    My son has stopped smoking and has no more back pain. He is on the right path…..We are still waiting for good news in his job hunt. May Your Will be done.
    We are still waiting for a fair solution to find a solution between my daughter and her ex-partner Alex C. Again, may your Holy Will be done!

  2. Yes, I am so thankful…my son sold his house….and now needs prayers to find another one in his new job location….also for A family issue with his daughter, ex-wife and college…and that his ex will change her ways….she is so money hungry and it is rubbing off on the daughter..Thank you again for your mercy.

  3. God’s divine Mercy is so great. During the Divine Mercy novena, I asked for few requests which one go answered. I got an increment in my salary. Now I m happier and I believe him to answer the remaining requests. Glory be to the Father, Son and the Holyspirit, Amen.

  4. God is able God is good I bless the Lord tears come to my eyes when I think of what He has done for me.At the 11th hour I was able to raise every single penny of my school fees and am now doing my exams I never thought this day will come am just grateful and at peace Thank you God by day 3 of divine mercy my prayer had already been answered

  5. Please pray for my sister that she heals from sorrow losing her husband. that she stays strong and continues her life with Gods love. I pray that Mike’s now at peace and is with God for all eternity! Pray for my son that he stays healthy mentally & Physically so he can live a full filling and loving life.

  6. Pray that I will be blessed with a full-time permanent secretarial job opportunity with a decent living wage, as I have been unemployed for many years, and I’m struggling. I am all alone by myself, very lonely, have been praying for peace and happiness – haven’t found it yet.

    Please pray that the water will stop gushing into my basement and that it will dry up completely and that the situation will rectify and clear itself up, as I don’t want to spending any money on this house, as it is a very old house; a house is a money pit.

    Please pray I will be protected from my abusive, controlling, violent-tempered brother, as he is such a bully; I am very fearful and terrified of him. All he does is cursing, screaming, yelling and has no respect for me, and tries to be the lawmaker for me. He will not bully his own size. He calls me a cunt, fucken bitch and a loose cannon and threw a watch at me. His wife is so 2-faced and is a violent tempered woman.

    Praying true friends will come into my life.

    Pray my life will change for the better. Praying for peace of mind and happiness and that I will overcome my fears, worries and nervousness. I am depressed, very nervous, and have lost confidence and trust in almost everything and feel so horrible since I have not worked in years and feel useless and worthless. I am praying for peace, joy and happiness and that I will overcome my fears, worries and nervousness.

    I pray for strength for the difficulties I face and trust and confidence in myself.

  7. Our son, John’s groomsman, was missing 7 weeks ago and his body was finally found while praying this novena. His mom and family finally have closure and could bury him yesterday.

  8. Divine Mercy, I pray for my husband and thank you Lord for granting my request, my husband start a new job today, please I pray for him that they will keep him on this job so he can help me with our everyday needs. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  9. Thanks to His everlasting Mercies ; I have just heard from my son None that things are improving for the better.

    My sincere thanks to The Lord Almighty and to all those who prayed the Novena with me and I know that they prayed for me too.

    Bless the Lord oh my soul. Amen

  10. Yesterday being the last day of Novena and also the feast of Divine Mercy, I was called and told to find a another place or department to work. I was very sad and was walking to my desk and said let me meet my friend and hello her. Unfortunately she wasn’t at her desk and I asked her colleague about her. Just then she asked me why was I sad? and the words just spilled out from my mouth. she immediately told me we have a place for you. And within minutes her Boss told me he would speak and would be happy to have me.

    I immensely thank The Divine Mercy for the petition that I put was granted, my fears for my job was solved and I’m now waiting for confirmation to receive and a written memo with my transfer to the new department as soon as possible.

    I ask Divine Mercy to grant my friend there peace for mind and bless her, and not to be under the impression that I came to take her job, although she has retiring soon.

    I thank the Almighty for taking away the fear in me. Thanking for everything that went on smoothly.

    I am so great full.

    May the faith and devotion in me increase and my I be able to bring more souls closer to God Almighty.

    This prayer I make through our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  11. Blessed Lord on this feast day of the divine mercy I am asking You to please show my husband and I mercy and grant us the miracle of restored fertility and pregnancy. Bless and open my womb and allow us to ovulate and conceive and be pregnant now our babies. I am asking you for twins or triplets because nothing is impossible for You. I leave this in Your Hands Lord and will rest in your promises to us. I thank you for your mercy grace and love with us through this journey. Please give me peace not to get scared or frustrated and to patient because I know You will make all things beautiful in your perfect time. I thank You that it is done Lord and thank you for the positive pregnancy test and babies. I believe and declare in Jesus name I healed fertile pregnant and we have our miracle and breakthrough soon. I asking everyone on this site to please pray with and for us that the Lord grant us this beautiful miracle if life. I thank you from th bottom of my heart. God bless amen

  12. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for all your prayers and intercession. As we hoped and expected that God answers our prayers and indeed aHe nswers mine. I got called by my previous company to work for them again. Although it’s not in the same department as I was but it is a great help for us. I am still praying that when everything goes back to normal, I hope I will still get my old job back.I would also take this opportunity to thank everyone for my wife Mary Ann who also got her job back sometime ago. It is truly amazing how God works wonders thru prayers. My wife and I were truly blessed knowing you all and with your prayers we’re so grateful. Thanks again and God bless.

  13. Thank you merciful Jesus for making my daughter to start eating well again and believing you for other private intentions.
    Merciful Jesus I place my trust in you.

  14. Thank you for your prayers during this Divine Mercy Novena. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer for my son to get a job. He has received a job that has a lot of potential to turn into full time work with benefits and a decent starting pay.

    Praise the Lord, we have been praying for several years. Thank you Mother Mary.

  15. Thank you for a special intention that was granted and taken care of for me. A giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders I am so grateful amen

  16. Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ, for bringing me peace, joy and happiness in celebrating Bill & I’s 50th Anniversary with friends and family. I had been stressed out and irritable when the Holy Spirit brought me tranquility and calm. I will be forever grateful!!!

  17. One of my relatives who has stopped believing catholic faith finally made to his baby steps to church yesterday, April 22,2017.

    I am so grateful to Lord Jesus who answered my prayers to guide this family member to come closer to catholic faith. And it happened yesterday. I pray the God will continue to work his power to strengthen the faith of this lukewarm soul.
    For the sake of his sorrowful passion have mercy on us.


  18. Thanks to the Divine Mercy of Jesus, my paid study leave application which was abandoned since March was approved while praying the novena. Also, I found an apartment that I like after a long time of searching, infact, I was called to see it by the owner not the other way round. I’m happy with these blessings and seek further mercy and blessings from His most Sacred Heart for all those praying too.

  19. I prayed my tests in hospital to be good and they were .. all clear! Thank you for your continued prayers and praise God!!

  20. Thank you Divine Mercy for answering my prayers. The result of my CT Angiogram is normal. I hope you will continuously protect me and my love ones from any harm, accidents is illnesses. Give the blessings we need. Thank you..

  21. During the whole of lent I prayed for a deeper faith.To be increased in all aspects of my life,I was and continue to be.At one adoration,I felt someone kneel beside me.When I opened my eyes,I realised that there was no one.That the Lord had accompanied me in prayer.I feel a new connection to God.I thank God for the growing graces to me and my children.Thank you Jesus,Amen.

  22. hi, thank you for introducing me a way of worshiping ,i feel blessed , i feel my heart at peace with lord and my life shining day by day, i will keep my hopes strong to himand may his name be praised,thank you very much blessed always for your big support.thank you for this novena i hope all i have requested will be fulfilled together wih hose i have prayed for.

  23. Praise be to God!
    My wife has returned to confession on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday! It is something I have been requesting of her for some time. She will be humbly receiving the Extraordinary Grace from Divine Mercy as promised! Alleluia!

    St. Faustina pray for us!

  24. In between St. Joseph’s novena and Divine Mercy, we were praying for a job for my husband. We praise God and his angels that Just 2 days ago (day 8 of divine mercy novena) he got his second job proposal. It’s been a long journey of over 2 years. We have answered prayers at His perfect time. It’s been a blessing to have all this prayer support for all those dark/sad moments of uncertainty. I thank you all!!! And as of July 2017 my husband will start a new job!!! Blessed be God forever! We celebrate his merciful love!!! Keep praying for your miracle!

  25. Glory Be to God for the Divine Mercy Novena which on the 6 th Day of Prayer answered my Prayer request for an outstanding amount of money which I had been owed over 6 months . I was desperate now as I needed this money to pay my Church Commitments in which I contribute to ensure our Church evangelism work to the neeedy, and to supporting our Priests & the Diocesan projects ,does not suffer.
    The office which owed me this money unexpectedly foned me on the 6th day of the Divine Mercy Novena, acknowledged the debt they owed me asking for forgiveness for the delayed. The office offered to pay soon . They have not paid the money yet but I’m greatful to God that by Grace I’m trusting that this amount will be paid through this week anytime from tomorrow.
    Thank you for this Novena may you be Blessed .

  26. I feel a peace that my daughter’s situation at work will be resolved this week. Thank you Jesus & all who prayed this novena.

  27. Received letter in the mail yesterday saying that my husband has an affirmative decision for nullity of his previous marriage. Now we can start making preparations for our marriage in the Catholic church. Thank you God, and many blessings wished for all of you as you wait patiently for your answer.
    Just remember, a “no” right now might mean “not yet my child, for I have greater things in store for you!”

  28. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for helping my sister in law’s cancer to be as bad as we feared it to be. Thank you for being with her through surgery and now radiation. The doctors say she will come clean of cancer. Praise Jesus! We love you Jesus!!


  29. Thank you my lord. On the second day of the novena my son told me that very shortly he is expecting to get an increase in salary. I was praying for this intention.
    I trust in the mercy of our Lord.

  30. I give thanks to the Lord for His mercies, I had two prayer items and confirm that the Lord is great…I have seen His work as one of the prayer items has been answered…my brother by heart was facing some challenges but the Lord opened up a way. We continue praying that the Lord fully answers our prayer for him and for the second Novena items which relates to my brother by blood.
    Glory to God in the highest!

  31. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for answering our prayers and petitons…
    … our nephew was born normal and healthy.
    For keeping me and my family safe, healthy and away from harm.
    For a nice job and promising careers…
    For good friends around…
    All glory are Yours oh Lord…
    Jesus, king of mercy, I TRUST IN YOU.

  32. ….also, please pray for grandsons, Joseph & Ivar. Joseph was injured in a LaCross game when he was in grade 8. One kidney was “flattened” & his spleen damaged. He’s been hospitalized often through – now 18 – the years. After his accident, he returned to school. Always in pain, missing school, very sick to his stomach all the time. Lots of doctors, tests, scans, etc… Now refuses to see a doctor & will not have even blood tests.
    In grade 8 he was VERY active in sports. An “A” student in all subjects. Great group of friends, all sports minded!
    When he returned to school, he was offered drugs for his pain. A whole new group of “friends”. He got so hooked on smoking weed, then alcohol now cigarettes. He’s been home schooled unsuccessfully for grades 9 through 11. Gave up this past school year – grade 12. He is hooked, also on video games. Awake all night, sleeps all day. Smokes weed & cigarettes. Drinks. Never goes out anymore. All of his friends, even the drug friends are graduatuthis year. Please pray.

  33. I am a flight attendant and the past few sundays I haven’t been able to make it to Sunday masses due to my work schedule and flying times. I asked the Lord to hear my prayer and intention that I will be able to make it to Divine Mercy Sunday Mass and confession to receive not only the graces but HIM. I am currently on a 4 day reserve (meaning I can be called out any moment) and I haven’t been called out which is VERY unusual when you have 4 day reserve. The Lord has made sure that I make it to Mass and receive the special graces and His very own Body and Blood! I am beyond happy and overwhelmed with excitement that I can’t go to sleep and I’m up at midnight writing this to share! God bless everyone and I pray that all your prayers / intentions will be answered!

  34. Our son went to confession with us today. He also listened as I said the Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet this afternoon. Glory to God for he is merciful.

  35. Thank you Lord, for answering me that my son pass his NCLEX test for LVN. We got the letter today. How appropriate on the last day of the novena. May you continue to guide him in all his endeavors. God bless us all.

  36. I have been praying all these novenas for some time now. We have been having difficulties conceiving but have full faith and trust in God He will answer our prayers. Since praying the novenas things have gotten better. Today I found out had a second ovulation!! Not sure if this is a double blessing but we received this as a message from God. I was a little confused and frustrated today but after going to church and speaking with my priest I felt this calming feeling everything will be ok. I this special day I am asking the Lord of Divine Mercy to please grant our prayer requests for restored fertility and pregnancy and that we ovulate and conceive our babies and have a healthy pregnancy. We will continue to rest on Gods promises to us that our babies will come for He who promised is faithful. We just have to believe and trust in God. Nothing is possible for God!! Praise the Lord. I am asking everyone on this novena to please pray with and for usthAt the Lord grant our miracle of life our babies. I will continue to pray for all of you. Amen

  37. Well, I still haven’t found a job, but I do have some interviews coming up, and I feel better for some reason. Does anyone know when the novena to Mary undo er of knots starts I thought it was suppose to be today?

  38. My nephew and his daughter’s mother are no longer together. He hadn’t seen his daughter in 2 months. He was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his heart and has been undergoing chemo. On day 8 as I was about to start my novena, I put my phone on mute and noticed a message from Emily’s mom saying she was taking the baby to visit her Dad today (4/22). He had a wonderful visit with Emily ( 1 yr.,1 month old) and they are going to have lunch tomorrow too. Praise the Lord!

  39. My grandson seems to be doing better. Stay with him please.
    Please help my daughter purchase a new home. Let her be happy. She has suffered so much physical pain and probably for the rest of her life.

  40. Jean is not well
    She complains of gastritis
    Today nurse will give stomach wash
    But please cure her without stomach wash please

  41. Thank you Lord for guiding my children in their school. Lord thank you my daughter is graduating. Bless all of us and protect us against any harm, accidents, temptation, stress and pressure.

  42. One of my intentions was to get a job. I lost my job in January. At this point, im financially exhausted and didnt know how i can pay my bills for next month. God came through for me. At the point where I have almost lost hope. I just got a job offer. God is real. He is. Trust and believe. God bless you.

  43. I was praying the divine mercy novena for my brother who is undergoing Chemo therapy. On the 21st April he did a blood test and PSA and the doctors confirmed that he’s improving and that he would need only one last session of Chemo on 22nd April. Praise God. We are all grateful for His Divine mercy, due to the prayers my brother is on the road to healing and he is much more energetic. Thank you.

  44. My mission of joining this team. Has been horned by God on the 7th day, after the 6th day prayer. It’s almost 4 years of silence, and now my daughter has been called for an interview next week .Glory be to God.
    Please help me to pray for God’s Mercy and Favors on my daughter, for a successful interview . Amen

  45. My husband, Jim has completed his chemotherapy and after a
    PET scan and Bone marrow biopsy he has been declared
    Cancer Free. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to pray
    with you.

  46. One of my novena requests was that young Hayden would successfully go through open heart surgery. He has and is improving every day. Blessings to him and his family as they work their way through this crisis.

  47. I want to thank God for answered prayers.
    I asked for healing for my stomach troubles.: Bloating,Pain,Gas,.
    Today the 9th day I didn’t experience any pain and my stomach looks relatively flat compared to how big it usually is. I cannot thank God enough.
    I ask also for total transformation and the gift of the fruit of the womb.Amen

  48. Thank you Lord for all your blessings!
    I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family. I pray for my elder daughter for cure of her eczema and other health problems she has. I pray for her to have children soon, a very good family and a successful business. I pray for my younger daughter and her husband to start a family and have a home soon, to succeed in their jobs and have a very good family. I pray for G to heal from his addictions and turn his life for the better. I pray for my nephews to find good wives and have children of their own. I pray for my husband and me to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters, to keep our jobs until we can retire and to pay off our debts soon.
    I pray for Adam to heal from the cancer he is battling and for everybody who is praying this novena to have their prayers answered.

  49. Please pray for my 2 girls that they may always have employment, are always healthy and they be safe in everything they do.

  50. Don’t know which novena, but have been praying for my granddaughter, her husband & great-grandchild – for him to find work (just grad from college) and housing. He found both & at this time she can afford to stay home w/their baby! Thank you God!

  51. Lord please bring more faith into my family. Thank you for this Divine Mercy Sunday and all the graces.. Jesus I trust in you!

  52. I’ve been praying for my older son and his partner to put aside their pride, anger and impatience with each other and change it to love, forgiveness and peace.

    They’ve grown closer and I am hopeful that the Holy Spirit will ignight his love with them and bring them to commit to each other and Jesus soon.

    Thank you Jesus. I trust in you.

  53. Thanking God for answered prayers, I prayed for the safe delivery of my elder sister’s baby and for the gift of prosperous jobs for myself, my boyfriend, his brother, for my elder brother and younger sister… my elder sister gave birth safely to a healthy baby boy on the second day of this novena and was in labour for only 3 hours… and we’re looking forward to prosperous jobs this week… God be praised!!!… Thank you Divine mercy!

  54. I pray for complete healing from shingles and constipation. I pray my husband will be less angry
    I pray for finances to finish our basement. I pray for a home sale for Lorraine. I pray for a reconciliation with Debbie and Ann. Amen


  55. My great niece made her First Communion today! God Bless her and her grandma, and our entire family. We will continue to pray for the conversion of her parents. Thank you…

  56. Dear God

    Please release me from debt and to pass exams.

    To be in harmony with my soul and those around me.

    Have mercy on me and on the whole World Amen. In Christ’s name.

    Praise Jehovah Adonai, Ancient of old days!

  57. i will like to Thank God for answered prayers during this Novena,the opportunity to get admission for my Nursing program to the school i desired was granted and i got a job that i applied for.Peace and good health was always granted to my family during this Novena.I thank God for answered prayers.In Jesus name i pray Amen.

  58. Amen and great thanks to the Devine Jesus I prayed that my sons marriage would reunite and they have and in Jesus name there will be no more times of seperstion in their marriage – I also have a job interview next Fri Amen seat Jesus.

  59. I prayed for my granddaughter who is a single parent with a 10 month old baby. She was depressed and disengaged from her baby. Since starting the novena she started a new job with a better salary, work hours and benefits. She is more engaged with her baby and happier. Thank you all for your prayers

  60. My honey found a place where they use your own stem cells to help people breath better who have COPD. We go next month!

  61. Thank You for the blessings we receive through each Novena..

    May God bless you and Annie for this wonderful website bringing prayer to everyone.

    Saw You and Annie on EWTN..the other night.

    I am so happy …To see you guys …

    God Bless


  62. Lord thank you for answering my prayer and keeping us safe on our road trip to Florida and also getting my son’s family here safely.

    Lord thank you for answering my prayers and helping my sister-in-law Maureen start to have some success solving some of problems and issues she has experienced with trying to resolve business and personal issues with her husband who has not been willing up to now to accept and recognize he has Dementia and had been unwilling to work with her to prepare for his future needs.

  63. I didn’t know that we could offer the novena for a petition of our own. I mean, I know that that’s the entire purpose of a novena, usually – to ask for a specific petition – but since the text of the prayer already assigned us a specific group of people for whom to offer each day’s prayers, I thought that meant that that day’s novena was offered for those people and thus I should be praying for Jesus’ intentions, not my own. So on the day when we prayed for people who had fallen away from the Church, I kept in mind all the people I know who are like that and prayed really hard for them, and likewise on other days, but always in keeping with the day’s… ‘theme,’ for lack of a better word.

    Can I also offer it for another petition that has nothing to do with the intentions given by Jesus? And if so, can I offer it for that petition now, when I’ve already finished the last day’s prayers, even though I didn’t in the beginning?
    Thanks for doing this website; it does make it easier than having to Google the prayers every day!

  64. Glory be to God. I prayed that my daughter will excel in her academic endeavour and also heal me totally. She called from school today and informed me that her score in the physics quiz was excellent. I’m also feeling far more better and I believe I’m really totally healed.

  65. Praise God! I prayed for my boyfriend to be reconciled with his father. On day 6 of the Novena, he informed me that he was going to speak with his father which he did on day 7 of the Novena. I thank God because his anger towards his father has been a major block in his life. All glory to God.

  66. i know this is not the right place 4 a question, but i am new & didn’t know where 2 go….it would be great if there was a chat room so,not only could we talk 2 each other, but ask questions from longtime “novena dudes” (a real name of a group)……..ANYWAY, i was looking 4 a place where the novenas r listed by the category……like all illness Sts., job Sts, etc.
    thank u 4 ur patience………….
    Annie & John Paul, saw u on women of grace………..u r “ROCK STARS 4 THE LORD”……maybe i will, with ur permission, write a novena 4 u…………
    may the Love, Peace, & Joy of Jesus go with everyone

    Regina Marie (reggie)


  67. After much praying for a miracle, My tumor makers in my liver showed a 50% shrinkage from my new treatment plan. God is good and merciful.

  68. I had a long standing request that required our Parish Priest to intervene through our Cardinal. A church friend approached the priest on my behalf and he positively promised to grant the special request soon as he return from vacation on third May. Thank-you Lord Praise you Jesus. Amen