Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2018

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divine mercyThank you for joining us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below.

To God be the glory!

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  1. My nephew who was out of work for over a year has found a good job at last! Many many thanks to Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph!

  2. I thank God that He is always aware of my life needs. Although my prayers haven’t really been answered yet, I thank God that His grace has kept me trusting and with hope in Him. And i believe they will be answered in time.
    May His name be glorified.

  3. By the third day of Novena both my son and daughter were called in for interviews and both got the jobs. Help me thank God for this wonderful prayer answered and much more for restoring faith in God to my children.

  4. My prayers for my sister cancer I asked for healing during chemo. She received good news about her chem treatment. She has one day left, instead of 4 months. Doctors said she during so much better. Praise God, Hallelujah 🙏 Thanks for all the prayers God is good

  5. EK,
    It is not necessarily through this divine mercy Novena, but through Mother Mary, My sister was able to get scholarship on Government after a struggle of school fees in high school. Glory be to God

  6. The boy Ton after all his surgery the last one I ask for Prayers in Jesus Name he Father told me he can see a little with his glassed even better just keep praying for him 13 years old Thank you Jesus Amen

  7. I am truly thankful for the Novenas. Last week I got a job offer and I start tomorrow. Thank you St Jude, St Joseph for your intercessions. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love and blessings

  8. After three years of distance and separation from my brother, he finally called the 9th day of novana and avisited us the next day. We had a good time like the old day. Thank you Sweet Jesus..

  9. I really need your prayers. My marriage my family my spiritual state are in jeopardy. Nothing is the same anymore what once was a good marriage and I feel a happy home is no longer. We are also on the brink of bankruptcy What was once a vibrant spiritual life has given way to barely surviving. Our lives have been in turmoil for a very long time. I’m tired but yet as I say this I still love God and I’m grateful for the things that He has giving me I’m trying very hard not to close up my heart but I’m struggling I feel as a mother and wife. I should have more loving feeling towards my family but what I feel is mainly disappointment Please help me I don’t want to live this way. I usually have a happy nature Please pray for us. I don’t know what to do anymore

  10. My prayers from the Divine Mercy novena are still to be answered. Yet through the prayers, I have found myself to be less irritable. I am looking forward to God extending his blessings towards us all.

  11. I pray for my husband to return to good health. I pray that we grow old together and that his health improves so we can walk through life together.

  12. I thank God for answering my prayer in this novena. My son passed the board exam and was offered with a job thereafter. Lord Jesus , you are amazing! I love you.

  13. After praying this novena, I feel a certain peace in my mind and I’m sure our Lord will answer my prayer in His time.


  14. I prayed this Novena for a family member ,who was having medical tests & feared bad news & yesterday she received good news, God is so good!

  15. I am very grateful for my prayers being answered. I prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy asking Jesus to help me to find a new job. He answered my prayers. I am so thankful. He tested my confidence in His Mercy. Thank you, Jesus!

  16. I would just like to thank our dear Lord for allow my husband’s shoulder to heal as well as it has after his surgery & allowing him to go back to work after this past 14 weeks or so. Hopefully the job is supposed to be doing will work well for him. Thank You, Dear Father.

  17. After a long struggle for admittance to our NJ veterans home, the love of my life finally received notice he is on the approved wait list. With Parkinson’s every day is a victory and Ralph’s wish is to spend the remainder of his life with fellow veterans. Thank all veterans for their service. We pray together every day that the call will come his room is ready. Thank you for the opportunity to feel not alone in our journey.

  18. A twenty month long workers compensation case I have been dealing with finally settled and it’s beneficial to me! Thank you God!

  19. After 45 + years my husband came to confession and Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday. He has come to mass with us and received Communion every Sunday since Divine Mercy Sunday.

  20. I m highly grateful that I have been given a chance to pray along with so many people who have been blessed with strength of body, mind and spirit.
    I can not thank you all enough for praying with me and sharing your blessings with me.

  21. My faith deepened considerably, a serious situation with my car resolved and I was able to have a positive experience with someone I’d been praying about.

  22. A priest was was close to my son’s friend who died. They spoke a long time. The next day, Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday, he went to confession. He still struggles making a commitment so I pray the next Novena to untie the knot helps him. He knows once he’s in he’s IN and is having trouble reconciling a religious life and his high powered lifestyle. He thinks he can only go in one direction and doesn’t want to give it up. I know from our conversTions the Holy Spirit is working on him🙏🏻

  23. I have been suffering with bulging discs in my neck and back on and off since January. Sometimes it has kept me in bed for days, unable to do much of anything. On Divine Mercy Sunday at Mass, after I received communion, tears filled my eyes as I felt a healing from my neck down! Thank you Lord for your great mercy!

  24. God is Good all the time…while praying The novenas we have seen breakthrough especially being able to clear medical bills for my niece who was unwell…
    Though she passed on while we were praying the Divine mercy we believe she is in heaven praying for us since she was a very prayerful child before and during her illness..I was also praying for a job at the same time and I Got one.may God rest my niece in Eternal peace.

  25. Divine Jesus of Mercy has given me the strength to go through chemotherapy treatment and “By His stripes we are healed”. I know his mercy and strength and His grace will see me through this difficult time. All glory and praise and thanksgiving to our Almighty and loving God.

  26. I have been praying these Novenas for many years now, and although my prayers have not been answered as I might like, I feel God is with me leading me on and I have a sense of peace. For the second time in two days I am being reminded that God is good!! I hope others will not be discouraged because their prayers have not been answered as they might like. Just give yourself to God, for He IS good!! Thy will be done!

  27. thank you my mother, firstly , i now have a job. secondly , my daughter was healed from measle infection that started on easter sunday , she recovered fully. Thank you Jesus! Thank you mother mary!

  28. Thank you Lord, I got the job just waiting for the offer to come through. I plan to do well and hope you bring me security and success.

  29. I have been praying these novena for quite some time now and though my prayers are yet not answered, I feel happy each time I say these prayers/novenas. Thank you all for praying for me. I hope in the near future all my prayers will be answered.

  30. My mother has for many years tried to get me to say the Mercy Novena and because it came up for us in these Novenas I decided to pray the Novena this year. I prayed especially for my daughter who had left her husband and towards the end of the Novena my daughter went home! I didn’t think she was going to, however the power of prayer never ceases to amaze me!

  31. Our pastor agreed to organise spiritual adoption of unborn children – thought to start it in our parish came to me on Sunday of Divine Mercy. I have great hope that everything will be good: with me, my family, everybody.
    Thank you for your prayer.

  32. Dear John-Paul & Anne

    Thanks for your Novena and prayers which is a valuable gift.
    Please pray to Jesus for good health thru your powerful Novenas

    Praise the Lord

  33. Thank you Divine Mercy, for the answered prayers,for my successful surgery without complications ( Right Breast), and for all the results. Normal and no sign of cancer.
    Thank you Lord, Alleluia and Praise God!

  34. I was a very unhealthy diabetic women of 51, at 5’4″ and 200 lbs. After 11 years of failing miserably to lose any weight, I prayed the Divine Mercy novena from Good Friday to Divine Mercy Sunday and have lost 16 lbs in one month. All without being particularly hungry and losing a pound per day with mostly walking as exercise. Praise God and his blessed son Jesus Christ through Mary our mother.

  35. Since starting the Novenas, my mom’s health has improved each and everyday. On Tuesday we received word her cancer is gone. We are overjoyed and thankful. Now to continue to pray she maintains a cancer-free life.

  36. Glory to Jesus, I have baptized in RC after believing from past 18 years of my faith, I have received first communion on 03/04/2018. I praise God to for forgiving all my sins and giving opportunity to become his daughter. This is a big miracle done by God. Even though I was born and bought up in Hindu Brahmin’s family God has selected me and forgiven my sins and I have saved in him. I believe that family also will come in Christ. Amen

  37. Nothing is impossible with God.
    Going thru hardship , facing foreclosure , driving for two hours to work everyday has not made me stop praising God. The divine Mercy Novena , my daily prayers to Archeangel Michael !Good news ! Foreclosure has been withdrawn and mitigation to maintain my home is approved . What a wonderful God ! How great thou are my Heavenly Father. You hear the cries of the poor , the abandoned, the oppressed! Continue to praise his name Amen !

  38. My faith in God is still stronger than ever and he is still moulding me like clay. Although what I face is still a few months aways, I trust that Gods will be done. He has carried me through my journey in life, and Lent, Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday, showed me that God still wants me to pursue Him no matter what I face. Thank you Lord for the trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows that I face that has always led me to you.

  39. I feel so at peace. My mother died forty nears ago and my sister who was the legal personal representative refused to settle the estate. She was finally removed as the LPR and the representation was turned over to me. Thank God truth and justice have prevailed.

  40. Praise be the Divine Mercy of Our Lord! My sister suffered a heart attack during the movena. Her tests same out negative where clots were suspected. The procedure the doctors administered was supposed to jump start her heart or stop it. It miraculously beats like a clock now. She went through rehab and is now in therapy, doing better every day. Thank you most mercifilJesus for giving her a second chance! God bless everyone who prayed the Divine Mercy Movena. Please pray for me on 5/16; I will be having hernia surgery. I have faith that God will intercede and my doctors will simply go through the motions. Praised be Jesus! Forever and ever, Amen.

  41. Thank You Jesus, my daughter is now on second trimester of her pregnancy,thank You of Your Divine Mercy to my family.Amen

  42. One of my intentions for the Divine Mercy novena was for significant movement toward peace on the Korean Peninsula. I believe God is answering that prayer which I share with millions of people

  43. This is my first time of praying Novena. After that my financial status keep on Improving. I’m very grateful to the lord and the mother Catholic Church.

  44. Dear Lord
    “I cannot express the joy that fills my heart every time there is a new novena. I see so many changes in my family and those who I love. My faith grows each time. “As I prayed the Divine Mercy Novena, I felt my health becoming stronger and stronger every day. Thank you, God!”
    I do feel a sense of peace and ease meant in my soul!!” Thanks to everyone for the prayers.Thank you Lord for all what we have been blessed with by your miraculous powers.” “There is nothing impossible to God.” Praise God.
    ” Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena (which starts on Sunday) please help our family, my husband, my son and myself with good health and particularly for my son to recover from his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with continuous headaches for which there is no medication found so far and i also pray for healing of my painful knees and my artheritis which makes my joints painful – and I believe with continuous prayers and faith and trust in the Lord that we will find healing and all our intentions fulfilled.
    Praise the Lord.

  45. Eversince i started this novena I always look forward for the next one. I’ve been praying for smooth processing of my promotion papers. So far, my prayers have been answered in God’s time really. Really praying to Father God can make miracles. I claim that i would finally get my promotion. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

  46. all praise and glory to you oh Lord, Thank you for answering my prayers for all those going through marital difficulties,I’m seeing changes and Ipray they continue to grow closer to each other and find that same love that brought them together. Most of all, I pray they put their trust and love in you Jesus Christ for everything is possible if they come to know you first.

  47. The Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena. Praise and Honor and Glory to Our Lord through Blessed Mary and St. Joseph. I prayed to meet a good Faithful Catholic Man to be my Friend or possibly to Marry. I met him and we are attending Mass together and becoming Friends. Thank you Lord! What an awesome God is He.

  48. Thank you God for answering my petition. My niece found a job during the Divine Mercy Novena. I am so grateful. God is good!

  49. I pray for my family and ask prayers to clear away anxiety and stress and help build strength and love in our health and lives. In Jesus name i pray

  50. I give great thanks to Jesus for a peaceful visit from my son from Denver last weekend after 1 1/2 years of being away.

  51. I pray the novenas often and the last one, specifically for my twin grandchildren so they will continue to grow healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Our little girl wasn’t even crawling and she had a few nodules on her spine they were concerned about. After praying the novena, and without any real crawling, she’s suddenly began to walk and almost runs. There is still concern with her spine, but this is a very good start. We continue prayers for her brother who isn’t walking yet, but we keep the faith that all will be great for him too. Thank you for offering the group novena prayers. They do bring peace and it feels great to share something so special with others. God Bless you all! VS

  52. I know it sounds rediculous, but I have so many things to pray for that I forgot specifically what I asked for. My prayers are always being answered and I am so blessed and grateful. I just have to remember to pray more.

  53. I have the same sentiments that another person wrote where my prayers haven’t yet been answered but I have a sense of peace and better perspective about one of my prayers.

  54. I have been praying different novenas for the lad 3 months in January I had a mamagram they found something I had a biopsy it came back that I had cancer I went for a lumpectomy and last Friday it came back as not cancer I know that god had something to do with that praise the lord . Amen

  55. I found answers to some financial problems I am having . Being able to turn my will over to God thru prayer and the Novena. GOD Bless

  56. Thank you for all your prayers. My Autistic adult son was accepted into a new school that teaches them how to live independently AND he got a scholarship for half the tuition!! Without the scholarship, I wasn’t sure how to pay for it. Praise God!!!

  57. All praise to God just to let everybody to know that great God of Wonders is able to do anything and everything for us all.

  58. Thank you Jesus that my niece who was to undergo surgery for the removal of her uterus was told on the 17th when she had to go for a final check up that there is no need to do so and the cyst has disappeared. Praise Be Your Holy Name – May Your Mercy be upon us always.

  59. Thank you so much, and I enjoyed praying with you it was very inspiring. Looking forward to the next novena starting on Sunday.
    God bless your good work

  60. I thank the merciful God for His grace and forgiveness and providence. And for the gift of the Holy Eucharist, the most precious gift from the creator to His children.May the Blessed Sacrament be adored and glorified everywhere.

  61. I have always been doing the Divine Mercy Novena
    I have gotten positive result for a job.
    I also prayed for my son and I have seen significant
    changes in him

  62. These Novenas have brought me closer to God and to our shared faith. So thank you John-Paul and Annie, and all fellow Pray More Novena prayer warriors. I am still discerning my true vocation, but during this time, God has mercifully deepened my knowledge of his works throughout time, in Holy Scripture, Church Traditions and works of our Saints. Let’s all pray for the graces of unity and peace in the world; for our priests and our leaders; for lukewarm souls; for souls in purgatory; for families; for lost souls, and for our courage and perseverance to always seek and speak the Truth. May our Blessed Mother, together with all the angels and saints intercede for us so that we may all be one with the Holy Trinity from time to eternity. God bless!

  63. Thank you dear God for my daughter’s new pregnancy. She and her husband are devoted parents and are so deserving of this new baby. Please continue to bless them and all of our family.

  64. I have been ill for the past 8 months and my health has improved slowly but I feel so much better as I pray your Novenas. Thank you Lord, and Our Blessed Mother .

    Thank you and God Bless you.

  65. After I did the novena, my daughter told me she went to confession after many years of avoiding it . I prayed for this to happen
    Praise our awesome God.

  66. My husband and I had been waiting to hear from a company that was deliberating hiring him, and from a man who was considering replacing him in his current position. Both responded favorably within a week of ending this novena. Praise be to God, who is so merciful!

  67. I have prayed the novenas for a couple years now, ever since my sister introduced me to it, and in the last two years I especially prayed for another sister to have a child. After a couple miscarriages, last week she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and I praise God!! I have enjoyed praying and becoming closer to our Lord and I’m grateful for these novenas. I will continue praying.
    In Jesus’ name.

  68. I have been dealing with debilitating back pain/two cracked vertebrae for 2-3 years….only getting worse…using canes and walkers…couldn’t work “kinks” out of body to leave house for two hours, and I’m only 68 years old!!
    After one of your unbelievable novenas (thank you so very very much) and our phenomenal God, I am almost pain free…able to be up and about in normal time frame…PRAISE THE LORD and praises to you for offering this wonderful way to pray🤗❤️‼️‼️‼️

  69. It feels good to be in the presence of the Lord, the sense of peace. Our daughter (a stepdaughter) came back to us after two years of separation. Praise be to God. Amen.

  70. Thank you praymorenovenas. This was my first novena and it was so grace filled. It was the perfect way to finish such a wonderful 2018 Lent. My personal journey has been to tie my sufferings with those in Christ’s passion. Lots of little grace moments, one huge one on Holy Saturday and lots of signal graces have been poured out on both myself and my wife. My son is returing to the church, and my ten year grandaughter is following Catholic practices despite obstacles.

  71. My wife and I were having a serious family issue between us, We were on the verge of separating or even divorce. I put the whole thing before God during the divine mercy Novena, and here We are today as happy as newly wedded. I’m very grateful to God and praymorenovenas.

  72. My fiancé finally got in job. All the Novenas and prayers have been answered. Thank you we are so greatful and blessed.

  73. Even though I am not quite seeing my prayers answered, I know that God is putting things in motion for things to work out for the intentions I asked for. Sometimes things take longer and we have to be patient and thank him ahead of time for all he has done and all he is doing for us.

  74. Although I received the grace I was asking after the novena ended, I truly think that it opened our hearts to receive the grace that was coming. Back in october we got news that we would have work until June 2018. That we would head back to out home country with no job. With us, large amount of employees were in the same situation. After going through all the stress and anxiety during this period. Last week a position was opened and offered to us whithin the company. Many friend prayed for us, and some even prayed the novena too. Our Gratitud and praise to our Lord on the Devine Mercy and we wish blessings for all who also intercede for us.

  75. My adult son prayed the Divine Mercy novena with me for the first time and he loves it. He says he will pray the next one with me as well

  76. In thanksgiving for prayers answered through the Divine Mercy novena. My husband has found a new job! Jesus, we trust in you!

  77. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 liver, lung, and bone cancer in November 2017. He has undergone chem since every two weeks. He had a recent PET scan to see how the chemo was treating the cancer, and the doctor confirmed that the cancer is 94% gone!! I just want to thank everyone for praying the cancer novena and thank God for answered prayers! God is good!