Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena – 2015

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Sacred Heart Novena PrayersThank you for joining us in praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope it was fruitful for you!

If any of your prayers were answered while praying this novena with us, please share that below — all for the glory of God!

It is always inspiring to hear bout answered prayers & how God is working through these novenas.

It is such an incredible reminder of the power of prayer — that God is listening and He is working in our lives!

You can read through hundreds of answered prayers from past novenas here:


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However, for every answered prayer we share, we know there are at least as many unanswered prayers — if not more; and we know that unanswered prayers can be discouraging.

But we don’t want you to lose hope, or to stop praying.

In fact, many of the Saints that we ask for intercession are great examples that we should persist in our prayers, and keep our faith strong. St. Monica, for example, prayed for nearly two decades before her prayers were completely answered.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

We are praying for you.

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  1. Thank you to Sacred Heart, Holy Spirit, Our Lady, Mother Teresa and Saint Jude and all other Saint for Novena answered

  2. Thankyou StJude. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with severe scoliosis 3 months ago. Our Spinal Specialist informed us that spinal surgery was her only option. After praying to St Jude for guidance, we went for a second opinion. This specialist stated that she may avoided surgery by wearing a brace, that she has a 50/50 chance that the brace may stop spinal curve progression. My daughter had a follow up X-ray today which confirmed that the brace is correcting her spine. Thankyou StJude for giving us hope that my daughter may recover without the need for surgery. We will continue to pray to St Jude for my daughters on going healing.

  3. Thank you to Sacred Heart we are answered prayers I give you all thanks gratitude and love for always beautiful blessings Mercies in miracles I thank you Heavenly Father and and to Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you and all man