Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena – 2015

St. Anne ChurchThank you for joining us in the St. Anne Novena, one of our very favorite novenas!

We hope that St. Anne’s intercession has brought you peace and comfort.

If you experienced an answered prayer during or after this novena, please share it with us all below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

We know that for every answered prayer we share, there are many other unanswered prayers too; and we know how discouraging that can be. We don’t want you to lose hope or to stop praying.

In fact, nearly all of the Saints that we ask for intercession are incredible examples of how we should persist in our prayers and keep our faith strong. St. Anne, for example, prayed for decades to conceive before God granted this desire of hers (which would become the Blessed Virgin Mary!).

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

We are praying for you.

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  1. Dear St.Ann,
    Please intercede on behalf of me to Lord Jesus to make my boyfriend commit to me,love me and make our bonds stronger than ever.Please make all evils surrounding us casted away in the name of Jesus. Let your grace and love surround us always.Help us to get married and have a blessed life.
    In the name of Jesus I ask this, AMEN.

  2. I was able to obtain tonight an authentic first class relic of The Great and Good Saint Anne, Holy Mother of The Blessed Mother and Grandmother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I had attempted to purchase this relic last week after a promise I made to Saint Anne, but thought it had been bought because it was no longer available and it was priced so reasonably. It came from a former religious order in Belgium. I pray that as a Senior Citizen with health problems and financial problems Saint Anne will help me as she has helped me in the past. I love you Saint Anne, please help me. amen

  3. Please pray for me St.Ann, I have an arrhythmia of the heart and suffer from anxiety as a result of deep grieving. I lost my husband almost two years ago, we were married for 47 years. He passed away on vacation and I never had a chance to say goodbye. I now feel ready to meet a companion to share my life with, a widower, who loves Jesus, as I do, soon as I am elderly…..all of my needs would take a miracle……God bless everyone who reads this………

  4. I pray to st anne to internees for me in finding a companion who is a Catholic humble and from a good family who will never leave me alone and will support me in everything

  5. St. Anne,
    Please intercede for me so that i will finally meet the man who is right for me, a loving man who will be a good husband to me and become the father of my kids. I want to become a wife and a mother and have a happy family, just like what Your daughter had while on earth. Please pray for me so that i will be worthy of this gift that i am asking. I will keep on praying for your intercession.
    I thank you in advance since i know that my prayer will be granted soon.


  6. Thank you St Ann for interceding for me, not only did I hear from him, he came over to see me. I pray and ask that you will continue to pray and interceed for me to our Heavenly Father above that he will come back to me in Jesus name.


  7. Saint Anne pls pray for me so that I will find my life spouse as soon as possible live a blessed and mercyful life.

  8. I prayed to St Anne every day to help me get through a two week wait to find out if I was pregnant after IVF.

    I didn’t do the Novena, I just asked her for help each day in my mind.

    After it looked like I wasn’t pregnant after all (following a positive test result) , I lost all hope – but miraculously the next day tests began to show positive again. I then had a strong blood test reading confirming I am pregnant.

    I continue to pray to St Anne and ask her to be my strength as I journey towards my first scan on August 3rd hoping there will be a heartbeat.

    Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you have room.

    Thanks be to St Anne


  9. St Anne, Maa pray for me. Grant n help to conceive soon. I want to feel the presence of son in my life. Despite all the sickness grant my favor by having healthier son who going to resembling Your Grandson. Im going through hardship in my personnel life. U only can assist me to find happiness. Im relying so much in You. Coming to You years just to peace n favours from u. May my husband understand me n supports me in everyways. Im unable to face anymore domestic violence.. Hope all my brothers to overcome any problems they facing. Let them have peace in their life. Maa i need my mother. May she there fot me. All her life she dedicated n devoted for us only…Hv pardon on my needs. Tq Amma

  10. Hi I need help I feel as though I’m detached from myself and I can’t get through life in a timely fashion and be normal. I feel I need the extra support and protection from both Christ and my family . Please help.

    Thank you and god bless

  11. Dear St. Anne,

    I am on day 5 of praying your novena! Please hear my prayers, in hopes that you will send me the man that God wants me to be with. I have prayed multiple novenas from different saints for the same intention. Please pray for me. Give me a sign.. a rose, anything. I promise I will continue to pray to you every night. Pray for us St. Anne, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. <3

  12. Dear St Anne , mother to our Blessed mother Mary, I beseech you to grant me a good job to sustain my finances. I have my faith and hope in you always.

  13. Dearest St.Anne,

    Please solve the relationship problem between myself and my boyfriend. I prayed that he changed and come back.Please make him to think and made a right decision.

  14. This is my 2nd day of praying the novena to St.Anne.I am still hurting from a relationship that ended 3 years ago.Me and my Ex had an almost 3 yr relationship until things changed.I admit I had my mistakes and I regret how I took him for granted during the relationship.I realized after the break up that I still love him so I was not able to cut contacts with him..I begged him to come back but He seemed to have moved on already.Unti this year, things were starting to be fine with me when he started calling me again.We had our communication again.But he never said he want me back.I like the feeling every time he calls me, I fell for him again and realized I haven’t totally moved on.Until last month, during his birthday I checked his fb and found out he has a new girl already.I was hurt, I could see in their faces the happiness.But I wonder why he’s still keeping our communication.I asked him to stop and he just replied that he’s calling me because we’re friends.It hurts, It hurts even more to know that they’re getting married next year.I’m in a very painful stage of my life from now.I’m seeking your help St. Anne so I can move on from the pain that I have been carrying for 3 years.I don’t know if he still loves me or if we’re meant for each other.It sounds impossible now because hes getting married in months time.Jesus, Mary please heal my heart.Please enlighten him so he could clear things and stop calling me if he doesn’t have intentions to keep me.I don’t want to hurt his present girlfriend for I know how painful it is.St Anne, please I am asking your intercession in my prayers for the healing of my heart and that I maybe able to find someone who will love me and I will love with God in the center of our relationship.Someone who respects me, family oriented, God fearing, kind, responsible,smart..Someone who can make me happy, Someone who understands me, my companion.Thank you.

    • Hi. It’s very painful to love someone who may not love you back. I totally understand how you feel. However, I think if you truly want to heal, you actually have to remove yourself from this friendship rather than wait for him to call. You could explain things to him about why you can’t be friends anymore but you actually need to take that step to heal. 😘.

    • Hello Glang,
      I was in a similar situation. I’m still looking for the man God has chosen for me. But what I want to tell you, please, for your own sake, don’t let him call you anymore. Don’t wait for his call like your life was depending on that. Please, block his number, not on a revenge way, but to heal your broken heart and open it for the one who belongs to you. May God answer your prayer as fast as possible.

  15. I prayed this novena to St. Anne to send me the symbol of her beloved daughter, a bright red rose, if I was right in believing that God was calling me to marriage with one of my friends whom I have thought I was being called to for a while now. St. Anne delivered and brought me not just one rose but a dozen red roses in a firm and undeniable confirmation of my decrenment. Praise be the Lord for he is good in all things. Pray for us St. Anne that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!

  16. Thank you St Anne for your intercession. Thanks be to God for prayers answered!
    I prayed for the healing of my broken relationship and for a good husband. Today I finally had the courage to let go of the relationship and with such grace. I continue to pray for healing so that when my husband does come into my life I’m ready to love again. Amen.

  17. I have just finished my 9th day Novena….lord I am asking for my boyfriend to come back to me…we have been together 16years and he has someone else…I miss him, his phone calls, his voice and love…please have him come back to me soon as I love him so much….not a day goes by and I do not wonder what he is doing…. I love him deeply…please god bring me some sign of hope…thank you…Amen

  18. Dear St Anne,
    I’m 27 and still single. It is hard to get through life without a companion. I’m still in love with my ex bf who left me for another woman. He is the only man I have been with. You know what is in my heart. Please pray on my behalf to God that I may be married soon. Please help me to recognize God’s perfect will in His time.
    Today is the last day of my 9 days Novena to you. I hope you will show me a sign.
    I promise to never forget you in my lifetime.
    Thank you for God’s blessings always.

  19. Dearest St Anne,
    During the past novena, I prayed for a good paying job for my husband who has been looking for job for a very long time now.
    I’m happy to announce that he got not one but 2 jobs and had to choose the better one.
    To God be all the glory forever and ever. Thank you St Anne for your kind intercessions!!

  20. Dearest St.Anne

    I pray that my wife and I will be able to hurdle the problems that we are encountering right now. Pls. give us the strenght to withstand the troubles that lies ahead on us. I ask for your favor to spare and help us in these troubling times.. We ask for the forgiveness of our sins and help us from committing the same mistakes again. W ask for your divine intervention and continue to guide us in our daily lives. I also ask that i will be able to achieve my promotion and get the necessary people towards the common good of others. Thank you!

  21. I just wanted to give thanks for the st Anne novena I prayed it with a open heart and st Anne heard my prayer and my prayer was answered. Thank you my heart feels lighter and peaceful. I will say honestly if you come with an open heart and pray all things are truly possible. Thanks be to God for all his blessings. Always grateful for all.

  22. During the St. Anne Novena in Penang, my very good friend, Derek prayed and asked for a few things for me.

    1) My son, Keoni’s good ‘A’ Level results
    2) He being selected as a Commando
    3) His shoulder is healed
    4) My daughter, Malia’s good ‘O’ Level results
    5) She being able to enter the JC of her choice

    All my prayers were answered and I am forever thankful to St Anne and to our Lord.

    Your daughter,

    Sarah Wee

  23. Pray that St. Ann’s church in Lytton B.C. Canada will once again become a place of pilgrimage and healing. Merci Sainte Anne.

  24. Thank you St. Anne for hearing my prayers. I did the novena to St. Anne, not for me to find a husband, but I did it for 5 people that need companionship family and friends included.
    It has been about 8 months since I did the novena, and I had seen no results, but I had not despaired. I have faith!
    I am happy to report and thank St. Anne for finding significant others (very early stages) to one family member and one friend of the 5 people chosen.

  25. i prayed this novena as I had split with my partner over a year ago and still loved him, this week we bumped into each other and have got together again

  26. Isn’t it odd my wife & I went to St. Joseph’ Oratory, Montreal and then on to St. Anne DeBeaupre about a month ago. We live in Algonac, Michigan.
    I cant say enough about the trip and the blessings we received from it. It is so inspiring…. God Bless all of you and what a wonderful pilgrimage.
    Thank you
    Dennis & Pat

  27. Thank you St. Anne and St. Philomena for interceding on my behalf. My son has done wonderfully on his final exams in college and is a proud senior. I also prayed for his faith to return and yesterday he hung his Rosery next to his bed. I’m so grateful.

    I must also include St. Jude who always prays on my behalf.
    Thank you in God’s name.


  28. A year ago, I prayed this novena with my grandma, with the intention of finding someone special. We prayed for God’s will to be done and for Him to lead me all the way through. God has been allowing me to get to know an amazing man of God through that year, but I didn’t know where the relationship would lead. This year, I prayed the same intentions as I did before. and I can say that today, I’m dating that same guy. I pray that the Lord guides us, and everyone, who is dating to have a Christ-centered relationship. Lord, you sent me an angel.

  29. St anne, St Anne send a man as fast as you can.a future husband who will love and cherish and be extremely happy with me and that I will feel the exact same way towards him.I am worrying quite alot St Anne,I pray to you every night,St Joseph also,the holy rosary to our blessed virgin Mary and I pray the miracle prayer and I still don’t seem to get any answers.the only answer I seem to be getting is wait.I want to find a good decent husband who I will marry and have loads of normal and healthy babies with him especially a set of healthy and normal twins a boy and girl for the first of my family.St Anne will you please let me know that you are there and could you give me something like a sign or text words to know that i have not got long left till my prayers are answered.I believe in you St Anne please intercede for me.i do like this man called (j) please let him get into contact.thankyouxxxxxx

  30. I prayed this Novena especially for a friend of mine who has had a difficult time getting pregnant. She let me know today that she is having twins due the first of 2016! God is good!!

  31. I have been praying for several years now for God to send me a good husband. I have said a rosary novena as well as a novena to St Joseph and prayers to St Raphael on a regular basis. However, when praying this novena to St. Anne something shifted. For the first time in 2-3 years I met someone who seems to be a wonderful man. He is so humble and simple and caring and seems to be just what I am looking for. Of course it is early days as it is only 1 month now so I continue to pray that things will work out for us if it is God’s will. He is not from the same country that I am from, however, his job brought him here temporarily with the option of staying for 4 years if he so desires. He has a very important meeting on 31 August 2015 to decide if he takes up the job offer for 4 years. The challenge is that because of the location the job is a bit different from what he normally does and not as exciting. So he is unsure whether he will take the job. Of course he is considering other factors such as the quality of life in this location and the fact that he has met someone. I will start another novena to St. Anne on Saturday for the 9 days leading up to the 31 August and pray and ask St. Anne to intercede on my behalf that he may return and give us a chance at a relationship and hopefully one day marriage. But only if it is God’s will. If you are reading this, please do help me pray for this. Many thanks and much love. xx

  32. I admit that I prayed the St. Anne novena intermittently throughout the 9 days, but I kept going to finally reach the 9th day even if it was after her feast day. I prayed for a few intentions including my own: St. Anne, St. Anne bring me a man that is loving and holy. May it be very clear that we are right for each other. And it’s happening! Praise God! Our first date was August 2. One week after St. Anne’s feast day!

  33. I prayed to meet my true love. The novena ended on Saturday and I met someone the following Thursday. We are just getting to know each other but it’s been amazing because he so far has the qualities I prayed for, same faith and so forth. I hope this continues because he is very much like what I prayed for.

  34. This may not seem as important as some of the petitions, but I assure you it is. My 16 yr. old cat, Jimi, has kidney disease. I feeding him with a dropper as well as water. Please, I ask that all of you please pray for him to get better. To get this disease in control. I am trying so hard. Please pray that God helps me help him. I love him so.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  35. I thank God for the gift of healing that He bestowed on my friend who is on treatment for colon cancer. He is doing great now. May God continue to bestow his grace and miracle for his complete recovery. Thank you St. Anne for your intercession.

  36. I prayed for my boyfriend’s recovery from his illness, and he’s healthy and much better now. Still haven’t gained his weight back, and sometimes still dizzy or headache, but much better than before.

    Thank you St. Anne for your prayer, thank You o Lord.

  37. My husband and I have had two miscarriages in the past year. We have been trying for over a year and a half to conceive a second child. I received a Saint Anne prayer card the day this novena began. My husband and I just found out we are expecting! I am on some medicines to prevent miscarriage and the blood work numbers were never as strong with our two prior pregnancies that we lost. I had a blood test a week ago and was told that it was negative. I was so saddened, then we were in a Catholic store this past weekend and I tried on a bracelet without looking at the medal, it was a Saint Ann medal. The next day I found out I was pregnant and it was confirmed with blood tests. I went back and bought the bracelet and will wear it through my pregnancy. Thank you Saint Anne!

  38. Upon completing the Novena to St. Anne, I received the good news that my daughter, Katherine Anne got a job as a pastry chef. This is a job that will make use of her skills and talents and she is most grateful to get it. Thank you St. Anne for your much appreciated intercession!

  39. I have been with my step mum at my place sick having back pain and the knees, she could not stand but now there is very little improvement. I will continue to prayer for her health to improve more. thank u st Anne

  40. My son s life has taken shape…..he has a worthy partner in life and his future has taken a definite positive direction.We have had our long prayed for vacation as a family in total contentment and safety.Thank you St Anne and your beloved daughterMary ….our intercessors for all my prayers answered so far.Thank you my God,,,my soul sings with joy.May our youngest find a placing for her training,..I thank you St Anne in advance for your continued intercession!!!

  41. I learned of this novena through this site. I offered this novena for my daughter. She is a rising senior at a university and has done very well. She is however a very quiet person and seems to have a difficult time making friends. She has never had a boyfriend and I prayed that she also find a boy that would ask her out on a date or even just to hang out. The past couple of weeks, she had been going out and seems to be having fun with “friends”. I am ecstatic because she is coming out of her shell – and not simply be alone in her room most of the time – studying or working.
    Thank you for guiding me to this novena.
    My mom passed away in January of this year. She was a devout Catholic and I recalled she had mentioned St Anne several times that she did novena to… Last week, I opened her box of prayer books and – St Anne’s novena was there!
    Thank you, St Anne, for your intercession for my daughter.

  42. Day 5 of the St. Philomena Novena. I have been praying for two things. The physical healing of my wife, who is a Type 1 Diabetic (among other issues)…and for a friend of mine who I had a falling out with over a month ago. My wife just found out that her A1C (kind of a diabetic’s scorecard) has gone down since the last time she was at the doctor, even though she thought it would go up. I also found out through some mutual friends that the friend I thought I lost has decided to put the fight we had behind us and is looking forward to the next time we all get together. Both are a work in progress, but headed in the right direction. Thanks be to God!

  43. During the St Anne Novena I asked for a safe delivery and I delivered like a Hebrew woman on the 1/08/15. Thank you St Anne and Thank you LORD.

  44. I prayed the St. Anne novena and asked for a few things I needed. One of my house was leased during the novena. Thank you all for praying for me and I know that God will answer all my prayers all in His good time. Thank you St. Ann, thank you Jesus.

  45. My first tym to pray the St Anne novena was for the year 2013 when i got it via mail from JohnPaul & Anne, my intention was to find a catholic gal with the qualities i asked for from St Anne. Months later, in March 2014 i met Ronah at college and eversince i have been praying the novena for evry issue in our relationship, its amazing we are still together for now a year plus 5 months…… The sweetest part of it is that i said ths novena to St. Anne by the beginning of July telling her to help me get a yes bcoz i was planning to propose to Ronah, OMG Surprisingly on the 7th day Ronah sent me a message which read thus “dear u have never proposed seriously”….what i had planned to bring as a surprise was so obvious wen i proposed to her on the 9th day of the novena.
    St Anne drives my relationship

  46. I prayed to St. Anne to help my brother find help for his wife who is suffering from mental illness. He went through the courts to have her committed and a few days after the novena ended we found out that his petition had been approved and she was admitted. I will continue to pray for her to receive the help she needs and the healing of their family. Thank you St. Ann and thank you God!

  47. Its too soon to say if my prayers have been answered, but I can definitely say progress was made and potential was raised. Thank you St. Ann

  48. Dear St. Anne, Please help me in my job search. Please help me find a great opportunity closer to home. Please intercede for me with a miracle. Please help me in my interview tomorrow. Please also bless my friend Caroline with good health and speedy recovery and many blessings upon her family. Amen.

  49. Thank you, good St. Ann for giving me a calm and peace that I have now re: my daughters mental illness. I am still very sad but less anxious about where this will lead. I continue to beg God for the mercy to cure her! Thank you, St Ann! Jesus’ grandmother!

  50. The Novena was so helpful to me.My wife has been quiet on me for long time.We have been living as brother and sister,But after finishing the novena,she started talking to me and even bought me birthday gift and card on 1st August.It was a miracle to me since it has never happened for last 8 yrs we have been together.

  51. Thank you St. Anne for answering my prayers. My husband had the test today and there is no cancer in his bladder, kidney nor prostrate. I truly believe you interceded. Thanks to you, St Anthony and St Jude. I also thank those who also prayed for his health.

    God bless!