Answered Prayers from the St. Philomena Novena – 2015

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St Philomena NovenaThank you for joining us in praying to St. Philomena, the wonder worker! If you experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share them with us below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

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  1. never refuse to help.please help me.iam so my husband randy that he can have a job in me in my financial needs i need money to pay for the tuition fee of my them St.philomena that they can finish their claudette that she can pass the civil service exam.heal my anxiety and fear.heal my father also.protect me and my family wherever we go.please dear saint grant all the request i ask of you in Jesus name amen.

  2. Dear,St.philomena.please help my husband that he can have a work in abroad.and all my children can have a good and stable job in abroad.and help me also in my fiancial out break that ive facing this days.In Jesus name amen.

  3. Dear St Philomena,

    I know you are the saint of desperate causes so I’m asking for your intercession to help me. I’m in financial debt right now. Please help me win in the 50/50 draw so I could pay off my debt and I will spend the extra money to see my mom on her 70th birthday. Also I pray for true love to find me. I’ve been hurt a few times and I want the hurting to end. Please bring the right man into my life, the one who will ask me for marriage, whom I will live happily with for the rest of my life. I need someone who will be a good financial provider for my family.

  4. Help. Im doubting catholicism. I feel like everything ive believed has been false..dark praying my loved catholic boyfriend of 2 years would ask me to marry him so we can be a help to each other and live together without scandalizing anyone. We need each other financially to survive. We love each other but hes waiting for response of annulment from tribunal. It was an abusive marriage which shes living with another man with no desire to reconcile. Theyv been civilly divorced for 7 years. My boyfriend and i met in brokeness because we had both come from much darkness and abuse and rejection but want to live in the light and with God and go to Heaven. We pray for our families conversion and grace and help from Heaven. St Philomena..i know you disapprove of divorce and we do also but these circumstances are unusual and hurtful. Please remove the obstacles and allow the Church to help us. My boyfriend is afraid of being hurt again to ask for marriage but i wouldnt divorce because i believe in the sacrament and i love him. Also my debts seem insurmountable. I need a miracle St. Philomena to pay them off and that Adam would marry me. We promise to have a devotion to you in our home if were married and thankyou already for converting my father and brother and sisters and Adams brother and friends. I also pray for Adams exwife for her conversion and that as a catholic shel recognise error to not live with the man shes with unless theyre also married..especially because she has a child who is being scandalized. Thankyou St Philomena. Amen.

  5. Please pray with me
    I’m desperately in need of a miracle
    i need financial break through. I’ve been praying for years to get a job to provide for my son. I’ve lost all hope. my parents bring me down, i can’t even sleep at night. stressed
    longing for God’s touch and love. a testimonial , to relate to his word. oh st philomena my last hope.

  6. Thank you St Philomena for answering my prayer! Thank you also for encouraging my daughter to pray. Dear St Philomena, I am so grateful to you.

  7. Please help me in praying St. Philomena that we will pass the February Telc B2 pflege exam and that Mccoy and Elisse will get back together again

  8. Please pray that I receive immediate financial assistance and blessings. Also pray that I receive a good job right away. I am in desperate need. Thank you for your prayers.

  9. I have a huge debts that i accumulated for the last 3 years and i need to pay the whole amount on january 30, 2018. I knly have one day to produce the amount or else i will be put in jail. St. Philomena, please help me. Please help me immediately.

  10. Dearest St.Philomena,
    Please pray for me to our mother Mama Mary and to our Lord Jesus for my complete and total healing of my breast cancer, total thyroidectomy, gb polyp, calcium and TSH.Thank you so much for your intercession St. Philomena. Amen.

  11. Dear Saint Philomena, I ask you with all my heart and soul to help our son Dominic, please ask our Lord god to heal him help him walk again. Heal his nerves muscles and balance in his whole body. He is trying very hard to progress to walk with one crutch I beg you help him. He never complains. He has been recovering now three years and five months, give him the strength and courage to carry on and get better, Please don’t let any more harm come to him. He has suffered so much over theses years. Saint Philomena here and answer our prayers Amen

  12. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for all the list of miracles that you have done for me and my family this year.It was a very beautiful year for us.Thank you so much for my permanent residency,thank you so much for my wonderful husband and my beautiful baby.Thank you for saving my relative who was attacked by robbers and for healing my niece.Iam spreading your devotion like I you St.Philomena.

  13. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for the miracle of our beautiful health amazing baby girl lumina she is the joy of our family,thanks for the good pregnancy period,and all the good doctors!Thanks that she was born close to her due date and all the wonderful answers to my prayer requests!Iam here to spread your devotion and to tell people that you are truly a wonder you St.Philomena.

  14. Dear St. Philamena,
    I ask for your intercession with Mother Mary to please pray for my youngest child EK to be heal from her autism and learn to talk soon. I know this is an impossible prayer but if anyone can heal her, it is our blessed Lord. Please pray for her and I will be eternally grateful and devoted to you and beloved Mary.

  15. Thank you St. Philomena
    I asked for prayers for myself in a legal matter, which was resolved , not as I had asked, but in a way that ultimately benefited my life – Thank you St. Philomena

  16. Dear Saint Philomena, I ask you with all my heart and soul to help us I feel hopeless as a mother. My son Dominic, is recovering now three years three months from a very serious illness. Please Saint Philomena I am desperate for your help to cure my son he has suffered so much please help him progress and move forward to walk again, he has been on two crutches all that time. Saint Philomena you have never let me down, I promise to make your name know as much as I can. I promise a good confession and holy communion and a mass in your honour. I will spread devontion to you. Please here our prayers we don t know where to turn help him I ask you with all my broken heart,

  17. Dear St Philomena,
    I am here asking for prayers and guidance from you. I have heard about your miracles and am taking a chance. I am knocking into your heart because I am so hopeless about the upcoming exam that I am going to take. For so many years I have been questioning why I took this path and is it going to be worth it? My college years were not as ideal as I expected it to be. I have been forcing myself into thinking that I have made the best decision in my life. But of course I feel like it was the right decision. I did it for my love ones, I sacrificed for them and It was worth it. I love them too much so I don’t wanna hurt them. I let my dreams go and let God do his way. But still, I can’t fill the emptiness within my heart. I feel so unsure about my future and am douting myself, my capabilities. Please hear my prayers. I wanted to pass this upcoming challenge. Hear me out, guide my soul. After this obstacle please clear my way, help me find my path. I wanted to make my parents proud, proud of themselves to have raised me right and will return all the favors they sacrificed for me. I will continue to praise God’s glory and will praise the saints in heaven above. Help me in building my confidence to fight this journey with all might and with the strengths from the Glory of God Almighty. This is all for you. Continue Gracing the world with blessings!

  18. Dear saint Philomena,
    Please heal my mother and I from the serious disease that we have. It’s been really hard on our family. Things haven’t been the same. I keep praying and I have strong faith in the Lord and I know that He will heal us. Please pray for our healing. Thank you

  19. Dear Saint Philomena, please hear and answer my pleas. I am in financial distress. Heal me, save me, and bless me in body, soul and spirit. I am so sorry for my sins. May all the angels and saints please help me and others who are suffering. Amen

  20. Dear St Philomena,
    Thank you for answering our prayers all these while. I declare you as the patron saint to my family. Now I beg you to help me to get a new job as a corporate trainer so that I can pay all debts and support my family financially and attend Mass on Sunday. I will do my very best to spread devotion to you and build a mini shrine in my house for your honor. Thank you my dearest St Philomena.

  21. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for the miracle of healing my baby niece who was not well when she was born,i prayed for her using your novena and I also light a candle for her,thank you so much for listening to my prayers.You are a wonder worker

  22. I want to praise and thanks saint Philomena for answering my prayers for these sets of twins for Avery and Sadie preemies they couldn’t breathe or be fed on their own but with the prayers from yesterday they will be going home next week because they are breathing and feeding themselves on their own thank you my Auggie his heart surgery it was successful and he at home doing well now we pray for the other set of twin that Brielle six months shape her skull the way the Lord intended for her there’s no tumor to probably wear a helmet shape her little head St Philomena and I also prayed to my blessed mother and my Lord Jesus Christ for Brielle healing Amen????

  23. Dear St. Philomena,
    Please heal my joints, especially my wrists and knee. Thank you for this miracle and I will spread devotion to you.

  24. Was so nervous because of the biopsy result, sleepless nights because im so worried about the result since i have a 15mo old baby. The doctor said the nodule got bigger hence higher chances of it being malignant. I googled the bio of the saint and novena prayer to St. Philomena. I prayed it every night and somehow I got confident, I worried less and less until I worry no more. The prayers and novena to her, with God ultimately, helped me. I just got tge resulta now and yes, it was benign! Thank you God, Mary and St. Philomena.

  25. Praying for calm for my teenage daughter as she tries out for a team. She’s worked hard, but nothing in life is a guarantee. I’d love for her to make the team, but I’m praying she does her best.

  26. Saint Philomena, truly a wonder worker of miracles! A huge debt paid in full .. miraculous and indescribable. She is truly a wonderful saint whom God has blessed greatly and given unbelievable graces to. I will always be thankful.

  27. St. PHILOMENA, So wonderful. I received all that I asked for while sending my son back to school. I was in a total fix, not enough school fees, school requirements,etc but she did it all. Received money from different sources for him. All was covered. THANK YOU. She is so great. Powerful with God. Our mother continue praying for us as we put our trust in you.

  28. St. Philomena asking so
    Humbly that you grant my wish to transfer to another company. I wish that my prospect company through the help of former colleague contact me and approve my transfer before my leave finishes. Please, help me… Thank you in advance….

  29. St Philomena is my sweetest friend, today iam here again to say thank you so much dear St. Philomena for 2 great miracles that you gave me this week, you are a wonderful saint and I promised that I will spread your devotion in my country and build a statue of you for my local community church. I want to encourage all those praying to her keep praying,she is a miracle worker.Love you ST.Philomena.

  30. St Philomena though I have given hope. Please bring justice into my life. May I and A be together and all the difficulties from our way may get away.
    Thank you.

  31. Dear Saint Philomena,
    With your most powerful intercession,please intercede for me to the Heavenly Father that if it be His will daughter and EK will establish a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and have a lifelong romantic future together. In Jesus name..please let this prayer be answered. Thank you St. Philomena.

  32. Holy St Philomena, handmaid of our Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for all the assistance you gave me yesterday. I needed so much help and your hand interceded at a time when I was lost. With your help I was able to retain an attorney and find hope for my just cause after so many had turned me away. Please accept my prayer.

    I pray that all reading this will come to know that honest, constant, faithful prayers of devotion to you, St Philomena, are heard and answered. Please continue to intercede for me and obtain for me the special graces I request that I may be filled with faith and love so that I may be a better servant to our Lord God. I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen

  33. I pray to ease the suffering of my father who is disabled from a stroke and for the well being of my children and family.

  34. Please lift from my son the cancer that is hurting his body, his mind and stressing him. Please give him the financial freedom he deserves. Amen

  35. My prayers were answered. My Grand daughter was saved from evil influences and through the grace of God is now in a private Catholic school. She is no longer depressed but is doing wonderful and I pray again that God will continue to bless us with the financial ability to continue to pay the tuition. It a an incredible sacrifice as her father has recently been laid off from his job but as her grandparents we have agreed to help. Please again I pray he can regain employment and I pray we can continue to help.

  36. My brother was diagnosed with cancer which had spread to his bladder and kidneys, and was wearing a catheter. He had surgery scheduled within two weeks. I prayed to St. Philomena to cure him, and offered her something extra in return to make her better known. When the time came for my brother to have his last physical check up before the surgery, lo and behold. The doctors did not find any cancer in him at all. St. Philomena cured him 100%. His cancer is completely gone, not in remission but as if he has never ever had it. I will forever be in debt to St. Philomena. As the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to Sister Mary Louisa of Jesus, “To Philomena nothing is refused”.