Answered Prayers from the Immaculate Conception Novena, 2017

Immaculate Conception NovenaThank you for joining us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena! If you have had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!


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  1. God has been Great!! I serve a mighty God! He has provided financially for my wedding .YES have prayed for this for 7 long years.THANK YOU GOD.

  2. Thanks to our mother Mary for her intercession, my ulcer is improving, also gradually getting back to my normal sleeping routine. Pls keep on praying for other health issues that I may get complete healing, in Jesus name Amen

  3. Thanks to our Immacolata Madre, that i have received healing of my leg which was paining me for the last seven months. I had also on the same leg a growing nod and doctors had said they might remove it through surger but my heavenly Mother have intervin, its disappearing alone.
    I praise God because i believe He will surely answer all other prayers we are asking Him especially now with the novena of Christmas.

  4. Thank you Mama Mary for making me feel better and helping me heal from my stage IV lung cancer to stage I. You have given me the best Christmas present ever! Please take care of us always.

  5. I prayed for God’s grace in a family court case that justice reigns. So far, we have seen the hand of God, as he opens the way to justice. Thank you Mother Mary

  6. I don’t have the brain disorder showing on the MRI. It’s a miracle from Our Blessed Mother. I was so upset with the MRI report and through prayers the problem has disappeared. Thank you Blessed Mother

  7. God has been so faithful to me, I had prayed for provision to attend my PhD proposal defence and also for a successful defence.
    To the Glory of the king of Kings, I passed through the needle’s Eye in one piece. Praise the Lord.

  8. I prayed the Novena for my son. He has worked hard studying in school and for his college entrance exams with the hope to attend a specific Catholic university. On the Wednesday following the Novena, my son received a letter of acceptance to that university. Thank you dear Lord! Thank you Blessed Mother!

  9. My brothers “ cancer” was not cancer , he is still not going to be in diálisis, doing better.
    My 2 operations have gone good , they did a mastectomy, but the cancer was “ in situ” so no treatment after this ,! Not as last time with my other Breast .
    Thanks Mary for all your favors ! You know a big pain that pains a lot my heart ♥️. Help my granddaughter with her condition in the years ahead , heal her disease! And all people that have this type of immunogical diseases ! May they find a cure for so many of them , thanks again Mary, pray for us, Amen !

  10. Thank you so much for sending the beautiful novena’s. My husband and I have prayed many prayers and many novena’ s but this one in particular touched God’s ears. I’m pregnant after having the lowest odds! Blessed be the Holy Virgin Mary and Blessed be God!

  11. I prayed to our lads of the immaculate conception for a successful visa application for my mother inlaw and 3 days after the novena, I got an approval letter from immigration. Took only 11days to process. I return all the glory to God!!

  12. Thank God for answered prayer. My 23-year-old son who was using meth and living on the street is now in a detox center in Los Angeles. It needs more prayer and for now we are thankful. Praise God!

  13. Thank you mother Mary after praying this novena my daughter passed her exam we got the results yesterday and this secures her place in her new work place and my other two daughters have been blessed one with journey mercies to TZ and is almost finished her first assignment in Africa. The other has recieved a acceptance in a college. Thank you mama Mary, thank you King of Glory. I’m still praying for my son Lionel to get a job and I believe my prayer will be answered, thank you for this forum and for all your prayers.

  14. I have been trying for over 7 years to get a transfer within my company with no success and a lot of frustration. Due to urging and help from another employee, I tried again to work in a new department. This time I was offered an interview on 11/29 and was notified that I got the position on 12/6. This all occurred while I was praying the Novena. I am beyond words. Needless to say, I am very, very grateful to our Blessed Mother for her kindness and generousity.

  15. After praying the novena our son and family to come back to church and go to confession they all went last night and are coming to mass Christmas Eve with us. Thank you Blessed Mother. We love you and your son our Lord and Savior.