Answered Prayers from the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes, 2017

Massabielle in Lourdes

Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes!

If you have had any prayers answered through Our Lady’s intercession during this novena, please share those with all of us below!

May God bless you and be with you in your every need!

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  1. After praying the Novena to our Lady of Lourdes, I have received word that my prayers have been answered. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary. I will start the next novena immediately.

  2. Thank you our lady of Lourdes for my brother finding a job. He has a new baby coming soon and that will was truly a blessing to him and his family. God is always on time and he does hear us we just have to listen to him. Thank you Jesus for this miracle.

  3. I prayed that I would be hired after a job interview. I have been hired and had a great first week at work!! I am very grateful – Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
    A family friend who has been suffering with cancer passed away. We are sorry Mary passed away but believe Mary is now at peace with God.

  4. I prayed to find an important document for my car battery as it had died and just a few days before it expired I met the man who gave it to me and he had copy. Got a free battery for the car before the warranty expired. Thank Y ou Our Lady o f Lourdes

  5. I started the novena praying that God grant me the fruit of the womb and my prayer was granted. Thank you our lady of Lourdes.

  6. I prayed this Novena for a young girl, her mom and her dad.
    I prayed for her to be healed of her eating disorder and that she will see her dignity in Jesus and start eating again. For her mom to have the strength to take care of her daughter and have spiritual and physical strength and a strong faith. And for her dad, for him to turn his life around and how’s he’s acting and dealing with this whole heartache of his daughter and be a supportive husband and be there for his wife and his 12year girl, to be the dad and husband he promised to be when he put that ring on his wife’s figure…. So after the novena, I asked Marielis (the mom) how they all are doing and she responded,
    “My daughter is getting better, my husband is being very good, and I’ve been able to understand my daughter and everything she’s going through.

    Praise be Jesus Christ!

  7. I have been praying to God almighty to have a more paying job so that i can be able to support my parents and siblings and since January have got many good paying job offers.I almost got confused which to take.I thank God almighty for hearing unto my prayers.Now i can be able to support them.

  8. My mother who who was supposed to turn 88 yrs. old this May, 2017, was hospitalized last December, 2016. I had a feeling that she will soon leave us so I prayed to God to just give me some time to prepare emotionally. God answered my prayers, and she was discharged from the hospital. But since then she does not want to move anymore and eat less. So I had her receive the Sacrament of Anointing last December to prepare her spiritually. This February we decided to bring her again to the hospital because she really refused to eat and having bed sores already. I prayed to God to please heal her, but if it is really time for her to go home to the Father, then please take her home on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes to assure me that the Blessed Mother will take care of her. She died exactly Feb. 11, 2017 in her hospital bed 2 days after again receiving the Sacrament of Anointing. Thank you, Lord for answering my prayers through the intercession of our Lady of Lourdes.

  9. My son is plagued with addiction, is in depression and has had this battle for thirteen years. Four years ago he had an accident and now suffers from a back injury. He has not worked for 4 years as he is unable to return to his trade. He has tried to study but gives up on himself and back to his addiction. Since praying to Our Blessed Lady and saying at least 3 Hail Marys a day I have witnessed a vast improvement in his behaviour and addiction. This morning he opened up a little by saying, he was off to class! Thank you, to Our Heavenly Mother.

  10. Dearest Mother of Lourdes,
    I come to thank you most heartily because you helped us get the good result we heard this morning. M had 2 nodes which were deemed indicative of cancer. The first one had disappeared during my Novena to St Peregrine to whom I am also greatly indebted. The second one started decreasing in size during the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena, and now it disappeared altogether. The doctors found this a very interesting case…and ordered the scheduled PET scan to be still carried out next week out of prudence! I cannot express the joy I am feeling, of what burden I have been relieved, to know that there is no longer anything indicating cancer, especially that M had been operated for melanoma, but Our Lady had miraculously cured him over 2 years ago. That’s why I believe that he will not relapse, because Our Lady does not joke when she cures. Thank you our dear Mother in Heaven and thank You also Good Lord for deigning to hear our humble prayers. MAY YOUR LOVING HEARTS BE PRAISED AND ADORED FOREVER, AMEN.

  11. After praying this last Novena, we just got news yesterday that although my husband’s recent investigations revealed Prostate Cancer, it is the least aggressive form he could have. No treatment for the the time being, just Active Surveillance every 3 months and an annual MRI.
    Thanks be to God and Our Lady of Lourdes.

  12. During the novena to Our Lady of Lourdes, I prayed for my friends dad as he had been critically ill for a while. My mother and I went to visit him yesterday at the hospital and he is much better! Long live the Blessed Holy Trinity, Blessed be Our Lady Of Lourdes, Blessed be Mary, Virgin Of The Immaculate Conception. God is good, kind and gracious all the time! Amen. Alleluia!!!!

  13. Part of prayed for intentions are unfolding each day. I wrote that God was working out my prayers as I wrote you ‘recently, today I got news that my granddaughter got custody of her girls for 2 wks. Then will be going to court for custody, it has been 2- 1/2 years of unbelievable misery for that family. Dual custody. The father is abusive and using dangerous drugs in the presence of young children.
    God is so good, please continue to pray for my granddaughter that this will be settled soon. Thanks you our Lady of Lourdes.

  14. I was praying this novena for my brother and his wife to forgive and to forget the past and to live together . At the end of the novena on Saturday they both have comback to live together. Praise the Lord and Our Lady of St.Lourdes. Thank you. Amen

  15. I would like to thank Our Lady of Lourdes for her intercession of my prayers. They were not all answered in the way I requested but I believe the response was in God’s way which is always the right way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  16. I’ve prayed that i could get a working visa for nz . Finally i got it although there is limited quota’s. Thank Blessed Mother! Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!”

  17. I write to thank God and our blessed Mother that for a long time I prayed that I pass my doctroral reseaech, My supervisor has written to tell me that I passed and that my corrections have been accepted by the research committe. I am so grateful to God for answering my prayers. I now pray that My Mother make the faculty manager write me an official letter to that effect so that I can pass in on to my bosses too. I also pray that my supervisor send me an official invitation for graduation in April expeditiously. In Jesus our Lord I pray Amen.

  18. In praying this novena, I’ve asked for many things but I’ve also realized anew the miracle of my being alive to pray it! Seventeen years ago I was diagnosed with a very serious (deadly) breast cancer, stage three+. Incredibly, I had read an article on this very rare cancer less than a month before, and so recognized the symptoms immediately and called my surgeon, thus having a biopsy within just days. Even though I suffered strokes during the time of my treatment (chemo and radiation), I recovered quickly and have had no recurrence of the cancer. Aside from memory loss and losing the ability to measure time in my mind ( 6 weeks or 6 months?–I’ve no idea!), I live a normal life. During that year of treatment, a faithful group of elderly ladies from our parish met daily before mass to pray the rosary together and ask Our Lady of Lourdes for my healing. I’ve been struck anew by the grace of that and the gift it has been to me and my family. Thank You! Lord. Thank you, Lady of Fatima, Mother of the Savior. Amen. LBP

  19. I was praying tha the cadiogram I did will be good. The results came in and it was. Thanks to our Lady of Lourdes for interceding on my behalf. Thank you Jesus!

  20. My daughter was put on medication that has been effective for her without side effects. She has also stopped drinking. Thank you God and Our Lady of Lourdes for this healing for her. She is on her way to a new life. ❤❤❤

  21. I offered this novena and the St. Peregrine novena that we prayed a couple of months ago for complete healing of my niece’s Stage IV colon cancer. She had her PET scan yesterday and it showed NO SIGN OF CANCER!!! Her oncologist has stopped further chemo & has instead scheduled surgery to remove the tumor. Praise God!

  22. One of my intentions was for my daughter’s best friend. She had a mass in her pancreas. All her lab numbers were high risk indicators of cancer. The doctor removed the mass and several lymph nodes and her spleen. Thankfully, through Mary’s intercession, the results of her biopsies were all clean. The power of prayer at work. Thank all of you. Thank you dear Lady.

  23. I had been praying for my son to settle and get married on 20th he came home to show us his fiance. They are planning to get married this year. Thank our Lord Jesus Christ and our mother holy Mary for answering my prayers

  24. I prayed this novena with the intention that Mother Mary smiles upon me so that I can spread love and comfort to others through a smile and for sure she gave me such a beautiful smile so that anyone who sees me smiling remarks positively about it. Through the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes I was also able to comfortably move into a new house and neighborhood at a time when my country’s economic situation is terrible. I have also been able to have stability at my work place where I was getting so much opposition from my GM. I love Mama Maria sooo much and I can’t thank her enough for my answered prayers.

  25. I was praying for a job and for me and my husband to get back together. Our Lady of Lourdes answered my prayer, my husband’s heart softened and we got back together…iam so so happy…thank you Jesus Christ for hearing your mother’s plea for me and others.

  26. I prayed for my son and daughter turn back their lives to Christ, since over a year ago my daughter got a job and sheduled to work on Sundays she uses it as every excuse not to come to Mass even when she can and her brother stop coming for whatever reason i still dont know, my daughter hopped immediately at my first request last Sunday (glory to God) and later in the week she mentioned that she will be coming back to church and mentioning her alter serving gown which might not be able to fit her anymore.It not much but its a start i give thanks for small mercies, the gown will be obtained and i have faith that one day hopefully soon my son will be back in his gown too bigger and better than before by the Grace of God. God bless you and please continue to pray for my family.

  27. I have been unemployed for 6 years. Our Lady got me a fulltime job offer at the type of job that uses all my skills. The 6 years was worth the wait. My employees respect and value me. Mother THANK YOU!!

  28. God is good all the time. I thank God for his love that I still have the life to praise his name. I pray this novena with hope and faith that i will be cured from anemia. I have this sickness for years and it was worst sometimes. Thanks God my prayer was answered after the final day of the novena. I have been thankful for all the blessings that I have because my life was hopeless most of the time especially when i came back from school feeling tired and sick all day.

  29. I want to ask for support in prayers for my sons..for good jobs, for good partners and for God’s mercies upon them. They are both well educated and quite accomplished but praying for better jobs. And they have not met their partners even as they are quite at the age. This is a bother and I want all to join me in offering these requests to Our Lady of Lourdes…

    Thank you as you help me along.

  30. My prayer for a FT position w/ Health benefits have been answered. I have been unemployed for sometime and I am finically struggling still.
    I am a strong Catholic, a Knights of Columbus member, I volunteer cooking at the church. I will be volunteering/cooking at a Shelter for the people in poverty. I utilized the gift God gave me as a Chef.
    To all that prayed for me, Thank You and special Thanks to Father Steve for the reference.
    I now have to finically get back on my feet and pray for financial freedom.
    Thank You to all and God Bless you all.

  31. My son has been suffering with ptsd for some years now and during this past novena changes have occurred ( some difficult) but I know this is through the working of our Heavenly Father and our blessed mother ……. good things will come of this … I know !! They are so present …. I am so blessed because of this . Amen

  32. I was going back to work after maternity leave and prayed that the Blessed Mother would help me find childcare for my infant. Shortly after I began the novena I found a wonderful in-home daycare that I am so happy with!

  33. Two of my prayers were answered week after Our Lady of Lourdes novena. Two of my children who were looking for jobs for a whole now, got full time jobs that week. Thank you for your intercession, Mother Mary. I always count on your endless intercessions.

  34. I prayed that God should keep watch over my family particularly over my sisters. God is indeed great as he saved my sister Emma from a serious car accident. I wish to sincerely thank mother Mary for always answering my prayers.

  35. I prayed for a special private intention. By the intercession of Our Lady, everything worked out so beautifully. Thank you mother!

  36. I prayed to get healed from unknown disease, I had this problem for many years,on November 2016 I was diagnosed with uterus problem, I was operated and now I’m happy and health.
    Also I prayed for my grand kids to get baptized the age are six yrs, five yrs and two months…they were baptized on 29th of January. Thank you Lord .

  37. I got into trouble i went to confussion and prayed i got miraclous forgivness and answer .
    My sister got a miracle job too
    Am greatful to our mother THANK YOU MOTHER.

  38. I prayed for my son who is in school and has never been serious , has no focus, performing below his capability (because he is smart). He sits for his final exams for junior school starting May 2nd and will join the University a few months later. I pleaded with mother Mary for the impossible to happen for him. Am thankful to mother because towards the end of the Novena, my son called me saying that he is very busy preparing and for sure he will pass with flyiing colours. I have never heard him being so confident and determined


    I also prayed for a co- worker for my Niece who was suffering from cancer of the throat. he was too weak and fed himself through a tube on his tummy for months. The family suffered a lot. He died just after we completed the novena. His family felt some relief as the suffering was too much. I believe mother Mary heard our prayers and made sure he would be happier with Jesus. Thank you Mary. There is no other….

  39. I prayed that my friend would be healed of a rare disease. Thanks be to God and Our Lady of Lourdes she is well. I believe that Our Lady of Lourdes interceded for her.

  40. I prayed the novena of Lourdes, that my husband would find a job. By the end he had a interview and was hired. The only one out of our town! We are very grateful for answered prayers!

  41. I just found out that my sister did get relief from her pain and has been able to enjoy visiting with her children and grandchildren who have come to visit. Thank you Mother Mary.

  42. I prayed for my sister that her breast biopsy would be negative and last wednesday Feb. 15, she received the good news that all is well.
    All praise and thanks be to God, and to our Blessed Lady for her intercession.

  43. Thank you most mercyful Heavenly father, through the intercessions of our most blessed Mother Mary, for graciously granting me my petitions. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  44. Our lady of Lourdes,

    Thank you for all the blessings that you shower upon me , my heart is more light than before. i will continue praying for my intentions i know your always there for me. Amen

  45. I have been praying these novenas for years for my husband to finally qualify for social security disability and we finally had our court date right after this novena and while we still have to wait for the official reply in 2 months, the hearing went very well and our lawyer felt very confident that he will be granted disability!

  46. Since praying the novena, one of my
    children that stopped attending church while in college desires to return. May our Blessed Lady continue to watch over my child.

  47. My mum has been diagnosed with leukaemia the doctors had indicated that she needs an immediate blood transfusion because her white blood was high. Into a few days of this novena she did another blood test and the white blood cells have gone down. I thank you Jesus . I have faith she will be totally healed

  48. God is Good all the time, I began this Novena with an intention to pray for my family especially my husband who seemed to loose direction in decision making concerning family issues. On the 3rd of the novena, he seemed to be coming back to his senses and up to today, he is able to make sound decisions and we are living happily as before.

    Our Lady of Lourdes, continue praying for us.

  49. On the sixth day of the Novena, I had to undergo heart surgery. It was the most peaceful experience I ever went through. Why you might ask? Through the entire operation, the Blessed Mother was holding me in her arms; I could see her holding me; I could feel her presence; it was real. I knew everything was going to be OK. When I woke up in recovery, the first person I saw was the doctor from anesthesiology. So real was my experience, that the first thing I asked was if her name was Mary. The power of prayer! God is good!

  50. My brother went for heart surgery during this novena and i prayed for successful operation. I am told the operation was successful. Better still due to extent of work doctors had plans to keep him under general anaesthesia for 3 days but he suprised them and spontaneously woke up the next day in ICU and the bleeding and blood pressure which were of major post operation complications worrying them just normalised.
    i am so gratèful and humbled by this mercy. I will forever thank God and the graces achieved through this novena of our lady of Lourdes. Amen

  51. I prayed for transfer of office near my residence. Feb15 i got a call fr our head that i will be transferring this wed.from 1.5 hrs of travel from house to work it will be 20 to 30 mins only.Thank you God and Dear Our Lady of Lourdes.

  52. I pray that my son Carlos finds the strength he needs to leave behind all pain medication and anything else he may be using! That he will recognize how much we love him and how much it’s killing me knowing he is not well. To be able to leave everything and everyone negative in his life. Jesus I can’t with this so I need you!

  53. I asked mama Mary in this Novena to guide my son to focus in his studies and quit his online games. My prayers were answered . Thank you mama Mary. I will pray again in thanksgiving for this grace and for all students to be guided to the right path. God is good!

  54. Praise be to God, I had prayed for my son in-law to get a job, and I thank God for he has answered my prayers through the novena of our blessed lady of Lourdes.

  55. My Dearest Mother,
    Thank you for your presence in my family’s life. Please continue to pray for my sister Jenna. To be completely healed to regain her strength on her right side to stand up to use her right hand. Oh Mother help me finish my research paper. Help me with my my nephew Sam complete and get his final card.
    Oh mother help me get organized and peaceful.Mother help me with my finances. By your miraculous powers renew my Faith so that I stop worrying. I pray that I alway let go and let God. I pray for Faith and confidence in the power of your son Jesus. May the Lord have mercy on my family and me.
    Thank you Mother for giving me humility, peace and love at work, school, and everywhere.
    In Jesus Holy name I pray and ask for your intercessions.

  56. I prayed for all of the sick . And I was told by a friend that her brother had a very successful surgery and a lot a hope for his sickness .
    Glory be to God almighty !!!

  57. Thank you Mama Mary.. thank you for continuosly guiding our family.. For always looking for us every single day of out lives.. thank you for continue taking care of my family especially my parents.. I will keep hold of my faith and hope in my heart.. thank you Lord Jesus for the love and guide.

  58. Although not all of my prayers were answered so have. I have been praying these novenas for a while for my husband and I as we are having difficulties conceiving. Through the months my fertility has been restored and although we are not yet pregnant (this novena ended before my ovulation) we are sure that our prayers will be answered. I thank God in advance that it is done for the positive pregnancy test and pregnancy/babies that are coming. I am asking for all those reading this to please pray with and for me that the Lord grant us this miracle of life soon. I continue to ask the Blessed Mother for her powerful intercession to the Lord. I thank Gid for his mercy love and grace through this journey and will continue to pray until my answer comes as I have faith and trust it will. Nothing us impossible for God!!! Amen

  59. I prayed to Our Lady for my daughter and grandson to have a healthy birth and on February 13 after a long labor Maverick David was born by c-section … he and his Mother are healthy and safe … God is Great. Thank You Blessed Mother for hearing my prayers

  60. I prayed for a miracle and what seemed like the impossible. My husband and I needed 10,000 to pay off some debt and for a down payment for a home. We didn’t have it and neither did our family members. I prayed with strong faith that God could make the impossible possible. Three days after praying the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena my boss sent me a text stating he and his wife would like to help and would 10,000 be enough.

    He had only found out what we were trying to do that same day. He asked if everything was ok with me, I said sure, he kept pressing and I said we’re just trying streamline things so we could buy a house. That’s all I said. They had no idea how much we needed. The power of this novena is amazing. Our Lord is truly amazing.

  61. I prayed the novena for my son to get good news from a CT scan and he got results he is ok. Thank you Jesus and Mary. I am so relieved.
    JesusIis waiting for the world to ask for help Amen

  62. Please pray for my daughters safety and well being while she finishes her studies in New York and her safe return to Canada this summer.

  63. I started the Novena and asked Our Lady of Lourdes to please restore health to one of my friends who got seriously ill just a week after burying her husband. She awoke from the induced coma and started to recognize her three daughters. I had taken another friend of mine the Novena and a medal and she also prayed the Novena. Our friend continues to do good and with all our faith to the Blessed Mother she will come home again.
    I continue pray for the son and granddaughter who are suffering from addictions.
    Please pray for healing for both of them. My granddaughter has a little girl who needs her mommy back.

  64. Praise be to God, the Father, Our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
    Thank You, Lord.
    I included in our Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes, my 2 cousins, who had been diagnosed with cancer, and both seem to be free now of cancer.
    Thank you for your intercession, dear Our Lady of Lourdes.

  65. I pray that Our Lady will intercede with her Son for my grandson’s healing from drug addiction and for my son’s job that it will be secure. I also pray for the conversion of all my family and myself that we all may have eternal salvation.

    Thank you, Jesus.

  66. Prayed Our Lady Of Lourdes novena for granddaughter to get complete custody of her children, and the Lord is working it out as I write this. Will know more in a few days. Will keep praying until all is complete. Awesome God and Blessed Mother.

  67. Please pray for healing, reconciliation, and re connection for me & my husband R.. I pray for all your intentions mentioned here too..

  68. I am in high school, and for many months I have been feeling terribly hurt by my closest friends who have seemed to suddenly be ignoring me. It hurt twice as badly since they were almost the only friends I had. Feeling betrayed and unbearably lonely, I prayed to Our Lady that she would either fix the situation or help me find another friend so that I wouldn’t fall into depression or something. On the last day of the Novena, I got together with a girl with whom I had been acquaintances for a long while, and she seemed eager to be friends and eager for another get-together! It meant so much to me :) Thank you, Mother Mary!

  69. My family and I have received an answer to 2 of our petitions and more than anything else, we have renewed faith and optimism for the future.
    Thank you Our Mother, and Jesus, we have unswerving love for you!!!

  70. I prayed the novena for my sister-in-law who had undergone chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and was waiting for surgery to remove what was left of the tumor. She had the surgery yesterday (2/17) and the tumor was removed; pathology shows no sign of cancer!

    I also prayed the novena to St. Peregrine for her, so I thank God through the intercessions of St. Peregrine and Our Lady of Lourdes for my sister-in-law’s successful surgery.

  71. Prayed to God to bring my family together as my husband is in another country working, but after the novena , God decided for us and we are together now with our kids as one great family.

  72. While praying this Novena my daughter was interviewed for a Job and was successful. She will start next week. Thanks to all the people who were praying with me.

  73. I prayed for answer to the question of where my son should go to high school; specifically asked that the right person’s thought process shifted and it happened. I am so grateful!

  74. I prayed the novena for my boyfriend to get a job. On the last day of the novena one of the companies he applied to called him in for an interview! Good is so good!

  75. Hi, I pray for 3 special people that are in their death bed,( so I thought!) My mom who is 103, will be 104 this June. She is very tire and bed ridden, my Nina, her sister, who is 96 and sudden became extremely sick. Her blood pressure became so radical from 218/54 to 40/ 43, we thought she could have a stroke or death any moment. My nephew has been sick for 10 yrs. And his 2nd. Kidney is failing rapidly. The entire family knew we had 3 very sick people in our hands, everyone was in alert! I started the novena with everyone else, finish it and as of today all three are still alive and much improved. We r fully aware none of them can live for any amount of time, death is at the back door, but God have let us have them for one more day. ( going on 2 weeks.) That’s all I asked.

  76. I have been praying for my son to grow in wisdom and love for Jesus . I am also praying for my daughter to get a good score in her upcoming exam . I am confident that my prayers have been heard and will come to fruitition in Gods time . Please continue to pray for these intensions . As St Paul in today’s gospel tells us ‘ Faith is the realization of things hoped for , and the evidence of thinks not seen .’ Thank you Mama Mary for your love and intercession .

  77. was praying for my finance stability so i can be able to give my kids to their desire and i have seen glory of God.
    Thank you mother Mary and St Mary of lourdes for your good heart.

  78. I prayed that my dear aunt who is in the terminal stage of cancer be protected by God in reducing her suffering and let God ‘s will be done unto him and she has miraculously making progress and hanging on there . Thank you Lord …. God is almighty !

  79. Thank you very much our Lady of Lourdes for your prayers. Last night I got a call to inform me that the bus driver who caused my Son-in-Law’s death 7 months ago was arrested and charged. God is true to his promise. Justice will be served.

  80. I prayed that my daughter will be able to find a new job within the first quarter of this year. Before the novena ended, we received word that she got the job that she applied for. We are truly grateful for this.

  81. Praise to Our Saviour and Master, Lord Jesus Christ for granting me a successful hernia surgery three days ago, through Our Lady of Lourdes, Mother Mary. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Mother Mary.

  82. I prayed that Our Lady of Lourdes will prove my innocence after cash went missing in our room and for sure Mother Mary came to my aid by making the driver confess that he had been given excess exactly the amount was missing. Tgank you Jesus for giving ud a Merciful Mother to help us.Thanks for your prayers. Now I I pray that I get financial assistance to beautify her grotto back home before the month of May. God bless all the Praymorenovena community

  83. I greatly thank our Lady of Lourdes, for receiving comforting news about my job, from my new boss. To not worry that my job is safe. I am so very thank full to our Lady of Lourdes as on the very 5th day of the Novena I received the message.
    I also thank Our Lady of Lourdes for choosing the right job for my son Noah.
    Bless all my 8 children oh mother.
    Bless my Family each one has her/his problem and to over come them soon with your blessings.

  84. A petition was granted. It was a plea to help the Foundation called
    “Children of the Immaculate Heart”. A Donor donated a large sum of money to open a house of Rehabilitation for girls released from Human Trafficking. Praise God! Thank you Our Lady of Lourdes and I pray that there will be an end to the horrible Human Trafficking.

  85. I said this novena for help for my 91 year old mother-in-law. I prayed that God would grant her comfort in her remaining days here on earth with us. Surrounded by her family, we all said the rosary for her. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep on the final day of this novena, The feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. Thank you Our Lady and God for granting her that peace and comfort in her remaining days here with us and for letting her family be with her at her time of passing. Eternal peace granted to her with no more pain and suffering.

  86. During the novena to our Lady of Lourdes, I prayed that my daughter’s biopsy results would show she is cancer free. Our Lady graciously answered my prayers! No sign of cancer! Thank you Dear Lady.

  87. Praise be to God for great things he has done.
    I asked Mother Mary ‘s help to solve a misunderstanding between my husband and I. Few days into the novena, I approach my husband explained my side of the issue and he didn’t argue with me but accepted my point of view.
    Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for me. Amen

  88. I’ve been praying for my husband. He is a non-practicing Baptist. He has for several times has shown repulsion toward the Catholic faith. I believe, consecrating my life to the Blessed Mother through the 33 days to Morning Glory & Consoling the Heart of Jesus, by Fr. Michael Gaitley, The Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Lourdes Novena, blessed me with a renewed husband. He made a commitment to join me meditate on and pray the Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament every first Sunday of the month for the intention of enriching our marriage. I am so grateful for this grace. I believe Jesus, through the Blessed Mother, can never be truly outdone in generosity! and Jesus just can’t help but take care of our heart as well. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us, Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!