Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2017

st. joseph novena
Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, Novena!

If you experienced any prayers during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Glory be to God!


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  1. Dear Lord hear my voice, hear my prayer. I trust in you, I still hold on to faith. Today I found proof why I was being beat up for no reasons . I lost four unborn children due to my own sister hatred of me bearing children. I see why Dear God, my children suffer so much and I . I ask you God to protect us from all our foes. I ask the Archangel to protect us from evil dwellers such as the ones we face for over 22 months. Dear Lord please set a distance from their wickedness. This man has guns, and this man of power force them to abuse Satya, William Daryn, Christopher William and me. Let no bullets hit us to kill us. Dear God please continue to guide all of us in the right directions . Heavenly Father,I ask you to make my children and I move to a safe home where they are no guns. I pray this coward of power to leave us alone and to stop persecuting us.

  2. I was praying for my daughter to get a job. She just accepted a job last week…it all worked out that the job she really wanted became available again and was offered to her. Thanks be to God, and thank you for your intercession St. Joseph!

  3. Almighty God I give glory and praise.
    I am so joyful and thankful to God answering me two of my petitions through the intercession of St. Joseph and Our Mother of Perpetual Help.
    I pleaded with St.Joseph that I must testify before or after this Novena.
    I prayed for my brother’s immigration status and that of my husband and I.
    On 23rd March 2017 while still on my knees my brother called me that our Lord has made it successful. Still basking with joy in my heart the next day 24th March 2017 I received a call that my own application has been approved and successful! Wow! It can only be JESUS! So grateful Lord!
    I am in faith that my husband’s own and other intentions too are already answered in JESUS Mighty Name!
    Thank you.

  4. I prayed for the relationship with JK and JP and myself to change into an awesome good one, And amazingly I am the one that changed, and now I am no longer holding resentment and prejudice towards them and know that Divine Spirit has my Back. I feel that it is falling away and that I have done my part.


  5. Since I joined in the praymorenovena a year ago or so. I have been asking for the healing of my fathers dementia which emerged in the last 2-3 years and everything seems impossible and gone to worst. During the novena to Saint Joseph, I broke down after trying to communicate to my dad but to no luck . I cried out to the Lord and begging St Joseph to pray for the total healing of my dad. Today 23rd March, God works in mysterious ways, my dad has been healed. God has never forsaken me though sometimes I thought of giving up and seems like he is not listening. Thank you Saint Joseph for praying for my dad he’s now been healed. Thank you to Paul and Annie and everyone since the day I asked for your prayer. God is on time, he’s never forsaken me though my faith started to doubt when things gone to its worst. Now I don’t know how to thank God and all of you and Saint Joseph. God I praise you!

    • joy to you! but could you explain what you mean by your father’s dementia being healed? It’s indeed a miracle!

  6. My special intention for my husband to get a job that would provide stability for our family and that would bring us back to our home from overseas was answered on St. Joseph’s feast day. God be praised and thank you to St. Joseph for your intercession! We are working out the details now but this is a miracle as my husband was not able to get a job back home and that’s how we ended up overseas. Then to get an offer in our hometown at a company he interviewed at 3 years ago but hadn’t contacted since, plus they will help us move home, is truly amazing. God is amazing!!! Thank you St. Joseph!

  7. The special intention I prayed about — a whopping “balloon payment” fraudulently added onto my rent which I was convinced would result in eviction has been reduced by 400%. Thank you, St. Joseph! I’ve heard that if you have housing or real estate issues, St. Joe is your guy! I’m so happy. I don’t have to leave my happy home

  8. My prayers were answered today. My son has obtain many inquiry as to his project. I asked St. Joseph to continue to pray for the success of his business and bless him with good employees.
    I also pray that his situation with a previous client will be resolve amicably. Thank you St. Joseph for praying for us. Thank you Jesus for you love and mercy. Praise you Jesus!

  9. I thank you for praying with me and I thank God for hearing my prayers through the Novena. It allowed me to re-connect with my son that has pushed me away since he has been struggling with personal issues, after serving in the military. I love him more than my own life as I do his siblings. However, we share a bond since he is the oldest and we’ve been through a lot together. Now we are re-connecting and he knows that I am not going anywhere and that I will never give up on him; no matter what. Thank you and please continue to pray for him and keep us together! God Bless!

  10. Thankyou for watching over us and praying for us ..
    My husband received a call from ther recruitment agency ..
    St Joseph continue to pray for us so my husband can secure a job .

  11. My prayer was answered on St Joseph’s Feast Day. A friend got news of the date for his Dissertation.

    Could I have prayers that the Dissertation on 6 April will be successful.


  12. St Joseph i continue to pray for my husband who has changed and behave in a way i dont understand. Grant him peace love and a forgiving heart to always remember he has a wife and 3 children. To enable him change his attitude towards his family and enable us to have a dialoque in our family. Am so down today to realize it has been 3 months that we have not talked to my husband and yet we are leaving together but i pray that God will grand me peace and change my husband for better. Thank you for praying with me, i believe that God will change my situation.

  13. I prayed the novena to St. Joseph to intercede on behalf of my daughter to find a job in her field. She received a job offer today. Thank you, St. Joseph.

  14. Thank you St. Joseph. My son’s visa for New Zealand has been approved. May you continue to guude Arlan in his studies and may he find new friends who will guide him tgere. I also pray for his good health. Thank you soooo much.

  15. Praise the Lord and thank you dear St. Joseph for praying for us. More clients are coming his way and the Lord sent people to give us guidance in the decisions we have to make. God will make a way. Blessed be God!




  17. I prayed that a buyer would be interested in my house. On Friday 3/17 got a contract on my house. I pray now for an easy closing on 5/15/17. Please continue your prayers for me. Thank you St Joseph.

  18. Thanks St Joseph for I know you interceded for me. I asked you to pray for the renewal of my marriage. That the lack of communication, distance and misunderstanding between my husband and I will come to an end. As I was doing the novena, my husband started communicating to me like he had never done for a long time. I know more and more changes are still to show up. My mouth is full of praises. Amen.

  19. Said the novena to st Joseph praying for healing of my daughter and for a husband and got to go on a first date with a religious guy that I like already. May st Joseph get to fruition that which he has started in Jesus holy name. Amen .

  20. St. Joseph has always been special to me. He’s a very strong intercessor. Some years ago when the bank were foreclosing on my daughters home prayers to St. Joseph found a beautiful home at a very low cost for it. To this day we call it the St. Joseph House.
    With this novena we needed help with my daughters grave marriage situation. Her husband has left her with 3 kids and no support. We were having difficulty with the process in the courts moving forward that would supply her with some financial relief in child support. We were getting no answers from her lawyer and were afraid we would have to start the process again with another lawyer. Half way through the novena we began getting communication and results from the lawyer. yesterday as the novena ended and it was the Feast of St. Joseph the court filed to have her husbands wages garnished! Praise God and thank you St. Joseph!!

  21. I am very glad that I prayed this novena with everyone. I went through and read many of your prayers that were answered. Know that I was praying for all of you as I prayed for my own petitions to be answered. Some had requests that were answered were very similar to mine.

    Although my petitions were not answered this time I still have a deep inner peace in an odd sort of way. I realized that St. Joseph and our good Lord Jesus do answer; this time just wasn’t my time. I will continue to pray the novenas in the future and hopefully I will be answered soon.


  22. Thanks to St Joseph my son who is 35 and delivers pizza is looking for a better job . He has served in Iraq and struggles with depression. He has poor self esteem. Just the fact he is looking for a better job is a miracle from St Joseph’s intersession.

  23. My daughter’s surgery went well, although more involved than hoped for. The good news…no cancer. The surgery was about 2 ½ hours. She was sent home after several hours in recovery, is on pain medication (so she is groggy), and will be able to slowly resume her normal activities after 2 weeks.
    May God bless you and your families for your kind prayers and concern.

  24. I have been praying and asking God to speak favour into our my finances since teh beginning of the year.I have prayed to Blessed Benedict Daswa, Mother Mary and St Joseph. On the Feast day of St Joseph, God answered my prayers and provided a solution to this long dryness in my finances. I praise and ask God to contitinue to shower me with his blessings.Amen.

  25. On the last day of this novena, my child who I had been praying for, came to me and said that he needed help! Thank you St. Joseph, thank you God!