Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2017

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st. joseph novena
Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, Novena!

If you experienced any prayers during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Glory be to God!


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  1. Thank-you St. Joseph for guiding a buyer to our home after many months of trying. It was through your divine intervention that we wete able to sell our home. You are most holy and we are forever grateful for you answering our prayers!

  2. St Joseph with your powerful intercession, please hear my prayers..I am currently unemployed and have a job interview. I would love to work at this establishment so that I not only help others but so I can provide housing, food and clothing for toddler.
    Please allow me to provide the neccities for my son. I thank you in advanced

  3. St Joseph with your powerful intercession, please hear my prayers..I am currently unemployed and have a job interview. I would love to work at this establishment so that I not only help others but so I can provide housing, food and clothing for toddler.
    Please allow me to provide the neccities for my son. I thank you in advanced

  4. St. Joseph pliz answer my prazer in finding a good husband Who is God fearing is it him. Pleas help me find a job In government.amen

  5. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please hear my prayers and intercede with your Son Jesus. I need to find financial help once and for all. I have been working hard and praying for 10 years now. Please, patron saint of the family, help me and my family save our home. I humbly ask you, to finally give me a solution as you see how hard I have worked.
    Thank you, Amen

  6. Thank you St.Joseph for your intercession in helping my son obtain employment. His self esteem and confidence has been raised due to your intercession. Thank you in Jesus name

  7. I prayed a Novena to St. Joseph for my brother to find a job. He had been looking for over a year and a half. On the third day of the Novena he got an offer. Five days after I finished the Novena, he got an even better offer. He will now be able to provide for his wife and son and his growing family. Thank God. Thank you St. Joseph!!!

  8. Dear St. Joseph,

    I am praying to you to intercede for me so that my rship with my partner/boyfriend can be restored by the grace of God, complete my studies and lift my children in their schooling. As I celebrate your feast day tomorrow, I remain faithful that my prayers and miracle will come through and be granted. Amen.

    Blessed be St. Joseph

  9. I believe in the power of prayer and that miracles can happen. Today I truly need one. St. Joseph I pray to you and hope that you can hear me and answer my prayers…I need a miracle and pray you can grant me one. I pray that today is the safe arrival of my son. My only son. A healthy baby boy. A son like you raised Jesus. I can feel he will be my blessing. I pray that all goes well and that against all other opinions and thoughts he will arrive safely, he will be healthy and all will go well. I pray you can hear me. I pray you can answer my prayers. Thank you St. Joseph. I believe.

  10. Thank you St Joseph for interceding for us in the healing of my husband’s lower back and to gaining back our peace back.

    There’s power in the name of Jesus!

  11. Thank you st.Joseph you have always interceded for me and i know you will intercede for me again to get a job. Pray for me to the Lord our God to bless me with a job so i can be able to take care of my son and the people that God has blessed under my care. Thankyou st.Joseph

  12. For the past 7 months after graduating college I was trying to find a job, but have been so unsuccessful in finding one. Day after day month after month crying and praying so much that I found find a job, everyone around me questioning me about why I cant find a job. Searching, applying and asking everywhere I kept getting a NO every time. I began to loose hope in myself, but I always kept my trust in Jesus knowing he will always come thru for me. On November 27 I received a call for an interview at a hospital for November 29, I went for the interview not knowing if I would even get it or not because the one word in my head was NO that I would get rejected. But on December 4, the day of my grandmother funeral I received a phone call from the person that interviewed me, i was nervous to pick up, little did i know, i was granted a job offer. The first word in my mouth was thank you jesus!!!! With such great joy, i knew my grandmother was watching over me at that time. This was the greatest miracle to happen to me. Having my trust in Jesus and not giving up gave me this job. I will forever be thankful to my Jesus for this favor that he has granted me. Thank you Jesus thank you and St. Joseph.

  13. Dear St Joseph please let me and my husband have a very safe happy holy healthy holiday when we go away this weekend. Guide and protect me and all our family today and everyday. Answer all our prayers. Thank you.

  14. St Joseph please let our daughter and her family sell their house for a very good price and make the correct decision where they would like to move.

  15. St Joseph please let our daughter and her family sell their house for a very good price and make the correct decision where they would like to move.

  16. St Joseph please let our daughter and her family sell their house for a very good price and make the correct decision where they would like to move to. Pray that me and my husband have a very safe happy healthy successful holiday when we go away this weekend. Guide and protect us today and everyday. Thank you x.

  17. Dear St Joesph,

    Thank you for answering my prayer. My son was out of work. We were so worried that time was getting close to school starting and he wouldn’t find a teaching job. Through you our prayers have been answered. Thank you!

  18. Am so grateful for the great things that have been happening ever since i started praying these novenas(St Ann, St Teresa,St Joseph,Holy spirit).
    Last year after trusting God, i didn’t even go out looking for a committed boyfriend whom i can marry and start a family with, God positioned just the right person in my path just to the connection between me and him, and i prays for our relationship each and every day.
    Then i prayed for a better paying job, it has been 9 months since i prayed and am still in the same company and same position and same salary but more grateful i didn’t get another job since later i prayed i wanted a business i may succeed on but i didn’t have any experience or any business ideas, so i prayed for it.
    then i prayed God may position the right person the right time to guide me through the business, to my surprise it happened the person who was to connect me to the person to guide me on business is my colleague, so Gods plan is always the best, now i understand why i never found another job, He knew am destined to being in business and to be an employer as well that’s why even after 9 months i have never found a better paying job.
    Many are other urgent petitions that have always been answered on daily basis i can go on and on mentioning them,
    am so grateful for they always intervenes for my petitions, and i urge everyone never to loose Faith and trust unto our heavenly father,His son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit for Gods timing is always the best.
    My petition now is for my business to succeed, beyond my imagination, my Visa to be approved as soon as i apply for it, and for my boyfriend to accept we start family immediately, am so much wanting to have my own kids as soon as possible.
    ****if i have faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, nothing will be impossible unto me.

  19. Dear St Joseph,
    Please pray that my son uses his wisdom, tolerance and maturity to deal with one of his superiors who is rude to him. Thank you!

  20. St Joseph Novenas have always done miracles for me, in my work place,in my relationship and in my life as a whole.
    Many are the times i feels like giving up on everything but when i do pray it, Miracles comes flowing, inner peace is what it has always given me knowing that whatever wont happen according to what i want then it is not Gods will and it also showed me how to let Gods will be.

  21. I have been praying the novenas for over a year now and it seems my prayers are not been answered. But God finally came through for me in my job as i came tops in this month’s appraisal to the shock of everybody in my office. I now have more faith that the answer to my other prayers are on the way. Praise Jesus!

  22. Dear St Joseph,
    My son started work on June 1, thanks to you. Please encourage him, so he will have a good start on his career.
    As for my daughter, she is still waiting for the bank’s loan for her to buy Alex’s C’s part of the house to complete the separation. Please pray for her! Thank you and Amen!

  23. It looks like I hav a part time job to help us with our finances. I have enjoyed praying this novena. Thank you St Joseph. Amen.

  24. Dearest St. Joseph-

    You are a loving patron and advocate. Thank you for interceding on behalf of my dear friend who is desperately hoping and praying to obtain a new job. Thanks be to God that he was selected for an interview and then was selected as a finalist! I did a reference phone call for him and I now FERVENTLY ask God’s protection on my friend and ask our gracious Lord to please allow this employer to offer my friend this job. I ask this is Jesus’ name, and I ask for his blessing and help for all those who have written their requests here, and for all requests that are known only to our Lord. Amen.

  25. Dear St Joseph,
    My son didn’t feel like going to the graduation ceremony on May 20 because he felt ashamed that everybody has got a job and not him. But on May 18, he was offered a temporary job for 6 months with a high possibility of becoming permanent and that he had to reply on the 19 and report to work on the 21! Thank you, St Joseph! You answered my prayer in May, the month of your chaste spouse and the month of workers! God is great!

  26. Dear St Joseph,
    I am still waiting to hear the good news on my son’s job hunt. I am also waiting for my daughter to be sole owner of the house. Please pray for Alex C to be cooperative.
    Thank you!

  27. My 8th grade son has struggled his entire academic life with school. He is now moving to high school and we have been trying to find the right place for him to grow. We placed all our trust in God and told Him that we will listen and follow. We applied to a private school that was well beyond our budget, but their active/engaged learning and support systems for students was amazing. So we gave it a shot. We applied, he was interviewed, and then we applied for aide. I began saying this novena on the day it started and on the 9th day we received a letter in the mail that granted us a large sum of tuition assistance! Among all the other signs that pointed us to this school, this was the most obvious! What a complete blessing and testament to the power of prayer and the power of placing all trust in the Lord. God bless you all!

  28. St. Joseph… Please pray for us that my visa to be grant this year we are waiting almost 3 years now.. I was refused, because of my disability. I am wishing that my husband and I start a new life in Australia, almost 3 years since the last time I saw him and been together… Please pray for us… Thank you so much St Joseph… In the name of Jesus Christ.. Amen…..

  29. Dear St Joseph,
    I am still waiting for the good news on my son’s job hunt.
    However, my daughter has obtained the loan necessary for her to buy the 44% of the house from the man who abused her physically, mentally and financially, making her the sole owner. Please pray that this man will repent et be coperative for the rest of the paper work.
    Thank you!

  30. I was praying for a job as I have asked St Joseph to be patron saint of my marriage and my seeking employment. Have been unemployed for a yr. I was called for the interview immediately after this novena and now am starting my new exciting job in May. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession and thank you the Holy Trinity.

  31. My special intention during this novena was to eventually get an offer for my graduate studies after a number of unsuccessful applications. This prayer was answered just two days after Joseph’s feast day. I got not one but two offers. Thank God for His mercy and favour and Thank you Saint Joseph for your powerful intercession. I wish that many more will make devotion to Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary, a very powerful saint indeed.

  32. Dear Lord, I pray for exam success for my son in law whose final examination starts soon. Grant him divine Mercy dear Lord. May you put smiles on our faces Amen.

  33. Thank you Jesus. I am already having answers to my prayers – my son and his business partner are being invited to an investor business sponsorship interview. I trust that by Divine Mercy they would be selected as being successful. May Spirit Divine attend Our Prayers Amen. I also praise and thank God for other people’s prayers being answered. This gives me a lot if joy and assurance in the living God.

  34. Dear Saint Joseph,
    My son François’s interview will be postponed and he will have another interview next week. Please pray for him so he can make a good choice.

  35. I give thanks from my heart to Saint Joseph for alerting me to all 3 double-wide bookcases needed in my Church’s library. I could not find any affordable ones before my Novena. I received one double-wide as a donation. I received 3 double-wide for only $120. The 3rd one (a bonus!) will be used in the library media/library office! Thank-you Saint Joseph for your help!!

  36. My son is going through difficulty in finding a job. Please pray or the Divine mercy to open more avenues of job opportunities for her. Also pray for the gift of children for my daughter.

  37. Dear St Joseph,
    My son François is having a final interview next Wednesday, April 19. Please pray for him and May the Lord’s will be done.

  38. My relocation with my son has been very smooth and everything a lot smoother and quicker than we expected. I can work now. Thank you St Joseph

  39. Our son’s dog hasd been missing for nearly a month and after offering a reward and notices in magazines etc we nearly gave up but after praying to St.Joseph it was found. Tks be to God and St.Joseph

  40. We asked St. Joseph to assist us in the sale of our home. On March 21st we received an offer and are presently awaiting a signed contract. Thank you St. Joseph!

  41. I always feel sorry for my son who grew up without a male model, his father, a talented artist, being mentally sick. After finishing the novena to St Joseph, I got the good news on March 30 that my son had stopped smoking for a week and will graduate. And while looking for advice on job search for my son, I suddenly thought of a very good family man I met in Church. On April 3, he talked to my son for an hour, as a father figure and a former CEO…..I feel St Joseph has talked to my son through this holy man. My son has an interview today. Lord Jesus, I have trust in you!

  42. I am 6weeks pregnant now. We feel so blessed! Thank you God for this precious gift of life. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession.
    And for today, I will be scheduled for TVS and I pray for good results..

  43. I am so excited. thank you dearest St Joseph. My husband has been having a difficult time since late last year after he was denied a renewal of his visa in the US. He couldn’t go back to take care of the business he left there. He became frustrated and almost got depressed. I kept encouraging him. I introduced him to the St Joseph Novena and we prayed with Faith and particularly to be granted a Visa. He applied again on Tuesday and he was obliged. Thank you Jesus. We know this is just the beginning of greater things in our family and we are so grateful. God has wiped our tears.

    • Thanks for sharing this, i feel at peace already mostly since i want to start applying for my US visa next month. now i know for sure without any doubt that i will get mine too. if i believe and have faith, i will get it.

  44. God has been faithful in my life and family through this novena prayer. I passed my practical driving test last week Wednesday which I couldn’t pass for the past 4 years. I’m really grateful to God.

  45. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD !!!!! YES,my prayers were answered, finally i can graduate this april all thanks to the prayers that this website has introduced to me. Thank you Lord, for when i was about to lose hope, you never gave up on me.

    • My life turn around 100 %

      I can succeed and win in life

      I’m fixed and repaired and restored 100 %

      Life brung back into me, 100 %

      My life restored back to normal, 100 %

      My health restored 100%, healed 100 %

      My teeth are white and straight and healthy 100%

      I’m healed mind, body, soul and spirit 100 %

      I can ask my subconscious mind a question just before going to bed and it reveal the answer to me, in due time

  46. I said the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, novena in March when it was sent to me. I didn’t have a specific intention in mind at that time, but on Monday, April 3rd, my dogs popped the gate on our fence and had been gone for several hours before we got home and discovered them missing. A Facebook alert was set up and multiple friends notified and we searched for hours until dark. The next morning on a tip, we did find one of the dogs. Unfortunately, he’d been hit by a car and was dead, but the other was still missing. We checked out numerous sitings for the next 2 days. Flyers were passed out within a 3 mile radius and multiple sitings were called in. Either, she had already left or it was simply a similar dog, but not our Jazzy. On the 3rd morning that she was missing, I decided to restart the St Joseph novena. Afterall, he is the patron saint of families, and Jazzy is part of our family. Within 2 hours of starting the novena, my husband got a call and checked it out, and sure enough, it was a positive siting and we were able to recover her. She was dehydrated, hungry and a little worse for wear, but safe. The vet expects her to make a full recovery. Many thanks to St. Joseph for his intercession! NEVER stop believing in the power of prayer!

  47. It has been a very difficult season in my life and I needed to find a new job upon the end of my leave from my current job. My dear friend recommended we pray the St. Joseph novena together for that intention, even though we live far apart. I prayed it with my Grandmother on my end each day, as my friend prayed too. I had my second interview with an organization I knew would be a good fit on St. Patrick’s Day, during the novena. On the Feast of St. Joseph, several days later, I received a positive email from the organization and was cautiously optimistic about the outcome. This last Wednesday, April 5th, I was offered the job! Thanks be to God, St. Joseph, my friend, my grandmother – and to you all!

  48. I have been believing God for a good job and on the 6th day of my novena to st Joseph i was called for an interview and now i have being offered the job. I can’t thank st Joseph enough for his prayer on my behalf.