Novena for the Conclave

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Conclave NovenaWith the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, we will be doing a novena for the conclave.

There has been great interest in this novena, however there are no details on when the conclave will take place. We are waiting on word from the Vatican.

So, I decided to put this page up so that you have a place to sign up for the novena while we wait.

You can join us in prayer here.

May God guide the Church in this important time!

We will pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit accompanied by the following prayer:


Heavenly Father, we pray in union with the whole Church for the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Cardinals. May the Princes of the Church listen attentively to Your Spirit during the conclave.

Almighty God, we pray that the conclave brings us a Pope who pleases You by guiding Your Church to grow in faithfulness to You. We pray together with the intercession of our Mother Mary and all the Saints. Please Lord, protect and guide your Church during this time of transition.


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  1. I pray that Pope Francis will call to task all the Catholic politicians and people who hold public office who abuse the Eucharist and, by their actions which are not pro-life and pro-family, lead others down the wrong path.

  2. We deserve eternal damnation for lapsing in our obedience to You, Almighty Father. We have not bothered to b fully attentive to the See of Peter for many generations. Now, we come to you in deep sorrow, on bended knee, we come to you, pleading to be set free from the bondage of sin. Please be merciful. We will follow your servant, the Pope of Rome, regardless of his enforcement of the Law. If tough love keeps us from turning away from you, then I will take a double dose. Discipline me so that I am worthy to be your child.

  3. Come Holy Spirit,
    Fill the hearts of all the Faithful and breathe on them the Fire of Thy Love.
    Inspire abundant virtues of truth, hope and charity into those souls who will elect the Bishop of Rome, the new Pontiff. Let not the evil one intervene in anyway and may God’s Holy Will be accomplished. We ask this through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with her Son, Jesus Christ: Our Lord, Our Brother, Our Savior and Redeemer.