St. Jude Election Novena

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St Jude NovenaBelow is the Election Novena to St. Jude, but for the next election we will be praying this new Election Novena featuring more saints. Click here for the new Election Novena.

Many faithful people look at politics and the election process and they think to themselves, “What’s the point?! It’s a lost cause.”

I know I’ve felt this way before! But, at the same time, our faith calls us to prayer and action in the public square. So, who better to intercede on behalf of the election than St. Jude: Patron of Lost Causes!

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You can certainly pray for your personal intentions as well during this powerful novena.

We will be praying our regular St. Jude Novena with some small changes and with the addition of the following election prayer:

Election Prayer

O St. Jude, please bring these election prayers to the throne of God:

I ask for the eyes to see others as sons and daughters of God. I ask for help in forming my conscience according to the Gospel so that I may both vote and act for the common good.

Give me the courage to stand up for the weakest members of society. The poor, the weak, the unborn. Give me the courage to re-examine my political loyalties and to be first a faithful follower of Jesus before I follow.

Remind me that my only true hope is in Jesus and that political power can never replace the the will of God and the mission of the Church.

For my own vote, help me to cast it in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Help me to do it reverently and with a well formed conscience.

For these elections, Oh God, please bless us with the best leaders possible at all levels of government.

My vote is a small but important part of my Christian life. Help me to both vote and live by the Gospel putting my trust in Jesus alone.

St. Jude, Pray for us!

Catholic Election Resources

I put together some election resources for Faithful people looking to educate themselves.

The US Catholic Bishops put out this guide to Faithful Citizenship. Click here.

The US Bishops’ Bulletin insert for Faithful Citizenship. Click here. Prayer Video issues link. Here.

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  1. Dear St Jude ..Please pray for east malaysia(borneo) from being discrimination by west malaysia .we (borneo)already being liar for 50 years .the government already sold our land to the biggest company ..may god help us for the next election.

  2. Dear St. Jude & St. Blasé, my adult nephew who is an alcoholic has been staying with me awaiting openings in an inpatient rehab. Last night he was eating ribs and couldn’t swallow, he was choking on his food and trying to clear his throat from 9:30-11:00, he was in the bathroom trying to get something that seems to be caught in his throat. He is still trying this morning at 7:15. I have a similar problem, since I have a narrow trachea and have to eat slow and chew very well. He was told he also had a small opening n his threat. I pray it gets better, otherwise I’ll have to take him to an urgent care. He’s still can’t swallow but is breathing okay.

  3. Pray for me, for I am a spiteful, miserable example of a mother,wife,sibling,and child. I know not how to overcome my bitter abhorrent nature-pray for me to find a sliver of hope.

  4. St. Jude Im in a financial problem that need to be handled and have no one to assist my dear family but I. My income is too low to help me clear all that is required with my family, please pray for me clear all debts and problems that I’m facing now. I trust and believe you will do that for us in Jesus Mighty name I pray Amen

  5. Oh Holy St. Jude, thank you for answering my prayers one year ago, last Novemeber. Now the same issue is at hand and I ask your kind interecession with God as I pray your Novena. Thank you for all the gifts i have already received; but this one issue that occurs this Wednesday will determine my job security and livelihood, and my abilty to support my daughter. Please ask God to look with favor and mercy on me to grant the favorable outcome of my prayer. I will bless your name and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary from this day forward. Amen.

  6. I pray for a financial miracle for my family. Please bring healing in my son’s marriage. For my daughter I ask that she met and fall in love with a man who loves God above all things and would be a good father to my grandson. Please send the Holy Spirit to lead my family back to the Catholic faith , the faith they were born and raised in. I I pray that you will bring my nephew Matthew home safe and sound from Afghanistan where he is saving in the Army. I pray for healing for my cousin Martin ,who has been hospitalized with flesh eating bacteria. I ask for relief of my back pain , if it be your will.I ask that you will increase my love for you each and every day, so that one day I may enternal into heaven to spend eternity with you!