St. Jude Election Novena

St Jude NovenaMany faithful people look at politics and the election process and they think to themselves, “What’s the point?! It’s a lost cause.”

I know I’ve felt this way before! But, at the same time, our faith calls us to prayer and action in the public square. So, who better to intercede on behalf of the election than St. Jude: Patron of Lost Causes!

Please join me in praying this special Election Novena to St. Jude. Sign up here to get the prayers delivered to your email inbox.

You can certainly pray for your personal intentions as well during this powerful novena.

We will be praying our regular St. Jude Novena with some small changes and with the addition of the following election prayer:

Election Prayer

O St. Jude, please bring these election prayers to the throne of God:

I ask for the eyes to see others as sons and daughters of God. I ask for help in forming my conscience according to the Gospel so that I may both vote and act for the common good.

Give me the courage to stand up for the weakest members of society. The poor, the weak, the unborn. Give me the courage to re-examine my political loyalties and to be first a faithful follower of Jesus before I follow.

Remind me that my only true hope is in Jesus and that political power can never replace the the will of God and the mission of the Church.

For my own vote, help me to cast it in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Help me to do it reverently and with a well formed conscience.

For these elections, Oh God, please bless us with the best leaders possible at all levels of government.

My vote is a small but important part of my Christian life. Help me to both vote and live by the Gospel putting my trust in Jesus alone.

St. Jude, Pray for us!

Catholic Election Resources

I put together some election resources for Faithful people looking to educate themselves.

The US Catholic Bishops put out this guide to Faithful Citizenship. Click here.

The US Bishops’ Bulletin insert for Faithful Citizenship. Click here. Prayer Video issues link. Here.


  1. Prayers for my son’s successful job search and academic success. Also, prayers of thanksgiving and traveling mercies for my extended family and loved ones. Thank You!


  3. Im praying for clarity with my vocation. Either dating or religious life. My heart desires to be in a relationship yet it seems impossible since I have never dated anyone. Praying that St Jude can make the impossible possible by either helping revealing God’s plan for my life or helping me find someone to date by the end of the year!

  4. I pray for the safety of everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Sandy. I also pray that Pro-life wins in this election and if it be your will, Jesus, that Mitt Romney is inaugurated as President of the U.S. in January 2013.

  5. I pray that I may find the wife God has chosen for me which I’ve wanted for so long it hurts. I pray that if its not his will for me that I may find peace and be able to move on with my life. My prayers are also for the U.S. that they may vote for the president who will most obey the Lord our God.

  6. I pray and would like prayers for a good Catholic spouse and that Jesus may make me suitable for my future spouse and make my future spouse suitable for me. i would like prayers to St. Jude that he prays to Jesus for me. Amen and thanks.

  7. St Jude Thank you for praying for us!
    I pray that Mitt Romney can be our next president if it is the Lord’s will. Please have mercy on our beloved country Lord. Please spare us of another 4 years with Obama.
    For all of the people in the path of hurricane Sandy. May all the people cry out to you O,Lord! Blessed Mother please pray for our country that Jesus can reign here!!

  8. My prayer is for a fast and complete healing of my daugther’s food allergies. I pray for my marriage, for my husband and his job, our finances and my vocation as a mother.


  9. For my daughter, who traveled far away -for safety tip and time in China.
    For all people who traveled around the world for their safety,a specially in this unpredictable weather.
    St Jude, patron of difficult cases help us to sale our house soon , if this is God’s will!!

  10. Thank you St.Jude for prayers that have been answered. I come to you with a humbled heart to ask that my brother receive a job offer that will allow him to taking care of his financial responsibilities. I also ask that my financial burden be lift and that that I have a fair and just outcome with my divorce proceeding. Please keep my friends and family family safe from the storm and lead me to success at my job Amen..

  11. I pray for good health for my family, for my children’s education,financial problems, world peace, the east coast storm, all my loved ones that passed away and for the upcoming election. May everyone’s prayers be heard.

  12. I pray for good health for my self and my family as well as for the success of a new business I will be opening.Please guide great people to work with us.
    Let the election of Mitt Roomey help bring this country back to its greatness.

  13. St. Jude, please pray for the souls of my family, may they convert to the catholic church and one day that we say the holy rosary together as a family. Pray for Laurie, let her be healed from the cancer. Pray for my brother Norman, my mom and dad, may their souls rest in peace and be saved. Pray for Mike, Jody, Joe and Sam rest in peace and their souls be saved. Pray for Jess, that her eyes are opened and the unclean spirits leave her. Pray for Mom and Pop that they are healthy and that they find Jesus and their souls also be saved. Pray that Noah’s eyes heal and that he can get off all medications. Pray for Jenny, that her surgery is successful. Pray for Luke, that he finds his way back to the church. Pray for Kelly and her family, that their faith is renewed. Pray that Ray is safe when he drives and that Mariah is safe during this storm. Pray that my house gets through this storm untouched and that power stays on. Pray for the men and women that are running for this election, may the ones that will do God’s will be elected. And may all the amendments and laws that are chosen do God’s will. Pray that I make the right decisions when I vote. Pray for Larry and his family. Pray for Rosanne and her family. Pray for Margaret, Mike, Charles and their families. Pray for the Pope, all priests, and women that have given their lives to Jesus. Pray that everyone prays and that evil is destroyed. Pray that I may be an instrument of God. Amen

  14. St. Jude,

    Please, please, please ask Jesus to bless me with His Divine Mercy and allow me to regain my health. All this shakiness, tremors, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and hormone imbalances prevent me from living out the life He gave me. I just want to be healthy so I can serve Him out in the world, not from a place of sickness and suffering. I have suffered from this for 5 years now and I need help fast. It is so hard to work and study this way. Help me to find the right doctor(s) without going into dept, or bless the doctors I do have with the wisdom needed to decide on the right remedy. St. Jude, at times it seems impossible. Help me to not lose hope. Ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to work through the dietician I will be speaking to tomorrow to give me the right advise. Pray that I may find consistent rest. Thank you for your tireless intercession St. Jude. We are blessed by your love. Love, Carmelita

    • Carmelita,

      I am sorry to hear of your health problems! I know that it is difficult to suffer so much. The Lord will heal you at the time when it is best for you and the salvation of the world!

      Email me, my mom and I might be able to help you. You are in my prayers!

      St. Jude, pray for us!

  15. Please pray that I pass my exams for certification to get a high paying job with great benefits Nov 3. and 5. Bless my family and that my children will keep their jobs and are recognized as valuable employees. In Jesus Name. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and thank you St. Jude for interceding for me and family.Amen

  16. I would firstly like to thank God for allowing me to find a job in my time of need. I ask that he help me to catch on to my work quickly and do a good job so that I may transfer to a higher department and put my bachelors degree to use and gain knowledge in the field of public relations. It’s hard for me to find a job in that field. Amen.

  17. Thank the Lord for all the consultancy opportunities that have come my way, and ask St. Jude’s intercession that I may complete them in a timely manner and excellently.

    I pray for some investment plans that I have, for blessings so as to be profitable.

    I pray for health for me and my family, my mother and all my other loved ones.

  18. Prayers for Joan Schneider. She is recieving chemo currently at Saint Jude’s in Memphis and has surgery scheduled to remove her femur. Please pray the God’s will be done and for swift healing for her and her entire family.

  19. I am praying for this election. I am also continuing to pray for a son’s continued sobriety and that he may find meaningful work and be able to support himself which will help him in so many ways.


  21. Please pray that my husband passes his license test tomorrow so that he will no longer be one of the first people to get laid off from his place of employment.

    Please pray for many of our young people who seem to find fascination with Satan. Enlighten them so they may see that this is not the path they want to go down and that Jesus is the one to follow.

  22. Please pray for my husband, for his mind to be completely healed and for our marriage and family to be healed and restored in Jesus’ name.

  23. Please pray for my husband, for his conversion, and for our marriage and family
    to be restored in the precious name of Jesus.

  24. Please help my meeting today to go in our favor. Please help my creative vision to be your will. Help me to tie up all the loose strings in my life right now. I thank you for all the artistic recognition that I have currently received. Please help me to be financially independent and to continue to do your work. Please don’t let them hurt me tomorrow. Please open my heart so that I can hear your words. Amen.

  25. St. Jude, I pray for all of those that are affected by Hurricane Sandy, that the souls of those who have departed are welcomed into Heaven, and for their families to maintain their faith in the Lord. For all those who have lost everything, that they may have an easy road to recovery. I pray that my husband closes this upcoming deal so that I may help others in need who are less fortunate. St. Jude, please help voters to chose the right candidate for president and help to get the US back on track to a prosperous future. St. Jude, pray for us. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Thank you Jesus for all you have given us, and let us be eternally grateful for all of our blessings.


  26. Please pray for women of domestic abuse, both physical and emotional. Especially my sister who is seeking happiness and safety. May these women pray about every choice they face, may they see clearly what is happening to them, and by the grace of God may they find a safe way out. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  27. I pray for the intercession of St. Jude and all of you to ask God to reveal to my mother the path that she must take regarding the failing business and business partner that she inherited from my father. And, that both she and her partner find peace.

    That my son earn admission to the Electrician’s Apprenticeship Program which he has applied for.

    For our nation, that we may elect an administration that will bring us back to “one nation under God.”


  28. I pray for St. Jude’s intercession for the healing of a friend with cancer,
    and that our nation may turn back from wickedness and the culture of death, embracing obedience and love of God.

  29. I worked for our church for 20 years and have lost my job and my health insurance. I take 9 pills daily. I pray for St. Jude’s intercession in helping me find a job and insurance.I pray this through Jesus’ name. Thank you God and St. Jude.

  30. Through the intercession of St. Jude, that I may get formal contracts for the consultancies am currently doing, and prompt payment as per the contract.

  31. Dear St. Jude, thank you for being a faithful servant of our God. Please hear and ask for prayers to be answered.

    For my renter to finally be able to pay us rent from this past year… we have depleted our savings to help her and we need help now to provide for our own family.

    That my personal sufferings be alleviated soon and my extended family will find Christ and return to Him.

    For all those who are alone and those who have turned from you. Show them your way.

  32. All those of you who have been praying for Mitt Romney to win the election, please reply to this saying ‘yes’ or something like that. If you have been praying for Obama to win the election – which I hope you aren’t – reply saying ‘no.’

  33. Loving Father, I pray that you open my eyes and heart to feel your presence in my life. Help me to be released from the anxiety and emotional pain I battle with. Help me to live a life of joy and peace. And if it is your will for me to marry, bring this wonderful man into my life. If it is not your will, let this desire pass and my focus fall on other elements of my life’s journey. All these things I pray in your mother’s name.

  34. Please St. Jude…please help me find a good job so I can provide for my family!! My electric is due to be shut off. My rent is late. It is very hard paying the bills. Please help me soon!!!

  35. Praying for the defeat of Same-Sex marriage initiatives in my state, Maine, and the three other states where this is on the ballet. Also, for the defeat of the Physicians Assisted Suicide effort in Massachusetts, and for the succesful election of people at all levels who will defend Religious Liberty at all levels of government and end the Health and Human Services mandate forcing religious individuals and groups to pay for Contraception, steralization and abortion services against their consciences.



  37. please help me pray fot my sister Teklah Madyiwa she lost her husband in may this year and things are going upside down for,may she have courage and strength to solidier on with prsyers she has just lost the only source of income her husbund had left fo her and the childre which is a public transport kombi to a fattal accident,she has rentals to pay fees to pay,bils to pay,food fothe twoo kids to eat the list is endless but one thing i know is that with god all things arepossible.i trust in jesus ‘will for her life


  38. Please Lord,
    Help my hearing to be in my favor today. Please give me a sign that the work that I am doing is your will. Please let me know that if I am wasting my time in this field, and if I can truly become financially independent from it. Guide me where I must put my attentions. I feel that I am doing your will, but I feel like a failure at the same time. Please let me know that it is what you want from me- and that I am not being the fool for thinking otherwise. Please remove my guilt and sense of failure from my soul. Amen.

  39. For all the intentions listed above;
    For the elections and the conversion of our Nation;
    For the healing, conv and salvation of my Uncle T. and
    For the grace to conceive a baby and have a healthy baby and successfull pregnancy.

  40. Hi St. Jude I wold like to thank you for all the Graces that you have brought into each and every person. I would like to pray for each member of my family , that their personal intentions may be answered . I also pray for peace in my country especially at this time as we come nearer to our elections, that we may choose our leaders wisely and there may be no blood shed ever again. We pray for all the children of the world that they may grow to know and follow God and be believers. Lord I would like to pray for prosperity in my family that as we plan to start a business that we may get funds to do so and that the business may do well. I would also like to pray for my fiancee who has been unemployed for so long that he may get a well paying job and that he may stop drinking the way he has been doing and smoking as well and that we may be able to grow old together as we bring up our children with love and peace . That we may get money to support our family and also provide for them and as we start the business intended that it may flourish. Thank you once more for everything and not forgetting my Mum that she may be able to finish her construction and have many more so that her life can become better Lord. Amen!

  41. St. Jude, Patron of difficult cases please help us to sale our house soon, if this is God’s will!! I pray this through Jesus’ name.

  42. Oh holy saint Jude,
    Patron of hopeless cases, i plea to you to pray for my internship that i may learn alot, give my very best and successfully complete my task . I know it is God’s will that i got that position, and i believe that God also wants me to get into it and and give my vers best.

    In Jesus name i pray

  43. St. Jude, thank you for praying for me and my family and for the prayers that have been answered. With a humble heart I pray once again for my daughters education, their health and spiritual wisdom. I also ask that our financial burden be lifted and my husband to be blessed with a good job offer restoring all that we have lost at the midnight hour in the name of Jesus. also praying for his slip disc and sinus which is bothering him for a long time . Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus. St. Jude pray for us. Amen!!

  44. Dear St. Jude,

    Thank you for listening to my prayers, please continue to pray for all those affected by the Hurricane Sandy.
    Please pray for my mother who is undergoing chemo treatment.
    Please pray that our children that they keep faith in their lives.
    Please pray for all with financial problems.
    I will continue to pray with you.
    God Bless.

  45. I pray for a financial miracle for my family. Please bring healing in my son’s marriage. For my daughter I ask that she met and fall in love with a man who loves God above all things and would be a good father to my grandson. Please send the Holy Spirit to lead my family back to the Catholic faith , the faith they were born and raised in. I I pray that you will bring my nephew Matthew home safe and sound from Afghanistan where he is saving in the Army. I pray for healing for my cousin Martin ,who has been hospitalized with flesh eating bacteria. I ask for relief of my back pain , if it be your will.I ask that you will increase my love for you each and every day, so that one day I may enternal into heaven to spend eternity with you!

  46. Oh Holy St. Jude, thank you for answering my prayers one year ago, last Novemeber. Now the same issue is at hand and I ask your kind interecession with God as I pray your Novena. Thank you for all the gifts i have already received; but this one issue that occurs this Wednesday will determine my job security and livelihood, and my abilty to support my daughter. Please ask God to look with favor and mercy on me to grant the favorable outcome of my prayer. I will bless your name and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary from this day forward. Amen.

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