Day 1 – St. Anne Novena 2017

Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please lift up my husband in prayers for new doors of opportunity to open.
    He needs a job. God knows what’s needed and the plan ahead.

  2. Please pray for my daughter, and grand children to keep their home, and an easy transition with the divorce!!! Thank you St Anne. Please help and keep safe my son and his business, that he is successful and happy.thank you St Anne. Please help me and get my finances better help my heart to get stronger. Thank you StAnne

  3. I am struggling with being ashamed to admit my faults and how much wrong and hurt I have caused other I want to overcome my addiction that I am battling with daily to get and have let my faith run dry and my worldly things take over. I need prayers for my fiancé and I to be one together in this relationship and not against each other. And pleas pray that he will see thing from my point of view and feelings and also me Knowi how I love him the right way.

  4. ST ANNE and ST JOACHIM, please bless me with good health of mind body and spirit. Bless me with being able to walk briskly and comfortably always especially during my pilgrimage to Fatima Portugal and Spain in September 2017. Bless me with having a roomate with whom I can get along well. Bless me with having a safe, secure, peacefull,smooth, spiritually enriching, relaxing and enjoyable pilgrimage and journey right from the time I leave my home for the pilgrim journey and my journey back home. Bless me always having complete control of my monies, cash, properties, documents, valuables, my handbags, handcarries,luggages and the contents in them at all times. Bless me with having ample cash in hand with me at all times for my needs, and other expences like for donations to the church, mass offerings, shopping and for services provided. ST ANNE AND ST JOACHIM please answer my petition. Amen

  5. Please, keep DEJAN J. and me in continued prayers for:

    Improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; STRENGTHENING OF OUR LOVE;
    For GOD’S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon.

    Thank you for all your prayers
    Wish you all the blessings
    Katarina from Belgrade

  6. Please pray for Rosemarie–who has several tumors and has just had surgery and is waiting for the results of a biopsy.

    Please pray that a homeless and pregnant young woman, M. will not get an abortion and will receive the help she needs.

    • Hold on M; this is your greatest blessing. This did not just happen it is by design. Will pray for you and your most precious gift

  7. Please pray for my personal intention, give me the courage to bear the
    situation where I am now. Please pray for me! Thanks

  8. For the manifestation of my physical healing, in thanksgiving for my spiritual& emotional healing and for a (spiritual/charismatic, intelligent, kind, liberal/open & handsome) Roman Catholic husband.

    Thank you!

  9. Good Saint Anne, I pray for my country the USA, that we will all put Jesus first in our life’s! May Gods will be done. I love you Jesus!! Thank you for the very special gift of your Blessed Mother and her very special parents! May I use them as a role model in parenting and grand parenting.

  10. Dear St. Anne, please hear our prayers. Help us to stay in constant prayer, live in hope and to always trust in Jesus…

  11. For the gift of knowledge and discernment. For wisdom in choosing a job, to do Gods will and that he provide for my family’s and my self needs, wants, and to serve the poor, and for a spouse.
    As a single mother for the last 21 years, I hope that Gods has a spouse for me, and I pray for discernment of vocation for myself and my grown children.
    In jesus name.

  12. My Dearest St. Anne:

    I come to you first in gratitude for the many blessings in my life. I pray that you continue to bless me, my family, our homes, our relationships and our finances.

    I also come to you and ask that you bless me with a Christian man/husband that puts God and family first.

    Hear my prayers and all those petitioning here.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  13. St Anne please pray for my family and friends, also that I may find a wonderful loving Christian man. In Jesus name, amen.

  14. Dear St. Anne,
    Please pray for my family, especially for my beloved brother in heaven and for my weary and burdened dad. Please also pray that I may find a loving and faithful Catholic man. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  15. Dear St.Anne I ask for pray for husband-to-be that you can remove the catheter from him and healed his body and help him to gained some weight and help him with his depression this is my prayer request in Jesus name amen

  16. Blessed St. Anne,
    I pray that my parents , Danny’s parents
    Selina, Dewayne , Elijah, Ethan and Liam heal
    From their sickness and all those who are sick.

  17. Praying for me and my future spouse dj, for favor and for abundance and for victory. For mercy. St. Anne, pray for me and DJ as we make our way to the altar. That we will be blessed with the support and the graces flowing. Bless our parents and bless our future children. For my DJ, that he given a new name and for his level to be reduced or even better yet, wiped completely out. All things are possible with you – St anne, grandmother, hear us and pray for us. Thank you Grandmother. Praying for grandma and Lola. For the soul of my grandpa. May the rest in peace. For all the souls in purgatory. Amen.

  18. Blessed St. Anne,
    My father was dizzy and fell today, breaking his arm and injuring his hand. He is in the hospital and is suffering from a great amount of pain. Please intercede my prayers to God our Father for his healing.
    Dearest St Anne, patron saint of my Confirmation, watch over me and guide me, help me with my severe pain issues. Mother of our most blessed Mother Mary, watch, guide and help me as your did with Mary.
    Saint Anne, you are most blessed as the Confirmation patron saint for my mother, myself and my daughter. Guide us to model our family to your family. Help us all, I pray, to be there with your family, St Anne, St Joachim, Blessed St Mary, St Joseph, and Jesus Christ our Lord.

  19. Dear St. Anna mother of Mary i pray for a second chance that i may get a well paying job to clear my debts, i pray for the licence appeal so that am able to drive and support my family and my sick friend Tina, i pray for peace and i lift up my children to be good God fearing and respectful, i lift up all the prayer intention for everyone reciting this novena Amen

  20. St. Anne,

    Please help my friend Andrea pass the bar exam on your feast day. I also ask prayers for healing in my family, for the right job for my counseling career and for my wonderful future spouse.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  21. St Anne.

    I come to you to pray for healing, hope for a new opportunity in work (one that makes me happy), as well as a partner in life- love, a husband.
    I also pray for all of my friends intentions as we all join in to pray this novena.
    In Jesus name- Amen

  22. I pray for a miracle for Mark, our cousin, that he will be healed from his incurable disease. Jesus and Mary I love ❤️ you, please save souls. Amen

  23. St. Anne, please help my brother to return to the Catholic Church. It was very important to my mother and I want to continue her prayers. Also help my brother find someone special to be in his life. He has alot to offer a fine woman.

  24. For a young mom with 3 children who just found out that her husband has been unfaithful for several years and my daughter in law who is 25. She has cirrhosis of the liver from damage from by in high school. For healing

  25. I pray that I lose what needs lost and find what needs found, that my heart and mind will someday be healed, and that I get a 2nd chance at having the love that once brought out the best in me.

  26. Dear St. Anne,

    Please answer my prayers. I come to you for help in sending me a wonderful, loving, respectful Man who will love me with all his heart as I will love him forever.

    Thank you

  27. Pray that God bless me to pay my home out soon.Pray that God bless me with a car .Pray for financial bless.

  28. I am praying that my husband and I will be able to have a baby soon. We have been trying for a while, and I have had some health issues to resolve before it could happen for us. Now that I’ve had surgery to remove endometriosis, and we are trying for the first time again this month, I hope that we could be blessed with our own little miracle soon. We pray that God will send us the child that our family needs, at the right time according to his perfect plan.

  29. Dear St. Anne,
    I pray for a decent job offer that includes health insurance & will allow time for daily mass, my internship, classes & to continue volunteering. There have been multiple interviews & one offer but none include insurance. The individual replacing me at my current job lost his position due to budget cuts & is needing to start working again to continue his health insurance. I have been pursuing this, hoping & praying for something to work out since last November. I have been going to daily mass as often as possible, adoration, confession, praying the rosary & giving to the church & the poor Clare’s. It has been an incredibly difficult past few years & it would be greatly appreciated if this prayer is answered.

  30. Dear Saint Anne, please help me to not be so insecure, jealous and anxious all the time. I feel very depressed because of it, and it has greatly affected my life. It ruins my relationships with men and with friends, and it keeps me from fully enjoying my life. I always feel unfulfilled, like I’m never truly happy or content. Please help me. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  31. Dear St. Anne, Mother of May. I thank You for your guidance in my 42 years of marriage/motherhood. Please continue to help me and now help my daughter to find her special person to forma holy covenant. Thank You

  32. St. Anne please intercede to God on my behalf for a happy and fruitful married life. For a safe, normal, easy and uncomplicated labor on my delivery day. May i deliver like the Hebrew women, may i and my baby live to see the light of the day. Keep me and my baby safe and in good health, protect us and my husband against the plans of the evil ones. For my husband to join us here in a timely manner. Peace of mind, wisdom, patience, strong prayer life, unending favors, love and open doors and for help whenever we need it. St. Anne as a mother, grant my heart intentions as we celebrate you this month!

  33. Miraculous healing of Tobes sores and boils,also for miraculous healing of hirchsprongs.
    Healing of Dabes eyes and also increase Dabe’s melanin. Turn every strand of hair from his head to feet to ebony black.Heal every trace of albinism.
    Thanks be to God.
    Also give me a maid that will serve me for not less than 10 years.
    Let Ovo call me and apologise to me by morning.Give me A in my appraisal.
    Let joy come in d morning.Promote me to full manager today.

  34. For me to finally meet and forge a lifelong relationship with my spouse soon.
    God please hear and answer me soonest

  35. For my wonderful son on his birthday…please lead him back to Mass. For complete healing of all my health concerns. For strength and motivation to carry out my responsibilities. For physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. For my daughter and family to return to church. For financial future and stability. For conversion and return to fruitful prayer life. For help with getting my life back on track. This is the most stuck I have ever been…please heal me Lord soon.

    Please heal me through the intercession of St. Anne, our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and all my special angels and saints. St. Francis de Sales, St. Bernadette, St. Dominic, St. Therese, St. Faustina, St. Michael, my guardian angel and all the angels and saints. I really need your help now!

  36. I thank you so much for the novenas it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Thank you very much

  37. St. Anne I pray for God’s promise for my children. Grant them good health.
    My daughter is going through a hard time settling in her new school and is almost giving up. I pray that she my find the Grace to accept her new school and have the right attitude to study and excel. Please grant her the wisdom to make good choices.
    My son is studying to be doctor please grant him wisdom and humility to serve those in need without tiring and to put you first in all that he touches.
    I pray for peace and great understanding for the situation I am now facing in the office, and that I may get a new job.
    I pray for God’s Mercy for me and the family.

  38. I ask that my Heavenly Father show, use, and guide me to HIS purpose for my life; and that I may serve HIM all the days of my life.

    I pray for complete financial debt relief and never be in debt again.

    St. Anne I pray for your intercessions to your grandson and my Savior Jesus Christ and to my Heavenly Father Lord God: In God’s divine timing, please send me the God-fearing, honorable, loving, man God has chosen as my soulmate, life partner, and husband till death due us part.

  39. St. Anne!
    I pray and I ask you to help me to find a good job to keep me financially stable.
    I pray for my Parents health and I ask you, please help them to solve all they issues and come back home happy.
    Thank you St. Anne for all my answered prayers.
    I give God all the glory.

  40. St. Anne,

    Please help me to be patient in knowing my vocation, and faithful in carrying out God’s will for me right now in my day to day life. Give me peace wherever the Lord sends me.
    I also ask you to grant all the intentions of everyone here as we pray this novena together.

  41. St. Anne
    I pray for God’s promise in my life and the life of my son’s.
    I am having difficulty with my son’s and pray for peace and understanding with us all. I mostly pray for the commandment of Honoring your Mother & Father. I do not have a former husband who co-parents with our son’s. Please help me with God’s will and understanding to be prevailed to me. My former husband wants to be their friend and not a parent. Two of my 3 sons have left my home, and resorted to living at their dads. It pains me not to have them around, but more importantly it pains me the choices they are making are not always good choices. My former husband keeps putting me down in front of them. The two often disrespect me. I’m trying my best and praying often, Please guide my son’s to the Holy Spirit in work and in their play. In some cases, especially driving, my youngest could hurt someone or himself. I pray for peace and respect.

  42. Dear Saint Anne, I pray for healing for myself. I am in the hospital and will probably be receiving a pacemaker this afternoon. I pray for healing for my husband, that he returns to the arms of Jesus Christ. And for healing of our marriage. I also am praying for all who are joining in this novena, that their prayers are answered. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  43. My aunt has 1-2 weeks to live. For her to have the grace of forgiveness reconciled with both her sons before she dies.

  44. My intentions: for my dear husband – heavy work stress, new employment if it is God’s will and the strength to love me amoungst my illnesses.

  45. Pray that Chandler will be coming home soon and safe who is in the Military so that we can start our life together as husband and wife. This I pray in Jesus name AMEN

  46. For my mother to get better and the strength and grace to see her through it. That I have the patience with other family members to help her through all what she’s going through

  47. St. Anne, I ask you fervently to please help me with my mind, I am forgetting so many important things, I ask also ask for your I tercession that my grandson will make up his mind to go back to school, please St. Anne I ask that you also bring back this lost child that has disappeared from our community, and all those that suffer in one way or another, thank you so very much!

  48. I ask St Anne to intercede for me & all those praying this novena for God’s peace in our everyday lives. I pray for a miraculous healing for my husband who suffers with chronic pain & also for a financial miracle. God knows the desires of my heart. Thankful for all my answered prayers-I give God all the glory-Amen.

  49. St. Anne,
    Please pray and intercede that our good and gracious Father will send me a loving, kind, strong God-loving, God-fearing, Catholic spouse soon and that we be blessed with a chase courtship, a pure love, fun friendship, and happy holy fruitful marriage. I ask for inspiration that Angelo may open his heart to a warm encounter, friendship, or love between us-whatever the Lord wills best. I beg your prayer for Chris that he may be healed, fully healed and grow deeper in relationship with our Lord. Please pray Rob discerns well his vocation. Please pray that I may understand God’s mission for my life & that I not fail Him, but do it and get to it now.

    Thank you St Anne, I love you, and I trust in your prayers.

  50. St Anne: I pray for your intercession to lift my financial burden and allow us to be debt free. Also, pray that I may become closer to Christ each day.

  51. Through the most powerful intercession of our dear St. Anne, please intercede for my following requests: for my father that may his incoming check up will have a good result; for my nephew that he may have ambition to excel in his studies, I hope he will completely change for the better this school year; for my niece that she may pass a lateral exam next year; for my sister that may the Lord will remove the pain she experiencing during her menstruation; for my parents, and uncles , aunt and us, for longer life and good health; for our family as a whole that may the Lord will protect us from dangers and keep us safe from his loving arms and I pray for myself that may the Lord will financially blessed me so that I could help others and my family as well. Amen

  52. St. Anne,

    Please hear my prayers to help me get through my divorce with strength and to be fair during the process. I pray for the man that I am currently married to may he find the light of Christ and peace in his heart. That I may financially get back on my feet. that I can find love and trust again with a strong and kind Catholic man and form a family with him.


  53. I pray intercession for all members of my family who have left the church and benefits of the sacrments.
    I pray for my grandson and all who have yet to be baptized
    For my husband that he may grow in closer relationship with your grandson, Our Lord, Jesus.
    For my cousin Tom and his family as he mourns the death of his wife Jan all while addressing his diagnosis of cancer.
    For my cousin Janice may her soul rest in peace.
    For my mom
    For Camp
    And for myself, that I may be a light to others.
    All this through intercession to your daughter Mary to your grandson Jesus

  54. St. Anne,
    Please pray that I have the strength to keep my promises to our Lord Jesus Christ especially when Satan is trying to convince me otherwise.
    Also please ask Jesus to have mercy on TB, LK, MH, RS, NS & RJW. Please ask Jesus to open their eyes and to take their power away so that they will never hurt anyone ever again. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  55. I pray for the freedom to study and live my “career” vocation, but more so that I may know may meet and know my spouse, living my Vocation. For all who are struggling with their Vocation in any way. For all those who are living in darkness, or with deep despair and struggling, be it financially, socially, relationally, spiritually, physically, or mentally.

  56. Please pray for my husband and his challenges at work. Also for my mother’s husband who is having emergency surgery today.

  57. I pray for all the children who are struggle with their faith. Help them Lord to fund their way back to you.

  58. Dear ST. Ann, I place my financial burden into your hand. Help me with my business and carrier. I also asking favor for my son to obtain a job in his major. Help my daughters to finish their school.

  59. Dearest God, Saint Anne, Jesus, Mary and all the Saints and the heavenly court, I have begged God to send me my soulmate for many years, a good Catholic, tall, wealthy and handsome man. I have waited so long in faith. Please send him to me now in my birthday month July 2017 and on your feast day Saint Anne. As Joseph was chosen for Mary by God and by you I pray that God will send to me the right man for me who will love and cherish me for all the days of my life. I pray that he will chase and find me and that I will not need to look for him. I have been all over the world and I pray that he is where I am now. That he has dual citizenship as I do. That he is Catholic and would love Lourdes as much as I do and will be happy to go there with me. That he will be ready and willing to start a family and get married. I also pray for a blessing on my finances and that you will send me money, hopefully in the form of the lottery win on 10 August. Please choose my ticket as the winning lottery number. I have paid for 7. Please let it be the 7th ticket purchase. I am in desperate need of repaying my debts and to buy a proper home and car. I love you Jesus. Please hear the prayers I said at Lourdes to your mother Mary, heed my cries and anguish. Please help me father. Love and loyalty to you always, km

  60. Dearest Saint Anne, please pray for my son, Roland that he will meet and marry a good Catholic woman, and please help him look for her. Thank you Saint Anne for your prayers. Amen.

  61. St Anne please intercede for me that I get a husband. God please hear my pray for a husband. I am just too lonely I Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Thank you God for acting on my request. St. Anne thank you for interceeding for me.

  62. Dear Saint Ann,
    I pray for my children and grandchildren for they to have great faith and to come back to the church.
    I pray my great granddaughter Charlotte and future great granddaughter Anna will be baptized in the church.
    I pray for strength and courage to be God’s servant living a holy life of faith and love.

  63. Praying for my
    Life partner
    Paying my debits
    Scholarships for my daughter schooling.
    God chosen career for her

  64. I ask for prayer for my family tree. Especially for my sons Andrew & Juan. May they heal, love and have the brotherly love as when they were little. And for all my children and my husband that they all focus and fix their eyes on Jesus. AMEN.

  65. St. Anne mother of our blessed mother of our Lord pray for my wife who has divorced me for 20 years so that may reunite our marriage in Jesus name Amen

  66. Dear St Anne, I pray this novena for your intercession and to have the Lord our God heal my grandson, Isaac, from his Tourette’s syndrome. Thank Father for healing him.

    In your holy name I pray,


  67. Prayers for my children, that they will follow the path of Christ, that they put God first in all they do.

    For my niece who is struggling from addiction to drugs, that she is able to overcome her addiction and can be a good mother to her son.

  68. I ask that you pray for my son Saul, head injury and in hospital. May he be healed from inside out . may God bless him and to enable him to eat. Amen.

  69. Please Saint Anne & Joachim heal me completely and keep me cancer free, send me a money miracle, release the stress and anxiety in my life and show me the Love that you want me to know now, keep me financially stable. Watch over me please and when you call me home at the hour of my death beckon me forth. Send me HOPE, MERCY, LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH AND MONEY.

    Watch over me and keep me safe and free from harms way. Show me a new view fast Lord.
    Guide me Lord. Take care of Jay, Stacy and all those close to me now.

  70. st anne – please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that i am not alone – prayers for my mother – ann – who passed in 2011 – rest in peace with the my father who died so young – diane/nj/usa

  71. Dear St. Anne,
    Please pray for myself and my husband as we face the many challenges of living life with chronic disease. I pray for the restoration of my ability to walk unaided so I can do my part in alleviating some of the burdens and stresses of daily life that my husband bears. I am thankful that despite our challenges, we are happy. I pray that this happiness continues. Thank you for your intercession, St. Anne!

  72. for my father and brother, may their business be friutful
    for my speedy recovery from my surgery
    so that the Mosser’s have an amazing time

  73. Blessed ST Anne,l place ny financial needs into your hands.I place my marriage into your hands,please bless my husband, my children and my finances . Lord please heal my marriage. Lord into your hands I place all my financial needs, ì need money to meet my financial Commitment. Thank you blessed mother.

  74. Dear St. Anne,
    Please help “C” with the financial burden and the struggle and pain of divorce and annulment.
    Please help me stop wasting time and become efficient and organized…..please!
    …and for all the intentions deep in our hearts.

  75. Dear St Anne, I pray for a solution to my daughter’s marriage. Please may she and her husband, overcome their difference and become a happily married couple once again.
    They have three children and 13 years of marriage. I pray to you St Anne that they may be strong enough to overcome their problems with your Blessed help.


  76. Saint Anne my beautiful grandmother , please pray for me and my husband. Please my love bless us with a child of our own. Please grandma open my wound so I could conceive and carry a child to full term . Grandma I know how kind you are yo your grandchildren please my beautiful and wonderful grandmother, please bless my wound, removed those fibroids for me . God chose you so you could help with his help. My gorgeous grandmother , grant me that wish, give me a chance to carry a child once again. I’m in desperate need to have a child my love. You see my tears, you see my pain. Grandmother you are my only hope, please grandma saint Anne. Bless me . Hear me , conceive in me , protect my marriage. Make Marx and I become stronger . I need you grandmother and I love you. Please give me another chance . You are my healer , you are my only hope grandmother. I came to you with all I am. I’m weak. My tears are running down, I need to blessing, I need you help . Please help me my gracious grandmother. Please conceive in me a child, a healthy and normal child . Please my beautiful and wonderful grandma. My heal me , heal my body , heal my soul. Please help me my gorgeous grandma. Help me . I’m down on my knees. I’m need help, I need you. Amen amen amen. Please hear my prayers and grant me those wishes . I love you grandma saint Ann.

  77. Please pray for my family Saint Anne, and for all who are suffering. Thank you John-Paul & Annie for these novenas, they bring such comfort. I pray for the return of my husbands good health and for all those suffering, both physical and mental illness. God bless you all, and peace be with you. Thank you for your prayers.

  78. St. Ann, please pray for my husband’s salvation in Christ and for the restoration of our marriage. He wants a divorce and I do not. We have twin boys who are innocent and delightful. Please keep them from learning about or experiencing the pains and tumours associated with separation and divorce -that our marriage is restored before that ever comes to pass.

    Please also pray for my mom, who is termilly ill, that she may be healed and for our family that we live in comfort in God’s love.

    Lastly, please pray for my heart and soul, that the struggles that I am facing do not harden my heart or damage my soul. That I stand firm before God about restoring my marriage in faith, hope, and love. And that this fight not dim the woman I am, nor make me bitter or angry, but rather a strong warrior child of the Most High.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen

  79. Thank you for courage to ring. Please St Anne mother of our Lady bless all my family with health. Please St Anthony help me find or such another to help me get over loss of ring . In the name of the father.

  80. St Anne
    Please pray for my mother-in-law, and my children’s grandmother.
    That she can find peace in her heart and let go of resentments. And forgive those who hurt her. Amen

  81. St Anne please pray for me and my classmates success in passing this years bar exam 2017 as well as my sisters board exam. Please also pray for the safety of my family.

  82. Please pray for me to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Please lift this burden of infertility. Please help bless our union by the gift of a baby. Thank you Mother Anne. I place my request at your feet confidently in the hope that I will receive my blessing soon.

  83. Dear St. Anne, help us me and Juan (may our friendship grow into a loving relationship with lots of love and communication). In Jesus Name. Amen xx