Day 1 – St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray that I pass my exam on Monday
    I pray for my kids and grandson
    I pray my son get to go to his end of year class trip with his friends whom he will be graduating with
    I pray that my older daughter gets into her college of her choice
    I pray for a successful business trip I have this coming week

  2. St. Joseph, speak to my husband about the covenant of marriage and the importance of raising a family together. Encourage him to seek out the Lord and accept Jesus into his life. Help him see that restoration is the answer and divorce is not.

    Thank you.

  3. Please St. Joseph patron saint of all the husbands and dads. I employ you to touch my husband in a very special way during this period. Make him a man of renew FAITH in YAHWEH to place all what he is doing under the canopy of the almighty. Break any links he has with the under world. Destroy any spirit of distraction that make him move away from what God had willed for him. Any friend or object or responsibility that make him move away from you please destroy it through the use of the guardian angels.
    Thank you for answering my petition through my Lord Jesus your foster son.

  4. Pray for family healing. Spiritual and physical healing for Swede, Peggy, Dave, Marjie, Ken, Jessie, Brittany, Valerie, Sean , Olivia, Ian, Claire, Stephanie. Sale of new home goes smoothly and transition of new home goes well and that God reigns supreme in our home. For our children who are single to find good holy spouses who are God fearing.

  5. Please help discern the men in my life so I can know if they are sutable for a relationship where God is the center. Please pray that I find the husband God has chosen for me.

  6. Please pray for my husband Stanley son husband of Jenny
    To grow in greater devotion and love to the word of God and do always the will of God..
    My son Alfri to prepare and transform himself to discern to get married.bless us to be like like the family of Nazarath
    Please pray for the right life partner for Alfri. He is now 33..Amen.

  7. Dear Saint. Joseph, please intercede to God for me and ask Him to let me know what His will is regarding my marriage and the choices I must make. Please give my family and me the strength to accept God’s will and to do what we must. Please watch over us and help us to find peace and happiness in our family. Thank you. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Please pray for safe travels for my son and daughter in law on their 3 day cross country drive. Pray for success on their new work and schooling. Pray also for my son for safety and acceptance into medical school this month. God protect my four children and 3 grandchildren and my daughter in laws. Thank you for praying to your son Jesus on our behalf. Amen

  9. St. Joseph, Please help Iain and myself through this unfair situation. I believe in GOD and you and ask for justice in both mine and Iain. Please watch over us and Iain at his meeting next week.

    Thank you

  10. That God blesses me with a good stable job with good co-workers and bosses/mgmt before my unemployment runs out and before my lease ends. That i’m able to find a good place to stay way before my lease ends in July.
    Thank you. God bless you all!

  11. Lord …my electricity has been off from January. The rent is still behind, school fees are due and our cupboard is empty. I ask that you grant ys favor. Line us up with persons that will bless us. Work out everything in our favor. We are weary Lord. We are your children. Guide and protect us in your precious blood. Amen

  12. I’ve been subscribed to PMNs for a while but I haven’t received this latest novena reminder for Joseph. I thought maybe I was unsubd so I tried to resub but it said my email is subd. Have the reminders not been sent yet?

  13. For my son, Lee. Husband and Father to three children, my grandchildren. That he become a good example to his children and that he come back to the Catholic faith he was brought up in and also bring it back into his home. Thanks be to God. Amen.

  14. St Joseph please pray for my success in passing the 2017 bar exams here in the philippines. Please also pray for the healing of mommy , nanay and daddys relationship. Amen

  15. For S, that he may desire the fullness of the faith. For L, that he, too, may desire the fullness of the faith. For discernment, humility, and wisdom. Amen.

  16. Dear St Joseph, intercede for my son, Greg & Maria, daughter-in-law, who are having serious marriage problems. I pray that they will turn to God to guide them to learn how to forgive each other’s hurts and find love in each other’s hearts. St Joseph you were the perfect spouse to the Blessed Virgin Mary, pray to your son, Jesus, for healing of this couple. May God’ s will be done. Amen

  17. St. Joseph, My prayer for today is that I find a Christian man to live life as Gods will. Forgive me for my failed marriage. Dan, the father of our 3 sons, I ask that You, & God with the help of Mother Mary help him to refrain from speaking ill of me as their Mother. The suffering in my heart to not have that daily relationship, saddens me greatly. I pray especially for my son Sean, that he returns to the church and seeks God the Father. I pray that Sean, knows I love him and I only want the best for him as he’s ready to start college this year! Bless all three of my sons, with Holy relationships with women in their life. I’m grateful for everything I have. Humble me more, help me to know You more. Keep all of the people in my world and that of the whole world safe, Joyful and love for The Holy Family! Amen

  18. Dear St Joseph help me guide me on my coming nursing board exam on June 3and 4…Help me to have concentration while I’m reviewing and give me more knowledge and retentive memory…St..Joseph help me to have 88% in my board exam….I love you..I trust in You..Amen….

  19. Have a wonderful, safe trip.
    That clausderphodia will not affect my trip.
    Health and no injuries for our granddaughter.
    Good health and happiness for everyone.

  20. My son who is confused, bless him with a Christian girl friend.daughter who is a single mom and a student and having to face everything alone. Pray for them St.Joseph.

  21. Please ask the Heavenly Father on my behave to cure my father of brain cancer. He is the greatest man I know with a kind and gentle heart.

  22. St. Joseph, please intercede for me in finding the right gentleman for me. May the right gentleman get the courage to ask me out and pursue a beautiful, holy, joyous relationship with me; with God at our very center.

  23. St Joseph, I am praying that you help me meet a man that value a family like you, a man who is honest, a man who is ready to settle and have a family so together we can care for our children
    St Joseph I am also pleading to you that you help my daughter
    In Jesus name, Amen

  24. St. Joseph, please pray for my son – everything’s been going wrong for him and he needs a major turnaround for good things to happen, including healing and extra money to pay for car repairs. And for his car to never be stolen or broken into again! Thank you.

  25. Saint Joseph please pray for me to the lord Jesus Christ to help me to have good husband like Saint Joseph to mother Mary.Through looking to any dating site and chatting i can meet soonest my foriegn husband.Please send to me a good man who is having good heart and responsible men to his family.Please hear and answer my prayers Saint joseph.Thank you ery much.Amen