Day 2 – St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 2 of The St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Joseph,

    I pray for my family, for healing and restoration. I pray for the restoration of my marriage and my husband’s salvation. I pray that our boys will not lose faith in our Heavenly Father during this time but turn to Him for support. I pray that Abba’s will be done in our lives and that we will have the wisdom and discernment to know what that will is and the patience to wait for it.

    Thank you.


  2. St. Joseph,
    Losing a husband and father of 32 years have been very tough for me to handle. Pray for me ,our children, and trying to move on without him. My life has changed drastically and finding a solid place to put my emotions is hard to handle. Pray for us and give us the support we need.

  3. Please pray that God will direct my daughter to a good man for a marriage partner. Someone with whom she will find peace , love and happiness and will have a family with. For health love and happiness for my new grandchild and son and daughter in law. That I will be able to leave work to baby sit and we can still live comfortable. For my husband to stop drinking. Please pray God will be with us and calm my concerns and anxiety.

  4. St. Joseph please find my daughter a good partner and a future husband, help her with her job, I pray for myself and J. I pray for good results of my biopsy. I pray for my mom and dad, for my brother and his wife, my nieces and their husbands. St. Joseph please take my prayers to God.

  5. for our son Joseph to secure a permanent job with benefits
    for friends,girlfriend and better financial help return to the faith
    has always had uphill difficulties entire life. for husband prostrate cancer for daughter abused still not divorced for health
    for grandchildren also in thanksgiving for what we do have
    safety while driving and riding walking to and from bus stop

  6. Dear St. Joseph, please pray and intercede for my 13 year old cousin, Shemar who was just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone) cancer. I pray her cancer will be cured. She is such a beautiful and active young lady. Please give her, her parents and sister the strength and faith they will need to help her fight this disease. Through Jesus name I pray! Amen.

  7. St Joseph though you i pray that may God look upon my husband. He has not ben working for many years.May you provide him with a Job. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. ST Joseph pray for us. AMEN

  8. Dearest St Joseph, I ask you to pray and interceed for my marriage remove for us all the blocks which are hindering me and my husband T from wedding in holy matrimony and pray for us so that we can have another healthy child. St Joseph pray for all the childless couples and fathers ,pray for the intentions of everyone praying this novena. Amen

  9. I pray for my husband to continue being the father that he is. I pray that he travels will always be safe and at the end of his contract he will get another job. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  10. My glorious St. Joseph please find my son a loving wife and partner to share his life and walk this journey. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God and thank you Holy Soirit for all your many blessings!

  11. For Thomas and Gillian that they remain at peace while they struggle with infertility and hopeful that God will give them a baby in His perfect time.
    For Sarah and Sean as they plan their wedding keep them focused on their future marriage and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

  12. Saint Joseph I beg your intersections for Daniel Granados that he can to find nice wife.I want to know friends female & male to be closets to Jesús and share with me activities or growing toward Jesús..Amén.

  13. Dear St.Joseph I beg you and pray with you please help me in my coming nursing board exam on June 3and 4…Help me to be the topnochers with the average of88%…this the last board exam I got..Help me guide me and give me more knowledge and have concentration while I’m reviewing…I trust in you…Amen…..

  14. I play to Saint Joseph intersections guide my 3 sons to closer to Jesús and they can follow his life :good worker good husba d and good father.
    I pray for a nice friend with can share my activities ,he must love to God above all thing and my young sons ,grandgirl I beg at the Jesús’s name.Amén.
    I ask for a death close to Jesús for me & sons.
    Saint Joseph I ask for good job for me in Perú and good job for 3 sons.Thank Saint Joseph for heard me!!

  15. Holy Foster-father St. Joseph, whoever puts a prayer in these replies is greatly in need from all their hearts, please help them. My plea is also from the depths of my heart and with great longing for your assistance. Please, please watch over my son who is far from God and in great emotional pain, it is so bad that I myself am greatly affected by it in my heart – he lives abroad with no connections as friend because of his behaviour. Help him to stop smoking, drinking and his explosive anger! I cannot help him, except through prayer and Masses, he does not speak to me and would not listen to anything about religion, his father is a Freemason and has lived his life ‘as it pleases him’ without concern for his 4 children. He has taught my son things of this evil Masonic sect which he uses to obtain ‘favors’ from these evil monsters! Please St. Joseph, present my heart and my prayer to God and ask him just to look a little in my motherly heart and, if it is his will, give my son T. some peace in his heart to enable him to support the enormous stress which is in his heart and soul – he is not married in church! God help me! God help him for the sake of his wife and 3 children, and my broken heart. I ask his young brother M. RIP, who is now with God, to pray also to help his brother to convert, he was trying for this before he passed….he was the converted one, the one who was close and loving to me… I believe my daughter’s husband could also be one of them.(she also does not contact me). My 2nd daughter P. is trying to live her life away, abroad, alone and has survived thyroid cancer, although must keep on checking.(she also does not contact me). It has been seen on face book they consider their father the ‘best father in the world’! He totally refused any responsibility for his children and was always travelling. He now tries to spoil them as his longtime girlfriend has rejected him now he is old and spent the children’s inheritance on her. liar. I am 73, alone, of course, physically. I pray that, through this novena, I share with you all, God may find in his divine heart to give me some small consolation about all this and the strength to continue to carry this cross to deliver them from the hands of evil. May God protect and guide them back to Him. Thank you dear St. Joseph and God bless each and every one who is suffering in any way.

  16. Dear St Joseph,
    I pray for the blessing of a child in my marriage.
    Bless my home with happy and healthy children as well as other childless couples who are all looking up to Our Lord to bless them with the fruit of the womb. Let us continue to praise and exult your name no matter how difficult these moments in our lives may be.
    In Jesus’s mighty name

  17. St Joseph, patron saint of fathers and families please hear my intentions:
    For my father who will be 89 this year and us suffering from pain issues and has a little confusion sometime. Watch over him and help him to look to God for help.
    For all fathers, everywhere.
    For my family who like many families has many ups and downs. Watch over us and teach us to see God as the center of all families and our help for all our problems.
    For all families, everywhere.
    St Joseph you are also the patron saint of Korea. Please guide North Korea to disarmament. Something that will help all fathers, all families will be peace.
    Thank you St Joseph for your prayers for these intentions, Amen