St. John Bosco Novena

St. John Bosco, also known as St. Don Bosco, is famous for working with the youth.

St. John Bosco started the Salesian order which is the largest single religious order in the world today!

St John Bosco Novena

Here is our novena to St. John Bosco.

Novena Prayers:

Oh holy patron of the youth, I come to you with sincere confidence in your closeness to Jesus. Saint John Bosco, I need your help, I need your prayers, I need your intercession to God for His grace to help me with…

(state your intentions here)

With your love of Mary, our Mother, pray for me!

With your love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, pray for me!

With your love for all those who suffer, pray for me!

Don Bosco, please pray fervently for the grace that I now ask from God our Father. In addition, please pray that I may have a sincere acceptance of the Will of God and a perfect trust in Him.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…

Join us in praying here.

Don Bosco is the Patron of…

The Youth
Catholic Schools
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  1. Dear St John Bosco,
    Please pray for my job in the education field- that I am placed by God in the one in which I can best serve Hum, take care of my finances and live a good and holy life-and the same for my husband . Please also pray for all of my children and God child to convert and live holy lives so they can go to Heaven. Thank you.

  2. St John Bosco thank you for your intercession on behalf of my son. I come to you to pray that my son will be accepted by his dream university. He has been working very hard to be accepted into his dream university. Please intercede for him and my gratefulness will forever be yours. Amen.

  3. St bosco please pray for jack to help him in school. He does not turn in his work. His twin may graduate high school. I pray that Jack will be with him. Pray also for his mom. For peace in their home. God bless all students

  4. Dear St. John Bosco
    I ask that you pray for my close friends who are drinking and hurting themselves by doing so. I am afraid that they will go down a path that will only take them further from Christ. Also that I may find what I am supposed to do with my life. I am graduating early and I do not know what I should go into for college. I am worried I will be stuck and not follow the plans of God. I will keep praying for my friends and the ability to stay close to God through my struggles. Thank you!

  5. Dear St John Bosco,
    Please pray that my son FL finds his career goal, meet a healthy and holy young woman and settle down in the apartment I am helping him to buy. Please teach him to stay away from pornography and to respect his body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, please implore Lord Jesus to grant him good physical, mental and spiritual health. Amen!

  6. Dear St. John Bosco,
    I need your intercession for my son Eoin who is drinking, smoking, cursing, doesn’t do his chores and is sometimes very aggressive and sometimes refuses to go to school. He has a kind heart and has lost his way. Please help him mature and take the right path.
    Please give me the patience and strength to help him through this challenging time.
    Thank you and God bless

  7. Dear holy patron of the youth I come to you with my love & confidence in you. I need your help & prayers for my son Lorenzo he is due to graduate a June 2018, but he’s falling behind & is now wanting to stop going to school. Please help me guide him to graduate to lead the right path. Also please pray for me to have the strength & knowledge to steer him in the right direction. Thank you. Thank you all may God bless us all.

  8. Dear lord please keep my kids Julian in your prayers he is very depressed and He is worried about school.I prayer and hope Julian gets into the college he wants to next year and the last six months of school won’t be hard for him.I want to see my son graduate in May of 2018 I just want everything to be better and easy on him.
    Thank you Lord amen

  9. We pray for our son Peyton to see the importance of his education. He is struggling to wake up and go to school and be on time. He doesn’t want to go and we argue every morning. His grades are not good. Too much bad outside influence is fearing. St. John Bosco, we pray for his improvement in the very near future. He has to do better.

  10. St John Bosco
    I pray fervently for your intercession to God for his grace in bestowing the educational path for my son that he is most deserving and desiring. We need your help we need your prayers. Please pray that we will have a sincere acceptance of the will of God.

    With your love of Mary,our mother, pray for him.

  11. St John Bosco thank you for your intercession on behalf of my daughter. I come to you once again to pray that my daughter will be accepted by her dream university ED this December. She has been working very hard to be accepted into her dream university. Please intercede for her and my gratefulness will forever be yours. Amen.

  12. please pray that I am able to improve my grades, develop better study habits and be the best student I can be.

    Our Lady of Mercy, pray for me!
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for me!

  13. Please pray for my son Connor. Pray that the taunting at school stops. Pray that he becomes comfortable in his new school. Pray that he does not become depressed over his current situation.

  14. Saint Don Bosco pls pray for my daughter Ashley to perform well in her studies.pray for her improvement and i promise to publish n make ur prayer known.grant her the best.

  15. Dearest St .John Bosco .
    Please intercede to Bianca studies, give her patience, understanding and heal her mind to have God wisdom and guidance .

  16. Please help me to prayer for my son arley carl to be a good boy and to enlightened his mind that he loves him very very much.. we only want him to be a god fearing person.

  17. St. John Bosco, I will be taking my college entrance tests this year and I am asking for your help to guide me while answering. This is for my future and I don’t want to disappoint my parents, they’re doing their best for me to have the best education possible for this is the greatest gift a parent can give to their child. Getting accepted in my dream university will help me and my parents in the future. Please help me as I take my first entrance test this month and for my following entrance tests. Please guide me in the right path. Amen.

  18. Please St. John Bosco pray for Alyssa and Dalilah and her family. Please help to bring these kids closer to us and to GOD. Please help them get on the right path. Amen. Thank you for listening. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  19. Please pray and intercede for my two children starting a new school in a new state. Please pray for help with adjust quickly and make new friends. Please pray that the Lord helps my son thru this difficult time. He is having trouble adjusting. Please be by his side helping him through this time.

  20. I would like to testify that St John Bosco’s Novena really helped me go through the difficult moment I had with my study Visa. I prayed with confidence to him and he helped me to get my application for an extension of days to complete my studies. I went through the process hustle free, and I am happy to announce that I have never seen the grace of God work so much in my life, After that encounter with His grace, I don’t think I will turn around and go back to the lie of a life I was living. I am grateful for St John Bosco’s intercession in my time of need. Amen and thank you Lord.

  21. For my 16 yr old son Matthew who I caught in a lie. To get him thru these difficult teen years and help him deal with his emotional issues.

  22. Dear Saint Boscoe,

    Please pray and intercede for my 17 year old niece, Kaitlyn. She is normally a very kind and considerate person. But lately she has been hanging out n drinking and smoking pot. When she does drink she turns into angry person and is very nasty, she curses out her mother and treats her with no respect whatsoever. I feel like a demon comes out in her and I can feel the Evil around her. Please pray that she stops drinking n whatever else she maybe doing. Thank You

  23. Dear St. Bosco,

    I thank you for your prayers. Please pray that my children become closer to God. Please pray that my son learns to deal with his emotions.

    Please pray that I will trust in God’s will.


  24. Please St.John Bosco. I praying for
    My son Joshua an my girls Sammatha , Katie. That there college education money comes in too them an make themselves great
    People an Students. An great careers of they learn in college
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  25. Dear St. John Bosco,

    I pray for your intercession for my 13 year old daughter that she develops strong and healthy friendships. She has experienced difficulties at school with cliques the past two years and often feels alone and rejected. Help her to gain confidence in herself that she is worthy and to be open to new friendships. Help her to be a good friend to others herself.


  26. Please pray that my son Francesco makes better choices and learns patience. Please pray that he receives the services that her needs to have a successful year in kindergarten.

  27. Prayers for my 16 almost 17yr old daughter, for her to be truthful at all times,to follow rules, to see the beauty of our good Lord, and appreciate all she is blessed with thanking God daily. Thankyou

  28. Please pray for confidence for my son to take the practise MCAT tests and blessings of double triple scores so that he will have confidence to take finals in June without any more delays. Bless for this miracle of a seat in a good medical school this year with no more delays so that I will have a time here to come back with my testimony and thanskgiving this year, Amen. Its been a long and tiring road for me and my son, so please have mercy and pity and bless with this favor soon. Amen.

  29. A few years ago I found this website and said a novena along with the website. It just so happened that I stumbled upon it the day the novena began. Very good timing. My birthday is on January 31 and St. John Bosco is my patron saint. My son had a concussion and I was praying for his health. His health did not get better, but on my birthday a very good thing happened in school which helped him to graduate. He is still very sick, sicker than ever and a lot of time has passed, but I want to thank the Lord and St. John Bosco for this.


  30. Please pray for my two 6 year old grand sons. They are very bad cursing & getting suspended from school. I have never encountered anything like this & as Their grandmother I want to help to give them help & give my daughter & her husband the help to deal with such behavior. Please pray for all of them

  31. Please pray for my adult son to be healed from the pains of his youth & me. He has multiple addictions. Did not have a Catholic education. Was raised by the streets, like me, & grandparents. He is married with children. A very loving daddy. Please pray for his health, freedom from addictions and pain from abandonment when I broke up with his father. Healing from the break up. Healing from losing his first child, my first grandchild to abortion. Please pray for my grandchildren. They will be attending public schools. I am no good. I’m brokenhearted from my past. It was heartbreaking/broken. Lord have mercy. Pray for us poor sinners. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Anon,

      I will be praying for you. Your words touch me. I do not know if you’ll read this, but please know that The Lord loves you. He died on the cross just for you. If you were the only person on earth, he would have still died on a cross for you. God created you good. You are good. You are buetuful. Please, look into Rachels Vineyard for post abortion counsoling and read up on Divine Mercy.

  32. please Don Bosco pray for my son John who has been watching pornography , for him to stop and for me to help him in any way possible, for him to follow Gods will for him and to find good friends, for us to make the best decision for his education but most all for all those images to be erased from him please pray for him

  33. Saint Bosco, bless All the youth of Kenya and may they find gainful employment matching their qualifications to better their lives. May they vote wisely in the upcoming August, 2017 general elections. May the youth of this country never be used as weapons of mass destruction ever again bit maybtheir energies,skill and brain power be used to transform Kenya.

    I am running for a parliamentary seat in Kibwezi West Constituency, Makueni County. please Saint Bosco, intervene for me to the Lord that He may grant me victory in the August 8.8.2017 general elections in accordance with His will.

    Saint Bosco-Pray For Us.

  34. Dear St. John Bosco,

    Please intercede on my behalf and ask the Lord to grant me an acceptance into DU. 8 denial letters later, and this is my last shot. I’m forever grateful and undeserving of all his love and blessings, but just need help with this one last thing. It’s only possible thru Him.

  35. Dear St Don Bosco
    please pray for Kristina that she could be accepted into villa high school and receive financial assistance, she is a very dedicated student who wants to remain in a Catholic school, we do not have the means to pay for this school, but with God everything is possible, I know this school has been my daughters dream, I pray that she gets accepted this week.

  36. I ask for prayers for my daughter. Please let her understand that her daughter is more important than her job.
    God Bless you and Thank you

  37. Please Join me in prayer as I have applied and desire to be accepted to the University of Oklahoma as a transfer student

  38. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Saint John Bosco for his intercession on behalf of my son and his family.

    Please, Lord, keep us always mindful and grateful for your great mercy and love for us. And thank you for listening to your Holy Mother and your Saints when they intercede for us poor sinners.

  39. Dear Saint John Bosco, please hear me in this novena in your honor that I just started today February 17; my petition is that my youngest son be healed of body, mind and soul, that he and his wife may turn to the Lord, reconcile with Him and with each other, and rise their little boy a good Christian. Saint John Bosco, you always protected my son from so many dangers as a teenager, please continue to do so now, in middle age, for he is in great need…commend him to the Lord, commend him to Our Lady Help of Christians, please. Amen.