Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart Novena – 2014

Sacred Heart Novena PrayersWe had a great time praying the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Thank you so much for praying with us!

Please post your answered prayers below!

Here’s one we received already:

“Praise the Lord, This is to inform you all that through the Novena of Sacred Heart of Jesus I am now blessed with a Job in Dubai.

Thank you lord for accepting me and my prayers.

Thank you team for your support and prayers.

Praise the Lord, Thank you Lord.


If your prayers have been answered big or small, please share with us below so that we can praise God together!

Answered Prayers – Pentecost Novena 2014

Holy Spirit NovenaWe hope and pray that this novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost has been a blessing to you!

If your prayers have been answered and you’d like to thank God and to share it with others please post below.

Here’s an answered prayer that was sent to us by email:

…I especially pray for my daughter (who has left the church) and for my 16 year old grandson (who has not been baptized) for their conversion. They’ve had many struggles, and their life has not been easy.They do have faith but it’s not strong. Lately my grandson has been asking questions which has lead to lengthy conversations.

I have been praying the Pentecost Novena, and as it was suggested, to ask for something concrete, I prayed that my daughter and grandson would tell me that they were going to go to church on Sunday. This morning, within 1 hour of praying day two of the novena, my daughter called and told me that my grandson was going to go to church on Sunday.

I have joy! May it always shine to others.

Thank you Holy Trinity! Praise, Glory, and Love!

Thank you John-Paul and Annie for your service to the Lord and for Pray More Novenas.

Blessings, MG

Please post your answered prayer below.

Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots – 2014

Mary Undoer of Knots NovenaWe are excited to announce the next novena we will pray is to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Since Pope Francis was elected more than a year ago, the devotion to Mary, Undoer of Knots has grown tremendously.

The devotion actually comes from the second century. Saint Irenaeus explained it, saying, “The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by the obedience of Mary; what the virgin Eve bound by her unbelief, the Virgin Mary loosened by her faith.”

Basically, the Blessed Virgin Mary can undo the knots in our lives!

Whatever has separated us from God and hardened our hearts – be it violence, pride, the absence of peace, anguish, despair, depression, sickness or discord — Mary has such compassion for us and prays for us to her son, Jesus Christ.

We will begin praying on May 15th — that’s less than one week away! So be sure to share this novena with all of your friends and family before then.

They can sign up to pray with us HERE.

More about John Paul II and the Divine Mercy Feast

Divine Mercy NovenaBl. Pope John Paul II had a strong love for Divine Mercy — something which he shared in common with Saint Faustina, who wrote about the message in her diaries.

He was the first to consider, as Archbishop of Krakow, bringing St. Faustina’s name to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for consideration for her beatification.

One theme of John Paul II’s pontificate was, “Where, if not in the Divine Mercy, can the world find refuge and the light of hope?” (Val Conlon).

Pope John Paul II’s second encyclical, “Dives in Misericordia,” (Rich in Mercy), along with other homilies & writings, describes Divine Mercy as the answer to the world’s problems.

John Paul II said that St. Faustina brought the Easter message of the merciful Christ closer to the whole world.

And a year after he published the encyclical, Pope John Paul II traveled to the Shrine of Merciful Love in Italy, where he spoke about the message of Divine Mercy, “Right from the beginning of my ministry… I considered this message my special task. Providence has assigned it to me…”

Pope John Paul II beatified Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska on Divine Mercy Sunday in 1993, and he canonized her on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2000.

That same day, Pope John Paul II established Divine Mercy as a feast day (the official decree came a few days later).

He recalled after the canonization of St. Faustina – the day he declared Divine Mercy as a feast day, that it was the happiest day of his life.

Just five years after that, he died on the vigil of that feast. His last written words, which he wrote to be read on Divine Mercy Sunday, ended with, “Jesus, I trust in You, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

And in just a few days on this Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope John Paul II will become a saint himself.

On his deathbed, John Paul II was entrusting himself to the Divine Mercy. And in his life, he advocated for the world to appeal to the mercy of God continuously.

“As people of this restless time of ours, wavering between the emptiness of self-exaltation and the humiliation of despair, we have a greater need than ever for a regenerating experience of mercy. We should learn to say repeatedly to God with the faith and simplicity of children: “Great is our sin, but even greater is your love!” Opening ourselves to mercy, we must not be content with mediocrity and sin, but on the contrary, we must be revived by resolutions to lead a new life.” – John Paul II, Regina Caeli, April 10, 1994

So please join us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena leading up to this holy man’s canonization on Divine Mercy Sunday!

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy devotion, you might want to get St. Faustina’s diary. You can check it out here.

Two Popes Becoming Saints and the Divine Mercy Novena – 2014

Divine Mercy NovenaThis year’s Divine Mercy Novena is going to be even more meaningful than usual.

The beloved Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII will be canonized saints on Divine Mercy Sunday!

Our novena will lead right up to this historic event.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

In 2011, we prayed a special novena together with the intention for John Paul II’s canonization.

We were amazed that he was beatified shortly after that.

In 2012, we prayed the same novena for the same intention: John Paul II’s canonization.

So we’ve been praying for and looking forward to his canonization for a long time.

Which novena did we pray for John Paul II? The Divine Mercy Novena.

Which novena are we about to pray? The Divine Mercy Novena!

When will John Paul II be canonized? At the end of the Divine Mercy Novena, on Divine Mercy Sunday!

A Gift to these Saints

We are also on the cusp of surpassing 100,000 subscribers. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to our soon-to-be canonized saints to have 100,000 people praying this novena leading up to their canonizations?

john paul ii novena beatificationWill you helps us spread the word?

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