Assumption Novena

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Assumption Novena[This Novena will begin on Aug 6th!  *Click here to get Assumption Novena reminders by Email!*]

The Assumption is an important feast in the Church.

It instructs us on one of the important Marian Dogmas and it is an important feast to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here are the prayers for the Assumption Novena.

Novena Prayers

Lord Jesus Christ, You have destroyed the power of death and given the hope of eternal life in body and soul.

You granted your Mother a special place in your glory, and did not allow decay to touch her body.

As we rejoice in the Assumption of Mary, give to us a renewed confidence in the victory of
life over death.

You live and reign forever and ever.


Day 1 – Assumption Novena

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, we believe in your triumphant assumption into heaven where the angels and saints acclaim you as Queen of Heaven and earth.

We join them in praising you and bless the Lord who raised you above all creatures. With them we honor you.

We are confident that you watch over our daily lives and we ask that you intercede for us now.

(mention your request)

We are comforted by our faith in the coming Resurrection and we look to you for prayers and comfort.

After this earthly life, show us Jesus, the blest fruit of your womb, O kind, O loving, O sweet virgin Mary.

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 2 – Assumption Novena

Mary, Assumed into Heaven, we venerate you as the Queen of Heaven and earth. As you tasted the bitterness of pain and sorrow with your Son on earth, you now enjoy eternal bliss with Him in Heaven.

Loving Queen, intercede for us in our needs.

(mention your request)

We praise Jesus for giving us such a loving mother.

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 3 – Assumption Novena

O Mother, Assumed into Heaven, because you shared in all the mysteries of our Redemption here below, Jesus has crowned you with glory.

With your most glorious and powerful intercession, help us O loving Mother and present to Jesus our request.

(mention your request)

O Queen assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 4 – Assumption Novena

O Dearest Mother Mary, Assumed into Heaven, God placed you at His right hand that you may intercede for his little ones as the Mother of God.

In the midst of all the Saints you stand as their Queen and ours — dearer to the Heart of God than any creation. You pray for your children and give to us every grace won by our loving Savior on the Cross.

Please intercede for us in our needs and ask Jesus to grant our request if it be for the good of our souls.

(mention your request)

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 5 – Assumption Novena

O merciful and loving Mother, may your glorious beauty fill our hearts with a distaste for earthly things and an ardent longing for the joys of Heaven.

May your merciful eyes glance down upon our struggles and our weakness in this vale of tears.

Hear then loving Mother, our request and plead to Jesus for us.

(mention your request)

Crown us with the pure robe of innocence and grace here, and with immortality and glory in Heaven.

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 6 – Assumption Novena

Mary, our dear Mother and mighty Queen, take and receive our poor hearts with all their freedom and desires, all the love and all the virtues and graces with which they may be adorned.

All we are and all we might be, all we have and hold in the order of nature as well as of grace, we have received from God through your loving intercession.

Help us dear Mother to surrender to God all that we have including our petitions.

(mention your request)

Our Lady and Queen, into your gentle hands, we entrust all, that it may be returned to its noble origin.

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 7 – Assumption Novena

Mary, Queen of every heart, accept all that we are and bind us to Jesus with the bonds of love, that we may be yours forever and may be able to say in all truth:

“I belong to Jesus through Mary”.

Our Mother, Assumed into Heaven and Queen of the Universe, ever-Virgin Mother of God, obtain for us what we ask for if it be for the glory of God and the good of our souls.

(mention your request)

Our Mother, assumed into Heaven, we love you. Give us a greater love for Jesus and for you.

O Queen Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.


Day 8 – Assumption Novena

Mary, Queen Assumed into Heaven, we rejoice that you are the Queen of Heaven and Earth. You have given your holy fiat to God and became the Mother of our Savior.

Obtain peace and salvation for us through your prayers, for you have given birth to Christ our Lord, the Savior of all mankind.

Intercede for us and bring our petitions before the Throne of God.

(mention your request)

Through your prayers, may our souls be filled with an intense desire to be like you, a humble vessel of the Holy Spirit and a servant of the Almighty God.

Pray for us O Queen Assumed into Heaven, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Day 9 – Assumption Novena

O Blessed Mother Assumed into Heaven, after years of heroic martyrdom on earth, we rejoice that you have at last been taken to the throne prepared for you in Heaven by the Holy Trinity.

Lift our hearts with you in the glory of your Assumption above the dreadful touch of sin and impurity.

Teach us how small earth becomes when viewed from heaven. Make us realize that death is the triumphant gate through which we shall pass to your Son and that someday our bodies shall rejoin our souls in the unending bliss of heaven.

From this earth, over which we tread as pilgrims, we look to you for help.

In honor of your Assumption into Heaven we ask for this favor.

(mention your request)

When our hour of death has come, lead us safely to the presence of Jesus to enjoy the vision of God for all eternity together with you.

Pray for us O Queen Assumed into Heaven, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


The Assumption of Mary

The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary is celebrated every year on August 15th. This feast commemorates the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her assumption, body and soul, into Heaven. It is the most important Marian feast, and it is also a Holy Day of Obligation.


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  1. Pray for an end to ALL cancers. Please pray for my daughter, Christine that she may be healed. Thank you and may God bless you and your family

  2. Help me pray to Jesus, for my present situation, that my issues will be dropped and dismissed, returning me to a higher spiritual plane.

    Please, Mother Mary, intercede for me, to have my issues dropped and dismissed and return me to a higher spiritual plane and consciousness.

  3. Help me pray to Jesus, to help me in my present situation. HE should help me get married and have break through in my family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph
    pls Mother Mary intecede for me to get married to the one the Lord has choosed. Amen

  4. Dear mother Mary please intercede for my son so he will be favored with God’s favor and blessings in this recent incident. Mother Mary please do not let my son be suspended or expelled from college, please pray for him and extend your motherly love and embrace to him in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  5. For Blanca and Francisco who after many years of infertility are now facing the death of their baby at birth: for consolation, for strenght and faith.
    For a job for my husband so he can support our family
    For another baby for our family. That we can get pregnant again and have a healthy baby.
    For Jose María so he grows to be happy, healthy and a good man
    For Alonso
    For all of those couples facing Infertilty
    For the Pope Paul VI institute

  6. For physical,spiritual and mental strength to persevere through this difficult pregnancy. For my unborn child who joins us on Christmas Day, God willing.

  7. Blessed Virgin i prayed your novena first, and now do as many novena’s as i can as i asked for healing from growth on my eye, and the Lord has shrunk it to nothing and i have been to the doctors and have had confirmation of there being nothing there so i am free and thank god for his healing and blessings

  8. Prayer requests for healing of MD for Bill & Jimmy if it be our Lord’s Divine Will.
    Successful eye surgeries for John and Renee.
    Family Unity and return of some members to our precious Catholic Faith.

    • hello Shirley
      May our blesssed Lady help through her intercession to jesus
      Who loves you all and longs to see you back.God Bless

  9. For my little newborn niece, Italia Suzanne. For her little body to be healed from Sickle Cell Beta Zero Thalasemia. For any blockages to her healing be healed within her immediate family especially regarding her parents.

    Thank you!

  10. For my relationship with Suzanne. I accept the cancer that has invaded my body and I bear this cross w/o hesitation but please assist me in solidifying the love I share with my lady. She means more to me than life itself and w/o her I cannot fight the fight against this disease. Pray for me dear Mother that I may be worthy of this request.


  11. Please pray for my son, John, who struggles with a drinking problem. Pray he defeats the devil and opens up his heart to receive Jesus as his savior. Thank You.

  12. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for answered prayers. Please help all those who are still in need. Dear Blessed Virgin, please continue your intercessions for all of us here and all those who come to you with heavy hearts. Ask Our Lord Jesus to hear their prayers with all the mercy in his Divine heart and to help them according to the will of the Father. Amen

  13. Thank you my Lord for answering a prayer that I didn’t even list here in my intentions. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercessions. And thank you for your blessings on all those here for their needs and prayers. May God Bless us all!

  14. My prayer has been answered,I have done the operation, and my surgen said, it was succesful, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, the blessed Mother Mary, for giving me the grace, so everything went well, I have to ask her for my daughter, she still strugling with her sickness, I ask our Mother to give her faith, courage and hope, I also pray, that she be more close to God in her trouble’s, the power of prayer, that our Lady told us to Pray, and Pray. Thank you Lord, and our Mother of graces.

  15. On or about the third day of this novena, my husband who is sick with cancer and who has been in constant pain for more than two years now, began to feel better. While the pain is still there, it is not as severe as it was before. For this reason, he is gradually reducing the amount of pain killers that he normally takes. Please join me in thanking the Lord for easing his suffering through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His mother and our mother, too. May God eventually heal my husband completely. I would also like to thank Him for granting the petitions of other members of this prayer community. There is power in prayer and there is power in numbers. Let us continue to pray for each other.

  16. My prayer was answered but not in the way I prayed for or expected. I asked that Our Lady obtain for me the grace of relief from my panic disorder. What I received was not calm or instant relief. What I received was clarity and a realization that I must stop trying to escape the truth and must deal with my depression, fear and lack of trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ. I must also deal with my true feelings about the stress of a job environment with No Values (thank God I have a job, but it is a brutal environment). Finally, I must be honest with Jesus about my feelings being the single parent of a 27 year old daughter with autism who lives with me and is emotionally violent. Truthfully, I have given up on life and dedicated myself to “appearing OK” no matter what the cost. Our Holy Mother cares enough to gently ask me to “get real” and offer the scary truths of my life to Her Son. Thank you Mary!

  17. My pray request was not answered. God works in his own way I know, but it is so hard on the family to live with.

  18. I thank You Mother Mary for all you have done for me and my family. you have made me strong in every thing. But I do do need to pray more for all and do more for the church. May God give me the courage to carry my cross which they are many that I have too for the sake of the world. our youth and all these abortions and the elderly that I am so concern, the world want them out because they are not productive anymore. They are our wisdom because the elderly has lived it and has gone through it and they mean well for us, so we need to pray for our gov. and all the higher up’s. this world has every thing we can ask for except peace and faith. our youth our are not in good steps, we are not teaching our children the teaching of our Lord that he left for us. May God help us. May God Bless all his people and our little ones that they are our future and our youth also. Pray ! PRAY! To Our Lady She will pray and protect us .

  19. I ask God to hear all the prayers of this novena and for my intentions. The Cursillo team and candidates this Setember and October, that thiers hearts and minds will be open to Gods’ call to them. In Jesus name, Amen

  20. In gratitude for all the answers to helping me in my journey back to my Faith , also for keeping me focused on changing what I can … myself … leaving in faith those I love to be in God’s Hands … praying for them with Our Holy Mother Mary . I am blessed in having been given the gift of Al-Anon and a great business in helping others & making a difference in others lives with both my business & a part time service job … Seniors Helping Seniors ! I am blessed with the virtue of perseverance in living with a selfish alcoholic who is fooled by the evil one … God strengthens us if we Trust in Him and my pray has been for this & for my family’s need of healing . I hold onto my faith that God is with us all whether we know it or not and I have learned the Power of prayer by my own life & my dad’s witness in prayer ! Thank You Mother Mary for always teaching me to come to Jesus ! Thank you for the many gifts of my life !

  21. You know, my dear Mother, that every summer, I struggle with my bills. I am in my last month and you and my Lord have been with me. Please do not abandon me now. as this last month, is always my hardest. I pray that you will be with me Today and Always. I love you so.

  22. For those who are discouraged, please, have faith and keep praying! My answer to prayer couldn’t have come in a more perfect time, since my son is starting school soon and I was working an after school program 30 miles away. I would never have seen him! Also, I needed a full-time to help with our finances. After starting the novena, I was called for an interview on Tuesday and had it on Wednesday. It sounds like she will call on Monday to officially extend the job offer after she finishes checking all my references. This job has hours that will work really well with my son’s school schedule and is only 5 minutes from my house. Praise be to God!

  23. My prayers are for so many things and I don’t know what to ask for first so I leave that up to Our Lady to decide. Origanally I was praying for justice, which I still am but finace is also neccessary as well as conversions of my childrens choosen parteners, both married and unmarried as well as the return to their faith also for the mental health of one or two of our children and that all of us forgive “EVERY THING and find God in all our lives both living and growing.I also want to thank God for allowing me to feel prayer and see miricles… even small ones. Lyndia

  24. In Thanksgiving for a healthy baby boy(our 11th) and a healthy mom (our youngest….Thank you Our Lady for coming through for us again!!!!!And thank you to all who have prayed this novena….

  25. I always pray fervently to the Lord, to keep me always in good health and make my life go on smooth , and am thankful to the Blessed Mother that my prayers were heard before this novena ends and am so happy that she granted all my request and even those whom i didn’t mention but it was at the back of my mind… I keep asking the Lord to guide me in my daily undertakings and give me good ideas on how to get in touch with our priest here for processing of our marriage to be blessed, and right now it is being processed by our priest here, Thank You so much Lord for making my feeling lighter…

  26. I prayed that my sister would get help for her depression, physical ailments and her job situation. She feels better and she is going back to work on Monday. Thanks be to God.

  27. DESIREE- You are definitely in my prayers. Contact “Catholic Charities”. They will help you. You are not alone. love and in my prayers-Ginnie


  29. Pray that the Blessed Virgen will hold my beloved boyfriend-Victor’s hand, lead him back to Lord Jesus. Pray that he will repent before the Lord, and turn his heart back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May Victor finally let go of himself, and let God. May the burdens of his heart be removed by the Lord. May the Lord carry him out of his cold dark lonely cave. Amen

  30. Please pray for the money to pay our mortgage. We are so far behind in our payments. I fear this could be the month our home goes into for-closer. Please pray we are able to meet this dept and keep our home. Please pray that my husbands health improves.

    Also, I want to say “Thanks Be to God!!!!!! ~ We were awarded money for my son’s education.” God is so good and glorious!!!!!!!

  31. Please pray:
    – For my children to lead a good life, find suitable catholic life partners and settle in life by the end of this year.
    – Daughter to get into PG seat this year of her choice and specialize in the subject of her interest and help the needy.
    – Son to forego all bad habits of drinking, telling lies, cheating and lead a good life
    – Give peace in the house, increase the communiction within the family members and love each other, live peacefully and happiness in the house we live
    – Make self, children and husband successful in life, career and spiritially.
    – Give us good health, wealth and peaceful death.

    Thank you Mother Mary for giving me all the graces and protecting me and my family.

  32. Please pray for my husband who struggles with his faith. Please help him see the Holy Spirit is guiding him where he needs to be. Please also pray for the safety of all the children in the world suffering from life-threatening allergies. Lastly, please pray for the reconciliation of my father and brother. Many thanks!

  33. THat I can either keep my current job or get one of the ones closer to home and that i can get my marriage blessed and that my husband becomes better tempered

    Thank you nd God Bless!

  34. Thank you Dear Sweet Mother Mary for a beautiful ,healthy baby boy ….Born at one this afternoon …Mom and babe are great….and thank you all for praying this novena and offer up our petitions….

  35. I pray for Kevin Martin and Mrs. Mc Cabe that both died today and also for the Americans that the cross representing those who died in september 11th will not be removed just because some atheists want it to be, I pray for an end to the riots in London, Jeus I trust in you.

  36. In gratitude and thanksgiving for reconciliation between my sister and I this morning!!! One prayer answered, a few more to go!! God is so good! :-)

  37. For the conversion to the Holy Catholic faith of Ernest, Linda, Matt, and Mike; that they will engage in serious conversation and listen to the one family member who has converted and will not continue to mock him.

  38. Holy Mother Mary – The refugee children of Africa are dying of hunger. Children of Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda as they flood refuge camps. Dying of hunger and thirst in their mothers’ arms. Each of these precious children was formed in the Image and Likeness of God, knit together with love and intention in their mothers’ wombs. Oh Holy Mother, Our Mother Mary save them and teach us what now we are to do to save these precious children! I love you, please answer this prayer! Obtain for us the Grace of knowing what to do to ease this suffering. And may all the children who die please behold the Beatific Vision and be embraced in warmth, love, peace, and forgiveness for those of us who failed them. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen

  39. Grateful to have work and a career path doing God’s work after months of searching and angonizing.

    It always works out the way it should, maybe not in my time frame but perfectly in HIS.

    • I will pray for your consecration through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May God bless you!

  40. Pray protect my daughter M from further hurt. Please help her to move on from a deceitful relationship. Please let her find meaningful work and find joy in her life again, and come back to the Church. Please pray my other daughter J has a safe delivery and has a healthy baby.

    Thank you.

  41. Something I prayed for came true. Still, I need your help in praying for a baby with 80% chances of being miscarried. Thank you

  42. Please pray for my daughter who is going into the hospital tomorrow night to be induced Thursday morning for her baby…that she have a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy!!! Many thanks

  43. Please pray that I find employment full time, Hail Mary full of Grace please intercede for me and all the intentions being said with this Novena. Amen.

  44. I pray in Thanksgiving to Our Holy Mother and to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the peaceful death of my beautiful earthly Mother. I rejoice in the Lord at all times~His Mercy endures forever ~ in our heart, minds and souls!
    Forever and always His~

  45. I pray that my aunt be healed of her cancer and that my sister is able to handle her problems at work, her physical condition and her depression. I pray that my children are safe away from home and that they make the right choices in life. I thank God for the job I just received.

  46. For all of us with godchildren that they may grow in their faith. For my husband who struggles with his faith to gain hope. For all those struggling with homeschooling and for my son that he stays strong in his faith as he enters public high school for the first time in his sophomore year–and for me to stay strong as a mother.

  47. I pray for guidance to be the light and peace of Christ to all I encounter.

    I pray for health, happiness to be restored for my children and that they find their way back to YOU.

    I pray for this beautiful grandchild you have entrusted to my care; that I may be your example of how to live, love and no harm come to her.


  48. Please bring peace and comfort to my sister Geri and her husband David as they are traveling the road of cancer. May Jesus, our Healer grant whatever healing to David that Our Lord wills.

  49. For all those participating in World Youth Day (especially for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI). For all the sick, especially those suffering from lung disease and mental illness. For all children, especially children of divorce or other family problems (and children caught in the middle of custody battles.) Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, Assumed into Heaven, pray for us.

  50. for myself that I may find a good husband like St. Joseph, a best friend for life and for a better easier, stress-free stable job where I dont have to sin and get angry and anxious
    for better relationship with my siblings and for the homecoming of my bro Michael back to the Church as well as my sisters Joan n Mary back to the sacraments

    • I hear you about when the workplace becomes an occasion of sin! I work in a place with no values as well. Offer it all to Our Lord and His Holy Mother. I once asked a priest if I needed to quit my job (needed my job as a single mom) in order to escape the evil there. He told me “Stay. Our Lord needs you as His light. Offer your daily suffering to Him. It matters. You matter.”

  51. For our son D. to turn his life around and come back to the Church, and God. So he does not go to jail. For daughter S. and her marriage to last. For Son S and grandson A. who are both Autistic. That God will heal them with His healing ways.

  52. Holy Mother Mary, please hear our prayers for all the participants in World Youth Day, for peace in the world, especially in Afghanistan and in Iraq, for all the fallen-away and non-practicing Catholics, for the needs of my family, and for the healing of Lorna P., who has terminal cancer. Thank you!

  53. In Thanksgiving for this novena, and all of those praying it. I ask prayers for the success of my husband’s company, which if successful, would be able to help others through its’ product and employment of others. Prayers for the health, happiness and peace for all of our family members and friends, as we pray this novena. Mary, Mother, pray for us! Jesus, Our Savior, pray for us! Amen.

  54. Dear Blessed Mother,I pray for more spiritual strength.That I may overcome my present financial situation,so that I may be able to help my family and others in need.

  55. For full time employment for myself, my friend’s husband Sean, another friend Jen and for all those who are in desperate need of jobs.

    Ora pro nobis.

  56. My prayers are also for my son to do well in his new job. He will be a long way from home and a new adventure for him and his family.

  57. My prayers are for the safety of my 2 grandbabies in their mothers wombs. I thank God for giving them life and to help them develop to normal healthy babies.

  58. Pray that I will be hired to one of all the jobs I am applying to. Pray I will be hired to a full time position with benefits.

  59. Please pray for healing in our family and for wisdom in guiding our children to adulthood with their faith intact.

  60. I pray for Denise who has brain cancer, and for her mother Marie who has lost her husband and sister within two months of each other. Denise is not seeking treatment, so I am praying for healing.

  61. I pray for love to encircle my family; that my daughter may find a suitable man to marry; that my son who completed his diploma course may find a job and become financially independent. I also pray that the Lord gives me strength to handle the looming retirement; that I am able to develop the 10 hectare piece of land I purchased. I am grateful for all the blessings I have recieved from the kind Saviour

  62. Please pray for Fay, my mother, who has Macular Degeneration and is losing her eye sight. She also suffers from Sciatica and has much pain in her back and legs. I ask prayers for her healing and for my dad, Norbert, for his health and perseverence as her primary caregiver. Thank you.

  63. I ask the intercession of Holy Mary for my husband, John; who is afflicted by a spiritual oppression and spiritual harrassment. When he is in the presence of holiness, at Mass or praying or speaking of things holy, he experiences a huge physical sense of something pressing down on him, like the walls or roof are caving in around him. It often brings him to tears. He was away from the Church for many years and has been to confession and returned to the Church. He is presevering in his faith with much difficulty. I ask your help, Holy Mother to defeat this evil, and all evil affecting John forever so that John may once again, and always know, love, serve and worship Our Lord in peace. I thank you, My heavenly mother.

  64. pray for Rachel who has mental isssues and all those who suffer from mental illness and for our nation and its conversion.

  65. Pray for Milton, who needs healing from cancer; for my daughter, who is going through a divorce; for my former pastor and a friend’s mother who have both recently died; and for all who have asked for our prayers.

  66. special intention and for all our ememies Holy Spirit enlighten us Ho;y Mother place your mantle around us and bring us home to your Son our Lord Jesus Christ and in thanksgiving for the Novena to let our prayers come before the Lord.

  67. Please pray for my husband: Please pray he will recover from a sudden illness. Please pray his depression is lifted and his health can be restored again. Please pray we are able to keep our home as our finances are very, very bleak and becoming bleaker. Please pray that we will be strong and stay loving through yet another trial together.

    Please pray my son is able to go to college this year. We cannot afford to send him. We live day to day. Please pray for the other children in our home.

    Please pray for me – As the mother and wife this is so hard.

  68. Please include in your prayers: –
    *Physical and mental health of my mum and dad who are suffering from depression after the death of my late brother and after leaving their jobs.
    *My financial situation and break up with my partner, who has left me after draining me financially and leaving me without savings, no form of support and a house. Thank the good Lord I still have a job and I pray daily for healing and strength to get through each day. Those in similar situations as mine are in my prayers.
    *My country, and esp the sick & suffering, the poor & struggling, the people in the villages.
    Thank you.

  69. Please pray for my husband… that God heals his mind, body and soul. Please pray that he sees God’s will in his life. He is at a crossroads with his career. Please pray for guidance for him to choose the right path.

    Please pray that we come out of this financial crisis with a stronger relationship knowing that we are doing God’s will.

    Please pray for my father and sister… that they will find their way back to the Catholic church.

  70. Last week I had a seizure and they found a brain tumor. I had surgery and I am already home and doing great. I want to praise God for his glorious miracles and to ask the blessed Mother to continue to heal me.

  71. I would also like to add to my prayers my niece Jaime who is expecting her first child (she has had some miscarriages in the past) and who is having to take needles throughout her pregnancy and may be required to have bedrest soon, that she and her expected child have good health and a safe and blessed delivery.

  72. Please pray that my daughter, M, heal from the painful, deceitful relationship she was in and move forward. Please also pray she finds a career she is passionate about and returns to the Catholic Church. Please pray my other daughter has a happy, healthy baby.

  73. Please pray for some issues we are having with my Father! Please take him into Your Hands Lord and please help us make wise decisions about his future. I truly want what’s best for him and for Your Will in it all. In Jesus’ Name we pray~

  74. I offer this novena for my father. He was diagnosed a yr. ago w/ lymphoma. He has one more chemo treatment & then must have a stem cell transplant to cure him. I ask that his body is able to handle these treatments. I also pray for my mother. I pray for her to feel the grace of god. I also ask for grace , so that I may be able to do all that is asked of me throughout these months.
    I pray for my husband & children. I ask god to watch over my children in this coming school yr.
    I pray to St.joseph, that he will continue to watch over our other house & tenant.
    I want to thank god & all the saints in heaven for all the wonderful friends who have been praying for my father & my family. May they be blessed as well.

  75. Please pray for me and my sons financial situation to improve. Please pray for my husband and my sons father who has abanded us and will hopefully someday realize what it is to be a good man who takes care of his family . Please send me positive prayers for me to be a great mother.

  76. We pray for all of those people who are addicted to pornography or other sexual addictions. May God release them from the grip of evil and show them who they truly are in Christ.

  77. We pray for all those who will be attending World Youth Day in Spain. Mother Mary, place your mantel around them and protect them and bring your people to your Son. We pray for the conversion of all family members and we pray for the conversion of many hearts and minds during the upcoming 40 Days for Life Campaign. May God in his mercy save the unborn from abortion, their mothers from a lifetime of regreat and the abortionists from ever doing another abortion again.

  78. I pray for a growing love and understanding of God in my life and of my Blessed Mother. I pray for a vocation and I pray for Dean and for his well being. I pray for Aisling’s exam and I pray for David and that one day our friendship will be renewed!

  79. Please pray that my house will not be foreclosed by the bank. We are waiting for the sail of our property in order for my house to be saved.

  80. please remember my family in your prayers specially my husband Benson Sr. who is working a seaman.Thank you and God bless.