Holy Family Novena

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Holy Family

The Holy Family consists of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They serve as a holy example for our families and us. As Blessed Pope Paul VI said, we meditate on the Holy Family that it may “teach us what family life is, its communion of love, its austere and simple beauty, and its sacred and inviolable character.” In this novena, we will reflect on different aspects of the members of the Holy Family and different events that took place in their lives to help our families and us grow in holiness.

About the Holy Family

Mary was betrothed to Joseph before the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would conceive the Son of God. When Joseph found out, he decided that he would divorce her quietly, but an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to trust Mary. Mary joined Joseph when he traveled to his hometown, Bethlehem, for the census. It was there that Mary gave birth to Jesus. The Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated the Sunday after we celebrate the birth of Christ (i.e., the Sunday after Christmas).

God chose to come into world as a child in a family. Like most families, His family shared very real joys and sorrows. By meditating on the Holy Family, may we learn what holiness looks like for our families during both joyful and sorrowful times.

Holy Family Novena Prayers

Opening Prayer

Holy Family, you were close to our Heavenly Father on Earth, uniting your wills to His, and are now close to Him in Heaven. I ask that you intercede with Him on my behalf.

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Day 1: Holy Family Novena

Holy Family, you traveled to Bethlehem without knowing where Mary would give birth. You relied on God to provide, and what He provided for His Son was a manger in the midst of animals. Help my family to rely on God for our needs and trust in His ways, even when they are not what we expect.

Day 2: Holy Family Novena

Holy Family, after receiving warning from an angel, you fled to Egypt to save your son from the killing of innocents that was taking place in your hometown. Come to the aid of all families who are in exile, and come to our aid when the powers of this world act against our children, our God, and us.

Day 3: Holy Family Novena

Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus, you silently carried out the simple labor of a carpenter to provide for your family. Bless all parents who labor without complaint to support their families. Pray that they may in time see the spiritual fruits of their labor.

Day 4: Holy Family Novena

Mary, Mother of God, your primary vocation was bearing and raising your Child and for that, you are venerated among all women. Pray for God’s blessings upon all people whose primary work is in the home. May they see the great dignity of their work especially when it seems mundane or monotonous.

Day 5: Holy Family Novena

Jesus, Son of God, You were raised in a Jewish home where you learned both the Scriptures and the craft of carpentry from Your earthly father. Bless all children that they may grow in holiness throughout their childhood. Help them to see You in all things: in prayer, in work, and in play.

Day 6: Holy Family Novena

Holy Family, on your return journey from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Jesus stayed behind in the Temple, leaving His parents to worry about His whereabouts when they discovered He was missing. Pray for parents who struggle with distress, anxiety, and misplaced guilt over unexpected things that happen in their children’s lives.

Day 7: Holy Family Novena

Mary, you encouraged your son to perform His first public miracle. Help all parents to know when and how to encourage their children, so that they may live out the lives that God has called them to.

Day 8: Holy Family Novena

Mary, as Jesus started His public ministry, you saw His followers as well as those who ridiculed Him. He was not welcome as a prophet in His hometown, among those He had known throughout His life. Help all family members to support one another through their trials and difficulties.

Day 9: Holy Family Novena

Mary, you and Jesus buried Joseph, and then you watched as your Son was brutally beaten and crucified. Holy Family, be close to all families as they experience the suffering and death of loved ones.

Closing Prayer

Holy Family, you who once walked this Earth, accompany my family as we strive to follow your example by walking in your footsteps.



The feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on the first Sunday after Christmas but you can pray the Holy Family Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!

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