Immaculate Conception Novena

Immaculate Conception Novena

*This novena begins 9 days before the feast of the Immaculate Conception*

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is an important day for us to reflect on Mary’s life.

It is important for us to strive to imitate Mary as the ideal example of the Christian life lived for God.

This novena will give you the opportunity to ask Mary to give you the grace to imitate her profound love of God – Sign up now!

This novena starts on November 29th and if you sign up now you will receive the novena prayers each day in your inbox.

Novena Prayers for the Immaculate Conception

O most pure Virgin Mary conceived without sin, from the very first instant, you were entirely immaculate. O glorious Mary full of grace, you are the mother of my God – the Queen of Angels and of men. I humbly venerate you as the chosen mother of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Prince of Peace and the Lord of Lords chose you for the singular grace and honor of being His beloved mother. By the power of His Cross, He preserved you from all sin. Therefore, by His power and love, I have hope and bold confidence in your prayers for my holiness and salvation.

I pray that your prayers will bring me to imitate your holiness and submission to Jesus and the Divine Will.

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Now, Queen of Heaven, I beg you to beg my Savior to grant me these requests…

(Mention your intentions)

My holy Mother, I know that you were obedient to the will of God. In making this petition, I know that God’s will is more perfect than mine. So, grant that I may receive God’s grace with humility like you.

As my final request, I ask that you pray for me to increase in faith in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in hope in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in love for the risen Jesus!

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


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  1. I pray for my son who is having behaviour issues at school, l pray that he can change his way ,l pray that he can concentrate in school ,lpray that my son change be a blessing to other.lam really stressful at the moment! I pray for peace and hope&love ,guide how to handle my son, l pray for every one praying this novena whatever they are going through bless every one. In Jesus name l pray Amen

  2. Blessed Mary I pray for my 16 year old son to choose the right path in life ,I pray that he may be covered in the blood of Jesus and be protected from harm and danger and that he be a leader and not a follower ..I pray for health and strength for my diabetic 9 year old daughter, I pray for long life and sucess for her!
    I pray that God grant me health and strength and long life and that all good things come my way…
    I pray for the nation that we love each other and live in peace and unity..
    In Jesus name Amen!

  3. Please pray for my son Michael Anthony Joseph that he may be successful in doing his training in Madras and succeed in getting the job in the ship. May Jesus our Savior bless him. Thanking you all Solomonpeter Joseph.

  4. Blessed Mary, please hear my prayers and petitions. I beg for your intersession. Please ask God to bless and strengthen my sons marriage. They need the power of the Holy Spirit to touch them. They need forgiveness and love to be brought back to their marriage.
    I beeseech you Mary, to ask the Lord for his grace and love upon this couple. I will honor you all the days of my life. Amen

  5. Please pray for Pope’s Francis intentions daily & his health. For Hoi: health, good & honest caregivers& all her children ( jobs , families ). For Jim : fast healing with his eyew surgery, job , peace of mind , marriage& his parents . For Hoa: job, Marriage , peace of mind , patience& health. For Thanh: facial paralysis, health , peace of minds, peace in my family, good children at home and at school , protect my children everywhere they go, marriage , anger , patience & wisdom Holy Spirit is upon me . For john: good business, employees, health back pain, find good tenants for buildings, wisdom. For CJ: family , business decisions, health . For all souls ( especially Dr Anthony Huy Tran , Peter Tao Nguyen, Joseph Maria Le Thanh Minh, Mr Jim Mitchell ), poor souls in purgatory, unborn babies ( miscarriages and abortions), Jane dos and John Doe souls . For the sick ( Joel S., Joan , Dr Scott, Blake , Trudy & Jackie, Hillary , Muon , Claudia, & many many more ). For the dying , the dead , the unwanted, the lonely , the elderly. For people who don’t know God . For people who have no one to pray for . For people who I promise to pray for them . For people at my parish HTS. For teachers & Staffs AND students at St James and HTS . For priests at our church and over the world . For peace in my family and over the world . For less violence in the world . For daily mass goers with me at church . For Milan, Loretta, Kym, Ly, Holly , D’Arcy, Ken& Jerry , Jim & Shirley , Betty Webb, Kathy , Sheridan, Debbie , Mrs Georgi, Mrs Stoferahn, Ms Schleicher. For all my brothers and sisters and their families . For muon le and huon le and families . For all doctors and nurses and caregivers who help my mom and I in anyway they can . For thanksgiving for all blessings and graces received. Thank you so much for praying with me . Jesus , Son of David, have mercy on me . Jesus , son of David , have Pity on me .

  6. Hail Mary mother of all. I ask for your divine intervention in my life. I pray for prosperity and peace. Mother of God please help me pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to take charge of my life and bring grace, mercy and joy. I ask to for blessings of my womb, blessings of marriage for me and John, blessings for my health and that of my family and loved ones. Mother of Christ please hear the cries of your daughter. For years now I have cried out to heal me of the sickness that has taken charge of my life, for blessings of the fruit of the womb and for my weddings with John to finally happen. I’m on bended knees asking and pleading that you Mother of God please hear me. As a woman, a daughter, a wife and as a mother please help me! Remove all traces of envy, jealousy and hatred from my heart and bring me peace, joy and happiness. I ask this in favour of your divine grace to pray for me. Amen

  7. Dear Mother Queen Hail Mary, I offer you my plea for my husband to return for our lasting reunion. Give guidance that he needs. Please Mary, Pray for us.
    I need money to to complete my store project. Help me.

  8. Blessed Mother on this special day the feast of your immaculate conception I am asking more than ever for your powerful intercession to the Lord that he show us mercy And grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. Bless and heal womb and allow us to ovulate and conceive and have a healthy pregnancy and babies. We have had a rough year and today has been rough with the loss of a family member. I choose to have faith in God and know all he has taken from me he will replace ten fold. Gods word is his will and he says no one will be barren and yo be fruitful and mutiply. Every person in the Bible who prayed for a child received it and so I know God will grant my hearts desire in his perfect time. Please take our little girl Carmela that we loss today into your arms and let her know how much we love and miss her. For those pray warriors on this novena I ask you to please pray with and for me/us that God grant our requests. I praise God and thank him for his mercy kindness and love and will continue to praise him always. Amen

  9. Dear Holy Mother,
    Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for my family and me! Please grant the prayers of everybody who prayed this novena with me. Amen.

  10. Please pray for my mother’s mobility. Healing miracle. She can barely walk and do for herself. Make her New again. In Jesus Name

  11. Thank you so much for the novenas.. It sure has brought me closer to Many Jesus.. I’m faithful praying for Laura and her addiction.. she finally is in a recovery program..thank you Jesus Mary all Saints all novena prayers.. please pray for Laura recovery one day at time… God Bless you ..I will pray for you … I know I’m being call to pray more I’m asking Mary for strength guidance… Love your sister in Christ . matilde

  12. Dear Mother Mary happy birthday mom I love you with all my heart ,mother Mary please save my daughter Brieanna & Ja’Nay from all evil keep them safe for me especially Brieanna she’s in a dark place let there be light shine it on her.Amen

  13. Mother of Immaculate Conception please intercede my prayers for my sister Sharlean for her health problems please intercede my prayers that the test she has to have come back alright Please intercede my prayers that she be alright

  14. Thank you from bringing back my son , Zachkery , from the deepest, darkest times of his life. Thank you for giving us hope that he will be better, stronger, wiser, and less fearful. Help the doctors help him with his anxiety, fears, and doubt.

  15. For the immediate approval (before the 12th of dec) of the New Zealand Visa of Angelo Perez so he can visit his son who has been away from him for more than a year now. Please please pray for this special request. Also for the eternal repose of the soul of my sister Patricia Mamba Perez. Hod bless all!

  16. MARY of the Immaculate Conception,
    Dear Mother Happy feast day. We love You and trust in You. Help my family. Your son knows what We need. Pray For all of us Novena prayers and give us all a Merry Christmass and a successful New Year 2017. Your children.

  17. Thank you dear Blessed Mother for listening to our prayers during this novena. Happy feast day on your Immaculate Conception. Please pray for all the intentions of our novena community, for the souls in purgatory, and for the conversion of all of our friends and family members who are living without the hope of salvation in your son Jesus. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
    I ask you especially for the conversion of my daughter and healing of her body/mind/spirit, and that if it be God’s will she will one day be a light in the darkness to others who have been similarly deceived by the enemy, and lead them to Christ. You know the situation.
    Jesus I trust in You!

    • t.
      I join you in your prayers. They are nicely said. I am praying For my sons. Let them be the Light in the Darkness Like your daughter.

  18. My most holy mother pray to your son for my gradyhealing of his heart. Please rid him of his cough and I need him with me for more years. Bless my Taylor with a love he can cherish, happiness in his soul, success in his career and most all the protection and guidance from our saviour above. Guide him to the right choices and people in his life. And help me to get life right. I pray on this day of immaculate conception. Forever grateful and thankful. Amen.

  19. Please pray for my mother. She needs a miraculous healing. My sales goal. Sale credits. Also until then I need another good paying job. I’m apply ing for community counselor. I can set my own hours. Please pray that I will be hired as full time with the best pay possible. My daughter to come back to Jesus. My son’s and stepson salvation. My stepdaughter salvation. My brother and sister salvation and to be delivered from alcohol and conning people out of money. Increase on my husband’s job

  20. Please pray for me to have my Matthew home and my daughter for Christmas. Forgive my sins. Thank you for everything. Bring him home and my daughter. Don’t want to be alone on Christmas. Bring him home I love him so much. Don’t take him away from me please. In all of your name. Amen


  22. Blessed Mother Mary I humbly ask you of the ninth day of novena to intercede to the Lord that he grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. Bless and heal my womb and allow us to ovulate andconceive and have a healthy pregnancy and babies. Gods word is his will and it says to be fruitful and mutiply that no one would be barren. Every person in the Bible who prayed for child receive it and I know God will grant my hearts desire in his perfect time. I am asking all those in the novena to pray with And for me as I will pray for all of you. As pray warriors we are stronger together. It is Gods will to hear and answer every prayer. Praise Jesus we just need to have faith and continue to pray until are prayers are answered. ThAnk you Lord for your goodness mercy and grace for us during this difficult journey but we have faith you will grant us our prayer. Amen

  23. Dear Holy Mother,
    Thank you for everything!
    I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family- my daughters, my nephews, my sister, my mom, my husband and me. I pray for my elder daughter to heal from her skin and digestive problems, to have children soon and a very good family and to have a successful business; for her boyfriend to find a job and work very hard. I pray for my younger daughter to have children soon, a very good family and to succeed in her career; for her husband to work hard, improve his skills and get more hours at work. I pray for my nephews to find good wives and have children of their own. I pray for G to heal from his addiction and turn his life for the better. Please, Holy Mother, help him. I pray for my husband and me to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters, keep our jobs until we can retire and pay off our debts soon and also for a pay raise for my husband. Amen.

  24. Blessed Mother, ..we thank thee for all you have done.
    We ask you to intercede on our behalf.
    We love you, and your beautiful Son.
    We ask too please help your children. We pray for all the souls in purgatory , we pray for all the souls who have lost their lives thru tragedies.
    We pray that our children will return back to the church. Come to the mother Mary in a vision as you once did to the children before. We ask this in your son’s name Jesus, amen

  25. I’m praying for my financial abundance. I pray that I will win the lottery so that I can pay all my debts and bills. I pray for my children that they will be able to finish their college and have a successful career and life

  26. Immaculate Conception please intercede my prayers for my city for the families that has lost love one to murder please intercede my prayers for their children thathas lost their fathers Please intercede my prayers for my friend Chalmorn that he may be able to be able to get released from jail before the eight years Please intercede my prayers for my brother Ricky that he is alright Please intercede my prayers for my family members that are having finance problems and health problems with dibities, high blood pressure, back problems, pains in the knee Please intercede my prayers for my grandson CJ Please let him learn to be a good student in school and learn to respect the teacher Please intercede my prayers for my that I may contain to grow stronger in my faith Please intercede my prayers for my friend Joanna and her husband for their finances and for Joanna health Immaculate Conception please intercede my prayers

  27. Dear Mother Mary, embrace all my pain in your immaculate heart. Pray for my marriage and ask Jesus to make pods for my husband and I to reunite for God’s Glory. I need my husband and I feel for him. Please mother Mary intercede for us. I make in Jesus Name amen.

  28. Our Heavenly Father:

    Thanks for everything you has done and still doing for me and my children, children, children, children and a hundredfold of my generation to come in Christ Jesus name Amen. Let’s pray for the willingness to suffer for the sake of coming closer to Jesus. That is, for holiness.

  29. O most pure virgin Mary conceived without sin ,The Prince of peace and the Lord of lord , with almighty God, please grant my wish this Christmas and please open road for myself and John, teach John to be humble with Martha and Precious and guide John to reconcile back with his family that he abandoned for a yr , have John come back and be one as a big happy family again

  30. Blessed Virgin Mary please pray for me that I get closer to God and love him even more. Help to love and help others as God would want me to do so. Pray for my husband, children, grandchildren and family that they will find comfort in our Lord. Pray that those members of the family that have strayed from our Lord, come back and find that the Lord is the way. Pray for all those that are in need of prayer. In Jesus name I ask thee. Please intercede for us oh Blessed Virgin Mary.

  31. Dear mother of Jesus please pray for my son that he gets the job today! Pray for my mother now that she’ coming home that she will heal and come back to normal. Pray for our country that we will have love and peace!


  32. Mother Mary I am asking you to pray for me to get financial break through to help my brother with his condition so that he is finally realize his mistakes. Pray for my children to be successful in life and to be more prayerful. Pray for my family and my siblings to overcome all the challenges and to be covered with the blood of Jesus from the evil ones. I ask God to forgive my family for our shortcomings and bless my family in all areas , jobs and education included. Pray for my wife to become prayerful and have peace with himself. I trust and believe that my petition will be answered in Jesus Holy name. Amen

  33. Mother Mary please pray for me and guide me always. I am so down and desperate. mother mary please help me back my fiance to me. I love him so much please help this coming christmas he back me and marry me. In Jesus Name Amen

  34. Thank you Mary for saying yes to God. Please guide me to make a good confession and to be open to living my life for Christ. Please nudge my children to come back to the church and please beg Jesus to soften my husband’s heart to accept Jesus in his life. Please guide me with my health and guide my children and grandchildren to Jesus. Thank you for being an example of a great mother to me.

  35. Mother Mary I am asking you to pray for me to get financial break through to help my brother with his court case so that he is finally paid. Pray for my children to continue going to church and to be more prayerful. Pray for my family and my siblings to overcome all the challenges and to be covered with the blood of Jesus from the evil ones. I ask God to forgive my family for our shortcomings and bless my family in all areas , jobs and education included. Pray for my spouse to become prayerful and have peace with himself. I trust and believe that my petition will be answered in Jesus Holy name. Amen

  36. Our family ask the blessings from God to 1) provide us the money we needed to send back our kids back home to continue their school, 2) my boss will appreciate my worth in the company, 3) physical and emotional healing as i have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, 4) stronger family relationship, 5) healthy and harmonious relationships with me and husbands co-workers and 6) safety and protection of my kids in everyday travel to school.Amen

  37. Since I joined pray more novenas, I always join in your prayers daily. And I am feeling quite good. Problems comes in the form of sickness, financial crunch and obstacles but it passes away without keeping any impression. This is all because of your combined prayers. Thanks to all of you and keep praying for me and my family especially my wife and grand children Jerald 5 years and Magdalene 5+. May Almighty God Bless you.

  38. Mother Mary, I pray that my grown children find their way back to their church and their faith. They have strayed away. Show them the way once again. Amen

  39. Most Blessed Virgin Mary for my son David, you know how he hurts. Please take away his pain and give him Joy. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  40. Most Holy Mother I pray for our family and most of all my husband who has been treated so badly by his former employer. I pray he can find another job and this has not defeated him as we have all been brought to our knees. I pray the people who have been so mean see the results of their actions and I pray the Lord remove them from our lives. Pray the outcome with the labor board is in our favor and we can finally move on. I pray for all who have been praying this most special Novena that their prayers are answered and it brings us all closer to God.

  41. I pray my husband is falling in love with me, I pray he loves my kid as his own, I pray my child to be happy and healthy always, I pray we all live a long life and healthy, I pray we lose our increased weight, I pray we get some financial help urgently… I pray our PHILIP is with us in spirit… I love u amen

  42. Mother Mary, please pray that my grandson Henry will grow to be a normal person, physically, emotionally and mentally.

  43. Mother Mary
    I pray for my husband, step son, Aunts, Uncles, & friends who have stopped going to church orhave lost their way. May they find, seek & return to you & you son Jesus Christ.
    I ask that you gear every one else prayers too.

  44. please pray for my sons’ AC and AM that they are both liberated from all addictions in Jesus name. I pray for their healing their salvation and conversion. Bring my daughter back to the Catholic Church. Pray for all those praying this Novena.
    I praise and worship our Lord. Thank you Blessed Mother for interceding to our Jesus for all. P