Immaculate Conception Novena

Immaculate Conception Novena

*This novena begins 9 days before the feast of the Immaculate Conception*

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is an important day for us to reflect on Mary’s life.

It is important for us to strive to imitate Mary as the ideal example of the Christian life lived for God.

This novena will give you the opportunity to ask Mary to give you the grace to imitate her profound love of God – Sign up now!

This novena starts on November 29th and if you sign up now you will receive the novena prayers each day in your inbox.

Novena Prayers for the Immaculate Conception

O most pure Virgin Mary conceived without sin, from the very first instant, you were entirely immaculate. O glorious Mary full of grace, you are the mother of my God – the Queen of Angels and of men. I humbly venerate you as the chosen mother of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Prince of Peace and the Lord of Lords chose you for the singular grace and honor of being His beloved mother. By the power of His Cross, He preserved you from all sin. Therefore, by His power and love, I have hope and bold confidence in your prayers for my holiness and salvation.

I pray that your prayers will bring me to imitate your holiness and submission to Jesus and the Divine Will.

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Now, Queen of Heaven, I beg you to beg my Savior to grant me these requests…

(Mention your intentions)

My holy Mother, I know that you were obedient to the will of God. In making this petition, I know that God’s will is more perfect than mine. So, grant that I may receive God’s grace with humility like you.

As my final request, I ask that you pray for me to increase in faith in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in hope in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in love for the risen Jesus!

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


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  1. Dearest Mother of God, O Virgin Mary.
    You are my refuge. With all the crisis in life I’ve been through, you were there. Guiding, protecting and praying for me.
    I ask a special intention for a friend R, for his complete recovery from his ailment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
    May you cloak him and me with your loving arms and give us immense peace inside. Please pray for us that we keep a healthy distance from each other so we don’t hurt each other emotionally unintentionally, Amen.

  2. Oo virgin Immaculate i come infront of you to ask you to intersed in my pray. help me dedicate my fiance B IN KNOWING GOD AND CHANGING HIS LIFE TO A GOOD ONE. I SHALL NEVER LEAVE HIM TILL DEATH DO US PART

  3. Mother Mary
    Pls help my im so weakness now for my troubled
    pls kindly rescue me mother
    pls give me peace of mind for my prblem
    Amen.Thnk u Mother

  4. Mother mary please ask your son Jesus to have mercy on me, let me have a peaceful mind please pray for me to increase in faith in our risen Lord, pray for me to increase in hope in our risen Lord, please pray for me to increase in love in our risen Jesus.Amen

  5. Dearest Mother Mary my marriage needs help. It has been a long struggle but I still want it to be blessed. Our marriage and relationship needs so much healing.
    Please intercede for me to your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ and to God Our Father. I love you Mary my Mother.

  6. Pray for good health, strength and peace of mine and to for my faith to be stronger. Pray of peace in the world and end to suffering.

  7. Please join me in praying for the World’s Peace, Love and respect to ALL so that we can all live in harmony. I believe that there is no such a Happy WAR. ALL WARS are EVIL it only brings misery to Everyone.
    We can also pray Holy Rosary and that Our BLESSED Mother Mary will help us, Amen.

  8. I pray for my husband Craig that he gets a job promotion with more money and I pray that happens with in the next couple of months. I pray that this O’reilly’s unemployment thing is over and done with, please keep those people away from us. We won three times with them fighting us on unemployment and I pray that we continue to win and that this is completely done and over with right now and each and every day, so we can move on with our lives and be done with them. I also Pray that my husband (craig) and Christine (I) have a really really really good tax return we are struggling with money at this time and ask for your help with that to make sure we will all have always have more then enough to live and by good and clothes and pay our mortagage and I pray we can get a good better then previous tax returns. I ask for you hear our prayers and answer them and I ask all of those praying here as well, get their prayers answers. Thank you. AMEN

  9. Dear, St. Jude and Father

    Things are slowly improving for me health wise and I thank you. I pray for continuing improvement and strength and patience as I continue to get better and better and my bad days continue to be few and far between, each day. I pray that the treatment I am receiving continues to work for me the rest of my days. I pray for health for my husband as well, as he deals with the public.

    I pray for my daughter Makayla and riley her friend, and the little girl I watch. She came home from school and said she was not feeling well. I pray that Father she gets better, they both get better. They both had a mild temperature and I pray that is the extent of what they have. I pray the temperature goes away and that they do not get any sicker. No throwing up, no colds, no viruses, no flu, no measles, no sickness of any kind. no coughing, no fevers, no more phlegm . I pray for super fast heeling right now for both of them and I pray for super fast protection from them getting sick from anyone else. Protect them each from getting sick, as they always seem to be getting sick. Please place your healing hands on them father right now and each and every day.

    I pray for these crows that flying around here, stay away from our home, cars, houses, backyard, sidewalks and roads around our house and our house and those around us. Crow are bad luck and we pray they stay far away from us each and every day. Protect us.

    I pray for my husband to get a raise and get a promotion, and soon. I pray he will be successful and I pray he will be happy and continue to be happy there and I pray he learns to keep his mouth shut and not get involved with things there and I pray the people that work him continue to like him and support him.

    I pray for guidance on what I can do to make the job I am doing for Meg better and successful with getting people to call us or her. I worked and not one person has called her back and I pray we start getting calls and emails back from customers looking to purchase from us or sell to us. Help me to come up ways to make that happen and I pray that happens soon. I want to continue to work for Meg, so I ask for your help.

    I pray that our financial situation greatly improves, that we aren’t struggling and that we will always have MORE then enough to pay our bills, our rent, money for clothes and food and be able to safe for our daughter and ourselves. Help us right now father we need it. I want to be able to pay my mom back as well.

    I pray for the continue healing of my brother. Watch over him. I pray for continue healing of everyone in my family.

    I pray for protection from anyone looking to do harm to us Craig, Makayla, Christine (me) and my mom , either by wishing for bad things to happen to us, or talking bad about us, or looking to harm us by hands or body or mind. I pray for over all protection from everything and anything from anyone. Especially from Tom my sister’s soon to be EX husband and Brandi Mark’s Craig’s brother wife, who believes in goth and stuff and from all those that come into our lives or are in our lives. I pray we are always protected each and every single day of our lives.

    I pray for your help in making us more patient and happy for others when good things happen to others, so that they will be happy for us. I pray that you help me let go of what things have happened to me in the past, all bad things that were said to me and help me move on. I pray for wisdom and guidance and faith and happiness and positivity for myself and my daughter Makayla and Craig and my mom, each and every day of my life.

    I pray for my sisters and my brother as they all have issues going on in their lives and each one is different. I pray they realize that I am here as well and that they care about me too, as my problems are just as important.

    I pray for my sister Cathy that things improve greatly for her. I pray she can get the divorce over with and that she is done with her husband. He is a horrible person and I pray the truth of everything and how this man truly is comes out to everyone involved with this situation including her kids. That they all realize that all of the problems and situation all stems from this man, he causes it all and does more harm on many levels then good. I pray they side with my sister. Let the truth comes out about this man that is all surfaces. I pray for protection of my sister Cathy from him and her kids. I pray for her all of kids to see how this man is and how he is so wrong on what he doing. That it is not right for them to treat her that way, I pray for this to happen and happen right now! I pray that once they see it, they stand up for her as they should for their mom and stand by her. Realize that their father is a sick man and that what he is doing and has done is wrong. Help them right now Father, Help Quinn, Caitlin and Melanie realize and see the truth of their father. He is a horrible person and no one deserves to be treated in such a way as she is being treated either by him or by her kids. Help her and give her the strength to realize this and help her realize that me (Christine) Cheryl and my mom are their to help her and stand by her and to help to stop treating us poorly. I pray also that she stops hanging out with my brother’s wife. Even my brother doesn’t like. My brother’s wife is just like her husband and doesn’t like us at all. she cheated on my brother and just as bad as her soon to be ex husband. In fact I think she had something going on with him. I pray father, you help my sister see that, she is a lier and that she NOT trust worthy and that she opens her eyes to that. I pray for all of these things very soon with in a weeks or month.

    I pray for the kids that my sister is fostering right now. They seem to have come together and are doing better. I pray she can continue to help them and perhaps adopt them, but she needs to help to do that. I that the parents of those kids stop blaming my sister, as she is not doing anything, she is helping them by taking in those kids, and they should be thankful for it.

    I pray right now for us to get a great tax refund much better then the past ones we had so we can be head of the game and that we do not need to use that money to fix anything. I pray things do not break and that the money we will receive will not be needed for fixing anything. That we can put that money to the side when we need it. We pray we can get ahead.

    I thank you father for you help with everything thus far and I pray for your continue support and help as well each and every single day of our lives. Please pray and hear the prayers of all those praying here as well.


  10. Please pray for me (Tupou Finau) to always have courage with my family…to be a good mother to my two kids and be a good wife to my husband…pray that God teach me how to raised and train my kids to become a servant of God in the near future.

  11. Please pray for my daughter Lauren to find a husband to love and be a good partner to her. Also please give her wisdom to recognize a good man and patience and courage

  12. Thank you for this I have been trying to conceive for a year now and I pray that God Blessed me and my husband at the age of 42. Please let it be in Gods sacred name Amen!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!!

  13. Pray for m g newborn son (Avery) that you my heal him during early beginning years of life is well. Please give my son (Avery) the strength that he needs in right arm, that difficult during birth. Please Pray for my son (Avery). Please protect my family from danger. Please Pray for my newborn son (Avery). Thank you!!! I Really Need your prays. May God Bless you!!!

  14. Pray for my son (Ruben) going through a divorce. Ex-wife doesn’t let him see his to daughter’s.
    And my older son (Rene) looking for a job. Getting depressed.
    ME (Delila) & husband (Rene Sr) for our health.
    Need your prays.
    God bless you all.
    Thank you,

  15. Now that we are all getting well, I pray we stay that way., please protect us from getting sick and please help us stay well going forward, anything we come in contact with or people, protect us always. Heal us, mind, body, and spirit, right now and protect us right now and each and every single day of our live. No food poisoning, no stomach virus, no stomach flu, no flu at all ,no nausea. no throwing up and please no other sickness as we just all got well. Thank you for answering our prayer, amen!!

  16. Oh Mary and Father, protect us this New Years eve and New years day. We have been sick Craig, Makayla and I, and my mom. Please send down your healing hands to us right now and heal us, make each of us whole and heal us. With that protect us and keep us healed and healthy. Please father, help us right now, heal us, protect us and make us whole, right now and through out the whole years of 2015. Protect us from getting sick, no flu, no stomach flues, no stomach virus, no sinus infections, no food poisoning, no nausea, no bronchitis, or lung problems, no throwing up. Heal us right now and
    keep us healed and healthy after. My daughter stomach is gurgling
    right now as we sleep, please no throwing up and no upset stomach for her, please right now heal her and keep her that way. Let us start the new year with good things, good health, positive things and positive people and positive situations and let us go through the year that way. Positive changes with health, money, love, peace, stress for us all.

    I pray that I have some stomach acid right now, that you help me with that, please make that stomach and help me, to not have issues, help me to find the right people to help me control the stomach issues I’m having as I want to live a productive, happy, healthy long life. No acid reflux, no throwing up, no nausea, no food poisoning, and please help me with the anxiety I have with all of that. Help me to mange it and help me not to have to take medication because of it.

    Help Craig get a promotion at work, with more money. Help me to be well liked at work and help him to stay out of things going on at work and just do his job and not get emotionally attached.

    Help me find a part time, that is good for me, flexible hours, so I can still do what I need to do with Makayla and babysit and something that I will like and not be scared about doing and will have a really passion so I can be successful and that they like me and trust me and treat me with respect and kindness.

    Help me and Craig to have another baby, get pregnant, stay pregnant, the baby is healthy and free of disease and cancers and birth defects and the pregnancy goes well, free of nausea and throwing up, and health issues, and the delivery/birth goes well nothing goes wrong and me and the baby are ok and that the problems I have with my stomach go away during the pregnancy, and the post pardium goes well for both me and the baby. and I get the help I need. We are getting older and we don’t want our daughter to be an only child. Thank you for the blessing of a miracle.

    Help us to be blessed with better financially status, so we aren’t struggling like we have been, that we have more then enough to get what we want, pay all our bills, not living week to week and still be able to safe some money and get life insurance. Bless us with financial wind fall, so we can help others in need as well.

    Bless us with amazing health Craig, Christine, Makayla and Dorothy and those around us that we come in contact with us, bless them with health too. Make us whole and healthy and stay that way, each day.

    Give me and us peace, less stress, happiness, love, understanding, wisdom and guidance, and patience. Grant us some good friends and more happy times with family and friends.

    Open up the eyes of people that are blind what is going on in front of them. My sister and my nephew Brendon, my brother. Help them see and act accordingly to how the people they are protected really are and give them the right directions to take.

    Bless our new Year with hope, faith, love, money, amazing health, protect us from those looking to do harm either with words or body and put the right people, in our path to help and put us in the right situations and right time at the right place, help us recognize those and act on them on what we need to do need too.

    Grant those prays of everyone praying here. Help them through the times they need it and grant them the patience, love and understanding.

    This and so much more in my heart, father. Thank you for everything you have done for us and I pray for your continue support and love. AMEN

  17. Father,i pray to get more sponsors for the community kitchen, where i run the classes for cooking and baking,i pray for my car that is at the dealers garage to be released.

  18. Please pray for my father he is just not able to leave alcohol despite being admitted 4 times in the hospital cause of it.
    Pray for my husband he is searching for a good job but not getting one.

  19. Father, thank you for this Christmas eve and Christmas, I pray for my daughter and my husband right now. Both are sick and my daughter had a high fever today. I pray for both their health right now. I pray they both get healthy, right now send down your healing hands and heal them and I pray once we all are healthy we are healed we remain that way. We have had too much sickness and I pray for healing for myself Christine and craig and Makayla for us to get well and stay well. No more sickness and that we are protected from getting sick again. I pray for colder weather so we can get rid of the sickness. I pray no more fevers, no more coughs, no stomach flu, stomach viruses, no food poisoning or flu for myself, Christine, craig,and Makayla. Please hear my prayer and answer it. AMEN

  20. Father, thank you for this Christmas eve and Christmas, I pray for my daughter and my husband right now. Both are sick and my daughter had a high fever today. I pray for both their health right now. I pray no more fevers, no more coughs, no stomach flu, stomach viruses, no food poisoning for myself, Christine, craig,and Makayla. I pray they both get healthy, right now send down your healing hands and heal them and I pray once they are healed they remain that way. We have had too much sickness and I pray for healing for myself and craig and Makayla for us to get well and stay well. No more sickness and that we are protected from getting sick. I pray for colder weather so we can get rid of the sickness. Please hear my prayer and answer it. AMEN

  21. I pray for continued health, safety and happiness for my family. I also pray for an end to our financial difficulties, that we may live with less stress and more time to enjoy together. Lastly, I pray for all of those praying this novena with me.


  22. Dear JESUS,
    I want to offer my prayers to all parents and grand parents. Please open the hearts and mind of all my children to respect and live my parents.
    Protect them always in all their needs.
    I want to ask forgiveness yo all my sins my dear JESUS please forgive me.
    I want to live a normal, quiet and happy life together with my children and husband.
    Please help me with my work that I can still work until I will be able to raise all the money that my family need especially my children.
    Two of my friends were forced to resign. Please don’t let this happen to me for the sake of all my children.
    They need me so much I need to earn money to support them in their studies.
    I love you JESUS. Amen

  23. Blessed mother please help us. We are in great need of financial help. Please help us to get over these issues as soon as possible. I don’t know how much more I can take. Please help our daughter get stronger and be able to complete her education. Amen

  24. I am praying for my younger sister who is beginning to behave strange due to drug intake and threats from friends,that the Infant JESUS will heal her totally as He comes to dwell with us Amen

  25. Father, please help me right at this moment, right now. I just had a accident where I went in my pants and then again in the toilet. My stomach is gurgling and gassy and rumbling. Please father, no nausea, no throwing up, no more diarrhea , I realize I need to get this stuff that was put in me out of my system and that is fine, put please make it stop soon and please make it get out of my system soon, so I can get some much need, peaceful, restful night sleep each night. I have more prayers but for right now, I need this to be addressed right now. I need to have my stomach and bowels settle down, I need to pass all of the stuff I took for the CAT scan today, so please let that pass through quickly and fast, and please help my stomach and bowel settle down, so I don’t feel sick. Help me with my anxiety over all of this, its hard to function.

    Please father and St. Jude, help me right now at this moment in time and continue to help me after it. Please no more nausea, no throwing up, no stomach pain, no more diarrhea (unless its to get rid of the stuff I had to take) and I pray that goes quickly and is out of my system fast and no more of anything else associated with IBS, such as acid and GERD, please help me with that as well. Please help me so I can relax and remain calm and that I get peaceful, restful night sleeps today and each night after. Please help me right now at this moment in time and please continue to help me after ward. Thank you for listening to my prayer and thank you for answering it. AMEN

  26. I thank you Christ for what you have done for me and family. I want to keep praising, praying and thanking you on still i’m reach my lord. Amen

  27. Deliverance and protection for my son Chidindu David Chikwendu and my daughter Deborah Iheomamu Chikwendu. Oh God please help me.

  28. I would like to pray for my niece who is longing to have a baby, so please pray for her who has last twins last August, please , come Lord Baby Jesus to my niece AND MAKE THE HUSBAND AND THE WIFE HAPPY, AMEN.

  29. For my sister in law, Dina, that she may receive complete healing, so that she can walk, talk & eat a solid diet again.

    For my friend, Teri, that she quickly & fully recovers from pneumonia & gets out of the hospital before Christmas.

    For my daughter, Sophie, that her fever leaves her soon, so she can feel better again.

    Thank you for your prayers & may God bless all of you!

  30. Thank you Lord for all, Tapiwa Daniela Adrian have gone today, Nyasha tj left with Tapiwa and Calvin our Good Lord Almighty Being PRESENT in all Situations we Thank you TOTAL SURRENDER

  31. Please help my brother in law Tom have a most successful job interview today. Mother Mary be by his side. St. Michael protect him from all negative forces.

  32. Thank you for healing my father Teo . He is out of the ICU but still in the hospital but recovery. Thank you ssweet Jesus.

  33. Dear Infant Jesus, I pray for reunion with my son. Needs to be with my family this Xmas season. Ehrenberg needs. And thank You for The Immaculate Conception novena answered prayer. My sister is on her way home. Thank You Mother. Amen

  34. Miraculous infant of Prague please pray for me and all our family and answer all our prayer requests this Christmas. Help us all to enjoy a very holy, happy, healthy, safe, successful, peaceful, tolerant festive season.

  35. Please, Father, allow this radiation treatment cure my husbands CAncer forever. You know what he has gone through. And our daughter, dear Father in heaven. Please allow this child within her to grow and maintain to become a healthy child. I ask you in the name of Jesus the Christ

  36. Please pray that all families may find joy, peace and love this advent season.
    For healing in our family especially for my husband.

  37. My beloved Mother Mary I beg you to beg Our Lord God for a complete healing for my sister her husband and me from cancer .My children to start going to church again and our grandchild to be Baptised in the Catholic Church . A very close relative of mine to give up his addiction all this in Jesus’ Name Amen We love you Jesus Praise you Jesus and Thankyou Jesus. AMEN