Immaculate Conception Novena

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Immaculate Conception Novena

*This novena begins 9 days before the feast of the Immaculate Conception*

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is an important day for us to reflect on Mary’s life.

It is important for us to strive to imitate Mary as the ideal example of the Christian life lived for God.

This novena will give you the opportunity to ask Mary to give you the grace to imitate her profound love of God – Sign up now!

This novena starts on November 29th and if you sign up now you will receive the novena prayers each day in your inbox.

Novena Prayers for the Immaculate Conception

O most pure Virgin Mary conceived without sin, from the very first instant, you were entirely immaculate. O glorious Mary full of grace, you are the mother of my God – the Queen of Angels and of men. I humbly venerate you as the chosen mother of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Prince of Peace and the Lord of Lords chose you for the singular grace and honor of being His beloved mother. By the power of His Cross, He preserved you from all sin. Therefore, by His power and love, I have hope and bold confidence in your prayers for my holiness and salvation.

I pray that your prayers will bring me to imitate your holiness and submission to Jesus and the Divine Will.

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Now, Queen of Heaven, I beg you to beg my Savior to grant me these requests…

(Mention your intentions)

My holy Mother, I know that you were obedient to the will of God. In making this petition, I know that God’s will is more perfect than mine. So, grant that I may receive God’s grace with humility like you.

As my final request, I ask that you pray for me to increase in faith in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in hope in our risen Lord; I ask that you pray for me to increase in love for the risen Jesus!

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


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  1. Most blessed mother and Lord I thank you both for your grace and mercy that you continue to shower my family and I with day by day. Specifically for my Sam who is thirtyfive and is pregnant with two fibroid, lord what is happening proves more and more that your work is miraculous. Please I beg all of you my brothers and sisters to continue remember us in prayer and my son Devante’ who needs Devine intervention.
    Pray also for the those who have strayed from the faith and for all the souls in purgutory.

  2. Dear Immaculate Concepcion, please help me to answer my prayers especially for the victory of my case and the settlement of the company. Help my husband to heal his gambling addictions. Pray my family to be closer to God. Pray my families always in good health and protect from danger. Help me to become strong and firm of all the trials given my husband due to his addicted in gambling. Help me for financial struggles due to to my husband debts. Our mortgages and bills aer affected because his salary can’t provide all his debts. More blessing to the job of my son, daugther and my husband. Thank you.

  3. Please pray for my father who has been diagnosed with colon cancer that the cancer cells do not spread and is localized. He is going to have a surgery on December 15th. He is weak and we are trying to avoid chemo. Kindly pray for my mother too who is handicapped and struggling with Arthritis.

    God Bless

  4. Please pray for a miracle for me. My daughter E has been trying to get into the nursing program. She was not accepted first time. Please pray for a miracle that God, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit will make a way where there seems no way. May she be a nurse and Glorify God while she is helping people. Amen Jesus, and Thank You for answered prayer!

  5. Dear Virgin, mother of our beloved Jesus Christ, pray for me to increase in faith, hope and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grant that I may receive God’s grace with humility like you. And that I will always trust in Jesus Christ. Pray for my husband for good health.

  6. Please pray for the surgery of my nephew son 4 years old will have on Dec. 12.
    Thanks, God and Blessed Mother bless you always.

  7. For Kevin, Xavier, Margie, Paul, Debbie, Karen, Ron, Donna, Mindy, Cindy, Jordan, Patti, Jack, River & My own health, Thank you

  8. Thank you for your prayers my daughter got a job today, O blessed Virgin Mary thank you for your intervention to your son Jesus Christ Amen.

  9. Pray that we will find a permanent home when our landlord sells our current house after Christmas. Also that we will make the right decision. Thankyou. Amen

  10. Blessed Mother I have done the Novena and today is my last day . I ask you to intercede for me for my family needs you know what we need if the will of God the father also to help me have strong legs so that I can take care of my 11 months granddaughter helping my daughter Bianca So I help 2 days of the week because Babysitting is very expensive. And also for my son-in-law to get the answer to his disability court case I know you was standing by him on that day
    I want to thank you for your help and I also hope that everyone needs will I will offer the Eucharist tomorrow at your Mass

  11. Pray that I will always have faith. That I will be open to the will of God..that I will seek peace and pursue it. Bless me by next year with a holy husband and children,. Forgive me for my sins and help me to never repeat the same mistakes especially with men.I bring CW who has caused me much pain forgive me for wanting him and if it be your will help me to forgive him and let us talk amicably. Help me to let go..take over my romantic and personal and work relationships. Grant me discernment and wisdom, I bring that coworker who constantly aims to kill my happiness with her negative spirit…shield me from that O Lord and if it be your will to avoid my unhappiness and me saying mean things help me to be happy away from that clique. Protect me and thank you or answering my prayers and making me able to complete these days of praying. Amen

  12. Mother grant us your peace, health of mind and body for me and family members
    Please Mother Bless the work of our hands, bless Mr E and family protect the pregnancy till term. Grant Mr U favour of getting the house bidding tomorrow to commemorate your immaculate conception anniversary to your honour and Glory of your son and their own joy.
    Protect the work of our hands, grant us divine uncommon favour, forgiveness of our sins , housing favour, protect us from all dangers and evil ones. Grant us the Grace to finish our house project and enjoy the fruits of our labour amen. Grant us Holy Spirit and do not leave us to the torment of the devil and ifs agents.
    Grant peace in my material, praternal, in lnlaws and my family.
    Mother may I never be object of redicle. Amen . Our Mother of Immaculate Conception, pray for Us and the whole world, protect all Christians, Amen

  13. I would like to pray for my goddaughter Sister Mary Therese to find new novices to enter the order of the Sisters of the Immaculata

  14. I pray for my daughter to receive the position she has applied for. She is so worthy of this position and has been trying for many years to be a principal at many schools.

  15. I keep asking for the same things and I am sorry again. Please help me sell my business and I want them to be happy and successful, help my business do well meanwhile, I cannot take this pressure in my life, with worry, stress, anxiety, I am 67 years old, please help.
    Please I am begging to help my son D start working, do well in his career and be successful, find the right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together, please I worry so much about him, and I have been praying this for the past 8 years and nothing seems to be working, I need you please for these prayers.
    thank you again

  16. Dear Immaculate Conception, please intercede with our Lord Jesus, to help fire fighters put out the harsh fire that is destroying thousands of acres in ventura california, and pray for the families that have lost their homes in the fire, please keep safe all the wild animals, horses and dears, that are escaping the fire, also please pray for the fire fighters that are risking their lives putting out the terrible blaze of fires. and this we pray in Jesus name. Oh Mary Conceived without sin pray for us.

  17. Dear Immaculate Conception, please pray for my accomadations meeting which will be held on your apparition day Dec. 12, to saint Juan Diego, pray for me and guide me, and keep me company, give me confidence to respond to any questions from the officials, that all is in my favor, and to say the correct things to help me to be transferred to a non-school site, or to another office location close to my home. and this we pray in Jesus name, Oh! Blessed Virgin Mary conceived without sin, pray for me.


  19. My Dear Mama Mary,

    Thanks for all your favours and blessings bestowed on me. Thanks for having this prayer group who sent me the novenas and I could follow and prayer the novenas daily.

    Please shower your blessings along with your son Jesus on my three kids, myself, our health, also financial stress. I ask you to pray so that our faith does not waive off specially my eldest son.

    I also ask you to look after my friends, family, siblings and their extended families.

    Please look after all people who are troubled like me.

    Thankyou once again.
    Your child Matilda

  20. Thank you so much for praying for us – I have written before about myself Rosita Stanfield and Nicolas Giannos who have been wrongly served time in prison in Samoa. Please pray that our Lord give us to courage and the knowledge to forgive and the knowledge to move on. Currently I have served my 15 months of sentence. Nicolas sentence is 3years- he went on early parole but has been deferred till March 2018. We have exhausted our funds, so we are currently faced with a law suit from our previous lawyer for his $45,000 Samoan tala bill. We are disputing it because of his incompetency. It is very difficult for us to cope as we have had no income for nearly 3 years now, from the time we were arrested on the 26th May 2016 to now. Please pray that the Lord through the Immaculate help of our Lord Jesus Christ will help us, in all the necessary needs we require at the moment. We will also be praying for your needs. With our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.
    In Christ,
    Rosita Stanfield and Nicolas Giannos

  21. Full conversion into the Catholic Church for my brother’s family and out of Buddhism, conversion for my father to the Catholic church, peace between my mom, sister and me as we all are Catholic women and are attacked with the spirit of strive, for all the souls in purgatory special those with in my own family bloodline I pray for them, for me to continue to find the Holy Spirits Will for me in life, and if there is a St. Joseph for me may I recognize him and together help others special children in the world. For my health to continue to be aware of my eating habits to stay in control of my health mentally, physically, spiritually. Last for a good job so I can support myself again, a job that I can be around more Christians.

  22. O beautiful Mother of My Lord Jesus Christ,

    Eight months ago today I lost my job and I humbly ask you for new employment by Christmas. I also ask you for help with our financial situation which is in dire need of rebuilding since it is now nonexistent. Any assistance I am grateful for. Thank you and I love you. Amen.

  23. Today is a hard one praying for suffering, I can’t imagine what Jesus felt suffering for us, he suffered for those her loved, those who didn’t love him, and for the people he didn’t know. I’m going to pray that I have love that deep to strive to be more like Jesus.

  24. WILL everyone pray for my Sister’s and Brothers so that we can be a
    close family again ?????
    Thank you so much for praying for me and my family ????

  25. Our Lady,
    I thank our Lord for ALL the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family. I pray my children have found the mate who will help them to become saints. I pray my daughter will pass her professional exam. I pray for help in becoming a saint. I pray for all the intentions of this novena, for all those whose needs are so much greater than mine. I ask all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  26. Holy Mother, hear my prayers. I pray for a peaceful, calm day that is productive and free from anxiety; I pray that you lift me up to victory and to a better position that will be less stressful, but will result in no harm or reduction in salary; I pray for divine protection and have faith in you and Christ; I pray to hear from my son and that I will be picking him up and he will be in my home for all of the vacation or the majority without pressure; I pray for protection around my home; I pray to be well able to accurately do this job with confidence and no fear; I pray for love and a husband with a wedding in the mountains; I pray for healing for my father; I pray to hear from Mike and he will return as my handyman; I ask for healing in my fractured family; I pray for reconciliation all around; I pray that my home is filled with friends and family this holiday season; I pray to be reconciled with DB, TS, VY, LMG, JC; I pray that this new chapter in my new home will be blessed and full of love and favor….I pray for my country and world right now.

  27. Blessed Mother please heal my disorder of the brain. I want to live longer for my family. They need me. Moma Mary from heaven help cure this brain disease that has developed. Please Dear Lord in Heaven
    Blessed Mother help my children and grandchildren. Bring my children back to the church. They both married people who have left the faith.
    My Son in law and daughter in law believe that there is no God. I’m frightened for them. My children need Your protection Dear Lord.
    Please help my brother Dear Lord. He is developing a stronger faith in You and my prayers have been answered. He needs so much help I. Building his faith is a wonderful way to learn.
    My family of origin has been so hard to bear. There is mental illness and dis function. We need so much help and support Blessed Mother.

  28. Dearest Mother Mary I ask your prayers to your Son for my family. Traveling Graces for me as I visit friends in another state. Prayers for my husband especially today. Give him strength to move on from his past, shed the guilt he feels all the time. Prayers for those struggling from addiction of any kind. Prayers for my granddaughter she is very sick with a virus. Prayers for my parish and priest.
    All those asking in this Novena. I love Jesus and thank Him for His Mercy and Grace for me. Amen

  29. Dear mother mary.i pray for my self for having a healthy baby..please help me to conceive…grant my wish in dis coming christmast to have a baby…i lobe you mother mary.

  30. Dear Mother Mary, I pray for family peace, health and unity. I pray for my son’s health and recovery. May he overcome his depression and anxiety. I pray that he stay away from marijuana and tattoos and realizes how bad they are for him. I pray that he forgets his ex girlfriend and realize what a bad relationship it was. I pray that he be ready for work both mentally and physically and be happy, alert, and safe. I pray for my sons and husband to be successful and safe and people around them to be safe and that they be highly respected. I pray for my husband’s and mother’s health. I pray for my sons to meet good Catholic Christian wives so that they may have their own Christian families. I pray for my friends sons, mother’s and brother’s health. I pray that my husband and sons return to the church. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for my nephew to find a job and husband to keep it. I pray for all the people saying this novena. Please help us all. I love You!

  31. Holy Mary, please pray that Linda and Terry will have the strength, courage and persistence to continue to love and support Kelly, Jacob and Addison. Also through the grace of God that Linda continue to heal from her accident and that Terry continues to be healthy and able. That the family will come out of the ordeal stronger and more faithful than ever. Amen.

  32. Help me pray for blessings, graces and help for my family, home and finances as well as help getting a paid job. I am asking in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  33. Thank you for this opportunity to join in prayer and novenas. I’m mostly praying for my son’s mind to heal. He’s been suffering with depression, anxiety, tormenting phenomena for over 12 years. He recently got into legal trouble because of his illness. They think he may be suffering for bipolar or schizo effective disorder. Whatever the case may be. I’m praying for him to soon get the proper medication because so far nothing seems to work. This morning he’s sick, no appetite, throwing up and extremely nervous. He doesn’t live with me because I don’t like being around him alone. I’m a senior citizen, he’s 35 and although he’s very small in stature, I feel vulnerable around him. So please pray for me, my son and family. Pray for him to get some friends and a social outlet as he’s been so isolated for over a decade now. He’s a sweet and likable person when he’s doing well but hasn’t formed any meaningful relationships. He does pray and has strong faith in God! May God bless him and all of you who are in need of prayer!

  34. Blessed Mother Mary, today I pray for my son Jeffrey that the test he had done yesterday come back perfectly normal. I pray for restoration of health for Kristen, Toni, my so Mark and Domenic, Nicole and baby Rain. I also pray for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, everyone dying today, for my alive and deceased family and friends, for people in prison especially Eric, Richard and Cory, everyone with addictions, everyone sick and suffering. Amen

  35. Please hear the intentions of all praying thus Novena. Holy Mary Mother if God, I pray for me today. For health, for confidence, for the right words to speak today. Please help to change the mind of my boss. Please intervene so that he changes his mind to give me the role I am fully capable and vested in. Pray that all the negative people and negative perceptions go away. You know my hearts desire to work hard and with a Godly purpose to do everything to the Glory of The One who made me and us. Please hear my prayer as I prepare for the 7:30 meeting today. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

  36. Dear Mama Mary, please hear my cry,
    for this I pray,

    1. To have a job on or before December 11, 2017 that I can get to and from by public transportation easily, and that I will have the money to get there and back or a job within walking distance to and from my place of residence A job that I can do, Accounts Payable Clerk/Processor or Data Entry Clerk/Processor, similar to what I was doing at Apollo Management, with little phone interaction and casual dress. With great pay $45,000.00 a year or more and great benefits, health, dental, eye, 401K, stock, train expense, and 3 or more weeks vacation with great hours 8:00am – 4:30pm or 8:30am – 5:00pm (like I was doing at Apollo Management). In Mount Kisco, NY, within walking distance to and from home, or in White Plains, NY, Tarrytown, NY, or Elmsford, NY that is easy to get to and from by public transportation. Please do not to let my age hold me back from getting another job. To be given a job and that it will last me for the rest of my working life. I ask that this new job bring me happiness and contentment for the rest of my life and that I also bring happiness and contentment to the people around me. I ask that this new job be an easy one and that it will be convenient for me to travel to and from my place of residence by public transportation, or within walking distance to and from my place of residence. I ask that this new job bring me a better salary than my previous places of employment and that I get along with all the people that work with me, and they get along with me. Please bless me ASAP with another job. I am in desperate need of work, I have no income coming in, I have very little money. Please let someone give me another chance very soon, i am so worried and scared. Please please don’t let my age keep me from getting a job, please don’t let me being in debt keep me from getting another job & please don’t let me being out of work for over a year keep me from getting another job. Please let someone give me the chance. Please bless me with a job ASAP. I have been looking for a job for so long now without any luck. You are now my one and only last hope. I ask in the name of your one and only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be given a new job and that it will last me for the rest of my working life. I ask that this new job bring me happiness and contentment for the rest of my life and that I also bring happiness and contentment to the people around me. I ask that this new job be an easy one and that it will be convenient for me to travel to and from my place of residence by public transportation, or within walking distance of my place of residence. I ask that this new job bring me a better salary than my previous places of employment and that I get along with all the people that work with me and they get along with me

    2. Not to get evicted for any reason from my apartment & to be able to pay my rent each and every month, I have no income coming in right now. Please bless me with the money I need to pay my rent. Please don’t let us get evicted for any reason, we have nowhere to go. Please help me, please, don’t let us get evicted for any reason, please, we have nowhere to go, please bless me with the money I need to get my rent paid

    3. To take the pain from my body especially on the left side, cure all my illnesses, Systemic Lupus, Neurofibromatosis, Dermatomyositis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

    4. For nothing to get shut off because of non-payment (cell phones, cable/internet/home phone) I need these things so I can look for work, and so that potential employers can get/stay in contact with me

    5. To have benefits real soon so that I can go to the doctors, dentist, eye doctors, I haven’t been to the doctors in months and I really need to go

    6. To be able to take care of Missy, (cat food & litter & misc.)

    7. To be able to put food on the table

    8. Please take all the negative thoughts away from me, & all the negative energy away from my home

    Please bless us all, myself, Jevon, Missy & Jerrel please let us finally find peace and happiness, please let things finally get better for us all.

    Please forgive all my sins. Please help me , Please I am so sorry for all that I have done.

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


  37. I ask for peace in my home until they all move out and establish there own place to live. To many people living in my house.????????????

  38. Dear Blessed Mother The Immaculate Conception, I thank you for your health and strength, your guidance and protection and your love in my life and family Amen.
    Please hear the petition my son Cassius is asking for. I pray that he finds the position he seeks where he can realize his true potential. Also that he finds an affordable house in a good and safe area and shorter commute to work. That he settles down Amen.
    Praying for my brother Zeph, my niece Jillian her health issues and that she pass her LSAT exam, for Veronica and family, for Fina and family Amen.
    Blessed Mother, please help me defeat my enemies, their generational curses, their wickedness, financial hardships, obstructions and darkness from our lives. Crush my enemies under your feet as your did the serpent. Bring us your health and strength, guidance and protection, your light love and peace, financial blessings and good fortune in our lives Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  39. I’m praying for my son and his wife to be able to conceive a child without the need for IVF, which they have scheduled for the spring of 2018. Please join me in praying for them that God will bless them in this way.

  40. My daughter renounced her Catholic faith years since She is now expecting her first baby and her partner is Catholic. I pray that they (together) will find they way back to the church and bring their child up as a Catholic.

  41. Mary pray for my husband E who has left me because i have been found to have HIV/AIDS in my body, he doesn’t even want talk to me i pray that may he understand my situation. oh my God heal me so that he should see that God your so merciful to anyone. am not at peace may the Mary mother of Jesus bring peace in my mind.

    immaculate Mary pray for me

  42. Praying for the grace to live a holy life, for a good life partner for me, my sisters and friends and also for a good job for my sister Cynthia, me and all my friends and divine liberation and outpouring of God’s blessings in my family and long life and prosperity and other private intentions…..AMEN

  43. Thanksgiving for gift of life and good health for my family and lots of God’s favours.
    Request:My daughter to go through her college exams successfully, for my change of job documents to be approved, to be blessed with an income generating project to pay debts and fees for my children, to be granted the grace to work on my research project and complete.God to bless our home and complete construction, bless my parents and siblings and grant them good health and long life together with their families. Heal my sister in law who is ailing from cancer

  44. Dear Mama mary ,
    I want to thankyou and praise you for this blessing happy day . Lord Jesus keep me safe for I trust you and you are the prince of peace . open the door of your miracle door for me jesus for i want your will to do in my life and grant me your success . you do what you want to do in my life but stay with me .
    mama mary i offer my leave form into your hands and please touch tony heart tell jesus to bless him approve my leave and grant me a bonus and increment . whisper in jesus ears and tell to open the door of your miracle .. make all things possible for me . grant me peace of mind and good health and good fortune miracle blessing on me and my family , Bless our holidays stay with us..

  45. Holy Mary Mother of God…I am praying for the protection of my family from any harm for our safety and deliverance from all evil forces and bad influences especially for my son Marco…Please bless my sons Mikee and Marco heal their hearts from hatred to each other instead fill their hearts with love and care..hoping praying this for a very long time being their mom its very painful seing them quarelling fighting for whatever it is..Guide us how to inculcate the love peace harmony and respect in our home and lives..
    And praying also for the restoration of Faith in God with my family…
    In Jesus name I ask Thee…Amen

  46. Mother Mary of the Immaculate Conception,
    Today I place in Your mighty Hands my two sons and all my loved ones, nephews and nieces to come back to the church and to their Catholic faith. Heal them spiritually and make them follow Your Son Jesus Christ. Let the will of Your Son be done. Let us all have a happy Christmas in peace, love and forgiveness. I pray for all praying this Novena to follow our Christ.

  47. I pray for a healthy baby that Jesus grant me on his perfect time. A healthy pregnancy and a chance of motherhood is what in hearts desired. A child to love, care and cherish forever. May you grant me ohh Lord for i have longing to hold a baby of my own. All this i ask in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  48. I pray for healing for my dad, husband & myself. I pray for my marriage. I pray wisdom for my children’s teachers. I pray financial freedom for my family.


  49. Blessed Mother,

    I pray for good health and healing for my parents. Please watch over my mom especially. Please help bring emotional healing to me.
    I pray for everyone who is going through a difficult time to be blessed with strength and faith and surrounded by comfort and love.
    I pray for everyone who has fallen away from God and those who have chosen to follow the secure world. Please open their hearts and minds and lead them back into God’s good grace.
    I pray for everyone who is looking for love that their lives be blessed with the right person. Please grant strength and faith to those who have lost hope. If it is God’s Will please bridge the gap between M and I.


  50. i pray for all those intentions in this novena. I ask for peace in my heart and the grace to deal with disappointments. I pray for Ashley that she may lose weight and shed her anxiety and replace it with confidence. I pray for Emily that she may have a fantastic performance and play a higher level of soccer during these next 5 days. That she may get all her grades back to an A level. For special woman who has been dealing with the trauma of being molested by her father and brothers. That she may over come this evil that has so effected her and let her heart be filled with peace love and forgiveness. Tyler that he may have many friends and loved ones throughout his life.
    Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ

  51. My Dear Mama Mary, please pray for the sicks and those who are suffering all kinds of sorrows and sadness. Please help me to pass all my difficulties, so that I need not sell my house to payoff all debts.
    Please pray for the soul of my husband, hoping God has granted him eternal life in heaven. Please pray for my sisters who are living in healthy and peaceful life. Please keep praying for Shon for his diaster in business trip, hoping he can get out of trouble and go home safely.
    Thanks for your intercession.

  52. I pray that God will harken to the supplications of his children and continue to use this medium to bring back those stocks that have strayed away. May I also use this medium to ask my dear brethren to join hand with me in prayer to ask our Loving Father to open my door of progress and empower me to serve him always.

  53. Dear Blessed Mother,
    I come to thee asking for your prayers that God will activate the Holy Spirit in my family. Help my husband, sons and me to be all we can be and may the Holy Spirit be seen in all we say and do. Please guide us to be a calming and positive influence on others. Help us perform our tasks to the best of our ability.
    We love you Mary, we love you Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thanks for all you do for me.

  54. Mother Mary, please petition for my love life to quickly manifest excitement, happiness, serenity, joy, pleasure, and actively dating and togetherness, so that my fiancé and I will start to living the rest of our private lives together as husband and wife before this Christmas Holiday this year. And, I pray for us to immediately start having our happy and healthy babies right after we are married right away. Amen!

  55. Dear Mary,my mother, after reading a dozen or so letters, I forego my request to help us sell our home after five yrs of waiting, and ask that the prayers be for all the others who are worse off then us. God please bless them all.

  56. For the continual physical protection of Robert Thomas Cook and those sent to protect him.

    Mother Mary wrap him in your mantle and with the angels sent by God protect him from those who will do him harm.
    I also pray for the souls who will try to harm Tommy and our new adoptive families in St. Raphael, France and Istanbul, Turkey.

  57. Pray that my daughter will find employment and happiness in her life; that my son will be safe on the roads as he drives as a trucker; that my husband will be kinder towards others and not get so angry; that my legs will get stronger every day as I complete my therapy and the pain in my arms will be gone. Pray for my friend Charlotte who was hospitalized under paliatative care for her illness as well as all those who are going thru treatment for their illnesses. And I pray that my husband and children will look to our Lord for their spiritual needs. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will hear my prayers. Amen.

  58. Dear Immaculate Conception. Please pray for my family and friends for our financial needs, good health and peace mind. Pray for everyone to be closer to our Lord Jesus. Pray for us to forgive us all our sins.
    Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

  59. I pray for Health, Happiness, Safety and Security for my family and friends, especially my children and husband. I pray my children do well academically and get accepted into their college programs. I pray these prays so they are able to help others and society. Amen

  60. O Holy Mother Mary, pray for the Holy Catholic church and all societies within it for an increased in faith by members so the Church grows from Strength to strength. I pray for my children and niece not to leave the Church because of marital issues. I pray that each find a suitable soulmate and marry in the church soon. Y is in hands waiting patiently for her prayer requests. Lord let your will be done. Grant us the Grace to accept your will. I pray for traveling mercies for all people attending our programs. Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for us.

  61. Dear a God ,, What I am asking you Dear Lord , Please Help me with direction ,,Help me do. The right choices please ,, jusy afraid to do the wrong moves ,, Financially. ,,I am just afraid ,,I am not 100 % sure ……please make my partner understand ,, my move in Jesus name

  62. Dear Mother Mary,
    I pray for my sons, Anthon, Ern. and Cris, that they STOP the marijuana addiction and alcohol addiction, that they repent and mend their ways, and ask God for forgiveness, they return to the catholic faith, and my three sons and me remain united as one family, that they call us from the new apartment.

  63. Dear Mother Mary,

    I pray for my husband to leave his sinful ways & for his true repentance-
    I pray for my daughter Ana to leave the man she is living with outside marriage and to meet a good Catholic man-
    I pray for my son Thomas to be healed of his mental affliction-
    I pray for my son Alex to be reconciled with me and for a reunion between us & to know my grandchildren-
    I pray for spiritual light and guidance and to be protected from all harm and danger-

  64. Dear Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for all your blessings to my family and me. I pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family. I pray for my elder daughter to heal from her eczema and all her health problems, to have a baby soon and to b very successful in her business. I pray for my younger daughter to be healthy, to have children soon and to succeed in her career. I pray for my nephews to be healthy, to find good jobs and good wives and to have children of their own. I pray for G to heal from his addictions and turn his life for the better. I pray for my sister to be healthy, to keep her job and to have peace and quiet at home and for my mom to recover completely. I pray for my husband and me to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters, to be healthy, to keep our jobs and pay off our debts soon. I also pray for Adam and Gabriel to heal from their illnesses and for all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  65. Please pray my sons come back to their faith of the Catholic Church. If anyone else reads this please pray for me & my family. Say a mass for us, Thank you & God bless you.

  66. Please pray for the safe return of a missing elderly dog in East Grand Rapids MI..she went missing on 12/5/2017 around 5 pm..
    St Francis of Assisi bring her home safe and sound..patron saint of the dog St Roch..keep her safe and bring her home..and St Anthony patron saint of the lost please help them find her..and Mother Mary please keep her safe and bring her home..let her loved ones find Abby and all the missing animals in the world.
    Thank you,

  67. I’m praying for the healing and quick recovery of my co-workers Godson, whom underwent surgery this past weekend for a tumor lodged in the back of his head. He’s 9 years of age and wants to go home from the hospital. He misses his family and the family dog so much. Please pray that he makes it home in time to prepare for the coming of our Savior.

  68. Jade rachelle had a relapse and her 7 yr old found her surrounded with needles cys/cps did nothing and the state police did nothing or cys/cps to remove the child from the home i wish her no harm and jades sister is the one who asked me to call and her mentally ill son showed me pictures she was in rcia and her son kaleb was in ccd with my son jadon i pray she gets help and still continue in the program even though she relapsed with drugs Amen

  69. Please pray for me and my whole family to God ,to be delivered and to be healed from all evil that is bothering us. May God forgive us all our sins, and may God grant us mercy and conversion. God’s blessings over me,my daughters ,my parents , my brothers and their children and their wives.
    Glory be to the Father,and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.


  71. Dear Mary, please help me for financial struggles to pay the debts of my husband dudcto his gambling. We can’t afford to pay his debts because we have a mortgage , bills and utilities. We are suffering to pay our bills. Heal him to remove his gambling addictions. Pray and give miracle also of my case for victory. Heal my diabeties, high blood, bad cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis and chest pain as well my husbabd health condition. Pray my family always in good health and protect from danger. Always guide them on their work. Thank you

  72. Dear mother of God
    I put my prayers in your hands for my family for the health of the sick , for my brother Julio and his conversion for my sisters for the health of my husband TT for my cousin Victor that he can find the love and peace , free me from the sin and restore my health , intercede for my to your Son Jesus and pray for the sinner

  73. Dear Holy Mother, please pray m restore y marriage, their no trust and love. I pray for my husband that God Almighty will set him free from ungodly living

  74. Dear Virgin Mary please intercede for us to our Lord Jesus Christ, that all who are suffering from COPD get better, most especially my friend Dolores who is having such a bad time breathing. Help her to have faith and that she will recover soon.
    Pray for my husband that he will get better from the terrible cold that he has. Pray for my children and grandchildren that they will always have faith in God. In Jesus name I ask thee. Amen

  75. Please pray that God will send his Holy Spirit angels saints graces and miracles to my children; Francisco, Rebeca, Felicia for their conversion and desire to reunite with me and accept James and give Rebeca and Jair the desire to have a baby and bless them with a healthy baby.i ask this for the sake of James and his family, the least of the brethren of Jesus