St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

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How to Pray this Novena:

  1. First, read through the day’s meditation (in quotes below), and ask for the following grace (mentioned below).
  2. Then recite the daily novena prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Daily Novena Prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa. 

St. Teresa of Calcutta, you allowed the thirsting love of Jesus on the Cross to become a living flame within you, and so became the light of His love to all.

Obtain from the Heart of Jesus (here make your request).

Teach me to allow Jesus to penetrate and possess my whole being so completely that my life, too, may radiate His light and love to others.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cause of Our Joy, pray for me.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for me!


Day 1 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Know the Living Jesus

“Don’t search for Jesus in far lands; He is not there. He is close to you; He is in you.”

Ask for the grace of an intimate knowledge of Jesus.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 2 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Jesus Loves You

“Do not be afraid – you are precious to Jesus. He loves you.”

Ask for the grace to be convinced of Jesus’ unconditional and personal love for you.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 3 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Hear Him Say to You: “I Thirst”

“Just think! God is thirsting for you and me to come forward to satiate His thirst.”

Ask for the grace to understand Jesus’ cry of thirst.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 4 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Our Lady Will Help You

“How close we must keep to Our Lady who understood what depth of Divine Love was being revealed as she stood at the foot of the Cross and heard Jesus cry out: ‘I thirst.'”

Ask for the grace to learn from Our Lady to quench Jesus’ thirst as she did.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 5 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Trust Jesus Fully

“Confidence in God can do all things. It is our emptiness and lowliness that God needs and not our plenitude.”

Ask for the grace to have an unshakeable trust in the God’s power and love for you and for all.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 6 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

True Love is Surrender

“Allow God to use you without consulting you.”

Ask for the grace to surrender your whole life to God.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 7 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

“Joy is the sign of union with God, of God’s presence. Joy is love, the normal result of a heart burning with love.”

Ask for the grace to find joy in loving and to share this joy with all you meet.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 8 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Jesus Made Himself the Bread of Life and the Hungry One

“Believe that He, Jesus, is in the appearance of Bread and that He, Jesus, is in the hungry, naked, sick, lonely, unloved, homeless, helpless and hopeless.”

Ask for the grace of a deep faith to see Jesus in the Bread of Life and to serve Him in the distressing disguise of the poor.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

Day 9 – St. Teresa of Calcutta Novena

Holiness is Jesus Living and Acting in Me

“Charity for each other is the surest way to great holiness.”

Ask for the grace to become a saint.

Recite the prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

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  2. Dear St. Teresa, I have been praying the Memore constamtly, and now have finished your novena. St. Teresa, it’s the 11th. Hour, please, dont let us be evicted today. Please, make sure F, gets paid early tomorrow morning so we can pay our rent, and bills. Wr have our grandson and we can not be homeless, we just need to be paid, so we can take care of all our debts. I promised our lady when we are paid I will help people in need. Bless you, Thank you

  3. I am praying to MOTHER TERESA ,for my son’s marriage soon.
    So I started MOTHER TERESA’S novena Today.I have confidence
    in MOTHER.If I pray to MOTHER ,sure She will do my son’s marriage.Love zita

  4. St. Teresa I know when I was young you are one of the Saint who hears my prayer. I come to you because I know how close you are to our Lord. Please help me, and anybody who is constantly praying to reach God. May everybody keep their faith strong and guide others back to the Lord.

  5. my son lost his job, so I asked St Teresa to help find him another job. With the grace of God he was able to hind a new job. Thank you St. Teresa for your help.

  6. I love Jesus and yet when my physical pain ocurs I at times get disconnected and adrift. I have a painful condition called cystsis that flares to a point that I cannot function. I care for a lot of people in my job and in my personal life and when I’m in this pain I feel far away from my work and from Jesus. I have loved Mother Teresa my entire life so at confirmation last year I embraced her as my Advocate. I need help. I humbly ask for prayers and to learn and participate in all of the ways of my Saint (all of our Saint) as lessons, in helping others, and ways to further develop myself as a Catholic and to be closer to Jesus. I am asking for healing from Intercystitial Cystitis. I ask for help because this pain is very very intense and in turn I can’t talk, eat, or drink. It is all consuming and I pray that instead of my life being consumed by pain that my life is consumed by Jesus Christ our Lord. Please Saint Teresa of Calcutta intercede on this Intercystitial Cystsis I pray for a miracle..

  7. St. Theresa, as the little group from St. D’s flies the 12 hours to join your sisters in charity, please intercede that the Lord’s will may be done through, with, and in them, and that they may live lives directed towards sainthood.

  8. Knowing Mother Teresa would soon be canonized a saint I began a novena to her last August.Two days before I finished the novena I had a heart attack and a surgical procedure.I was told by the doctor that I would require subsequent surgeries. I had no idea that I had any heart problems.Being a fairly young man with a large family I was devastated.That day was the Feast of the Assumption. While in my bed in intensive care Mother Teresa appeared to me.She stayed with me from that afternoon till the next day.This is the most important part I would like to convey.We never talked.all she did was pray the ROSARY.Of all the things she could of said or maybe done she chose the rosary.God sent her and she prayed the Holy Rosary.What a Grace.Before this day I didn’t know much about this Holy Woman.Now I do.My understanding is she was very much devoted to saying the Holy Rosary.I will end by saying that God and his saints are very much real.Be patient,say the daily rosary,aND say Mother’s novena.Study Mother’s life she is truly a saint for our time.

  9. Saint Teresa please intercede for my daughters they are struggling with their studies and my sons to get permanent employment with good benefits and for my in laws to stop interfering in our lives. I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who lives and reigns with the power of the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

  10. Mother Teresa, Please pray for my daughter who is sick and waiting for biopsy results. God can do miracles and I have seen them in my life. Please intercede for my family.

  11. My dearest Mother Theresa,
    Pls help my son LobAa to solve the property issue fast n pls intercede for him n help him to be successful in his life. Bless him with long health life and protect him from all danger,calamities and fall MotherTeresa n shower all your grace n blessing upon him.

    • Mother Theresa please heal my mother in law. She suffered a stroke and heart attack. Was in icu. Now she is restless couldn’t speak just got speach back. Asking why she has suffer so long this was her second stroke

  12. Saint Teresa, Mother Teresa, please intercede for my son Jan Phillip. Please Lord cover him with your mantle of protection. Please free him and his family from all sickness ,accidents, and misfortune. Have mercy Lord have mercy, Amen.

  13. Mother Teresa please intercede for Jan Phillip that his working visa will be release the soonest by the Japanese immigration. Please Lord have mercy on Jan Phillip and his family. I also pray for GOD’S continuous provision, protection and guidance for Jan Phillip and family. Through the intercession of Mother Teresa, Amen.

  14. I pray and pray and pray that my beautiful friend Bailey will be cured of her terminal cancer. I know miracles happen, I believe in Jesus and I believe in the power of prayer.


  15. St. Teresa,

    Please help my son find a job in the field he went to school for. He just needs someone to have mercy and give him a chance since he has very little experience. Thank you for any help you can given him.

  16. I want to Thankyou for answering my prayer a few years ago. Since then I have been trying very hard to keep promises made and screwing up some at the same time, I truly do Thank you and pray to you that you can hear me now like you did then. I will always have huge hurdles in life but I am at least I am so very close to securing stability for my family and pray that you can help me with this current position I am seeking just like you have done for me several times in my past.

    Thank you so very much


  17. Dear saint Theresa.
    Thank you for hearing my prayers. My son Benjamin have secured the job that he wants. Please continue to intercede for me and my family. Amen

  18. Our state is in a severe drought and I ask for much needed prayer. I am hoping for a miracle that St. Theresa will pray and intercede on our behalf for our state. Numerous people have been praying for rain and are losing hope. What I do know is this, prayer from many people will answer our prayers. Thank you and I will pray for your needs as well.

  19. Dear Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    You have always heard my prayers and have helped me whenever I asked you for help.
    Please hear my prayers for my son who is in need of a job and also grant him permanent residency soon in Australia. My child is alone there and is very sad.
    Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Mother Teresa please grant my request. Praise the Lord.

  20. Mother Teresa of Kolkata, you have granted us so many favours. Today I am asking for a special favour for my son who is in Australia. Please help him to get a good job and also that he may obtain his permanent residency soon. Mother please grant this request. Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and Mother Teresa please hear my prayers and grant my request and help my son who is very sad.

  21. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, I come to you today to ask for help for my granddaughter, Jennifer Garcia. That she gets control of her mental health, for a healthy relation with her husband and son. I pray this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Thank you for hearing my prayer and answering it.Amen.

  22. Mother Teresa please pray for me and my siblings we want to have money to build a home for us but everything we do it doesn’t go well we have bad luck I’m trying a business but still things are not going well please pray for my financial problems and my sick son please mother Teresa

  23. St. Teresa of Calcutta, India presently I’m pregnan of t my third child. My first born is a healthy, smart almost four year adorable girl. The second one I lost after 6 weeks of my pregnancy. After a year of miscarriage the good Lord, had blessed me again with a seed of life in my womb, however St. Teresa I’m worried and troublesome as I have recurring conditions that my affect my pregnancy and the baby in my womb, with these I ask your intercession that the good Lord heal me and allow me to have a full term pregnancy to see and hold in my arms a healthy, normal and a happy baby boy. Amen.

  24. I give a greatest thanks to st.Teresa of Calcutta I remember her and asked for help of my son who suddenly fell asleep and unconscious at home for fifteen minutes I brought him to Nazareth hospital and there they were doing many test but found normal by the help of st.Teresa of Calcutta my son having good condition thanks I surely continue more prayers to you so may Lord Jesus Christ quickly hear our needs in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit .Amen.

  25. Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.
    i really got blessing.really it works. i prayed that a call must be get from my boy friend after long time,it works.

  26. Mother teresa i pray for my young son nicander that he will win the court case that he has with eric and sara. I pray that the judge will favor on his side and that he will also have custody of his daughter zahra. Please pray for us to give peace in our family

  27. mother teresa please pray for me to grant me complete healing and full recovery from cancer.please pray to grant me long and healthy life with my family specially my children.Amen

  28. Please pray for my son John who has a very bad perineal sinus.He has to have an operation and was told that it may not be successful I pray for a miracle. St Theresa pray for him. Amen.

  29. Mother Teresa please pray and cure my daughter of Leukemia CML. She was diagnosed at age 16 on 08/25/2015. She is currently in treatment and in major molecular respond. Please give us strength, courage and faith. Thank you

    • My Mother Theresa I’m asking you to help me and my husband good health and to have a permanent job so that I can help my husband and to the people who most needed. And my friend who have a lung cancer stage2 to pls . Help her thankyou my Moher, we ask you In Jesus Name AMEN AMEN AMEN…..

  30. Mother Teresa please help support my determination to work full time in special education to serve God’s children and support my family.

  31. St. Mother Teresa, please pray for me for my safe delivery..I’m 6mnths now..and good health of my family.. Pray for us..

  32. St. Teresa will you please pray that my son remains clean and that he can find a job very soon. Please pray in Jesus name that he stays on the right path. That he keeps faith in God on his journey through his life as he will attempt to pursue his dreams to attend school to begin a professional career. Can you Please pray that God gives him a second chance at love. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ for a miracle. Thank you for hearing my prayers St. Teresa. I will continue to keep you in mine.

  33. St. Teresa please pray that my son remains clean from drugs and that he can find a job very soon. Please pray in Jesus name that he stays on the right path and keeps faith in God on his journey throughout his life as he attempts to pursue his dreams to attend school to begin a professional career. Please pray that God gives him a second chance at love. This I pray in the name of Jesus. Thank you for hearing my prayers St. Teresa. As you will always be in mine.

  34. Kindly pray for me,I a Chartered Accountant.I was laid off where i was working as Senior Finance Officer. I was not met to sit at home.I studied the ACCA professional course so that i have a better life and to also get a better paying Finance job.

    I started praying the Novena and i have trust and I know my miracle in Jesus’s name will happen so that i get a new job as a Finance Manager.

  35. St Teresa please pray for my intercession to God that I may safely and affordable go to India this summer. I thank you infinitely and promise to strive for holiness everyday with Heavens help. I trust in Jesus!

  36. Mother Theresa with your heart of gold can you please help me financially to pay my bills , Morgage & house renovation and my building finish this 2017 back overseas. My big commitment to continue my medical mission overseas to help the needy recipients . I need a financial assistance to do my medical mission in 2018. I’m so desperate financially to do this big task. I pray for you my dearest mother Theresa heal my body and spirit esp sugar issues spiritually, emotionally and keep me safe and healthy . I follow your work in the name of our Lord Jesus through your intercession mother Theresa. .
    O lord grant my wishes. Amen!

  37. St. Teresa please intercede for me for healing. I am so scared pls. help me to give me the strenght & courage . I love you Lord Jesus save me and heal me Oh Lord, Amen

  38. Mother theresa with your heart of gold can you please sympathize with my daughter to get school and good paying job and protect her from all hazards of life and pave path of success for her. I pray for financial assistance in my family so that I be able to renovate my house and provide for those under my arms. I also pry for healing both spiritually and emotionally.