Novena for Religious Freedom

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Novena for Religious Freedom

With threats to religious liberty around the world, we have decided to dedicate this novena for religious freedom.

“The saints have always been the source and origin of renewal in the most difficult moments in the Church’s history.” - St. John Paul II

This novena was written to be a prayer to all Saints and particularly to Martyrs.

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Novena for Religious Freedom Prayers

Oh great cloud of witnesses! Oh host of Angels and Saints worshiping God for all eternity! Oh holy ones in heaven above, Pray for us!

You who were once part of the Church on earth, you who were faithful servants of the Church Militant, you who suffered for the love of God, Pray for us!

In all ages, the Church is persecuted and hated. We pray, oh Lord, through your holy Saints, that we may be blessed with the freedom to worship and adore you at all times! We pray that you may bless your Church throughout the world and me personally with your grace to persevere with love in the face of persecution just as You did on the Cross.

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Litany of Martyrs:

Day 1:
St. Joan of Arc – Pray for us!
St. Valentine – Pray for us!
St. Carmen Monreno and St. Ampara Caronell – Pray for us!
St. Sebastian – Pray for us!
St. Peter – Pray for us!
St. Stephen – Pray for us!
St. Denis – Pray for us!

Day 2
St. Maria Goretti – Pray for us!
St. Ignatius of Antioch – Pray for us!
St. Lawrence – Pray for us!
St. Lorenzo Ruiz – Pray for us!
St. Agnes – Pray for us!
St. Anastasia – Pray for us!
St. Oliver Plunkett – Pray for us!
St. Dorothy – Pray for us!

Day 3
St. Edith Stein – Pray for us!
St. Maximilian Kolbe – Pray for us!
St. Thomas Moore – Pray for us!
St. Margaret Clitherow – Pray for us!
St. Julia – Pray for us!
St. Polycarp – Pray for us!
St. Peter of Verona – Pray for us!
St. Gonsalo Garcia – Pray for us!
St. Thomas Becket – Pray for us!
St. John Fischer – Pray for us!

Day 4
St. Philomena – Pray for us!
St. John the Baptist – Pray for us!
The Jesuit Martyrs of China – Pray for us!
St. Cecilia – Pray for us!
St. Jude – Pray for us!
The Vietnamese Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Boniface – Pray for us!
St. Vitalis of Gaza – Pray for us!
St. Menas – Pray for us!
St. Expeditus – Pray for us!

Day 5

St Christopher – Pray for us!
St. Charles Lwanga – Pray for us!
St. Kizito and the Ugandan Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Paul Chong Hasang and the Korean Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Genesius – Pray for us!
St. Cyprian – Pray for us!
St. Luke – Pray for us!
Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río – Pray for us!
St. Andrew – Pray for us!
Holy Innocents – Pray for us!
St. Catherine of Alexandria – Pray for us!

Day 6

Blessed Miguel Pro – Pray for us!
St. George – Pray for us!
St. Perpetua – Pray for us!
St. Felicity – Pray for us!
St. Dymphna – Pray for us!
Blessed Jose Maria Sanchez – Pray for us!
St. Eulala – Pray for us!
Blessed Teresa of Augustine and the Martyrs of Compiègne – Pray for us!
St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde – Pray for us!
St. Thecla – Pray for us!
Blessed Pedro Calungsod – Pray for us!
St. Elias and St. Jeremy – Pray for us!

Day 7

St. Anthony – Pray for us!
St. Paul – Pray for us!
St. Agatha – Pray for us!
St. Simeon – Pray for us!
St. Isaac Jogues and the North American Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Simon – Pray for us!
Servant of God Archbishop Oscar Romero – Pray for us!
St. Faustinus and St. Jovita – Pray for us!
St. Meinrad – Pray for us!
St. Tarcisius – Pray for us!
St. Daniel – Pray for us!

Day 8

St. Lucy – Pray for us!
St. Paul Miki – Pray for us!
St. Gabriel Lalemant and Canadian Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Andrew Kim and Japanese Martyrs – Pray for us!
St. Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz – Pray for us!
St. Toribio – Pray for us!
St. Jean de Brébeuf – Pray for us!
St. Barbara – Pray for us!
St. Alban – Pray for us!
St. Tanco – Pray for us!
St. Winefride – Pray for us!

Day 9

St. Edmond Campion – Pray for us!
St. Ursula – Pray for us!
Blessed Peter Torot – Pray for us!
St. Dominic Henares – Pray for us!
St. Erasmus – Pray for us!
Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko – Pray for us!
Saints Nunilo and Alodia – Pray for us!
St. Andrew Bobola – Pray for us!
St. Miguel de la Mora – Pray for us!
St. Tatiana – Pray for us!
Pope Saint Sixtus II – Pray for us!


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  1. Please pray for me that I may be hired as a patients rights advocate at the place oft employment, if it is the tight job for me. Thank you,
    Please pray for youngest son, to be ready for the work force this month.
    In god we pray Amen.

  2. Please pray for all priests. Many
    have left their family and even their homeland to serve in this country and others. They meet the
    challenges daily of their Holy Priesthood and are often held in
    cruel judgement by the laity.

  3. Please pray, heal and cure my mother Lona of all her ailments, that the staff at the hospital take good care of her and give her the best treatment and everything about her ailments and health be put right again and take good care of her. Please heal and take good care of my sister Camille and cure her of all her ailments and make her strong and healthy. Also Robert, Anna Thelma, Monica & Colin, Jacqui – please heal and cure them all. Give me faith and confidence and not to give up hope and believe. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  4. For peace in my life, family and in all places where Christians are persecuted for their faith. That the Lord may favor me with granting me a project i have been running after for a while now..Please pray for me.
    With special intercession of St. Anne and St. Jude Thadeus, worker of Miracles..

  5. I pray for world peace. Dear God let there be peace in the world. There is too much hatred in the world today. People killing innocent Christians, countries fighting and killing innocent children, men and women. Heavenly Father, I pray for the killings to stop. I also pray for peace in my family.

  6. Pray for my daughter Marsha’s health

    Pray for my health in body,mind and spirit

    Also for success in my Home Based Travel Business.

    Thank you.

  7. For my dad with Alzheimer’s, my mom the caregiver of dad. That they both find peace, that my dad dies a peaceful death when he goes to meet Jesus,and that my mom can be strong when time comes,that she and children find exceptance and peace in his death and with one another

    In Jesus name amen

  8. Prayers for my alcoholic sons and for all my sons to return to the Catholic faith. Prayers for the health of my husband

  9. For my sister, husband and their only son with Asperger’s; that they find better employment, that the new school year provides teachers and administrators who can really help, and overall that they find peace and are able to put their trust in our Lord.

  10. In addition to praying for religious freedom, please pray that I find work and that my son is healed of epilepsy. Also, that both of my children continue to come to know and serve The Lord. Thank you.

  11. Please pray for all mothers who are pregnant and those who are struggling to conceive,the aged ,the sick,the blind,and for unity and peace in all families.

  12. Please pray in thanksgiving that husband was released from hospital and treatment found for infection after many tests done. Please pray for adult children to return to the Faith particularly a son who is talking divorce and taking sons away from wife. Pray for three adult children not in sacramental marriages and for 3 grandchildren not baptized. Pray for priests who are under attack from the Enemy. Thank you.

  13. Please pray for Bruce to be miraculously healed of cancer.
    Touch Franks heart with my unconditional love
    Bring us together as one now and forever!!
    Financial miracle to be debt free
    Remove generalitional curse
    Protect my whole family and pour out your blessings

  14. Please Let my sister be well, let her sugar and blood pressure get level and please do not let her cancer return. Please let my insurance company accept and cover my surgery and help my family get out financial debt. Thank you. AMEN.

  15. Please pray that I will be able to make a living and have a income to support us. Also that my VA pension will be approved to help with medical and expenses. This we pray in Jesus name. Thank you.

  16. For Miss Joy that she finds the man she is looking for and keeps her faith. Her children and grandchildren to find jobs and do well in school. Also her husband to believe in the lord. Stop drinking and being abusive towards your children Lord. Thank you for all my blessings. Praise you God. Amen

  17. Please pray so I may start controling my tounge and so my children and grandchildren will come back to the church thank u

  18. I pray for World Peace and a global acceptance of religious freedom. I pray that my family will heal from the tribulations that we are going through; that we can all hold on to hope and come out on the other side of our ordeal stronger in our faith in God and Jesus Christ than when we went in.

  19. I pray for peace in Syria and Iraq, Israel and Palestine, Nigeria and everywhere else. For the protection of innocent people worldwide. For all sick people, especially those suffering from cancer, and a baby recovering from surgery. For my family and friends, especially for my daughter and my husband. For peace and harmony among us. For help with my own issues which are surely known to God.

  20. I pray for spiritual and physical protection for my family. I pray for deliverance from all addictions. I pray for peace in this world and for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted especially in the Middle East and in China and North Korea. Amen.

  21. For our Atlanta seminarians, especially our 15 new ones – that they proceed in their studies without fear or intimidation – that they become soldiers of Christ in the fight against those who seek to destroy them.

    Dear Lord,keep them safe in mind, body and soul and bless them with your grace to make this journey through to the end.

    For their families, that they encourage their sons all along the path and for those of us who know them, that we continue to support them throughout their studies and their priesthood.


  22. Dear God.,I beg for peace in Nigeria.,I also beg for success in my academics and that of my siblings,good health for myself and also marital bliss for me this year!. Thank you dear Jesus for answered prayers.

  23. For my precious daughter and granddaughter. That You will keep them safe from harm, and that my daughter will soon overcome her difficulties and struggles. Most of all, I pray that they will turn to You, beloved Lord, in their times of trial.

  24. I pray that I may find a job here in New Jersey close to my home that is less stressful so that I may have time for my personal life and give my relationship with my boyfriend a chance to grow and deepen. Thank you

  25. Please pray for our finances and my husband’s health. For peace on our family and conversion of our adult children.

  26. I pray for my son who is having a very hard time at his Job .I pray that he will be able to keep his Job and his enemies at his job will not defeat him ,In the name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen.

  27. I come from India, a country rid with crime especially against women and children. I request prayers for the safety of our daughters and that they may grow in the love of the Lord always.

  28. I pray that my daaughter always be protected and be guided to make the right decisions. I place my faith in God that only he can allow me to afford her high school and be able to support my home. I ask for love and peace to surround our home and that I be able to be financially stable. Please look over all those I love and keep our family together. May my daughters first year in high school be filled with blessings and knowledge. I place her in your hands Lord

  29. I pray for freedom from addiction and anxiety for a poor soul in need.
    I pray for the health and safe gestation of my daughter and her baby as well as a safe delivery.
    I pray for all those involved in human trafic-ing; the perpetrators and the victims.
    I pray for all who suffer from gender identity, esp. ________
    All in Jesus powerful name and through the Immaculate Heart of our Mother.

  30. Please pray with me and for me on Divine Healing in my heart, mind, soul, spirit and body for my body is the temple of the living God. Thank you very much for your prayers. It is well.

  31. Once i baptized on April this year, my wife changes her attitude towards me,because she is a Buddhism and she told me that we can not get along anymore,for we do not belong to the same religion and we have different point of view.I do hope that God will help me to solve my problem. and maintain a better husband and wife relationship.

  32. I pray for all who worship God to come together & pray for religious freedom around the world. I fear for future generations for freedom of worship even in USA. I pray for people to be aware of what is going on in this world & to get involved in any way but mainly through prayer.

  33. I pray for the healing of my aunt, Theresa who was struck down by stroke last week. That God should have mercy and heal her completely to the Glory of His name and to the shame of the devil. I also pray for my husband to get a good business/client that will restore all he lost last year and more in Jesus name. I also pray that God will make it possible for my employer to send me along with students to Spain this year. St Peter in Chains, pray for us.

  34. Oh Lord Almighty God, grant me a job and a good place to stay in the UK. I pray for family unity. Forgive me my sins and may I love you all the days of my life.

  35. I pray for all Catholics who are being pecuited all over the world. My God bless them all and protect the Churches that are being destroyed as well.

  36. For the return of my family to the faith
    Healing of David and Derek
    Safety of family members travelling
    That I may be kept safe and in good health on my travels

  37. Pray for me for healing on my right breast and the swollen lymph nodes to disappear regardless of the type of infection I have.