The Novena to St. Maria Goretti

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-The saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.- (1)About St. Maria Goretti

(We will start praying this novena on June 27th!)

St. Maria Goretti is the youngest canonized saint in the Church. The attendance at her canonization exceeded one half million souls, the largest of any canonization up to that point and time. And when you learn more about Saint Maria Goretti, it’s not hard to tell why so many people showed up ;)

Saint Maria Goretti was born to a poor farming family in Italy. Maria was one of six children. The family lived and worked on the property of another family’s farm, the Serenelli’s family farm. The Serenelli family consisted of the father and the son, Alessandro. The Gorettis lived downstairs on the property while the Serenelli’s lived upstairs.

When Maria was only 9 years old, her father died from malaria. After that, Maria had to begin taking care of the rest of the children in the family while her mom worked in the fields. She also cleaned and cooked for the Serenelli’s, and all the while, she did not complain. Rather, she was a source of encouragement and joy for her mother. She would told her mom that Jesus would take care of them.

Maria was a pious child. She attended Mass often, loved the Lord with all her heart, and she grew in many virtues. She was also very beautiful.

Alessandro Serenelli noticed her beauty and began to have impure thoughts of her. He spoke to her cruelly and often would make sexual advances on her. Maria would always rebuke his advances and say, “No, never, that is a sin! God forbids that and we would go to hell!”

This harassment continued for months and Maria tried to avoid Alessandro.

On July 5, 1902, Alessandro approached Maria one more time and told her that if she didn’t allow him to have sex with her that he would kill her. She again refused. She said she would rather die than allow him to do what he wanted to do to her.

In a rage, Alessandro stabbed Maria fourteen times with a file, which was used to sharpen farm tools. The file passed through Maria’s small body from the front all the way through to the back. Maria was only 11 at the time.

She was found and taken to the hospital where she had surgery, but she was not going to survive. She died the next day, but not first without forgiving her attacker. Her last words were, “I forgive Alessandro Serenelli … and I want him with me in heaven forever.”

St. Maria Goretti’s feast day is July 6th.

You can read more about St. Maria Goretti & her story of mercy here, including how her forgiveness led to the conversion of her attacker:

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

and here:

Who Is St. Maria?


Among mercy, forgiveness and love, St. Maria Goretti is also known for her intercession for purity and chastity. And, she is known as a patron of the youth and of rape victims.

Novena to St. Maria Goretti

Day 1 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of purity, you defended your virginity unto your death. Even at the age of 11, you held dear to your heart what is dear to our Lord’s heart: your purity. Pray for me that I may do the same, especially when I am tempted.

Please pray that God will give me the strength to avoid sin and say, “yes” to a life which will lead to eternity in Heaven with you and our Lord.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 2 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of love, your love for God was so clear in how you cared for your family during such hardships and in how you loved your enemies — even while you were dying.

Even at the age of 11, you understood what it meant to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself. Pray for me, that I may be able to do the same.

Please pray that I will truly be able to serve my family joyfully, and others who need my help and love. And most of all, pray that our Lord will come first in my heart.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 3 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of forgiveness, pray for me.

Even at the age of 11, you did not withhold forgiveness from your attacker. You didn’t wish him unwell. On the contrary, you wanted Heaven for him. You loved him in that way. Pray for me, that I, too, will be able to love my enemies like you did. Pray that I will want Heaven for them.

Please pray that it will become easier and easier to forgive those who have hurt me and those who will hurt me.

Please pray for my own healing from these past hurts so that I can move forward and offer forgiveness.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 4 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of chastity, you guarded your virginity with such fervor. Even at the age of 11, you knew the value of the virtue of chastity.

Please pray that I will become better at practicing chastity in my own life.

Pray that I will learn to live a life in which desire is subservient to reason. Please pray that I will be able to love as Jesus does: selflessly.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 5 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of mercy, pray for me.

God’s mercy is the only hope for mankind. I know we are called to imitate our Father’s mercy to those around us, but it is hard, and I often fail.

But you, even at the age of 11, were strong and courageous enough to offer mercy to your attacker, the one who hurt you the very most.

Please pray that I will be able to do the same to those who hurt me. Please pray that I will not consider their unworthiness, but that I may consider our Lord, as you did.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 6 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of living a holy, everyday life, pray for me.

I often feel as though my life must be extraordinary if I am to be a saint, but you show me another way. You show me that I can be a saint if I love our Lord with all my heart, and if I serve my family and put them before me.

Please pray that I may be selfless as you were, and that I can learn to deny my own desires so that I can fulfill our Lord’s will.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 7 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of christian suffering, pray for me.

You carried your cross so courageously while you suffered through surgery without anesthesia. You thirsted and were not able to be given water, and you accepted that cross because you loved our Lord.

Pray for me, St. Maria Goretti, that I will become better at carrying my cross.

Pray that I will not complain about my cross, and that I will remember to offer it up to our Lord, for I know that He does not waste any ounce of suffering given to Him.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 8 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of youth, please pray for the children in my life and the youth across the world.

Please pray that their faith may be as strong as yours was when you were 11 years old.

Pray that I may do what I can to support children in their faith, and to encourage them to love our Lord, to put Him first in their lives, and to follow His commandments.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 9 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of victims of rape, please pray for all those whose dignity has been attacked.

Pray for their healing, for comfort, and for peace for them.

Please pray that we, as a society, may be able to better protect those who are survivors of sexual assault.

And please pray for justice for their attackers, but most of all, for their contrition and conversion.

Also, please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


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  1. My name is chika Rose, Maria Goretti please help me in finding rightful life partner. Also peace of mind, to avoid sins of the body

  2. Dear St Maria Please help me in a work matter where a staff trying to frame me.

    Tomorrow is a meeting. Lord your annointing and power will be hear, i pray. i pray you will cancel this meeting. this guy is very hot headed and he never thinks of his actions. he is very violent.

    lord i pray that you will take full control of him, and you will calm like you calm rough seas. i denounce this meeting in Jesus mighty name. Lord you will minister to this guy as he is very sickly, help him to recover, and deliver him from his wickard ways i pray, plead and urge you mighty father.

    warrior angels with swords watch over me, protect me, and take full control let your peace rain over me, i pray.

    ALL this guys dark, evil contention will be denounce to zero, all his powers and principalities of the dark work will be rebuked i pray. father help me i pray.


  3. My name is Lena my husbands name is Robert. I have 4 sons. Robert, Jimmy, wacky ,Martin
    Also I have 2 daughters
    Please pray for all our intentions Jesus knows everything god bless 🙏

  4. For all families , friends, my husband Ike to be completely cured and sons and their family to be healthy happy and strong , one with God body and soul Amen thank you and May Gad Bless!

  5. Saint Maria Goretti please pray that my relationship with my boyfriend can only grow stronger as we both learn to love God more than our selfish desires. I pray that each day we can be closer to God as well as eachother. I also pray that my boyfriend can get into a good PhD program this coming fall. I would also like to keep my family in my prayers. I trust God and the plans He has for my life. Thy will be done.

  6. Dear St Maria Goretti, I have been praying for a very long time to you for a special grand daughter who has gone through a lot of difficulties. Her parents are divorced. Her dad is a very poor example for a young girl. She has survived cancer. She suffers from mental illness and has been a cutter and was suicidal. She is doing much better, but is unable to sleep at night and is therefore not doing well at school. She also has a desire to cover herself with tattoos. I pray for her to be granted the ability to get restful sleep and concentration so she can graduate. I also pray for her mental health and for her to love herself as God has created her. Please also pray that she will come back to the Faith and put her trust in Jesus. I know you hear my prayers and trust that they will be granted. Thank you.

  7. Please pray for my daughter and husband who are victims of a horrible fraud. Pray for their hearts to be healed of this terrible injustice inflicted on them and the betrayal they feel, by someone they considered a lifelong “friend”. Betrayal by a loved one is the hardest. They need our prayers for healing, for God’s will in this situation.
    Thank you

  8. Dear Maria Goretti, please be kind to me and obtain for me the great grace of constant good health, enough money and my true love-a pure, noble, very faithful, young man, who will be united with me in marriage.

  9. Dear St Maria kindly interceed for my request:

    1. My husband is applying for a new position in his company, as a team leader. I pray even before the cv goes through the channels, that the favor of Jesus will find his name. this job must have his name on it, Lord go make every crooked way straight. make all things possible. When we walk in your stature mighty Jesus, we are highly favoured. i claim, proclaim and speak the life giving word of God over this job that it will come to my husband, because it is Jesus will for us to prosper. we been in a financial struggle to long now, so mighty father you have your way in our lives and home, you the centre of our lives. annoint my husband with the fresh annointing as he goes for all the interviews, all will work out in his favour.

    2. I pray my big son gets his learner licence this week saturday he is scheduled to write. let your favor and strength be upon him. as i sent his Cv lord, your will also find favour upon him, that as he trains your annointing must flow over his mind, giving his the mind of Christ, knowlegde wisdom and understanding from Jesus throne room of grace. Bless our home, marriage, my children our health, our finances, our jobs. As our kids get their exam result, may it be favourable. Lord preserve my family friends and relatives to be cover under the Lord Armour and Shield. I claim good tiding for my family in Jesus name. Lords thank you for peace and tranquility in jesus mighty name.


  10. Christ the King and all the Saints please hear our prayers and petition and fulfill it in Jesus name.

    I commit my 2 kids writing exams to excell, guide and annoint them as they write. Giving them fresh knowledge wisdom and understanding from your throne room of grace. Please help the older one, to get a nice admin job. A job close to home. A job with a good pay and benefits, that with suppliment our income. Please help us get out of our financial crunch. I pray the credit life insurance help offset my 2 personal loan. As i get my bonus, Lord, annoint and bless my bonus, to be stretched, help me pay my debts and hv enought to go from month to month. Bless us Lord has we been thru alot this year, with ill health and that lead us into heavy debt, please Dear Lord Christ our King, make our 2018 and the years to follow debt free and blessed. help us to have a pleasant lifestlye with peace joy, excellency, accuracy and abundance. Lord you going to make a way for us, and fullfill all our prayer. rule and reign in our midst, where ever we go be with us keep us safe under the shadow of your wings, care and protection. as Hubby work overtime, help in Lord in Jesus mighty name the name above all names. Let your seal, and protection be over us i pray. I pray the big son gets his learners next week, Lord help him learn and absorb all he learns.


  11. Dear St Maria please help me in preserving a pure and humble heart. I struggle with impure thoughts and hatred. I want to live a holy life. I want to get rid of my selfishness ,anger and all sins against Jesus. Please pray for me.

  12. St Maria Gorreti, please intercede in front of God for the consecration of my kids to the life of Jesus and Mary. That they receive the graces necessaries to overcome their difficulties and become closer to God.
    Do not abandon them on their efforts, but rekindle in their hearts the light of the pure desire to be close to God. Just like when they were kids. In this modern world is too difficult to prevail by the teachings of the church. The pressure of the modern world, the new world believes, are taking them to modify their lives more to their like, than to a life directed by God . Please help me. Please help my little one to find peace, and to manage his anger. This house is battle field. I don’t know how long I will be able hold. Please help us to obtain the grace of a peaceful house with God as the center of our home. Amen.

  13. Mary please intercede for me so that I can complete my house. I need 35 million to roof and buy all shutters this year. I pray in the name of Jesus the son of the living God. Amen

  14. Dear St. Maria Goretti please intercede for me to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask that my granddaughter return to our family and come back to church with us. I pray that she will realize her new friends are merely acquaintances and are taking advantage of her. Give me wisdom to say the right things to her and to show compassion and love to her. Give her the strength she needs to say “no” to evil temptations Bless her Father. Blessed Mother hold her close to you.

  15. God please help me raise my four ch ok children to have the strong unbreakable values of Maria.Father in heaven please help me!!

  16. I pray that my daughter can address her big student loans so she can stay home to raise her own 6 month old baby and not be gone 60+ hours a week. The Lord gave her a miracle baby in her 40’s, her one and only baby, and her job is too much.

    I pray I can earn or win enough to help her and a young lady adopting a baby and my deceased brother’s children in need of intense therapy. I pray I can financially help baby Charlie with his 3rd open heart surgery expenses. I pray for my healing, family healing, and Joe’s healing.

    I pray the Pope stops attacking the US and that God will bless us with a new Pope who is prayerful, loving, generous and kind.


  17. Thank you St. Maria Goretti for prayers answered. After 13 years of our daughters estrangement with our other children she reconciled with them this summer. I am forever thankful. Anna

  18. DM would like to ask for protection for my son a police officer.
    Thank you for healing my other son and clearing his problem away.
    I ask that we might get some help financially so that my husband can find time to care for himself.

  19. Thank you St. Maria for interceding for my brother and thank you God for answering my prayers for him. The ringing in his ears is better, he is in a much better frame of mind, he and his wife attended Mass at a Catholic Church near them since the novena!!! And they plan to attend the Beatification for Fr. Stanley Rother. I am so thankful.

  20. I am grateful to God and St. Maria Goretti for showing me so much mercy and clearing a wrong debt calculated in my name.
    My account has been reviewed and a zero balance sent to me.

  21. I pray today that my daughter will shine in her game today … please protect her and allow her talent to be noticed.
    We have had health issues that have set her back and are ready to take the field again.
    Please hear my prayer St Anne my patron saint. ????????

  22. I have the same problem of St Maria’s atacker, Alessandro, that is an addiction to pornography and a problem with lust. I have never harmed a woman but I am always going to confession about my lust problem. I have been addicted to pornography for many years since I was a child. And when I was young an adult was continuously sexually inappropriate with me, a form of sexual abuse. I pray that I may be set free from this prison of lust and addiction. I want to be pure and holy for the rest of my life, it would even be nice to get married I don’t know. Through the prayers and intercession of St Maria Goretti I want my life to be transformed in the same way that Alessandro’s was and become a repentant and useful Christian. Thank you St Maria for helping one such as I who feels like he has become so ugly. Help me to amend my life.

    • Praying for you Tony.

      Have courage! You are so greatly loved by God who shares your pain with you.

      It is hard to overcome – but have courage! Forgive yourself when you fall but keep trying.

      I would recommend looking at the website ‘Fight the New Drug’ – they have access to resources and testimonials that may help you.

      Give everything to God and he will take care of you. Blessings

  23. Lord I plead for my Father’s healing. St. Maria Goretti, please lift his name up to the Lord, for you are close to Him. Please obtain this special favour for our family, that he may be healed. We asked this through Christ our Lord, Healer and Saviour. Amen

  24. Lord God protect us from sickness, untimely death.
    Lord God provide for us … financial breakthrough
    Lord God thanks for mercies and love toward my Family and me. I give you all the Glory in Jesus name Amen.

    • God please help me raise my four children to have the strong unbreakable values of Maria.Father in heaven please help me!! I struggle financial teach me to live a simple life if that is your will But I no longer want dream big if that is not for me.Amen

  25. Prayers for our family and soninlaw to convert and all those away from Jesus to return to Him and the church. PleSe help family members who are leading immorality to return to Jesus. And persons hurting them to flee in Jezus nameAmen

  26. I pray today that St Jude, St Maria , Scared Heart of Jesus to intercede in this special request …
    It’s so hard as a parent to ease your child’s worries and to see them cry because of mean people. Please allow me to say the right words. My daughter is struggling with coaches and players bullying her about her abilities on the field. She has some limitation due to previous surgeries. She has suffered enough these last few years.
    Please give her the strength and abilities to shine and prove them wrong. Allow her to spread your words and be like you.
    I ask that you will give her strength, abilities and most of all to have great sportsmanship.
    I am placing all my trust in you … please hear my prayers. ????????

  27. For my husband .. for children and my self to have pure hearts.. so we all accept each other for who we are.. and come closer as a family.. through Christ our lord.. Mary to guide us through her love and motherly love .. amen for my neighbor to recondite with her daughter and they start talking again in a respectful fashion. Through Christ our lord amen…

  28. I pray that my daughter has the ability to shine with her skill and talent during her try out tomorrow. Please allow her to have speed and good sportsmanship and be placed on the team that will make her happy.. I ask for this special intention St Jude, St Maria and our Holy Mother Mary please intercede with this special request.
    Forever in your honor. ????????

  29. Let us pray that my mother’s house sells at a great price and quickly. She has been a blessing to so many, please bless her in this time of need to start a new chapter in her life. Amen

  30. Thank you Jesus & St. MARIA Goretti for answering my prayers and the continued blessings you have my family and I with.


  31. St. María Garrett, please pray for us in God our Father’s name.
    Please let Christian get that wonderful job that he just applied for, he has worked so very hard in College and deserves to be given a chance. Please let them see his talent and what an asset he could be to the firm.
    Thank you please pray for him and us, Health, love and prosperity in our home.

  32. One of my prayers was answered on Friday the feast day of Maria Goretti. My friend got married. I prayed that she would marry the man she had been involved with and raise her children in a good stable home!!! I give thanks to St. Maria for her intercession. I give thanks to God for answered prayers. God bless you all. (still praying my daughter back into the church and that she will follow her vocation to what God calls her.

  33. St. Maria, that our children will return to the church and our grandchildren be baptized in the Name of Our Lord???? That my husband and me will be well to see these requests come to fruition! Thank you Saint Maria for this Novena

  34. PRAYING FOR OUR BISHOPS,PRIESTS,DEACONS,OURPOPESand Peace in this world…AllReligious….Pastors…Seminarians…monks and nuns.

  35. Among some special requests, I prayed that my son’s family cat would be healed. Doctors saw something in her stomach on the X-ray, when they were able to do an ultrasound, it was gone.
    Thank you St.Maria Goretti for your prayers and thank you Lord for the miracle.

  36. I prayed the St Maria Goretti novena for my granddaughter. For her to choose chastity and respect for herself as she matures (she is 12) and very interested in boys. I was out of town and when I came home there was a Theology of the Body for teens parents edition sitting on the kitchen table. I’m thinking this was a gift to help me guide my granddaughter. I have no idea where it came from, but thank you St Goretti. Now I need the grace to share it wisely.

  37. Dear saint Maria Goretti intercede for me the Lord can forgive Joseph for the pain ,tears I have shed in our r/ship .I pray he gets peace en happiness .i also ask you to pray for us to get peace in our love and we get married. Amen

  38. Saint Maria Goretti, my patron saint,
    Please protect my son from sexually transmissible diseases and introduce a nice young woman to him. Thank you!

  39. First of all thank you Lord God for everything. Lord God and to all the of the peoples who are reading this. Please pray that I will be able to win the essay writing contest in my school tomorrow. I really want to win this contest so bad. I know that I really gave and did my best to win in this competition. Sorry for all of my wrong actions towards my co-competitor, I admit that it is all just because of my strong emotion because I really want to win. With God all things are possible! Fighting!

  40. I encourage anyone with a special request for help from god to search Novena prayers online and find 1 that are drawn to say carry it out like I did for gods help guidance and support to help me find my next job and not be unemployed for long – I have said a 3 Day Novena to the Holy Spirit – please include me in your prayers for the holy spirts help with answering all my prayers and helping and guiding me on the right path in my career, love life, having my children, having good friends to grace my life – and I pray for you and your requests – Good Luck God Bless :)

  41. Please pray that I will be able to win the essay writing contest in our school on Monday. I really want to win this to make my parents, teachers and classmates proud. Please pray for me and also for our section that we will able to win the poster making contest in that same event. I’m expecting that we will win, because I know that me and my classmates really did our best. This is the second time that I join a school contest, please pray that I will win! I love you Lord God and thank you for everything! We can do this! Fighting!

  42. Please pray for me to forgive my husband who has lied to me about his pornography addiction. I am indifferent, angry and heartbroken. We have an eight year old son. Please intercede for us. This so challenging. Help. Amen

  43. Please pray for me to be able to give and assist in every way I can to 4 boys that are being raised in separate families and circumstances. Let them see God’s love through me.

  44. Please Saint Maria Goretti intercede to Jesus and ask for my sister Camille Kelly to get the relief she needs in whatever way to stop the constant headaches she is experiencing. Allow her to start the blood transfusion today and be moved to a better and more comfortable ward and room. And if it is best for her to be transferred to POS hospital, allow this transition to take place without any delay, problems or setbacks. Please allow her to get the right treatment, relief and service urgently and as soon as possible. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  45. Please ease my mind in my relationship. Please help me with trus.t. Please protect my union. Please bless us. I wish to be a wife, to have a blessed and blissful marriage that lasts. Please Saint Maria Goretti hear my prayer.

  46. Praying for family harmony
    that relationships within families will be restored
    In the name of Jesus Christ please keep husbands and wives, mothers and fathers brothers and sisters sons and daughters respectful to each other and that sons and daughters respect their parents.
    that my brothers children will honor their father
    that my girls will be blessed in holy matrimony with good husbands and live good christian lives and continue to be healthy and happy in their work life and that they will get a deposit for a home
    that my mother will continue to have good health
    for my sister and my two brothers for all their goodness and kindness to me and my family that the Good Lord will reward them.
    For my friends and work colleagues For my neighbors who are suffering from ill health and all who are suffering around them.

  47. Here’s a true story of how God continues to work – even through our own

    own confusion… I was captivated by the story of “the Saint of Purity” from a young age and when it was time to choose my Conformation name there was no doubt as to whom I wanted as my Patron Saint. The only problem – I forgot her name, and thought it was Bernadette! But the two must have sorted it out in Heaven – because I went on to survive the ” sexual revalution” unscathed and married as a virgin. My husband and I just celebrated our 45th anniversary! And while raising our 5 kids was able to teach Abstinance Sexuality Education classes in our local public school district for almost 20 years! Just goes to show how God really does know our hearts and cares for us so personally!
    God Bless you in this wonderful service!

  48. Dear St. Maria Goretti ,
    Please intercede for my family for all of the hurt, anger, loneliness, denial and pain from all of the sexual abuse that has taken place in my family for generations. I pray for healing and conversion for all of my family members. I pray for holiness. Thank great little Saint Maria!

  49. Holy St. Maria Gorreti , please continue too help me with the stress, bitterness, anger at work,..
    Also help my friend Nancy who contacted me in my issues.
    May you watch over her St. Maria Gorreti.
    She’s my friend i never met.
    Thank you Nancy!
    God Bless everyone !
    And can we all say, .
    Thank you John Paul and Annie !!!
    I look forward to the next novena. ….

  50. Just finished the novena to St. Maria Goretti. I have prayed the intention that some paperwork that we know was discarded would turn up. The papers loss impact an underprivileged persons finances very negatively. I know they were thrown away by the boss. I prayed for a miracle. Today all the papers were found on shelf next to my desk. I know it was not there or anywhere else in the office. We have searched extensively.
    Thank you St. Maria Goretti! I knew I could count on you!

  51. Please pray for my son to be more focus on God and his education as he about to start high school. Also for my partner to come to know and understand the faith. Also for the strength and courage for my partner to turn away from the temptation of other woman out there who tries to tear us apart. Please pray for my partner to be loyal,honest, more loving and understanding and faithful to our relationship.

  52. Please pray the Lord will send me a good loving Catholic spouse soon & we share a pure chaste courtship & happy holy marriage. Please pray A’s heart warms towards me for friendship or more, as the Lord wills, clarity & discernment with R, mission & foundation clarity & success-that these may be successful to help our brothers & sisters in Christ.

  53. Am praying for my mum to get well.Her pressure it’s very high.l pray that the pressure will be normal and her eye surgery will be successful.God heal her.

  54. Please pray for our justice system, that laws and practices be implemented to prevent the re-victimization of victims. I pray for the young men who attacked my daughters, that they be healed of sexual violence and find healthy relationships. I pray for my daughters, that they are freed from the fear and anxiety that results from sexual assault, and that they find men in their lives who respect and nurture them. I pray that our society be drawn to purity both physically and spiritually and for an end to the portrayal of unholy sexual relationships in the media, particularly on the Internet. I pray young men are moved to avoid the influence of pornography and the “rape” culture that can infect their minds. I pray particularly for male victims, that they have the strength to shatter the silence and seek help. I thank God for the Blessed Sacrament and the opportunity to cry out in pain for His Presence to be felt in the hearts of all those impacted. I pray to have a heart as forgiving as St. Maria Goretti and full reconciliation with the Risen Christ.

  55. You can make this email public. When I was in college I was trying to sleep in my dorm room I heard a guy tell a girl that She should spread for him since she spread for a bunch of other guys. She said that she did not spread for anyone. Her female friend said to her that she was old enough. I do not know what happened but I have been have haunted by this since. St Maria please pray that young ladies will be able to say no to guys like this. And that guys like me will defend these young women. Please make this email public. Bali.

  56. O Saint Maria Goretti, I do pray for thy intercession that our 3 children will return to Our Lord in the sacraments, that these grandchildren will be baptized in the name of the Lord. That my husband and me will be healthy to witness these events for which I am praying! I pray too, for all who are hurting and suffering that Our God will ease their pain. I am praying for peace in our troubled world. Thank you most gentlest of saints-

  57. Please help my daughter. She’d needs help with her emotional state. She is losing friends and family with her actions. Even now as an adult she has trouble with her temper and emotions often when something goes wrong, even if it’s something small. She is not acting responsibly. I pray that inner peace and maturity come to her soon. I can’t keep helping her financially.. She just doesn’t realize all the help she’s been given. Please fil her heart with gratitude. Please let her start acting with maturity sand responsibility. Please help her with this sadness and loneliness and frustration that she feels. Please help her to flourish and prosper in all areas of her life. She is in need of a divine assistance and I pray this all comes to be soon.

  58. Please pray for our son Zachary he is twenty one and struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. Please pray Zachary is able to sleep as he is not sleeping. Pray the Holy Spirit works through our son. Please pray Zachary is blessed with sleep and is able to get back on a better schedule. Forever grateful for your prayers

  59. Please pray for my granddaughter Sophie aged 7 (she is a twin) her second name is Maria Goretti. The family have four children and on each of the feast days of the children they have a celebration. They are expecting their fifth child in October so will you you please keep them all in your prays that God’s Most Holy will is done in all their lives

  60. Dear Holy St. Maria: Thank you for interceding for me and the world. Thank you for bringing the beautiful black kitty to me and for helping Ghost Cat find her way back to us. I pray today for peace and to detach from things. I pray that I am always in good standing and worthy of good things and good relationships. I pray for healing in my family; I pray for my father; I pray for favor with both my bosses; I pray for direction and to be guided in my life; I pray that the right man will now show up in my life and I will have my new home filled with love, a husband, my son, family, friends, and happiness; I pray that I have financial abundance and that I can always help my family and son; I pray for my sister, Jen and for Polly; I pray that the right path will be made clear to both; I pray for reconciliation with important relationships; I pray that I do very well and have great victory back at work and in my personal life…..all thru Christ. Let me rise above and not stay down. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this novena.

  61. Please pray for me that I will be able to survive our math class tomorrow. I have a math anxiety, our teacher always surprise us with recitations. I find it difficult to cope with Mathematics. I don’t want to live like this. Please pray that tomorrow will be a great day for me and for my classmates. Please give us the knowledge in all our activities. Thank you!

  62. St. Maria Goretti, please pray for me that I may be allowed to sit for my end semester exams… I am poor like you were and I am not able to pay my tuition fee. Please help me. Amen

  63. Dear St. Maria Goretti

    Please ask the Lord to deliver my brother from his sexual practice which was as a result of abuse. As he is getting into puberty I’m afraid that he becomes obsessed with his genitals and emotions which may lead him into grave sin. Please ask the Lord to heal him so that he may continue to maintain his purity.

  64. Dear St. Maria Goretti,
    I pray for my son’s depression and anxiety. I pray that he be healthy and ready for work. I pray that he be successful at work and keep his job. I pray that he stay away from marijuana and tattoos. May he realize how bad his relationship was with his ex girlfriend and to move on. I pray that my sons meet good Catholic Christian wives. I pray for my friends sons health. I pray for family peace and health especially my husband and my mother. I pray that my nephew find a job. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for all the people saying this novena. Please guide us! I love You! Amen

  65. father i thank you for blessings upon our family and for joy you have giving us, this day i pray through the intercession of st marie Goretti GOD will grant my sister safe delivery and for i and my twin sister who are getting married this year that God will bless our home with children and with love and every blessings our home require as well as Good job opportunity and promotion for us and that it will last till the end.i pray that our union as well as that of my sisters and bro wont experience sudden death and we will live long in jesus name in good health of mine and body .AMEN. so do we pray for our mum.amen.

  66. Please pray that my sister Camille Kelly is completely healed, cured and recovered from the severe headaches she has been experiencing and any other pain. That she is free of all pain she is now experiencing, that the results of the cat scan will show that it is not serious and can be corrected, that she will start the blood transfusion today and will get the full dose she requires. Bless the hands of all the medical staff taking care of her and that things will work out in every which way for her today and beyond. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  67. Father thank you for this day.Father I am praying and thanking you in advance for answering all my prayers requests.Father please heal me completely from migraine headaches and also my sister from pneumonia and we use ourselves as a point of contact for 0eople around the world that are sick.Father I give you all the praise and glory in Jesus precious mighty name.Father thank you so much for your endless mercies in Jesus precious mighty name.Amen and Amen
    Thank you my dependable and excellent Father.

  68. St Maria Goretti, please intercede for my son who is having two stents in his heart, so that he keeps good health, gets very close to Jesus and gets a good job.

    Also pray for my daughter to be all situations. Please also pray for my good health.

    Today I also lift two cousins one who will be undergoing surgery for breast cancer and one who will be undergoing surgery for the uterus. Please intercede for them.

    Thank you dear St Maria Goretti.

  69. Oh Holy Mother Mary, please intercede on my behalf today for the Lord to immediately bring the blessings of all my answered prayers, which are the desires of my heart, to a pass.

  70. O saint, please intercede on my behalf. I have done much wrong and I cannot seem to move past this. Please pray for my forgiveness for all my sins and the sins of my ancestors, for mercy. Help me to forgive myself and to forgive others. Please pray for the restoration of my most significant relationship, my fertility and my joy. Help me to find favour in the eyes of my employers and to be able to conduct smooth sessions today and always . Help me to start bck going to my class.Pray for us.

  71. Saint Maria Goretti, my patron saint
    I put my children FL and ML under your protection. Intercede for them, please. Thank you!
    Lord Jesus, I have trust in you!

  72. I am happy to participate in this novena. May God bless you for posting novena here. It helps me to grow in spirit and knowledge of the church.

  73. St Maria Goretti, please intercede for Aniata so that she settles soon and all is well with her.

    Also please pray for Annie and John Paul who is leading this Novena.

    Thank you Annie and John Paul for these beautiful Novenas

  74. Dear St Maria Goretti,
    please forgive to all the people who hurt me and lied to me. Please forgive to them.
    In jesus name






  76. Dear St Maria Goretti,
    Please pray for all the people who are against me. Let them mind their
    own business and leave me live my life. I pray for my sons and their conversion. Let them follow Christ. I also pray for success in a case I have. God knows I did right. Pray for all these people praying this Novena. I thank the Lord for healing the pain in my back. Let it stay this way!

  77. Cure Patrick from this cancer that he has help to get through this chemo. Help my son Mando with all his addiction cure him from them help Sean a d Sheila with the struggles whatever they may be. Help with my business help to get more business to get ahead. thank you