The Novena to St. Maria Goretti

-The saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.- (1)About St. Maria Goretti

(We will start praying this novena on Monday, June 27th!)

St. Maria Goretti is the youngest canonized saint in the Church. The attendance at her canonization exceeded one half million souls, the largest of any canonization up to that point and time. And when you learn more about Saint Maria Goretti, it’s not hard to tell why so many people showed up ;)

Saint Maria Goretti was born to a poor farming family in Italy. Maria was one of six children. The family lived and worked on the property of another family’s farm, the Serenelli’s family farm. The Serenelli family consisted of the father and the son, Alessandro. The Gorettis lived downstairs on the property while the Serenelli’s lived upstairs.

When Maria was only 9 years old, her father died from malaria. After that, Maria had to begin taking care of the rest of the children in the family while her mom worked in the fields. She also cleaned and cooked for the Serenelli’s, and all the while, she did not complain. Rather, she was a source of encouragement and joy for her mother. She would told her mom that Jesus would take care of them.

Maria was a pious child. She attended Mass often, loved the Lord with all her heart, and she grew in many virtues. She was also very beautiful.

Alessandro Serenelli noticed her beauty and began to have impure thoughts of her. He spoke to her cruelly and often would make sexual advances on her. Maria would always rebuke his advances and say, “No, never, that is a sin! God forbids that and we would go to hell!”

This harassment continued for months and Maria tried to avoid Alessandro.

On July 5, 1902, Alessandro approached Maria one more time and told her that if she didn’t allow him to have sex with her that he would kill her. She again refused. She said she would rather die than allow him to do what he wanted to do to her.

In a rage, Alessandro stabbed Maria nine times with a file, which was used to sharpen farm tools. The file passed through Maria’s small body from the front all the way through to the back. Maria was only 11 at the time.

She was found and taken to the hospital where she had surgery, but she was not going to survive. She died the next day, but not first without forgiving her attacker. Her last words were, “I forgive Alessandro Serenelli … and I want him with me in heaven forever.”

St. Maria Goretti’s feast day is July 6th.

You can read more about St. Maria Goretti & her story of mercy here, including how her forgiveness led to the conversion of her attacker:

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

and here:

Who Is St. Maria?


Among mercy, forgiveness and love, St. Maria Goretti is also known for her intercession for purity and chastity. And, she is known as a patron of the youth and of rape victims.

Novena to St. Maria Goretti

Day 1:

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of purity, you defended your virginity unto your death. Even at the age of 11, you held dear to your heart what is dear to our Lords: your purity. Pray for me that I may do the same, especially when I am tempted. Please pray that God will give me the strength to avoid sin and yes to a life which will lead to eternity in Heaven with you and our Lord. 

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 2: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of love, your love for God was so clear in how you cared for your family during such hardships and in how you loved your enemies — even unto death. Even at the age of 11, you understood what it meant to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself. Pray for me that I may be able to do the same. Please pray that I will truly be able to serve my family joyfully, and others who need my help and love. And most of all, pray that our Lord will come first in my heart.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 3: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of forgiveness, pray for me. Even at the age of 11, you did not withhold forgiveness from your attacker. You didn’t wish him unwell. On the contrary, you wanted Heaven for him. You loved him in that way. Pray for me that I, too, will be able to love my enemies like you did. Pray that I will want Heaven for them. Please pray that it will become easier and easier to forgive those who have hurt me and those who will hurt me. Please pray for my own healing from these past hurts so that I can move forward and offer forgiveness.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 4: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of chastity, you guarded your virginity with such fervor. Even at the age of 11, you knew the value of the virtue of chastity. Please pray that I will become better at practicing chastity in my own life. Pray that I will learn to live a life in which desire is subservient to reason. Please pray that I will be able to love as Jesus does: selflessly.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 5: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of mercy, pray for me. God’s mercy is the only hope for mankind. I know we are called to imitate our Father’s mercy to those around us, but it is hard, and I often fail. But you, even at the age of 11, were strong and courageous enough to offer mercy to your attacker, the one who hurt you the very most. Please pray that I will be able to do the same to those who hurt me. Please pray that I will not consider their unworthiness, but that I may consider our Lord, as you did.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 6: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of living a holy, everyday life, pray for me. I often feel as though my life must be extraordinary if I am to be a saint, but you show me another way. You show me that I can be a saint if I love our Lord with all my heart, and if I serve my family and put them before me. Please pray that I may be selfless as you were, and that I can learn to deny my own desires so that I can fulfill our Lord’s will.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 7: 

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of christian suffering, pray for me. You carried your cross so courageously while you suffered through surgery without anesthesia. You thirsted and were not able to be given water, and you accepted that cross because you loved our Lord. Pray for me, St. Maria Goretti, that I will become better at carrying my cross. Pray that I will not complain about my cross, and that I will remember to offer it up to our Lord, for I know that He does not waste any ounce of suffering given to Him.

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 8: 

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of youth, please pray for the children in my life and the youth across the world. Please pray that their faith may be as strong as yours was when you were 11 years old. Please pray that I may do what I can to support children in their faith, and to encourage them to love our Lord, to put Him first in their lives, and to follow His commandments

Please pray also for (mention your intentions here).


Day 9: 

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of victims of rape, please pray for all those who have been sexually assaulted. Please pray for their healing, for comfort, and for peace for them. Please pray that we, as a society, may be able to better protect those who are victimized. Please pray for justice for their attackers, but most of all, for their contrition and conversion.


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  1. St. Maria Goretti I beg you to please help me to find the first class relic of you that was given to me and which I then donated to the now deceased Fr. Melito so that you could be properly venerated in his chapel. I want to send you to another church so you may receive the veneration you deserve and that those in the church may receive your loving intercession. Please also pray for the woman who is refusing to put me in touch with the man who is in charge of dispersing Father’s things. Thank you dear little Saint.

  2. St Maria Goretti, please pray for my grand daughters who do not have good examples or guidance from their dad. Pray for their mental health and that they will love themselves as God created them, that they will not have a desire to hurt themselves or get more piercings or tattoos. Thank you for your prayers for them.

  3. Dearest Saint Maria, you are blessed indeed. Pray for me and my daughter. Help us to grow in love for Christ. Bring us closer to him. Also pray for our safety, our health, our protection from harm and evil. Help c. to be a great b.f. to me and help me to be a great g.f. to c. Pray that h.s.d.t.s.m.t.a.a.m.o. Also, help h.t.t.a.m.a.t.t.i.a.g.w. Thank you dearest saint. I heard about your miracles when I went to see the relics. You are a wonderful saint. Love you. Thank you for your intercession.

  4. Pio prayed to the sacred heart of Jesus every day !!!! There is importance to the novena of the sacred heart prayer !!!! The more I pray that novena regardless of speaking intentions or not the closer I get to god don’t understand it not sure how it works it just is !!!!

  5. My niece husband was taken to hospital on July 18 2016 he had some sort of an attack the doctor said he had kidney failure & was dietbetic I went to go see him I prayed to st Rita put her holy water & oil & also took out St Maria holy relic card & said a prayer & I left the prayer card with him. The next day my niece texted me stating St Maria worked the doctor called it a miracle his kidney was fine & no diabetes . Thank you St Rita Thank you St Maria Thank you Jesus!


    I recently experienced a health scare and fell victim to discouragement because of challenges I was facing at home. In concert with a prayer of several months which remained unanswered (and thwarted) regarding the desires of my heart (that my grand children be baptized), I was in a little bit of despair.

    Also, my cat died this month.

    I got left out of something I had been counting on and I felt a whoosh of the pain of rejection. I had certain family problems resurface, the kind that don’t seem to go away. My faith in Jesus was condemned by my daughter as ridiculous and unnecessary.

    Remembering that ‘with Christ, all things are possible’ was certainly vital in being able to stay the course but praying these Novenas has been of great benefit to me and I give thanks for this community. I also enjoyed reading the essay here on ‘unanswered prayer’; it gave me good food for thought.

    I have feared for my health in the past and this possible set-back was a reminder of that paralyzing anxiety which then forced me to recognize, anew, how needy I was for God’s protection and mercy. As I learned to say – “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place ALL my trust in Thee”, this has kept me on my knees, close to Him and the saints and angels in Heaven who love Him.

    Weirdly, during this time (of the Novena to St. Therese), I had a statue in my home of Mary from the ‘Legion of Mary’ in my parish; a statue which goes from home to home and is venerated. I had it for three weeks. In all things, I asked Our Mother to help me and it was not lost on me that ‘bad’ things were happening in the midst of the presence of the ‘Mother of Joy’ in my home. However, it was the knowledge that she was interceding on my behalf which helped to keep me strong.

    All I can say, now that I’ve made some good choices (which the Lord God is praised for bringing them to my mind/heart) and have regained some balance and stability, I am more aware of how His Word brings me consolation and direction. For me, the readings for Mass suffice for spiritual food in this area (I’m not in a bible study or anything) but it’s obvious He is writing Holy things on my heart. His Word this month basically called us all TO NOT GIVE UP!!

    I confess to railing against God – asking WHY and crying some nights, and complaining bitterly for a few days but now I see that it took that much for Him to show me that I was to go in different direction in order that His Holy Will be done. I am a bit of a ‘hard-case’!!, and hopefully, the Lord, as I learn to obey Him and submit to His great plans for my life and for my family, will not need so great a drama to settle this truth on my soul, in order to wake me up!! It is obvious that suffering does have a place with Jesus and we see Him searching for us in the midst of it. Not by accident, I was led to start saying the Seven Sorrows Rosary this month (I attend St. Mary of Sorrows church some times for weekday Mass and this prayer devotion had been recommended to me) and this also put my heart in the right place, realizing how much Mary loves me.

    A great peace has settled on me, realizing how His Passion has ‘purchased for me the rewards to Heaven’ and the power of His Mother’s love will always inspire me to love Him.

    Now I think – yes, some things seem improbable to me but St. Jude will take up the cause with me (and with all the saints I have recommended to my prayer) and I will remember that ‘nothing is impossible with God’. I loved the reading the other day of the woman who wouldn’t stop asking the judge for justice, I will never stop praying for my grandchildren. Jesus loves them so.

    And so I praise the Holy Name of Jesus….but would also like to thank this group and the people who put this all together. I look forward to participating in the Novena for St. Jude.
    Love from your sister-in-Christ, Heather

  7. Purity and chastity for my two girls. That my son will find a sweet pure girl who is Catholic. That my oldest son come back to the Church, and let no one stop him. That my granddaughter be baptized, taught the rules of the Church and commit herself to a chaste life until she finds a good virtuous man. And bc you always did so much for everyone, I ask that I could have healing of my body in that some strength can be restored, so that I may not need other people to help take care of me, but that I may be able to walk and stand thru shopping and cooking and cleaning for my family. J M J

  8. St. Maria Goretti, I pray that my best friend will be able to forgive me and be capable to agree to us starting a relationship over so that our love can flourish and grow in faith and trust.

  9. St. Maria Goretti, I pray for God’s mercy and favour as I journey to the priesthood, that I may be found worthy by all those concerned with the decision. This is a miracle that I hope to receive through you. Thank you St. Maria Goretti.

  10. St. Maria Goretti. I pray for your intercession and ask for another miracle of healing for unborn baby Goedeker who’s heart chamber is missing. I pray that through your intercession and if it is in the Lord’s will to please heal baby’s heart and develop normally without conplications.

  11. for me and a close friend as we pray about whether we should date in high school and that no matter what we continue to strengthen our relationship and depend on God

  12. St. Maria Goretti, I ask your intercession for a miracle of healing for my 11 year old grandson Liam who has suffered two strokes and brain surgery with the past 13 days. He has been mostly unresponsive since the surgery and like you at 11 years old, too young to endure so much suffering. I continually pray for God’s blessing of healing as He is all powerful and good.

  13. St Maria Goretti,
    I was baptized Maria Goretti and it is now with a son in his 20s that I have rediscovered your virtues. Please pray for my son François to lead a holy and healthy life, that he will pray instead of smoking, that he will be surrounded by virtuous friends and one day meet a pure girl like you. Please pray for good mental and physical health for my son! Thank you!
    I am coming to visit your house in September!

  14. Surrender. 102. To Gods will. Obey Jesus. Slave for Jesus. Show the world Jesus thru my Actions. Be the example. Trust believe. Thank you for my Continued Healing. Humility. Shut my mouth. I love you. Jesus for All needs. Closer to Mary

  15. I didn’t see an option to share testimonies so I had to use this link because I really want to. After the novena to st. Anne it seemed once again that my prayer requests (healing for my dad and to find a life partner) were not answered. On the day people’s answered prayers were posted as I read through it I felt sad that I had no testimony to share but at the close of work that day I met someone in a very unusual way but I knew he was my God sent life partner. I’ll be meeting his family this week and my dads health has improved so well. Praise be to God and all thanks to st. Anne

  16. The next day after beginning this novena I was blest to have a major life changing intervention. I’d been praying for for quite awhile. Although still have several steps to go before completion. The process has begun. So thank you little St Maria for the blessing.

  17. Please pray that we get more young men come forward to the priesthood but I also ask for prayers for the priest killed in France, may we pray for him to be made a martyr. I also pray for Fr Nigel and Fr John Newman who guided me back Home. May we pray for our parish priest Fr Keiron.
    I also ask for special for my partner ( M.R )who does not believe in God but supports me in my faith. I have tried only own to encourage him to join me in the church without success and realise I need some group intervention. Please pray for us

  18. St. Mary my prayer is for myself.I pray that i will stsy in resalah school and not transfer to rahmania.Please oh Lord Jesus help me.hear my prayer.I pray also that the assistant teacher in grade 2 will remain.Amen

  19. Saint Maria Goretti,
    Please pray for my son François, that he will lead a pure life and meet a virtuous girl like you, that his sin committed in 2013 will be forgiven in this year of mercy, without any consequences on his health, that he will resort to prayers instead of vices to manage his stress. Please pray for my daughter, that she will have a healthy baby with Alex, that Alex will be converted, make a full recovery from his back operation, pass his competitive exam and be able to practise medecine. Thank you and Amen!

  20. Please pray for my alcoholic father to come out of his addiction and lead a life of spirituality.Pleade pray for the health of my parents and my in laws.

  21. Carol Cas please pray for my son's Steven castrated and his wife Melissa and his children to have a home immediately Within 5 to 10 days they need shelter and my hands are tied I cannot help them please pray for them in Jesus name God bless says:

    Please pray for my son Steven castrated and his family three children their landlord put them out because they had tenants rights and now they have five 210 days to vacate the property but there is a home across the street that’s owned by the Baptist Church please pray that the church will allow them to stay there in Jesus name thank you God bless

  22. Please pray for my marriage, my family and two beautiful kids, one is 1 and a half years, the other one is 5 months now. My marriage is tearing apart because my husband has been cheating, I am desperately praying but I need more prayers from you. I am broken, torn apart and my heart is restless. I am asking you to pray for my peace of mind, and vital decision. If it is time for me to completely move on, please pray to God to grant me His strength. I am so weary. Thanks you.

  23. I want to god through the saints to help minister of finances to help me buy a house for me and my family. And I want my first love to reture to me Roosevelt.

  24. I would like to say the St. John Vianney novena for the follwoing priest.

    Fathers : Kevin McManus, John Grace, Francis Aherne, Martin Nolan O.S.A. missionaries. Diocesan Priest: Paw Linyd, Patrick Moses, Daniel Reader, Michael Gaitely, Larry Richards, Ted Olsen. Henry Kiwanuka from Uganda, Eric Crasta, and Jean Baptiste Saldanha from India.

    That the Lord will help them with the mission they have undertaken of serving God’s people. And that the Lord will guide them, protect them from all harm, and deliver them from all temptation.

  25. Please pray for me, I applied to acquire a scholarship to UNESCO-IHE to study my masters and hope to change peoples live.
    Please help pray with me so that the selection committee considers my Application worthy of sponsoring.and have mercy

  26. I pray for healing for my family and myself. My family is growing apart, I pray that my boyfriend will try to work things out . I Pray that he will want this relationship, he will want me, he will communicate more, want to be around me more, stop lying to me, get other females out his life especially crissy at the store. I pray my family will stay together and live a happy and holy life. Cover us, my children, bf, parents and myself from all evil

  27. Beautiful and merciful st maria goretti. Pray for me that I may get the speedy financial help that I so desperately need. I gave my daughter some of my jewelry to pawn for me please let her get enough money so that I can pay my bills and have some extra money on hand for food. Please pray that my disability claim be approved and for my benefits to be enough to pay all I need to pay until my doctor can release me to go back to work and once that happens please help me to find a job right away a good paying job with good hearted employer who will see pass my disability so that I can continue providing for my family. I ask you this in the name of Christ our lord. Amen.

  28. Please pray for reconciliation with my ex and pray for him to have a guilty conscious, humble and forgiving heart

  29. Thank St. Anne for this beautiful novena.

    I lift these prayers to you — For a peaceful end to my current marriage.
    And for the blessing of a healthy God focus marriage. I pray for Bob.

  30. I am a hospitality student here in Auckland. Soon I will be finishing my course in September. Please help me pray to find an employer who’s going to support me for a working visa. This is the only way I could return all the money that my mom and my brother invest for me..

  31. I pray for my Sister in Law who is very sick and admitted right now. Kind St Maria Goretti intercede for her and grant her Spiritual & physical healing that has made her so bitter for over 6 yrs now. Loving Father be her doctor & heal her. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen!

  32. for I and harry to graduate successfully as pharmacists. for our relationship to be blessed till the end.for my family to grow in love and unity.i pray that we secure a good job after graduation, in Jesus name I pray (Amen ).

  33. Please pray for my health l need good health l get sick often.please pray for me to get married with a good husband.please pray so l can hv a good job.

  34. I need special prayer an ongoing debt my husband & I have that I have no control over. I need it to be it to be depleted & allowed another chance to start over pay on time.

  35. Please pray for Mike and Amanda.
    Lots of marriage problems.
    We need counciling but he refuses.
    Right now he is not talking to me.

  36. Praying to God to grant me favor on thursday as I would be facing a panel in school. That God would grant me uncommon favor and divine mercy to conquer the authority. And forgiveness from God. To bless my parents and siblings. Amen.

  37. I retired from my job but there is obligations lying a head of me,l therefore request for God’s favour to get another job after retirement.

  38. Praying for my bf to stop drinking alcohol everyday & change his life.please help me pray I can’t c him waste his life he has a good heart I know he won’t listen to me .so I’m asking u guys to pray for my bf R he needs help

  39. Praying for my husband to be cut off from bad friends and from public drinking. Praying for a positive change in his life and for his love to return to his wife and children. Also praying for the spirit of true forgiveness of tt Comment

  40. Please pray for the re-unification of my ex boyfriend, soul mate and best friend. Please allow God to give him the strength to fight for our relationship and believe in the trust, acceptance and support I have in him and us. Allow him to grow in the self worth he deserves to know he has. I believe God brought us together once, and I believe we aren’t meant to be together again, but just stronger the next time around, for ourselves and our innocent, beautiful children who are loved so much by us both. Amen!

  41. Praying for peace and love in my family, my salary to increase, the coming retreat, my boss, my future husband.

  42. My sister Connie has left her husband of 18 years . He hit her and he was cheating. She is now homeless and out of money. Very depressed

  43. Can you please pray for me. My husband is abusive. Once in awhile physically. all the time everyday emotionally abusive. He will pick fights with me everyday, sometimes all day arguing with me. He keeps me awake at night arguing with me. My blood pressure is dangerously high. I haven’t been feeling well. I saw my doctor yesterday and he increased my blood pressure medication to 100 mg. I’m 53 years old. I am asking God if he can stand in my husbands way. I’m also asking for prayers so I can safely get out of this marriage. I’m afraid of him I’m afraid that my health is declining from all this stress. Please pray for me. I dont have anyone to help me. Thank you! God bless you!

    • You are not alone Valerie.
      Psalms 20:4-5
      May he grant you your heart’s desire,and fulfil all your plans!
      May we shout for joy over your victory,and in the name of our God set up our banners!May the LORD fulfil all your petitions!

      I will pray for you at mass today. Oh Lord, you are just and merciful. Please send an angel to guide and protect Valerie during her time of suffering. May someone find her that she can trust; someone who can provide her with the resources to remedy her unfortunate situation. Blessed mother, pray for your child Valerie that she may find the strength to endure her sacrifices and find safety. Pray also for her husband. May he find a way to his salvation by recognizing and repenting from the evil that is working through him. Amen.

    • The book Love Without Hurt has been useful for our marriage. It has a section for those being abused and the second half is to help the abuser. I can testify that things can get to how they were when you met. Divorce does not have to be the solution. Take care.

  44. Please pray for me for the healing of my lung cancer. My oncologist changed my rx a month ago because the current rx is resistant to my nodule that increased a cm. Sta Maria Goretti intercede for me that our Lord Jesus Christ grant His healing and that this medication will cure/heal me in Jesus Name. Amen. Praise the Lord. Alleluia Alleluia, Alleliua

  45. Please pray to my husband Agustin who is ill now he is suffering lung cancer. Lord Jesus heal my husband in his lung cancer give him complete healing and fast recovery and give him long life so that he can serve you more in the church as a layminister and in our community CFC FFL thru the intercession of Mama Mary please hear our prayers. Amen.

  46. Dear Anne
    please pray for my very dear friend who is not a Christian she is very ill and in urgent need of prayers.
    Thank you

  47. Good day. I need pray novena to help others and my special intention. I am broken down now can not take it more how my husband deceiving me. The woman is making mockery of me and swearing me. I am longing for my husband to return for reunion.

  48. That my family will come back to me. My mom was so jealous of my and my fathers relationship that she lied and put me out of the family through deceit. May God let my children and grandchildren see that my intentions have always been good and that its not me that is doing evil things.

  49. I know this novena was a week and a half ago, but I’m praying now for guidance.
    My fiancé is not Catholic, but he has been through RCIA and was supposed to be baptized at Easter. He missed due to car trouble, but has since avoided setting a date and then kept moving back the date for receiving the sacraments.
    He also has a very big problem with lying. I told him that I do not trust what he says anymore. I also told him that I do not know if I want to marry him anymore.
    He is going to start seeing a counselor about the lying problem, and I told him I hope that he starts going back to church (which I suspect he stopped going to without me).
    We are taking 10 days off- perfect for a novena.
    This is very hard on both of us. We have been together for over 7 years.

    May I have half of the strength that St Maria Goretti had for forgiveness, may I stay true to the will of God in my life, and may I know at the end of this novena if I should give this relationship another chance.

  50. I have got cervical cancer the hospital has done some treatment but they are telling me I might not be able to conceive plese pray for me and my husband that I will be able to give him a children even children please put blessed lady thank you for your prayers I really appreaicate it godbless

  51. I am praying for my son who had cancer surgery almost 9 months ago and is currently cancer free but having some residual surgical pain. I pray that he remains cancer free and is able to live a long healthy pain free life filled with all of God’s blessings. Thank you for all of the wonderful novenas—they have give me great comfort. God bless!


  52. Dear Heavenly Father, please soften my relative’s heart and pour your blessings of wisdom and mercy over her and each family member. I desperately ask that she can forgive me. Amen

  53. I am praying for employment. I am currently unemployed and I am going through a lot. I am also not able to conceive due to my age and I would like to have the blessing of a child.

  54. Please pray for healing and health for my sweet baby grandson, Cruz
    St Anne you are a grandmother and know the worry in my heart.

  55. I pray for my son and daughter, that they may have the wisdom, guidance and protection that they need to help them get through their current difficulties, and to find the right direction for their future.

    Thank you,

  56. O St. Maria Goretti,
    I praise you dear humble Saint and I beg you to please bless me and my son to pass the exams we wrote in June. Our results are out next week. I also pray so desperately for my son to pass his final year high school exams and receive admission into University. Bless me as a single parent to meet my financial debts.
    In Jesus name I trust and believe

  57. Hi Annie and Paul,
    Kindly pray for me for a life partner, also for my financial break through. am really struggling financially currently. Please tell God to direct my steps. Amen

  58. I would like to pray for my life. I would like to ask for wisdom and clarity in the situation am going through with the man in my life. Dear lord help me to make the right decision in these times which I do not understand what is going on.
    i would also like to pray for healing for Mr. Tumusime, help his kidneys to function better so that he can have a long life ahead.

  59. Hi,
    Please pray for my good friend Tanzida Islam [Muslim but non-Jihadist] and her new born baby. Tanzida gave birth almost 2 months before the expected date of delivery. The baby is okay for the time being however my friend is in a bad shape and the two of them are badly in need of your prayers. God save my friend and her child. Amen

  60. Hello my name is Steven and God bless please pray I have been praying to God for a companionship my future wife I have been praying for reconciliation in my marriage I’ve been divorced for 4 years something that i didn’t choose I’m going through annulment right now to the tribunal in Fresno I miss my family I miss my ex-wife we were married for almost 16 years I forgive her her name is Sue I really pray for a conversion in her heart I also ask God for reconciliation with my wife to bring her back as a wife she needs to be and to be the mother for my children that she needs to be but I pray for conversion that she comes back to the Catholic Church if it’s not in God’s will to reconcile my marriage I pray for a companionship someone who can pull my heart and touch my heart only what God can fill I just feel empty at times I have gone on friend dates but it’s just empty there is no what I felt for my family it’s just something is missing out of my heart I understand God comes first and I have been going to church every weekend but there’s times where I am disobedient but I go back to confession and reconcile with him please pray for me for my financial and needs and companionship I’m open to both also please pray for my sons Steven Jr Sebastian Samuel El Salvador please pray for healing upon them and your future and God’s spiritual daughters from the Catholic Church that come from good families better educated come to my sons and their future to be married in the Catholic Church to be blessed in the sacrament of marriage and to be blessed with good homes and descendants with good jobs and a good future also pray for my dad and my mom Raul and Catalina also for my brother pray for Anthony that may God bless him with the job that he’s seeking for his wife Oneida and his family Xavier Olivia.For my brother Raul Olga his wife for my niece and nephew Chris Mary Margaret and their families please keep me in prayer and my family I have really been praying to God to please bless me with my family if it is his will.If is not I pray for a companionship to be blessed with some else . I really been struggling and it’s hard I just missed coming home to someone thank you and God bless here’s my number area code 559-397-9682 I have just been praying if God can reconcile my marriage if it’s in his will if not I pray for a companionship someone who can be pulling my heart that I can be blessed with

  61. A group of people within our church, St. Mary’s, are determined to get rid of our priest. His only fault is teaching the truth about our faith. These people are used to a priest they could manipulate who basically grew weary of the in fighting and sanctioned whatever these people wanted. They insult our priest, Publicly and make appointments to do so.
    They are encouraging none support both financially and spiritual. We are losing parishioners and support of any kind is so low that our church may not survive.
    Please pray for us.

  62. Please pray for my three grandsons, Matt, Sean and Brian during your novena to St. Anne.

    They would dearly love to meet their future wives and with the help of this novena, I pray they will meet some lovely Christian women.

    Thank you and God bless you for providing us these wonderful novenas.

  63. Kindly pray for my grand daughter to get married to the man she loves. The man is not a Christian and would request that he be concerted to Christianity and lead a happy marriage life. Also pray for me to get a job that I have applied for overseas. I thank you all for the prayers.

  64. To
    Mr John & Ms Annie

    Peace be with you!

    Thanks u so much for the prayers which u email me after praying all the novenas i feel very happy and Please pray for my son to get a life partner for him to settle in his life and for my family.

    Mary Stella.

  65. Please pray for me and my family.

    1, Pray that my eldest son find his life partner very soon and get married within this year.

    2. Pray that my daughter’s proposal in hand get finalized favorably tomorrow, and get married within Jan 2017.

    3. Pray that my youngest son pay more attention in his engineering studies and complete within this year, especially for his focus in studies.

    4. Pray for everyone one in our family for good health, peace and love within family.

    5. Pray that we love our neighbors’ and our relatives and friends and for their well being.

  66. Please pray for my son Michael that his eyes will be opened and that he will see how much his daughter needs him to put her first in his life. His daughter is only 11 and needs her father to be in her life. St. Maria Goretti pray for Michael and his daughter. Amen, Thank you

  67. Sacred heart of Jesus please help and guide me and my husband to the right direction of life especially raising our children. Protect from any harm from anyone who tries to harm us from any false accusation. Help my child on each tournament she joins esp. this coming world tournament make be consistant in good shots and help us and guide us to prefer her. In Jesus name. Amen

  68. please St Maria Goretti, pray for me to work hard in school and graduate with the best grade, I also humbly request you to help me succeed in my new task of losing weight…. intercede for me to God our father, he answered your wish of being in heaven with Alessandro, I humbly request you to present my intentions to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  69. please pray for my son karl jozef vince for fast recovery and healing from degue fever and pneumonia.Please my God JESUS hear our prayer.

  70. In this novena, I have been praying for my friend’s grandson, who has a slight mental challenge and is living with her and needed a job. Yesterday was his 28th birthday and we took him out to lunch and he announced he got a job at a local store, after applying everywhere around the neighbourhood!
    Blessed is God forever!
    Thank you, St Maria Goretti for your intercession to get this ‘beautiful mind’ youth a chance to be useful and responsible with his new job; today is his first day at work.
    Thank you!

  71. Please pray for me so that I may find strength and health to continue to work and live after my sister death

  72. Please pray for healing for us;low immune system..always need myrsa away..keep evil &unsafe people away..need for a 2 /3 bedroom home near ocean/ safe 3 godly friends/ us to serve the Lord.pray for my 2 offsprings dad..turn to Jesus..stop hurting us!!break our co depency off him until he gets help for mental illness/addictions..please pray that me&2 offspring get all the help we need for new lives in Christ/restoration!!S.O.S Jesus..i do trust You!!!

  73. Please pray to sell our house.
    It’s been on the market for almost one year
    We rented it a week ago and he is the tenant from hell
    He is extremely difficult and will not let anyone in to show the house
    He is a prosecutor and using the law to his advantage and bulling us!
    Please pray for us!!! We don’t need this extra stress

    Rosemarie Sardina

  74. Please pray for all stroke survivors, especially my friend Bob Farina. May they be healed in Spirit, Mind and Body through the precious gift of our Lord’s Love & Mercy. Amen.

  75. Thank you Saint Maria Goretti, I had a great deal of hatred in my heart towards a former employer. Spirited by your suffering and death and forgiveness towards your assailant, I am able to ask myself, If Saint Maria Goretti can forgive such a horrible act, that caused her death, then I can forgive this person and others that have caused me such minual pain!

  76. God is great. He has helped me achieve what I had found hard to do. Now I can firmly say that I have somewhere I can call home. Thank you God.