The Novena to St. Maria Goretti

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-The saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.- (1)About St. Maria Goretti

(We will start praying this novena on June 27th!)

St. Maria Goretti is the youngest canonized saint in the Church. The attendance at her canonization exceeded one half million souls, the largest of any canonization up to that point and time. And when you learn more about Saint Maria Goretti, it’s not hard to tell why so many people showed up ;)

Saint Maria Goretti was born to a poor farming family in Italy. Maria was one of six children. The family lived and worked on the property of another family’s farm, the Serenelli’s family farm. The Serenelli family consisted of the father and the son, Alessandro. The Gorettis lived downstairs on the property while the Serenelli’s lived upstairs.

When Maria was only 9 years old, her father died from malaria. After that, Maria had to begin taking care of the rest of the children in the family while her mom worked in the fields. She also cleaned and cooked for the Serenelli’s, and all the while, she did not complain. Rather, she was a source of encouragement and joy for her mother. She would told her mom that Jesus would take care of them.

Maria was a pious child. She attended Mass often, loved the Lord with all her heart, and she grew in many virtues. She was also very beautiful.

Alessandro Serenelli noticed her beauty and began to have impure thoughts of her. He spoke to her cruelly and often would make sexual advances on her. Maria would always rebuke his advances and say, “No, never, that is a sin! God forbids that and we would go to hell!”

This harassment continued for months and Maria tried to avoid Alessandro.

On July 5, 1902, Alessandro approached Maria one more time and told her that if she didn’t allow him to have sex with her that he would kill her. She again refused. She said she would rather die than allow him to do what he wanted to do to her.

In a rage, Alessandro stabbed Maria fourteen times with a file, which was used to sharpen farm tools. The file passed through Maria’s small body from the front all the way through to the back. Maria was only 11 at the time.

She was found and taken to the hospital where she had surgery, but she was not going to survive. She died the next day, but not first without forgiving her attacker. Her last words were, “I forgive Alessandro Serenelli … and I want him with me in heaven forever.”

St. Maria Goretti’s feast day is July 6th.

You can read more about St. Maria Goretti & her story of mercy here, including how her forgiveness led to the conversion of her attacker:

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

and here:

Who Is St. Maria?


Among mercy, forgiveness and love, St. Maria Goretti is also known for her intercession for purity and chastity. And, she is known as a patron of the youth and of rape victims.

Novena to St. Maria Goretti

Day 1 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of purity, you defended your virginity unto your death. Even at the age of 11, you held dear to your heart what is dear to our Lord’s heart: your purity. Pray for me that I may do the same, especially when I am tempted.

Please pray that God will give me the strength to avoid sin and say, “yes” to a life which will lead to eternity in Heaven with you and our Lord.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 2 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of love, your love for God was so clear in how you cared for your family during such hardships and in how you loved your enemies — even while you were dying.

Even at the age of 11, you understood what it meant to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself. Pray for me, that I may be able to do the same.

Please pray that I will truly be able to serve my family joyfully, and others who need my help and love. And most of all, pray that our Lord will come first in my heart.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 3 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of forgiveness, pray for me.

Even at the age of 11, you did not withhold forgiveness from your attacker. You didn’t wish him unwell. On the contrary, you wanted Heaven for him. You loved him in that way. Pray for me, that I, too, will be able to love my enemies like you did. Pray that I will want Heaven for them.

Please pray that it will become easier and easier to forgive those who have hurt me and those who will hurt me.

Please pray for my own healing from these past hurts so that I can move forward and offer forgiveness.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 4 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of chastity, you guarded your virginity with such fervor. Even at the age of 11, you knew the value of the virtue of chastity.

Please pray that I will become better at practicing chastity in my own life.

Pray that I will learn to live a life in which desire is subservient to reason. Please pray that I will be able to love as Jesus does: selflessly.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 5 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of mercy, pray for me.

God’s mercy is the only hope for mankind. I know we are called to imitate our Father’s mercy to those around us, but it is hard, and I often fail.

But you, even at the age of 11, were strong and courageous enough to offer mercy to your attacker, the one who hurt you the very most.

Please pray that I will be able to do the same to those who hurt me. Please pray that I will not consider their unworthiness, but that I may consider our Lord, as you did.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 6 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of living a holy, everyday life, pray for me.

I often feel as though my life must be extraordinary if I am to be a saint, but you show me another way. You show me that I can be a saint if I love our Lord with all my heart, and if I serve my family and put them before me.

Please pray that I may be selfless as you were, and that I can learn to deny my own desires so that I can fulfill our Lord’s will.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 7 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of christian suffering, pray for me.

You carried your cross so courageously while you suffered through surgery without anesthesia. You thirsted and were not able to be given water, and you accepted that cross because you loved our Lord.

Pray for me, St. Maria Goretti, that I will become better at carrying my cross.

Pray that I will not complain about my cross, and that I will remember to offer it up to our Lord, for I know that He does not waste any ounce of suffering given to Him.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 8 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of youth, please pray for the children in my life and the youth across the world.

Please pray that their faith may be as strong as yours was when you were 11 years old.

Pray that I may do what I can to support children in their faith, and to encourage them to love our Lord, to put Him first in their lives, and to follow His commandments.

Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 9 – St. Maria Goretti Novena

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of victims of rape, please pray for all those whose dignity has been attacked.

Pray for their healing, for comfort, and for peace for them.

Please pray that we, as a society, may be able to better protect those who are survivors of sexual assault.

And please pray for justice for their attackers, but most of all, for their contrition and conversion.

Also, please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


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  1. Please pray for my friend Winnie and her family. Her husband drinks heavily and do not consume food. Also he gives bad words all the time. Please pray that he stops drinking alcohol and there is peace and harmony in the family. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for my husband Who will be giving his exams today. May almighty bless him and guide him through out the exam.

  3. Pray for conversion of my children and grandchildren and pray that God will reunite them with James and me real soon . Pray that James and I will understand each other better and love each other more

  4. Pray for conversion of my children and grandchildren and pray that God will reunite them with James and me real soon

  5. Dear St.Maria G., please pray for my children to be delivered from immodesty in their clothing, their words and thoughts, and especially from the music and entertainments of this world that bombard them with a crass version of sexuality, disrespect for purity and chastity, and a lack of dignity amd respectacular for life. Please pray that my children will dress modestly, think pure thoughts, and seek music and pastimes that don’t degrade love and sex but rather uphold the dignity of women and men and give glory to God. Pray that my children will be forgiven any sexual sins, that they will realize what such sins are, and that they will live chastely, in accordance with their state in life, now and in the future. St. Maria, thank you for being so pure and loving and please pray for my children that they may renew their purity and seek God daily in prayer and in charity towards others.
    Thank you for your intercession, St. Maria. I pray also for all the young adults of this world to stand against the indignities and offenses against true love and life and to uphold respect for chastity, marriage, and life.

  6. O Saint Maria Goretti please pray for all those that have been victim of sexual attacks. For their healing and peace within them. And please pray for those that were the attackers that they see the wrong that they have done to on their victims. Please pray for my grandchildren that they never encounter such a horrible fate. Protected them from all evil and harm. Please pray for my husband that he continue to have good health. In Jesus name I ask thee. O Saint Maria Goretti please help me not to indulge in over eating. Thank you.

  7. O Jesus,please help me to recover from epilepsy,get employment and for all the unmarried youths to get proper marriages. Amen.

  8. An update on my daughter’s condition. She has severe pre-eclampsia, that has deteriorated over past week. Probably going to deliver within next 24 hrs. She is still in need of dire prayers for herself and baby. Dear st maria Goretti please pray and intercede for her, on your feast day tomorrow. We need a miracle for my daughter’s life as well as her baby’s. I will Thank you for your favor–now for I know of your powerful intercession before our Lord and savior.

  9. Wednesday July 5th prayer request and Praise report

    Dear Almighty God, my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy mother Mary, All my Blessed Saints And Angels, I praise you, I love you, I thank you and glorify you. My pet scan results came back negative. All the blood work normal. The port placement was successful. Thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart


    Please St Maria Goretti intercede to the Almighty God for me to heal my gastric cancer and for all who are calling on Him for His miraculous healing and Devine intervention in their needs. Amen

    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ , Almighty God, forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises.
    You know my needs before I even open my mouth. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I am coming to you again and again with tears and prayers. My heart is yearning for you I need you desperately Lord Jesus Christ
    Dear Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Lord and my savior, Blessed Holy Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, Blesssed St Jude, Blessed St Anthony, Blessed St Joseph, my brothers and sisters in prayer, please pray for me and with me.
    Lord God Almighty please uproot my stomach cancer diagnoses.
    I am having chemo treatment and also will need to undergo surgery . Please Lord be my ultimate HEALER before anyone else, for I know and trust that you have done it for me. In your mighty name and with your stripes I am healed. Amen. You are my only hope and deliverer . You who raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind and made the cripple walk willl never fail me. Amen
    Please Lord Jesus Christ cover me with your precious blood from the top of my head to the sole of my feet . Surround me with your Angels. Oh Good Jesus hear my cries. I need you Dr Jesus, healer of all ailments to heal me. I need you God so desperately. I am longing for you to heal me as a dry land thirsting for water .
    I beg you my Lord and my savior. I need your healing intervention. Please God hear my cries and please show me your marvelous healing mercies and powers and make me new and whole again.
    Please Lord, let me touch the hem of your garment in my dreams and I am healed. I know
    Please God Let me live to declare your wonders to the whole world. Please God let me live to do thy will. I promise to do your will. Let me be an instrument to testify to the world about you.
    Please God forgive me for my sins and hear me. Please God shame the evil one, the devil who is prowling around me to destroy me. Please put him in the bottomless pit. Please let your Blessed St. Michael the Archangel crush the devils head
    Thank you Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for you have never failed me. I trust and believe in you. I am relying on your WORD . You said to ask and you shall receive. I am asking you Oh Good God Almighty. I have no one but you. I am depending on your mercy Lord. I am trusting and believing in your love, mercy and WORD Please do not delay. Please do not allow the devil to laugh at me and say aha aha. Where is her God
    I thank you Lord God Almighty. I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be thine. Praises be unto thee. Thank you All Saints and Angels for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN

  10. Please pray for my son Mark to get a job.
    Pray for my brother to be understanding with our parents conflict. Forgiveness in his heart.

  11. I pray that my son’s will have a great school year. I pray that God will bring Christian people into their lives to help guide them in their journey. I ask that their professors and teachers will help them be successful in school. I also ask for Gods protection for my boys and my husband. That God will always watch over them. Amen

  12. St. Maria Goretti, please intercede that I may get a 2nd interview for a job that I have applied for. I am a perfect match for this position and the salary increase would help me and my family tremendously. I pray that they see my skills and experience and that I end up with a job offer. Thank you.

    God bless you, St. Maria Goretti.

  13. I’m praying that you’ll help my daughter. Please Saint Maria Goretti, please help her to be more patient and calm and mature and responsible and respectful and grateful. Please watch over her and protect her and help her to change and grtow quickly . She needs help and I’m prayjng for your blessing.

  14. I offered this Novena to St. Maria Goretti for the conversion of sinners.
    Thank you for making these novenas available. I am finally finishing my novenas. Before your website I hardly ever got all of the prayers finished. This is a great opportunity to get in a more prayerful habit.
    Thanks again and may God bless you.

  15. Heavenly Father- I pray that the parents of this day teach the children about you and bring the faith in their homes. Bless the poor and lonely of this World that you will give them what they need and fill their life with fullness and happiness. This I pray. In Jesus name. Amen

  16. St. Maria Goretti

    I ask for my friend Priscilla D who is the hospital and needs prayers for a recovery from depression, stemmed from her mothers passing. I ask for you to intercede and help her gain back courage and strength, to move forward and live life to her highest potential. That she find peace of mind through Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen

  17. Asking my St Anna Maria Goretti to keep my friend’s cousin Michele’s family in thoughts & prayers. Michele’s daughter in law Katie just passed after a courageous 3 yr stand with cancer.

  18. Dear Maria Goretti ask Jesus to help my family and freinds change their heart for my niece Genevieve to have a speedy recovery from the sight and JbD changes his heart also and Natacha and her family to resolve the financial problems and for people who are sick:wilda,Marie,aunt Nicole,uncle Adrien,tamimine,mie Neuville,Nelia Cadet,yacintha,Nelia,Mie Lourdes,uncle Sherer and family,carmelle and son,lucina and lecene.and to get married and have a blessed family.thank you and God blessed you all ????


  20. I’m praying to saint Maria go retrieve for complete healing from shingles pain. I pray for my knee to feel less pain. I pray for a new friend to have coffee with I just moved here a year ago and feel lonely.

  21. In praying my husband will get accepted find his course. I’m praying that he will have access to a vehicle in his course. I’m praying that it will go smoothly

    1. I pray for my mother’s healing against arteriosclerosis of thoracic aorta.

    2. Pray for God’s mercy upon my Mother Isekut Waburg Otim our family, home my brothers and sisters and families that Merciful Lord Jesus receives us all into abode of His compassionate heart and immense us in the ocean of the most precious Blood and Grant us mercy on the sins of our ancestors, grandparents, parents and family tree.

    3. Pray Grant our mother Isekut Waburg Otim forgiving Heart peace and harmony in her heart.

    4. Pray for the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit upon my family and our family.

    5. Pray for Blessings upon my family and our family with God fearing spouses, children and Holy families.

    6. Pray for my daughter Apolot Joan Faith, Cousins, aunties and uncles in respective school and those who have finished school to received God’s Mercy and be Blessed with wisdom in their studies and lives especially in their challenging subjects.

    7. Pray and desire God’s blessings, Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit upon all children in/our family those at school and have completed school to be Blessed. I also Pray for those without jobs and promotions to be Blessed

    8. Pray for God’s Mercy and Healing against all chronic and all degenerative diseases in me/my/our family seal the spirit of death in our family.

    9. Pray for financial break-through to pay school fees, finish housing projects and buy a car.

    10. Pray that may the Holy Cross through which you saved the World save my/our family from bad crosses of Alcohol, single parenting, cohabitation, polygamous, bitterness and all the bad crosses.

    11. Pray for God’s Mercy upon my brother Okello Joseph Michael who turned away from you, to quit alcoholic, polygamy and recklessness with money, smoker and heal him of liver problems, to reject evil and come back to your altar and serve God.

    12. Pray for Peace and Harmony between our family and our enemies and desire for the Grace to Pray and Forgive.

    Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus !

  23. By the intercession of St Maria Goretti I pray to God for;
    For conversion of sinners
    For healing to Theresa
    For healing to my high blood cholesterol, glucose, high blood pressure & other afflictions in my body
    For eternal rest on Agnes
    For success to the wedding of my niece in August For success to the engagement & wedding of my son coming up in September & October also for financial support to the weddings
    For me to have a happy death & to be in Grace at the time of my death
    For me my children grandchildren, immediate & extended family members, friends & loved ones to be rapturable
    For God to answer & grant the intentions of everyone participating in this Novema

  24. please pray for me that my depression will end soon and that I get my life back on track and pray for my wife Valerie thank you

  25. Please pray that the new medicine helps my RA without many of the side effects. Please guide me and my doctors to develop a plan so I many live many more years so with this gift I may teach my children and grandchild about Jesus Christ. Please give me words to teach.

    Thank you Lord.

  26. I pray for my son and his continued strength and courage in these tough times, I pray the powerful hands of God surround him and comfort his steps. I pray he continues to stay on his path and I thank God for his protection for my family and exposing the fakes in our lives and always providing what we need when we need It. I thank God for our victories and our triumphs. God you are all powerful and mighty! I love And trust you! I pray for everyone else during this novena and all times for their prayers to be answered in accordance to God. In Jesus Mighty name amen!

  27. My dear Saint Maria Goretti please intercede to Jesus for me and ask that my sister Camille Kelly be healed of her ailments. That the results of her cat scan show that it is not critical or serious and that it can be corrected. Please make it possible for her to get the required amount of blood today so that her blood count can reach the level it is supposed to be at. Please relieve her of the headaches that she is experiencing and allow them to go away once and for all and that she gets the right treatment for them and allow her to return to normal health and fully recover from all her ailments and allow her to be properly/comfortably warded today. Please bless my sister Susan Kelly-Bruce and allow all to go well for her today at the therapist and that she gets the right advice/recommendation/cure for the problem with her ankle. Please also fully heal Cousin Ann Jacobs, Gary Kelly and Thela Pantin. These and all other intentions, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  28. DEAR St. MARIA Goretti,
    Whose relics we prayed in front of, pray for my mother and her healing from the past, pray for the healing of my brother in law who was attacked defenseless, pray for the youth who suffer from anxiety especially my Son and so many others.

    Thank you for your intersection and

    Amen Amen

  29. Dear Saint Maria hear my prayers. I pray for healing from shingles and phn. I pray to be free from pain and anxiety. I had a bad experience this year with doctors and nurses that resulted in a hospitization. This experience has caused me stress and anxiety. I pray my case will get in the right hands. I pray for Angela and Caroline. Amen

  30. Dear St. Maria, hear my prayers. I pray for my son and that he returns home to live; I pray that all goes well for Eli today; I pray to do a great job at work and to be well thought of; I pray for healing in my very fractured family; I pray for love, a husband and a wedding in the mountains; I pray to have this new home be the start of the happiest chapter of my life; I pray for true friends; I pray for Polly; I pray for my father’s healing; I pray for Oscar; I pray for divine protection around my home and property; I give thanks for Julia and Polly; I give thanks for bringing Ghost Cat back to us; I pray for insight and answers to the things going on in my family; I pray for forgiveness for my sins and to easily forgive others; I pray for Dave’s forgiveness; I pray to hear from DB, LMG, TS, TB and others that were once in my life. I pray for love, peace, calm, joy, happiness and victory in all areas of my life.

  31. Dear God. My kids were victims from sexual abuse when they were young …by a family member ,, which I found out year later ,, when I find out ,, I was in total shock and my husband and Especially my daughter accused me of not doing anything which I was not aware , My husband was leading a double life and use that incident after 30 years married ,,,he left with my best friend , plus my daughter did not talk to me for 13 years ,,, Thank you Lord After praying for many years for my daughter finally she open the door.and see Mom who She is ..finally we reconnected , but my husband never did in his power to fix anything ,, But my daughter does not know how to forgive or say sorry , I don’t say anything ,, now she has a new baby boy ,, I am enjoying baby ,,and stay positive and ask For prayers to heal her for the past ,, all the hurt Dad and my daughter has ideas what they put me through ,, Plain selfishness ,, Thank God my son is very close to me,, Thank you Lord in the name of Jesus Soften up their heart please Dear Lord ,,

  32. Dear St. Maria Goretti,
    I pray for my son’s depression and anxiety. I pray that he be healthy and ready for work. I pray that he be ready for work and successful at work and keep his job. I pray that he stay away from marijuana and tattoos. May he realize how bad his relationship was with his ex girlfriend and to move on. I pray that my sons meet good Catholic Christian wives. I pray for my friends sons health. I pray for family peace and health especially my husband and mother. I pray that my nephew find a job. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for all the people saying this novena. Please guide us! I love You! Amen

  33. I thirst for your prayers to Jesus st.maria.pray for job and be a Father to my daughter who is responsible and always leaning to Jesus in my life

  34. Pray for children and more so my daughter Bakhita to grow and have Jesus in her life.pray for the job to support her and other children in the world

  35. Please pray for me to get financial break through to pay tuition for my children. Pray for my childrens’ patience until the funds are available for their tuition. St Maria Goretti, please pray for me and let every demonic trap set against my children be shattered to pieces in the name of Jesus. I command all demonic mirrors and monitoring gadgets against my children Cardy, Nels and Stev’s spiritual lives to crack to pieces in Jesus name. All demonically organized seductive appearances to pull my children down be rendered null and void in the name of Jesus. I command all organized forces of darkness against my children’s lives to receive commotion, lightning, thunder and be disorganized in Jesus name. Name of Jesus has the power to make the lame walk and to give sight to the blind and he has the power to help my family, My children, my spouse and my siblings through every trial we face. Amen

  36. Thank you Saint Maria Goretti for your intercession in my life and in my situation. I will keep praying this novena and I encourage all to do the same. In Jesus name…Amen!


  38. Please God help Christine to be happy again and get her life back on track after this breakup. Help her to meet the one who is right for her.Thank you.

  39. Please pray for me all Christians. Am going for a pet scan in India because recent scan shown suspicious metastatic nodules 3 on my right lung.
    Maria Goretti please pray and intercede for me for God to have mercy on me so that the test am about to take should be cancer free.
    God have mercy on me and forgive my sins. I pray all this trusting in Jesus Christ Amen Amen.

  40. Prayed for my oldest son for the Lord to give him the strength he needs to live/give his life to honor God and for all man like him with drug and alcoholic problems. Amen

    • Dear St Maria Goretti

      Please pray for me as I cannot make ends meet although I am working. As a single parent I am overwhelmed by debts as well as having my eldest son who is a drug abuser and alcoholic. He is now verbally abusing me and lacks respect. I wish to find financial stability as well as peace in my life. I know that I am a sinner but I try to do what is good in the eyes of God.

      I pray all this will come to pass in Jesus’ name. Amen

  41. Dear St Maria Goretti,
    Pray that I may do what I can to support my children in their faith, and to encourage them to love our Lord, to put Him first in their lives, and to follow His commandments. My sons are grown up men but they seem lost in some way. I pray to our Lord through the intercession of St Maria Goretti to completely change their lives. To follow the words of Jesus, to find permanent employment and to find happiness. I would like them to get married if that is the will of God. I have been praying for a long while, but nothing much has changed. I am not giving up, because I know that to God everything is possible. I pray for all children over the world to have St Maria Goretti for their example. Thank you St Maria Goretti. During this Novena I was praying for the pain in my lower back. The pain went away and I can walk normal.Please let it stay that way! I pray for all those praying this Novena. Take all our prayers and sufferings to the Throne of Almighty God.

  42. Saint Maria, I pray that you intercede for my husband, let him be fully healed. Flourish his business and keep him safe. I also pray for more children to come into our lives in Jesus name. Amen

  43. I pray for a relationship with EC with the blessings of his kids. I also pray that my children will return to church even if only occasionally.

  44. Father, I pray that you watch over all my children and keep them safe. Watch over my son who is a police officer from all the bad in society, watch over my other son who is serving his nation, my daughter who is becoming a woman and needs your guidance, my son to help him mature and continue to excel in school and my youngest daughter protect her from all harm. I also ask to place me on the right track to do my job and protect all the children I’m tasked to protect. Give me ideas and allow those in positions to help me protect our youth. Amen

  45. Saint Maria Goretti, my patron saint
    Please pray for my son at his first job, that he exercises self control, maturity, tolerance and wisdom with his superior who sometimes behaves rudely with him. Please pray that my son directs his energy to work and sports until he meets a good girl like you.
    Please also pray for my daughter’s new relationship. May it bear fruit!
    Please pray for people who are obsessed by sex, violence and pornography.
    Thank you and Amen!

  46. O St Maria Goretti please pray for my grandchildren that they will always know that God is there for them. Please do not let them stray away from the church and our Lord Jesus Christ. Please protect them and my husband, children and family from any evil and any harm. Thank you.

  47. Gratitude for answered prayers.
    Praying for the health of my parents, the success of my children, happiness for my family and friends.
    Praying that I may fulfill God’s mission for me. Praying for peace and understanding in our world, relief for all who suffer, and for the intentions of all praying this novena.

  48. The salvation of my son, granddaughter, grandsons, my great grandson, my husband, his child and grandsons, my sisters and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

  49. Dear St Maria of Goretti, pray my son to pass on his Licensure examination fir RN tomorrow and guide him. Pray and give miracle for victory of my case regarding my medical condition. Thsnk you

  50. St.Maria please intercede and help bring C and C back to their catholic faith. Please help all young people to see the beauty of our faith. Bring D back to the man he should be. Amen

  51. O my Lord,am still asking you to help me recover from epilepsy,get employment and all the youths to get proper wives and husbands for proper certified christian marriages. Amen.

  52. Praying for success in entrance examination for my son Emmanuel Steven , that he will succeed in the catholic school I want him to attend

  53. I pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family – my daughters, my nephews, my husband, my sister, my mom and myself. I pray for my elder daughter to heal from her eczema and the other health problems that she has, to have children soon and to be very successful in her business . I pray for my younger daughter to have children soon and to succeed in her career more and more. I pray for G to heal from his addictions and to turn his life for the better. I pray for my nephews to find good wives and to have children of their own and good jobs. I pray for my sister to be healthy and to have a peaceful life at home and at work and for my mom to recover completely and get better soon. I pray for my husband and me to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters soon, to keep our jobs until we can retire and to pay off our debts soon. I also pray for Gabriel and Adam to heal from their illnesses and for the intentions of all who are praying this novena.

  54. Blessed St Maria Goretti I ask for you intercession to the Lord that He grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. That He restore my cycle and allow us to conceive and have healthy pregnancy and babies. We have had a difficult road but we have full faith and trust in God and rest in His promises to us that our babies will come. I am asking all the prayer warriors on this site to please pray with and for us that the Lord grant us our hearts desires and miracle our babies in Jesus name. I pray for all of you as well. Nothing is impossible with God.!! Praise the Lord!!!!

  55. Oh Saint Maria Gorretti with the intercession of the lord please send your Holy Spirit to guide and protect me and my family from the claws of the evil ones. he is trying hard to get us and he is holding on to my two youngest children who are so naive please i am asking you all for your prayers to keep us strong Amen.

  56. dear lord jesus i pray for my mother and my mothers best friend i pray that the lord will help them both whatever there going through i pray in jesus name amen

  57. Continued prayers for Nora,Joanna,Jeanene,Jackie and Tom that their different cancers are either cured, stay cured or go into remission. That Rob continue to heal from his stroke and that my legs continue to get strong so I may continue to care for my grand babies. That my daughter in law find a job and that my grandson continue to progress with his therapists and that my son stop drinking and seek help.

  58. Please pray that I may give up smoking. That I may have more patience and fortitude in caring for my husband.
    Thank you.

  59. I pray Saint Maria Gorretti with your intercession to the Lord for all my children that they will accept you as their all to know and acknowlege that they are nothing without you and you are everything.For my last son Dev in particular which has a very bad temper which lead him to being disrespectful and dissobedient to me so does my daughter Shen these two are being lead by the devil,please i beg of you all of your prayers for my family that God will send down his Holy Spirit upon them to bring back the nice obedient children that used to be alter servers, for a long time i cant get them to go to church anymore,neither can i have a rational conversation with them anymore without a big fuss and it ended prematurely. thank you Amen.

  60. In Jesus’ Name let us pray for Peace in Amrrica and the rest of the world ss we celebrate today, America’s Independence . Amen????????

  61. The peace of Christ be with us all that has been part taking in this novenas that our prays maybe answered may our heart be bless with the holy sprite
    fill with the love of god for others … St. Maria as you where chosen by god to forgive your acttackor as he has forgive our sin I pray that we forgive those whom as hurt us and show on to them love and kindness. Lord father creator if heaven and earth blessed o lord John Paul and Annie that they may continued to do your work in praying the novenas daliy with us for this i pray.. God the father the true light that shine so bright in our life may be the light of perpetual light. father bless me o lord that I may get a proper job that will increase my knowledge and understanding in motiving myself and my boss so that I will better able to provide for my family and help others in Jesus name I pray amen.

  62. Please intercede to Jesus and completely and totally heal my sister Camille Kelly from the ailment she is admitted for at hospital. Please take away the migraine headaches and allow the doctors to find out why these attacks and give her the right medication for it. That her blood count will go back to the normal level again and that she does get the required amount of blood very, very soon. Please totally and completely heal her of all her ailments and allow her to get a good night’s rest free from all pain and discomfort. Also my sister Susan Kelly-Bruce will be healed of the ailment of her right ankle and that all goes well for her when she visits the therapist tomorrow. Also totally and completely heal Cousin Ann Jacobs, Gary Kelly and Thela Pantin of their respective ailments and that they will fully recover and be back to normal health again. These and all other intentions, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  63. Please pray for the complete healing and recovery of Darryl’s ginger and white cat and keep him safe and protect him from all harm. Also my pet cat Frisky and keep him safe from all danger take care of all his needs. Bless each member of my family = brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws and myself. Protect
    Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and the islands from being hit by earthquakes, also hurricane, storm or flood. These and all other intentions, in Jesus’ name; Amen.

  64. St Maria Goretti, if you can reach God’s heart, tell him how miserable I am, I brought to his son Jesus my two sons and my husband, the embraced their religion and felt safe and protected,
    please ask god why did he give us this brutal pain. tell him please to redeem us and give us back our Paul, our life and our family, we want to love him and serve him, ask Jesus to give us a grandchild from Paul and Blanca this year our Emmanuel, I promise to raise him with the love of God.
    St Maria Goretti how I hope that God will listen to you and give us our life back
    thank you for praying for me and my family

  65. St Maria Gorettie please pray for my family and also help me as I have made some very wrong decisions in life also look after my son and help him to get a suitable job in life and help him to finish his studies also help me to pay off all my credit cards and live credit free

  66. Dear St Maria Goretti,
    Thank you for all the blessings and I ask for you to please intercede for my son in law Ricardo to be healed from all the injuries he sustained from the motor cycle accident and to restore his memory. Intercede for my daughter to find peace as she cope with the depression and anxiety. Please bless her family to be strong. Thank you. Please answer the prayers for all those who pray this Novena. Also please bless all the little children. Bless John Paul and Annie who are so supportive to all of us.
    God Bless

  67. Please pray for my husband. He has heart disease and it’s hard for him to get a good nights sleep due to leg pain. At times we don’t get along and I think he worries about our future which he gets discouraged about. We have many decisions to make and so we ask for guidance from our Lord.

  68. Dearest St. Maria Goretti, please pray for me and ask God to take the dwelling away and anxiety and panic Attacks away. Please always keep me healthy physically and spiritually and mentally. Thank you, I love you

  69. Please St. Maria Goretti pray for Judi that she find the happiness that God has in store for her in her new job. Pray for her to be free from depression and anxiety. Keep her cats healthy and safe Lord, as they help her to fight the depression. Please St. Maria Goretti intercede for me to get healing for my legs and my bladder. Please send me a financial blessing. Forgive me Lord for not handling my finances well in the past.
    Bless all those who have asked me to pray for them. Bless Mr. Lobo and his daughter Joan.Bless Isabel and Lennix. Please let Lenecia call her daughter. Please Lord answer the prayers of all those making this novena.Thank you Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  70. Prayer for divine healing for myself and two other members of my family.
    Housing for 3 members of my family including myself two households.

  71. St. Maria Goretti please pray for me that I will spend more time in prayer. Please pray for my daughter Judi to find favor with God and man in her new job. Pray that she be free from depression and anxiety Pray that God will keep her cats healthy , as they help with her depression. Pray for me to be financially blessed so that I can pay my debts. Pray for healing for my legs, and my bladder. Pray that I get health and healing for my entire body. Help Rosemaryie to get a buyer for her business. Help her to get an apartment. Bless Jennifer with good health and a financial blessing.Heal Clarita’s hand and Wayne’s shoulder. Heal Veronica’s heart and may the defibrillator in her heart keep her heart functioning.Bless Geeta and her children. Please pray that Lenecia will get in touch with her father. Bless Lennix and Isabel. Please let Sherry find peace on her job. Please dear Lord, through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti, answer the prayers of everyone making this novena. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray and thank you Amen.

  72. to st. maria goretti, thank you . please for all the children around us. especially pray for jasmine and judy,children belong to jacob’s friend. also pray for my boys and my mamita mikaela. please pray for marie that she overcomes her surgery with a positive outcome. my st maria goretti i love you very much amen.


  73. Maria Goretti please interceded for my change of job which I have been praying for that it comes through if its the will of God.

    Interceed for my friend who passed on for the family to be consoled and granted the strength to bear the painful loss.Jesus Christ I pray that you take charge of the family and the project she has left behind so that it may be the families source of income for the sake of the children’s daily provision.Lord hear my humble prayer!

  74. Wishing St.Maria Goretti Intercession for my Marriage intention and Successful Holy Land Plligriamage during this year.
    I humbly asking my spiritul friends for sponsorship by their charity to send me to Historical our Lord Jesus Christ nativity Country.
    That it take place between 25 August to 08 September 2017.
    Price R45000.00
    I am really Praying to success that very interesting Plligriamage to Rome in life time to do it.
    Therefore I will keep your confirmation in great expectation to send you my Account Number.
    May almighty God bless you all for support!
    DO good from your heart not from your mind.

  75. Thanksgiving for children,husband,parents,siblings and their families.

    Praying for good health and protection against terminal illnesses. God to heal my family member who has cancer and grant her peace.

    Thanking God for on going project of construction of my home.God bless,protect it and help me complete the construction soonest possible.

  76. Please pray for my husband Rodrigo to come back to Catholic faith and please touch his heart. Please take care of us. In Jesus name Amen!

  77. ST. Maria Goretti… Pray for little children who dont have any one to care for then.
    Please protect their going & coming.

  78. Please pray for health of my granddaughter Isabella and my great niece Camila. Please pray for the temporal and spiritual needs of all my grandchildren and relatives.

  79. Dearest St Maria Goretti I request You to intercede for me to beg Our Lord God that my grandchild four years of age to be Baptised. In Jesus’ Name Amen

  80. St Maria Goretti, please intercede for my brother to have a profitable employment with a good company. Please intercede for my marriage and my husband will return back home. I ask that you intercede for my daughter to meet a Christ like husband and return home soon. In Jesus name

  81. St Maria goretti please pray for me more patience calm and understanding please help me to follow God’s will St Maria gerotti please pray for a job of my husband Joseph as caregiver going to japan St Maria of goretti please pray for my immigrant status St Maria goretti please pray for the healing of cita capiral gorge Lawson Jimmy Bing ceasar esplana Cyrus corpus and arcangel lavarias

  82. Praying through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti for my grandchildren to love Jesus and follow the faith joyfully and for all non-practising
    family to return to the faith.

  83. St Maria Goretti please pray for my husband to choose to love God our Church, me and our children with all his heart may he desire and grow in holiness with me and our children and I pray God grants him his raise and bonuses and career advancement he has worked so hard to achieve. He will receive this and may his desire for the fire of love and the Holy Spirit overtake him. Amen❤️????

  84. I’m praying for a promotion for my job I hope I will get the post and au hope we get the approval for the mortgage for our own house

  85. Please pray that I can find peace.

    Also pray that my life will get better.

    Also pray that a certain person will not destroy it.

  86. Please pray for the salvation of all my family members and those close to us. Pray for my sister’s renewed health, and for an increase in our faith. Pray for my boyfriend’s conversion to Jesus. Pray for the U.S.A. and for President Trump and those close to him. Pray for the Peace of Jesus throughout the world. Amen.