Novena to Padre Pio

St. Padre Pio had the stigmata and is widely regarded as a miracle worker.

Novena Prayers

O St. Pio, I come to you today knowing that you are truly a miracle worker. As one who is close to Jesus, I ask that you would pray for these my intentions:

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I pray with the words of Pope John Paul II as I beg for your prayers on my behalf:

“Glorious, humble and beloved Padre Pio. Teach us, we pray, humility of heart, so that we may be counted among the little ones of the Gospel to whom the Father promised to reveal the mysteries of His Kingdom. Help us to pray without ceasing, certain that God knows what we need even before we ask Him.

“Obtain for us the eyes of faith that will help us recognize in the poor and suffering, the very face of Jesus.

“Sustain us in the hour of trouble and trial and, if we fall, let us experience the joy of the sacrament of forgiveness. Grant us your tender devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus and our Mother.

“Accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage toward the blessed Homeland, where we too, hope to arrive to contemplate forever the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”


In closing, St. Pio, we pray the prayer you composed for Confidence and Trust in God’s Mercy:

“O Lord, we ask for a boundless confidence and trust in Your divine mercy, and the courage to accept the crosses and sufferings which bring immense goodness to our souls and that of Your Church.

Help us to love You with a pure and contrite heart, and to humble ourselves beneath Your cross, as we climb the mountain of holiness, carrying our cross that leads to heavenly glory.

May we receive You with great faith and love in Holy Communion, and allow You to act in us as You desire for your greater glory.

O Jesus, most adorable Heart and eternal fountain of Divine Love, may our prayer find favor before the Divine Majesty of Your heavenly Father.”


All glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

St. Padre Pio, Pray for us!


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  1. St. Padre Pio asking for your miracle and protection for Scott my husband let him be released immediately and sent back home safely to the states the soonest time possible. Please end his pain and suffering. St. Padre Pio hear my prayers. Amen.

  2. St. Padre Pio thank you for all your help, I’m still praying for my husband Scott that he will no longer suffer from the pains inflicted on him by the evil & sadistic persons. Make him strong to stand all these trials he is faced with, don’t let him breakdown physically & emotionally. Praying that those people who treat him inhumanly will be enlightened and realize that they should stop hurting him. And most of all I’m praying that he will be home safely as soon as possible. AMEN.

  3. Padre Pio please intercede for a smooth transition as I move overseas. May my new home be a safe and prayerful place and may I find a new job. Prayers for my family and those estranged from us that we may be united, strenghtened, and blessed to love and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic Church, and each other. I especially pray for my children and their significant others to practice their faith, to be true to each other, and to resist evil in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. St. Pio please pray for daughter Motselisi Clara Liphoto to get a job with your grace and miracles and let everything she needs to fulfill be done especially to pay manpower and be sponsored and be able to go to school, God hear our prayers.

  5. Pray that the results of terasa MRI, be clear. And she is in no pain. Fast recovery. For her family be strong and healthy. For Gerry sinus to clear up.

  6. St Padre Pio please help us in overcome all trials in our lives, I need you mostly to help my husband Scott he needs your protection please end his pains and suffering, being him home safely as soon as possible. Amen.

  7. Dear St. Pio,
    I come to you today for protection from my enemies. Block all their plans that they have against m,e and let them fall into their own traps while you help me escape safely. I will forever thank you for increasing my prayers keep blessing me st pio Amen

  8. Dear St. Pio,
    I come to you today for protection and safety for myself and all three of my children. Keep us away from any danger harm or illness that tries to come near our bodies or home. Remove our enemies from out our lives and block anything that mean us no good. Also including a prayer my financial troubles, that all my debt is removed and more money comes into my home. Please St. Padre pio pray for me and my children and that we live a long healthy prosper life and I’ll forever thank you for the Bountiful blessings I am to receive Amen

  9. Dearest Padre Pio, thank you so much for letting my lab tests results come back negative for anything serious! . Please Padre help the pain in my arm And small lumps in head, arm go away. I will be ever greatful to you, Mother Mary and saint Jude for this wonderful blessing and will sing your praises to all! Thank you so much Padre!


  11. Padre Pio sends us your miracle please help my family to grant our prayers. We promise to be a blessings to others esp those who are in need.

  12. Dear Padre Pio,
    Please heal my husband from cancer and let him get through chemo safely. I’m begging you and all the saints to ask God to heal him. Thank you. Amen.

  13. Padre Pio, please pray for me and help me heal with this chest pains that I have been dealing for three years and still doctors can’t find a motive what’s causing it. This has caused me alot of anxiety worry and fear, please heal me in the name of God . Please let it be not life threatening or anything serious.

  14. Dearest Padre Pio, please I pray let my lab tests results come back negative for anything serious. Please Padre help the pain in my arm to go away. I will be ever greatful to you, Mother Mary and saint Jude for this wonderful blessing and will sing your praises to all! Thank you so much Padre!

    • St. Padre Pio I continuously ask for your miracle please help my husband Scott that he will be home safely the soonest time possible. Let his wounds and pains heal. Give him the strength to withstand and endure it all. This we ask from you, AMEN.

  15. Pray for teresa that the scan be clear. And she be able to eat again. For health. For Gerry that he will understand more. Less anxiety

  16. St Padre Pio help us and intercede with caring for my elderly mother and finding a place for her to be comfortable Help me and my daughter heal us with our illnesses . It so hard to deal with family health issues and to not get depressed and anxious and to trust God please help us. amen.

  17. St. Padre Pio we continuously ask for your miracle and intercession, we are praying that my husband will no longer receive pain and beatings, if not give back to these people thousandfold of the sufferings my husband is enduring right now. Bring him home safely as soon as possible. Make him even stronger to endure these physically & emotionally, guide him & protect him that he will not breakdown. Please answer our prayers, me and my daughter is waiting for him to come home. Amen.

  18. St. Pedro Pio you the miracle maker can you please make a miracle and come to my rescue with your powerful intercession and pray for my daughter Motselisi Clara Liphoto’s employment and soften the hearts of those who are responsible for selection through Christ our Lord we pray.

    Please bless my family with all the blessings it needs especially with assistance financially and please open the gates of success for my daughter’s admission into Masters.

  19. Prayers for the intercession of Padre Pio for Catholics who are not practicing their faith. May they have a conversion and return to the righteous path towards holiness. Prayers for my family; may we be united, strenghtened, and blessed to love and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, all the angels and saints, and the Holy Catholic Church. May all loneliness and depression that the Devil has caused us be destroyed and restored with the Lord’s love, peace, and joy.

  20. Padre Pio thanks for I was able to get hold of my husband, we still need your help and protection, keep him safe and end his suffering inflicted by these cruel people, he does not deserve to be treated like an animal. Everytime he will be tortured by them make it come back to whoever inflicting his pains a thousandfold painful to them. Praying that he will soon be released and sent back to our country safely. Keep him strong to withstand all these suffering physically and psychologically. I’m begging you to hear our prayers, knowing what my husband been subjected to drains the life out of me slowly. Padre Pio I’m praying for your miraculous intervention. Amen.

  21. Dear Padree Pio:

    I know you and Hashem are busy answering everyone’s’ prayers. I ask for your immediate intervention. You helped me this past July 22nd, and I need your help again. You and the Lord Our G-d know exactly what I have been asking for. You know that I need what I am asking for. It must happen this Tuesday, March 21st at 11PM. E.T. The only decent medical help that F. can get is in Minnesota. You know it, Hashem knows it, and I know it. The timing is mission critical. I am on my knees begging for your help this Tuesday night. Please make a maximum effort to get this done

    Sincerely, and respectfully yours,

  22. I’m praying for my husband’s safety until now nobody contacted me about his situation, at times I feel life is draining out of me. I can feel his pain and suffering but I have to stay strong for our children. Padre Pio keep him out of danger, heal his wound and make him endure these, he is a fearless soldier who served our country. I’m asking for his safe return home very soon, I wanna be with him to show him how much he means to me and to nurse him back to health. I wanna serve him until my last breath. This I’m asking for your intercession Padre Pio. Amen.

  23. Praying for Scott’s (my husband) safe return home in the States in the next few days, he is in the service and was wounded and being held in an undisclosed place. I’m praying that you will keep him strong until he will be ransomed. Please hear my prayers. Amen.

  24. Dear Padre Pio, Please watch over my Sister this morning Friday March 17, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m. She will be having heart surgery. Please pray for my sister Judy and all her Doctors, Nurses & Staff that she will have a successful operation. Please keep her safe and allow her to fully recover.

  25. Dear padre pio,

    I pray for help with my anxiety and worries. I pray you give me the strength to overcome these with your help. Thanks be to god and the Holy Spirit amen

  26. Padre Pio please bless us with your grace and healing through Jesus our savior. My father is very ill and is in great need of your help.

    We firmly believe in all your glorious works and miracles.

    We ask this through Christ our Lord.

  27. Dear padre pio .. please continue to guide n bless my children . Keep them in your care ! Bless my family with good health, thank you Padre pio

  28. Paste pio I pray for you to help me with my anxiety and worries so I can be strong and overcome my anxiety thanks be to god and god bless all.

  29. Dearest St Pio,
    I come again this morning asking to receive your prayers. To increase my finances pray more money come into my life and all my financial struggles with clear and disappear. Continue to keep protecting me and all three of my children and we’re safe out of harm’s way. I will forever be devoted to you and the Lord above and thank you for all the bouncing blessed I am to receive Amen 🙏

  30. Dearest St. Pio,
    I humbly come to you this morning, asking to protect all three of my children. Keep them safe and out of harm’s way and from any danger that tries to come near, block and remove any demon that’s around them. I pray that you keep blessing them with good things and that they live a long peaceful and healthy life. Oh St padre pio please keep continuing to answer my prayers, and also pray to increase my finances, that more money will come into my home. And that all my financial struggles would disappear. Also keep away all my worries and depression, I will forever be devoted and thank you for the Bountiful blessings I am to receive Amen 🙏

  31. Padre Pio pls pray for me always,,,physical healing for me and my family,,keep away all my worries and depression and give me a pure hearts like yours,,pray for my financial struggles,,, i surrender everything to you, increase my faith,,, thank you so much Padre Pio for always walk in my life,,my trust,, hope and devotion will always in you,,,Gods blessing fall for me. AMEN

  32. Padre pio please continue to pray for my both my children. Keep them away from harm s way. May they also find their true love. I asked this in the name of Jesus Christ our lord . Amen