Novena to Padre Pio

St. Padre Pio had the stigmata and is widely regarded as a miracle worker.

Novena Prayers

O St. Pio, I come to you today knowing that you are truly a miracle worker. As one who is close to Jesus, I ask that you would pray for these my intentions:

(State your intentions here)

I pray with the words of Pope John Paul II as I beg for your prayers on my behalf:

“Glorious, humble and beloved Padre Pio. Teach us, we pray, humility of heart, so that we may be counted among the little ones of the Gospel to whom the Father promised to reveal the mysteries of His Kingdom. Help us to pray without ceasing, certain that God knows what we need even before we ask Him.

“Obtain for us the eyes of faith that will help us recognize in the poor and suffering, the very face of Jesus.

“Sustain us in the hour of trouble and trial and, if we fall, let us experience the joy of the sacrament of forgiveness. Grant us your tender devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus and our Mother.

“Accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage toward the blessed Homeland, where we too, hope to arrive to contemplate forever the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”


In closing, St. Pio, we pray the prayer you composed for Confidence and Trust in God’s Mercy:

“O Lord, we ask for a boundless confidence and trust in Your divine mercy, and the courage to accept the crosses and sufferings which bring immense goodness to our souls and that of Your Church.

Help us to love You with a pure and contrite heart, and to humble ourselves beneath Your cross, as we climb the mountain of holiness, carrying our cross that leads to heavenly glory.

May we receive You with great faith and love in Holy Communion, and allow You to act in us as You desire for your greater glory.

O Jesus, most adorable Heart and eternal fountain of Divine Love, may our prayer find favor before the Divine Majesty of Your heavenly Father.”


All glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

St. Padre Pio, Pray for us!


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  1. St. Pio I ask for your intercession to save our family business from financial problems. Never allow our business to become bankrupt or be in serious debt. We have so many families depending on us for their livelihood. My sickly parents’ medicines and medical needs are also costly. Please always give us the resources to provide the products and services our customers paid for, resources to pay the salaries and benefits of our employees timely including all other obligations. Please protect us from the corruption and greed that surrounds us.

    Please also grant me a new job for my birthday. Hopefully the one near your chapel so I can pray and hear mass there.

    St. Pio please ask God to send help, I have been at the point of despair, hopelessness, depression, severe anxiety. I know God won’t give we what I can’t handle but I am already at my limits.

    Please ask God to help us. Amen.

  2. Dear St Padre Pio We Thank You For All The Blessings And Miracles That Are Going To be Formed/Happen To Me,Family,Friends And Every One That Believe In Padre Pio Miracles World Wide We Love You Thanks For The Amazing Page God Bless!Thanks Again for Reading My Comment!

  3. St Padre Pio Please can I see your miracles in my life…I am asking you to please pray with me…I am unemployed I wish to work at transnet there are posters I applyed please pray for me to be shortlisted and be hired for this job…I also thank you for all those miracle you have shared with us it gives me faith to pray and believe every little thing is possible with God…I thank u for the gift of life…Blessed me and my family Amen!

  4. The Lord be with you St Padre,

    Please interceed for me St and pray with me for the following intentions:
    Protection for my family, financial revival and restoration, revelation of my spiritual gift (s) and i pray that i use my gift to service and for the benefit of the Body of Christ, deliverance, job opportunity for my husband and to have total trust in God, have faith that God is in control and he will resurrect all dead things in my life.

    Thank you St, stay blessed. Amen!

  5. Blessed St Pio.I’m asking& praying in Jesus name for divi e intercession..For my partnerCD to be healed of his cancer& to awaken from his coma..That thru u& God , he will receive grace, mercy& favor. Standing strong in my faith& trusting in God’s word to bring my partner thru his illness..healthy& whole. St Pio thank you for your help& for the miracle that u will provide.

  6. Asking for intercession for healing for my partner, in. Jesus name. That he will continue to come thru & soon awaken fr a. medically induced coma. To receive healing as God has promised.Thank u St Pio for help given& ur miracle for CD. In Jesus name Amen

  7. Pleases pray for my special intention which is known to jesus . I pray that I can live a normal life again weather my prayer is answered or not .amen

  8. Dear St. Pio, thank you so much for all the blessings you have showered to us for having a blessed family , our good health and a wonderful life. Please be with us always special our kids. Im asking a favor to you please help my husband to approved his working permit in Alberta, Canada and also help me find a job, that i can pass the interview. I want a job to help my family..please help me God..Thank you.

  9. Dearest St. Pio, please I humbly pray for your intercession on my behalf for health of body and spirit. As well for the grace to truly forgive my children’s father. Thank you,and I love you. Amen

  10. Dearest St. Pio, please I humbly pray for your intercession on my behalf for health of body and spirit. As well for the grace to truly forgive my children’s father. Thank you,and love you. Amen

  11. Blessed St.Pio-asking& praying inJesus name for continued healing of C.D. For him to awaken,, with his faculties intact.Thanking God for the progress so far& St Pio for intercession. In Jesus name Amen

  12. Please St Pio. Pray for jesus to forgive my sins .. And to grant the request so close to my heart . As it feels like it’s breaking now . Than you to angels and saints working for me right now . Amen

  13. St.Pio please keep my special intentions in your heart and let it all work out in the end. Please help improve my relationship with my mother and for the other special intention on marriage. Thank you.

  14. St. Pio please help my Son 11year old son brett. He has a brain tumor in his thalamus. Difficult to operate. Please pray the radiation and chemo shrink and make the tumor disappear. Brett is a kind boy that wants to serve God. Please help my son.

  15. Please pray for me St. Pio. I need a good paying job. I am alone with children and bills to pay. I am so stressed and have great anxiety! I have been praying for so long. I need a miracle today! I am also praying for blessings for my children and I! This I pray in Jesus holy name! AMEN!

  16. Father Pio please bless and pray for me …watch over and bless my family.please bring peace between the one that I love forever and bring him back to me for eternity.

  17. St. Pio please help me with my problems. Please continue to bless my sons and all members of the family. Keep us healthy, safe, stress free, financially stable, and physically fit. Thanky you. I pray this ing Jesus name amen.

  18. Dear Father Pio, thank you so much for all the blessings you have showered to us for having a blessed family , our good health and a wonderful life. Please be with us always special our kids.Im asking a favor to you please help me find a job, that i can pass the interview. I want a job to help my family..please help me..Thank you..


  20. Father padre pio please heal my husband of low sperm and poor sperm motility.fight every secrete battle against our conception and liberate us to God’s Glory by blessing us with the fruit of the womb. Put to shame those who derive joy in our condition that they may know that we serve the living God

  21. Pls pray for my family & for everyone’s families-My family is experiencing great emotional & mental stress @ this time-May they find the strength of Jesus-the Beauty of Mary-The intervention of The Holy Spirit & The grace of Our Father-For all families & our family-Amen

  22. Father pio please help me to pray this to our beloved God son JEsus. I pray for good life of my 3 children when they grow up and also my nieces and nephew I prayed thaty children will be a good and responsible…I pray for the good health and life for my sisters and parents..also I prayed that may my husband love me forever and he will not cheat again..hope that I will be able to get new job in any government or company with good compensation and salary..please help me and hear my prayers.

  23. Padre Pio Give us the grace of good health,protect our family from harm.Heal me please clear my cyst on my breast to strart a new life again.Help me to be strong, be more prayerful, be positive and optimistic in life. Never give up and be industrious, persuasive, and to have the right decision in life, right discernment on work, family, business and love of my life.

    I’m praying for all the children in our family to grow up to be kind, obedient, loving, have strong faith with you Lord and prays a lot.Learn how to respect, listen to their family and be strong.Please protect, save them and keep them fit and in good health always


  24. Dear St. Pio. Please help me continue ans strenghten my road to prayer and to Jesus. Ask the Lord to forgive me my sins. Help me to help my family. If it be the Lords will help my business succees so I may help others. Amen

  25. Oh my dear hevenly father, I beg of you to protect and guide all my children. My daughter Summer with her marriage your will be done as her husband is cheating with another woman and he isa knight at church. Please wake up Anthony and rebuck the devil from him. Bless there marriage. Help daughter Smraa from her ex employer from all the evil she is laying on smraa. Bless my baby girl Sahar with her health heal her now in the name of Jesus. Heal my husbands heal from falls chest pain heal him. Keep my daddy health and strong. I love you with all my heart and put all my trust in you in Jesus name..
    please pray for my family

  26. St. Padre Pio intercede with God for me and my family that all we touch is blessed and break all the hinderences in our endevours to good health, good friends, happy life and prosperity. May we reach Jesus through you. Amen.

  27. St Padre Pio
    Please take away the sadness
    Take away the pain and re unite me with my beloved G
    I will be eternally grateful
    Thank you

  28. St. Padre Pio, Pray for us, please be with Rose and I in our meeting with Simone tomorrow, Friday, 1st August 2014. Please be present in the meeting and guide us in the hope that Simone will buy the business from Rose. God thank you for always blessing us with your miracles, amen

  29. St Pio, in Jesus name, I’m asking& praying for my partner. He’s bin diagnosed with brain cancer..Praying for his healing& God’s grace mercy& favor. For him to be strong,strong in his faith. That he will be healed in Jesus name. Amen

    • St. Padre Pio, Pray for us………please heal and clear D’s partner of brain cancer. Please be DIVINELY present in their lives. thank you, amen

  30. Father Pio thru your intercession please pray for me, that I will be able to settle all financial problems, am encountering financial difficulties. I humbly pray to God that I will settle everything in time, I pray for all the people affected, am sorry also for my sins. Please also God bless my family…All i can say thank you GOd, thank you Father Pio and all angels and saints praying for me and my family.

    Thank you very much.

  31. St Padro pio please give my daughter and her husband the strength to get through the next few weeks not only for them but for the sake of her 3 children and the rest of the family. Please ask Mary mother of Jesus to pray for them as she is the mother of all of us. Thank you please pray for us.

  32. St. Padre Pio, I beg you to please make a way to have my phones that were stolen out of my handbag to be returned to me. St. Padre Pio I AM DESPERATE PLEASE HELP ME, AMEN

  33. Dear St. Pio, please beg Jesus to heal my physical sickness 100% andto take away the severe pain. Please ask Our Lord to heal me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I need to get back to work to take care of my family. Thank you, St. Pio.

  34. Please pray for a mircale for me. I am very ill and young and so sad with my life . I just want to be a normal girl with a.normal life. Who is doing good for god. I feel the.saints are very close but i cannot go on anymore like this. Im a hopeless case and need divine assistance.. please padrepio heal me.

  35. St.Padre Pio, please ask our very good and loving God to heal my mom’s pain. Please bring my plea for change of my heart and my emotional health to our Heavenly Father.

  36. Padre pio i believe you are a miracle worker.intercede for me for miraculuous financial providence to clear my loan which i have been given final notice today and that they will not publitize my name,for my outstanding 3 months rent, money to start online bussiness,for daily upkeep and for other debts amen

  37. God we are so thankful for giving us another miracle. We are not worthy because of all the sins that we’ve done but nevertheless you still gave us what we wanted most. We pray for the fast development our baby and may you guide and give me the strength to protect our baby inside my womb. We will make sure that our baby will grow old God worthy because he is a miracle that came from you.

  38. Please pray for my partner, who is having a brain biopsy this morning, because of a lesion,that causes seizures. In Jesus name, praying for it to be benign..Claiming the victory now in Jesus name. Thank you St.Pio

  39. Repeating my request for a miracle cure for 8-year-old Cancer Victim Avery McDannell who is current receiving Chemo-Therapy at Mott Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor. Dear Lord we beg you to restore this beautiful child to good health and relieve her family of the burden of witnessing the horror of this child’s suffering with the torture of Chemo-Therapy. Please guide her Doctors and therapists toward successful treatment and grant patience to all the good people who are praying for and assisting the McDannell family in their time for need.

  40. Padre pio please help my brogher simon who has cancer may tjis disease be lifted from his body so he can enjoy life with his girlfriend and children without yhe need of worry. Prayers are workinb so far and I have every belief that they will carry on working. AMEN

  41. Please lift me up in prayers, as I am almost unable to these due to the immense worldly stress.

    Please help me pray, in Jesus’ name, so that my situation of unemployment is reversed in my favor. It is causing me immense stress, beyond what I can handle in my human abilities.

    Thank you and blesses,

  42. Repeating a previous request. I request a cure of a terminal cancer condition in 8-year-old girl, Avery McDannell who is being treated with agonizing Chemo-Therapy at Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan. Dear Lord please guide her physicians and therapists in restoring this beautiful child to full health and happiness. Please grant her parents relief from the anguish they have suffered over the past two years as they have observed the tortuous effects of Avery’s treatment. Please grant courage and determination to all the people who have been praying for and assisting this family during this very difficult period. Thank you for the strength you have given me in sustaining my prayerful efforts for this intention. My love for Jesus has grown immensely in this process and I pray that this momentum continues for the rest of my life.

  43. Padre Pio, I ask for you to please cure my mother from all her ailments. She is always so sad and she never feels well. She was always such a happy and vibrant woman. Please pray for her and help her get well, and please protect her from the negative family and pwople around her, please. Thank You. Amen

  44. For health and to recover from a spinal cord injury and to walk again as I did before the injury. Also for patience

  45. Saint Padre Pio,

    Thank you for hearing my prayer and for interceding for us in this miracle.
    Thank you God for your love and for helping us in this difficult time.

  46. Padre Pio, please help me to make wise decisions when it comes to the relationships in my life. Please take care of the people who may distract me from accomplishing the will of the Father. Bless these people and console their hearts, may they find their true path to happiness while you are busy keeping me on mine!

    With tender love.

  47. Please free me from proverty
    Please bring syibility in our living conditions bless my children with courage to be strong

  48. Dear Padre Pio I am begging you to please heal my mother who is suffering from severe leukemia please heal her so she can spend more time to her grandchildren, We her children and my Father would be very lonely if she will go…please padre pio I am asking fo your help and majestic intercession im begging you…please heal her.Thank you…

  49. Padre are my personal saint and I know you hear my prayers. .I pray now for my daughter who I prayed for before she was born..she is 20 years old now and in the grips of drugs and alcohol abuse..please lead her back to her family. .prayers for my Momma who is suffering from pain and cancer..please lay hands of healing upon her so she can enjoy her quality of life. Please bless me financially so that I may hire help to aide her back to health. I know you heard my prayers before and you blessed me with a new life..I pray for everyone who needs your help and post on this site. .amen.

  50. That my current relationship works out and my prayers for a husband have finally been answered. St. Padre Pio I ask for your prayers and intervention.

  51. Dearest St.Padre Pio please pray for my brother continual self changes for his betterment and to help him renew his spiritual life so that he may not sin anymore. Please also pray for the good health of my mother. Intercede with our family so peace,love and forgiveness may always reign in our hearts. Lastly, please pray for my plans in returning home and to establish a good business that i may be a good provider for my family… Amen

  52. St Padre Pio please guide VM in his life every single day, please help him to get all of his work up to date as his boss is coming to see him on Thursday, 3rd July 2014. Please allow the meeting with his boss to go immensely well and that his boss will be pleased with his progress at his office. PLEASE guide him, love him, protect him. Please may I also ask that you strengthen the loving emotional bond that we share as well as the spiritual connection that we share. Please allow there to be time for VM to spend quality face to face time with me, THANK YOU, AMEN

  53. Dearest St. Padre Pio, please protect, guide and give my son more strength as he was doing his term . Protect him from the people with bad intensions and protect him from his work environment at all times without any problem.
    I believe in you St Padre Pio that you will hear my prayers. Thank you so much.

  54. Dearest and Loving God.
    Thank u lord for ur Love and blessing. Please help me and Ramona, we are asking through our st.padre pio. We are going to be whrite one exame. coming month of september 19.09.2014 so this is last opportunity for we are asking you to help and blessing us .inyour blessing we are able to pass all the challenges. thank God nothing is impossible in God”’s name. Amen.

  55. Dear Padre Pio,

    Please help me in my present work. I hope I will be able to defend myself with management so they can release me and I can exit gracefully. Please help me find too for another job which is stress-free. Protect and guide my family always. This I pray in Jesus name. Please be always at my side. I believe and trust that you will not forsake me. I love you. Thank you.

  56. Dearest St. Padre Pio, please help me, I have run out of money for food for my children and I and I have just calculated my budget and I am R2,000.00 short to cover all this month’s expenses. please help me to have a surplus of money so that I can pay for everything, thank you St. Padre Pio, amen

  57. My prayer warriors…please please help me pray that God would finally grant me and my husband our very own baby. That i will get pregnant naturally this year. We are longing for a baby..Oh Lord we are ready for one please…Padre Pio please help me pray..

  58. Thanks be to St Padre Pio for hearing our cries for help in our
    prayers to our wonderful heavenly FATHER and LORD JESUS and
    MOTHER MARY, Please pray for us St. Padre Pio and let GOD our
    FATHER hear the prayers of our hearts and souls. In the name of
    our savour LORD JESUS AMEN

  59. Beloved Padre Pio please help me decide,please give me a sign . I am planning to work in the other country to earn money to support my daughter but in my heart I don’t want to leave them .please help me find ways to stay with them or please padre Pio help find a nice job and country that allows to bring my daughter..please always guide my daughters to keep them safe and have a good health.

  60. Please pray that my brother Kevin reacts well to the prescribed medications and that he becomes filled with the Holy Spirit to recognize the importance of returning to his wife as her husband and as a father to his children. Thank you St. Padre Pio with all of my heart!!! Carol

  61. Beloved Padre Pio I am desperate please make the back up work on my business laptop and sort the telkom business e-mail problems, please I beg you oh Padre Pio, I am feeling so anxious and depressed about there always being a drama with our telkom e-mail and internet. I surrender these problems to you and I BEG YOU TO PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. thank you

  62. I pray to St. Padre Pio thru the intersession of our Immaculate Heart of Blessed Mother Mary to intercede for me & my husband – to renew our love mentally, physically make us one through the interession of the Holy Sacrement of Matrimony. Remove the hatred from our hearts and minds towards each other. Strengthen, save our marriage and may our marriage grow stronger in our love and in our faith. Pray for me & my family’s forgiveness of sins. Bless my children with good health, resolve all their health issues and bless them & my husband too with long healthy life. Bless our children with good, educated spouse who may love, respect, understand, communicate and love them till death do them apart. Bind my husband, myself and children with love and restore the love, peace, joy and happiness always be among us and in our home. I thank thee Immaculate Heart of Blessed Mother Mary please pray for us to Almighty God through thy son Jesus Christ. Amen

  63. A special appeal for a Miracle. A cure for 8 year old Avery McDannell –currently battling with cancer of the spine being treated with painful Chemo-therapy. Also for relief for her family who must witness the daily suffering of this beautiful little girl.

  64. I am asking Padre Pio for a miracle. To save the life of an 8 year old girl,
    Avery McDannel, who is suffering from terminal cancer. And, to relieve the suffering of her family as they witness the suffering of this child’s chemo therapy.

  65. Padre Pio…. Please pray for my Daughter kidney problem…. so she can grow healthy… I ask this in the name of the father the son and holy spirit…thank you..

  66. St Padre Pio, please pray for me to find a good job, holy marriage and start a family. I pray for all those struggling in foreign countries that their needs will be granted. Amen

  67. St Padre Pio pray for my daughter Tonita’s healing.intercede for her complete healing with my beautiful Baby Jesus so he may grant her healing and be healthy again.your Spiritual children Teresa,Tonita and Dan.Amen

  68. June 06, 2014

    St.Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, Please pray for my son Kais for his healing and may the good Lord grant him his speech.So that he can live normal life.Thank you.

  69. for me, i ask for a miracle to stop the suspected muscle disorder developing in me causing me to have restless and loss of energy in my legs(limbs) for almost 2 and half years now.

    -for my family, i ask for financial stability to enable us start and complete our house project.

  70. Dear Padre Pio, please pray for me so that the DA will accept that my citation is an infraction so that I will only have to pay the fine insteads of going to court. You know how I am and my circumstances. I am so worried and scared. Please Padre Pio, intercede for me. I put my trust in your hands knowing that you will help me through this. I also know that the Father Almighty will not ignore your prayer and will grant the miracle that I humbly request. Thank you Padre!

  71. My Dear Patron Saint Padre Pio, please pray Noel for he has acute kidney injury.His next check up will be this coming june 12. Please help him Padre Pio that he will be cured from his illness.I humbly beg You and i have faith in You. This we ask thru Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen..

  72. - for Avery McDannell, 8 year old cancer victim. I ask for a miracle.
    - for FR. Joe Hund, Fr. Bill Auth, Fr. Joe Mulligan s.j. And all missionary priests and religious.
    - for fr. Jim Martin S.J., Fr. Henry Chamberlain S.J. Fr. Tom Radloff S.J. and all Member of the Jesuit order.
    - For me. Please help me succeed in developing my program of Neurobic exercise to bring an end to Alzheimer’s disease.

  73. Padre Pio, I am asking for a miracle cure for a little girl who has cancer. Her name is Avery McDannell and she is currently undergoing the torture of Chemo-therapy at Mott Children’s hospital Ann Arbor Mi. We beg for relief for Avery and for her family.
    I pray for all Priests and religious especially those in mission fields….for Pope Frncis and for Jesuits every where…..for vocations. Finally for guidance and assistance in developing my program of Neurobic Exercise to help people strengthen their brains and avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sincerest Thanks for your attention and Inspiration. John Tyler Gibson

  74. Dear O St.Pio. I come today asking for healing for my nephew Cordero Jett Torres. He is 14 and has lymphblastic tcell leukemia. He has facial paralysis.I pray for healing of his body. I pray for comfort for my sister Cindy Torres.
    All glory be to the father the son and the holy spirit as it was in the beginning as it is now …..

  75. Pray for my husband who is suffering from alcoholism,also praying that God should work a miracle in turning things around in my family.I pray this in Jesus name.

  76. My Dearest St Pio,
    I ask your intercession for the healing of Kelly unusual infection in her leg and the healing of her Pneumonia. I ask that she will be blessed in every way. Most importantly that Kelly, Sarah, Steven, Laura Cindy and Michael find you. I ask you to bring them to Jesus with Mary our Loving Mother. Thank you for keeping us in prayer with our Lord Jesus as we both go through this trial. I ask for a miracle to beat the charges that are weighing heavily upon us. I ask for a complete healing for Rusty and I . I am so grateful for all the blessings you have brought to us. Thank You Jesus. Thank You St Pio.

    Love Cheryl

  77. Please Padro Pio let the business opportunity succeed for everyone involved. I trust in you and know how true your help is. Thank you.

  78. Dear Saint Padre Pio, I humbly come to you in prayer, asking you to help me in this court case that I am battling in court. Everything is against me,and I have no one else but you.I am so depressed, weak,and scared. Please grant me a miracle,because you are my only hope in this time of darkness..

    I am praying,believing and trusting in your Jesus’ name.


  79. padre pio please give us a chance to have a baby as soon as my husband come from his long period of work..please bless us with a healthy baby and we promise to take good care of that wonderful blessing..and always guide my husband to have a good health and long life may he always be able to pass all the challenges that he encounter may he always feel my love for him…and always be forever..i have faith that this prayer will be answer in jesus name amen thank u for all the blessings

  80. St. Padre Pio, I ask for your help to pray for me not to lose EK. I pray that his intentions for me are pure. Please also pray for me to put all my trust to God and to love Him with my whole heart.

  81. Dear Padre Pio, please pray for my mother and for her healing from a pituitary tumor! Please also pray that God would provide for her financially day-to-day, and for her to be able to afford the prescriptions she needs. Please pray for her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, and that she would be able to truly trust in the Lord and be filled with His peace. Thank you!!

  82. St Padre Pio please heal my niece, let her operation today be a success, may she be able to continue a good long life without any health issues. Bless the surgeon and doctors and hospital staff too in their work. Thank you and i have Faith that this prayer has already been answered in Jesus Name, Amen.

  83. Padre Pio please pray for me,that I can recieve the money im waiting for from my bank, so I can pay the persons i owed. Help me and richard solve our financial problems, in obtaining the tax clearance so he can solve his financial issues and he can pay me as well. Lord God please help my son as well as he is battling from alocohol withdrawal. May he continue to recover from his illness and keep him more closer to god. Nothing is impossible in God’”s name .

  84. I pray to be closer to god in every way. May the lord walk with me. I repent of all my sins, sorry lord Jesus for my offense. You died on the cross for my sins to be forgiven. You are my resurrection and my salvation. Save me lord, have mercy on my spirit. May I understand your suffering in the cross. May I do penance every day and carry my own cross. I love you so much my dear lord Jesus Christ and I tank you for our salvation. I pray that more people come back to the faith. I pray that there is an ending to war, hatred, anger in this world. May we find love, compassion and peace. May we love you and may we be bless. May we learn not to judge others, only God/Jesus Christ can judge us.

  85. Padre Pio please intercede for us! I have long prayed to Jesus for a life partner, for a good husband. I have asked Jesus that someone will ask my hand for marriage. I was fervent in my prayers and last November 2013, I met a person online or in the internet. I registered myself on a dating website and I have been to this dating website for about 5 years already yet I have never found a good person whom I can consider for marriage. Someone I believe that God would approve. Until I met Jack on November 2013. We became friends and started to get to now each other well. We fell in love and then later he ask me for marriage. I believe Jack was sincere in his intentions since he is willing visit my country and ask the blessings of my parents. Then he confessed to me that he got HSV-2 ( herpes simplex virus type 2 ) also known as genital herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. It has no known cure, the virus stays in the nerve cells. I was devastated when I heard the news. So Padre Pio, please intercede for his healing let him be healed so that we can get married and have a wonderful family of our own. Eventhough he is not Catholic, I still believe and have faith that the mercy and love of Jesus is all encompassing, no boundaries and touches everybody for those who have faith. Padre Pio I say this prayer through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus the Saviour. Amen!

  86. St. Padre Pio, I beg for healing intervention for A, R, their serious illnesses and their marriage. And for their children. So many are praying for them yet things only grow worse. Please, I beg for help on their behalf. I will publish your novena as a thank you.

  87. Padre Pio I feel so low and ashamed that I only turn to you and God for help when times are hard. I will promise that I will change this as I need more love in my life and for my family. Please help my son B get a place in his chosen school as I believe he will flourish there as they have great help with special needs. He is currently being diagnosed with ASD. I pray that I will be given the strength and patience to cope with him and any of life’s obstacles. Please help my ex partner overcome his depression so that in the future we may become a strong family unit again. When I feel like I cannot cope any longer please help me count my blessings and show my love to my kids everyday. Thank You for being there for me. I love you.

  88. Padre Pio please pray that my nephew will overcome his drug addiction and be reunited with his one year old son.

  89. Padre pio please allow char to stay focused on Jesus an d his kingdom and to send his holy angels embraced with the arms of ou holy Mother Mary with her peace love and protection and that she knows with vigor that she trusts in u Jesus to walk in your holy face amen.

  90. St padre pio through you I put my parents lives into Gods hands especially my mother that as she’s working hard to cater for our needs and school fees,you grant her courage,wisdom,strength,love,peace,increase her faith in you and bless the works of her hands father.i continue to pray fo my academics that the almighty father may grant me all the mercies that I need,I believe that our academic excellence shall encourage our parents and your praise and testimonies shall feel our lips. into your loving hands I place my elder brothers life that as his going through a hard life u may be with him wherever he is and I know with you one day he will be a blessing to whoever he meets.father I put my future into your hands,my future husband,my future kids,my future friends and whoever I meet so that I may positively effect on their lives and mine too.bless my siblings,friends,relatives,the sick,the needy and all that need you.i pray this believing and trusting in Jesus Christ our lord,amen.