Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart Novena PrayersThe Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was started and made popular by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. She was inspired by visions of Jesus to spread this devotion.

This was a favorite prayer of St. Padre Pio and he prayed it every day.

Here are the Novena prayers for the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena Prayers

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” Behold, in your name, I ask the Father for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” Encouraged by your infallible words I now ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us miserable sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of you, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tender Mother and ours.

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.

Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us.


– St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

More About the Sacred Heart Devotion

I once read that the whole purpose of the apostolate of Christians today was, “to demonstrate the charity of Christ in all phases of human life and thus bring individuals and society back to God.” (Dorothy Dohen)

To demonstrate this charity, we must conform our heart to Christ’s, unite ourselves to His heart — and ultimately, lose ourselves in Him.

That’s what the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is all about: uniting our hearts with His, and devoting ourselves to Him.

So when we pray this novena together, we are praying that we can transform ourselves to love as Jesus Christ does — as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque wrote, “Since love makes lovers one in likeness, if we love, let us model our lives on His.”

There are a couple of different versions of this novena, but the one we’re using is one that has been attributed to St. Margaret Mary — after Jesus appeared to her on many occasions, and explained to her the devotion to His Heart.

Jesus also made 12 specific promises to those who would honor His Sacred Heart:

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.
  2. I will give peace in their families and will unite families that are divided.
  3. I will console them in all their troubles.
  4. I will be their refuge during life and above all in death.
  5. I will bestow the blessings of Heaven on all their enterprises.
  6. Sinners shall find in my Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall rise quickly to great perfection.
  9. I will bless those places wherein the image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored and will imprint My love on the hearts of those who would wear this image on their person. I will also destroy in them all disordered movements.
  10. I will give to priests who are animated by a tender devotion to my Divine Heart the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in my Heart, never to be effaced.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence: they will not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their Sacraments. My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

So our goal while praying this novena is to unite ourselves with Christ in all that we do — referring everything we do to His glory, and accepting all sufferings and difficulties as something to bring us even closer to the love He shares with us –with a real and physical heart, symbolizing his eternal and infinite charity.

To receive the promises Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary, there are a few requirements:

  1. Receiving Communion Frequently
  2. Going to Confession and receiving the Eucharist on the first Friday of each month, for nine consecutive months. (If it isn’t offered at your parish, you can go privately to Confession & offer your prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions).
  3. Celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The Feast of the Sacred Heart has also been established by Blessed Pope John Paul II as the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

So as we pray this novena together, let’s especially remember our Priests — and the challenge made to us all in Jesus’ message to St. Margaret Mary: to love everyone, faithfully, with the endless love of Jesus.

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  1. I have just prayed a novena and wish to thank you Lord for the promise you have made to grant an answer to my prayers. I realize Lord that it will be answered in your time and not mine and I will try to wait patiently.

    Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for favors. This time I ask for this special one (mention request). Take it dear Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in your merciful eyes it will become your favor not mine (mention favor) Promise publication after third day.

  2. thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayer and blessing my grand Daughter in jesus name i pray

  3. Please Lord Jesus, I pray that my husbands paper work to immigrate to Canada comes through soon. As you are aware we are away from each other for the past 3 yrs, and i am looking forward for completing my family. Not my will but your will be done. You have neve failed me whenever i asked, and with the same tryst i am here at your feet again.

  4. Thank you Dear Heart of Jesus! Meek and Mild! Thank you for the miracle you’ve made on me tonight which I will never forget for the rest of my life… Thank you Papa Pio for leading me to come to know of this devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! I am so much blessed for the healing that I received tonight! Thank you s much Dear Jesus! All praise, honor and glory we lift up to Your Holy Name! Hallelujah!

  5. hello
    I placed a comment yesterday
    pleading the Sacred heart of \\\\jesus
    well the doctor changed his tablets and he is lovely and calm
    so thank you the \sacred Heart of \Jesus for intervening and I will continue to pray for more benefits for him and all in the home he lives in God Bless

  6. Please help me as I pray to the sacred heart of Jesus
    for a very close friend a priest retired who is suffering with Alzimers and Parkinson’s diseases, who needs help so much as he gets so angry and shouts in rages at everyone and many a time refuses the tablets as well as food.

    please help Our sacred Heart od Jesus


  7. I pray for open and honest communication between myself and AD, who has stated that he desires to marry me. I pray for a more loving , compassionate, emotionally intimate relationship with him and that the soul ties and strongholds of stubbornness, and need for communication with other women and soul ties from our past and other women be broken, so we may move forward with a relatonship without negative distractions. A relationship that is honest, caring, FULL OF TRUST , loving, compassionate toward each other. I pray God bless our union as a family. I pray that we become more trustworthy for each other. Bless us o Lord. Bless us with these things for us and our family. Bless our union that our marriage to each will be blessed by you without delay. Amen

  8. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary,

    Thank you for answering my prayers so many times. Thank you for all the things that you have done for me. and I seek forgiveness for publishing the prayer so late. Sorry Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Forgive me for this.

    May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved
    throughout the world, now and forever.
    Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for us.
    St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.
    St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us.

    Say for 9 days -publication must be promised within 7 days of your prayer being answered

  9. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary:

    My prayers were answered many a times, but sorry Jesus and Mary I was late in publishing the prayer…Please Forgive me for that. I beg forgivenesses from you. Please forgive me for all the wrong things I have done in life and Thank You for giving me whatever I have today. Thanks a lot.

    The prayer is:

    May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved
    throughout the world, now and forever.
    Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for us.
    St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.
    St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us.

    Say for 9 days -publication must be promised within 7 days of your prayer being answered

    • Several times I’ve prayed Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and so many times, my prayers have been answered. This past time, again, I really needed financial help and out of the blue, truly a miracle, my prayers were answered and the money was dropped in my lap. Thank you so very much Jesus and St. Jude. I also just finished a novena to the Sacred Heart for my daughter, Melanie and her love, Cal, and for her sake and for the sake of the 3 children I prayed that all of Melanie’s doubts about her relationship would be erased and she would realize how strong her relationship really was. I do believe in unanswered prayers, for what I’m sure is God’s plan and answer, I’ve seen no improvement in Melanie’s and Cal’s relationship. I’m still praying, though, that things will turn around. If they don’t, I know it is God’s will. Amen

  10. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary:

    I know that you know me, you know everything about me and about my whole family. I pray for a special need for all the family members, as most of us are very low financially, sweet Jesus have mercy on us and uplift us spiritually.

    Lord I pray for your will in my current Job, especially in this turbulent times in my job, you know why everything is happening and in this particular time. My most loving mother you interceded for me in this job, I really give many thanks at this time. I know and ask for pardon to you Jesus for not appreciating or even thanking you for it. My lord you have always known my needs, I pray for a Job that is stable and one that can feed my family.

    Finally Lord I cannot forget to pray for my husband, its now going to 20 years without him getting anything that can support his family, please sacred heart of Jesus and Mary have mercy on him, open doors for him, so that he can play his role as the head of the family.

    Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus, Amen.

  11. Dear Sacred Heart Jesus,
    Please pray for me to recover for my financial problems. It give me too much stress and affected my family, my kids and my health! I am sincerely sorry for what i done! Please pray for me to pay all my important bills to pay by tomorrow.
    I want to start my new nirmal life out of debt!
    Sacred Heart Jesus help me!!! Thank you

  12. Thank you so much.
    May the sacred heart of Jesus keep you safe and reward you.
    Pray for all the priests and for me too.

    Praise be to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

  13. Many thank you, for the beautiful novena Sacred Heart of Jesus!
    I pray that thru out of the holy spirit send me Love, wisdom-n strength to made good decision in today life n always.That I get a job that satisfy me financially and enjoy doing it.I pray for God’s continuo protections upon me, n my family.
    We also pray for guidance to the sacred heart of Jesus to prepare us spiritually, body mind n heart,that we marriage in Christ, that we may be faithful n stand the pressures of a marriage remain in Christ.Please lord help us in our way, ask we move.Helps the one in need, the poor the sad the sick, the one who is need of spiritually guidance .Pray for Trust, Love, Patience and understanding n spiritual healing,Many thank you-Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee.

  14. Please pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for help with three bulging discs in my lower back and pelvic misalignment that I am suffering from. Trust always in the most Sacred Heart. He never fails us in our time of need.

  15. Please continue to pray for my beloved mother’s soul, who passed away 3 weeks ago, and prayed that I may be comforted that her soul is in peace and happy in heaven, as she is being take from her beloved and closed family suddenly without any sickness. Pray that God will take care of her in heaven and do not worry about us as she is always worrying about her children.

    Yours humbled and sad son

  16. I pray, sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus, that I obtain a job that is most helpful to the needs of my family, I pray for a job that will help me be available to my children. Thank you Sacred Heart, in Jesus’ name, for your grace, love, and mercy.


  17. Thank you O Sacred Heart of Jesus for your blessing upon my family. My husband recieved a call that he got the job we have been praying for. Word can not express how greatful I am for your kindness.

  18. I just want appreciate God for his miracles through this novena. B4 the novena of the holy spirit I used to have increased blood pressure of 130/90 and mouth odur that have lasted for about 2-3 years now. When I started praying the novena I told GOD that his healing will not pass me . On the 9th day of the novena of the holy spirit I noticed that the mouth odour disappeared and my heart started beating normally. I did BP test and it was 120/70 and the nurse said it has normalized. I testified of the miracle of God but I was shy to include the mouth odour. But today I have come out to say from my heart that I’m so grateful to God. And I pray for God’s continious protections upon me n my family and a good job.

  19. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, you know my intentions for my family. I also ask for the Catholic leaders in Rome to approve our appeal to reopen our church.

  20. I have been praying through this Novena for better job opportunities for my husband, something that will help us with our finances so we don’t have to make a weekly decision of paying a bill or buying groceries. My husband has been contacted by someone that would like to interview him for a job in another state. I pray that this job will bring us back to our families and relieve our stress of living from paycheck to paycheck. We need guidance, strength and wisdom to make the decision. My fears of failing or struggling again weigh heavy on my heart. We must now find the money to travel for the interview and pray it is worth the expense. St. Benedict, graciously obtain for me from God those favors and graces of which I stand so much in need, in the trials, miseries and afflictions of life. I ask you to invoke your powerful intercession, in the confident hope that you will hear my prayers and obtain for me the special grace and favor I so earnestly implore, if it be for the greater glory of God and the welfare of my soul.

  21. I have been using the first part of this prayer for several years for three different intentions. I guess I will be upping the prayer for each of the intentions from now on. Actually one intention was partially answered, spontaneously (prayers answered) my son-in-law decided to be baptized, not into the Catholic faith, but with the Trinitarian formula, so step by step he will come to the true faith, through prayer.

  22. Please offer prayer for a young lady (early 20s)with aggressive brain cancer that has just been told she has 6 months to live. And those who love her.

  23. Dear Secret Heart of Jesus I countinue to pray for my visa here in UK as the home office Immagration refusef my FLR(O) application to stay here.Please lord help me for my appeal that the jude wll allow me to stay here please Lordtouch there hearth.And aldo please help me also my financial situation as I am going to this appeal.I ask this thru your name and Let be done according to your will.Amen

  24. I believed that my prayer for a spouse had been answered and right on the brink of progress and open doors, he backed away and now is completely no contact. I feel that in my prayer time God confirmed to me many times in scriptures that he was right for me but I still reacted in doubt and fear because I feared it was a repeat of my past failed relationships. Although he never really gave me a reason to think so. I have been praying by the end of this Novena that our relationship be discussed and restored if this is truly Gods will or closure if it is not. I have been in prayer for the right mate since June 1, 2003. Lord let my soulmate finally show up and prayerfully by end if this Novena

    • Dear Tiffany
      You first need to pray to God to conquer the fear. The fear must be completly gone. When you really feel you are ready, let God know.

      Fear will destroy everything. Pray for Trust, Love,Patience and understanding to be instilled in you and your partner.

      God Bless

  25. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I felt your presents when you came for me. The best feeling in the whole world. I. Pray for all those people who were left behind that they’ll change their way and will tun and serve you Lord.I pray for all who have lost their faith to come back to you , Lord. I pray for all the souls in purgatory. I pray for my family. I pray for the sick. I pray for those with addictions. I pray for Alice. I. Jesusname, I pray for me. You know my needs Lord. You know my wants. Bless and protect my family. Amen

  26. I Lawrence am praying through the Secret heart Of JESUS to have mercy on me & be able to get a job that favours me & my life in our city & also getting a good accomodation.I ask this in the mighty Name of JESUS christ our LORD.

  27. Please, Blessed Mother, St. Pereguine and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for a friend of mine, who just had two large polyps removed from her body that might be cancer. Her name is Michelle in Michigan. Thank you!!

    I found out about it on the third day of this Novena, and have woven this intention in. I hope you can do the same. Thank you!

  28. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I continue to pray for my family and our financial situation. I pray that we will be able to pay our honest debts, especially this week. Bring peace to my husband. thank you

  29. Pray for members of my family those who need physical healing, spiritual healing, mental healing. Enlightenment in their undertakings. To have the courage to get up in spite of many downfalls. Sacred Hear of Jesus intercede for them.

    Pray to for all the members of our community and their relatives. All those who are asking prayers for one need or another.

  30. Thanking God immensely for his daily healing presence in my life and praying for His continued divine intervention in all my concern and those of the people that are dear to me. Amen.

    O Mary conceived without original sin, pray for us.

  31. Please pray that I will find a job. I hope to not just find work, but a job I will be and successful at. I hope to find a job that will bring me some happiness and through that I may also be able to share that happiness.
    Also, I find that I am very lonely, I hope to find good friends and someone special to share my life with.
    I also seek strength and wisdom, as a single man I am surrounded by the temptations of this world , I need Gods help in fighting these temptations.

  32. Help me pray for myself ,for spiritual growth. To live the life Christ wants me to live to able to proclaim the Gospel through my life. I need the wisdom of the holly spirit as I prepare for marriage. That the marriage is based in Christ from the beginning that I may be faithful and withstand the pressures of a marriage and remain in Christ. For a job. That I get a job that satisfy me financially and that I will enjoy doing. I pray for our Country Zimbabwe as we get ready for election. That we may vote peacefully without violence, intimidation, And the election be fair

  33. Good morning. A question please. wwhen we pray and it says
    Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the grace of…Do I ask the same intention all the time?

  34. I pray that the Good Lord takes away every form of sickness that hidden or manifested that has come my way and every fear of illness.

  35. I ask that God will bless my health, finances, and keep my parent alive they shall enjoy the fruit of their labour.That my sins be forgiven and grant me his favour in my business so that my business shall not witness the law of gravity rather the law of divine upliftment in Jesus Name…Amen!

  36. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    I pray that you will grant me the grace to persevere in prayer, the wisdom to discern and follow your will, to always have patience with others as I look forward into becoming the women you know that I am, the mother I promised you I would be, and the wife to the man you’ve chosen just for me. I ask that you bless my health, finances, and my sons as they embark on the journey of attending a new school next school term I ask that they will prosper as they walk in catholic faith, and bless the families in Oklahoma who has been hit with so many tornados. In Jesus name Amen.

  37. I am praying that i get the job i interviewed for and was called back to bring in references and interview with all the people I would be under if hired. The interview process took 2 hours. They showed me parts of the plant i would work in occasionally. I am praying they hire me. This is the prefect job for me and my family… Sweet Jesus please hear my prayer.

  38. Solly
    That my sins be forgiven as I start new life for furthering my studies. That I may have a good progression on my studies and be able to help others too. Remove from me Lord Jesus what ever things which will disturbance or disruption of my studies. I trust in your Mercy

  39. I was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and I do have many debts. Pray for me that my case be dropped and help me not to attend the case because it is a clear shame. I was able to leave the cigarettes few years ago, so I can strive to leave liquor too. May my life change. Pray for me also that may I overcome all the debts I have. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you.

  40. Please pray that justice will prevail for an elderly couple who was
    arrested and charged with possession of cocaine

    The couple was kept overnight in jail and now will have to appear in court
    Neighbors and friends believe that the couple was set-up by someone harboring a grudge against them

    • Dear Margaret.

      I WILL Pray for your elderly couple.that they will be fine and get the person who did this to them………please pray for my friend also.
      I don’t think other people realize how many times things like this happens and ….I so sorry they have to go through this..
      Prays are coming please send some back.thank you

  41. I pray that the good Lord will help my friend to be take off the sex offender list….he has been falsly accused..and he has done his punishment served his time .20 years s go ..I know he did not do this…he is a good man and the Lord Jesus knows this also…why must he be punished for the rest of his life…..please help him so he can live in piece …and. his friends that try to help help him and know him for the good man that he is live in piece also… please dear God the Father and Jesus the Son and the Holy Sprit help him …. Thank You

  42. I pray that my husband finds a stable job that will fit his personality.
    For grace for my children to find and sustain intimacy with our Lord,for success in their studies,protection against all harm.
    for the grace to pick the right schools for our children.

  43. I pray that my husband and I will have an improved relationship/marriage. That we will both be more loving, more Christlike. We both fall short, and I pray that we will be healed and will develop a more perfect union, a better one that honors God

  44. To Irene above. My name is also Irene. As you probably know, Irene means peace. So, my prayer for you is peace. I sign this email as I sign all others,

    Peace be with you. Irene.

  45. I pray for our formerly parish priest wrongful accuse of slashing tires of a parishioner and the sending of a new priest to our parish in the future. May the Lord send what we need. I also ask for the mother who will be having surgery on Thursday. May the Lord send his graces upon the surgeon and may my mother have a speedy recovery.

    • God I pray that Amelia’s husband will find the right job. I pray that both of them will trust in you and recognize if they are fearful it is your way of telling them to keep the faith. St Joseph. patron of the working and of jobs, pray for her husband

  46. I pray to find shelter in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus; shelter from my weaknesses, sins, and all enemies visible and invisible. Through the merits of the Sacred Heart, I ask for the grace of holiness and divine provision for my family members back home. May the Sacred Heart be with us always.

    Many thanks to John-Paul and Annie for encouraging us to start this novena just like we did for the Pentecost one. I am confident that many of us can already attest to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. May all our good heart intentions find favour in the eyes of the Almighty God, Amen.

    • Thank you so much for starting this novena, I assume you mean on this email reminder thing. I greatly appreciate. God bless! you are in my prayers

  47. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please come to my rescue, free me from every kind of captivity and shower your blessings upon me and my family, Amen

  48. O Sacred heart of Jesus, I ask you for your help during this time of depression, anxiety, to be with me and encourage to keep trusting in your mercy. Help me never to lose faith and hope in you especially when things seem hopeless. I pray for my family to return back to Mass and the Sacraments. Help all people who are suffering from mental illness at this time. In Jesus name I pray

    • Hi Irene. My name is also Irene and as you probably know, Irene means peace. And so, my prayer for you will be peace. I sign this email as I sign all others,

      Peace be with you. Irene

      …and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    • JEsus I pray for Irene. May you comfort her in her time of affliction. Mother Mary, comforter for the afflicted, and St Dymphna (saint of the mentally ill and those with nervous disorders) pray also for Irene. I pray that she might find peace and hope in her time of darkness. And also joy. This too shall pass! :)

    • I pray that my petition to have a fruitful work life by taking my immediate supervisor away from my life is granted.

  49. Prayers for a job interview and home in another community that would give our family a fresh start after the tragic suicide of my sister. The memories here are so powerful and a fresh start would help the healing. To Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Peace and Healing

  50. I pray for my son who will be graduating from high school next week may God continue to keep him safe as he grow into Adulthood. In God’s names Amen!!!

  51. Dear Jesus, in everything and everywhere may your Name be praised. Keep us safe from all that is evil and deliver us from all our foes. Grant repentance to all who have chosen the path of evil and may You reign in our lives now and forever.

    Let Your will be done O Lord now and always.


  52. I pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chrsit our Lord and Saviour will have mercy on me and all my faults.. and grant me and my unborn child good health and safe delivery. May God’ protection alwaysbe with me and my family, friends and relatives and I also pray for all priests I know to be able to resist trials and temptations in their ministries.

    • If you ask, you will be forgiven. Mary, sweet mother of God, be with this mother to be and her child. Pray for their safety. Jesus be with them also. You will never leave them or forsake them

  53. Novena Prayer Warriors,
    Please keep Marissa in your prayers. She is about 20 weeks into her second pregnancy. They have discovered there is very little to no amniotic fluid. Thank you.

  54. Please pray for Isaac and Charolett and their family. They are being taken to court on a family matter. Thank you Jesus for all of your love and help.

    • I pray for the family of Isaac and Charolett. Jesus please be with all of them during this time of uncertainty. May they be at peace and know you are with them no matter what the outcome. Angels of God, guardians dear, to whom God’s love commits each member of this family here, ever this day of court be at their sides, to light and guard, to rule and guide.

  55. I pray that my baby is growing normally and receiving all nutrients needed. I pray for no more complications throughout the pregnancy and a normal and health childbirth. In Jesus name, amen.

    • Jesus, I pray for Yvonne and her sweet child. Thank you for this miracle, and please keep both of them safe. In your precious name I ask this, Amen. Mary, most perfect mother, pray also for this soon to be mother and the safety of her and her child

  56. Beed diagnosed with Hyper thyrodism, been on medication for 1 month now. I pray for my healing in Jesus name.

  57. For a positive resolution to numerous, never-ending medical, emotional and transportation issues. For discernment and peace re: God’s will for my life. Also praying for people on here– especially for the kids, and for Wally cat. God bless you all.

  58. Pray for Baby Maria,who was born early ,has liver issues going on and is still in the Niccu.That may God heal her and that she may finally get to go home.This i pray in Jesus Name.

  59. I am praying for aid in preparing for two talks I’m giving at a Catholic homeschool conference. I ask that my talks will have a positive impact on the participants and that we can help one another grow in virtue and holiness. I pray for safe travel for the participants, the other speakers and myself.

  60. Dear Jesus thank you for your love for me and thank you for having me in your heart and in your hands with all your love. I also love you inmensely. Please dear Jesus heal completely my mind, my brain, and my body. Also grant me the grace of my full conversion of my mind, my thoughts, my thong, my mouth, my heart my feelings my emotions. Heal convert and bless me and all my dear ones as inmensely as your love for me and my love for you. I also ask you to convert all the humanity and make us all diurn and nocturn adorers to your divine sacramental presence in all churches of the whole world and in all the houses by your presence in maria vision tv channel also where you are also in Sacramental presence every days and all nights since midnight untill 6:30am every nights for your inmense glory dear God. Allow me to be your adorer in heaven for all eternity and hear on earth every day and several nights as i have been adoring you because my greatest happiness is to adore you for hours and to intercede for others and for me and for my dear ones and to adore you dear God for that too. Allow also this grace for everybody please and make us all adorers to your divine presence. I love you inmensely dear Jesus. Thank you for loving me inmensely too.

  61. Praying for a new job for my husband, one that will be beneficial to his career, our family, and our financial situation….a job that will help him to have a softer heart and stronger soul.

  62. Please o sacred heart of Jesus…..let my kitty Wally be healed of his IBD and gain weight. He is so painfully thin now. He didn’t ask to move 1000 miles with me because of what I was going through in our old home. I still can’t find a house, please don’t let him die in this small apartment. He deserves so many more years of happiness and back in another house with the other kitties to have a good life. He and my other cats have been there for me every day when humans were not….through breast cancer, through PTSD, the breakdown…..please, it is killing me to see him like this. He doesn’t deserve it. The meds are not working, the vet doesn’t know what else to try….so I am praying the novena for him as silly as it may sound to some. Please cure him. Please don’t let him die without us having a real home again.

    • My kitty has IBS and is treated with a special diet from the veterinarian – it is Prescription Diet cat food id. My cat only eats this food. Have you tried it? It is a little costly. I pray for a miracle to help your kitty – St. Anthony – bring hope and help to CLR for her kitty.
      God Bless.

  63. I’m praying for the grace of Knowledge and Peace in deciding when to propose to my girlfriend. I love her very much, but I want to continue according to God’s Will.

  64. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Grant me the grace to persevere in prayer, the wisdom to discern and follow your will, and patience with myself and others.

  65. I praying that I might have a car which wil enable me to do the evangelization without facing some challenges. A good car in good condition.

  66. My brother Amos is HIV positive is violent and in serious denial he’s refusing to take medication (ARV) saying he don’t need them as he has been bewitched.
    I ask all of you to help me with prayers to mother Mary to ask His Son Jesus Christ to forgive my family of all our sins and answer our prayers to make Amos accept his situation and start taking his medication and bring him back to healthy so that Jesus Christ forgiving and merciful hand will be seen in Amos made well and be a living testimony of Christ’s mercy. I pray My Lord Jesus Christ that you answer my prayers I love my brother I want him to live especially to find and know you and acknowlede you that You alone are Lord before he dies. I only ask for Your Will My Good Lord I pray.

  67. I ask Jesus to continue to bless Father Paul I doing God’s work and will. Please protect him from all evilness and help him to grow in holiness with the help of our Mother Mary.

    I also ask Jesus to help my brother Aaron to have an experience of God so he may serve God and Hod alone with all his heart, soul and mind. Please help him to be a humble servant of yours and to turn away from his sin, living with his girlfriend and to seek your mercy.

  68. I am praying for a position at wholesale and retail seta. Please God open this door for me as I currently umeployed.

  69. I am praying for relief of my husband’s Parkinson’s . The meds have not helped yet and it’s been months since he started them. Also pray that I can be kind, patient and joyful. I battle depression, fibromyalgia and diabetes so we are quite a pair as we enter into our 70′s.

    • Except for a few slight changes, your letter could have been written by me. I really do understand and empathize with you. My husband has COPD, I am not diabetic, and we are a little younger than you and your husband. Other than that, every word is right on. Your message reminds me that as I pray for my husband, I should also ask for the same attributes, that you mentioned, for myself. But I couldn’t have worded it as well as you have so I thank you for that, and I’m praying for you and your dear husband.

  70. Dear Jesus,
    I pray in your Holy Name to show me the way for a good job – something you want me to do. Help me sustain my needs so it would be easier for me to help others with their needs.

    Bless my prayer, dear Jesus.

  71. Praying for complete enjoining with God”s will in the sale (or not) of our house..and subsequent move. God’s will be done!

  72. I am praying for the successful, happy and healthy transition for my family and self to move across country and be able to get the home we want and need for my family. Please let this be a better place for us to be healthy and joyful.

  73. Dear Jesus, Please grant me a good health to be able to go though life well serving you and making me always a testimony of your Good Works.
    I also ask that you touch the lives of those handling our documents so that they will give us positive answers and get them out in good time.

    Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers and filling our hearts with your Love. Amen.

  74. Please Pray for my nephew, he is in the hosptial with tb and pneumonia. his been in the hosptial for about a week now, he needs all the prayers to heal and get better.