Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart Novena PrayersThe Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was started and made popular by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. She was inspired by visions of Jesus to spread this devotion.

This was a favorite prayer of St. Padre Pio and he prayed it every day.

Here are the Novena prayers for the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena Prayers

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” Behold, in your name, I ask the Father for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” Encouraged by your infallible words I now ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us miserable sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of you, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tender Mother and ours.

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.

Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us.


— St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

More About the Sacred Heart Devotion

I once read that the whole purpose of the apostolate of Christians today was, “to demonstrate the charity of Christ in all phases of human life and thus bring individuals and society back to God.” (Dorothy Dohen)

To demonstrate this charity, we must conform our heart to Christ’s, unite ourselves to His heart — and ultimately, lose ourselves in Him.

That’s what the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is all about: uniting our hearts with His, and devoting ourselves to Him.

So when we pray this novena together, we are praying that we can transform ourselves to love as Jesus Christ does — as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque wrote, “Since love makes lovers one in likeness, if we love, let us model our lives on His.”

There are a couple of different versions of this novena, but the one we’re using is one that has been attributed to St. Margaret Mary — after Jesus appeared to her on many occasions, and explained to her the devotion to His Heart.

Jesus also made 12 specific promises to those who would honor His Sacred Heart:

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.
  2. I will give peace in their families and will unite families that are divided.
  3. I will console them in all their troubles.
  4. I will be their refuge during life and above all in death.
  5. I will bestow the blessings of Heaven on all their enterprises.
  6. Sinners shall find in my Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall rise quickly to great perfection.
  9. I will bless those places wherein the image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored and will imprint My love on the hearts of those who would wear this image on their person. I will also destroy in them all disordered movements.
  10. I will give to priests who are animated by a tender devotion to my Divine Heart the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in my Heart, never to be effaced.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence: they will not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their Sacraments. My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

So our goal while praying this novena is to unite ourselves with Christ in all that we do — referring everything we do to His glory, and accepting all sufferings and difficulties as something to bring us even closer to the love He shares with us –with a real and physical heart, symbolizing his eternal and infinite charity.

To receive the promises Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary, there are a few requirements:

  1. Receiving Communion Frequently
  2. Going to Confession and receiving the Eucharist on the first Friday of each month, for nine consecutive months. (If it isn’t offered at your parish, you can go privately to Confession & offer your prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions).
  3. Celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The Feast of the Sacred Heart has also been established by Saint Pope John Paul II as the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

So as we pray this novena together, let’s especially remember our Priests — and the challenge made to us all in Jesus’ message to St. Margaret Mary: to love everyone, faithfully, with the endless love of Jesus.

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  1. I pray for my five children and the needs of their young families. I desire that they all be united to the life of Christ and live as witnesses to the promise of his love and salvation.

    Their needs are job attaintments and stability, new housing, cure of cancer, wisdom and guidance in raising Christian children, forgiveness of parents, and freedom from addictions, prison and relief from legal and financial consequences. I pray that they live and die in the professed love of Christ.

    For myself, I pray for forgiveness of failures in guiding them through life with inconsistent example of the love and character of Christ Jesus.

  2. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for me, please hear my novena petition. God help me to obtain the upcoming opening/transfer at work. Amen.

  3. Lord God please bring reconciliation to our marriage, and reconciliation as well in the family specially between my husband and my brother. I know Lord God there is nothing impossible with you, in your time every thing will turn out right. I ask all these through your son Jesus our Savior amen…

  4. I wish to thank Jesus Christ for listening to all my prayers and answering one of my prayers fully. I prayed for many things and now my prayer for a job has been answered. I also wish to thank St. Jude, St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary and God for everything that I have and for listening to all my prayers. Below is a prayer that I have prayed to Jesus Christ and I pray that it brings you peace as well answered prayers.


    This prayer is so powerful that you will get your wishes, request no matter how difficult it is .

    Jesus help me, In every need let me come to You with humble trust saying , Jesus help me.
    In all my doubts , perplexities and temptations
    Jesus help me.
    In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials ,
    Jesus help me.
    In the failures of my plans and hopes, in disappointments ,troubles and sorrows , Jesus help me.
    When I throw myself on your tender love as a Father and Savior,
    Jesus help me.
    When my heart is cast down by failures as seeing no good comes out of my efforts,
    Jesus help me.
    When my heart is cast down by failures, faults and shortcomings of every kind , Jesus help me and never forsake me.

    Almighty Arms of Jesus before You I come with all my faith begging You for comfort in my difficulties . Do not forsake me. Good Jesus, open your doors, in my way that Your Almighty Arms will open and close as You design to give me the tranquility that I so desire ( mention requests )

    Oh my God, please receive that supplication from a wounded heart that is always fighting for me with Your Divine power never let me scramble for want of help. AlmighTy Jesus assist me to find a shelter in your celestial country ever. Amen

    This novena starts on a Friday and must continue for 15 days. Make 4 copies of this prayer and send it or give it to those who believe .

    Each day light a candle while praying and then put it out. After 15 days , let the candle burn right out. Only one candle is to be lit for the 15 days .

  5. Please Pray that my son does not do more than one year in jail. He is a new father and has learned his lesson very well. I also need to have Jesus to have Great Mercy on him and pity. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen. and for him to ask Jesus into his life.

  6. Please pray so I can get a Loan approved of $25,000 on Wednesday 9/24 we need this money to purchase stock for our business urgently. Pray that our business will prosper and the money made be blessed to enable us to be fruitful. Pray so our business will not close down.

  7. i am looking for a prya that starts off like the favourite prayer of Padre Pio above. However the one that I am anxious to have has 15 prayers in it.

    If you know of it please direct me to it.

  8. I am praying for all the intentions posted here. Could you pray for our family, that my husband would find a new position and that it would be one where he works with good and honorable people and can use the talents God gave Him to build up the kingdom? I also pray for those who are being persecuted for their faith, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering in Iraq and Syria. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You!

  9. Please pray that all be go well with my daughter, Tracy’s, cornea transplant surgery tomorrow and her medical test all all clear. Thank you

  10. I am new to saying the novinas and I want tool make sure that I am saying them properly. Is it 9 time a day for 9 days out once a day for 9 days. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question in my email. I look foreword to hearing your reply.
    Sincerely, JC

    • I don’t think it really matters – you can do it once a day for 9 days or every hour on the hour for nine consecutive hours for one day. He’ll hear your prayers.

      I hope your prayers are answered.

      Mary H

  11. prayes the lord in jesus name i request to tarry my prayer request on the feet of lord jesus im am worried about my fananicial needs i have debts .i have to give the some of amount to people bless me i have a land in bombay we sell it but we did not get the money we are having cheques but it bonds we got 22 lakhs cheques for 12 monthes every month 1,86,217. we get 4 cheques cash 7 cheques bonds so i borrow mony from others for my fananicial needs i have to give peaple 5 lakhs so please pray for my debts .i keep the cheques on the feet of jesus christ .please pray for me and for my children.prayes the lord [Amen]

  12. Oh Most Holy Sacred heart of Jesus, I thank you for all the blessings, good health, graces of the fruits of the Holy Spirt, loving and faithful husband to be. And, most of all, for my loving family.

    I pray to your most Holy Sacred Heart to bless my father Luis with more life and more birthdays to come. I wish him on his birthday, today, that he would be able to stop his drinking and smoking habit.

    All this I thank & pray in your greater Glory, Amen…..

  13. Please pray for my mother. Her brain tumor came back and is inoperable. Please pray that the treatment she is receiving works.

    I can’t picture my life without her!

    Sacred heart of Jesus i place all my trust in you.

  14. O most scared heart of Jesus I have come to ask for forgiveness as my personal novena is going on, I pray you help me in this prayer point; my partner, my marriage, our families, my job and business, my post graduate diploma exam and career, our parents health, my finances I don’t want to lack and to favour me this year. Amen

  15. pls pray for my son who is addicted to alcohol, drug and smoking. for him to stop moving with sinners. so that he can follow the way of Jesus Christ. to be well behave and well maner. also I want his father to stand up and fine out were his son is . for many years my son have not non his biological father , I ask for God help to reunite them and bring them closer

  16. Please pray for my brother Charles, that his heart & liver test may be cleared and he may be blessed with the gift of good health and a long and happy life. Thank you

  17. Myself jyothi with the grace of god i got UK work permit for 5 years on 4/7/2014. This is my 3rd week of work. Now my sponsor got a letter from UK border agency as they are not happy with their last inspection and asking for some explanation. If they are not satisfy with our reply they will revoke the sponsor license and we all wil loose our job. Please pray to get the problem sort out and help our lawer to find right wat to over come it. Please pray to get a positive letter from UKBA. Please pray for our residents, staff, lawer and sponsor also help the case work to take a positive reply to us. Thank you so much god

  18. Please pray for my son, and all other addicts – drug, alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, to see the light and STOP destroying themselves and their families and friends by abusing whatever their addiction is. Please help them to come closer to Jesus and know that God forgives them for their wrongdoings and LOVES them anyway. Help them enter into a program, AA or whatever, so that they have the tools they need to succeed in sTOPPING their addictive ways. In Jesus name, I pray, AMEN.

  19. sir… what i have to say more than what i said just now iam really fed up with my present situvation.. since 10 months now iam, waiting for my money.. its my had work iam roaming like a mad women now i lost my peace of mind i lost my sleep.. i did lot of pasting every day i lit the candle not only myself all my friends relatives sisters above all you people still why jesus is not answering my prayer iam helping a lot of people even a boy from africa also iam giving money for the education but now i dint get my own hard work the fruit of my hard work..why… more than enough i suffered from my child hood only i experenced sorrows from 16teen years old iam earning m,y self and eating.. when i was 6 years old started working little by little still contiuing.. may be till the death i have to suffer like this..sorry sir.. love thresiamma vk

  20. Please pray for my brother Charles, that he may be blessed with good health and all his test results are clear with no serious illness. Thank you

    • I’m suffering with you my sister. Im am going through great difficulties too. One day I was with family and was acused for having family feel sorry for me. Just because i was begging for someone to give my son, that needed to be pickef up in a different town a ride home. He was taking medication and was rejected in school. My grand children saw me weeping and tryed to comfort me. l looked at thier little faces and a light of love struck my heart. I realized after suffering all my life Im not at home. My home is in heaven. PFY

  21. I am a new member in this prayer program and i am glad that we can pray as a group because i know that God is able to hear and answer our prayers.

    I wish to request you to pray with me for my Company Regitronics Data Systems that we may get more business in supplies. We are straining financially with a very slow flow of business, and with a loan to pay in the bank, it has been very difficult for me. Also my son’s university fee, kindly pray with me that i may get more business and manage to settle my debts. Iam also in a relationship with Charles Wambugu, pray for me that our dear Lord may guide us and be with us as we plan to have our wedding. cover us with the blood of Jesus. Thankyou

  22. Please here with my request for prayers for my son to get a good paying job,for his daughter who is way out couldnet care whats she dose stays away for home days on end ,& also pray for me to find agood christain man as i am very very lonely depressed & stressed & very sad.Pray for my three grandsons to be good christain men with good jobs;

  23. Please pray for my husband and four children. My husband is critically ill that only a miracle by the grace of God will restore his life here on earth.

    Thank you

  24. Please pray for my father who is suffering from stage 4 cancer & to find way to support his medicines and other bills. Give us more time to spent happy moments with him, I pray for my family to be safe, strong and very supportive in time of this trials. Please put me in your prayers.
    God Bless You All!

  25. Please pray for my migration to Canada to get done soon without any hassles and let me get the file no. this week and I don’t have to wait until end September. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings and I praise

  26. Please pray for Brian to come back to me fully and let him express his feelings for me and please let all the misunderstandings fights disappear after we start meeting and let him be happy as he looks so sad now

  27. Please pray for my friend Tom to get proper job as nurse so he doesn’t have to work so much overtime. He needs financial help.
    Please pray our relationship (Tom and myself) will grow into a deeper, faithful relationship. He seems resistive to prayer right now

    God Bless!

  28. Please pray for financial problem in my family. My Husband to be blessed with a good job & my work place to get clients.
    Whatever we ask our Father in Heaven by faith shall be given to us. Our God is a loving Father.

    Pray for peace in our country & all those suffering.

  29. please pray for my sponsorship for my upcoming missionary work. I’m nervous about not reaching my goal before I leave next month. I only have a month to raise a substantial amount of money for the mission. I pray for all of the missionaries involved and the youth and young people that we will be blessed to minister too. I lift these intentions up to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and allow His will to be done. Jesus, I trust in you!

  30. Can you please pray for my family and the security of my sisters job as things are not going well only prayers can save her job she has three loving children so she can’t afford to lose it and she support the whole family. Thank you.

  31. Please pray for our cousin JOhn. He is seriously ill, and it will only be a miracle by God’s will that he heals.

    Please storm heaven. he has a beautiful wife and daughter who need him.

    Thank you.

  32. Thank you for posting this most cherished Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the wonderful information to go along with it. I am graciously asking that everyone who reads my message to please pray for my spiritual and physical healing. In return, I will be praying for all of you who are seeking God’s inexhaustible blessings: help, healing, forgiveness, mercy, protection and guidance. In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen :)

  33. Please pray for a miracle healing and for health to be restored perfectly and for this miracle to be shown on the outside as the health issues of this person, cannot all be tested especially on the outside. thank you loving St. Anne.

  34. I am asking for prayers for one of our employees who has medical conditions that are preventing the doctors from performing surgery on his heart. Please pray for his mother for strength in seeing her son suffer, as Mary did.

    In Christ’s eternal love

  35. Please Lord soften my boyfriend’s heart towards me. Remove this distance and coldness from him. May he always be affectionate, patient, understanding, faithful, loyal, and attentive. Please Lord open the lines of communication between us so that I hear from him soon, today, tomorrow, and always. Unite us in Marriage. Amen!!

  36. SIR… past 10 month iam waiting for some money.. from bank of denmark.. for this transaction more than 18000 dollar i spend iam having my salary is 3400 shekel but every time they told me to send 1000 dollar 700 500 300 like that more than 18000dollar i spend now they told me in israel air port security took the master visa card .. and asking 5000 dollar from income tax authority… but sir they arranged 4500 dollar and asking me to pay 500 dollar… i donot have even 5 shekel with me.. since all those whom i know took the money..i just beg of you please pray to jesus to destroy all evils and like Daniel WAS IN LION place god has closed the mouth of lion now let him do a miracle for me at this very moment… i lost everything peace of mind .. sleep no food iam just like a mad women kneel before my bed pouring out my tears have mercy on me… thank you thresiamma vk

  37. Please help me Pray for my sister Laura to find a husband And for my sister Eva And María to have healthy babies.
    God bless.

  38. Friends
    Please pray for all congregations around the world and especially for the Congregation of Holy Family Fathers here in East Godavari Andhra Pradesh India.
    That they do the will of God
    That they be blessed in all their needs
    That they be as one

  39. Hi. I am praying for healing for my youngest son Pierre who suffers from depression and it has gotten worse since my husband his dad, passed away 3 years ago.

    I am praying for a spouse and for my financial situation to get better.

  40. Plz pray for the healing of my right shoulder. For security in my job and for God to direct my path. I need peace to overcome and accept things that hv occurred in my life.

  41. My husband has been in bad health for the past few years. Please pray for him.
    He is our only source of income and our Social Security payments have recently been stopped.
    Thank you all ♡

  42. I am praying for my 3yr old granddau Renni, who seems to experiencing some troubling emotion and nervous symptoms, that, through St. Anne’s intervention, she may be helped. If am also praying for her little friend, Riley, who has had numerous surgeries for a heart defect, one of which left her with a paralyzed vocal cord, that through St. Anne’s intervention, the vocal cord may recover without further painful and scary medical intervention.
    I will add to my prayers, all the intentioned posted here.
    God Bless

  43. Please pray that communication and love will flow freely between my husband and myself and amongst our kids as well.
    Thank you Jesus for your blessings upon us all.

  44. Please pray that I get new job with good salary that can help my family my relatives and my church as well.
    I need God to intervene in my situation.

  45. Please pray that we will have our own home soon. A place and house to call and be our own. Please pray for our family’s mental and physical health wellness.
    God bless you all.
    St Anne, Pray for us and all those who call upon you in their time of need.

  46. Please pray for my son, Oliver who is busy preparing him for November 2014 exams. He write Mathematics and Business Studies.
    He applied for a bridging course at the University of Free State, please or success and approval to attend this courses.

    Thank you

  47. Pray for my son who is in 10th Grade. He is good intelligent but not able to study and addicted to watching TV playing games in computer and mobile. 10th grade is the base land mark for education in India. i want him to score good marks to choose his carrier.
    Kindly make this as my intention on this novena for his good studies.