Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart Novena PrayersThe Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was started and made popular by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. She was inspired by visions of Jesus to spread this devotion.

This was a favorite prayer of St. Padre Pio and he prayed it every day.

Here are the Novena prayers for the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena Prayers

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” Behold, in your name, I ask the Father for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” Encouraged by your infallible words I now ask for the grace of…

(Mention your Intention Here)

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us miserable sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of you, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tender Mother and ours.

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.

Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us.


— St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

More About the Sacred Heart Devotion

I once read that the whole purpose of the apostolate of Christians today was, “to demonstrate the charity of Christ in all phases of human life and thus bring individuals and society back to God.” (Dorothy Dohen)

To demonstrate this charity, we must conform our heart to Christ’s, unite ourselves to His heart — and ultimately, lose ourselves in Him.

That’s what the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is all about: uniting our hearts with His, and devoting ourselves to Him.

So when we pray this novena together, we are praying that we can transform ourselves to love as Jesus Christ does — as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque wrote, “Since love makes lovers one in likeness, if we love, let us model our lives on His.”

There are a couple of different versions of this novena, but the one we’re using is one that has been attributed to St. Margaret Mary — after Jesus appeared to her on many occasions, and explained to her the devotion to His Heart.

Jesus also made 12 specific promises to those who would honor His Sacred Heart:

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.
  2. I will give peace in their families and will unite families that are divided.
  3. I will console them in all their troubles.
  4. I will be their refuge during life and above all in death.
  5. I will bestow the blessings of Heaven on all their enterprises.
  6. Sinners shall find in my Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall rise quickly to great perfection.
  9. I will bless those places wherein the image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored and will imprint My love on the hearts of those who would wear this image on their person. I will also destroy in them all disordered movements.
  10. I will give to priests who are animated by a tender devotion to my Divine Heart the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in my Heart, never to be effaced.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence: they will not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their Sacraments. My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

So our goal while praying this novena is to unite ourselves with Christ in all that we do — referring everything we do to His glory, and accepting all sufferings and difficulties as something to bring us even closer to the love He shares with us –with a real and physical heart, symbolizing his eternal and infinite charity.

To receive the promises Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary, there are a few requirements:

  1. Receiving Communion Frequently
  2. Going to Confession and receiving the Eucharist on the first Friday of each month, for nine consecutive months. (If it isn’t offered at your parish, you can go to Confession & offer your prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions).
  3. Celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The Feast of the Sacred Heart has also been established by Saint Pope John Paul II as the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

So as we pray this novena together, let’s especially remember our Priests — and the challenge made to us all in Jesus’ message to St. Margaret Mary: to love everyone, faithfully, with the endless love of Jesus.

Click here to find more novenas like this one.

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  1. Please pray for me so that I can get employed in United Nations. I also pray that God blesses me with someone who will love And appreciate me.

  2. I know there are families out there that are really suffering. I have been blessed. I have a large home that has served its purpose. It is time to move on. I ask that a family that needs a large home, purchases mine at our fair asking price. May they enjoy it as much as we have. This time of my life, we need to downsize.

  3. Please e-mail me days 2 & 4 of Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena; Patty, my friend of 30+ years sent me the Novena daily. I have prayed this Novena since it started in June, and just start over again; in late April I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer, 9cm and still growing while I was scheduled for biopsies and chemotherapy. I have just completed treatment 5; at the halfway mark,treatment 3-9wks. a follow-up MRI showed”significant shrinkage with inability to see any tumor”. As a retired nurse, I know this specific cancer is able to re-grow. We have traveled for the last 11yrs in our RV, and daily, before going on the road, we would recite the Sacred Heart of Jesus Auto League Prayer(1984). He
    is our “go to Guy.” Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Thank you Jesus for the gift of love and all the promises made for as many that say Sacred Heart prayer; in the same way i ask for the grace of unity of purpose in my marriage and the grace of healing my 13years daughter from the spirit of bedwelting. Sacred Heart of Jesus i place all my trust in you.

  5. Heavenly Father I pray for the deliverance of this excessive heat that both my son and I experience in our bodies. This results in us sweating profusely. It is very uncomfortable and embarrassing when We have to go out to church, to work, to a meeting, even just visiting someone and also in our own home. Day and Night we must be constantly close to a fan or in air condition. Please Jesus help us and deliver us from this disease. My son is also experiencing the same excessive sweating. PLEASE HELP US TO BE RID OF THIS DISEASE THAT CONTINUES TO PLAGUE US. Jesus have mercy Us. Jesus Heal Us. Jesus Save Us. Jesus Free Us.

  6. Please pray that my business will be successful so I can provide for myself and my family. Please pray for the healing Will’s psoriasis, eyes and other ailments and that he becomes fervent in his faith. Please pray for me and my family to receive complete healing.

    Thank you and God bless you for your prayers

  7. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing our prayers and helping our son in this most difficult time. We are grateful for your blessings and for always being with us, even in our darkest moments, to guide and care for us.

  8. Please pray that through prayer jesus will strengthen my faith and any questions I have in my heart he will answer them so I won’t have any more doubt or confusion in my faith. I really want to be closer to jesus but I feel a blockage of some sort so please pray for me thank you all so much and god bless you xx

  9. Praying for The restoration of a loving Father Son relationship with my Son Joe , and for all persecuted Christians, as well as Christian Unity throughout Worrld

  10. Hi,

    Please pray that all my employment documents get signed right away so that the company I applied to will proceed with the job offer immediately.

    Thank you!


  11. Sacred heart of Jesus Christ I thank for all the answered prayers especially that my dota has cleared her cause.I continue praying for my daughter’s​ healing she has a urinary infection cased by a bacteria sweet loving Jesus Christ of Nazareth heal my dota she is in so much pain my dota knows​ and love you we depend on your Mercy on our own we can’t manage we can fail.

    • Father God Almighty thank you for the answered prayers my daughter has cleared her cause and she is feeling much better from her urinary infection .Thanks for the prayers.

      • Father God Almighty thank you for the answered prayers my daughters have been given a house to rent in Roma girls sec school.
        Thanks very much for the prayers.

  12. I pray for my granddaughter Casey, that she rids herself of all the anger that is possessing her. She is always been a wonderful,kind and gentle person. Suddenly past problems have taken over. Her mother who abandoned her when she was 5 has created many problems for her! Her Dad has always been there for supported her with love and kept her close. She is not speaking to him or me. Just lashing out! Please take the anger and depression! Make her whole again. Thank you God for all your goodness.

  13. Please I wish you all a very good day Paul and Annie. My name is Ebele and am single and in search of a good job and a life partner.
    I am a sickler but healthy and I believe God will grant me my heart desires. Thank you for your assistance.
    Ps. Am a hotelier and I am 40 years old.

  14. I want ask for your prayers for my family to be healthy and together. And a very sick friend. And for peace, love, and hope for the world. And for Pope Francis!

  15. Pray for my dad Angelo and his heart that he is healthy and they can control his pain with meds and lifestyle. For Judy that she pulls through this serious brain condition and that she will make a full recovery.

  16. I prayed that my daughter would not have cancer, but she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I am praying she will be cured. Thank you for your prayers!

  17. Please pray that I get a better paying job soon so that I can pay my bills and be able to provide food and shelter for my family. Please there are six of us counting on me and I cannot do it at the rate of pay I am making by my self. Please we need help. Not asking for riches, just enough to make our bills and provide comfortably and to pay people back that I owe.

  18. Heavenly Father,Jesus Christ I prayed for my totally healing from high blood pressure and evil deeds of other people that I could’nt explain what exactly I felt when its suddenly attack on me. I just prayed and prayed until I get recovered from sudden attack. I know Jesus you will never leave me and you will never let evil destroy me. I trust in you, oh Lord Jesus Christ. Please forgive all my sins and all those peopld who repent on you. Thank you for all the blessings and Life that you gave to me..I love you Jesus. You are my Life! In Jesus Name.! Amen.

  19. Please pray for me to have piece on the job and the Holy Sprit will protect me from the earth and evil of others. That my diabetes colosterial will be healed I need Jesus Christ more than ever. Thanks

  20. I pray to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus to unite my divided family.
    Plz pray for my small family of 4 to be reunited and stay together in God’s love and kindness
    I pray to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus to pray for my son to concentrate on his education and to complete his education and not feel the stress of all these emotional burdens we’re carrying
    I am thankful for everything else God has bestowed upon me and my family.
    Sacred Heart Of Jesus have mercy on us. Sacred Heart Of Jesus pray for us


  22. Oh sweet Jesus, please heal my son Brian. He has gender dysphoria, depression, and psychotic mood disorder. Please guide and help him convert back to the real man you created him to be. Please help my family. I love you!

  23. Dear Christians,
    I’m happy that I’m a part of Christianity which is the most peaceful religion in the entire world. I’m grateful to Our Heavenly Father for His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ & Our Heavenly Mother Mary! I’m grateful to Holy Trinity for being there for me& my family.
    I’d like to hope my new book will vividly show how people came to Christianity & thanks to Christianity, Our God Our Heavenly Father Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Our Heavenly Mother Mary, St.Michael the Archangel & God’s Holy Crew were able to save themselves from the attacks of devil & his minions.
    With Genuine Love,

  24. I was just diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer. Prayers appreciated. Probable treatment is lumpectomy and radiation.

  25. Please remember my son in law in your prayers. He wrecked his new truck Friday eve. Some trouble with his insurance. Thankful to our Lord no injuries. Thank you , Barbara.

  26. I found this beautiful devotional movie clip of the Sacred heart. It is a 16 minute movie recounting the mystical revelations of the sacred heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. This is so beautiful done that it truly inspires. This 16 minute short was produced by Our Lady’s Tears Productions.I believe that anyone who sees this clip can’t help but understand how Jesus’ heart suffer. What I like about it especially are the 12 pormises that Jesus gives to anyone who consecrates themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  27. Please pray for the health of my wife. I’am praying that all the sickness and pain that my wife is experiencing right now will be healed and disappeared. I am asking all of you to pray for her . Thanks and God bless us all..

  28. Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    I thank you Lord for all that I have and for what I am today. I thank you for the food on my table, for the clothes I have, for the shelter, for my possessions, for my parents, for my family and friends, I thank you for the wonderful gift of life, I thank you for my fiancee and I thank you for my business opportunities.

    I am terribly for my sins that i constantly commit in word, thought and deed.

    Most gracious Lord, i pray that through the sacred heart of Jesus you help my business to thrive so i can be able to help other people and their families by creating more Jobs.

    I pray and leave all my burdens to christ our Lord

    Amen and Amen.

  29. Testimony: I just want to praise God and glorify his mighty name for answering my prayers for a miracle job. Indeed he is a prayer answering God. A miracle worker. I am grateful. To God alone be all d glory. Amen.

  30. I am still on the ongoing journey of conversion and deepening my Catholic Faith.
    I am totally new to novena prayers and I am so glad I came across your site.
    Can I request a novena to be said for me? I am currently unemployed and have been job searching. Just this morning I had an interview with American Airlines and I am remaining hopeful to get the job.

    Thanks so much for your help and I look forward to your emails and praying with the community.

    Best regards,
    Nicholas Hadeed

  31. let,s pray for my son to put an end to the type of life he is living, sometimes he is reckless lets pray for all contributing factors to his recklessness

  32. Our son and family live with us. We are in our 80’s and needing to move where we have less responsibility. Many obstacles seem to be in the way. Priests and pastoral associate advise we need to have kids move. I have told them they must find a place. Both are slightly challenged and their son is four years old. My husbands health is not good. God has always taken care of us. We need his help and guidance. I pray my grandsons parents work for his well being and that all return to the church. Thank you

  33. I have a terrible allergic rash on my legs that just wouldn’t go away. I had seen a dermatologist, but the meds didn’t work.
    I went in to the office after three months of terrible itching, burning, hurting. They gave me shots and changed the meds. I DON’T think it was a coincidence, but, a Godincidence, that the day this Novena was over, so was my rash. Praise God…….thank You Jesus and Mary.

  34. Thank You Mary for certain prayers answered…..truly a miracle!!
    Please continue to untie the remaining knots completely,
    regarding Love, Financial Success,
    and Happiness!!
    Thank You Mary!!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  35. I have all reason to thank God,I prayed novena of sacred heart of Jesus for scholarship, now I can testfy I have got one,praise be to almighty God,continue praying for me as am preparing for school this sept,thank you people,let’s continue praying for each other

  36. Dear Lord,
    Please Lord intervene in any thing that is holding the burial of my father and mother in law. So they will be buried and their soul rest in peace. Reveal to me any hiden thing surrounding this issue.
    Thank you Jesus.

  37. I prayed this novena for the breakthrough of my life, prayed that God show me a way to go, He indeed showed me a way forward but I still experience lot of challenges,praise God that I never gave up on Him.

  38. I prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena. God answered my prayers and provided me with the financial funds I needed. I was down to my last $.75. Praise be to God the Father in heaven and to Jesus his Son! All glory to God!! I continue to pray for full time employment with benefits. I know God will provide. Thank you Jesus!

  39. Oh Jesus, please help me NOW!!
    Ask your mother Mary to untie the knots in my life TODAY, especially concerning Susan Keaton!!
    Ask Mary to untie the knots that block me from Love (Susan), Financial Success, and Happiness!
    Please help me NOW Jesus!!

    Thank You Mary!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  40. For my nephew to beat his addiction with alcoholism, successfully completes his rehab, finds peace once he gets to the core of his inner problems to move forward. That he meets the criteria to receive a liver transplant once he recovers and accepts his addiction.
    Asking for my sister to find peace after her husband has had affairs.
    Asking for those who needs to be lifted up, they open their hearts to our most gracious savior.

  41. Please Blessed Virgin Mary, intercede for me NOW! Untie the knots in my life that are blocking me from Love (Susan Keaton), Financial Success (Roger) and Happiness!!
    Please help me NOW Mary!!

    Thank You Mary!!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  42. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I come to you praying for nine hours because I have many anxieties about my son Patrick and his ways. You know all about it, Sacred Heart of Jesus and so, please take care of all of my anxieties toward my son. Free my Spirit and send peace and prosperity my way. Thank you, in advance, for permanently unlocking my blessings and setting me free from all anxieties.

  43. Sacred Heart of Jesus you are the most Divine Lord and God In You I put all my trust and hope grant me that I may Love and be Loved grant me that I will never suffer the chastisement and misery from all of my hard work that has been robbed from me by those who are jealous of the shinning light that you bring into my life. Thank you for all of the knowledge and healing gifts that you have brought to my life all of the experiences good and bad that I have suffered and gained wisdom and guidance and protection are enough. I come to you Jesus Lord and Saviour to ask that you will return ten fold what I have lost. Amen

    • Dear ER
      I am praying for you and your husband to restore your marriage to even greater levels than it’s former glory. Do not be thrown off by the enemy (Satan) and his attacks on your marriage. I pray the Blessed Virgin Mary will intercede on your behalf and bring love, honour, integrity back into your union. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  44. I have never been baptized as a Catholic, and have never received Communion, the Eucharist, or gone to confession. I am currently living in a rural area that has no Catholic churches. I don’t have any transportation to go to Missoula to attend Mass. Am I a fraud? I want to say the novenas you email to me, but is it proper?
    I look forward to your reply. HELP!

  45. I want to get over the sexual desires I have at this time because am not married n am not old enough to be thinking like this …. Pray for me that I may have a chaste mind

  46. Please Mary, untie the knots in my life that are blocking me from Love, Financial Success, and Happiness!!

    Thank You Mary!
    Thank You, Jesus!!

  47. Sacred Heart of Jesus prescence in my life for a few decades now has been extremely amazing. You have no idea how many times HE saved me during hard times growing up when many thought I can’t be saved. My sister who was very religious gave me the Novena to the SHJ & told me to believe. I was not a believer then nor religious but decided to try. To cut the story short, my life changed 360° as if HE led me to every decision I made to make me succeed in life & achieve an inner peace plus some little miracles along the way. HE’s with me 24/7 & I speak to HIM like I speak with anyone. I have full confidence that HE can hear me coz’ HE has for years & was the only one there when I needed HIM most. The only thing we need to do is to truly believe.

  48. Pray for my brother who very ill and suffering from cancer lymphoma. He needs a healing power of our lord Jesus Christ to touch him. So he can recover from cancer. Give him a chance to get well soon in Jesus name. Help Almighty father for you love to heal him to give him more chance to live fullest health.
    Thank you Jesus and blessed mother Mary

  49. Please Jesus, ask your mother Mary to untie the knots in my life NOW, the knots that are blocking me from having Love, Financial Success and Happiness, especially regarding Susan Keaton!!
    Help me NOW, Jesus!

    Tbank You Jesus!
    Thank You Mary!!

  50. Please pray for us that we can go out from this country. I wish to be out here with my husband and son. And to see my another son. Please pray for my husband as well to have better earning before leaving his job

  51. I want to thank God that during the 9 days of praying
    the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the requests
    I put on the web site for our daughters husband and
    some specific requests for our younger daughter were
    granted to us. K. Had been told he might wait a month
    for a ct scan he needed. I asked for it to only be a week.
    The appointment arrived on the second day of the
    novena….thank you so much Lord, also that the results
    of the scan are not bad. Prayers for our younger daughter were also answered, plus two lovely
    blessings I had not even asked for, one a very much
    needed pay increase. Thank you dear Lord for your

  52. Please pray for KwAsi God may help him to be able to walk . I need money for him to have surgery but I am finding it difficult to.To pray for me for so that God so me the way.

  53. Please pray for a miracle for my infant son, Dominic who was born with a rare genetic disease that causes seizures

  54. day 1 6-29-2017
    prayer for protection unity of the flock
    manefestation of devine will
    endurance through coming chastisements

  55. Please pray for my daughter and son in law , for his health and their forgiveness of me and reconciliation of our family.

  56. Thanks God for an answered prayer. My visa is approved effective June 26, 2017. Thanks for your unending prayers and support to those who are in need. Glory be to God in the highest! in Jesus name. Amen.

  57. Please pray for my son who we suspect has an autism. He is 21 months now and not talking yet. He doesn’t establish eye contact and he often gaze and flap his arms. He is so behind in his milestone. I pray Sacred Heart of Jesus that whatever blocks his mind for learning, please remove it. Please, I’m so depressed and it’s hard for me to think as a mom. I get hurt.

    • I pray that the Sacred Heart hears and answers your prayers for your precious son , after reading your prayer request we went through the same worry with our granddaughter she was 2 years old and not talking or making eye contact she also was suspected to have autism when a Doctor discovered she was tongue tied which I believe should have been noticed by the Health nurse in some of her checkups to make the storey short after she had the procedure done we haven’t looked back Thank God now she is 3 and a half and has come on in talking , I will pray that your son too will have a favourable outcome . God Bless