Our Lady of Sorrows Novena

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Novena Prayer for Our Lady of Sorrows:

(To commence on September 15th)

O BLESSED Virgin Mary, Mother of our Redeemer! remember we are thy children, given to thee by thy Divine Son, when expiring on the cross. Mother of sorrows! by the tears which flowed from thy eyes when Saint John related how the traitor Judas sold thy Divine Son for the vile price of thirty pieces of silver; how, in the Garden of Olives, he was agonized with fear and sorrow, the blood gushing through every pore; by all the anguish that overwhelmed thy heart when thou didst hear that Jesus, the only object of thy love, was condemned to death; by the sorrow that pierced thy maternal bosom, in meeting thy only beloved Son loaded with a heavy cross, spent through loss of blood, fatigue and pain; by that heroic resignation to the divine will, which, triumphing over the sentiments of nature, sustained thee at the foot of the cross; by the excess of grief that would have robbed thee of life, had not God preserved thee for the comfort of his disciples and of his infant church; by the dolors that rent thy desolate heart when beholding thy beloved Jesus, most beautiful in his comeliness above the sons of men, become a prey to death, the ignominious death of the cross; by all the sufferings of thy most afflicted heart, obtain for us, O Mother of Mercy, true contrition for our sins, persevering fervour in the divine service, and the particular favours we solicit in this Novena.

O thou most tender and afflicted Mother, who didst sacrifice thyself on the same altar with thy beloved Son, and whose heart was penetrated by the nails that fastened him to the cross; as it was our sins inflicted those torments on thy Divine Son, we acknowledge that we justly deserve the wrath of divine justice to fall on our devoted heads. But if those very sufferings have proved our defence and protection heretofore, grant that now at least we may participate profoundly in the sorrow of which we have been the unhappy cause; and obtain, that souls hitherto so insensible to the strongest proofs of love, may, by heartfelt contrition, taste one drop of that bitter chalice of which thou didst drink so deeply.


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  1. Please pray for my 20 year old daughter, for she may find the light of the Lord. She’s making bad life decisions and needs to find peace within herself and those who love her. Please pray she doesn’t marry at this young age and that she waits until she grows as a person a little more.

  2. Pray for my daughter to stop using pot and antidepressant meds. Please pray for a god full man to come into her life to marry. I feel this is a dire situation in my soul.

  3. Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrow I pray that my financial Burden will gone. I need to pay my Shop Rental For 5 months and i dont have money to pat that. Please help me. Amen

  4. Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows, please hear my prayer and heal our family, restore our marriage, and our love – in Jesus’ Name. Please heal my husband’s wounds through Christ – in Jesus’ Name, I Pray – Amen.

  5. Dear Mother Mary,

    I would ask you to entrust my family members upon your feet and ask you to please take care of us. Heal our emotional wounds as you only know our pain what we have gone through. We all need moral and emotional support but did not get enough anywhere, so I turn to you Mama. Please pray for us and keep us healthy and safe.

    Thank you

  6. Dear Mother Mary, today I am going to reconciliation, please help me make a good confession and help my children too. Forgive my daughter for refusing to come with us and give her another chance. Have mercy on us. Tahnk you

  7. Please pray for my family who have left the Church ,for true repantanceand to be practicing R.C.and for there children to be baptized and also for strong faith for me and my family including my Husbond,and for Peace .Thank You.

  8. Please pray for me and all the pain in my throat and the pain in my lower abdomen and the blood that drips from time to time fro my nose please holy Mother of Sorrows pray for my father and mothers sickness too amen

  9. Please pray for SAS as she attends her retreat. We pray she will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Please touch the hearts and minds of all attending the retreat.

  10. Mother of sevens sorrows; mother who the pain of a mother in relation with their children life. I seek your prayers for my daughter Jeanne situation. Please sorrowful mother place Jeanne in your son’s blood so she should be washed by thy blood and have doors of visa; conception;forgiveness;humility;prayerful;wisdom wide open for her. Pray also for me so that I can be touched by the word of God and received faith; open my mouth so that I can pray and be messager of your son everywhere.
    Intercede also for my youngest daughter study to assist her to accomplish her wish and obtain her two degrees. Kept them humbled and prayerful and wrapped them in your beloved son precious blood coming from his five wounds. Amen

  11. Dear Lady of Sorrows:
    We are deeply heartbroken for our adult children whom one is addicted and mentally ill with children. She lives with a man who uses her and mentally abuses her. The children are being damaged by this sick relationship. Please intercede for me and my dear husband who has done everything to help my dysfunctional family and is now himself very ill. We have given our lives for these individuals whom are wayward and apart from the will of God. I pray for a miracle in her life and for the lives of my father and grandmother and my husband and myself, and brother and sister whom have had tragedy in our lives because of sin. Thank you in Jesus Name, Mother Mary whom heart was pierced for your Precious Son Pray for us. I love you Jesus my Savior and Lord. Amen!

  12. Mother Mary, please intercede on my behalf and ask that I may be healed from this illness. Please pray and ask our merciful Lord to rid me of all anxieties, fears, stomach issues, sadness, loss of appetite, infections , and to help me be strong. Please pray that God help me find steady employment so that I may get healthcare and have an income. Please also pray for my mother, that our father will take away her pain and heal her body, heart, and mind. Mother Mary, please pray and ask our father to bless my family, they have done so much for me and I want to be healthy and strong so I can make them proud and help them. Mother Mary, will you also ask our father if he could restore my relationship with T. We have been through so much, I ask that you pray and ask God to help us find our way back to each other and love each other with respect the way God wants us too. Thank you Mother Mary.

  13. Pray for my sins which are many and forgive me. Let me start anew and become newly baptized in your love. I beg of you and desire to follow in your love for your son, the same love and respect I must have for myself and others.

  14. Please pray for my sister. She is filled with jealousy. She is jealous of everything, especially me, my relationship with our 92 yr. old mother. We have a beautiful relationship and it kills my sister. She is cruel, she says mean things to our mother and it breaks my heart. The sad part of this is she is not mean to my mother when I’m around, but when I’m not. My mother is so bullied by her. If I call my mother and my sister is sitting there, my mother is afraid to talk to me, because my sister will stare at her, intimidate her and make cruel comments. She a jealous , mean woman, and I try so hard to keep the piece for my mother’s sake. It is sad that these last years of my mother’s life have to be like this. Please pray that God, breathes on my sister and all that evil leaves. I ask this through Christ our Lord…Amen!

  15. Please pray for John paul and Tersia to stop the addiction of drink and for peace .love .unity in this family in Jesus holy Name through his Precious Blood heal this family
    Our Lady of sorrows my Holy Trinity hear my prayer
    an evil spirits .curses in this family be washed way .thtough the Precious Blood of Jesus
    i thank you my loving Jesus

  16. Please pray for John paul and Tersia to stop the addiction of drink and for peace .love .unity in this family in Jesus holy Name through his Precious Blood heal this family

  17. oh sorrowful mother, grant that your servant chidi, may ponder in his heart the role that your son invites him to play in the service of humanity, may the fear and consequences of sin bring him the much needed graces to live a sinless life, may your power strenghten his weakness and may he be able to shun the occasion of sin through christ our lord amen!!!!

  18. Dear Mother protect my sons and their families. Relieve my sons who suffer from additions and show them the love of your son our Lord.

  19. Oh Lady Of Sorrows Mother most Dear , I give to you my heart , I place it into your Hands , that you may lay it before the feet of your Divine Son . For though unworthy, broken, and tattered that it may be, coming from your hands He will accept as a gift most precious… Oh Mother may my heart be made made beautiful , Holy , and precious through your hands … How I love you my Mother most dear , and How I desperately need your Motherly protection and intersection . Please aid me in this most special journey that I may alas come to know the life that My Father calls me to .
    Open Daniels heart Mary that He may come to see hear and understand. That He may come to long for the Heart created for His very own .

  20. Please our Lady of sorrows protect my husband and me as we travel on Thurs. Use this trip to bring us closer together in our marriage in Jesus name I pray Amen. Help me to forgive him and to be more loving to him give me discernment on how I should accomplish that !

  21. our lady of sorrows, please intercede for our prayers. i’m praying on behalf of the family of baby addi. may her congenital heart condition be healed without medical intervention. mother mary, you know how the parents of baby addi are suffering. please intercede for their prayers of healing. Amen.

    • Ur baby addi will be healed in our Lords name and thru it’s intercession..
      i will pray for ur baby that he may have all the strength that he needs..
      In the name of our God the father..

  22. Dear holy mother of the church,please pray for me and my children and their children,make their faith grow strong,and ask to pray for their vocation to choose wisely and listen to their call.Amen

  23. I feel so blessed to be born on your feast day, please how precious mother help me overcome my own sorrows and pain. Make me strong like you dear mother. I am dealing with health issues and I know there are others that are suffering more than me! Pleas send me strength and grace to cope. Please watch over my sons as they too are struggling in their lives guide them mother love u

  24. Dear Holy mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.Help me to grow more in faith and pray for my step mum’s healing. she is having a lot of pain allover her body. thank you dear mother.

  25. I need prayers for my daughter who was taken from us by a transgender female to male and now thinks she is one too. She returned to college but she has not changed her mind and now is listening to this person who hardly knows her. She is a good girl and an innocent. I pray that Mary intercedes soon before she does anything she will regret. We are brokenhearted and constantly pray in fact I was searching for the mother of sorrows novena and happened on this sight. Her little sister is losing hope. I give her to you my God, my sweet Stephanie Lara. Please pray as my husband is also a doctor and she is not listening to him.I trust in you oh God that this is a trial she will get through and that she gets away from this situation. Thank you.

  26. My Dear Mother Mary, my Mother, Jenna’s Mother Thank you for staying with my family and praying for Jenna and my entire family, we are your family!
    Please continue to protect us, pray for us, intercede for us to the Heart of your Son Jesus Christ for:
    -Complete healing for Jenna, miraculous healing for Jenna, pray for Jenna to stand up and walk on her two feet, Oh Mother what a miracle we are waiting for as your blessings shower Jenna and she walks again! We already give thanks for all the favors that your Son Jesus is granting Jenna and my family through your intercessions! Mother thank you for your Faith in Jesus Christ , thank you for renewing my Faith in Jesus Christ!
    -Dear mother while you are blessing my family, please bless me with the following:
    Bless me with peace of mind, peace all over particularly at work, please bless me with favors from my team, my supervisors, my coworkers, and make new connections for me. Bless away AM, LW, QH, TH, and all evil spirits from LRS and the S.. program. Lord please make AM part of my past, not my present, bless her and LW away from me,out of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ. – Mother take my anxiety and worries away, give me peace knowing that God is with me and Jesus is the only one in charge! Lord Jesus bless me with financial prosperity, new promotion by your miracles , new favorable working environment , a raise, new team of coworkers and new supervisors, no more AM, TH, in my life.
    -Lord Jesus bless me with uncluttered house and mind, guide me, protect me, shower me with favors in all areas of my life. Bless me with a God picked husband, bless my sister Amina with a husband , financial abundance, wisdom to break up from her adulterous boss Mark.
    Lord Jesus protect and guide my family.
    Lord help Sam get his residency papers, make the lawyer contact Sam and do the job he was paid for. Lord Jenna and Sam gave their hard earned money to the lawyer without your intervention he is not communicating with Sam, Lord we are desperate please help us indeed!
    Lord bless me with two or three great tenants who will pay their deposits and rent on time. In Jesus name I pray to the Heart to my loving nurturing gracious Mother Mary to intercede for me and my family to the loving Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, in Jesus Holly Name I pray. Lord hear our prayers, Amen!
    I give thanks knowing the Lord Jesus Christ has heard our prayers! Amen!!!

  27. Dear Mother of Chris, my Mother, Mother of Jenna ,
    Oh Mother Mary, pray for the complete healing of Jenna, by the miracles of your prayers pray to the Sacred Heart of your son Jesus for Jenna to recover completely. May Jenna be free of pain, Jenna regains strenght on her right side arm and leg,may Jenna speak concisely, may Jenna’s head heal swiftly and completely, no more head ache, may Jenna’s blood pressure remain normal,may I be happily surprised by Jenna’s healing as I go see her at the hospital today. May the Doctors and Nurses be happily witnesses of Jenna’s prompt complete healing today and testify with joy and awe at the miracles of the power and mercy of Jesus through the intercessions of his Mother Mary. May Jenna be completely healed and ready for transfer to the reeducation hospital as it was planned for next week. May God’s favors be up on Jenna! May Jenna’s beautiful smile grace me as I see her today, may the results of her tests all be negatif no sign of any sickness all is well. May the Doctors reports about Jenna be joyful and positive.
    God heal Jenna from all that hurt her give her her health back make her whole better than before she got sick and went to the hospital. Oh Mother Mary persist and insist for your son to heal Jenna by the power of his sacred Heart. Mother Mary claim healing for Jenna today, we have only your son to go to, by your intercessions have merci on my sister, your daughter Jenna. Mother I believe in the power of your prayers, I surrender myself, my family’s desperate needs for healing to you. Above all I surrender Jenna’s healing miraculous healing to your son Jesus with your prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chris for Jenna. By his Stripes Jenna is fully and completely healing. In Jesus mighty name we pray, Lord hear our prayers and all the prayers for the those who are sick, particularly those in hospitals! Amen. With a humble and grateful heart I say thank you gracious Mother Mother Mary.By obeying your son Jesus I say thank your for accepting our prayers. God said “give thanks for what you pray for because I have accepted it”.So I give thanks to you God for healing Jenna knowing that you have accepted and fulfilled Mother Mary’s prayers for the complete healing of Jenna. God thank you for your grace and for healing Jenna! Amen

  28. Dearest Mother,
    Please help me to heal my bitterly broken heart. My heart is in pain and I feel so alone. I have had my heart broken three times in the past year and I cannot face the world with an open heart and charitable spirit. I have been abused and neglected, and I have abused and neglected myself as a result.
    Dearest Holy Mother- please help me! I cry every single day now. My latest heartbreak has rendered me bitter to the world outside. I have found myself wishing for death to ease the pain. Please Holy Mother- as you so loved St Joseph and loved and raised our beloved Jesus to be a reflection of Divine Love, please instill this love and strength in me. Please help me to heal what is broken, and to have faith that I will find the loved one I seek, who will love me just as much as I love them, and to have a happy, healthy, loving family with this person. Amen!

    • Dear One,
      We are praying with and for you in your pain. Know that Jesus and Mary join with you and wrap their loving and protective arms around you. The hurt we feel in our human relationships and worldly failings are shared by us all. It is so easy to become embittered.. I have felt this, too, and it can be a hard habit to break. Give that isolating and self-destructive reaction over to Jesus on the Cross.. He will take it from you and heal your heart.
      Entrust your heart and every part of your self and your life to our Beloved Mother, Mary… The first thing Jesus did when coming to bring us Salvation was to entrust Himself entirely to the care of Mary.. and the last thing He did before returning to Heaven was to entrust His Mother to St John, making her the Mother of us all!
      Give yourself time with her in retreat. I highly recommend spending daily reflection time . It has brought me much healing and holy JOY!
      Dear sister LM, I pray that JESUS will become the ONLY “loved ONE you seek”… there is the only place we can find true, unconditional, and transforming LOVE! Peace to you.

  29. Dearest Mother my Mother Mary, Mother of Christ,
    I come to you desperate asking for miracles. Pray for my sister Jenna’s healing complete healing mobility on her right arm and leg. Mother intercede for your little girl Jenna to stand on her two feet , walk out of the hospital to go to her own home. Pray for my sister Amy to find peace and safe travel with her children.
    Pray for me for favors from my supervisors and for peace of mind at home and work. Pray for my healing and safe travel home pray for a God fearing husbands for me and my sisters. Send your Angels to be with me and for me to recognize them. Oh Mother come to my help. Pray for patience for the Doctors to take excellent care of Jenna give her time to recover not send her to nursing home but to reeducation center for her to get more help. I thank you already knowing you heard my prayers. Thank you for all your miraculous blessings!
    God hear our prayers Amen!

  30. Our Lady of Sorrows, Please beg your Son to grant healing for my children. Bring them all back to the faith, especially my 2 grand-daughters who are hurting so badly because of the tormoil going on in their family. I ask that through their renewed sense of faith they may also be healed of their mental illness. Please grant peace to them and all our families.

  31. Please give me the strength to be a better person help me grow in my realation ship with the God the father and son may the blessed virgan Mary hold my had as I start to walk threw this change for I beleive and love deeply with all my heart I just get confused and turn down a wrong road

  32. I am still praying to you that my daughter Chloe will forgive me for wha I have put her through please pray for us that we can get through it all

  33. Please hear my pray to be there for me and my kids and Chloe will forgive me and we will be mam and daughter again

  34. our Lady of Sorrows, hear my prayers I beg for your assistance for my family. Please stay by our side and keep us safe and protected and evil away, help us to get thru this hard time, and find the light, the new path from our Father. Please help subs avoid any serious troubles, let there be time and arrangements, please bless my family with a financial blessing, a miracle to get caught up on our bills, and move positively ahead. Please let me get a good job and find a good place to work, somewhere that my mother would be pleased, and please be with my a son. Bless him for the unselfish sacrifices he makes for my family, please help make regular status soon at work, please fill his heart with faith hope and love, thank you blessings received, please help me to accept and see the blessings from the Lord and guide me down the right path. I love you dearly Blessed Mother please stay with my family amen,

  35. Please bring my family together and to watch over us and protect us for any harm and that I will get the strength to be there for all my kids and to let no harm come to them

  36. Blessed Virgin, Please intercede for me and i pray my left knee will heal and that i wont need surgery. Please help me get through this. For my family i also ask for blessings of good health. For joan y. i pray for her heart and that you will interecede and be with her in this time of need. For peace in our world. For all who are struggling with sickness, please ask God to help and heal those who are ill. I also pray for all who ask for your aid and intercession, Please graciously hear us all, Our Beautiful Mother, In Jesus Name, Amen!

  37. Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God,please intercede for me,my request will be granted to go back to work for my children needs my support,they are still schooling have more years to finish.thank you mama Mary I received your answer immediately at this hour,you are kind and merciful to all who invoke thy name,Amen

  38. Please Virgin Mary and all of the other Saints,
    please pray for:
    My son, Joe will be graduating from college at the end of May this year. He has been actively looking for a job in between school, studying for tests, and working two different jobs. Last night as we went for a walk we recited the rosary for good news on being hired for a recent job interview he gave. But today, the next day, he found out he didn’t get the job. He is starting to get discourage since his other classmates are getting hired, but not himself. Another job opportunity opened up today with United Health Group, which he will pursue. I pray that Joe gets hired at the right job before he graduates in May and that he doesn’t get discourage and realizes that it is all in God’s big plan for him. He is such a great young man with going to church and saying prays with his old Ma, and working as hard as he does. I pray that the perfect job is rewarded to him.
    In Jesus name we pray, AMEN

  39. Blessed Mother please pray for the healing of those in our family who suffer from mental illinesses and addictions,especially for my grandchildren who are struggling in school and at home because of it.Please continue to pray for all my blended family AMEN

  40. Please Blessed Lady, I ask for my son’s life, for the healing of his bipolar depression, for him to have his mind,eyes,heart to open and feel,see what he has done to his family by leaving,please help him for the sake of his children,place love for his children above all else and pray for the peace in his home,please,please help them AMEN

  41. Please Blessed Lady,I beg of you for the sake of my grandchildren, help my son,open his eyes and heart to see what he has done to his family and pray he comes back home.Pray for his healing, seeking counceling,pray for his healing from bipolar depression. AMEN

  42. Please help me carry my burden of sorrows and that the
    Holy Spirit inspires me to find resolution according to God’s will.

  43. Please pray for all my family living and deceased,especially those who are in need of healing in mind,body and soul,those with addictions to drugs,alcohol and tabacco,those who are struggling in school,those who have lost faith in themselves and are lost from the church. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

  44. please pray for my blended family,in their trials,tribulations,in their adictions and most of all for them to all put GOD first in their lives AMEN

  45. heavenly father mother of all sorrows guide me heal my inner wounds, my heart broke that I have been through and all mothers who brought us to this world and all the windows and widowers, my new relationship

  46. Please restore Michael an my relationship that has suffered because of outside evils an bring him an I closer to you..

  47. Please help me lady sorrows for a job I needed because I went for two interviews theirs don’t call me yet. My school I cannot remember please mama sorrows help me with all my problems.

  48. Dear Mother Mary, I am praying this novena to intercede for Zena Kalends, a young mother who has two young ones (1 and 3) and yet is battling a brain tumor. My problems pail in comparison. Please guide my prayers and channel thy blessing and grace to her, to hear her.

  49. I am praying that I would soon get pregnant. My husband and I have been married for 3 1/2 years now and we have been trying to conceive. My dear Mama Mary, please pray for us. Amen.

  50. I am praying for my current relationship, please ask god to allow me and my fiance to get married this year, may he shower us more love, respect, patience for each other, Please pray that God allow us to spend the rest of our lives in each other arms, may he bless our family, make my fiance marry me before february 2015, always make us a good and better couple, remove any opportunity of infidelity, remove the pride and ego of both of us when it comes to our relationship, Please make us a strong couple to hold on to our relationship and to be faithful,loyal and honest to each other till our last breath. Always make us more patience for each other, remove his pride when it comes to our relationship and to me. AMEN

  51. Please hear our prayers for Siobhan and Paul.Please intercede,stay close to them and all who call on you.We ask please that you present our prayers to your loving Son and that he intervenes please.Do not turn away from us but stay close to us,send us your loving spirit to guide us Thankyou for all that you do Holy Mother.x

  52. Hear our prayers please.Intercede for us please.Stay close to us always,ask your loving Son for his merciful intervention.Thankyou.x

  53. Our Lady of Sorrow please hear my prayers,. Thank you for continuously sending my prayers to our beloved God, I am continuously asking for your intercession, Please ask God to grant me that favor I am asking thru you., I am praying for my fiance to make him loyal and faithful to me and to our relationship, pray that god shower us more love and affection for each other, pray that he arrange our marriage as soon as he came back from vacation, pray that god remove all the opportunity for infedelity, pray that God always shower us more love and affection for each other, I am praying also to please make him have continous and constant communication with me while he is in vacation,. Please make us a strong couple to hold on to our relationship and to be faithful,loyal and honest to each other till our last breath,..AMEN

  54. May Our Lady of sorrows help me raise my child in Godly manner, that I may be able to provide for their needs and my sick cousin who is in ICU may be healed.
    I’m praying for all who are writing their exams that they may pass. I place in your hands my mother, my children and my siblings . Please mother I’m asking for the job.

  55. First I want to thank the Blessed Mother for sending me to these novenas or sending the novenas to me. Sorrowful Mother please help me with my anxiety and panic. You and The Lord has always blessed my family, please help me now.

  56. I am the youngest child of an amazing Polish Catholic inner city blue collar family, and have been blessed with abilty and support that allowed me to develop the talents that GOD gave me and was able to rise above an impoverished childhood (only as an adult did I realize we were poor, my parents never made us feel anything but love and instilled in us a deep need to help others, yet nonetheless I was not from a world of educated families with dreams) through hard work and determination and become the first in the family with an advanced degree and wonderful opportunities to grow. Now in midlife, my world suddenly changed with the sudden death of my spouse, moving across the country back home when my mom took ill, and settling her estate when she passed. It was a difficult transition that led to financial issues, and other negative factors stemming from feeling alone in this world. I know many suffer worse, and I don’t deserve special favors; I am lucky to have had my mom as long as I did. But three years have passed and I can’t seem to break out of the negative spiral, and indeed though we are all very close to each other and our Faith, it seems all four of us siblings are facing challenges. I woke up today determined to get my life back together so I can help my siblings, and something made me seek out what Catholic saints day it is to pray to that saint. When I realized that is the Sorrowful Mother, who my mom had great devotion to, I had to begin this novena for me and my siblings. Please pray that this situation brings us closer to each other and to God. Specifically I have to take my drivers license test after having mine suspended. Please pray for us and grant eternal rest to our dear mother who is finally reunited with our Dad. Amen and thank you.

  57. Dear Jesus, I have a special request. I have a son who is struggling with depression and alcoholism. He is only 29. He has been hospitalized twice of serious conditions. He is the youngest of 3. He has a daughter age 8. You know his heart and you know my heart Lord. Please guide me father. Please have mercy on us. I ask for prayers of all reading this right now for his salvation and healing. Thank you Jesus.

  58. I pray and ask Our Lady Mary our Mother to intercede for me asking her son Jesus Christ to please open a door for me even if it is only ajar for a little bit of good luck in my life. I have had so much bad luck in my life it has become so unbearable. I am so grateful to be alive and for the blessing God has bestowed upon me all I ask is for one door to open for me please Lord if you feel Lord I do not deserve the door to be opened then close it and never will I ask for it to be opened it again Lord I pray

    Thank you all God bless

    • Dear Vanessa,
      God will open the door at the time when He knows is right. Do not stop praying and asking God. We must pray without ceasing!
      May the peace of our Lord be with you today and always.

  59. prayes the lord pray for my fainancial needs i was much worried about my debts.please pray for my tentions in my life bless my children .god know my problems .what i need in my life i have very much faith in jesus christ.[Amen]

  60. I pray and I pray and I pray… Who hears me, who feels my prayers and understands the loneliness, the pain, the doubts and confusion? Who sees my tears, who hears my cries and questions? Is this pain and loneliness the path you have for me? If so, Lord, I don’t know how to answer you. Please help me, please guide me and please be with me. I feel like I have no one to talk to and no one who knows the truth. I am tired. I want this to be finished. Nothing is real . I hide behind a fake smile and I hate it. I hate myself for not being stronger or happy but the huge voids in my life are harder and harder to ignore and hide. I have nothing, then I hate myself for not being grateful for your blessings Father, but the reality is it takes all my energy to make it through each day, then bring myself up and shut down everything else to make it through the next day. I’m shamed of what I ask of you Lord.

    • “If you are not afraid and witness courageously, the truth will miraculously win, but remember, strength is in love. ”

      (Our Lady Of Medjugorje 2nd June 2015)

  61. My parish growing up was Our Lady of Sorrrows. My mother, myself, and my oldest daughter attended school there.
    I am very nervous and scared this past week. My youngest daughter Gina who I pray for continuously to remain permanently drug free has had a change in behavior and I am quick to doubt her. Please help me Our Lady of Sorrows. I grew up facing your lovely statue in the garden in our school yard that portrayed you as Our Lady of Fatima. Please watch Gina and guide her in the right direction of her life. Make her strong and hopeful. Instill in Gina faith in our Lord and in you and in our holy spirit. Give Gina peace of mind as her self esteem rises and her confidence to live freely in the world expands. Ask our Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus to cure this disease of drug addiction in Gina once and for all.
    Help me Our Lady of sorrows to have more faith in Gina as our dear Lord does.

  62. I need prayers for my marriage of 22 years. My beautiful, loving and caring wife has a stone cold heart towards me for some unknown reason. Its not infidelity which i am sure of. I have showed her how much i love her in the past 4-6 months but she still wants a divorce from me. I would never do this to her. I hold true to my catholic vows of “for better or for worse” but she didnt. I want to work any and all issues out with her but she does not care. I have prayed the 54 day novena but there is no change in her heart. I will continue to pray for her and my marriage till the final signing in a couple months, if it should come to that. I pray not. I love my wife with all my being. I want her in my life. I need her in my life. Our Lady of Sorrows, please forgive my wife for what she is doing to our marriage and soften her heart so that she can see just how much i love her and want her in my life forever, like we said to each other on our wedding day. I want nothing more than to hug and kiss my wife again. She treats me like i have the plaque and my heart is in pieces, probably never to recover unless my wife forgives me for whatever she is holding in her heart. Please intervene before it is to late to stop the divorce.

  63. During the St. Anne Novena, I prayed for peace in my family. My husband is a good man, but doesn’t control his emotions well. He is often angry due to frustration and stress. He is insulting and verbally abusive to the kids and me. Beginning on the last day of the novena, he stopped becoming angry with every little thing, and started spending more time with our kids. Amazing!!

  64. Our Lady of Sorrows, My Mother Mary, please continue to pray for me for all of my intentions for healing myself and my children of their disabilities. For the healing of my special friendship with DS, for him to be free of all insecurities, unworthiness, fear & guilt. That the Lord guide him to remove the wall between us so that we can continue our friendship. This separation is causing us both heartache and anxiety. Free him from his financial strain, his bitterness and negativity. Let him be filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit and allow himself to love and be loved again. In the name of the Father & of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…Amen

  65. First of all thank you so much in sending novena prayers to me.Please if you don’t mind to include in your prayer my niece who is in the dark side of her marriage . Thank you

  66. Our Lady of Sorrows, my mother Mary, please pray for my intentions for my childrens health and healing of their disabilities, autism, learning & emotional issues; my own afflictions and anger; and for the healing and restoration of my very special friendship with DS; for his healing and for he to be free of any guilt, fears and insecurities which are keeping us apart. Pray for us and please be a mother to me in my time of need. Amen

  67. I beg you Dearest Mother, Please listen to my prayers, please make my fiance to be forever loyal and faithful to me and to our relationship, make him pursue our marriage, Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with deep love,respect, understanding, patience for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much deep love, deep respect,patience and understanding for me.
    Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other having a fruitful marriage and happy family. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you God for hearing my prayer.

  68. I beg you Dearest Mother to confront my husband Robert in his illness fighting this battle with pneumonia 3 months of up and downs please cure him bring him back to our family so that as a family we may praise you Son as we have in the passed please ask your Son to lay His Hand on Roberts lungs and bring him back to us.
    I beg you sweet Mother to help us

  69. Pleas help me keep healthy and strong for my two children who have lost there way mentally and physically guide them please in the right direction to find good husbands and finishing education and to be successful in there way of work Mother Mary in the name of Jesus. I love you so much and Jesus but l don’t know if he hers me or you. Give me please a mirical in my dreams . Amen.

  70. Dear Mother please help my son who is a firefighter. He was recently hospitalized with an infection. Our Lady of Sorrow please make my son free of any catastrophic illness or disease. May all test results return negative of illness and that he can be cured 100 percent of any infection or bacteria. Please allow him to be health, free of illness, mature of consciousness and to live a long and healthy life. He is extremely afraid and depressed. May you hear my prayer as his mother. Please help my son to return to church and live a Christian life.

  71. Please pray for me to get out of the grips of despair and find my life again. I have always loved the Virgin Mary and I need her help so much.

  72. Holy mother guide and protect Emit give him courage when he feels desperate. Mother of Christ encourage and bless Julian’s prayers recreate his physical body to reflect the strength of our carpenter King help him to strip clean his cells from all cancers. Mother of Jesus take the place of my sister and guide, teach and protect her girls Chloe and Tia. Bless our Jakey’s path in life. Holy Mother help my dad to find self forgiveness as Christ has already forgiven him. I am the daughter of the Most High bless me by blessing them in Jesus name Amen.

  73. Dear John-Paul & Annie,
    Thank you soooo much for doing this. I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. You are such a beautiful couple in more ways than one. Thank you for this website that encourages people to pray together.

    “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst”. Our Awesome Uncreated Creator and Source of All Existence delights in seeing so many of us, throughout the world, united in prayer under this umbrella, regardless of geographical space. I thank God for you and for these opportunities to pray with others of like mind.

    May our sweet Abba, the Lord and Giver of All life continue to bless your work. May He multiply your creativity and breathe New Life into every aspect of your lives. May He fill you and all of your subscribers, abundantly, with His Healing, His Love, His Peace and Joy that surpass all understanding. May your lives and the lives of all your subscribers become more aligned with His will to bring Him more honour and more glory, in the Name of Jesus, through the Mighty Power of the Holy Spirit, Amen! Amen and Amen!

    Lots of love,

    • I couldn’t have said this any better….
      Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer..
      And thank you to john-Paul and annie!!!!!
      Praise God for all that you do!!!

  74. show my husband the right path and separate his new girlfriend from him and make realize his mistakes and value his kids and family. Let him see the true color of the lady who sharing his life now.

  75. Please Mother Mary , I put this woman Obologile into your hands and I would want you to open for her and let her know you. Please help me to make her know you.Through you she will be my family.

  76. Please Mary my Mother guide Alberto. With the sickness of alcoholism that he has, help him to fight and remain strong and faith. Help him to destroy alcoholism and to find out that there is hope for him, that we all love him, that we are proud of him. Please, just watch over him and help him to change his ways.
    Please keep him in your prayers.

  77. Our Lady of Sorrows, from this day on and over the next 9 days I wish to pray this Novena prayer, in the hope that you can help me in a need that Im finding hard to cope with. I lost me best friend through him leaving for another country, and I find it difficult without him. Please help us to ignite our fading friendship and pray that one day we can see each other again. Take away his hardness of heart and send us the grace of peace and love AMEN.

  78. May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ love of God and the Fellow ship of his Holy Spirit be at Maureen and her children.

    Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is thy fruit of thy womb Jesus.

    Holy Mary Mother of God pray for Maureen Husband Tim now and the hour of death Amen.

    say the 5 decade of Rosary of Joy full,Sorrowful,Glorious and Luminous,and say Psalms91,121,23,and 142 also say the book of Manasseh,the songs of three boys ,praise to jesus and praise to holy spirit.and Remembrance,in the end say “O my Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fire of hell and lead all souls into heaven specially for souls in your mercy,”O Mary Queen of heaven and earth and Mediatrix for all grace pray for us”O Eternal Father I offer thee the most Precious blood of your son divine Jesus in union with the masses said today for all the holy souls in purgatory,sinners everywhere and sinners in the universal church and those in my own home and within my family Amen

  79. i truly have faith even tho satan tries to make me doubt u that my prayers will be answered i pray for patience till that happens and i thank u for hearing my prayers today i am so sad and lonly but i no that will pass u brought hin to me i no u won’t take him away

  80. Heavenly Father,
    I pray for all the sick both lying at the hospitals and at home. I pray in a special way for the quickest recovery of who has been in deep pains for 3 months now as a result of ill-health.
    Merciful Lord, give her the courage and strength to share her pains with Jesus Forsaken and may you send your healing spirits upon her and restore her health. I know and I am confident that you will make it a way when there seem to be none.
    I ask this petition through the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  81. Thank you Lord for rejoining me with my husband. Please let all the people in my life, especially my mother realize that staying married is for my highest good and that divorce would be ruin for me and the children. Please help her out of her depression, negative thinking, and constant verbal attacks on me. Please help her as she has slowly cut out all the people in her life and is trying to control me into taking care of her for the rest of her life- realize her of her manipulations. I want to take care of my life and my family now. Please let my father, who has passed away, speak to her heart and tell her what she is doing is wrong. Please remove me from her house as soon as possible. Please let our other house sell and that my husband and I can buy the house we are currently looking at quickly and move in together as soon as possible. Remove all of our financial difficulties and current burdens. Amen.

  82. Please pray for the heart of my prodigal husband to change, as Our Sorrowful Mother promised, to those who devoutly (and regularly) pray the Rosary to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. I have lost Tim after 22 years of Catholic marriage–to his willful departure, divorce, and having entered into a civil marriage of permanent adultery! He has left our children and me homeless, jobless, and spiritually destitute of his God-given headship of our family. He is in imminent danger of losing his eternal soul! We pray for his change of heart and his repentant conversion to re-join the marriage and family that God has made!
    We ask this of our Eternal Father, through our Sorrowful Mother’s intercession, and in Jesus’ name. Amen