Our Lady of Sorrows Novena

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Novena Prayer for Our Lady of Sorrows:

(To commence on September 15th)

O BLESSED Virgin Mary, Mother of our Redeemer! remember we are thy children, given to thee by thy Divine Son, when expiring on the cross. Mother of sorrows! by the tears which flowed from thy eyes when Saint John related how the traitor Judas sold thy Divine Son for the vile price of thirty pieces of silver; how, in the Garden of Olives, he was agonized with fear and sorrow, the blood gushing through every pore; by all the anguish that overwhelmed thy heart when thou didst hear that Jesus, the only object of thy love, was condemned to death; by the sorrow that pierced thy maternal bosom, in meeting thy only beloved Son loaded with a heavy cross, spent through loss of blood, fatigue and pain; by that heroic resignation to the divine will, which, triumphing over the sentiments of nature, sustained thee at the foot of the cross; by the excess of grief that would have robbed thee of life, had not God preserved thee for the comfort of his disciples and of his infant church; by the dolors that rent thy desolate heart when beholding thy beloved Jesus, most beautiful in his comeliness above the sons of men, become a prey to death, the ignominious death of the cross; by all the sufferings of thy most afflicted heart, obtain for us, O Mother of Mercy, true contrition for our sins, persevering fervour in the divine service, and the particular favours we solicit in this Novena.

O thou most tender and afflicted Mother, who didst sacrifice thyself on the same altar with thy beloved Son, and whose heart was penetrated by the nails that fastened him to the cross; as it was our sins inflicted those torments on thy Divine Son, we acknowledge that we justly deserve the wrath of divine justice to fall on our devoted heads. But if those very sufferings have proved our defence and protection heretofore, grant that now at least we may participate profoundly in the sorrow of which we have been the unhappy cause; and obtain, that souls hitherto so insensible to the strongest proofs of love, may, by heartfelt contrition, taste one drop of that bitter chalice of which thou didst drink so deeply.


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  1. Please pray for Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in RI so as not to have her name changed ,but keep her with dignity for the church she was destined to be called,Amen!

  2. Prayers for a family who mourns the loss of an u born child
    Lord God I ask that you bring peace and relief to their broken hearts
    That they find in your Love a guiding light to continue to pray for this unborn child
    Lord- God, that this family unites in faith so thy will be done

  3. For my husband…for mercy and healing between us…for the strengthening and healing of our whole family. For an increase in love and understanding. That we may faithfully serve each other and our Lord the rest of our lives.

  4. Pray for my protection in my family..my children .my husband and in my working place..EFSTH..
    Pray for my old -aged father Emmanuel Ibida..good health upon him .long life..Amen..

  5. Our Lady please take care us in difficult times. Pray for my family at this troublesome time in our lives. Please bless my children and grandchildren in particular. Thank You

  6. Dearest Holy Mother,
    In your great kindnesses and mercy, please ask your beloved son that I can increase my trust and love for Him and use my life to console His great suffering for all sinners. Please pray that I may gain strength and wisdom to spread His love in the Divine Mercy message that He sent for all of us. I pray that I may have the great honor to receive any of the mercy rejected by others and use it to increase my trust and strength to stay devoted to Him totally throughout my life and through eternity. Praise and thanks to you forever! Ecce, Fiat, Magnificent. All for Jesus!

  7. Oh Dear Merciful Mother Mary,
    If it be thy will spare the ailing 7 month foetus of Josephine and Kyle, married just 9 months ago. Allow the damage from the stroke it has suffered to heal and let the baby be born healthy.
    If your will is to bring a damaged child to the couple, we beg you to give them wisdom, care and understanding to face the challenge.