St. Andrew Christmas Novena

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Many people pray this novena from November 30th (St. Andrew’s Feast Day) to December 24th.

While we do not send out the St. Andrew Christmas Novena through our prayer service, we do want to provide it here so you can pray it on your own if you would like.

Pray More Novenas prays a different Christmas Novena for the normal 9 days through our prayer service.

St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayers

Hail, and blessed be the hour and moment at which the Son of God was born of a most pure Virgin at a stable at midnight in Bethlehem in the piercing cold. At that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, to hear my prayers and grant my desires.

(Mention your intentions here)

Through Jesus Christ and His most Blessed Mother.


Traditionally, this prayer is prayed 15 times each day for the duration of the Novena.

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  1. Thank you so much for having this Novena.
    It is truly a Blessing to me.
    I look forward to each year Praying this Christmas Novena.
    God Bless.????

  2. My daughter Megan has been dealing with Crohn’s disease for 6 years. She is 17 years old. I pray that this painful disease will go into remission and allow her a happy, healthy life.

  3. Please, let R not be gay, grant S and D complete healing, bring T back to the church, give me the grace to overcome my lust, my greed and my envy Look with favor upon my works and my interview and grant me success, if it be your will. May M’s soul rest in peace. Grant us peace in our days.For these and for all my other intentions, I rely on you, O Lord.

  4. I was a young Sister when I learned about this novena prayer from Sr. Theophane, the Sister who served as our cook at the convent where I lived. I was passing through the kitchen when Sr. Theophane reminded me that the Christmas Prayer was beginning the following day. I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained the prayer and then said that God never refuses this prayer, that everyone receives a favorable answer to this prayer and generally receives a response that is much more than what has been requested. She cautioned that the answer does not necessarily come immediately but does come in a reasonable time thereafter. I told the high school girls what Sr. Theophane had told me and many of them prayed the prayer that year. Afterwards, there were so many wondrous witnesses to how the prayer was answered. Year after year I would share the prayer practice and there were always amazing stories afterwards. Sr. Theophane’s reminder that day has blessed the lives of countless people who have prayed this prayer leading to Christmas. It will test the depth of your desire and will expand the wonder of your heart and soul!

  5. Sweet Jesus,
    I ask that you guide the hands of the surgeons as they perform another surgery on my special granddaughter, Kensie. Please hold her as she will not understand what is happening with her many disabilities. God, I beg you to prevent her from requiring a tracheotomy. She has such joy in her very few abilities. Do not let her laugh and her smile be taken away. I ask you Jesus, your Mother, Father and all the angels and saints to be with Kensie during her surgery and recovery. Amen

  6. This is my christmas prayer every Christmas. Many of my prayers had been answer by this prayer. My son was hurt in Iraq and I say this Christmas prayer and ask to protect my son in Iraq. I really believe he would had been killed but the Lord protected my son and I am forever thankful to my Christmas prayer. He was seriously hurt and he is alive and gave me 2 beautiful grandgirls. Thank you for the St Andrew prayer and protecting my son. Pray this prayer and believe your prayers will be answered. This is a very powerful novena.

  7. Please heal my family’s hearts from the death of our young son. Allow us all to be with You one day in Heaven. Keep us healthy and free of disease and injury til death. Keep us all from sin til death. Keep our daughters and sons in strong, marriages blessed with your financial favor. Bless our grandchildren. Bless us with a happy marriage. Bless all those praying this novena, their families and their prayers. Bless Annie and John-Paul with a child.

  8. For my dear friend Larry and I after all these years of struggle. That our work together will bear the fruit and resources to pull us from the treacherous dark valley and raise us up to do spectacular, wonderful things for our Savior’s Church and worldwide ministries now and into the future. Amen. Hurry with Your hand before it is too late.

  9. Pray for my husband that we’ll have financial peace God Blesses us with enough money to pay our bills my daughter tutition to a Catholic school,my son gets his Eagle Scout,and my daughter has a nice graduation party and she has money to attend the community college I ask is through Christ our Lord Amen

  10. Praying that my son will not get sick again, resolve his drinking problem, return to the Church, complete his Masters and see through the woman he married.

  11. My prayer is that I will receive an offer from a potential buyer for my house which has been on the market for 3 months. I’m praying for an offer which is my current asking price. I also pray that the sale of the house will proceed smoothly. At the same time I’m looking for an affordable two bedroom apartment or condo in the area where I live now.

  12. Praying that I be completely physically healed of paralysis and be given complete movement and control over my whole body. To be able to walk, run, dance, and more, and do everything I was able to before I was paralyzed at 14 yrs old.

  13. Praying for baby Everly to heal from brain surgery, the repose of the soul of Aunt Barb and empowerment to cousin Chrissy to find light in her grief, Maya and Eric (and me) health and joy and motivation, my health through surgery, Matt’s career and a baby for Matt and Lisa my future niece or nephew I love you! Clear work joy and partnership for Rose, Mariya, Celita, Jennifer and me getting along with Dave and Michael and the rest of the team. Mom for her health and joy and awareness and Dad for the same.

  14. Please Dear Baby Jesus hear my prayers for the conversions and healings in my family. May the Graces flow through to bring them back to their Catholic prayers, teachings and the Catholic Church. Instill in their hearts to also pray to break through for their spouses and children. Also for my husbands continued Sobriety and healings and that our debt will be removed soon and that our finances will grow for our retirement to be happy and. healthy. Please allow God’s Holy Will be done in our lives and family property to be used for the Glory of God and Our Blessed Mother and the Saints and Angels. Prayers needed for my husbands family also to be in good favour with God. Love you Lord and Saviour

  15. Mother dearest and divine baby Jesus…I need your intersession and Gods urgent intervention….I’m hurting,hopeless and in despair ..I desperately want my children and their spouses to return to Christ and His church..Let your powerful grace flow into my children soften their hearts and prepare a path for their return to the church and its teachings and practices ..prayers required for the children /grandchildren grow knowing and loving God and adhering to the teachings and practices of the roman catholic church.Prayers are required for deliverance from unforgiveness and the need to mend relationships within the family .If its Gods holy will my son C and his wife S have a normal harmonious relationship in the midst of all family and friends
    Healing for all my discovered and hidden diseases
    Bestow upon me the grace and blessings of a financial breakthrough through ch 7/9
    Windfall B sessions from now onwards l pray for Gods grace and mercy to cover my intentions and pray for the impossible to be made possible if its in accordance to Gods holy will and plan for me .Help me to rely and trust on your providential care in each circumstance of my life,especially the most difficult and stressful ones

  16. for cure and prevention of various disease in our family and for friends for whom I have promised to pray, to end abortion, contraception, euthanasia, artificial reproduction and all insults against life, for the conversion of apostates, heretics, schismatics, Jews, and other pagans to the one true Faith, for the poor souls in purgatory, esp. those most in need and those whom we have known in life, and the intentions of the Holy Father…

  17. Please pray for the protection of my son from temptations, addictions, and greed. Please keep him safe on his present trip away from home and help him make good decisions especially returning home. Please help him to have the desire and energy to overcome his anxiety, depression, sleep issues. Heal him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Return him to the path of light and hope and away from the darkness. Give him a male mentor to learn about God and how to serve Him. Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have given me and those you have in progress. Please have mercy on my son Holy Spirit enter him and help his hardened heart. For all those praying this novena that their prayers be answered. Amen

  18. This novena works I have prayer it several times and I have received my husband of 30 years a house and a job. Now pls pray with me so I get a bigger bonus and raise for Christmas then thee new hires do

  19. Our daughter will have a Catholic mass said
    as she gets married in a church with a catholic priest before or on day of reception + my husband and I May Renew our wedding vows with her + her soon to be husband – if God’s Will be done – pray all addictions be exposed + broken + replaced with serving our Lord + Savior Jesus Christ in our blood lines.

  20. Please pray for my son to be healed of his terrible drug addiction and please pray for me to pass my reviews their very important for my livelihood thank you so much

  21. Please pray that my grandson be cured of his life threatening peanut/ nut allergy
    that my husband, Gary, be cured of his sleeping disorder.

  22. Special intentions for toddler Lucas Andrew Oaul. Will be having 3rd heart surgery on December 26, 2017. He was born with Digeorges syndrome and suffers from many other health issues.

    • John,son,26, diagnosed last November as schizophrenic. Christmas miracle received! He was prescribed monthly shots and his NIGHTMARE life in his head was gone.

      Help me pray for another Christmas miracle this year to be blessed with extraordinary grace to go back to the sacraments and be able to care for himself. Hygiene, check mail, pay bills, read emails, texts and reply, laundry, clean, . Apply for a job, wonderful if he obtained a job, I’d be pleased if he did the work of looking for one! The illness makes patients appear lazy, they don’t have the cognitive ability to think and do.
      PLEASE PRAY FOR JOHN, I PROMISE to write down ALL you are praying for and mention EVERYONE in my Rosary!

  23. Please pray my husband is cured miraculously of incurable cancer restore to full health and next scan show healed and cured the cancer never comes back

  24. I am praying for my daughter and her bilingual 6th-8th grade students and their families, especially for Hector and for the Avila family. I am praying for our nephews, Patrick and Jeremy, and that they might be converted to Christ and his Church and healed of their mental illnesses and for their families, the Walshes and the Carusos. I pray for my husband and our four children and for our families, for Jesus to heal any and all addictions in our families, for our friends and neighbors and that we remain faithful to Christ and Christmas. Thank you, Jesus! Amen

  25. For the conversion of my husband Steven. That he accepts God and Our Heavenly Mother Mary into his heart. And that Steven quits his addictions. Also for my son Preston, that he finds peace and healing in his heart. That he stays on the right path. And that he grows stronger in his faith and may he be closer to God and Our Heavenly Mother Mary. Also that me, Steven, and Preston has good health. And for our family’s Health and Well Being. Thank you!

  26. That my husband will come back to the faith with great love and that he may find that love for me again. For our innocent children and for his mental health, which I fear has been the cause of this. Amen!

  27. May the lord contnue to strestrengthen you all. I pray that members of my family will come back to the fold(Catholic Church). I pray that the lord blesses the married coupes of my family with the fruits of the womb. May the lord guide and protect all the kids i teach at catechismas well as the junior Legionaries of my parish. May my way of behaving everywhere and everyday be a form of evangelization and may it lead to a conversion of souls. Amen

  28. This was a novena my aunt and then my sister prayed back in the 40s and 50s…I never thought it was still a practice until another 80 year old reminded me to start it today..Ah devotional prayer lives!

  29. St Andrew I am asking for you to bring my love and best friend back into my life and let there be peace in my family. I do love him dearly. I am asking to fill our hearts full of love during this advent season and the Christmas novena. I will continue to be a better person and kinder to others. Please intercede with my request and let us have a future together
    thank you

  30. my mom did this prayer for many years while waiting for my adoption…then later on…I had been saying it over the years..this year I will do it again…I know God does hear me asking for this miracle …it’s been 4 years ..I truly hope one day he wI’ll heal my heart

  31. Pray for health of myself and family Dawn’s wellbeing and mental status nates return. Jj and holly peace! Ed and jenn peace! Safety of grandchildren! Danas health,Gary’s problem! My decisions and financial help! Thank you Jesus and st Andrew for favors granted!

  32. Please pray that the nonunion fracture in my back (L5) vertebrae will miraculously heal and my spinal instability and pain will go away so that I can be a vibrant wife and mother to my two precious young toddlers. I long to be able to pick them up, play with them and care for them. Please let me avoid major spine fusion surgery with hardware and a life of chronic pain.

    And we also ask for my back healing so that my husband and I can try to conceive again asap. We are heartbroken that we can’t try because of this nonunion fracture. We long for more children. Please intercede for us that God will give us another healthy child.

    Please heal my daughters lazy eye. Please pray for my husband and I. We are so thankful for your intercession St Andrew. Thank you for the safe delivery of my daughter last year.

  33. I pray that our son will receive some much needed financial relief from his growing legal debt to get shared custody of his children. That his children will soon be released from the constant evil that surrounds them while they are with their mother. Our son is constantly worried about their mental and emotional welfare while she has custody. For our youngest son that he may mature and stay safe while making responsible decisions. That he will allow us and trust us to help him learn good financial responsibility to pay his debts and return to school after the holidays, and that he will return to his faith. Please Lord hear our prayers.

  34. I pray that my family issues and financial issues be resolved. Dear Lord, you know my needs and desires even before i know them. Please help me and my family. I also pray for the release of the holy souls in purgatory.

  35. I am asking God to help me resolve difficult situations at home with family members. As well I pray for my son to give up his smoking addiction. God bless.

  36. I get accepted into law school this year. Faustina returns home. Our daughter Sarah speaks and gets potty trained. My wife and I obtain substantial employment…..

  37. I get accepted into law school this year. Faustina returns home. Our daughter Sarah speaks and gets potty trained. My wife and I obtain substantial employment….

  38. I get accepted into law school this year. Faustina returns home. Our daughter Sarah speaks and gets potty trained. My wife and I obtain substantial employment…

  39. I get accepted into law school this year. Faustina returns home. Our daughter Sarah speaks and gets potty trained. My wife and I obtain substantial employment..

  40. I get accepted into law school this year. Faustina returns home. Our daughter Sarah speaks and gets potty trained. My wife and I obtain substantial employment.

  41. Dear God,
    You know everything in my mind and heart. You know what I have been through and you know my heart is with MP. Please help me.

  42. Heavenly Father,
    Please Bless my womb clear away all blockage, give me Fertility to become a Mother. And a stable home for my Husband and I.
    Through Jesus Christ and his most Blessed Mother

  43. Pls St Andrew may all be well over Christmas and see the real meaning of Christmas pls may all the cancer sufferers be well that you for Jan.

  44. Dear God
    Please let all charges be dropped against my daughter in her court case and any sentence of imprisomment against her be revoked in Jesus name. Save her Jesus and let her heart and soul follow your guidance and not that of her friends. Restore our relationship and remove the negativity that’s blocking her from being her true loving self. Heal her from anger hurts and disappointments in life.Help her to make better decisions in her life and please watch over my family. I pray for debt cancellation and financial blessing in my life . Thank you for all your blessings in my life and my family.

  45. Dear God,

    Please help my daughter to be successful in school and know you and be a better person. please help her stop doing drugs, dear God only you can help us.

    We pray in Jesus name for all your help and guidance in these trying times.

  46. I pray for the mental health of my family that is dealing with depression and anxiety. I pray for my spouse that has been laid off that he will find employment that doesn’t require travel and that is a bearable commute.
    Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers.

  47. Please let my family have a joyous and blessed Christmas. Let my family have good health. For D that we reconcile this holiday season and get a second chance. Please answer my special intentions this Christmas. Through God’s love and mercy. Amen

  48. Hi PRAYERful People,
    You are truly a Gift from God.
    We Love you.
    PLEASE remember
    Judith Marie Joanne

  49. Dear Baby Jesus I just want to praise your holy name. You are the lord of all and the King of Kings. You are a miracle worker. I prayed this novena last Christmas for a new job and i was blessed with a new wonderful job. where i can play my catholic music and hang my infant Jesus of Prague medal and I can praise god all day long. I was blessed with my job on July 27. Our god is an awesome god. This year i will pray this novena again for my husband who needs a job now. thank you baby Jesus Thank you and Happy Birthday. love you my dear sweet baby jesus love you lots…thank you

  50. Saint andrew pray for me a sinner.saint andrew pray for me that jusus take birth in my heart crib.saint andrew i pray for madhuri my daughter.please solve all her problems through your powerful iterssesion

  51. Please pray for Father Peter who is ill and we believe is being attacked by the devil. He is a advocate of the Latin Mass and an inspiration to many.

  52. I am miSera be in my job and my husband. I need a new job . Font Know withat my husband I think my marriage Is gone. I just crealized almost every night I hate myou life. I pray this novena works at least for a new job.

  53. Dear Lord thank you for the blessings you have given us throughout this past year, especially this Christmas. Please continue to aid us in our time of need. We try to pass along blessings to the church and others when possible but this hear has been exceptionally difficult. I continue to pray for a job and ask for your guidance with this. Thank you Lord for everything.

  54. Dear Lord, coming to us as the infant Jesus, praise and gratitude for all your blessings. I offer my present suffering for the relief and release of the most abandoned soul in Purgatory, just that one poor soul, to enter heaven. In this way, I am taking up my small cross and following you for another soul, as you did for the salvation of all of ours. Ad majorem gloriam Dei!

  55. Dear Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, and St. Andrew;

    My husband “Andrew” and I are separated and he has filed for divorce after 25 yrs. We have 3 beautiful children and I am heartbroken to have a broken family. This is not who my husband is, and he has never had these values…he is in a stronghold of sin. Please bless our marriage and bring reconciliation to us (even if the divorce goes through) please speak to him and bless him with a new heart for our love. Help him to chose our family, but most of all me, and our renewed love for each other over “her.” I am having trouble surrendering him to You oh Lord, so help me to work on me, while you work on him.

    Praise you Jesus!!

    Bless you Jesus for the reconciliation of our marriage.

  56. Dear lord I want to thank you for my many blessings that I have received and daily do receive. I pray dear lord that you bless me with a job. I want a job I can do at home. I just need to make money to pay my bills and take care of myself. please dear lord. I promise dear lord that if I am blessed with a job I can do at home I will spread my blessings with others and I will continue to spread the word about the miracles I have received and daily do receive. please dear lord please bless me with a job I can do at home please. I ask this in your holy name…amen.

  57. I encourage any one to pray this novena. I prayed this novena 27 years ago for a husband. And my prayers were answered and I was blessed with a wonderful husband of 27 years. Then I prayed it again for a new house and was blessed 2 years ago with a beautiful home. now this year I am praying for a job. I need a job and am praying that I be blessed with a awesome job. I trust in the lord that I will be blessed with this job and that I can spread the blessing with others. I pray lord that I be blessed with this job and I will spread the word about all the miracles the lord has bless me with….amen

  58. I pray that this separation between Frank and I is temporary. I pray this time apart will give him clarity and time to realize that I’m the one for him and how very much I love him. Do your work in both of us Lord and when you are ready bring us back together better stronger and more in love then we were before. Lead Frank and I to happily ever after.
    Financial miracle to be debt free
    Job security and success
    Miracles in all areas of my life
    Generational curse in area of relationalships removed for good from my life and families lives. Bring us all good healthy unconditional loving husbands/wives/ girlfriend/boyfriends.

  59. Please answer my prayer to bring a good man to be my daughter’s (EM) spouse. Bless them with happiness and faith to love and honor God always and to raise children up in the faith. She has been waiting patiently and is suffering from doubt of worthiness of her desires to find a descent man. Prayers also for prosperity for my husband’s business that we may be able to take care of our family and our employees and their families. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.