St. Anthony Novena

St. Anthony NovenaThough St. Anthony first joined the Augustinian Order, he eventually left it when he was 26 years old and joined the Franciscan Order around 1220 in the hopes of becoming a martyr for his faith. Through his work in Padua in Italy, he became a loved and admired Saint in the Catholic Church, sharing the faith through simplicity — which led to him becoming a Doctor of the Church.

St. Anthony’s Feast Day is traditionally celebrated on June 13th, but you can pray a novena to him any time.

He is often invoked for helping to recover lost items, among other intentions.

Saint Anthony Novena Prayers:

O holy St. Anthony, you are known for the power and abundance of your miracles. Jesus came into your arms as a humble little child. Pray for me to the Child Jesus for my needs and desires…

(Mention your intentions)

In imitation of our Lord, you have great mercy and compassion for sinners. Pay no attention to my worthiness, but instead ask God to show His glory through the answer of my requests.

St. Anthony, you cooperated with the grace of God in a radical way with your life. You gave everything to Christ and to your neighbor. Your life glorified God!

You are an example of holiness that I will try to follow.

You are in heaven praising God with a particular closeness to the King of Kings. With your seat of honor, please beg God to both answer my request and bring me to eternal rest with you.

Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


More About St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony was born to a wealthy family in Portugal where he was raised, but at an early age and against the wishes of his parents, he left home to join a religious community in the outskirts of Lisbon.
After he became a priest, he joined the Augustinian order. Shortly after his time there, he met five Franciscans who were on their way to preach the Gospel in Morocco. He was very attracted to their simple and evangelical lifestyle. When they were martyred while preaching, St. Anthony was inspired by their example and he also became a Franciscan in 1220.

He had hoped that he would also become a martyr, and he actually only lived ten more years after he joined the Franciscan Order.

It is said that St. Anthony’s teaching of the Catholic Faith was so simple that even the most innocent child could understand it. He was called the, “hammer of the Heretics,” as his protection against their lies was to use the Holy name of Mary.

St. Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his entire being; with his heart, with his mind, and with his words at every single moment of his life. It is perhaps because of that great intention, that when his body was exhumed after his death, his body had decayed — but his tongue remained uncorrupted.

St. Anthony – Patron

St. Anthony has been most well known for his patronage for helping people find lost things. However, he is also the patron of many other intentions including…

  • Those who suffer from starvation
  • The elderly
  • Travelers
  • Sailors
  • Boarmen
  • Fishermen
  • Plentiful harvests
  • Horses
  • The mail
  • Recovering lost items

We hope you join us in prayer soon!

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  1. Dear St. Anthony,

    In the past, God and you giving me strength and hope for the future. I ask you for help in requesting God in granted my prayers for a career and new job for my son and myself. If these prayers are answered, I will try to make these World a better place.

    I am grateful for the gifts that God has bestowed on me. For the most part, my family is healthy. We have food on the table, and shelter. Most people in world do not have these necessities. I prayed to God and St. Anthony that the people in the world especially the children can have these necessities.

    Thank you! God is LOVE!!!

  2. Holy st Anthony pray for my son who just lost the job that he loved so much. Please guide him to find a more suitable one. St Anthony interceded for my son and obtain his petitions.

    St Anthony pray for us,

  3. Dear St. Anthony,

    With God’s love and your prayers, my loved ones and myself have been helped in the past. I am asking for your intercessions for my daughter that she will be well and she has nothing seriously wrong with her. I am requesting that my Uncle David find peace in God’s arms. I hope my Cousin Richie’s rehabilitation is helping him with his stroke symptoms. My brother Bobby needs love and support with his Cancer. With your prayers, I hope my son and myself find a career that utilizes the talents that God gave to us. I praise God and thank you St. Anthony for your help and guidance.

  4. St anthony bring back bernard’s mind unto thee bring him back to his own self. Let the demons cone out of him and nurture him back to you

  5. St Anthony I urge you to guide my son and help him to find a job ASAP. He just lost a job that he loved and was in need for. Max needs an urgent miracle from you.

    St Anthony I trust in you,

  6. Dear St. Anthony,

    Please let my daughter be okay. She in the hospital now alone because she not close to our home. Great is God and his love.

  7. Dear Saint Anthony
    Please could you help me ive two kids and found out im having a baby. Ive found a house ive really like and im worried sick if i dont get it please help me get it and show me thank you

  8. Saint Anthony, my son was just let go of his work, please guid him to find another one as soon as possible, he is the braid winner for us.,he is a young strong believer, please help him to sort out all his financial, and physical stress.

    I come to you asking for miracle

  9. St Anthony pray for my family.
    Dear St.Anthony, please help me. I really need your help. I’m on my knees, have tears in my eyes and am literally begging you from the bottom of my heart to please please fulfill my wishes. Give me financial help. bless my husband n children, help them in their studies.
    Please do a miracle and please make this happen, only you can make things possible from impossible.
    My loving st. Anthony give me peaces of mind, as the person who cheated me punish him never give him sucess in his life. Please make him have lots of feelings and love in his heart for me and please bring him to me. Becouz the way he cheat me i want to take my revange on him. Help me dear St. Anthony, never let me go away from you always B with me, & help me in my all needs.

  10. Dear St. Anthony:

    Please help my father who was diagnosed with lung cancer. His last ct scan showed another lesion. Please let it be scar tissue or very treatable. Please let his pet scan have good results. Please give him many more years on this earth. Thank you.

  11. I am going to have an operation to remove a fatty tumor from the stomach, and yes, I am very stressed over it, despite my total confidence in the surgeon who has performed many of these types of operation.

    Please, please St. Anthony, please help me get through this, both emotionally and physically, and I will forever in our debt! You’ve come through for me many times–please–this is most important!

  12. Dear St. Anthony,

    I pray for your intercessions and for my son and myself in finding careers that would use our talents. I need to find a job that does not cause me anxiety. My son need to find a career so he can pay all his college loans and get a place of his own. You have in the past have interceded in answering my friend’s prayers for her love ones. Thank you! God is good and God is love.

  13. Dear St.Anthnoy,

    My marriage is not getting settled.
    You know the entire condition of my family.
    Whisper my prays into the ears of sweet infant jesus & let the miracle happen in my life.

  14. Dear St. Anthony,

    Help me do well on my interview and get the job. Help my son find a career. Thank you for all your prayers and help for my love ones. I am truly blessed.

  15. Dear St. Anthony,

    Pray that I do well on my interview on Thursday, Jan 22, 2015. I need this job for my well-being. Bless be to God.

    Thank you

  16. Dear St.Anthony, please help me. I really need your help. I’m on my knees, have tears in my eyes and am literally begging you from the bottom of my heart to please please fulfill my wishes. I love my friend with my whole heart and soul, and have lots of feelings for him, which I want him to have the same for me, infact more than me. I want him to only love me, not any other girl, and propose me for marriage, this year, as I want to have his children before I get my menopause, as I’m in my fortees. You know deep inside my heart how much I love him truly and faithfully. I want his love for me to flow effortlessly as the ocean flows to the shore 24/7. Please make him have lots of feelings and love in his heart for me and please bring him to me. I’m lost without him, and I need him badly. I’m dying to hear him say that he loves me a lot, n he’s restless n can’t live without me and he want to marry me.

    I can’t live without him, I’m in pain and am so restless. I only want him to be my beloved husband(my better half). Please do a miracle and please make this happen, only you can make things possible from impossible. I want to settle in life. I don’t know where to go and who to ask, besides you, please don’t turn away from me, I need you badly. Please keep my faith. Both my parents passed away, and the only person I can turn too is you. Please listen to my prayers and make this happen. Please have mercy on your child, I also want to be a Mother and have a family.

    Please make our life very blissful, fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that comes our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner, fill it with much love for me. St. Anthony only have me in his mind all the time like I do, and I want him to always think of me. I want him to live with me, never leave me, till my last breath.

    Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessings to make us spend the rest of our lives with each other, till my last breath. Please make this feelings for both of us. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you for hearing my prayers. I also pray to St Jude-please lift up my prayer request to God-you being the saint of impossible causes, please bless us and make us husband and wife. Please also bless that our business prosper, so that we can expand. I also want us to have own home. St Anthony please help my sister to get a job, her company closed down recently, and she’s looking for a job urgently. However, she has been interviewed, just waiting for an answer.Please help with that, St Anthony.

    St. Anthony please also give him and my family, long, healthy and wealthy life. Please remove all their sickness, disease and make them healthy. I also want him to listen to me, as I want him to give up, smoking, talking tobacco, and alcohol.

    Please also change my friend’s wife, so that she stops cheating her husband and her child, as she’s seeing and communicating with her lover discreetly. Please change her so that she does not have any more feelings, love or interest for her lover, nor she’ll communicate or contact him anymore, infact, she should only love, serve and be truthful and a dutiful mother and wife to her husband and her child, and please make her reside to another country with her family forever.

    Same goes with her lover, he should not have any more feelings, love or interest for her, nor he’ll communicate or call her anymore. Please make his mind totally blank of her.

    Please don’t let the family fall apart, as the child loves her parents immensely and he loves his wife too.

    Please help to solve this St. Anthony.


  17. Dear St. Anthony,

    Your intercessions has helped in the past. Please let your prayers help my son and myself get a job for our spiritual and financial well-being, Please helped my brother Bobby in his illness. I pray that my uncle and cousin get better. Thank you. God is love.

  18. My Dear Saint Anthony, I thank you so much for being there for me and my family. Please return to us all that all that has been stolen from our family. Our mortgage Company is trying to steal our home by fraudulently spiking my salary so I do not qualify for modification. Please take this prayer to Almighty God for miraculous reinstatement of our mortgage in Jesus name .Amen. I love you Dear St Anthony.

  19. Dear St. Anthony,

    Your intercession has answered my prayers in the past. Please intercede for my family and I now. I pray that my son gets a career and put his college degree to good use. I pray that my cousin Richie gets better from his stroke and my Uncle David find peace in God’s arms. Take care of my brother Bobby’s health and soul. I need your intercession for a job that I been waited for which won’t cause me anguish and make me depress like the one I have now. In God’s name I ask for these prayers be answered. Thank You!

  20. Dear St. Anthony,

    Your intercession has already helped by friend’s son find employment to support his family. Your intercession has helped my friend’s niece acceptance into graduate school. I request your intercession for my son to find a career. Please let me get that job interview and the company to hires me. I think this company is a better fit for me. Blessed be to God and thank you for all your generosity.

  21. St. Anthony, I pray that I will be able to recover my lost wallet and the cash inside. I pray that a good samaritan surrendered it the the OSA. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  22. I am so happy that I found this wonderful site. I now don’t have to carry around my prayer’s as I now have them on my phone and with me all the time.
    Thank you

  23. St. Anthony please pray for my husband for he is at loss. May he find his way back to his family. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  24. Thank you st. Anthonys that my husband xray reports have come normal. Yes your prayers and blessings always shows miracles in our family. Please now i beg you to pray and whisper into the ears of infant jesus that we both husband and wife should be blessed with promotions in our jobs in good post and salary in the hyderabad only and also pray that my son should study well be a good human with lots of love and understanding and score a first rank in his studies .my husband my son should live a long happy and a healthy life even after my death. I should die before my husband and my son .we should be Blessed with good own house and money.amen

  25. Dear St Anthony please pray for me, I’ m suffering from the terrible headache, please pray for me, to get a good partner this year or a husband who loves me unconditional. Please St Anthony pray for me.

  26. I want to marry divorce should happen fast.suresh should come back to me soon.please lord help me.he should never leave me for anyone

  27. Dear St Anthony, I want to say a big thank you for recovering my lost items. I truly believe you are the Saint of lost properties. Thank you so much.

  28. Dear St.Anthony,
    Today, I have confirmed that you are listening everytime I pray and that you are really the finder of lost things..
    Just as I was praying the prayer to St.Anthony, something fell from above. I went to see what it is and below where it fell goes the lost insecticide which my father was looking be glad to give it to him tomorrow..St.Anthony, thank you so much..I know and i trust that you shall grant my big prayer. I promise ti fulfill my promises St.Anthony. Thank you for being such a good and cheerful friend..I write this so that everyone may also feel your presence and come back to faith in God’s love…

  29. Dear St. Anthony,
    I greet you in the name of the father, the son and the holy Ghost. St. Anthony I have come before you have mercy upon me, i beg you in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit to intervion in my current situation of being jobless, I humbly ask you to please pray for me to get through to the interviews that i will be attending help me to make it and be confirmed for the position because i have suffered enough and please help me to get a permanent job this year 2015. may prayers be heard in Jesus’ Name I pray.

  30. Dear St. Anthony, thank you for making my heart lighter.
    I can feel your mysterious ways working in my life.
    I shall post it as soon as my prayer is fulfilled..Thank you St.Anthony..I am so happy and not worried anymore…

  31. St.Anthony asked for special need of pray for a dear friend is going in front the parole board he is 68yrs old hope his release to go home-because I feel i need to continue worked with him to bring his family together. He willing miss his kids and grandchildren.I asked for financial blessing because would like to found me a build to help needed homeless people. Also dance studio for children who parents who cannot afford to pay for them.I just want make a different in my community

  32. Please St. Anthony intercede and Pray my husband comes home to our family. He left me with 6 kids. Im sorry for my wrongs and I want him to find forgiveness. Please bring Peace in our marriage and bring him home to us. I love him and want to make things right. Amen

  33. Dear Saint Anthony, everything was okay and i was so inspired with my bf until his sister introduced him to someone else. Saint anthony, i wish my bf comes back because i consider him my treasure.please help me ask God to bring him back because i cry evry night and i know that nothing is impossible with God..I know God moves in mysterious ways..please help me Saint Anthony. I love him so much.
    I promise to live a life devoted to God’s will in exchange for my prayer..thank you..

    • Saint Anthony, in exchange for my prayer..I promise that I will help the poor children in the place where i stayed when i reviewed..i promise Dear Anthony that I will also join him if he comes back to me in helping these poor chidren..thank you Saint Anthony. I can feel ur presence every night during my novena. I have beautiful dreams since then. And i hope and I trust in you for the fulfillment of my wish of the return of my bf. I wish we be together in marriage this year.please whisper to baby Jesus ear my silent prayers.thak you again Saint Anthony. I give everything in your hands.

  34. Dear st. anthony,

    i m praying for my marraige and i should get marry soon with settled and gud person and my parents was fighted 2mnths back. nw evry 1 staying seperately. sso my family should become together with understandings. for my brothers studies should go smoothly and we are for financial issues. so it should be clear. pls help me
    listen our prayer st. anthony

  35. dear st anthony

    i am totally shattered. my relationship with my boyfriend ps is completely broken. i want him back. i love him terribly. if he comes back to me and our relationship prospers i will offer bread to the poor. help me good st anthony for the sake of ur jesus christ

  36. Dear saint Anthony

    I am praying for my boyfriend to come back to me and our baby.
    I miss him terribly and really need him back in our lives.
    Please help me. I will be forever great full.


  37. Dear St Anthony,

    Praying for a miraculous healing of my marriage, please intercede on behalf of the tension and problems in our relationship and bless and heal our marriage and restore peace in our marriage.

  38. St.Anthony
    My husband is done with life he wont go dr or hospital. He blames everyone for everything he is hard to be around.he says he hates his life.

  39. I have reached out to st Anthony to recover a lover friend n co worker . I miss him n want him back. I also have the statue of st Anthony head down hidden n won’t face up until I get my wish. Sound harsh told it works . I want him back before Christmas I miss and care for him that much so at Anthony is tucked away head down covered until then.

  40. Please Saint Anthony, I am praying that you grant my wish, that Bart will contact me and tell me that he loves me. My heart is hurting so much and I miss him. I love him so much and believe that he is my soulmate. Please Saint Anthony intercede on my behalf. I will shout your name and thank you publicly and donate on your behalf. Thank you Saint Anthony for working with me. Thank you everyone for praying for me.

  41. Iv light up three candle at the church of St anthony two weeks ago praying and crying over my boyfriend who I miss so much please help me to pray for a new job also my world is upside down grant me this miracle to get back my boyfriend st anthony. Amen

  42. St. Anthony, please help me find my grandmother’s anniversary ring which was lost over the weekend. It’s one of the few items of hers that I have and it means the world to me.

  43. Thanks to St. Anthony and to everyone praying for my sick husband,God heard our prayer, he is recovering so well . I also want to thank for all the other things I prayed for, my all prayers are getting answered , I feel God’s presence. I ask prayers for my sick mother and father , God help them not to suffer and give my relatives strength to help and care about them. Prayers for my sister suffering depression, she is a good person, God help her heal. Thank you

  44. My husband is having a relationship with a Hindu girl who is a teacher in his school n so my husband neglects me n illtreats me for sake of her.We got married in Church n then also my husband is behaving so badly with me our marriage can break anytime.I had miscarriages bcoz of this girl n now my husband doesn’t like to even touch me.Please pray for me.

  45. Good St. Anthony please ask Our Lord to help our granddaughter make good decisions in making her marriage plans. She has never been married but the man she plans on marrying has been married (not catholic-civil ceremony-no children) so she is willing to marry outside the Catholic Church. We pray she will realize what she is giving up. We pray…..

  46. St. Anthony you r the miracle worker and finder of lost things. Into yr hands I surrender my child who is going through a very difficult adolescence. U b there with him and heal him of any stress or hurt he may b going through. Let him know that v his parents love him more than anything in this world. Let him forgive us if v hv hurt him in any way in the past and b the normal loving son he was. Thank u St Anthony

  47. Please pray for me. The neighbors in the Apartment next door smoke heavily. I’ve been coughing & been sick for 3 months because of it. They stopped, now they’ve started up again. It’s horrible. I’m so upset. I can’t afford to buy a house or move out.
    Thanks St. Anthony
    Saint of Miracles
    Amen :o)

  48. please pray for me i lost my wallet with all my money on a public bus. …i am going. Throught so much i pray someone would return my wallet to lost n found its been 3weeks but i still pray also i have so much bad stuff happening in my life please pray for me to find a loving and caring husband someone who is attractive has a good job n own his own someone who can be my partner in life honest n trust worthy has no kids but love kids n want to have. ..please pray for me to have my hearts desire and happiness please pray for me to get a good job that pay me well so i can help my family and also help to get things right so i can have my kids live here with me

  49. Please pray for my dear friend, VNJ, that he might find employment, have a fervor for the Lord, and good mental health. He has been unemployed for a long time. St. Anthony, help me.
    Thank you.

  50. st anthony..i have been going through trials for the better part of my life and now have reached the verge of losing faith and hope. am mature..neva been married, neva conceived, engaged in unloving relationships, no job opportunities, no financial stability each time i attempt anything i fail miserably this has created deep pain in my heart..i feel abdorned n now pray to have my life taken.

    i turn to you to intercede and reverse all that i hv lost and hv my life atleast filled with joy and love for my lord. i need someone to stand up and trully love me, overcome financial instability, ability to help those in need, and live once more to be kind and loving to others.

    i promise to be forever greatful and serve my lord.


  51. Please pray for AJS and AG as they prepare for their marriage next summer (pre Cana) and will be getting married at St. Anthony’s. We pray!

  52. Dear St Anthony please ask Jesus to go with you to God Our Father and ask Him to please bless me financially today. I will not disappoint you and be forever grateful. Thank you for your spritual guidance and prayers. Theresa

  53. St. Anthony,

    Please pray and intercede for there is so much politics at work to the point that they don’t consider my feelings.

    I have been doing good in my work but they keep on giving the opportunities for advancement to others. Please pray that these people will be enlightened and realized that what they are doing is wrong.

    This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  54. Please pray for AG & AJS as they prepare for marriage that it will work out so they can get married in the Catholic Church. We pray.

  55. Prayer in Times of Emergency

    O’ St.Jude, the friend and relative of Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, the trusted patron of the devotees, the powerful protector of the suffering, glorious martyr adorned with rare virtues and miraculous power, gentle apostle, relying on your extraordinary power of coming to the help of the helpless, I turn to you with confidence ( here mention your need ). I most humbly entreat you to help me, for I am unable to do anything worth by myself. I promise that I will honor you as my special patron and powerful protector throughout my life and that I will do everything possible within my ability to spread your devotion among others. I sadly realize the fact that because of the resemblance of your holy name with that of the traitor, Judas Iscariot, you are not properly loved and venerated by many. But still thousands around the world accept you as their powerful helper in their most desperate needs and hopeless cases.

    O St.Jude,grant me peace and solace; hasten to help me in my dire needs; and above all procure for me the grace of final perseverence with which I may join you and with multitude of the elected to sing the praises of God for all eternity.


    Prayer for Impossible things

    O’ St.Jude, the close relative of the Holy Family, beloved son of the Holy Trinity, prompt succour of the devotees, unfailing supporter of the desperate, I turn to you for help with confidence. Make haste to help me. Remember, O powerful Apostle, that God has adorned you with the rare gift of coming to the help of the most abandoned and the desperate cases. Turn your eyes of pity and love towards me. My life has become a continous ‘way of the cross’, and my days have become sorrowful, my heart has become a deep ocean of tears and all the paths of life, I see full of thorns. There is hardly every moment in my life which does not give me pain and agony. I have reached the verge of utter despair, my heart is numb within me. Fear and anxiety have filled my heart. I now approach you in deep agony and I will not leave you until you come downto help me.

    O! Powerful Apostle! hasten to come to my aid.

    Help me to proclaim your goodness and power and to sing your praises. I promise that all the days of my life here on earth, I will ever sing your wondrous deep until I join you to sing unceasingly the infinite mercy of God in Heaven.

  56. Please st.anthony my family is hurting my husband is not very nice.He has put a wall and he is sick and doesn’t believe in doctors and he is augrimetiv .PLEASE HELP ME!

  57. Oh holy st Anthony
    Please pray for me that I may find my passport I lost in Malaysia airport, may this my Nigeria passport be return to me so that I can be able to travel back to Vietnam where I based in the name of our Lord Jesus Amen.

  58. St.Anthony plz pray for me I m 8 weeks pregnant and baby measures small with no heartbeats.plz pray my baby to have heartbeats and to grow.