St. Anthony Novena

St. Anthony NovenaThough St. Anthony first joined the Augustinian Order, he eventually left it when he was 26 years old and joined the Franciscan Order around 1220 in the hopes of becoming a martyr for his faith. Through his work in Padua in Italy, he became a loved and admired Saint in the Catholic Church, sharing the faith through simplicity — which led to him becoming a Doctor of the Church.

St. Anthony’s Feast Day is traditionally celebrated on June 13th, but you can pray a novena to him any time.

He is often invoked for helping to recover lost items, among other intentions.

Saint Anthony Novena Prayers:

O holy St. Anthony, you are known for the power and abundance of your miracles. Jesus came into your arms as a humble little child. Pray for me to the Child Jesus for my needs and desires…

(Mention your intentions)

In imitation of our Lord, you have great mercy and compassion for sinners. Pay no attention to my worthiness, but instead ask God to show His glory through the answer of my requests.

St. Anthony, you cooperated with the grace of God in a radical way with your life. You gave everything to Christ and to your neighbor. Your life glorified God!

You are an example of holiness that I will try to follow.

You are in heaven praising God with a particular closeness to the King of Kings. With your seat of honor, please beg God to both answer my request and bring me to eternal rest with you.

Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


More About St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony was born to a wealthy family in Portugal where he was raised, but at an early age and against the wishes of his parents, he left home to join a religious community in the outskirts of Lisbon.
After he became a priest, he joined the Augustinian order. Shortly after his time there, he met five Franciscans who were on their way to preach the Gospel in Morocco. He was very attracted to their simple and evangelical lifestyle. When they were martyred while preaching, St. Anthony was inspired by their example and he also became a Franciscan in 1220.

He had hoped that he would also become a martyr, and he actually only lived ten more years after he joined the Franciscan Order.

It is said that St. Anthony’s teaching of the Catholic Faith was so simple that even the most innocent child could understand it. He was called the, “hammer of the Heretics,” as his protection against their lies was to use the Holy name of Mary.

St. Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his entire being; with his heart, with his mind, and with his words at every single moment of his life. It is perhaps because of that great intention, that when his body was exhumed after his death, his body had decayed — but his tongue remained uncorrupted.

St. Anthony – Patron

St. Anthony has been most well known for his patronage for helping people find lost things. However, he is also the patron of many other intentions including…

  • Those who suffer from starvation
  • The elderly
  • Travelers
  • Sailors
  • Boarmen
  • Fishermen
  • Plentiful harvests
  • Horses
  • The mail
  • Recovering lost items

We hope you join us in prayer soon!

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  1. Please pray for my son who’s having a struggle in college .please also pray for this job waiting to hear from that he gets it.

  2. St. Anthony.
    Intercede for me. All my stolen favor are what i am asking you to get back for me from the hands of my enemies.

  3. Oh Saint-Anthony, I ask that you find a buyer for our cottage as it has caused much burden on my wife and I. We need to find a buyer quickly. Thank-you St-Anthony for answering our prayers. I praise you and love you. Forgive me of my sins and I confess that I am a sinner. I thank-you and love you St-Anthony.

  4. Please Saint Anthony hear my prayers, im apologise for yhe times i let you down after a request was granted to me, im sorry from my heart, and I promise never to let you down again,, please saint Anthony help j contact me so we can hopefully sort things out, I love him so much and miss him, my heart is breaking, please if you could help me Saint Anthony I would be forever grateful to you,, and also thank you for everything you have done for me in the past, I love you, Amen xxx

  5. I thank you St Antony for all the blessings that I received through your intercession. I thank you that because of your intercession that my surgery went successfully and my growth turned out to be benign. I thank you that my mom also recovered from her hip surgery after the fall and she started walking .I am very grateful to you for all the protection from all the dangers. I request you to intercede for my husband that he gets a good day job and he advance his career. please pray that we both get a job in one place and our family can settle down in a proper place. please help us again that we can lead a happy life . With gratitude for all the blessing that I received through your intercession. Leena

  6. Please St. Anthony ask our Lord to heal Dave who had a heart attack this evening….heal Shelby’s body,mind and soul. For healing for Shirley who had cancer surgery yesterday. Healing for JMS. We pray….

  7. St Anthony pray that God finds and restores back to me, my finances and Victory that I have lost and stolen from my physical and Spiritual realms. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  8. THANK YOU ST. ANTHONY for answering my prayers! You have never let me down. Thank you for sending my prayers straight to our Lord Jesus Christ! I will never lose faith and will continue to pray always. Thank you again St. Anthony! With gratitude-RM

  9. Dearest St. Anthony,

    You and God alone know my intentions. Please help me in finding things that I have lost and restore them to me both spiritually and physically.


  10. Dearest St Anthony, finder of lost things, pray for me to find all that I have lost in my friendship with UMU. Help me to pray to Jesus to recover all that I have lost and all that was stolen from me in my destiny so that I can find my path in life. St Anthony finder of lost things, help me to find all that I have lost both spiritually and physically Amen.

  11. Dear St Anthony
    I pray this morning for my husbands health. He has end stage renal failure an enlarged heart and fluid on his lungs. Please St Anthony I ask you to send my prayer to our Lord. We are in desperate need of a miracle. I need my husband and my kids need their father.

    Thank you for your healing in Jesus name. Amen

  12. Thank you St Anthony for all you have done for me and my family,I am very grateful. You know the desperate situation we are in at the moment,please help us. I am begging you with all my heart and soul. My dear old dad is not able for this ,he is not in the best of health. My sister is an innocent person,she should not be involved in this situation,please help her. And I ask forgiveness for all I have said or done. Please go to our Lord Jesus Christ,his mother Mary,St Joseph,and all the angels and saints in heaven and ask them to help us. You have helped me before,please help us again Thank you and God bless. I love you so much.

  13. Dear St. Anthony, help J. find the way to have self respect, so that others will also respect him, help him to find the way to use all of his talents and to find the perfect job for those amazing talents, to become independent, with love, to find the path that God has laid out for him, to be always a part of J’s loving family as well as all the people he meets in his life, who respect him, and to know when to walk away from those who don’t. Thank you Saint Anthony.

  14. Dearest St. Anthony, you are such a powerful Saint .Thank you for always coming to my rescue,in Jesus’s name .Amen

  15. My dear St Anthony thank you for all you have done for me in the past,I am very grateful. You know how much I love you,you know how much my dad loves you,and I know my sister loves you. Please my dear saint in heaven,help us. You know our situation and we are in a desperate situation ,there’s no doubt about it. Please ask our Lord Jesus Christ, his mother Mary and St Joseph,all the angels and saints to help us. Please let the police and authorities see how corrupt they themselves are. Please let the judge and jury see the corruption in them. And the lies they are telling. And please let H see in his heart what he is doing to us, especially my dear old dad. Thank you St Anthony for everything.

  16. Saint Anthony whisper my petition unto the ears of infant Jesus, whom knows all my needs, I thank you for your intersection for me in the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus, to The Father King of Kings, Amen

  17. Dear St Anthony
    Please intereceed for me to be found healthy and free of cancer. Like my own father, Anthony- your namesake, you are special to me and I hope will help me in this my time of need. Thank you St Anthony..Thank you Jesus

  18. Dear St. Anthony de’Padua,

    For your closeness to the Lord earned through your fidelity to Him, please intercede promptly for me so I can provide to my family through an appropriate job that covers for our home and family needs, with extra to help our poorer family members. St. Anthony de Padua, pray for us.

  19. Please restore good health to my dad…make that he will be able to breathe easier and that he will be healed

  20. Dear St Anthony,
    I want to ask you to please pray for me and give my old friends back in my life. It’s been two years now since we had fight due to some misunderstanding after that I had became bitter. Now I miss them very much as I am back to my hometown. I wish we could meet once again and get our friendship back. Being a Patron of lost things. I ask you to please heal and reconcile our relationship. I will be ever grateful to you. Thank you for your prayers. Amen

  21. I have allways prayed to saint Anthony
    it will be so good to pray with other followers the same amen to all..

  22. J.M.J.
    Please Saint Anthony help me. Please find my lost items for me. I have looked everywhere I know to look. Please tell me where to look. I thought I had put them in a very safe place but when I went to look at them they weren’t there. Please help me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayer Saint Anthony. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  23. Dear friend, Saint Anthony, please help me find the irreplaceable items I have misplaced. Thank you for all you have done for me, thank you for all you are doing for me, and thank you for all you are going to do for me. I thank God for you for interceding for me. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen

  24. Dearest St. Anthony, please intercede for the following family members: Peace and prosperity, guidance, help and protection from enemies and evil. Help us with the known and unknown problems.

    For my daughter Nicole and her husband Jason.
    For my son Patrick and his fiancée.
    For my daughter June and her children, Jahanz, Gevona and Jaidyn.
    For Irvin and Julie.
    Thank you, St Anthony, for your intercession.

  25. St Anthony miracle worker please intercede to God the father through the son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit for complete and total restoration in my home, marriage, finances, and in everything in my life so I return to you with thanksgiving and praises proclaiming your goodness. Thank you

  26. dear st.antony
    I hope that you hear my prayers and help me with my situation. I pray for take out all my family problems bring peace,make my family same like jesus family.pray to infant jesus, to heal my parents, give peaceful married life , give a spiritual life , anoint with holy spirit, lead a my life together with jesus,

  27. Dear St Anthony
    I wl be 60 this year. All I want to say is a very big thank you for all that you have done to help me through my life. I hv always turned to you and our blessed Mother for your intercession to the Lord, for all my request, & never have I been let down. I beg you to continue to intercede to the Lord for me for my Daughter to find a suitable partner in live pray. Amen

  28. St. Anthony wonder worker I pray for my academic life, spiritual life and pray for poverty in my life and family assist me get ways on how to take care of the many children back in Africa that have lost their parents through wars and diseases, let me find their school fees and other healthy facilities through the ways of Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit and through his people of good will .Amen

  29. Dearest St. Anthony……..
    I thank you now for all the prayers you have answered for me over the years. I just adore you. There has been very little that you did not fulfill for me. I am asking now for help with my adult son and his struggles with health, addictions, employment, and legal issues. He is a good person under all that. He needs to be lifted up to continue to be a good man and father to his children.
    Thank you

  30. Dear St. Anthony

    You and God alone know my intention. I ask for nothing else but for my intention, that I have prayed for in your honor and Glory. Please help me. Amen

  31. Dear St. Anthony

    Please enlighten my mind to find my self in my real desire of my life. A simple but happy & contented life. Amen.

  32. Dear Saint Anthony,

    I hope that you hear my prayers and help me with my situation. I pray for stability in my life and connection. In Jesus name I pray.


  33. Dear St. Anthony

    You and God alone know my intention. I ask for nothing else but for that, that i have prayed for in your honor and Glory.


  34. St. Anthony, I have had great faith in you, and always will. Please let my husband and I recover from this sleeplessness, and fall back into the normal cycle of sleep. Also let his coming check up with his doctor be normal and very good. Please also answer all the requests that are put forth to you.

  35. Dear St. Anthony,

    Please enlighten the mind and heart of MFA and MG; that their lies to each other will come out. That they will stop hurting me; that they will not keep on using me; thank you very much.

  36. Dear St. Anthony,

    I am in a very difficult situation right now and it’s making me sick. Please I need your intervention to help me bring my prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ with the intercession of Mama Mary. I am desperate and my mind is troubled and it’s affecting me, my work, and my personal life. I pray that they will not go deeper in their a—t that will eventually cause me to fall. But if it be Your will, please intervene in the hearts and mind of the c—-e I so dread and all the p—-e I worried so much to know and talk about me. May they will use their hearts thru your intervention in dealing with this predicament of mine. May they will allow me with my requests. Please St. Anthony help me I’m getting weaker each day and this should not go on coz I have precious people who are dependent on me aside from my family. Please take away this feeling in my heart I’m dealing all the time that’s making me sick and let me accept whatever it is according to your will and help me acknowledge wholeheartedly that everything is a consequence of my sinfulness that by so doing it may help lessen the feeling I’ve been dealing. Thank you St. Anthony and I am sorry for being a sinner, please help me lead a life according to what the Lord wanted me to. Please, please St. Anthony help me with this, I am so troubled and in so much distress. In Jesus name thru the intercession of Mama Mary and St. Anthony de Padua, I pray. Amen.

  37. St. Antony, please pray to Jesus to obtain for me a suitable job and to find suitable life partners for my daughter and son.

  38. Pray for us ST. ANTHONY that they will be able to find new job-m. mikhail; leand jude, s. martel dela pena; g. delfino;
    that we will be able to pay all our monthly obligations; thank you very much.

  39. Pray for us ST. ANTHONY that they will be able to find new job-marco mikhail; leand jude, sean martel dela pena; g. delfino;
    that we will be able to pay all our monthly obligations; thank you very much.

  40. Pray for me ST. Anthony that through your intercession i may turn to be a better person in having a good relationship with God and my neighours.
    Help my children including their nanny to be free from every spirit of stubborness in Jesus name, Amen.
    Father every spirit of snake in our home please destroy and consume them with the precious blood of Jesus, in Jesus name, Amen.
    ST. Anthony pray for us!

  41. Please St Anthony pray fory family my children my marriage… Rpw 924 64 abfsw42059 tbw11101997 vjw 8172001 aal plumbing ..ssve our home no evil no hate debt bring us luv joy weslth success.. Thank you St Anthony..

  42. Please pray for me St Anthony …pray that some one will have the desire to come to my home are good at finding any thing with this in mind please find me anew client ..for Gardiner point ….amen Give RK the desire to quit his addition ….AMEN

  43. Please help us to obtain housing of our own before the arrival of our son. Thanks to all that will intercede and I especially ask dear saint Anthony who has been ever present in my life for a long time now. The Lord knows what’s best for my family. Please intercede for me saint Anthony. (:

  44. St Anthony please intercede for me , pray for me to the Lord our God, so I can get a Job in Dubai, I have just one month left over here.
    In the name of Christ our Load

  45. I and my wife get substantial employment and I get accepted into Saint Louis school of law. Thank you and may God keep you and your love ones.

  46. I ask every one to pray that I get accepted into Saint Louis University school of law and I and my wife find substantial employment if it be for the Greater Glory of God.

    • St Anthony please with your special Devine power help me to find new client …to keep JUST…..FIND S Amalthea….help RK to stop his addition ….keep me in my prayerful life….help me with my tra…..on line open up all the Chanel that I can able to beaspecial member in on this site and let JOHN PAUL and ANNE help me to be a special member. …..PRAY FOR ME……St Anthony for all the help I so desire. AMEM AMEN AMEN ….father son and HOLY SPIRIT?..amen

  47. I ask everyone that you pray so I get accepted into the part-time program at saint University school of law and my wife and I find substantial employment.

  48. I ask that you pray so I get accepted into the part-time program at saint University school of law and my wife and I find substantial employment.

  49. Dear St Anthony thank you for interceding for me with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please thank Jesus for curing Gs lymphoma and Ms cancer. Please ask him to help them regain their health and strength spiritually mentally and physically. St Anthony please also intercede for A, KN, AG and me ask Jesus to cure us all. Sacred heart of Jesus I place all my trust in there, Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us. St Anthony thank you.

  50. That I get accepted into the part-time program at saint University school of law and my wife and I find substantial employment.

  51. Dearest St Anthony the greatest miraculous saint,Pls let helpers of destiny locate me,heal me of my ailment,along with my parents & sister.Am in need of a good paying job.Interceed for me,o my loving St Anthony .Amen.

  52. My dear St Anthony. Thank you for all your help. We are very grateful. But please St Anthony we need your help again. You know how desperate we are. I beg of you to help us. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and ask them for their help. Please help US. Thank you for your help. God bless you always.XXX

  53. O Blessed St Anthony pray for me to the Lord our God to help me get a good job and a righteous Spouse who will marry me. Amen

  54. Dear st antony,my husband has lost job and my son who is 27 years old has not yet mgot a job.As iam in a difficult position,is willing to sell my land or wish to give it for lease. We r trying for this for the last 2 years but in vain.For the last 7 moths iam attending ur novena , iam totaly depressed, please help me to overcome my difficulties , I am always greatful for the small blessing u have given ,? Please pray for me to overcome my difficulties and please pray for my son .thank you

  55. Thank you St. Anthony, for assisting me in praying for my son, Jac, who HAD cancer. he was just today, declared CANCER FREE. thank you and all the angels and saints I prayed to for help. God is good.
    I will praise you whenever possible.

    Grateful Mom

  56. dear St Anthony you never let me down again itrust you in the name of Jesus pray for me as i need help now please bring back my boyfriend to me he was perfect an sweet for me i need him back please reunited us again i love him i am sure he deserves love to amen i love you st anthnony

  57. Thank you St Anthony for all the help you have given me over the years. I am so very grateful. But my dear St Anthony,please help US again. We are in a desperate situation and need help so much. Please help my dear old dad and my sister. Please help US in march. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary and ask them to help us please. Thank you very much and god bless you always.XXX