St. Anthony Novena

St. Anthony NovenaThough St. Anthony first joined the Augustinian Order, he eventually left it when he was 26 years old and joined the Franciscan Order around 1220 in the hopes of becoming a martyr for his faith. Through his work in Padua in Italy, he became a loved and admired Saint in the Catholic Church, sharing the faith through simplicity — which led to him becoming a Doctor of the Church.

St. Anthony’s Feast Day is traditionally celebrated on June 13th, but you can pray a novena to him any time.

He is often invoked for helping to recover lost items, among other intentions.

Saint Anthony Novena Prayers:

O holy St. Anthony, you are known for the power and abundance of your miracles. Jesus came into your arms as a humble little child. Pray for me to the Child Jesus for my needs and desires…

(Mention your intentions)

In imitation of our Lord, you have great mercy and compassion for sinners. Pay no attention to my worthiness, but instead ask God to show His glory through the answer of my requests.

St. Anthony, you cooperated with the grace of God in a radical way with your life. You gave everything to Christ and to your neighbor. Your life glorified God!

You are an example of holiness that I will try to follow.

You are in heaven praising God with a particular closeness to the King of Kings. With your seat of honor, please beg God to both answer my request and bring me to eternal rest with you.

Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


More About St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony was born to a wealthy family in Portugal where he was raised, but at an early age and against the wishes of his parents, he left home to join a religious community in the outskirts of Lisbon.
After he became a priest, he joined the Augustinian order. Shortly after his time there, he met five Franciscans who were on their way to preach the Gospel in Morocco. He was very attracted to their simple and evangelical lifestyle. When they were martyred while preaching, St. Anthony was inspired by their example and he also became a Franciscan in 1220.

He had hoped that he would also become a martyr, and he actually only lived ten more years after he joined the Franciscan Order.

It is said that St. Anthony’s teaching of the Catholic Faith was so simple that even the most innocent child could understand it. He was called the, “hammer of the Heretics,” as his protection against their lies was to use the Holy name of Mary.

St. Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his entire being; with his heart, with his mind, and with his words at every single moment of his life. It is perhaps because of that great intention, that when his body was exhumed after his death, his body had decayed — but his tongue remained uncorrupted.

St. Anthony – Patron

St. Anthony has been most well known for his patronage for helping people find lost things. However, he is also the patron of many other intentions including…

  • Those who suffer from starvation
  • The elderly
  • Travelers
  • Sailors
  • Boarmen
  • Fishermen
  • Plentiful harvests
  • Horses
  • The mail
  • Recovering lost items

We hope you join us in prayer soon!

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  1. St Anthony please ask to God for my lost passport so that the man who robe it will turn it back i believe that God will see me through through st Anthony and Jesus Christ Amen





  3. Dear st anthony pls help us to be a good and contented person
    let my heart to be wide and make a away to this difficulties problem.Amen..Thank you

  4. Dear st anthony,
    Thank you for helping me find my grandmother’s ring. It means so much to me because its the only thing i have of her. Please continue to bless me and my family so we can also be a blessing for others.

  5. Dear St Anthony, Jenna has lost strenght on her right side please find it for her and ask God to restore her wholy. Jenna has lost her coherent speech please find it for her and ask God to let her speak again. Jenna has lost her memory please find it for her and ask God to restore her memory fully
    Please pray for the complete healing of Jenna
    Please pray for me to find the right ticket for Sunday 30th of August to travel back home safely.
    Pray that the airline will support and accommodate my request without additional fees. Please pray for me to meet a God fearing husband who is financially secure to help me support Jenna. Please help me find health, peace and love. Please find me 2 full time students workers who would pay their deposits and rent on time.
    Thank you for your prayers and your persistent intercessions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Jenna and my whole family. I am forever so grateful.
    May God heal Jenna and all the people who are sick in hospital beds or home! We pray all this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Wholy Spirit!
    Lord hear our prayers. Amen.

  6. Please StAnthony pray for me and comfort me . I’m so hurt at this very moment, Troy has left me and I’ve been nothing but loyal and great to him. St Anthony I feel so alone please help me and pray for me . I need your help give me strength to move on please heal my heart as you protect troys heart.

  7. St Anthony I am desperately praying and please pray for the complete healing of Jenna. Pray for Jenna to recover her complete healing, hear speech, her strenght and mobility on her right side, no more head ache, take away the pains, ask God to have merci and grace on my sister Jenna! St Anthony pray for Jenna’s Doctors and Nurses, guide them to the right treatment. Oh st Anthony to you all things are found, you find me every thing I pray for, today I ask you please find healing for Jenna!
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit, Amen! Lord hear our prayers and by your miracles heal Jenna, Amen! Thank you all for praying for my sister we need help.

  8. Dear St Anthony, thank you for your intercession many years ago regarding my blocked toilet you miraculously unplugged through your intercession to our Lord Jesus.
    Please help me again wuth my rejected I 485 to be revived through your miraculous intercession. Amen

  9. Dear St. Anthony, you never fail me when I ask for your help. Please help my son. He took your name at his Confirmation. Help him at a time when his need is so great. His job is being attacked by a boss who is either crazy or evil and he needs breathing room and an opportunity for a great job so that he can support his family and use his God given talents. Help him with the end of his marriage. He has tried for so long to make it healthy but some things were wrong from the beginning. Please pray for him and his children and his wife. Thank you for all your help.

  10. Dear St Anthony something is lost I cannot find it by myself but you can, please find me a God fearing gracious loving, financial secure and generous husband!
    Lord hear our prayers, amen!

  11. St Anthony you who is the Saint that finds all that is lost I beg to help me in finding a home for my family kindly perform this miracle on my behalf ask the humble little child you held in your arms to forgive me of my sins and to grant me the favor of obtaining a home for my family and financial breakthroughs I will pray in your name everyday as I have faith that I will succeed at the end.
    Thank you Jesus Christ for granting me this particular favor.

  12. Dear St Anthony please help me in my times of worries. Intercede for
    – my sister Jenna to find mobility on her right side and complete healing. Pray for Jenna to find her complete health and come back to her own home not nursing home.
    – pray for me for favors at work for my supervisors to receive and process my FMLA on time and grant me my pay. Pray for miracles for my family and me.
    – Pray for God to grant me and my sisters husbands God fearing husbands, loving, caring financially secure and generous with me and my sister Jenna. I pray for my health, my peace of mind, my miraculous favors at my work a loving and caring husband, and financial security for me and my family! Thank you St Anthony for your intercessions!
    Lord hear our prayers!

  13. Dear St. Anthony,
    Please Grant my wish that i Get back my lost love..i luv him alot..n i want him back in my life.please listen to my prayer n give me back my love..He is the only thing i want in my life.without him i feel like an insane..please grant my wish n give him back…:-)

  14. ​​​​​​Dear St. Anthony, please pray that a door of employment opportunity will open for me very soon as a secretary, as I have been unemployed for many years, my funds are running very low​; I am struggling, and I am all alone by myself. I really want to be employed.

    Please pray I will be blessed with meeting a Catholic, Irish-born man, who has a nice personality who I can get along well with him, and a good socializer.

    Pray my abusive and controlling brother will stay away from me; I am very fearful of him, since he is such a big bully.

    Please pray that good friends come into my life, who are kind, caring and trusting.

  15. Dear St Anthony please intercede for me to our lord Jesus and our Mother Mary for a full time job and also for my BIL who is been jobless for so long. St. Anthony patron saint for helping people find lost things I pray to grant me my request.

  16. Dear St Anthony please intercede for me to our lord Jesus and our Mother Mary for miracles for the following: Healing for my sister Jenna quick and complete healing. pray Jenna has complete control of her mind, speech, perfect mobility on her right side. Pray to God to miraculously get Jenna back on her 2 feet. Pray for the hospital workers to nurture, care lovingly for Jenna and all the patients. St Anthony pray for the safe travels of my sister Amina to work and back. Pray for my safe travel back home on the plane. Pray for Amina to have a safe travel with her children. Pray for financial abundance for me and my family.
    St Anthony intercede for me find me a God fearing husband who will love me ,care for me and my sister Jenna. A husband who is financially secure and would share with me! May God hear your prayers for me and all those on this novena particularly those praying for healing! Amen

  17. Please pray for me for healing for myself and my relationship. Open Troys heart to be passionate with me and our relationship they he appreciates me and shows me he never wants to let go of me. That he does everything to prove I’m his one and only. Please pray for me for at this moment I feel so hurt and betrayed. Please God protect my heart

  18. Dear Saint Anthony.
    Please intercede for my sister Jenna to regain her health. Jenna to find her voice and speak again. Jenna to find mobility on her right side. Jenna to be free of infection.
    Ask And pray for favors for Jenna and her son Samir to get his residence papers for ten years or more so he stays with his mother. Pray for financial abundance for Jenna, my sister Amina, myself and my entire family.
    St Anthony intercede for me at my work that my supervisors will love me and grant me my pay during my leave. Pray for peace for me at my work place. Ask God for the followings: where there is hate bring love, where there is jealousies bring love and support, where there is power struggle bring cooperation, where there is competition collaboration, I ask all this in the name of Jesus. St Anthony intervene for me to have a gracious conversation with my supervisors. dear God hear my prayers through the intercessions of your saints grant me the courage instead of fear and anxiety. Make me a light where there is none. Give me the boldest Faith to know that you are helping me and show me your miracles. I pray for all the people on this novena particularly the ones praying for health , peace and financial favors .
    May God bless us all! Lord hear our prayers!