St. Anthony Novena

St. Anthony NovenaThough St. Anthony first joined the Augustinian Order, he eventually left it when he was 26 years old and joined the Franciscan Order around 1220 in the hopes of becoming a martyr for his faith. Through his work in Padua in Italy, he became a loved and admired Saint in the Catholic Church, sharing the faith through simplicity — which led to him becoming a Doctor of the Church.

St. Anthony’s Feast Day is traditionally celebrated on June 13th, but you can pray a novena to him any time.

He is often invoked for helping to recover lost items, among other intentions.

Saint Anthony Novena Prayers:

O holy St. Anthony, you are known for the power and abundance of your miracles. Jesus came into your arms as a humble little child. Pray for me to the Child Jesus for my needs and desires…

(Mention your intentions)

In imitation of our Lord, you have great mercy and compassion for sinners. Pay no attention to my worthiness, but instead ask God to show His glory through the answer of my requests.

St. Anthony, you cooperated with the grace of God in a radical way with your life. You gave everything to Christ and to your neighbor. Your life glorified God!

You are an example of holiness that I will try to follow.

You are in heaven praising God with a particular closeness to the King of Kings. With your seat of honor, please beg God to both answer my request and bring me to eternal rest with you.

Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


More About St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony was born to a wealthy family in Portugal where he was raised, but at an early age and against the wishes of his parents, he left home to join a religious community in the outskirts of Lisbon.
After he became a priest, he joined the Augustinian order. Shortly after his time there, he met five Franciscans who were on their way to preach the Gospel in Morocco. He was very attracted to their simple and evangelical lifestyle. When they were martyred while preaching, St. Anthony was inspired by their example and he also became a Franciscan in 1220.

He had hoped that he would also become a martyr, and he actually only lived ten more years after he joined the Franciscan Order.

It is said that St. Anthony’s teaching of the Catholic Faith was so simple that even the most innocent child could understand it. He was called the, “hammer of the Heretics,” as his protection against their lies was to use the Holy name of Mary.

St. Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his entire being; with his heart, with his mind, and with his words at every single moment of his life. It is perhaps because of that great intention, that when his body was exhumed after his death, his body had decayed — but his tongue remained uncorrupted.

St. Anthony – Patron

St. Anthony has been most well known for his patronage for helping people find lost things. However, he is also the patron of many other intentions including…

  • Those who suffer from starvation
  • The elderly
  • Travelers
  • Sailors
  • Boarmen
  • Fishermen
  • Plentiful harvests
  • Horses
  • The mail
  • Recovering lost items

We hope you join us in prayer soon!

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  1. Dear St Anthony

    I want to thank you for always coming through for me and helping me and my loved ones recover things that we have lost.
    I ask you to please help my mother with her financial situation. She has been unable to get another job and I see the unhappiness in her because of this. She is a wonderful mother to me and has always been there for me in my time of need. Help me to never fail at being there for her in her time of need.


  2. Sacred heart of Jesus, blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Great Saint Ann, Saint Jude, Saint Michael, Saint Rita, Saint Theresa, Saint Anthony, Saint Peregrine pray for us this cancer may vanish from body and let it be when I go back to the doctors that they can’t find any trace of it anywhere from my body and I will forever be grateful in Jesus name I pray, Amen!
    I pray for anyone out there suffering any pain physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially be healed of their problems. Lord Jesus hear our problems. Amen!

  3. please this is a small petitions god please help me in the need i have left my job searching for one more, god show me your mercy as i am helpless your the only light to me. my family is a small family but money is a problem my husband don’t go to work and drinks a lot. i was only person working but now even i don’t have work please kindly her my cry, and pray and do the needful i really don’t no were i should go i feel like dying but i am afraid of my daughter who is in studying L.K.G. i have not paid her fees, also please god you know me that what condition i am very much up-sate about all these things, god you are the messiah who hear our prayer and give the need in right time i really believe in your miraculous which i saw in my own eyes. i still believe that you will not let me down in my needy times thanking you lord jesus chirst and saint anthony padua

  4. Please help me get rid of my neck problem so I won’t get dizzy any more. I also need to be able to sleep at night. Dear god thank you for all your blessings. Thank you St Anthony for lisening to me. I love you.

  5. Dear St Anthony I thank you for all of the blessings that I’ve been granted. I pray my daughters upcoming brain MRI does not have any concern to her Drs. I pray for healing of her epilepsy and/or any disease found in her. I ask for Godly friends and role models to come into our lives. I pray for her self esteem and her decisions/choices she makes and that she has learned from her past mistakes. Please have her Holy Spirit, Angles and Guardians speak loud and clear to her and that she listens. I pray for our decision as to what school she will do best in. Thank you in advance for our blessings.

  6. Please help my friend to have more children. Help her to cope with the loss of her babies.
    Please help our daughter to have a conversion of heart.

  7. Dear St.Anthony, thank you for helping me find my lost textbooks. I lost my books two days to my exam and I prayed asking ST. Anthony to help me in finding the books, not only did I find my books I equally did well in my exams. Thank you for dear God, am really grateful. To you be all praise and thanksgiving forever and ever, Amen.

  8. Dear St. Anthony,
    I am so sad, my daughter didn’t have a good results of her grade 11 courses the whole year was very disappointed on my part…I cried so much since she became a teenager, the only child I have, please help me what I should do in order to encourage her more in her studies. I don’t want to upset her I’m afraid she ‘ll leave me, she promised so many times to make up and study hard but, I don’t see any progress, she don’t come to school,she skips classes, teachers calling me at work so much a hard time for me…I thought I could solve my own problem but, I only think of you that you’ll be able to help me…please help me pray for her conversion that someday I see my daughter a good student then she could have a good profession and a good job…I love her the one and only in my life.
    Thanks for your prayers!

    • I also have only one child, a teenage daughter. I also am beginning to struggle with some of her choices. I will pray for your child when I say my prayers for my daughter. Don’t give up, keep your faith. GOD does listen and he will help us in raising our children. I pray also that Godly friends and good role models come into our child’s lives and that GOD will help direct us as their mothers.

  9. Dearest St. Anthony,
    I pray to you with deep faith that you will watch over my dear husband and grant him to find a job he so deserves as he was laid off in May. He is a wonderful husband and father with strong faith in the Lord. He is a very hard worker and we lift this up in prayer and know that this set back is only temporary. With the grace of God, I pray to you, our Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints that you watch over our family through this trying time.

  10. St Anthony please guide VM in his life every single day, please help him to get all of his work up to date as his boss is coming to see him on Thursday, 3rd July 2014. Please allow the meeting with his boss to go immensely well and that his boss will be pleased with his progress at his office. PLEASE guide him, love him, protect him. Please may I also ask that you strengthen the loving emotional bond that we share as well as the spiritual connection that we share. Please allow there to be time for VM to spend quality face to face time with me, THANK YOU, AMEN

  11. Sacred heart of Jesus please let your will be done in me and through me that I am healed from this lymphoma cancer from lungs and from my body lord. Let it be your will that I don’t need to go through these chemo treatments. Let it be the only chemo that I experience is the sacred light in you. Keep shinning your light in me and wash away this cancer from my body with your sacred blood and tears. And I pray for my brothers and sisters out there dealing with physical, emotional, spiritual and financial pain out there. Continue bringing me closer to you love lord, teach me and keep me fearless, courageous and faithful Lord and to always believe in you because you’re in control and you will provide. In Jesus name I pray, Amen! Jesus, I trust in you.

  12. St. Anthony
    Please let Sierra’s leg infection go away, please let her get better everyday. Please let my little girl be alright.

    I love you!


  13. Dearest ST ANTHONY, please help me, I have run out of money for food for my children and I and I have just calculated my budget and I am R2,000.00 short to cover all this month’s expenses. please help me to have a surplus of money so that I can pay for everything, thank you ST ANTHONY, amen

  14. ST ANTHONY I am desperate please make the back up work on my business laptop and sort the telkom business e-mail problems, please I beg you oh ST ANTHONY, I am feeling so anxious and depressed about there always being a drama with our telkom e-mail and internet. I surrender these problems to you and I BEG YOU TO PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. thank you

  15. Please St Anthony pray for me I lost my son.Im so lost and lonely.Im very depressed.My son was my whole world.I miss him so is very much.Please send me a great person who very kind, caring sincere,honest has money money

  16. Dear St Anthony, as we are celebrating your feast today, i am here kneeling down to my Heavenly Father and his beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ. My beloved Saint Anthony, I call upon you to ask you to bring myself and O. S back together. Please bring more clarity into our relationship. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Bring more love, joy, understandings, passion and happiness into our relationship. Send O. S love, light and guardian angels. Fill O. S’s heart with much love for me and that he will love me forever. Make O.S forgive me for whatever mistakes I did and that he will trust me this time. I thank you for all you will do. I love you very much St Anthony.

  17. Dearest Saint Anthony,
    On day 7 of my Novena I thank you for the grace you’ve shown me through my troubles. Please help S restore to good health and keep her from harms way. Continue to hold A and M close to your heart and please let their trials be over swiftly. Pray for my Mom that she may also be restored to good health and please keep her from any further suffering. Pray that M finds an apt soon near school that is safe and clean. Let D and R see how hurtful they’ve been and let A rise above their trespasses against her. Please keep my family , friends, and beloved pets safe and healthy. Pray for all those who are suffering. Please help our country. Amen

  18. Hello,
    Thank you, for all this beautiful prayer of St. Anthony de Padua,
    I feel so good, saying the prayer for sharing to my family, friends,
    sickness, children special needs, enemy, lady my neighbor have a
    mental illness suffering , cancer, heartstroke.

    God Blessed
    Annie Bartolome

  19. please st. anthony thank u . tommorrow is ur day i will celebrate that day hope u will continue to help me ,and please help also my daughter to find a right ausbildung plats .

  20. Dear St. Anthony,

    You have never let me down. Please pray for M and A. Let them see the err of their bad choices and please help them from facing extreme punishments. Also pray for M, that she may find a safe, clean apt. to live in. Pray for Sue’s cousin with cancer and G and D. Pray for M at school . Please bless and protect my entire family and keep us close. Help me to better serve The Lord. Amen

  21. Saint Anthony, I call upon you to ask you to bring myself and M back together. Please bring more clarity into our relationship. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Bring more love, joy, understandings, passion and happiness into our relationship. Send M love, light and angels. Fill M’s heart with much love for me and that he will love me forever. Make M forgive me for whatever mistakes I did and that he will trust me this time. I thank you for all you will do. I love you