St. Augustine Novena

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Saint Augustine NovenaSt. Augustine is one of the greatest defenders of the Catholic faith and the patron saint of searchers. At the end of nine days of prayer, we hope to find the God that saved Saint Augustine waiting to deliver us from temporal concerns through his kind intercession.

You will be inspired by reflecting on the life of Saint Augustine and his transformation from a life of sin and iniquity to become one of the greatest saints the church has ever known.

About St. Augustine

St. Augustine was born in Africa to Saint Monica and spent the early part of his life living in sin and depravity. Though he was brought up as a Christian, he abandoned Christianity in favor of the loose morals espoused by a religious group called the Manicheans. During St. Augustine’s dark days, his mother Saint Monica incessantly prayed for his conversion back into the fold of God’s Grace, aided also by prayers of the Bishop of Milan, St. Ambrose.

A highly intelligent man, even then St. Augustine used to compare his life to Christian morals but was not confident he would be able to lead a pure life. After hearing of two simple men being converted, he decried the cowardice that prevented a learned person like him from pursuing the Kingdom of God. He believed that he heard God’s command when he heard a child singing “Take up and read”, and in compliance read the first passage of the Letters of Saint Paul which advised people to put away all impurity and to live in imitation of Jesus.

He was baptized at Easter on 387 A.D. and went on to become one of the most prominent defenders of the faith. At his conversion, he sold his possessions and lived a life of poverty, service to the poor and prayer until the end of his life. He founded the Order of Saint Augustine, who continued his early work to educate the faithful. His search for truth resulted in his clear explanations of Roman Catholic beliefs, including theological writings on creation, original sin, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and biblical interpretation.

St. Augustine is revered as the Patron Saint of searchers to commemorate his search for truth and the One True God.

St. Augustine Novena Prayers

Opening Prayer:

O holy Saint Augustine, who has famously declared that “Our hearts were made for you, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you.”, aid me in my own search for our Lord that through your intercession I may be granted the wisdom to determine the purpose God has planned for me. Pray that I be blessed with the courage to follow God’s will even at times when I do not understand. Ask our Lord to lead me to a life worthy of His love, that I may one day share the riches of His kingdom. Petition our Lord and Savior to ease the burden of my problems and grant my special intention, and I will honor you all of my days.

Daily Prayers:

Day 1 – St. Augustine Novena

Beloved Saint Augustine the miracles you have performed for the greater glory of God have caused people to seek your intercession for their most pressing concerns. Hear my cries as I invoke your name to petition God for an increased faith and to aid me in my present distress. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 2 – St. Augustine Novena

Holy Saint Augustine, you have been plucked from a life of iniquity through the incessant prayers of your mother Saint Monica to become a staunch defender of the faith. Pray for me now and turn not from my petitions, that I may also be blessed with God’s grace and guidance through this present predicament into a life of complete subservience to His will. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 3 – St. Augustine Novena

Glorious Saint Augustine you are renowned in the Christian world for your kindness, compassion and powerful intercession. Emboldened by this, I humbly come before you to invoke your aid in asking for God’s all-powerful assistance to see me through my most pressing concern. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 4 – St. Augustine Novena

Saint Augustine, through you God has manifested his power and mastery of the earth, enabling you to make prophesies and to perform miracles to aid the poorest of the poor, whom you have chosen to serve. Look upon me, a poor servant of God, and the afflictions of body and spirit that plague me, and in your kindness, help me seek the aid of the One True God we seek to love and serve throughout our lives. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 5 – St. Augustine Novena

Saint Augustine, God’s faithful servant, educator and evangelist, show me the mercy you are renowned for and come to my aid in this time of distress. Hear my cries and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to bless me with a favorable response to my petition. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 6 – St. Augustine Novena

Holy Saint Augustine, you were saved when you heeded God’s call for your conversion, and granted the power to perform powerful miracles in His name. Let your kindness cause you to plead to God for a miraculous resolution of my present problem and the granting of my special intention. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 7 – St. Augustine Novena

Glorious Saint Augustine, in your compassion, wisdom and grace, all who seek your aid do not leave empty handed. In this time of extreme anxiety, I entrust my present predicament to the power of your kind intercession. May you obtain for me the grace to have the special favor I ask for be granted. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 8 – St. Augustine Novena

Saint Augustine, God has tasked you with aiding people in distress even when the assistance they need requires you to perform miracles in His name. Refuse not my request for your kind intercession and obtain for me the special favor that I seek through this novena. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Day 9 – St. Augustine Novena

Holy Saint Augustine, you have overcome great adversity to be revered as one of the greatest saints of our Church. In your wisdom and compassion, aid me in my own life quest to fulfill the destiny laid for me, that God may bless me with the strength, courage and wisdom to surrender my temporal concerns to His will. Intercede for me that my most pressing concerns be resolved and my petition granted. (State the nature of your problem or the special favor you seek)

Closing Prayers:

Glorious Saint Augustine I boldly ask for your intercession confident in your boundless wisdom and compassion. May this devotion lead me to a life dedicated to the fulfilling the will of God that I may one day be deemed worthy of sharing His Kingdom with you and all the saints for all eternity.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…

St. Augustine, Pray For Us!


St. Augustine is Patron of…

St. Augustine is recognized as the patron saint of searchers, perhaps to honor his unending quest for truth which led him to become the champion of the One True God, and also the patron saint of brewers to recognize his past association with inebriation.

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  1. O saint Augustine . I beg you to help intercede to Our Lord God to provide a job for me and end my sinful sexual way of life. And provide a wife and financial security for me. Amen

  2. St. Monica and St. Augustine please intercede for my son Michael. Give him the wisdom and ability to think and speak clearly and truthfully in order to improve his social skills as he suffers greatly in this area.

  3. St Augustine please liberate my dad from the chains of addiction to gambling and alcoholism. May he grow in faith and experience a conversion of heart. St Augustine please intercede for our intentions!

  4. Dear Saints, i kindly commit, my family and i to you.
    Kindly interceed for our peace joy happiness sound health and financial freedom. I commit my 2 sons as they write their exams, dear Jesus you be with them i pray.
    Help them to excell in Jesus mighty name, a name above all other names. Lord help the older son to procure a good job. help him pass his learners licence, i pray. Every company that his cv goes to must help him with a good job, dear Lord Jesus. Favor must find his name. All our debts must be freed, in Jesus mighty name Lord your blessing must walk thru our door i pray. help us dear Lord that 2018 must be our year, with peace joy happiness, sound health and abundance. I pray for my further bond application to be approved so that i free my debts and purchase a new car.

    Dear Lord Jesus hear my prayer, hear my cry. for your tranquility to rule in our midst and where ever we go.


  5. St. Augustine and St. Monica, I ask for intercession and prayer for my daughter who is struggling from depression that led her, by seeking natural healing, joined groups who believe more in science than in God’s power and mercy. She turned her back from her faith and became an aethiest. Please pray for her healing and conversion, back to the Catholic faith.

  6. St Monica and St Augustine. Please pray for peace of body and mind for me after years of abuse and manipulation by my ex husband and also cancer and other life threatening illness. My adult children are being manipulated by this man, their father. Please help them to see the truth of this man and to not allow any more manipulation against me. I am heartbroken.

  7. Saint Monica and Saint Augustine, please pray for my son. He is very disillusioned with his life and his choices right now as they haven’t turned out as he hoped. Raised in the Catholic faith, he rejects God, prayer and religion as any sources of help. I am pleading with the Lord to have mercy on my son and to bring favor and blessing in his life. He is a brilliant, but unhappy man. Thank you for your prayers

  8. St, Augustine, please intercede on my behalf that I may hear from Juan again, and may our friendship grow into Love. In Jesus Name. Amen xx

  9. Please pray for my boyfriend Arnold. That he gives up his bad desires and faithfully love and accept me to be blessed in the sacrament of marriage..

  10. SAINT AUGUSTINE please guide us for upcoming Board Examination for Teachers, enlighten our mind to answer those question so that all of us can pass the exam.Thank you

  11. 1. St Monica Pray for God’s Mercy upon my brother Okello Joseph Michael who turned away from our Lord Jesus Christ, to quit paganism, alcohol, polygamy, recklessness with money, smoking and get healed of liver problems, reject evil and come back to your altar and serve God, as a converted child.

    2. St. Monica, pray for the family of Isekut Walburg Otim for God’s mercy, blessings and Protection and convert back to God.

    3. St Monica pray for our family to be blessed in Marriages.

    4. St. Monica pray for me to get promotion.
    5. St Monica pray for me for Lords hand in healing me against all the chronic diseases.


  13. Please Saint Augustine I offer up to you the love of my life, Kevin. May you direct his steps and lead him to the church. Lead him and keep him away from temptation and all lust and women. May you direct his steps and bless him to find me through Jesus. I pray you may bless our lovely God-centered relationship and the gift of being each other’s first and last. May we bring each other, the people around us to heaven. May our union bring forth the most beautiful and successful and blessed children who will also bring everyone around them to heaven. Thank you.

  14. Dear Saint Augustine please intercede for my daughter Carrie. She is so sad and lonely. Please help her find her way.

  15. Thank you St. Augustine in advance for your intercession for Brandon, Andre, and Dr. Ciccarelli. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

  16. St. Augustine, thank you for all your blessings and guidance. Thanks for the $55.00 winning from my Mega million ticket, me and my husband will have a feee gas for a week and a free dinner from that money. Please help me to find a good job with benefits and I wanna pay all my debts. I don’t know who will loan me money to pay for my debts… I am in big trouble… Please help me

  17. Dear St Augustine please help my daughter and I get the means or the way to be free of abusive husband/ father we need help so much It is a horrendous time with him We get no peace Please Help Us

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I will pray for safety for you and your daughter. St Augustines mother, Saint Monica, would be an excellent Saint to ask for her intercession through this time! She’s the patron Saint of wives and abuse.
      God bless you ????

  18. Please pray for my daughter, she is hurt and so angry. Please St Augustine you understand her plight. Help her please.

  19. Don’t worry have confidence in Jesus and Our Father….lets not doubt like Thomas…..ask what is the Father’s will…like no more drugs or sex outside of marriage…so be confident and know that you will receive strength etc through the Holy Spirit…life is so exciting when searching for the Father’s will and doing it..God Bless all

  20. St Augastine, am praying this novena for may brother who is now lost for him to come back to the catholic church and Christ

  21. Dear Saint Augustine, my patron saint help me to stop every sins of the flesh and to love God above all things.

  22. Please dear St.Augustine I pray for my son to stop doing drugs and to come back to his Catholic faith. We all miss him. I am so worried that we will lose him. Help him please

  23. Please pray for my two sons, Matthew and Mark, that that choose a healthy life style, seek and speak the truth, follow the Lord’s way, and find their passions for careers and in life in the light of the Lord. Pray they choose the right path with the Lord and that the right Christian friends come into their lives and the perfect Christian partner for life. Thank you.

  24. Please help Tony and I be binded together again and that we will work things out and that I will be with him again…this time until death do us part…amen..x

  25. St. Augustine I am asking prayers for my son Jerry. That he does good in school. He needs to pick up his grades. He is not passing several subjects. His a smart kid, but his lazy and doesn’t want to go to school. Please ask the Lord to help us and intercede with my prayers.

  26. Saint Augustine, I am praying this novena for someone very dear to my heart, that he comes back home to the Catholic faith and defeats his drinking problem.

  27. I am asking and praying for wisdom. I’m taking a test to get certified in wound care in approximately 2 weeks. I get very anxious when taking a test. Give me wisdom and comfort to pass the test.

  28. Praying for strength and ongoing courage as I go through divorce. Open my husband’s eyes to his alcoholism and mental illness. Open his heart to feel emotions again and find the love that is lost. Restore my family, St.Augustine I pray for your intercession for me. Lord Jesus hear my cry, restore my marriage. Let love break through and be strong as it once was when I mattered to him. Amen.

  29. Holy St. Agustin please bring my petition before the Lord that my son’s High School my be led by persons of true Catholicity and that it become place of reverence, holiness and learning.

  30. Please pray for my husband who suffers with depression and as a result falls victim to his addictions to drink and gambling, please St. Augustine help him to see the errors of this, so that he ,returns to going to Mass, and the meeting necessary to keep him from falling prey to his addictions. Help him please st. Augustine

    • I have been praying for your husband. I say this novena daily. Going on day 15. I pray for all those suffering from addiction and I myself am in recovery. This novena is so powerful. Thy Will Be Done.

  31. St. Augustine; I pray this novena to ask your intercession for my husband. He has claimed to be atheist for 3 years now and shuns away any talk or belief of God. I ask you St. Augustine to work a miracle with my husband. Help him to be filled with the Holy Spirit and come back to having a strong faith life with God. He used to read the Bible daily and attend mass with me even though he wasn’t Catholic. But after we got our marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church he became very angry and bitter and has claimed God does not exists. I do not understand why – he won’t tell me because he “doesn’t want to ruin my faith”. He allows me to raise our children Catholic and all of our friends and family say that he isn’t really atheist, but only that he is very angry with God right now. He had a very hard upbringing and I know he felts a lot of anger and resentment towards his mentally ill mother and most of his extended family who never helped him. Please St. Augustine help him to find closure and peace somehow with his past and the people he angry towards help him forgive; especially his mother.

  32. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to
    see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.
    I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    maglie calcio poco prezzo

  33. I ask St. Augustine for his intercession to God, to help a friend find his way. Just as you were once lost, help him be found like you. That his heart be converted so they can become the great person I know he can be.

  34. St Augustine please pray for me that God give me the gift of Knowledge and Wisdom and Guidance to know which College Major that I should take. God please answers my prayers.

  35. Dear St Augustine, please ask my Father to restore my finances to support myself and son, so that my son Daren, like you, may be free from all godless influences in His son’s Name Jesus.

  36. Prayer request for my daughter to be granted matching at Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cebu for her medical internship and to continue to bless her in her studies. Good health, protection and wisdom Lord, we pray.

  37. Prayer request for me to take the Principals Test on April 9, 2017, to bless me with God’s Wisdom & Knowledge and make the successfully, Amen.

  38. prayer request for my son martin to be a good follower of jesus,his good health and his good future

  39. Dear St Augustine still tormented by abusive husband I need a miracle to be FREE of him He is a monster please let us be FREE of him We canmot take anymore. I place all in thee and forever and ever Amen

    • I will pray for you & your husband. Please forgive him for his behavior & Bless him every day. Pray a daily novena prayer to St Monica, pray the 54 day Rosary Novena & a daily prayer to St Raphael. It is also very important to have Father Bless your Marriage . We must pray constantly . Surrender your husband to Jesus, do not worry. We must be in constant prayer. Rememember, that nothing is impossible for Almighty God.we must trust in Jesus.May God Bless you & your lovely husband. Have Faith!

      • I am in the same situation had a monster for a husband so much so that me and the 2 children were always told to f–k off all day long pushed around been physically abused and Alot verbally, we were always scared and told to be on our guard by him as he knows people in high places etc, and one night as he was soooo drunk kicked us out of our home at 3am. I was told not to go to mass anymore and to stop brainwashing the children with the religion it was actually because of his harshness that they dont believe in GOD as they saw in there eyes that if God marriages are like this its not a good thing People would think that.Oh I just dont know we are not with him now and sorry God but Thank God. Need prayers still in court hearings with him and I dont want to upset God either, by now deciding not to go back after he threw us out ?? I’m confused greatly. Would God want this for me and the children??
        God Bless
        Adriana (Australia)

        • Adria, I belive our Lord loves orphans and widows (single moms) in a very protective way,
          My suggestion is leave NOW. Let the children see your strength and protection, he’s not what they need now. As a parent you must protect them. I took my baby away at 8 mos, from an abuser and have never regretted a day!

  40. St Augustine please pray for me. Help me feel secure with my partner . In this new year please help my unsettled heart. You have seen what I have been through with my partner for the past 8 yrs. Bless me with only kindness and love from him moving forward. If his heart his hardened … help me to move on to something new and better. Sooner than later!!!

  41. Dear St Augustine, please help me and pray for my children Julian , Joycelynn and Jerome..particulary my son Julian who is really out of control and I have problem in handling him..Pray that he will come back to the right path and walk out from the darkness. I am very sad and dissappointed with him ..please help me . Everyday I get worry when he goes out with friends who are not of the right path. I am so hurt and like your mother I never give up until I see the change in my son Julian. I just can’t wait to see miracles happens in my life. Thanking you St Augustine for your prayer and intercession. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  42. St Augustine please pray for the protection of my daughter Faithful and my family. I also ask for the fruit of the womb this year for God to use it as my birthday gift this 2016 . I also ask for the smooth ceremony of my daughter’s baptism. I also ask you to p!ease pray for me and my husband to Wed in the church for I cannot receive holy Communion and it makes me cry all the time am is the Holy Mass. I also ask for document to stay in Germany.
    I ask for the protection of my marriage and for healing of my body and soul.
    Thank you St Augustine for interceding.
    Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers

  43. St Augustine
    You know my troubles are many at this time and my future looks bleak, Grant me strength and pray that all things will work out for the best. That my family and those I love will be spared shame and humiliation, and that I may learn from my wrongs and use this knowledge to help others.
    God bless and thank you

  44. Please St Augustine ask Jesus to help heal me and my son of our illnesses. Please also help with my upcoming exam. Thank you for all the strength you are providing.

  45. St. Augustine please plead to God for the favor I am praying for my son’s legal problems. I am so worried and like St. Monica she never gave up praying . I am suffering because I can’t sleep and have to think of the issues day and night.

  46. To whom it may concern,
    I love your website and I ask for you help in my time of terrible struggle and need. Please keep me in your prayers that I may help find and regain a strong faith and peace with God and what are the steps that I need to come back to him . Thank you and sending you peace and joy always =)

  47. St Augustine,
    Please pray for my son François that he will follow the holy, healthy and pure way of life, away from bad company, easy girls, pornography and smoking. I have panic attacks about my son like your mother Saint Monica once had and I hope I don’t have to wait that long to see my son become once again the sensible young man he used to be. Thank you and Amen!

  48. St. Augustine, my confirmation namesake, help me to seek to know about glorious Catholic faith. Pray to obtain for me the wisdom to defend wherever it is attacked, and to be an instrument believes other people to the One True Church.
    Let my son Joseph transformed from harshness and Aggressive to his Mother and Others. change him the way your Mother Monica Prayed for for you.


  49. Dear St. Augustine,
    You know the troubles and worries of my heart and soul. Among which is dire need of finances and success of Action Trans-Crime.
    The Lord said come to me thee who are heavy ladden and I will give you rest.
    Please plead for me to our Lady to interceed for me to Jesus.

  50. St.Augustine
    Please do pray for my marriage with Mr.Ruban James
    soon as possible Marriage should be fixed
    Ruban James weds Jyothi Nirmala

    • St Augustine please pray for us and my friend that go to work over sea Gray pray for him to and come back to the state safe. says:

      St Augustine pray for us
      My daughter just find a new job in her career give fee a peace of mind with all the rest employee.
      My second daughter going to a senior year at University of New Heaven intercede for her
      My little one going to six grade middle School watch over her please.
      My friend Gray over sea for work pray for him until he come back in two months.

  51. Dear St. Augustine, please help me in my search for a job. I have been unemployed for the past six months and I have family to take care of. Please intercede for me to find a good job that will give me peace of mind. Through Christ our Lord, Amen!
    St. Augustine…….Pray for us!!!

  52. St. Agustine I believe in your intercession, please pray for the conversion of my son Ralph that he will have the full faith in God. That he will love God within his mind, his hearts and soul. Amen

  53. St. Augustine let your kindness cause you to plead to God for a miraculous resolution of my present problem and the granting of my special intention.

  54. Please St. Augustine help and pray for my son Dean and process his legal problems.Please pray for his conversions and for a favorable judgement in his legal troubles that he will have a good & christian public defender that the court will appoint for him. He is a non-violent person and he needs a second chance.

  55. St. Augustine, my confirmation namesake, help me to seek to know about glorious Catholic faith. Pray to obtain for me the wisdom to defend wherever it is attacked, and to be an instrument believes other people to the One True Church.

  56. St. Monica,
    I’m praying that I’ll get the job in ESL. I pray for healing about my career decision and guidance going forward. Please bless my efforts and have mercy. I pray for Linda and her job situation and for Dan’s health. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  57. ST. AUGUSTINE WITH YOUR MOTHER ST. MONICA pray with me that the roads open for me and my household. That I get my daughter Bryleigh back. That gods strenghth keep all wrong doing away from me my household and my children. I pray my family my children become leaders of the word teachers of those lost or in dought. St. Augustine with your mother St. Monica I pray prosperity comes our way today as the clouds part bring us much needed resolve and blessings. AMEN

  58. Prayers needed for my family marriages to be restored (my son’s marriage) and restoration of health to my children and restoration of unity in my family. May my daughter in law be filled with God’s love and compassion and accept us and my son as her family.

  59. Dear St Augustine you are the patron staint for searchers please guide my sister to finding out who her intended husband is so that she won’t make the worst mistake of her life

  60. St. Monica
    Thank you Lord for providing finances for Deb. She really needed that! I went for a job interview a couple days ago. I hope that God opens the door for this good job. I feel sad because I was rejected on another job, but at the same time, I understand that it wouldn’t have been the right place to be. I trust God and know that he will provide. Please watch over and keep my family in good health and bless my finances. A special request for Linda. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  61. Please let my son hear God’s call and return to Church. Help him to practice living a faith filled life devoted to God. Pray that he will be the leader he was born to be in a way that reflects all that is good, and that he shares the gifts God has given him.

  62. St Augustine please intercede for us to obtain the needed funds to settle our financial obligations. For the Lord to provide for old age, and still use me in the mission of saving souls. Amen.

  63. Pray for to get a good and a well paying job dat will keep me in Gods faith, that will help and mai family get out of debts, dat will help the needy, will make us move from the state we are in to a better one AMEN

  64. Please pray that my son will come back to the church,and that he will do mighty things for Our Lord Jesus Christ.In the mean time may the Holy Spirit and Saint Michael the Arc Angel keep him well and safe in Jesus Name Amen.

  65. St. Monica,
    I received an email from a nearby school system for a possible job interview today. I pray I can get this job near my home. Then my mother wouldn’t have to move, and I would be able to live in my home. I pray that I’ll get this job, and that God will open this door for me. May it be a suitable grade level for me and a positive atmosphere. Amen!

  66. St. Monica,
    I’m praying that I will have an opportunity to get a job near my home. I don’t want to have to move my mother who is elderly, and I will work hard to do a good job here. I really pray to be near my family and to work in a positive atmosphere. Please open the door and bless this situation Lord. I trust everything will work out well in accordance with your will. Amen!

  67. St. Monica,
    I waited too long to reply for a job interview, and I wish that I would have tried for it. This might have been the path in teaching I was looking for. I pray that I may have a 2nd chance for this job, and I want to also pray for financial guidance. I pray about my neck and knee as these are still hurting. I pray for healing. Thank you Lord for all the many blessings in advance. Amen!

  68. St. Monica,
    Thank you for the fantastic scenery today Lord and all the many blessings-too many to mention! I’m praying for a miracle. Someone is selling a machine that would help me start my business, but it costs a lot. Maybe she can work out a deal with me. I’m also praying that I can get a job in education but not in the classroom. I’ve struggled with managing all the kids at once, and it’s too stressful. I pray that God will open the door to a job I’ll love and a place where I will feel welcome. I pray that is near my home. I pray for mom to feel better. She has been sleeping a lot. I know she’s getting older, but I just pray the doctor will be able to get to the root cause of what’s going on. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  69. St. Monica,
    I’m just worried about taking on a job that would be more than I can physically handle. I really hope and pray for a miracle, to have a job near my home with full benefits or to be able to start my own business. Please ask the Lord to bless this and to guide my thinking in what would be the best decision. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  70. St. Monica,
    I pray that God will guide me to a good job that will not be too stressful. I’m concerned about my health, and don’t want to take on more than I can handle. At the same time, I need to pay my bills. I pray financial blessings as well. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  71. St. Monica,
    My sister has a jealous streak about me getting a job. I pray she understands that this hurts people’s feelings. I pray she can be thankful for what God has given her and trust that things have worked out in her life for some reason. Also, I may get a job this week. Of course I’m nervous about it due to my previous job, but I am hopeful and excited for the opportunity. I pray God will guide me into a smooth transition. Amen!

  72. Dear st.Augustine and st.Monica, i am begging your prayer for my brother David. He is going all bad ways. Please pray for him to get the God’s blessing and kindness. My brother should realize God’s love, grace, kindness and his great blessing, my brother should come out from all bad habits, he should live his life as a blessing to our parents, relatives, neighbors and to the world.

    st.Augustine and st.Monica, kindly pray for my brother

    Its been long 8 years.. i need my brother to come back, dear God i need my brother, i can’t lose him or can’t give to the bad world, i should be proud of my brother, my parents too…

    Dear St.Monica, pray for my brother David as you did for your dearest son


  73. St. Monica,
    I have an interview tomorrow, and I hope to get the job. I hope all goes well with this. Please ask God that people will find favor with me. I pray for all the people in Nice France for healing and for my family to be in good health. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  74. St. Monica,
    I’m having problems with a student I teach online right now. I’m also having problems with mom as she is being controlling. Please help with these situations. Amen

  75. St. Therese,
    I want to thank the Lord in advance for all the many blessings I receive each and every day. I really hope a good local job with benefits comes through soon for me. In the meantime, I hope that my students online will be good ones who want to learn. It really tests my patience when I get students who are difficult. Amen!

  76. St. Monica,
    I have been feeling quite confused about what direction to go as far as a career. I had a very hard time in the public schools teaching and have concerns about going back to this. At the same time, I feel that I need to care for mom. She has pneumonia. She needs company too. I don’t know if I should get another degree or try to go into my own business. Also, I have 7 brothers and sisters and they need prayers about their health. Dan (diabetes), Michelle (cancer), Deb (circulation), and Anette (pneumonia), and Keith(alcoholism) especially. Please Lord bless these situation. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  77. Dear St.Augustine asking for your help for my brother Ron who is battling an addiction to pornography and mental and emotional problem l pray that he seeks professional help before it ruins his life, please St. Augustine intercede to our Lord for him.

  78. Dear St Augustine begging your help please help me get free of my abusive husband . I am in despair please help me

    • cmk you can start a new life for yourself and for your children. I, too, was in an abusive marriage for 25 years! I was afraid to leave because he was a police officer. I finally did and God was with me every step of the way, as scary as it was. I became stronger in my faith and as a person through doing so. My 4 children and I are all very close and they are proud of me for getting away. You are in my prayers!

  79. Dear St Augustine still imploring your help things are getting worse need to get away from abusive husband help me please

  80. Dear St Augustine please help I have been tormented by this man since 5 am Please help us get free rom him If only we could find somewhere to live away from him .Please help me my son and daughter let us get some peace.

  81. Dear St Augustine please help me get over tonight and tomorrow that my my wicked husband does not start his vile temper tantrums . My daughter has a friend visiting and we are terrified he will start trouble because the friend is here. He did before but covered it up and the damage was to. only one room.this time I feel oam going to have a heart attack Please help me

    • I have seen your posts the past few days. Please search for a women’s or families shelter to leave the home. If your husband is physically abusive you must leave. We must cooperate with grace, and God does not want you to stay with a man who is abusive. You have value and he is not honoring you or himself. If he is abusive, you do not have a true marriage. Please know you cannot fix him. Only he can do it, with God’s help, when he submits his free will to change his behavior. God must honor his free will to choose. I pray you will find a family member, friend, or shelter to go to. Claim the promise of Isaiah 41:10, “Fear not, I am with you. Be not dismayed, I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice.” Pray for God to provide a way out for you. God parted the Red Sea and he will make a path for you, but you must do your part and keep moving forward in a constructive way to take care of yourself and your children. Take action every day and Trust in Jesus to lead you.

      • Hi Jenny, I completely agree with your post. This woman really does need help.

        CMK you are not alone and you really need help. What he is doing is not OK and it is not a norm. It is wrong and you and your children need shelter. I would strongly look into seeking a domestic violence shelter where they can take care of you and protect you. I am praying for you. I wish I could help you more but please know this…people like this don’t change overnight. He needs serious help and anger management. Let the shelter help you and they can even help him with counseling and treatment centers. You are loved by God and creation is not complete without you. Be strong for you and your kids and go go go. Your freedom is at the door and you need to get away from him. May the Lord bless and protect you!

  82. Dear St Augustine I am in despair please help me get the means mor the way to get away from this awful man he is destroying us . Please help

  83. Dear St Augustine why am I so weak that I cannot stand up to this evil man .I sometimes feel strong but mostly terrified .I am ashamed to say that I have to tell lies to him
    at times to stpp him going into his evil temper and smashing our home up. Why cant we get some peace we do not deserve this kind of treatment Please help us

  84. Dear St Augustine once more imploring your help .Please help me find a way to get free from this awful husband Please help me

  85. Dear St Augustine once more imploring your help. I need your help so badly .Every day is getting worse with this spiteful mam and I am so weary of it all. When oh when will we get a bit of peace from him. I am constantly pounding the HEAVENS for help.

  86. Dear St Augustine please help me atortured soul there must be some how some way my daughter, son , and I can be free of this awful spiteful mean husband / father he relishes in terrifying us .Please help us

  87. Dear St Augustine still imploring you ans St Monica’s help. Please let u wes get away from him tjis man is so bad . His thpughts ans deeds are frightemning need to get away help us please

  88. Dear St Augustine once again a tortured night with this abusive vile man . He will not give us a minutes peace please help us

  89. Dear St Augustine Please help me get away from abusive husband / father I implore you and St Monica to help me and my son and daughter.

  90. St Augustine patron saint of searching for the truth. I am searching for answers. I have been betrayed by my husband. We will soon be divorced and I still want answers. Whether what really happened comes from him, or the person he was unfaithful with. Or it may come from others that know. I know something happened. I want to know St Augustine. Please. I want to be free from this secret and live to be the best mother to my children. St Augustine pray that they come forth so that I may go on. Amen.