St. Dymphna Novena

Saint Dymphna was born in Ireland during the 7th century. Her feast day is traditionally celebrated on May 15; but of course, you can pray through her intercession any time!

Saint Dymphna is usually associated with accounts of miraculous cures of mental illness and she is often invoked for those inflicted with emotional and mental distress.

St. Dymphna Novena Prayers

Day 1: For Faith

O God, Source of our salvation, in the midst of a pagan people, Thou didst enlighten St. Dymphna by the light of the true faith, which she professed under the guidance of her holy confessor, Gerebran, with such constance that she suffered martyrdom. Through the intercession of these two saints, we beg Thee to strengthen the faith which Thou hast given us, so that by wisely subjecting our souls to Thy Supreme Authority, and by faithfully conforming our lives according to our faith, we may honor Thee with our whole heart and soul until the hour of our death. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 2: For Hope

Almighty and infinitely good God, Thou hast promised eternal salvation to those who obey Thy commandments and make zealous use of Thy graces. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, who fled from the danger of sin by leaving the palace of her father, and who, eager to gain eternal salvation, fled to Belgium to live in poverty, we beg Thee to grant that we also, who are striving for eternal happiness, may overcome all obstacles in the way of virtue and may attain eternal salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 3: For Charity

God of love, Thou art the most perfect Being, and Creator of all that is good and beautiful. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, who in her youth loved Thee above all creatures and for Thy sake loved her neighbor as herself, as the image and likeness of Thee, as the price of the Blood of Jesus and as co-heir of heaven, be pleased to help us by Thy powerful grace, that we may faithfully fulfill the two great commandments of charity not only in word, but in action and in truth. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 4: For Piety

God, Our Creator and Supreme Master, St. Dymphna served Thee with great zeal even in her childhood, by hearing Thy word with delight, by assisting at Holy Mass with fervent reverence, and by receiving Holy Communion from the hand of St. Gerebran with tender devotion. Through her intercession we beg Thee to grant us the same virtue of piety so that, having honored Thee during this life as our Creator, we may possess Thee hereafter as our final reward. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 5: For Prudence

O God, ruler of the universe, Thou didst allow St. Dymphna to discover a helpful means of avoiding the evil intentions of her father. Through the merits of Thy holy servant, be pleased to grant that we may become, according to the words of Jesus, simple as doves and wise as serpents, so that through prudent advice and sound judgment we may recognize what we must do to achieve the great work of our salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 6: For Justice

O God, source of eternal justice, Thou didst inspire St. Dymphna to flee from her country and her father in order to render to Thee that which was Thine. Through her intercession we beg Thee to make us seek after justice so that we may perform our duties toward Thee as we ought. Though Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 7: For Fortitude

O God, rewarder of those who remain firm in their good resolutions, Thou gavest St. Dymphna such a love of virtue that she had the courage to suffer privation, persecution, and even martyrdom. Through her prayers we beg Thee to grant us fortitude that we may courageously and perseveringly overcome ourselves and finally conquer the enemy of our salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 8: For Temperance

O God, You made St. Dymphna resplendent in the virtue of temperance so that she mastered sensual inclinations and used temporal goods prudently. With temperance she combined the beautiful virtues of modesty, docility and humility. Let us not forget that humility is called the foundation of all virtue because it banishes from the soul pride, the obstacle to grace. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, we beg Thee to guide and direct us, so that being preserved from evil and nervous disorders, we may obey till death the commandments and counsels Thou hast given us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 9: For Chastity

O God, lover of innocent souls, Thou gavest St. Dymphna the virtue of angelic purity which made her reserved in all her actions, modest in her dress, attentive in her conversation, upright in her character, so that she even shed her blood to preserve this precious virtue. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, we beg thee to bestow upon us the virtue of chastity that we may enjoy peace of conscience in this life and pure eternal joys of heaven hereafter. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

More About St. Dymphna

We don’t know very much about Saint Dymphna. A lot of the history that we do know comes from oral tradition and written stories. But what we do know is that she was born in the 7th century in Ireland to a beautiful devout Christian mother, and to a pagan father who was also an Irish Chief.

When her mother died, her father became immensely depressed, and Saint Dymphna also suffered during that time. Her father looked for a replacement wife, and he was told by his advisors to pursue his daughter as his new wife.

Driven mad by his depression, he made advances on his daughter. Saint Dymphna fled to Belgium with her confessor and took refuge in a Chapel near the present day site of Gheel. Her father’s spies, however, tracked her down and her father found begged Dymphna to return to Ireland with him.

Dymphna refused, and her father decapitated her. At the time, she was only 15 years old.

A shrine was built on the spot where she was buried in Gheel, Belgium, and many miracles have taken place there since.


Saint Dymphna is the patron saint of….

Mental Illness
Emotional distress
Incest Victims

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  1. Please pray for the soul of my son, Tyler. He dealt with mental health issues for much of his life and on August 6th, he lunged at two officers outside of a gas station in Lousiville, KY with a knife, therefore forcing them to draw their weapons and fire on him, killing him instantly. He was not even three months past his eighteenth birthday. My heart is broken for my son.
    Thank you.

  2. Please pray for me that I have strength and guidance to get through all these financial difficulties that I am facing. I having bad anxiety from all the worries. Thank you.

  3. Please heal Sean heart. Thx please heal my husband infection. Thx. Please heal Brian. Thx. please heal gabby. Thx. Please keep Carol in remission. Thx please heal my imbalance mental. Always thinking the worst. Thx. Please help me lose weight. Thx please heal left arm
    And hand. Please please heal the depression. Thx.

  4. I pray for gratitude and complete healing and health for me and mine now and always and for all here and all the afflicted-especially those with mental disorders.
    I’m too terrified to sleep or think or live my life to the full. Plead with God on our behalf PLEASE and we will more readily be able to glorify and serve Him. So much sickness and suffering…Ask God to show us the care and Love and plans to prosper us as He promised in The Bible. With heartfelt thanks with every beat of my heart from when I was a baby to my dying breath…
    God Bless All.

  5. Dear St. Dumphna, please help heal the foot pain caused from gout for my nephew. He also suffers from depression but since he hasn’t been drinking and in a rehab program his disposition is much better, now he needs medical help with his swollen foot due to an infection that started with gout and a swollen bunion on his right foot. Please help with this. Amen

  6. Please heal Sean heart. Thx please heal my husband infection. Thx please heal brian thx. Please heal gabby. Thx please heal jake. Thx. Please heal my imbalance mental. Always thinking the worst. The depression Please please help me. Please heal my left arm and hand. Please heal urinary and bladder infection. Please please help me. Thx.

  7. Dear St. Dymphna, please continue to support my nephew in his various addictions. He has been in therapy and treatment for 2 months today and appears to be doing okay but I know everyday is a struggle. I also want to include my niece and neighbor who is also suffering from addictions. Amen

  8. Saint Dymphna,
    Please help me and my dear friends overcome any emotional obstacles we face in the coming school year.

    • I want you to know that you are not alone in this prayer. Many children, parents and teachers seem to suffer emotional distress through our thoughts regarding possible obstacles one may face in an upcoming school year, as we near the end of summer.

      I would like to add to this through prayer:
      Dear Saint Dymphna,
      Please help my fellow teachers, myself, our students and parents to be emotionally supportive in working together in creating a positive, productive learning environment this upcoming school year. One that is free from ignorance by way of placing blame or pointing fingers. One that breads optimism, thoughtfulness and compassion for everyone involved.

      Thank you

  9. Please send your help to my dear lover as you helped me numerous times & completely relieve and heal my sweetheart from any distress or nervousness or apprehension. In Jesus name we implore you to pray for us for our marriage and for no emotional disorders for either of us amen .

  10. St Dympna
    please pray for me and pls help me my financial problems pls…
    pls bless me my family relatives.friends and jesus Name.Amen
    Thank you

  11. Saint Dymphna I pray that you give me relief from my anxiety and depression. Keep my mind focused in the moment and may you take on my worry of the future. Resulting from repressed unpleasant memories of where I was suffered at the hands of others and ongoing stress I have now acted out wrongfully. As I await court I pray that you hold me in your heart. If anything this experience provided me with therapy and a reconnection with my faith. For this I am grateful.

  12. dear Virgen Mary
    Intercede in all these prayers on the site. Hear us all please. I ask that I may come out of all my anxiety, fears, and depression. That I learn once more how to overcome this all. Let me find strength and heal my mind, soul, and eyes. Let be able to sleep deeply without worries or aniexty. Let me be happy again! Amen

  13. Please Mother Mary,Heavenly Father and all the saints..I beseech you to please lift the burden of anger,sadness ,anxiety ,ill health and depression that has plagued my family. By your stripes we are healed so I believe that through the powerful intercessions we will know joy and happiness again after being lost it for decadesget rid off permanently unhappiness and suicidal tendencies and bring the love and light and joy we are so desperate for.I BEG you and I pray for for intercession for all the people on this site and those gpoing through difficult times,who approach you in prayer …to help us. In Jesus mighty name.Amen

  14. Dear Saint Dymphna,

    I beg your intercession for my daughter, Katie. Please intercede for Katie and ask the Lord to heal my daughter of memories of a rape that happened when she was 14 years old and has caused her to suffer PTSD; healing also of her anxiety, depression, anorexia, self-harm, promiscuous behavior, low self-esteem, etc. The Lord knows the burden that my daughter carries, and I beg your intercession for complete healing. Please ask the Lord to bring about healing, forgiveness, self-love, and peace of mind for Katie. Please ask the Lord to keep her close to Him through the Sacraments and prayer. Oh, sweet Saint Dymphna, please, please intercede for my Katie.

    My thank you, Saint Dymphna,

  15. I pray to you St. Dymphna for a brother and father who have issues and need healing. My brother suffers from a childhood lacking in praise and worth. He struggles to keep his head above water financially and still seeks in his late years, to find my father’s approval.
    I also pray for my father who can be very harsh and has anger issues which doesn’t help when my brother is looking for love and not criticism. Please intercede for us to our Lord God and His son Jesus Christ for peace between them and healing for the whole family who is also affected by this situation.

  16. Dear St. Dymphna,

    I ask your intercession upon deceptions from traumas in life that Charles, age 28, is under about needing a rehab. Also causing a lack of consistency in taking his medications to keep him happier and healthier.

    May I, as his Mother, not let feelings of pity for him keep me from insistency upon these two requirements to continue living with me, his Mom.

    • Day 5 Novena began July 26 along with St. Padre Pio and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on July 24th.

      July 30 today a note on St. Padre Pio Novena gives progress so far.

      Dear St. Dymphna, please heal Therese of inability to recover from trauma at age 15. Therese is 42 and is sinking deeper into entanglements. Day 1

  17. Dear St Dymphna, on behalf of my son, through your intercession I pray that he be able to find guidance & direction and be healed of his anxiety and depression. Through God’s grace, I lift my son’s issues to God. May I also learn how to deal with his problems and may my son have renewed faith in God.

  18. Dear St Dymphna,

    I humbly ask for your prayers for my mother, who is suffering from schizophrenia. She finds it difficult to keep up with her medication (it has been 5 years) and struggles with loneliness, as we are all busy at work/school and unable to spend much time with her. Please pray for her, that she may find peace of mind and soul. I also offer up my students and youth in church who struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem and other symptoms of depression. Please pray that they may find hope and meaning in their lives.


  19. Please pray for my friend who suffers from severe depression and heart-break. She has been through so much and doesn’t see the value in living.

  20. Dear Saint Dymphna

    Please pray for my beautiful daughter Emma, who at this time has some self doubt and anxiety. Please also pray for everyone like Emma and to help them live a happy and healthy life and to be the best they possibly can be.

    In the name of Jesus Christ


  21. She was a brave young lady.At 15 I was quite dim.St Dymphana left home and all what should have been her security. She eas blessed from birth. I am hoping to visot Belgium this summer, to ser her restong place. I wish I was as brave as St Dymphana.

  22. I pray that all with anxiety, depression, and all mental illness are healed. I ask to also be healed of the anxiety and fear that plagues me. I pray to have trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and for all that have these problems.
    In Jesus name I pray.


  23. I offer prayers for my dear friend Susan who has struggled with depression for many years. Her depression is exacerbated by troublesome health issues which doctor’s have not been able to get under control. I pray that she finds healing and peace, and support in the love of her family and friends.


    pray for my brothers they aren’t well and evil has come into their hearts. One has taken the others wife and children. Please pray that the mental illness that has control f them leaves immediately and god love and grace give them peace to find God and go to church and we can all be a happy family again. Sr Dymphna I pray on my knees to you for a miracle for my brothers to be healed and see her for who she is. By the power of Almighty God I ask for you to protect them and heal them from whatever mental illness has come to them. Please please help them my father is very ill and he still prays every morning may his faith and prayers save us all!

    Almighty God hold out his hand and heal us!!

  25. Dears

    Please pray to St Dyphna for my son Yohan to be cured of severe depression.

    Thanking you in Jesus Christ

    Celine Joseph

  26. I pray that my son find happiness within himself. That he finds the love and Gods gifts that he has been given. That he is free of anxiety and depression. I pray that we may find a cure for what ails him. Please help us find the help we need that he may be a happy loving person free from this illness. In Gods name I pray. Amen

  27. I beg intercession of St. Dympthna and her confessor Gerebran that our dear daughter learns that she is surrounded by love and that life is good.

  28. Please, pray for my friends Joe, Jane and myself I am so full of anxiety and fear all the time and I don’t know why. Please help, please

  29. Dear St. Dymphna,

    I stumbled upon this novena to you in search for patron saint of single women looking for good husband. God knows that I am not yet ready for another relationship as I just got off a relationship barely 2 months ago. Currently, I am seeking for inner healing and deliverance. Please do intercede for my prayers as the recently ended relationship triggered all the fears, anxieties, worries, depression, self-pity, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, cursing people who have hurt me especially B who showed no remorse to what she had done, thoughts of killing my offending parties, negative prayers for my offending parties that they be punished, sadness, helplessness, victim disposition of my being, troubled heart and mind, restless spirit, anger, hatred, rage, grudge, spite, unforgiveness, belief in the lies of the devil associated with my past experiences, shame, guilt, feeling of unworthiness, doubts, emotional distress, and many other negativities in my life. I am struggling in forgiving all people who have hurt me in the past, doubting if God will really punish them if I surrender them to him. I am tired of punishing myself in the hope that all those who have hurt me would be hurt as well. It’s totally insane, but I am bound and I desire revenge. I ask that you, St Dymphna, may please intercede for my deliverance against this bondage. Help me to do my part as well by not dwelling on the past; as you may know, I am very prone to replaying all the negatives in my mind and cursing those who have offended me. Please interced for the purification of my mind, soul, and heart that I may receive God’s love and grace. As I pray for my inner healing and deliverance, I pray the same for my family to be delivered from all evil and be healed from within. God knows I am seeking for a full life, vibrant and alive as I take on the new self that God promises. I am desperate of healing and deliverance. Please also intercede for the protection of my parents, siblings, in-law, nieces, closest relatives and friends, T (his biological family, his adoptive family, and his workplace family), our possessions and properties, hearts, minds, souls, spirits, being, finances/jobs, service, relationships toward each other, emotions, health, and other important to us with the most precious Blood of Jesus Christ against all evil retaliations, evil attacks, and infirmities. Please intercede that the Holy Spirit may empower us to live a full, happy life pleasing to the Lord. Thank you. I ask all these also through the most powerful name of Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mama Mary, St Joseph her most chaste spouse, St Padre Pio, St Jude Thaddeus, St Anthony of Padua, Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Crucified Jesus, Christ the King, Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, together with all the angels and saints in heaven. Amen.

  30. St. Dymphna,
    I ask for your intercession on behalf of my son, who recently had a breakdown. I pray that you help us find the correct dr. who can help him to recover to the sensitive, happy, loving young man he was. He is 18.
    I also ask for you to watch over my family as it has been very hard to watch a son and brother go through this.
    Please help my baby.

  31. St. Dymphna
    I have been on anxiety medicine for 10 years and want to be without medicine. I want to live my life without all of this self-doubt and needless worry. I pray for guidance and strength and to help with the withdrawal symptoms…in Jesus’ name Amen

  32. Respect to Saint Dinpfna, She was born blessed, one so young to ruñ away. What she went through was unbelievable. I am so pleased to have found this great Saint. Thanking you Saint Dinpfna.

  33. St Dymphna
    I have only recently read about you.
    My daughter has mental illness,anxiety and a troubled life
    I ask you for a miracle
    I ask you to help her to seek help,to find a away to manage her health
    To give her some peace
    I thank you for listening

  34. Thank you for hearing my prayers. St. Dymphna, you are the patron saint of the afflicted for whom I pray. May BF have peace, clarity, and move forward with her life and a healthier future. Amen.

  35. Please help me with my mental issues and emotioal issue for our son who is dealing with cancer it is hard on all of us

  36. My wife have Schizophrenia Paranoid for almost 16 years
    What can do more may ilness may be cure & heal

  37. Praying for son, Jesse, ill with schizophrenia. St Dymphna, please
    ask Jesus to cure him if it is his holy will.

  38. I am praying for St Dymphna’s intercession for my son, Jesse, who suffers serious schizophrenia. I am praying for his protection and complete amd permanent healing.
    Thank you, Jesus.

  39. Dear Great St. Dymphna , please at this time pray for the healing of my friend John who is hospitalized for Bi-Polar manic episode. That he recovers and the help after wards is made well. Please St. Dymphna pray for my aunt and Lena who have Alzheimers . my mother who has parkinsons I who have Bi-Polar along with my girlfriend and my other friends especially who have BI-Polar. Please St. Dymphna pray for all those alone in despair with mental illness, those who are homeless with mental illness, in oppressed countries , the poor, and those in psychiatric hospitals We Love you St. Dymphna and we all appreciate your sweet prayers and that you are true . Thank you St. Dymphna May God hear your prayers

  40. I want to help my granddaughter thru prayer with her depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and self esteem. Her name is Stephanie. Thank you.

  41. Dear saint Dymphna please pray for my husband who has been suffering for many years with depression. He suffers everyday with no relief nothing has helped he is in a black hole so to speak. I ask please help him out of this black hole he’s been in for months. Thank you amen

  42. Dear Saint Dymphna … I pray for your help with my daughters healing from an abusive relationship .. Anxiety .. Consumes her at times .. Please free her soul and spirit … Help her return from the dark …. I thank you .. Amen

  43. We need sincere heartfelt pray for my nephew. He is bipolar and has not accepted it or dealing with it. He takes his medication for a while then stops then spirals out of control please help us pray for him to take ownership of this problem and become a Victor not a victim. We pray his doctors will be enlightened thru the Holy Spirit on what they can do to help him as far as medications and counseling. Please Lord Our God you are the Great physician help us. St Dymphna interceded for him

  44. Dear St Dymphna, Please pray for my husband who is struggling with anxiety and subsequently, alcoholism. It is preventing him from being able to work and support our family. He is trying so hard, please pray for him!

  45. Dear St Dymphna, please pray for my son Nicholas who’s battling depression. Pray for his complete healing and that he will be free to lead a normal healthy live. Pray that he will come back to church. I ask this in the most mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  46. Dear St. Dymphna – please pray to Jesus for our daughter Alliyah as she battles through depression. Please give us wisdom and patience to help her as well as send us the proper health professionals needed to assist our child. Jesus, please lead her to you and your great love. Our family asks this in Jesus’ name.

  47. Dear St. Dymphna,

    Please cure my anxiety and depression and OCD. Drugs and therapy have not worked. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  48. St.Dymphna, I pray for my son Ryan who is suffering from mental illness for a long time. May he recover from such illness and return as a normal person again. I pray for you to protect him from any harm, not only him but as well as my entire family… Thank you in Jesus name…Amen

  49. Please pray for help for my daughter who is suffering greatly from mental stress and overwork. Pray for a less stressful job for her with an income to be able to support herself and her two children.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  50. St. Dymphna I pray that you protect our daughter from evil, please remove the negativity from her thoughts, her desire to self harm and her obsession with death. I ask that you guide her caregivers in providing the treatment she needs and I pray that you guide her towards your holiness and show her the beauty in life. I continue to ask God for patience as we travel this journey with her, please keep her safe and restore her health.

  51. Please pray for myself, I have suffered badly the last 10 plus years with shyness, shame, guilt, hopelessest bad mental health, withdrawn from people, bad self image of myself, I want to overcome these once and for all and pray my kids dont suffer that way and are mentally strong thank you god bless

    • Dear pmcg,

      I just felt led to reply and recommend that you look into a incredible Catholic Organization called Heart of the Father Ministries. Their founder, Neal Lozano, has written a book called Unbound. As a mental health counselor myself, the information shared in this book about freedom through the Holy Spirit has been truly life changing and HEALING! Please read his book and I will pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you to the fullness of life he has planned for you!! God bless you!!

  52. This is a beautiful novena. Please pray for my dad with dementia who suffers very bad with sundowners. Pray for my brother, his friend and me the caregivers in his life. May God bless everyone who is struggling with this disease.

  53. Please pray for my Children that they not have anxious thoughts about life that they find joy and happiness. May the Lord Enter their hearts and give them peace and serenity. Lord Jesus Look over my kids when we are not together lead them in the right direction. For the Kingdom and the Glory are yours Now and Forever. AMEN

  54. I am praying this novena for me. I have become anxious and feelings of depression come over me occasionally as I feel hopeless in the decisions I have made in life lately dealing with finances. I want so much to have more than enough money too make everyone I my life happy and Hoover them what they need.
    I am also a victim of incest and was so surprised that this saint was a patron for that too. Perhaps that was what I was drawn to her for without knowing it. Please also pray that I find guidance for that as that happened for many years during my childhood and I am much older now. I can never forget and it is so terribly hard to forgive. Help me..

  55. St. Dymphna I’m praying tonight for the next 9 days. My cousin isn’t where she needs to be in her love life. She went back with a ex that doesn’t know what he wants and has cheated more than once. This isn’t her man and is something that my cousin who passed away 8 years ago shouldn’t see her suffering for someone who doesn’t respect her. Humiliated by friends and family, she’s not what she used to be. I always know she was enegenic and kind. She’s been trying to make this relationship work for 4 years. my cousin and I are not alike in love life. Help her come back to her true self heal and let her realize the truth, she been having marijuana, eating poorly and mentally unstable emotional illness. If any syndromes that I don’t know about her through this difficult time in her. Even if she doesn’t know it. help my uncle and aunt by balancing her home and family especially my cousins. they’re not perfect and tried to be a team.
    thank you lord and all the saints by hearing this prayer . amen

  56. Please pray for my son, who is suffering from mental illness, adverse side effects brought on by mismanagment of medication. Please pray for his new doctor to have discernment and wisdom for his medication and treatment and that he will come back from all the adverse side effects without any permanent damage. Prayers for our family too, as we go through this very difficult time. Amen.

  57. Dear Heavenly Father I prayer for my brother who has server depression. Bipola. He is in great need of your help and prayer. My family is distracted and very worried. Pls st Dymphna help my brother please please I send this prayer request with all my heart n soul . Help my mum she needs you.

  58. please please help me pray for my brothers who are deeply depressed and emotionally distress because of life issues particularly about love and family…may they find peace in their hearts and minds…so that they may overcome all the trials, battles & struggles of life…

  59. Please pray for me for my anxiety and depression that I have. My anxiety has surpassed what is has ever before and becoming very consuming. Diagnosed with breast cancer and had masectomy (no treatment needed), now I await anxiously to prepare for reconstructive surgery in August. Am told I need to lose 15-20 lbs, which has lead to enourmous stress;that enormous stress has now led to other health issues. I know my faith is strong and I can do all things with God by my side but would appreciate extra prayers….Amen

  60. Please pray for me my family and my business. I am under a lot of stress amd anxeity due to the lack of finances to pay our bills. I’m trying to hold on to our family business using my personal funds to keep everthing afloat. I have run out of resourses to pay bills. Been in business a very long time and I don’t know how to go on. The pressure from creditors people who have left us we have no support from the community or my family. Bless us with a niracle supernatual healing and prosperity. I can’t sleep due to the worry and shame. Amen

  61. Please pray for my who is battling depression and other demons of hate and misery. Please help him find his faith and be one with Christ again. Heal his mind body & soul of ALL his illness and grant him a happy, healthy life with family and Christ.
    I know Lord it is not if you grant my request it is when. So let your will be done when it is your time.

  62. Please pray for my wife who is battling depression. Pray that she grows and wants to get the help that she needs. May God’s will be done – not mine. God has us all in the palm of His hand.

  63. Please pray for my son who is currently suffering from severe depression and isolation. May God heal him through the powerful intercession of St Dymphna so that he can resume a normal and productive life at work and with family and friends.
    Thank you

  64. Please pray for me. I have been out of work for 15 months. I am divorced, and share joint custody of my daughter with her dad. I have anxiety, and worrying makes the tightness in my chest worst. I have no income coming in, and need to get in a job real soon.

    • Dear KRF,

      I read your post asking for prayers. I prayed the prayer to Saint Dymphna for you. I never had a child but am helping a really special friend that is also divorced with shared custody of a child. Divorce causes such financial burdens. May you find an angel to help you get back on your feet.

  65. Please heal my daughter’s medical problems all due to anxiety. Heal also my anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression. I pray that my daughter doesn’t inherit my mental illnesses. St. Dymphna please pray for us

  66. Please pray for me, I am depressed and feeling neglected by my husband. I think he already found a new I saw he was chatting with some women…I read some of his messages to the girl saying that he don’t love me anymore. Please help me to be strong, please pray for me. And please pray for me to have a right decision in life…am married and not happy. He cheated on me, pray for me to be more patient and humble…I am so depressed that sometimes I just think of divorcing him to end this suffering. I tried to be a good wife but it seems I am not good enough. Please help me pray. Thank you!

    • You are in my prayers. PLEASE seek professional counseling. Try to find someone that is counsels with an emphasis on the teachings of Christ. Your Church office can probably recommend someone to you. PLEASE get the support that you need. None of us can do it alone.

  67. Please pray for me. I have depression & anxiety. The meds. I was on were not helping. I have a new Dr. and renewed faith. I am not asking for much. Please help me while I pray. A lot has happened the past few years, my mom, 2 cousins passing. Me leaving my job after many years,
    And a lot of grief and stress causing me to break…..I am in counseling,
    They tell me it takes time. Thank you.

  68. Saint Dymphna pray for me. I am suffering from stress, depression and anxiety as well as isolation from much of my family. For years I took care of my father who has dementia with little help from them until it became too much for me and I had a breakdown. Now he is in a nursing home and they are all mad at me. I can say I did my best, but evidently it wasn’t good enough for them. Now I am depressed and isolated. May God change their hearts and heal mine.

    • Just wanted to tell you I’m praying for you…you are not alone …I’m in a similar situation…May god help us both

  69. Dear saint Dymphna, please pray for my mental illness. I want to be completely healed once and forever by a miracle. Please heal my relations with mother, family, friends, people, myself. Restore my Spirit and strengthen my heart, confidence, knowledge.

  70. I am suffering extreme anxiety and depression over a friend who lied to me and has caused a Catholic man who I was hoping to have a relationship with not to happen. He is now seeing a very pushy divorce women who is leading him and I m told he is moody and not happy. I was told by his sister that I made him happy but now she says he is a hurtful person and I shouldn’t bother with him.
    Please help me. Please lead him back to me. Something very malice has taken my relationship with this family south.
    Please intercede for me
    A year ago his sister said his late wife and divine intervention brought us together now she says he is awful and moody. Why the change of behavior and words. She now says he hurts people and before told myself and family he would treat me like a queen.

  71. Please pray for my children. They have had stressful adult lives and one suffers depression and anxieties too. I hope by doing so,they will find peace,healing and contentment .. thank you so much for your help.

  72. Please pray for my son who is suffering from mental anxiety and depression. ..please help him get some relief and realize that he is his safe place..amen

  73. For healing for depression, anxiety, isolation and lack of confidence,emotional distress, hope, faith and love for my son who is an unbeliever and is in jail because of self medicating and other problems (Tom)
    For healing of depression, anxiety, isolation and paranoia, lack of confidence, leading him back to the sacraments.(joe) for his mother and her siblings emotional healing with brother, sister, mother, father wounds. Emotional and spiritual healing for my daughter, (Casey)granddaughter (sAmmy)their father and mother and siblings. Amen

  74. I have been praying to St Michael but I notice it doesn’t say ,say the Our Father,Hail Mary , Glory be 5x’s are you supposed to pray it if it don’t say it

  75. Dear st.Dympna,I humbly ask you to pray for me and my family against emotional stress,poverty,illness(asthma),evil/spiritual attacks,charms,unemployment,unsuccessful/unprosperous life upon me and my family that is causing so much depression and distress upon my life and that of my family…..please pray for me and my family….Amen.

  76. Dear St Dymphna
    whom is my namesake, l ask you to heal my darling friend from cancer and my beautiful brother from depression and CFS. I ask you this in gods name and l ask you to heal my thyroid condition. Thank you Saint Dymphna

  77. St Dymphna

    Please pray for my mental well being. I have been having very bad anxiety that is turning into depression. Please pray to give me piece of mind, calmness, peace and clarity. Please pray for my family.


    • I am suffering extreme anxiety and depression over a friend who lied to me and has caused a Catholic man who I was hoping to have a relationship with not to happen. He is now seeing a very pushy divorce women who is leading him and I m told he is moody and not happy. I was told by his sister that I made him happy but now she says he is a hurtful person and I shouldn’t bother with him.
      Please help me. Please lead him back to me. Something very malice has taken my relationship with this family south.
      Please intercede for me
      A year ago his sister said his late wife and divine intervention brought us together now she says he is awful and moody. Why the change of behavior and words. She now says he hurts people and before told myself and family he would treat me like a queen.

  78. Saint Dymphna,
    Please pray for peace in my family. Help me overcome this mental strain. I need your intercession I have been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and negative thoughts lately where it’s putting a toll on me. I never again want to experience this again for the sake of my daughter who I love so much. Help me feel calm again. Amen.