St. Dymphna Novena

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Saint Dymphna was born in Ireland during the 7th century. Her feast day is traditionally celebrated on May 15; but of course, you can pray through her intercession any time!

Saint Dymphna is usually associated with accounts of miraculous cures of mental illness and she is often invoked for those inflicted with emotional and mental distress.

St. Dymphna Novena Prayers

Day 1 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Faith

O God, Source of our salvation, in the midst of a pagan people, Thou didst enlighten St. Dymphna by the light of the true faith, which she professed under the guidance of her holy confessor, Gerebran, with such constance that she suffered martyrdom. Through the intercession of these two saints, we beg Thee to strengthen the faith which Thou hast given us, so that by wisely subjecting our souls to Thy Supreme Authority, and by faithfully conforming our lives according to our faith, we may honor Thee with our whole heart and soul until the hour of our death. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 2 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Hope

Almighty and infinitely good God, Thou hast promised eternal salvation to those who obey Thy commandments and make zealous use of Thy graces. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, who fled from the danger of sin by leaving the palace of her father, and who, eager to gain eternal salvation, fled to Belgium to live in poverty, we beg Thee to grant that we also, who are striving for eternal happiness, may overcome all obstacles in the way of virtue and may attain eternal salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 3 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Charity

God of love, Thou art the most perfect Being, and Creator of all that is good and beautiful. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, who in her youth loved Thee above all creatures and for Thy sake loved her neighbor as herself, as the image and likeness of Thee, as the price of the Blood of Jesus and as co-heir of heaven, be pleased to help us by Thy powerful grace, that we may faithfully fulfill the two great commandments of charity not only in word, but in action and in truth. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 4 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Piety

God, Our Creator and Supreme Master, St. Dymphna served Thee with great zeal even in her childhood, by hearing Thy word with delight, by assisting at Holy Mass with fervent reverence, and by receiving Holy Communion from the hand of St. Gerebran with tender devotion. Through her intercession we beg Thee to grant us the same virtue of piety so that, having honored Thee during this life as our Creator, we may possess Thee hereafter as our final reward. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 5 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Prudence

O God, ruler of the universe, Thou didst allow St. Dymphna to discover a helpful means of avoiding the evil intentions of her father. Through the merits of Thy holy servant, be pleased to grant that we may become, according to the words of Jesus, simple as doves and wise as serpents, so that through prudent advice and sound judgment we may recognize what we must do to achieve the great work of our salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 6 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Justice

O God, source of eternal justice, Thou didst inspire St. Dymphna to flee from her country and her father in order to render to Thee that which was Thine. Through her intercession we beg Thee to make us seek after justice so that we may perform our duties toward Thee as we ought. Though Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 7 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Fortitude

O God, rewarder of those who remain firm in their good resolutions, Thou gavest St. Dymphna such a love of virtue that she had the courage to suffer privation, persecution, and even martyrdom. Through her prayers we beg Thee to grant us fortitude that we may courageously and perseveringly overcome ourselves and finally conquer the enemy of our salvation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 8 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Temperance

O God, You made St. Dymphna resplendent in the virtue of temperance so that she mastered sensual inclinations and used temporal goods prudently. With temperance she combined the beautiful virtues of modesty, docility and humility. Let us not forget that humility is called the foundation of all virtue because it banishes from the soul pride, the obstacle to grace. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, we beg Thee to guide and direct us, so that being preserved from evil and nervous disorders, we may obey till death the commandments and counsels Thou hast given us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

Day 9 – St. Dymphna Novena

For Chastity

O God, lover of innocent souls, Thou gavest St. Dymphna the virtue of angelic purity which made her reserved in all her actions, modest in her dress, attentive in her conversation, upright in her character, so that she even shed her blood to preserve this precious virtue. Through the intercession of St. Dymphna, we beg thee to bestow upon us the virtue of chastity that we may enjoy peace of conscience in this life and pure eternal joys of heaven hereafter. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be five times

More About St. Dymphna

We don’t know very much about Saint Dymphna. A lot of the history that we do know comes from oral tradition and written stories. But what we do know is that she was born in the 7th century in Ireland to a beautiful devout Christian mother, and to a pagan father who was also an Irish Chief.

When her mother died, her father became immensely depressed, and Saint Dymphna also suffered during that time. Her father looked for a replacement wife, and he was told by his advisors to pursue his daughter as his new wife.

Driven mad by his depression, he made advances on his daughter. Saint Dymphna fled to Belgium with her confessor and took refuge in a Chapel near the present day site of Gheel. Her father’s spies, however, tracked her down and her father found begged Dymphna to return to Ireland with him.

Dymphna refused, and her father decapitated her. At the time, she was only 15 years old.

A shrine was built on the spot where she was buried in Gheel, Belgium, and many miracles have taken place there since.


Saint Dymphna is the patron saint of….

Mental Illness
Emotional distress
Incest Victims

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  1. Please pray that my biopsy today will be negative of cancer. And that my work will let me retire easily and without difficulty.

  2. Please pray for my daughter, who has lost everything, to find her way out of her depression back to a life of fruitfulness, health, and joy.

  3. Please pray son Eddie he’s only 3 he takes convulsions can you pray he won’t take them again

  4. Sweet Saint Dymphna, please pray for my beloved daughter who is suffering with great anxiety and may be Bi-Polar. Please pray for her doctor as well, that she may best guide and help my daughter. Thank you, Saint Dymphna!

  5. Please take this health anxiety and worry from me and grant me good health-physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I worry constantly about having some horrible thing that the doctors are missing. Please give me the guidance to go to the right Dr. if they are missing something and if not, let me be able to take the medication without the side effects to cure it. Thank you for my Drs. and I ask that they are guided by God in taking care of me. Give me peace and help me to sleep at night. Please take away my constant worry. Thank you Lord for all You have done for me that I take for granted. St. Dymphna please intercede for me in this request. I want to have peace.

  6. I would like this emotional distress that I am feeling to be taken away from me. I am worried a lot about my job and lately I am making mistakes and these could cause me my job. Please pray for me to build my confidence and to eliminate this worry feeling. Please pray for me for the sake of my family’s future.

  7. Dear loving sweet. Precious St. Dymphna. We are living in a incredible stressful time. Please short and simple intercession help all us children of God cope with stress. Help it not get the best of us and especially let the stress that my sister has, her husband, her child with autism and her other son all be blessed of well mental and emotional health . please too . bless me with my progression to better mental health with my Bi-Polar disorder and just intercede for all in the world we need sanity and piece of mind in these crazy times.
    I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen

  8. Dear wonderful, precious, powerful, faithful, and on and on of so many virtues. Please help my immediate family especially my sister and husband with their HUMONGOUS mental and especially emotional stress as well as all God’s children of us all in this stressful world . may it not get the best of us. My mother with Parkinson’s. Please bless me with my BI-Polar illness and help me do all the right things to help it. Please help those imprisoned, the poor .the oppressed, the all of us. . you were so faithful and chose to b the martyr instead of giving your life to a way out of scary death b cause you loved Jesus so much. All intercession we love you all in Christ’s name .Amen

  9. May all those who seek refuge and healing through this prayer find peace.

    Please pray for my boyfriend Frank who is suffering from depression and self doubt. Pray that he can regain confidence in himself and his work. Please let him one again feel love from others and for himself.

    Thank You St. Dymphna.

  10. St Dymphna. Please pray for me. I am so depressed and my faith is lagging. So many trials so many failures. I wake up and my soul is. Crying. I reach out for our Lord and he is nowhere . Help me out of this state. Help me to free my mind and soul. St Dymphna I pray to you with all my heart ❤️ please hear me.

  11. Please pray for my son who is suffering greatly from mental illness. Help him to get the help he very much needs. And, please, please, put one or two good people in his life…much needed friends to walk with him. Grant him peace. Help him turn back to the Divine Healer. Amen

  12. Kind, gracious Heavenly Father, I pray that you will be with me with this affliction of early onset Alzheimer’s and the depression and feeling of hopelessness and loss that comes with it. I know that only with Your true blessing can I come through this. I know there is so much more that I can do to bring glory to your name and others to you, but I need healing that can only come from on high. Fear besets me and I ask for Angelic protection to keep fear and evil thoughts from my mind. As a humble servant I ask this prayer, not only for myself but on behalf of all who suffer this debilitating illness, their families and friends, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son and our Loving Savior, Amen

  13. Dear St. Dymphna please pray for my mother, Edwina, who fears everything in her life. She’s full of anxiety, in lots of pain, is not appreciative of people who help her daily (her daughter, me/Michele) and aides during the week days (Monica and Edith). When she reminisces it’s about all the people who “wronged” her since childhood. She has not grieved for her husband/my Dad (John) who passed on in Aug 2016. Please pray and intercede for her mental, physical healing and for peace. Please, pray for me and I continue to have strength to help her. God bless. Amen.

  14. Dear St. Dymphna please pray for my father who is extremely mentally ill, and refusing all help, and refusing medication. Please pray and intercede for his mental healing and for peace. We pray for the lords divine intervention and peace beyond understanding. He is beyond all earthly help, please pray for him.


  15. Dear St. Dymphna please give me courage and strong body to face and overcome this anxiety/depression. Help me to fully trust GOD presence. I pray this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  16. I pray for my husband who is very anxious about appearing for his final driving test today. We thank you for helping him clear his prelims last time. Please be with him and guide him today as he appears for it. Please provide him with the right judgement and prudence to clear it. Amen.

  17. I pray to have emotinal comfort through my hard times. Please take the sadness from my heart and help me to be happy for my children and myself. AMEN

  18. Please pray for my son that he continues to find strength to work through his anxiety/depression issues. He hid them from himself and turned to alcohol to relieve his pain.

  19. St. Dymphna please intercede for our college age son who is suffering from profound depression and possible obsessive thoughts. Also for our daughter who has been diagnosed as bipolar but does not take her medications. Our older son suffers from possible PTSD and depression. Most of this stems from my own struggles with depression, OCD, and ADHD which led to me being a yelling, verbally abusive jerk when they were small. Please ask God to heal all of us.

  20. I pray for everyone suffering from Mental Health and I ask St Dymphna
    for her Intercession. May I mentioned to all- Please pray for the Holy Souls In Purgatory. Pray the “St Gertrude Prayer” and ask the Holy Souls
    to obtain for you, mentioned your request and in return you will offer to God on their behalf to pray for them (St Gertrude Prayer) for example a month and if you wish also in addition to, include a decade of the Rosary to Our lady also on their behalf. Make your intentions known to God and Our Lady of The Holy Rosary of your Intentions of offering these Prayers on behalf of The Holy Souls in Purgatory.
    The Holy Souls NEED your HELP as they cannot help themselves but rely
    On us to pray for them..Please Help PRAY for them and in return they will obtain and Help you. Thank You for taking the time to read this and I
    Pray this will be helpful and comforting. MJS

  21. Please provide guidance, direction and care for my husband as he discovers and understands his mental illness and addiction. Allow him to find peace, healing and clarity. Let him see God and his purpose on earth. Please give him recovery if possible. Most especially, allow him to be the best father for his children who need his presence and support. Give him strength and grant him forgiveness. Amen.

  22. Dear St. Dymphna,
    Please pray for my daughter and give her health of mind and peace of soul. Please give her relief from her anxiety and panic disorder so she can have a productive and content life. Please take away her suicidal thoughts and give her insight but espcially help her find Faith in God again. I pray for the miracle of healing from all these afflictions that prevent her from enjoying life and living in constant fear of a mental breakdown. God bless.

  23. Dear St. DYMPHNA
    Please pray for my son J find help with his mental illness and depression. Please help him find a peace of mind and joy to his soul so he can live a productive life. Pray that he can find friends that are accepting of his condition.
    In Jesus name I pray

  24. Dear St. DYMPHNA . Please help my youngest sister Jeannie find help for her mental health and physical well being. Please give her insights and Peace of mind and Joy in her soul.

  25. Dear sweet Saint Dymphna, please pray for my son Matt who suffers from anxiety and depression so that he may be forever free of these afflictions.

  26. Please pray to help my anxiety so I can support my son and my family. Please help lift the emotional distress from my son so he can know his strength and beauty and contributions to others.

  27. Please pray for my son suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. He is suicidal and needs your help. He is a good caring man with a great heart and talented in many ways.

  28. Dear St. Dymphna please pray for my daughter. Her husband a complete narcissist left her and three young children and is now trying to get full custody of the kids to live with him and his parents who are supporting this divorce because they hate Catholics. He is trying to claim that she is “unfit” as he says she “yelled” at their son while disciplining him. Please pray that she will get residential custody of the kids. Thank you so much.

  29. Dear St. Dymphna,
    I know I’ve been asking for your prayers for myself (OCD and anxiety) and I am grateful for your intercession always. Now I must add a further request that you please pray for my parents who have both been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for my mother and both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s for my father. Thank you sweet St. Dymphna.
    In Jesus’ sweet name I beseech you to pray for us.

  30. DEAR. St. Dymphn a, please help me with my anxiety and our financial a nd emotional p r problems and my parkin s on ism.
    Thank you

  31. Please pray for me and my family.
    I have suffered the death of my mother,best friend,mother inlaw,father and brother all within 18 months. I am now suffering from anxiety and frett everyday for the safety of my family.
    I’m currently taking time of work but want to lead a happy life but can not seem to get past the anxiety.
    Please pray to St Dymphna to hear our prayers.
    God bless

  32. St. Dymphna, please pray for my daughter V. She has OCD and is also painfully shy and anxious in social situations. Please help her to overcome her problems, so that she may live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Thank you so much.

  33. Please pray that my anxiety will subside and that I maybe able to trust in my Lord. That he will have mercy and understanding for me. I pray for all those that need prayers more than I do and ask for his intercession in their lives and mine.

  34. Please pray for my son, he is suffering so much from anxiety, depression, and low low self esteem. He has thoughts of taking his life. Please help him to see his worth and how much he is loved.
    I pray that you will help him.

    • I will pray for your Son . My Son suffers in the same way know that you are not alone. Your Sister in Christ Jesus ✝️

  35. St. Dymphna please intercede on my son’s behalf. He is depressed and doesn’t see any happiness in his life now or in the future. Please help him climb out of this black hole he is in and be able to see the beauty in life. Help him take charge of his life and guide him back to God. He is so lost and can’t seem to find a way to enjoy life. Please show him that life is worth living and that he has the power to make positive changes in his life and find true happiness with himself and that he may eventually find a woman to love and share his life with. I humbly ask for your prayers and the prayers of all the angels and saints as well as our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly mother Mary Queen of Heaven. Amen

  36. Please pray for my anxiety of me and my girlfriend, especially through public speaking and conversations with people. God Bless.

  37. Praying for anxiety and depression and anger issues of my son. A brilliant young man who has lost enthusiasm for life. Praying for my three children who have hardened hearts and ignore God. Praying for safety for my nephew who just joined the Navy.

  38. Please take away my anxiety and panic attack episodes. Please let me be able to go places without fear of an attack from ptsd. Please hear my prayers.

  39. St. Dymphna,
    Please intercede on behalf of my son who is severely depressed, and refuses to seek treatment. He believes that nothing that is wrong is his fault. He turned away from God years ago, even blaming Him. His wife is threatening to serve divorce papers, and I can’t blame her. They have a beautiful 4-year-old son, and she is afraid he is being negatively affected by his father’s attitude. I don’t blame her, she has no choice. I’m asking those who read this to please pray that they will turn back to God, and that my son will seek help before it’s too late. Thank you.

  40. Please great caring wonderful st dympna. Please help cure the problem with my emotional sickness…. bi-polar disorder. And the emotional strife that goes with it from bad relationships with siblings. I love you St. Dymphna.please help me I know you’re to . jm

  41. Please pray for me I got so many debts to pay and some people whom I have there money have sued me to court I’m really depressed becouse of this help me pray for my break through

  42. Please pray for me. I was recently accused of making inappropriate comments to a young lady at work. A young lady that I had befriended, helped her get a job and welcomed her into my family. I confided in her as a family member and she turned on me for reasons unknown to me. I am chronically depressed and have had suicidal thoughts. I know in my heart that I have done nothing wrong but in corporate America I am guilty simply because she said I was. Please St Dymphna pray that I can weather this storm, I grow weaker everyday that this is not resolved. Heal me and help me. May God have mercy on me. Bless you St Dymphna.

  43. St Dymphna I pray to you that my son is healed from the anxiety and depression that he is currently suffering and that all suicide thoughts be banished from his thoughts. I Promise to follow the Nine day Novena. In God’s hand I leave this through you.

    • I will be praying for you, suicide is a horrible thing I pray that your son will be free from those thoughts, I also struggle with anxiety, keep praying and lets get through this together.

  44. Saint Dymphna please intercede on behalf of my son and husband. They are suffering mentally and rely on your interception with our God.

  45. Please pray for my son Chris who is having anxiety. He is so worried about his future. He has been sober for about a year now and we are worried about him. Because of his past problems with substance abuse, my husband is also have issues with depression. Please St Dymphna pray for my family. Heal my boy and my husband. Thank you

  46. Dearest wonderful ,caring ,powerful, St.Dymphna please intercede for the emotionally painful and mentally painful experience in family members in response to my bi-polar disorder . Help with the Holy Family too that we all come to an understanding of each other so we are not negatively experiencing suffering moods with each other and mental hardship too. May all this uneasy moodiness subside as hopefully we can b come one and communicate and understand me and each other. I ask your intercession thru Our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. Thank you St Dymphna .I love You! Joe M.

  47. Dearest Saint Dymphna, please intercede for my husband Tommy who suffers from anxiety, identity issues, guilt, and difficulties in making decisions, that he may be completely healed. He desires to know God, and I beg for his conversion and illumination of conscience.

  48. I pray to St Dymphna & to Our Lord Jesus Christ to pls completely take away my depression, anxieties, and that can sometimes lead to psychosis. Pls let me be free from all these mental illness. I pray Lord that my kids don’t ever have to inherit these mental illnesses. I also pray for my oldest daughter, that she will come back to church and that she would go to CCD classes to learn the Bible and Catholic Faith. And for my Step Child to also come back to going church. Father Lord, I pray for the rest of my younger kids to keep continuing to come to church and learning about you and how much you LOVE us that you sacrificed yourself on the cross and died for all of our sins so we can have eternal life with you in Heaven. I pray St Dymphna pls help me when I stress out with my children.

  49. I pray for your intercession to help me find another job as my present age it would be impossible to find new employment.

    • Rose – I share your pain. May God Free you from these burdens that take so much energy from your daily life. God Bless you.


  50. I’m praying to St.Dymphna for my son’s healing from anxiety and depression. May she help him become cheerful and positive again. Dear Lord and St. Dymphna , please help him receive back the gift of faith in God and help him know that God has heard his prayers about wanting to be healed from anxiety . St. Dymphna please hear Michael’s prayers and heal him ! Thank you.

  51. I’m in the process of beginning a new life under the patronage of St. Dymphna, dedicated to supporting the victims of human trafficking. I received this mission, something I had never considered before, after praying this novena the first time. I continue to pray it for strength and guidance. Please pray for me and my family as we make this journey, and pray for the women who suffer from the outrages of white slavery as well as the conversion of those perpetuating the trade. St. Dymphna, pray for us!

  52. I pray for healing from my anxiety, fear and emotional distress. Please help me to become more calm and eat better.

  53. Praying the Novena for my granddaughter Lexi, who had developed a lot of facial tics and vocal noise. Praying that it will pass as a childhood tic and not be Tourettes Syndrome.

    • Karen,
      Lexi may be allergic to dyes in food and candy. This same thing was happening to our small son. He was developing verbal and facial tics. After some research, I found the Feingold diet. It is a diet that helps children showing signs of ADD, ADHD among other ailments. Anyway, we cut out the dyes and he showed no signs of Tourette’s after 4 days. He suffered the tics for 2 years and it was only getting worse. You may want to look into this for your Lexi. Blessings, Mylo

  54. I will it for me and my friends who have bi-polar disorder ( Mistake I put no -polar disorder) Help please great caring loving St. Dymphna help us cope and stay healthy. Sincerly one of your scorers of the millions Joe Mangano

  55. Please blessed St. Dymphna. Please keep little blessed Dominic keep progressing with his mild Autism and my sister re s much stress subside. Please help my brother with his mentality with people. Please we honor u . St. Dymphna me and my friends who all have No-Polar disorder and help us cope help us stay healthy. And may all the people in the world suffering with mental an emotional disorders miracuasly b healed. Amen

  56. Dear St Dymphna,
    I ask humbly to pray for my 2 sons, for them to be delivered from depression, fear, doubt, and anxiety, help them to trust God wholeheartly and be set free from all the affected bondages of alcohol and smoking..any addiction that have affected them. help them to be set from an emotional distress life, that the peace and love of God may be showered upon their souls to feel the presence of our Lord again. I ask for the Holy Spirit to enlighten them and they have a desire to serve God..remove the shame from their heart..

  57. I pray for my anxiety and depression. That I get healed and my procedure goes well tomorrow with no fear and anxiety. I also pray for healing for my daughter of the same thing

  58. Please St Dympna continue to pray for Skylar. Ask Our Lord to place his healing hands on her for her mental and physical problems. Pray that she will decide not to have tattoos put on her body, that she will love and accept herself the way God created her. Pray that she will not have a desire to cut herself, pierce or tattoo herself. Thank you for prayers answered.


  60. Please pray for my son in law that he may be free of his anxiety. His name is Brian. May he seek help. Also tha the men in my family return to God and the Catholic Church. Many years ago I was healed of my anxiety through my prayers to St. Dymphna. Thank you St Dymphna and Thank you God. As a result, my daughter took Dymphna as her confirmation name.

  61. There seems to be something wrong with your site. Everytime I put in my email, it says it is not valid or something like that. I should already have an “account” but can’t figure out how to get the St. Dymphna novena sent to me. ??

  62. For my daughter and I to be completely healed from Anxiety, Depression, Hopelessness and Insecurities.

  63. Dear Saint Dymphna,
    As we begin these nine days of prayer for your intercession we bring every person in this prayer ministry site to you. You who know the hardship of illness that not only weakens our body but our emotions and dampens our spirit. A cross that is not always understood and not always shared out of fear of ridicule or harsh judgment. Obtain for these innocent souls refreshment and strength from the loving and Sacred Heart of Jesus who understands every hurt and sees every tear. My Mom who has been my caregiver and strength for 20 + years is now suffering through this darkness and longs for healing to continue to take care of me and anyone else who is in need. Obtain this healing for her dear little Saint and we shall be ever more grateful to you for your intersession.

  64. Dear Saint Dymphna,
    As we begin these nine days of prayer for your intercession we bring every person in this prayer ministry site to you. You who know the hardship of illness that not only weakens our body but our emotions and dampens our spirit. A cross that is not always understood and not always shared out of fear of ridicule or harsh judgment. Obtain for these innocent souls refreshment and strength from the loving and
    Sacred Heart of Jesus who understands every hurt and sees every tear. My Mom who has been my caregiver and strength for 20 + years is now suffering through this darkness and longs for healing to continue to take care of me and anyone else who is in need. Obtain this healing for her dear little Saint and we shall be ever more grateful to you for your intersession.

  65. Please pray for me with my nerve affliction of constant pins and needles, and anxiety. Also for my mother who suffers from bipolar.

  66. Lauren~to be freed of all depression, to return to the church, for feel the love of God and friends, to see her life has infinite value and how worthy she is of God’s love.

    Olivia~meds lead her to be able to have a happy and healthy teenage years and life

    Mary Louise~strength to endure caring for those who depend on her

    Dom~to be freed from depression, to turn to God and to feel His infinite love and his worth of God’s love, to lead a productive life

    Natalie~healing and comfort. For one true friend.

  67. Please pray for my grandson Jonathan’s depression and emotional distress at home and on his job, also that God will take his urge of marijuana out of his mouth and he will turn back to God. Also I need prayer for my sister Ervine and her two sons Danny and Nashie who are constantly fighting in her home which is causing her to have anxiety and depression. Please I need prayer that God will put my family back together I dont want to lose my sister I know she’s so tired.

  68. Saint Dymphna pray for my family including Anne and her family. Lift my anxiety so l can be of use again. Please help Theresa and her family and give them comfort. In the name of the father.

  69. Dear Saint Dymphna,
    I only learned about you today. Your story, strength and courage was far beyond your young years. You were and are clearly blessed by our Lord.

    I implore your intercession today for my husband who is suffering a possible depression breakdown after hearing that the baby in my womb may have chromosome or genetic abnormalities. My husband is a kind an loving man, however his grief is an accumulation of all of the emotional stress and sadness he has witnessed over the past 10 years. Also, our younger son’s diagnosis of autism has also impacted on his mental health and coping skills. He is doing his best to remain strong, but he is having episodes of mental anguish and I ask you Saint Dymphna to pray for him and to ask our Lord to bless him with strength and coping skills.
    I also plead that the doctors are wrong about our unborn child. Please pray for my child’s good health.

    Thank you for hearing my intentions xx

  70. I’m requesting prayer for me to meet my life partner and be blessed with marriage as soon as possible . And also to get me a satisfactory job and for my other special intentions

  71. I am begging for prayers for my 17 year old son. He suffers from a severe mental illness and has completely lost touch with reality. We are so scared we are going to lose him.

  72. Please pray for my older brother who is going through major depression and only wants to sleep since he says that is when he is at peace. Medications don’t seem to be helping, need your prayers and God’s help.
    Thank you.

  73. Please pray for my son. He is very depressed and unhappy. Please pray that he may find comfort in our lord and seek family and friends for their love and support. Thank you and God Bless

    • Please pray for my daughter ritz, to overcome anxiety, depression, sadness and emotional distress. Help her to be cheerfull and positive again and have a positive job outcome. May the bad memories of the past banished from her thoughts. Guide her back to God and help her recieve the gift of Love and Faith in God, to see her worth and how much she is loved…may she find comfort in our Lord and seek family and friends for her love and support… Thank you and Godbless…
      St Dynphna, i lift her up to you please pray for us! Amen!

  74. Please pray for my long struggle with anxiety and depression. I was born at 28 weeks and believe this has to do with it. I am alive and want to enjoy my life that God has blessed me with without this difficult affliction. God bless you.

    • I’m praying for you! My little girl struggles with anxiety and it is so difficult to witness. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help! Joy is out there!