St. John Bosco Novena

St. John Bosco, also known as St. Don Bosco, is famous for working with the youth.

St. John Bosco started the Salesian order which is the largest single religious order in the world today!

St John Bosco Novena

Here is our novena to St. John Bosco.

Novena Prayers:

Oh holy patron of the youth, I come to you with sincere confidence in your closeness to Jesus. Saint John Bosco, I need your help, I need your prayers, I need your intercession to God for His grace to help me with…

(state your intentions here)

With your love of Mary, our Mother, pray for me!

With your love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, pray for me!

With your love for all those who suffer, pray for me!

Don Bosco, please pray fervently for the grace that I now ask from God our Father. In addition, please pray that I may have a sincere acceptance of the Will of God and a perfect trust in Him.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…

Join us in praying here.

Don Bosco is the Patron of…

The Youth
Catholic Schools
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  1. Praying for our youth that they will not fall prey to peer pressure and find their way back to our faith. Protect them from evil at all times. Cut out all the noise from media. I also pray for those with position in media and games to make a firm commitment to remove all the undesirable content which doesn’t serve any purpose and meaning. Amen.

  2. Please pray for my Grandchildren. Give them the strength to tell there parents what they want from the both of them during and after the divorce. Please hear them.

  3. St John Bosco, Please intercede and protect Andy and MaKenna from being used by there father for his own selfish gains. Children need both a father and mother. Please keep them on the visitation schedule that they have now. Please help in this matter. I ask you to intercede to our God for help and guidance. Thank you

  4. St. John Bosco

    Please pray to Jesus for my son. He is having a difficult time being very defiant, turning away from the faith. St. John Bosco your love to serve Jesus in loving the youth by giving them confidence and trust in God. Please pray for my son that he may grow to love and serve Jesus. Thank you St. John Bosco I’m confident that Jesus will listen to my prayer.

  5. Don Bosco,

    I recently adopted a dog who shares your name – a chocolate lab named Bosco. He is wonderful so well behaved. I am concerned about his seperation anxiety and thought it only appropriate to ask intercession from the St. whose name he shares. Thank you.

  6. Please pray that my kids stay clear away from drugs and alcohol and that they find friends that won’t peer pressure them. That they use what they learned by going to catechism right from wrong and. Bless them at all times Thank You In Jesus Name

  7. St. John Bosco please bless my daughter Kamryn Brown that her friends will start including her in outside of school and activities and inviting her to sleepovers, so she won’t feel sad, lonely and insecure. Please bless her to understand and comprehend Algebra in Jesus name I pray. Please bless my niece Sydney to not be depressed and to get her joy back about life. In Jesus name I pray!

  8. Thank you, St. John Bosco, for a miracle granted to me today!

    I will continue to ask for your help and spread the word about your kind intercession!

  9. St John my saint thank you. Prayer answered, keep answering me . now help me to grasp my course , give me wisdom , knowledge . I thank you in the name of the father , name of the son and the holy spirit Amen.

  10. Lord have mercy to me. St John Bosco help me. I pray to father in heaven and holy son. I started my course 2014 and I had a very difficult problem then was unable to finish my course.
    I pray to God to help overcome and solve the problem then I can be able to continue with course. Lord I am asking, seeking, searching help me lord and answer my prayer. I believes you lord you will help me until to the end. Lord you are my salvation and my defender.

    St John Bosco pray for me amen.

  11. dear lord below stated is my prayers request which i ask in ur name be my saviour and your mercy and miracle to be touched by you on me,hubby and my kids Jordan,ryan,levisha keep my kids in gd health and also jirdanband levisha GT dsylexia pls cure tat problem and help them to ovrcm the problem they face during studies lord I am diagnosed with psoriasis pls heal as I would not spread and won’t affect my internal organs stop my daily activities pls lord need your grace to keep me in Gd health. my hubby too GT sm liver problem cure him too cover us wit ur precious blood and tc of us to recover from our illness and also my son ryan to be a Gd boy lord protect from negative force I ask in ur name will sung ur praises lord
    I love you pls save us txs a lot lord

  12. Please please pray for my daughter. She is only 14 years old & doesn’t want to live. Please pray that she recognizes the love God & her family & friends have for her. Thank you.

  13. My son cd to pass this school year. Not get in any more trouble at school. Wake up on time. Follow Jesus & be respectful to us. Be heathy. Have good holy relationships. Help him to be kind & considerate. Get off his medicine if it’s not helping him or lead him to the right one. Jesus lead him. Thank you!

  14. Dear St. Bosco asking for prayers for my grandson who has ADHD to do better in school and on his upcoming tests. Please watch over him everyday at school and help him do his best with his studies and social skills. Thank you so much.

  15. Dear St. John Bosco, Please pray that my wife and I will succesfully adopt the baby boy we brought home from the hospital on your feast day, Jan. 31. We are now his foster parents but we pray that he will officially join our family as our son. We ask for God to strengthen our faith to trust completely in Him during the adoption process. Thank you, St. John Bosco, for your intervention on our behalf.

  16. Dear prayer team,
    My father Joseph Lopes, age 66 had gone to Goa (India) on 15th Dec’14 for the exposition of St.Francis and has been missing since 17th Dec’14 from panjim market,Goa,India

    Due to his cancer operation 10 yrs back he has a speech disability. he is unable to speak clearly to people.He does not have a phone either or any other details or money with him by which he can reach home (Vasai).

    Request your prayers so that he can find is way back home to Vasai (Mumbai) or we find some way to reach and find him.

  17. St John Bosco, 24 years ago this very day our son Tony was born. What a miracle he was. I did my best as a father but often times along the way did not do as good as I should have in terms of patience, kindness, and tenderness…but I did my best. My son and I have fallen apart… Because of my selfishness. Today, on his birthday, I ask your intercession with Our Lord Jesus for reconciliation and healing. My efforts have not been successful but I know all things are possible with God. You also know we named his guardian angel in your honor so I hope you will feel a particular affinity for this request. Thank you! A broken-hearted father.

  18. Please pray for our young adult daughter who suffers from mental and emotional disorders for many years now. Please pray for healing and deliverance from all unholy afflictions committed against God ,herself and her whole family, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen Lord! I believe!

  19. st john bosco please pray for my mom’s health and for mine too. beg GOD to give us the grace to journey through this life till we meet you in eternity

  20. Please pray for my family reunion especially my son’s welfare. May God bless his soul and guide him in darkness and show him the light.

  21. Please St. Bosco pray and ask the good Lord to help my son Matthew who suffers with anxiety and depression. Has been turning to drugs to self medicate. He is going down a dark path. He has been lying, stealing and treating his family with disrespect. He is in need of serious help. I ask this in Jesus’s name.

  22. Please St. John, help my daughter in her studies. Help her to have a better understanding of what she is learning. Please help her with her biology class and her English class. Help her with her reading ability and to find a way to retain the information she is learning. Help her to have confidence in herself and to know that as a child of God she is equipped to do all things. I offer this novena in her name.

  23. I offer my nephew to you lord Jesus. St Don Bosco please intercede for him and help him deal with all tbe angst he is going through. Please do not let him despair. He has Aspergers and is going through a lot of anxiety, anger and depression.

  24. Please pray for my 4 children salvation, filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, protected from all the evils of society. Follow the vocation God has chosen for them & keep them close to each other, parents & most especially God. I worry for them, please pray I trust in Jesus & the intercession of Our Lady. Pray for O away at college, keep her grounded in faith & safe always. For V so anxious to be grown, keep her close to the truth in Jesus. For A&J that they now & always be great defenders of their family,faith,good. For my husbands conversion though many times his ‘faith’ is greater than mine. I pray to trust in His will for us, but fear & worry is my challenge. Thankyou. I will pray for all. For Peace. For Mankind.

  25. pls pray for my nephew’s that they may able to know and to live in good conduct,,,,with jesus in their hearts,,,,,that they will know that without god life is nothing,,,,pray for them st. john bosco,,,that they will change their bad habits to good,,,and their hearts will be filled of love and respect.

  26. For my daughters 8th grade class who is taking State testing this week.
    St John Bosco pray for them for great success.

  27. St. John Bosco has I believe helped me before. Now, I ask his intercession again in dealing with a difficult roommate with whom I really, truly feel I cannot grow, (change), move on, etc., in any way shape or form. He is wheelchair bound amongst other things but won’t do what only he do to help himself. I don’t want to handle this difficult situation in an unchristian manner, but I just don’t know what to do. I ask for your prayers combined with those of Father St. John Bosco’s in this issue. Thanks. God Bless!

  28. Please pray for my son to help him overcome all of the trial and tribulations of being a teenager. Surround him with good, loyal and trusting friends. Put joy in his life, free him from all his stress and anxieties. Guide him into a calm, fun and safe adolescence. Please ask God to guide him to a good profession and I ask you to place my request at the feet of Jesus and beg God the Father along with the intercession of Mary our Mother and her Son to grant my petition. With love and thanks…

  29. Please pray for my daughter to help her overcome all of the trial and tribulations of being a teenager. Surround her with good, loyal and trusting friends. Put joy in her life, free her from all her stress and anxieties. Guide her into a calm, fun and safe adolescence. I ask you to place my request at the feet of Jesus and beg God the Father along with the intercession of Mary our Mother and in the of His Son to grant my petition. With love and thanks…

  30. Please pray for my son
    – that faith will be restored
    -find a jib in the field he would enjoy working in a place as He has willed
    -find a suitable catholic partner who has already been chosen by Him who will be his support trust n confidence towards each other soon.

  31. Please pray that I am able to purchase the home on Grigio Loop, just as you name your Miraculous dog Grigio in the name jesus, amen.

  32. Please pray for me that i might get intership with a catholic organisation i have applied for in Harare and that i may continue prayingand be a responsble youth

  33. Please pray for my son, Peter, that he may return to the sacraments of the Catholic Church and also find a job. Thanks be to the Most Holy Will of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!

  34. please for my grandson wyatt who neds heko with help after having wreck and other prolems with family and sschool work. thank you .

  35. I ask prayers for my son who is struggling with work and is at a loss with his future.
    I ask that he will find the path that God wants him to take and that he will accept it without reservations.

    Thank you

  36. Please pray that my children can continue in parochial school through grade 12…that their dad develops peace in his heart and experiences conversion. Please pray that I receive help toward that intervention. Please pray our family during this time.

  37. Please pray that our daughter NAMS has excelled in her recent Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations. Dear Lord, please grant the desire of her heart.

  38. Please pray that our son graduates. We are six days from graduation and his grades in English and algebra are too low! He may wind up being left out of the entire Catholic High graduation ceremony and having to go to summer school and just having a diploma mailed in July. Please pray in these next six days he can pull these grades up enough to graduate with his class.

  39. Please pray that our daughter will be successful with her post graduate certificate of education teacher’s training course and hopefully will graduate as a qualified teacher this July. Help her to pass all her exams/assignments/ placements and offered a career in teaching when she completes this course. Also, prayers for our grandchildren with their studies, in primary school and secondary/Salesian College. Thank you.

  40. My prayer is specially for a youth called Sam who is suffering from heart failure and needs a new heart urgently.
    May our youth saint help him to get through and comfort his family esp his mother, Winnie.

  41. I am praying to St. John Bosco for son. He needs to see the value in education and not to give up but to hang in until he gets his degree. I also pray for my husband and his work.

  42. Please pray the my grandson Austin commits himself to God and Gods will. He has been getting in trouble and lying because of the kids he has been hanging with. Please open his eyes and heart to God. Let him get back on the right path, making school most important. Let God guide him to the truth that he stop lying and skipping school. He is a really good kid who started hanging with the wrong kids, please pray he figure this out and stays away from them and starts being with the family all the time, till he gets back on track. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you

  43. I will be praying for my sister (in-law) Fran who has a severe case of cancer. She is a fighter and undergoing chemo and possibly surgery to create a miracle. She is an educator who has touched so many young lives. Also, praying for our family as we support each other through this journey. Praying her doctors and other medical team members can be successful in helping her.
    Also, praying for my mother who will be 85 in April and for her health as well.

  44. I need hope, hope for tomorrow, I pray for a job/business opportunity this year Almighty Father. I pray for a financial breakthrough of the tough times ahead. I pray for the holy spirit for protection against any evil. I pray for love, peace and harmony within my family. I pray for my children as they set for school, may they be protected by the power of the holy spirit and may they be able to grasp and understand whatever lesson is put forth to enable them excel in their exams. In Christ Jesus, I believe and pray., Amen.

  45. After the Novena, i saw a miracle happen through the intercession of John Bosco.
    I was very stressed because my job required me to stay away from my family. I became very hopeful through this novena and prayed to God through the intercession of John Bosco and by the end of this Novena,my boss called me and told me they are changing my contract temporaly so that I can work near home.

    To God be the Glory! Halleluyah

  46. Dear Almighty God., Praying for good health to myself and family. Praying for a financial breakthrough to enable me and my settle our bills and needs. Praying for my children who are school going to be able to grasp and understand whatever lessons are put forth. Praying for a peaceful, loving, harmonious relation with members of my family and extended family. Am praying a good job/business breakthrough this year to enable me be able to sustain myself and my family.

  47. I pray for God’s grace and bleesings on me n my husband. Suffered a painful mischarriage on the 4th of febuary 2013. Painful as it is, I give God thanks for everything n I lift up myself n my husband to Him. I need your prayers for the strength to bear this loss n for God to bless us with the fruit of the womb n many more graces.

  48. My prayers were answered for my son Hansel D’Souza who had a fall on 7 January and had a concussion and was also diagnosed of symptoms of an enlarged heart. I started the Novena’s of St. John Bosco and prayed that the day of our visit to the Cardiologist all the results will be negative.

    Thanks and praises to the favors granted.

  49. God bless bro. John Paul and his family abundantly. Thankyou Lord, Praiseyou Lord, Have Mercy on those who are in need of your mercy most.

  50. Thank you St John Bosco for your prayer. i have started my novena last week for me and my boyfriend to come back together and start talking, and on day 3 he call me to my cellphone and told me to buy him a trouser. On the day 8 he call me to go to him and we are now talking. Pray for us again so that our love will be stronger until we get married.

    To God be the Glory!! Halleluya I praise the Lord for ever and ever, Amen!!!

  51. On the last day of the Novenas I got a call from my son (30 years) to say that he got an exciting offer that he was hoping for.

    I am so overwhelmed as I casually pray the Novenas in between my work at the office.

    St. John Bosco is most powerful.

  52. I saw progress in my business. In fact, God surprised me.I believe that God will give my husband the job he applied. Thank u Jesus. Thank u st .John Bosco.

  53. My testimonyat the end of this novena is that I finally got a new job I end this month with good news and joy…may this good news not turn sour for me or my family and I further pray through the intercession of St John bosco and St Anthony for God’s favor and protection in the course of this neww job and also for journey mercies for my family and I. Glory and Praise to God always

  54. I was praying for a new job, a better income for my husband (who teaches at a tiny Catholic school where there are a lot of at-risk kids), and faithfulness to Christ for my kids. Well, I was called to arrange for an interview for a job related to education on Day 1, had the first phone interview on Day 4 and had my first face-to-face interview on Day 9. Should know by next week.

  55. I was duped by a man who went into hiding for the past 8 months. I kept praying for his arrest all this while. On day 2 of the St John Bosco novena, he was arrested successful. I really thank God through the intercession of our saint.

  56. My husband of 52 years ( retired) share a home office and its such a gift to open our commputers and pray together during these novenas.

    I sent this one in particular to the Archdiocese dept. of Catholic Education so they cold join us in this novena to the patron saint of Catholic education!
    That is one of our most important prayer request that more Catholics will send their children to their faith schools- Catholic!

    Praying together sustains our marriage vows and love for each other. Thanks so much to God for having us on the list to pray these novenas

  57. I prayed the St. John Bosco novena for my 4 teenage grandchildren that God would help them to use their talents, gifts and intelligence for God’s good and not for the evil of the world.
    I look forward to praying the next novena with you all!

  58. I have been praying for the Youth Ministry with which I am involved for the past three novenas and I have observed changes. The biggest change is with respect to my attitude as the Lord continues to direct my heart to Him and to learn to wait patiently for him to act.
    I pray that through the intercession of St. John Bosco, young men and women will answer the call to the priesthood and religious life and for those who are not so-called, that they may be open to the spirit of the Lord in whatever state they are called to in life.

    Saint John Bosco pray for John Paul and Ann and all who have made this novena.

  59. thank you for all the prayers i have gotten this last week….my husband and i have had difficulties and it has to do to when he drinks only…….please keep me in your prayers cause i still need a lot of healing..thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers………

  60. Thank you God and Saint John Bosco for our prayers answered.
    This noven is for my kids who Need special care of their souls
    please Saint Jhonn Bosco help me help them and help us to go on


  61. Thank St John Bosco for answering my prayers. I prayed for the finding of my lost luggage on day two of the novena after five days of the airline having any record of it. And my luggage was found in another airline in another state and returned to me. Thank you! Also St John Bosco patron of the youth I am asking for your intercessions on my son’s legal matters that is coming up on the 14th of next month. This is his 1st court date may he not be found guilty in Jesus name amen. Please pray for his clearance and favor from God and the judge Amen. I will always make you known to others for answering my prayers. St John Bosco patron of the youth pray for us Amen!

  62. John-Paul!

    Thank you SO much for your prayers and for the invitation to start praying novenas! My very first one was on November 29th, a couple of months ago and now I have completed a 2nd novena. I can see God working in my life as I am drawing closer to Him. This is a feeling I am familiar with, but have been missing for quite a while. My faith never left me and yet, I know I am a work in progress. The novenas have helped me to see that God is answering my prayers–for others and those I put forth for myself. He is showing me the path, keeping me focused and moving me forward each and every day.


  63. St. John Bosco,
    My son, Baldwin has, for the past three years separated from the Catholic faith.
    Please, by your intercession, Jesus in His all power return my son to my Catholic faith
    in His own time. Amen.

  64. Dear Lord, please bless John Paul and Anne in their married life and help them to continue with the prayer service. Bless their families too.

  65. Thank you God and Saint John Bosco for our prayers answered. Thank you for the job offer made to my husband and for helping his decision.
    Please pray for my siblings who are going through a difficult time. My brother is going through some marital and financial problems.
    Please bless my sister and her family’s decision to immigrate and all their financial problems.
    Lord bless everybody who prayed the novena and grant all our prayers if it is Your Will.
    Please bless my children and help them to realise the importance of time and studies, not to procrastinate and bless their concentration, grasping power and retaining power always.
    Lord bless our parents too.

  66. First I have a very important but small surgical procedure for an illness I have suffered greatly from over the last 4 years and this last week.. I have experienced healing and miraculous breakthroughs. I know that this is due to St John Bosco’s prayers.

  67. Hi Jean-Paul.
    The last day of The Novena ,my wifes birthday,
    our Daughter in law obtained a wonderful position.
    She needed the work,it is a National Association three minutes
    from home and the School our Granddaughters attend.
    Thanks to Our Saviour and Saint John Bosco.

  68. Reading the prayers and intentions leaves me humbled .
    So many people going through so much. It makes my own prayers seem petty and selfish. No matter what we are going through, there is always someone who needs help and prayer, perhaps more than ourselves. My prayer is to always recognize no matter how difficult a person may be, we usually have no idea of what else is going on on their life. I need to strive to have more empathy.

  69. Shanti says

    January 31, 2013 at 4.20 pm

    I was down with viral flu after which i have been suffering from cough and phlegm at the throat level. On the second day of the novena to Saint John Bosco the theme was HOPE and as i prayed the novena prayer on the computer screen i began to cough and had a pain in my chest on the left side as a result of the strain. i continued with the novena prayer and asked Saint John Bosco to heal me of this pain through his powerful intercession with Jesus and Mother Mary. While i kept hoping with deep faith i would be healed, the pain left me within a few seconds and today, the feast day, even the phlegm at my throat level is getting better and i know deep within me i will be healed through the powerful intercession of Saint John Bosco.

    My deep gratitude to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, Mother Mary and Saint John Bosco for this healing through his most powerful intercession.

    And last but not the least my grateful thanks to John-Paul Deddens for mailing me the novena prayers for ten days as this is my first novena to Saint John Bosco. And today i did pray for you John-Paul and your family.


  70. I can see God working on my life! Through this novena, my husband and I who can’t seem to get along, are making hug strides in a good direction. I have been praying non stop for his conversion to be in the catholic faith with the rest of our family, and this whole year has been difficult. But while praying this novena, he has shown more interest and told me that he wants to start making our family more of a holy and Christian family and together raise our kids teaching them about God and bringing them to church. This is huge!! I don’t want to get my hopes up that he’s changed his heart for good, but I can really see my many many many prayers being answered!! Thank you for praying with me in this novena!!!

  71. Please pray for my children. My daughter find love and contentment. May she be able to be blessed with the sacrament of marriage and children.
    May my son find success in his career and make appropriate choice. May he find faith in his daily life.

    Thank you for keeping me save.
    Thank you lord for this beautiful novena.

  72. St John Bosco , I pray for my Son with Asperger who has anger problems and finds it difficult to get along with his schoolmates and classmates, that he may be able to control his anger. That he may be able to walk away when things get out of control. I pray to our Heavenly Father that the other children may stop teasing him and making fun of his condition. Father feel the school with your Holy spirit so that our kids may see you in each other. AMEN

    • My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s 10 yrs. ago… one of the first in our school. He was almost 18yrs. old, no one knew about this back then so my husband and I and God did it with John and he is a great young man!
      When he would be teased and get angry I would have him write the names and problems down on paper… this was every day! We would give it to God and I would have him tear up the paper in many pieces and throw it away. This help work out some built up anger. Then that was behind us and we were starting a NEW DAY. Once he turned 21yrs. it was as if a light turned on and he could express to others besides us what was going on inside. He knows when he needs alone time or even pressure put on his shoulders. (We went through sensory evaluations to see what worked.)
      If weight works, have your son carry pails or weights that are no more than one tenth of his weight… what seems hard for us is releasing endorphins for these people. We all like a little more excertion of energy now and then!
      We will keep your son and family in our prayers. Coping is hard for us all to learn but there are ways! Keep up the faith!!!

  73. I have prayed through the last three novena’s…After being laid off for three months, God has made me see were I was lacking in my Faith…I now beleive God is with us every day and he carries us through all bad times. I know start a new job on Feb 5. It will be with a new look on life and will always have God with me. And beleive he will take care of me always. Thanks and will look forward for the next Novena’s to pray for others..

  74. please help me pray to get my son and grandson back togther again.they just cant seem to get along my grandson seems to think that his dad doent care about him and that is not true. my son care about him alot.i need all the help i can get

  75. As I went through the various requests on this page, I felt so small looking a the battles people are facing all over.. Although I prayed this novena in a special way for my son who is in his final year of graduation and awaiting a revaluation, I also prayed that God may help me lead him to the vocation GOd has planned for him. But at the end of the novena, all I can do is pray for all of us who are so lost and looking for help and guidance from our Shepherd and blessings from OUR Father and the Holy Spirit. God, Lord of all beings, we trust in YOU, for YOU will do what is best for YOUR children. All we ask for is GRACE to know YOUR WILL!!

    Thank you for this wonderful website! GOD bless..

  76. I asked St. John Bosco to pray that my anxiety and feelings of tension go away. I found myself exercising more and inadvertently listening to inspiring messages this week about confidence and staying positive. The funny thing is that I don’t feel so anxious anymore and my tension is dramatically reduced, maybe even gonee. I really thank St. John Bosco for his help and caring prayers.

  77. may u please pray for my family.each and everyone looks a job.pray for my husband and our kidz for different illness so that God will protected them.pray for us to have stronger marriages and my husband to have a job as soon as possible.

  78. I prayed that my 11 month old would sleep. She literally keeps newborn hours.

    Tonight she slept 7:30-3!!! Her longest stretch ever!!!!

    I also prayed for her health. She’s had a lot of ear infections and will be getting tubes soon.

    At 3 I fed her and she threw it all up. Twice.


    I had to laugh on that one.

    Thank you St Bosco!

  79. this was wonderful, keep helping us get closer and closer to Jesus this year. May the Lord Jesus look after you and Anne. I love the name Anne coz thats the name of my Guild ST ANNE (Mother of Mary Mother of our Lord Jesus.

  80. I pray for my only bro who is alcoholic and it has made him forget his father and us her sisters for three years, that God helps him overcome this in Jesus name.AMEN

  81. I lift up our application for permanent residency. May it be approved. I also pray for complete healing from my breast cancer.