St. John Bosco Novena

St. John Bosco, also known as St. Don Bosco, is famous for working with the youth.

St. John Bosco started the Salesian order which is the largest single religious order in the world today!

St John Bosco Novena

Here is our novena to St. John Bosco.

Novena Prayers:

Oh holy patron of the youth, I come to you with sincere confidence in your closeness to Jesus. Saint John Bosco, I need your help, I need your prayers, I need your intercession to God for His grace to help me with…

(state your intentions here)

With your love of Mary, our Mother, pray for me!

With your love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, pray for me!

With your love for all those who suffer, pray for me!

Don Bosco, please pray fervently for the grace that I now ask from God our Father. In addition, please pray that I may have a sincere acceptance of the Will of God and a perfect trust in Him.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…

Join us in praying here.

Don Bosco is the Patron of…

The Youth
Catholic Schools
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  1. Please pray for my two 6 year old grand sons. They are very bad cursing & getting suspended from school. I have never encountered anything like this & as Their grandmother I want to help to give them help & give my daughter & her husband the help to deal with such behavior. Please pray for all of them

  2. Please pray for my adult son to be healed from the pains of his youth & me. He has multiple addictions. Did not have a Catholic education. Was raised by the streets, like me, & grandparents. He is married with children. A very loving daddy. Please pray for his health, freedom from addictions and pain from abandonment when I broke up with his father. Healing from the break up. Healing from losing his first child, my first grandchild to abortion. Please pray for my grandchildren. They will be attending public schools. I am no good. I’m brokenhearted from my past. It was heartbreaking/broken. Lord have mercy. Pray for us poor sinners. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Anon,

      I will be praying for you. Your words touch me. I do not know if you’ll read this, but please know that The Lord loves you. He died on the cross just for you. If you were the only person on earth, he would have still died on a cross for you. God created you good. You are good. You are buetuful. Please, look into Rachels Vineyard for post abortion counsoling and read up on Divine Mercy.

  3. please Don Bosco pray for my son John who has been watching pornography , for him to stop and for me to help him in any way possible, for him to follow Gods will for him and to find good friends, for us to make the best decision for his education but most all for all those images to be erased from him please pray for him

  4. Saint Bosco, bless All the youth of Kenya and may they find gainful employment matching their qualifications to better their lives. May they vote wisely in the upcoming August, 2017 general elections. May the youth of this country never be used as weapons of mass destruction ever again bit maybtheir energies,skill and brain power be used to transform Kenya.

    I am running for a parliamentary seat in Kibwezi West Constituency, Makueni County. please Saint Bosco, intervene for me to the Lord that He may grant me victory in the August 8.8.2017 general elections in accordance with His will.

    Saint Bosco-Pray For Us.

  5. Dear St. John Bosco,

    Please intercede on my behalf and ask the Lord to grant me an acceptance into DU. 8 denial letters later, and this is my last shot. I’m forever grateful and undeserving of all his love and blessings, but just need help with this one last thing. It’s only possible thru Him.

  6. Dear St Don Bosco
    please pray for Kristina that she could be accepted into villa high school and receive financial assistance, she is a very dedicated student who wants to remain in a Catholic school, we do not have the means to pay for this school, but with God everything is possible, I know this school has been my daughters dream, I pray that she gets accepted this week.

  7. I ask for prayers for my daughter. Please let her understand that her daughter is more important than her job.
    God Bless you and Thank you

  8. Please Join me in prayer as I have applied and desire to be accepted to the University of Oklahoma as a transfer student

  9. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Saint John Bosco for his intercession on behalf of my son and his family.

    Please, Lord, keep us always mindful and grateful for your great mercy and love for us. And thank you for listening to your Holy Mother and your Saints when they intercede for us poor sinners.

  10. Dear Saint John Bosco, please hear me in this novena in your honor that I just started today February 17; my petition is that my youngest son be healed of body, mind and soul, that he and his wife may turn to the Lord, reconcile with Him and with each other, and rise their little boy a good Christian. Saint John Bosco, you always protected my son from so many dangers as a teenager, please continue to do so now, in middle age, for he is in great need…commend him to the Lord, commend him to Our Lady Help of Christians, please. Amen.