St. John Neumann Novena

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About St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann was born in Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic, in the early 1800s. When he was 20, he discerned that God was calling him to be a priest.

St. John Neumann had a gift for learning languages. During his time in seminary, he learned 6 languages and became familiar with 2 others. He felt God was calling him to go to the United States because he knew that his ability to speak so many languages would be valued in this new country of European immigrants and they could use a priest who could speak their language.

He went to America and was ordained there. Later, he joined the Redemptorist order. Due to his gift for administrative organization, John was made the superior general of the order and later he was made bishop of Philadelphia. As bishop, he chose, “Passion of Christ, strengthen me” for his motto.

In the seven years he was bishop, he built 89 churches, with the intent of each one having a school, as well as several hospitals and orphanages. He helped to start the modern-day Catholic school system in America, which is why he is a patron saint of Catholic education.

He died suddenly from a heart attack on January 5th, 1860 at the age of 49 on a Philadelphia street. His feast day is celebrated on January 5th.

Novena Prayers

Sign of the Cross…


Opening Prayer

Passion of Christ, strengthen me. Strengthen me to carry my daily cross. Through the intercession of your servant, St. John Neumann, I ask that You lighten the burden that now weighs heavily on my heart.

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Day 1: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you had a special love for the sciences. Pray for all scientists, that through their studies, they may be led ever closer to God, the first cause and designer of all Creation.

Day 2: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, instead of waiting to receive an invitation from the bishop in America to come, you boldly decided to start your journey without knowing his response. Pray that I may have the grace to step out in faith, trusting that if it is God’s will, He will make a way.

Day 3: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you were an American immigrant at a time when Americans spoke a vast number of languages. As someone who knew many languages, you gave them someone who could understand them. Pray for all immigrants who feel estranged, especially those who do not know the primary languages of their new country.

Day 4: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you walked great distances to visit families that were spread out across New York. Pray for those who do not have ready access to a priest, that they would have abundant grace to live Christian lives and reach Heaven, and would know the love and care of the Church especially in times of great need.

Day 5: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you saw the need for educating the immigrant children in America, which led you to establish schools at your parishes. Pray that God would watch over all children in the education system and grant wisdom to their teachers, that they may lead them to God.

Day 6: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you joined the Redemptorist order which spread the good news that, “In Him there is plentiful redemption” (Psalm 130:7). Pray for God’s blessings on all religious orders, especially the Redemptorists, that they may be obedient to their vows and true to their mission in order to lead others and themselves to God.

Day 7: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you had a gift for organization and administration. Pray for those in administrative positions, that their work may glorify God.

Day 8: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you knew the demands of being a bishop, and so pleaded against becoming one. Pray for all bishops, especially those in America.

Day 9: St. John Neumann Novena

St. John Neumann, you helped spread the devotion of Eucharistic adoration in America. Pray for the grace of increased devotion to the Eucharist within me and throughout the world.

Closing Prayer

Holy Spirit, help me to recognize the gifts that You have given me. Help me to follow You more closely and lead others to You with those gifts. So, like St. John Neumann, I may become a saint using these gifts and walking a path that You have laid out for me.

Sign of the Cross…




St. John Neumann is Patron of…

The intercession of St. John Neumann is called on especially in the following cases:

  • Catholic Education
  • Sick children
  • Immigrants

St. John Neumann’s feast day is January 5th but you can pray the St. John Neumann Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!


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