St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena

Maximilian Kolbe NovenaThe St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena begins on August 5th! Sign up now!

Traditional St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena Prayers:

O Lord Jesus Christ, who said, “greater love than this no man has that a man lay down his life for his friends,”
through the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe whose life illustrated such love, we beseech you to grant us our petitions . . .

(state your intentions here)

Through the Militia Immaculata movement, which Maximilian founded, he spread a fervent devotion to Our Lady throughout the world. He gave up his life for a total stranger and loved his persecutors, giving us an example of unselfish love for all men – a love that was inspired by true devotion to Mary.

Grant, O Lord Jesus, that we too may give ourselves entirely without reserve to the love and service of our Heavenly Queen in order to better love and serve our fellowman in imitation of your humble servant, Maximilian. Amen.

Hail Mary…
Hail Mary…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…


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  1. St. Maxililian Kolbe… Please help my husband leave the drugs… Help him stay strong and stay away from all kinds of drugs.. I beg u.. To help him… Please ask the lord to guide my husband to the right path…

  2. St. Maximilian Kolbe, I have learned that you would be the Saint that would be there for me when praying for a drug addiction. My son has just not had much success with kicking a drug habit. I know that God has his ways and they are much wiser than mine so I am asking you to intercede for and pray with me for my own faith in knowing that God hears my prayer for my son. If possible, ask for protection for his physical well being and deliver him from any evil that surrounds him and ask for as quick a response as possible for his daily needs. Thank you and I will be in prayer with you over the next nine days. Thank you for your sufferings that you endured for your neighbor. If possible kiss my lord and savior, Jesus and his Mom and plead for our son and his miracle he needs. I feel guilty just focused on my needs because of the great deal of families that are going through the same thing but were not raised in a home that taught them to look to heaven…
    Please be with us all. Even those who do not know how to ask.

  3. I would give my life up for Drew. I have been inspired by him since middle school. I am friend of the homeless and I ask the Holy Spirit to help Drew and Hugo to conquer sin and temptation, as well as help to be obedient to God’s commands. Saint Maximilian Kolbe I pray that you empower us to best friends forever and ever for eternity, and let us live Christian lives. Amen

  4. Dear St Maximilian,
    Thank you for your inspiration . The Lord sent me to you to help me please help me with the situation at work. Lord through the intercessions of your saints deliver me from the evil spirit. St Maximillian, intercede for me with the situation with QH, AM, LW, FS,TH, RM,
    I Thank and plead with you to help me with the situation with QH. I surrender the whole situation to your intercessions to the Heart of Jesus Christ.
    I pray all this in the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

  5. Please help US,I beg of you. We are in a desperate situation and need help.Please ask our lord Jesus Christ and his blessed mother Mary and St Joseph and all the saints and angels in heaven to help us.Thank you

  6. Please Pray for my grand daughter and grandson who are using drugs! Please Our Lady help give them wisdom understanding and Knowledge Bless them to come strong in their faith. I thank thee my Jesus I Praise thee my Jesus.