St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena

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Traditional St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena Prayers:

O Lord Jesus Christ, who said, “greater love than this no man has that a man lay down his life for his friends,”
through the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe whose life illustrated such love, we beseech you to grant us our petitions . . .

(state your intentions here)

Through the Militia Immaculata movement, which Maximilian founded, he spread a fervent devotion to Our Lady throughout the world. He gave up his life for a total stranger and loved his persecutors, giving us an example of unselfish love for all men – a love that was inspired by true devotion to Mary.

Grant, O Lord Jesus, that we too may give ourselves entirely without reserve to the love and service of our Heavenly Queen in order to better love and serve our fellowman in imitation of your humble servant, Maximilian. Amen.

Hail Mary…
Hail Mary…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…


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  1. Please help US. You know how desperate we are. We need help. Please help US this week.Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help.Amen

  2. Dear St Maximilian please help us. We are in a desperate situation and need help. Please help poor old C who is not able for this. Please help H. Who is an innocent person. Please help T. who only tried to help.Please help me,I am sorry for what I have said or done. Please ask our lord Jesus Christ to forgive me my sins. Please help the one who has started all this. Please let his true colors come out. Please let the judge and jury see the lies that the police and authorities are telling..Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help. Amen

  3. St Maximilian please help US. We are in a desperate situation and need help. You gave your life for some one. You saved a wife and family from being fatherless. Please help US. My dear old dad needs help. Old C is not able for this situation,H is innocent. T was trying to help.And me I am so very sorry for what I have done or said. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and St Joseph and ask them to help US. Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help.Amen

  4. Dear St Maximilian,you gave your life for some one. Please help US now. We are in a desperate situation and need help.The court has started and it’s such a worry. Please help old C who is not able for this situation. Please help H who is an innocent person and T please help him. He was only doing things out of goodness.And please help me . I am so sorry for what I have said or done and I ask Jesus to forgive me.

  5. Please pray for my son, Tom, to be prevented from relapsing into drug and alcohol abuse and to be given the grace to stop feeling sorry for himself, leave behind his old lifestyle, and move forward on the path God has chosen for him. Pray that he realizes that , not God, but his own choices put him where he was, so that he will return to his faith. Thank you.

  6. Dear St Maximilian please help US. We are in a desperate situation and need help. We are so sorry for what we have ever done or said. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary and St Joseph and all the saints and angels in heaven to please help us. Especially old C who is not able for this situation.please help him. We ask with all our hearts. Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help. God bless you. Amen

  7. My dear heavenly saint Maximilian. Please please help US. We are in a desperate situation and need help. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and St Joseph and all the saints and angels in heaven and ask them for help.Our court has started and we are very worried. Please help us Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help. God bless you always. Amen

  8. St. Maximilian Kolbe, You helped my husband through a dark time many years ago; please aid him again. Please help him to see that our marriage is a good one, and our love is strong and beautiful. Please intercede for him, and us, that he can come out of this episode soon and see the light of God and the intense beauty and passion he normally has for our marriage. Please, help him to not destroy out marriage. Please, St Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.
    In Jesus Name, I Pray

  9. Please help my friend Chris with his addiction to alcohol. The alcoholism changed him, he use to be so kind and easy to get along with and after years of abuse, the alcohol has turned him into a bitter, mean man without any patience. He is hitting rock bottom and I can no longer keep myself in his life as his moods are now ruing my days. Please take care of him as I start to distance myself from him. Please help him get control and quit the alcohol and the cigarettes as well. He has been smoking 2+ packs a day for over 30 years. He just turned 46 and needs to change his life. Please watch over him, guide him and influence his thoughts so that he can finally quit the alcohol abuse.
    Thank you St. Maximilian

  10. Please give me the power to stay clean. I drank today although I’ve wnever had an issue what so ever with alcohol my drug of choice is medication. Please give me the strength to make it day by day and let the light shine back into my life because at this time it seems so gray no black no white almost color blind I need you…. I want to be better. I’ve been off prescribed pain medication for around three weeks and it seems like I’m getting better but my life although I am blessed seems very different I don’t have strength I don’t have energy I can’t keep up I’m asking for prayers and help

    • I’ll be praying for you and for those wig different kind of addictions. Just take one day at a time. Remember every second that God is love and He is with you. Everything is possible if you let Him be in your heart and mind every minute. Just trust!! You are on the right track.

  11. in this Special day for St Maximillian Kolbe, prayers for all those who are suffering from any type of addiction the our Lord Jesus hear all our prayers for your healing and strength , and also for peace and unity in our family’s in Jesus name Amen , May the Lord bless you and keep in The right path every day for the rest of your life ! Jesus we trust in You !

  12. Dear St Maximilian Kolbe. On your feast today, as you suffered at Auschwitz concentration camp please pray for me to have a similar determination as you had. And peace in the intercession of Mary Immaculate to overcome ALL problems in my life no matter what. For my brother in law getting over pancreatic cancer and my friend who’s wife has an undisclosed illness but is in need of much prayer and of many blessings from God . And for a lady looking after her husband suffering from depression. Thankyou. Deo Gratias and praise the Immaculate

  13. Please pray for my husband and son saint maximillion and for my son inlaws,for all addictions please stay whith them ,intercede for family I know our lord Jesus will hear your prayers for us mother Mary cover us that we may be blessed on this holy feast day Amen

  14. St Maximilian in the name of our Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother , please intercede with all your prayers for salvation for my husband and all those the have addiction of any type , may have the strength for healing, forgiveness and came back to the cross with open heart and give it all to Jesus ! May the Holy Spirit fill you with courage ,faith ,hope and a clean mind and body with the Precious Blood of our Lord . Put all your Trust in Jesus and offer all your pain in front of the Blessed Sacrament ! You all in my prayers cause you are not alone ,remember the you are a precious child of God , we all suffering to see our love ones this way keep on praying offer it to Him . God bless you with all my love !

  15. Please pray that our families in this world like my forgive and get alone. Mothers, daughter fighting. brothers against brothers. fathers against sons. Pray that the lord finds it in his heart to forgive us. thankyou

  16. St. Maximilian Kolbe, please keep my son from relapsing into drug and alcohol abuse and getting into trouble. Please assist and intercede for my intentions regarding my son and nephews. Help all young people to resist the temptation of drugs and put the illegal drug trade out of business. Please lead my son away from the drug lifestyle and back to Jesus and his Catholic faith. Thank you.

  17. That our son sees his addictions and starts to help himself with the help of Jesus and his mother Mary. For his spiritual,mental and physical conditions. That we as his family will be guided in helping him.

  18. Please pray for my son i ask the for the intercesion of st maximillion kolbe please keep him from all drugs and alcohol that his heart maybe guarded and and his mind be healed and whole please mother Mary cover him mother I pray for my sons future please protect him guard and guide him ,thank you st max ,I love you Jesus and mother Mary,Amen

  19. Please pray for my husbands intintions and all that he holds in in heart please st max ask our lord to give him strength and healing, and also my son I ask you stay whith him pray for him to be healed in body mind and spirit that his heart may be set on fire for love of our lord and mother Mary,bless and pray st maximillion for my family Amen

  20. My friend has a bad addiction to drugs and alcohol. He is suffering from cancer and does this he thinks to get it off his mind. Saint Kolbe please intercede and help him to be healed of these addictions as well as the cancer in our Lord Jesus name. Amen

  21. Please pray for my beautiful Elizabeth, she continues sinking into this horrible heroin addiction. Saint Kolbe, please intercede into her life and make her take that first step to a drug free life. I love her so much, my Lord please guide her to the proper path. Amen.

  22. Please pray for my daughter to have a strength and Faith to get over an addiction. Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, we turn to you for protection, Holy Mother of God Listen to our prayers. And help us in our needs, Save us from every danger, Glorious and blessed Virgin.
    Look for the compassion up on my daughter who is now entrapped in addition to drugs and whom we now recommend to your powerful intercession.
    We will never cease to be grateful to God who has us and heard your prayer for us. Amen.

  23. My son is on drugs and my husband drink everyday I ask god in Jesus name to stop my son doing drugs and my husband drinking everyday Thank you Jesus

  24. please pray for my granddaughter who is hooked on chrystal meth and an obusive boyfriend that our heavenly father bring her out of this darkness and to let us help her get the help she needs please maxamillian Kolbe intercede for her with our lord in jesus name amen

  25. Please pray for my grandson CJ who has been in a terrible vehicle accident and broke his back and neck .He is not paralyzed but will need lots of therapy and prayers. Also I pray that he will stop drinking. Praise God he is still alive. And thank God for the miracle of his life and no paralysis. Thanks be to God.

  26. Fellow believers, intercede for my sister through St Maxmillan Kolbe to live pisitively with her hiv status and accept it. I pray that she accepts to take her medication and food.In Jesus name I pray that Jennifer gets well, Jesus, Mary and Joseph intercede for her, Amen.

  27. I pray that my son will have the strength and knowledge and will to stop using drugs. that God and all the Saints, Mary and St. Joseph put there hands on him turn him around and bring him back on the right road, to a drugless life and back to his faith and all the ones that love him

  28. URGENT: Please pray for friend Joel who had a relapse of Chrystal Meth after many years and now doing it a lot. Please ask Maxamillion Kolbeand Our Lady to intercede to Our Lord that Joel may be cured once and for all of this addiction before it kills him.
    God bless all of you !

  29. Please pray for my nephew who is an addict. He started with alcohol, then got addicted to pain meds. He is now on Heroin and God knows what else. He has been stealing from family members and probably friends to support his addiction. Please pray that he quits lying to himself about his addiction and seeks help for it. Bless you!

    • Saint Maximilian you gave your life to a man you never known ! God Jesus instead gave you the eternal life I beg you to offer once again your self to hail my son in law Joe Lee france from that stomach illness wich hurt him too much ! Thank you in advance .

  30. Please pray for Marcin – drug and alcohol addict, former little brother and beautiful soul gone dark. Afraid he will hurt someone or himself. My heart breaks as I write this.
    Take my life for his. I will offer anything and repent for his sobriety.
    I offer any assistance and prayer for you all – good people needing help. We are all bonded by our love for these troubled souls.
    God pray for us all.

  31. My daughter Prisca has been having a battle with evil spirits. She is just fainting now and then. It started 3 weeks ago at the boarding school where she is learning. Please help me in praying for her.

    John M (Malawi)

  32. Please pray for my son has been hurting since his di called ad died when he was has been a big battle the last 3 years with drugs did everything and it got worse where he got in trouble with the law. he then went to jail for 4 months.which I didn’t think was long enough cause he is to immature and destructive.he has been out and on probation,and was doing great.probation officer never drug tested him or had him go to drug he is back on a very short period of time he is doing stuff that soon enough he will be in trouble with the law.he has ripped my family apart and it is now happening again!i called probation cause its out of control.he tested positive.i said to the PO please dongt want him in jail.this all stems to drugs and he has never thaught he had a drug problem and still doesn’t.please let him go to teen challenge a 14 month program that is Christian based.he needs help.thru all these problems he found out his dad committed suicide.i need him inrehab cause he has been fighting it all these years and him being 18 the probation and judge can make that happen or send him to I need a miracle that they make that happen and that my son ends the addiction and doesn’t fight it anymore and gets the help.he always goes by time frames and good till the time he needs to be and then self destructs so bad that everyday is a new story.need it to stick not good for 2 months then bad.hes ruining his life and I don’t want him to end up doing what his father the past to different schools he had kids telling on him that he threatened suicide.please I need a miracle!he needs rehab.

  33. I am forever grateful for the current and future intercession of St. Maximilian on behalf of my son David, age 18 who is an addict. He persists with his addiction even with the death of a school acquaintance, also named David after he took pills and alcohol. I am praying for the deliverance of son from the throes of addiction.
    Thank you for your prayers in the name of blessed Mary.

    David’s mom.

  34. Please pray for Bruce. He has been an addict and an alcoholic for the 30 years. He gave up drugs about 4 years ago but can not give up the alcohol or cigarettes. He has given both up for a month or two and then gets right back on them. This last time he had quit drinking for over two months and he just started back. We are broke because of his habits and on the verge of foreclosure. His drinking is so bad that he can’t keep a job and my job is not enough to pay the few bills that we have. His drinking has caused us to loose almost everything including our relationship.
    Please pray that he can quit, find a job and be the man he needs to be.

  35. Please pray for Mark who suffers from drug addiction and Jerome his brother. They have issue with criminal acts where it’s unknown where guilt & innocence begin and end between them. They need the courage to face & move through this and other matters in their lives with God’s grace;trusting in God’s love & mercy & authority & will in this & all matters in their lives and within their future.

  36. Please pray for my son Matt, that he make a decision to give up his drinking and drugging. Please provide the love and support he so dearly needs.
    thank you

  37. Help please pray for son’s addiction to marijuana, loss of God and self direction feeling unloved and alone. Thank you in Jesus Christ

  38. please pray for SD for his drug addiction ,ask our FATHER TO PLEASE wrap his arms around him & shield him from this demon of drugs & criminal acts.Let him feel the love of our FATHER within him & trust our LORD that he is REAL & give him strength to fight all satans lies & to realize he is only being destroyed.THANK YOU

  39. Please pray for my family especially for my daughter who will be hospitalized on August 11. The week of August 10 through 16 would be stressing for my family because of so many things that we will be dealing with. Please pray for positive solutions for all our undertakings.

  40. Please pray for my brother. He has struggled for nearly 6 years now with addiction to prescription pain medications. He is currently in treatment. Please pray that he can overcome this disease and be who he used to be.

  41. I ask that anyone reading this pray for my sister, who has problems with addiction, depression, and lack of self worth. I know there is still a beautiful person inside, but she is tormented by these problems and spends all her energy on lying and manipulation. She needs a Christian residential rehab facility. I ask for prayers for her son, as well.

    Her problems made the last years of my father’s life a living hell and the anguish continues and has caused complete division and dysfunction in our family. We have all prayed for years for her to heal and be whole again. And that she return to the Church.

    I pray that St. Max will restore my sister to health so she can lead a productive, happy life and that unity, reconciliation among family members and forgiveness occur so that we can all be healed from this evil that has invaded our lives.

    Thank you.

  42. I’m not in the ideal path that God would want me in, but I feel I’m doing the best I can to help others.
    I request that Maykel Zakari, be prayed for. He is struggling with Meth addiction. He has a good heart but has been using Meth for so many years it’s part of his life. I wish for him to stop using this drug for the rest of his life & live a healthy happy life even if it’s with someone else.

  43. Dear St. Maximillian,

    I really want to live for Our Lord. Please pray for me that I might be freed from the addiction to tobacco that. I might glorify and praise him with my body and good health, and thus serve him greater and longer. Please also pray for those amongst my loved ones…particularly Matt and Aunt V. And R. If there is anyone else of to for whom I am unaware. I wait patiently as I hope to recieve these graces through your intercession…and will most greatfully give thanks! Amen.

  44. Please pray for my daughter Nichole, she is addicted to drugs and has other psychological issues. She is very weak and needs all the prayers she can get. Please please pray for her. I believe that only God can help her at this point. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

  45. please pray for my husband that is about to serve a 15-20 year sentence in federal prison because of his drug addiction. please help me be strong and motivated through out this time that seems almost too much to bare. help me not be addicted anymore and be a good example for those that depend on me.

  46. Please help my daughter and a close friend with their addiction. And I ask that you give me the strength to move around without falling to do the things I need to do. Especially like going to the restroom give me the strength to get up from toilet seat. I am fighting against Muscular Dystrophy.

  47. Asking for prayers for my husband as he continues to fight his addiction. In seven years we have had two beautiful daughters added to the one beautiful son I brought into our marriage. However, in this time, my husband has also been to detox twice, long-term rehab once, and arrested and placed on 18-month probation once. I now have discovered that his drug use, lies, and manipulation have never stopped. I feel at my wits end. St. Max, through the blessed Mother, please pray for my husband’s recovery as well as my ability to forgive.

  48. Jennie and Delores,

    I pray with you for addiction of family members. I have a daughter addicted to drugs and alcohol with 3 small children that H and I are now caring for full time as she is in rehab. She also suffers from depression and other psychological illnesses. She has now been in rehab for 2 months and by the sounds of what she says in our phone conversations, she is not very far in her recovery. She says she doesn’t want to come home but will probably be coming home soon. The range of emotions this family (including her husband that is out of town with his job most of the time) has been incredible. I have been praying for her in my daily rosary for years for her depression and conversion for years, and now she has addiction problems as well, and we find ourselves where we are now.

    Please St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray to Jesus through Mary for our family, and for her to start on a healthy recovery and for her conversion. She says she doesn’t want me to take the children to Mass anymore, that she’s not sure she wants them raised Catholic. I feel as if this family is under tremendous attack from Satan himself. We desperately need Heaven’s help. Satan is pulling out the big guns on this family but I know Heaven’s guns are much much bigger! PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND ESPECIALLY FOR HER!

  49. Please pray with me for the father of my children and his brother. They have very addictive tendencies and are struggling with addiction to pain killers. For the father of my children, he seems to have moved to this from his past addiction to alcohol. He suffers from great pain after a life-threatening injury a year ago, but he does take an excessive amount of pain killers at a time. I worry about his relationship with my very young daughters, what is left of our family, and even the safety of my daughters –even though he is a great, loving father, I worry he will make a mistake while under the influence.
    Please pray for his healing and for the healing of our relationship. Pray that one day I will be able to trust in him again.
    I thank you all and pray for your intentions, as well.

    • Jenni,

      I can only tell you my experience and what I did and am trying daily to do.

      It is difficult.I know I was in your situation for over 10 years. ( we were together total almost 20 years)

      Thought my petitions wasnt heard.

      last year I said the novena and began my spiritual journey seriously with my children (being more pro-active in my faith)

      -Praise God! On Halloween 2012, the father of my children went to a residential rehab..not just any rehab but a faith based rehab!

      As the children and I grew in our faith , he began to restore his faith in Christ and in himself! He is still working on himself (residential rehab at salvation army), we attend mass together and we go to bible study/faith formation at our paish.

      I am not saying he will never relapse ( i pray his faith will overcome any temptation )…

      The addiction battle is out of your hands now…
      you have lifted it to God and now do your part for you and the girls-

      Know that God hears your cries for help.

      As you try to gather yourself , dont forget your relationship with Christ and your duties as a Christian.Build on that and grow in faith with your daughters.

      Try to achieve a Christ-centered way of life (be it pray together, bible readings, singing praises or attending mass and sacraments). It will not be easy- trust me, i tried and tried.

      circumstances will reveal the right moment (In His Time)…

      Its not an easy road but its an easier load!

      You have the right to be worried about your daughters safety and you should be! Yes, he is the father but all lit takes is one wrong move and the children are robbed of life! (it could be as simple as a lie “betrayal” or violence….) I kept my children close to me and busy
      God gave us common sense and intuition-use it. Do what you need to do to keep your sanity and many answers I found in the bible. I know that if your will is God’s will and you ask for it in His name Our Father will bless you!

      meanwhile, ask for forgiveness and forgive, be alert, pray constantly and give thanks.

      Have faith God has made a path for you and your family to be whole again! Know that it is God’s will for you and your family to be at peace!

      If it’s okay with you, I will bring your request to my prayer group
      and we will pray for your personal intentions.

      I hope through my experience you find what you are looking for.

      Dear St.M Kolbe,
      Through interceding through you, I came closer to Our Father and Our Savior. That open the doors for my children to conversate with Christ! My husband found a new path of life filled with Jesus Divine Mercy! Thank you so much!
      Please continue to intercede for me and all the others that posted along with those that cant ask for themselves.

      Mama Mary,
      Pray for us

      Jesus I Trust In You

      • please pray for Joseph to come out of his addiction and choose God as his saviour. Through intersection of st.Maximalion Kobi Ask all angels and saint pray to God for his redeem.

  50. Please pray for my daughter (Jennifer) who has a drug addiction. she has two small children who’s lives she is putting in danger. help her realize she need help and let us get the help she needs. she is a wonderful mother but she is slowly killing herself.


  52. PLEASE PRAY FOR My FAMILY. My husband is out of work. Please guide us to the right place so we may be happy ! . I PRAY FOR GOOD HEALTH AND PROSPERITY FOR MY FAMILY!

  53. Please pray for my husband. He is wants to leave our marriage after 18 years of marriage, for another woman. We are in marital counseling for the next 6 to 8 weeks.I pray that he gives us a second chance and really make an effort to work out our problems. That he just not go through the motions. Please, I want to rebuild our marriage and our family. Please pray for Kristie F. That she find somebody else and for her healing. She is trying to fill an emptiness in herself with men after men. Only God can fill that emptiness. Until she finds him and turns toward Jesus she will continue on her path of destruction. Pray that they both give up there sinful relationship and seek God. Also pray for my children, who are hurting and for me. Pray for my strength and courage to do what is right and to continue to bear this very heavy cross.

  54. St Maximilian please intercede for my friend Greg who is in an intensely painful crisis that needs a miracle to fix it.

  55. This is a thank you for all your prayers, my daughter now has several job offers and will start working on 8/21. Doing what she likes best – Reading Specialist helping those young children that need to learn how to read. I am now awaiting my other prayer petition for my oldest daughter to find a good man to love and respect and love my grandson. A good christian man (Catholic if possible). Thank you for all your prayers. I know God loves us so much.

  56. Please pray for my kids and I that I get clean title to my home and will own it out right met 2 angels who helped me save my home please pray for us ~ TY

  57. Thank you St Maximillian Kolbe for answering my prayers especially the break up recently and you revealed my sign last night.I am definitely moving on and continue to give me strength to overcome this relationship which was not good for me and my family. I had strayed away from my Catholic religion due to my relationship with this man that did me wrong. Continue to intercede to my Lord and help me not loose my focus on my family. I love you my Lord and I give you honor and glory!!

  58. Thank you St Maximillian Kolbe for interceding for my family.My daughter cleared her papers in exam though one subject is still outstanding.I know it will be released soon and in good grades too.I pray that tomorrow which is my son’s interview date to get student’s USA visa will be successful.We pray you grant our heart’s desire in JESUS holy name we pray amen.

  59. Thank you for listening to my prayers St Maximillian Kolbe.

    Please pray for my husband and for my grandson get well soon
    Thank you Dear Lord for helping my husband be stable with the injury to his stomach.

  60. Thank you for listening to my prayers St Maximillian Kolbe. Please grant me the favours that I have requested and please let me be reunited with my ex-wife and family, whom I miss so much. Thank you for all the help that you have given to all the people in need. May you continue to do Gods work always.

  61. Thank you St Maximilian for finding a job for my son.Help him to be grateful for all the blessings coming his way.Once again thank you.

  62. I thank you for putting a job on my son’s path. Please give him the knowledge to
    Preserve it for a long time until maybe something better comes up. Once again
    I thank you

  63. My husband has been out of work and I have been working hard to try and keep us afloat while he looks for a job. I am sick and I can’t afford to go and get this checked out and it seems he isn’t really interested in getting a job. I have been really wondering about my marriage and what I should do. I was about to walk away from this relationship of 23 years without thinking it out. I started praying this Novena and my heart has changed its way of thinking. With this Novena I realize what is important in life, its not the job and the income its who will be there for me. My husband has started actively looking for a job and not looking so depressed. I thank you for this one. Its helped out a lot.


  65. Thank you for your intersessions my son is drug free, please pray he stays that way!! Thank you St. Maximillan Thank you JESUS!!!

  66. Thank you for those who visited my graphic design site, as of yet today, I am thrilled with the response. I having been praying to God for months that this business will be successful. I also do custom graphic design work from websites to wedding invitations- the link is available at this site. Again, please visit my site by hitting my initial and sharing it with those who you think it might inspire…

    Thank you Dear Lord for helping my father be stable with the injury to his lung. Help me to have the funds to pay off the car and have money for food, etc. if my husband stops all financial support. The children are scared and I am trying to be their rock. Selling my wedding band will be hard and so will be selling our other precious belongings- but I know if I retaliate with my husband I will be in more turmoil. Please smooth out these next few weeks, finalize this divorce, and get the help my husband needs to stop his abusive behavior.

    Please tell me what my next step is to succeed. Please bring the right people into my life that will help me achieve this.

    In Your Name, Amen.

  67. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s been more than six months now since I joined in praying the series of Novenas from John Paul. Well the results has been wonderful. God has never failed and will never fail. I asked for my marriage plans to be successful and it was, I asked for open doors and favor of God upon my marriage, wife and family and it was granted, I asked for help for my residential papers and it came to pass, God helped.
    Thank you father for your love and provisions.

    I now ask for these petitions:
    1. For divine healing upon my mother who is suffering from diabetics.
    2. For quick recovery of my family friend’s (Natty’s) dad who recently had a kidney transplant.
    3. For my marriage to be blessed with children as well as financially.
    4. For God’s divine favor to find a good job.
    5. For God’s guidance protection an divine healing upon my life and my family’s.

    Thank you Lord as you answer my prayers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  68. Please pray for me that I may be released from this mental anguish that I have suffered with for several years now. If this is God’s will for me, then I ask for the strength to carry this burden.

  69. While in prayer with many others during this Novena, many of my prayers were answered. I lift up my heart which is filled with thanks today.

    I continue to pray for all of those in great need.

    In His name, Amen.

  70. My nephew shot himself and my heart was heavy with guilt. Guilt because I failed him when he reached out to me. He wanted to go to church with us. I picked him up once or twice, but I’m always running late to church, so I would forget to go for him. He was 23, not married but with a 3 yr old child that he adored. Never saw him without his son. Mom not in the home, but drugs and alcohol were. My nephew lived with his mom and cousins who would come and stay. He was not happy. They said he wanted to go with his grandma, (my sister who died a couple of years ago) who loved him and showered him with her love for him. I started praying this Novena St. Max Kolbe and praying to St. Rita and all the other Saints for peace of mind. I went to confession …. but the Priest just didn’t help me. But the very next day when I started the Novena I felt this heaviness lifted. Thank you St. Kolbe, thank you Father God and Holy Spirit and thank you St. Rita and all the angels and Saints. I still weep for my nephew and pray for him, but now I can concentrate in praying for his soul.

  71. Please pray for me that I do not have to serve prison time for my involvement in a current fbi investigation.

    I have repented my sins, I am no longer the money hungry person I was then…

    PLEASE pray that I can make this right with restitution and not have to serve prison time and by away from my Wife and unborn Child. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just wanted to make money for my family.

    Thank you and may God Bless!

  72. We need our boarding stable to be filled.
    a friend Sandi needs prayer, she has ovarian cancer and has surgery Aug 29.
    Another friend Joy is recovering from pneumonia.
    Friend Jon has first stages of frontal lobe dementia.

  73. Praise God, the intensions I prayed for have not yet been realized, rather, I was able to be the answer for someone else’s intentions. I had a need for a graphic artist and I reached out to someone I’ve worked with some years ago.

    When I contacted him, unbeknown to me, he has been in dire financial circumstances and had been praying for work. Although the funds I am paying him will not totally take care of his situation, it will make a huge difference as it will enable him to repair his car and feed his family.

  74. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary Most Holy, Angels and Saints above! I pray, pray for my beautiful Daughter Cassandra’s life! I pray that she will be freed of the evils of drug addictions! I pray for the most Holy Ghost to fill her heart and soul!!
    Yesterday her drug test came back negative…7-days clean!!! My Lord God! Praise Jesus!!
    This is huge! Small steps, possible set-backs .. But with our prayers, ALL is possible! Cassandra also is starting to attend her meetings and asked to go to Church today! Praise God!!!
    I also continue to pray for all the intentions mentioned in today’s novena and for all.
    Praise Be Jesus Christ, Mary Most Holy, Angels and Saints, thank you God!!

  75. Paul Chao a patient from the Father Pio group , is suffering from acute cancer which has metastasized to the liver. He has undergone many courses of chemotherapy but his condition has not improved . Paul is in very low spirit and needs our prayers. Please pray for him.

  76. During the last novena we prayed for people seeking jobs. I was one of those seekers. The day we specifacly prayed for jobs, I had two interviews! I received an offer from one of them &am now a full time elementary librarian! Thank you all for praying with& for me.

  77. I ask today, Dear Lord, help me to forgive and not harbor any more anger towards my husband. Please help my financial situation so that I can make the car payment. Please help my financial situation by bringing more visitors to my site (for those here, please visit my site by hitting my initial and sharing it with those who you think it might it inspire).

    For we know Him Who said, Vengeance is Mine [retribution and the meting out of full justice rest with Me]; I will repay [I will exact the compensation], says the Lord. And
    again, The Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of His people.- Hebrews 10:30

    I will not feed my anger anymore, Dear Lord, please forgive me.

    In His name, Amen.

  78. I am saying a prayer of Thanksgiving in advance b/c I KNOW that my prayers will be answered. I have faith that the Lord is hearing my plea. Still praying for all your intentions.

  79. My brother and his sons Marc,and Ryan went to visit my son Michael at Madonna House. I continue praying that this visit may bring them back to the sacraments.


  80. I want to give thanks. I prayed for my fathers biopy to be negative. Just got results and they are negative. Thanks be to God

  81. This has been a very special novena for a number of reasons.First of all this precious saint is the patron of those with addictions and this is what we are “fighting” in my home.Also two of my children attend a Catholic School with the name Immaculata and a group of moms have started a “Milita of the Immaculata” of our own. We pray the rosary in the Adoration Chapel after Mass on Fridays.We pray for all the families and children and staff.Some parents thought the word “militia”was harsh….our response “We are fighting a WAR everyday agaisnt the evils that can befall our children and against our Catholic families.” I pray our group expands and continues to “fight” for our loved ones.God Bless.

  82. Thank you, Father, for answered prayers. Dire financial situation eased by surprise back pay. O woman, great is your faith. Matthew 15:28

  83. Dear lord, be the head of my family and direct it’s affairs, grant me a safe delivery and I also pray that you grant my son wisdom, understanding and knowledge and above all good health of mind and body.