St. Michael the Archangel Novena

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St. Michael the Archangel is mentioned a few times in the Bible and is venerated as the ‘Prince of Angels.’

He is known for interceding for us for protection from evil and for healing.

In Christian art, he is often depicted wearing armor, wielding a sword or spear and slaying a dragon, a serpent or satan.

More About St. Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael archangelThe Catholic church refers to Michael the Archangel as St. Michael even though he is an angel, and not a saint whose recognition resulted from canonization. He is believed to be the prince of all of God’s angels, and the protector of the church.

There were several instances when St. Michael is believed to have appeared in the Bible, among them:

  • In the Book of Daniel, St. Michael is referenced as the “Great Prince and defender of your people”
  • As a sword-wielding angel who introduced himself to Joshua just before the fall of Jericho, as commander of the army of the Lord.
  • As the leader of the Angels who banished Satan and his minions according to the Book of Revelations
  • As an Archangel in the Epistle of Jude
  • In the Epistle to the Thessalonians, mention is made of an archangel who will announce the second coming of Christ. Though not identified, it is believed to be referring to St. Michael.

St. Michael is venerated as a healer, and protector of the Catholic Church. His feast day is celebrated on Sept. 29 but we are praying the novena in February.

novenatostmichaelNovena Prayers to St. Michael the Archangel

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Opening Prayers:

St. Michael the Archangel, we honor you as a powerful protector of the Church and guardian of our souls. Inspire us with your humility, courage and strength that we may reject sin and perfect our love for our Heavenly Father.

In your strength and humility, slay the evil and pride in our hearts so that nothing will keep us from God.

Daily Prayers:

Day One:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may be blessed by God with the zeal to live our lives in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

Day Two:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the grace to see the image of God in the least of our brothers and sisters.

Day Three:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may be protected from the snares of the devil, that we may avoid all occasions of sin.

Day Four:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have an overwhelming desire to humble ourselves before God in service to His Will.

Day Five:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the moral strength to defeat disordered desires and passions that would take the place of Almighty God.

Day Six:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the faith to truly entrust our lives to the loving care of our Heavenly Father.

Day Seven:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the grace to joyfully dedicate everything that we do to the greater glory of God.

Day Eight:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the will to faithfully obey God in all of his commandments.

Day Nine:

St. Michael the Archangel, pray that we may have the grace to share eternity with our Heavenly Father.

Closing Prayer:

St. Michael the Archangel, you are the prince of angels but in your humility you recognized that God is God and you are but His servant. Unlike satan, you were not overcome with pride but were steadfast in humility. Pray that we will have this same humility.

It is in the spirit of that humility that we ask for your intercession for our petitions…

(state your petitions)

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.”


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

St. Michael the Archangel, Patron…

St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police, and sickness.

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  1. I sent this on to our leaders of a Women’s Acts Retreat coming up Febuary22-25, from Our Lady of Grace Church telling them that Al and I will be praying this novena for them and all the retreatants and hope they join us.
    Yes, I have asked them to sign up also and join us.
    Another lady at our church, just last week, to help get our parish to say the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel after all our masses like they do at other churches. She’s in charge of the spiritual mission. This will a part of our novena of prayers for our pastor to approve of this addition to doing this prayer.
    Will let you know when it happens, in prayer, thanks angela

  2. St Michael the Archangel, intercede for me at the throne of God. Please heal my cancer and may my breast biopsy be benign, in Jesus name, I pray!!

  3. St Michael the Archangel, I pray for your help and intercession that both of my sons return to God and the Church. I ask for my youngest son’s heart to soften and to want to come back to the family as well. I also pray that his girlfriend, who does not like our family and is the reason for his distance, softens her heart and tries to get to know our family for who we are and for her return to God and the Church, too. In Jesus name, I thank you. Amen

  4. St. Michael you are our protector and healer plz i pray to you to heal my father who is supposed to undergo s biopsy for suspected mouth cancer. Please cure him and make his results come clean by the name of the name of theFAther . Son . Holy spirit amen

  5. I’m having difficulty with my ex who is trying to cause discord between myself and my daughter.She ended the relationship with me,had another child with someone else and became angry with me because I was unwilling to take her back.The ex tries to thwart me in petty ways, such as giving me last minute notice regarding my daughter’s Kindergarten graduation. I live in Miami so I had to scramble and quickly obtain airline,hotel,and car rental reservations to attend the graduation which was in Nashville,TN. Last week my daughter calls me about a Father/Daughter dance,ex told me nothing.
    I’ve never taken the ex to court,but now I may have to resort to this.

  6. I pray that illness be banished from my body through the grace of God. May he lay his hands upon me for healing and bring peace back into my life and love and health for my family . Thanks be to God. Amen

  7. Thanksgiving for favors received and for a greater reliance on God’s Providence. Financial help for our businesses and to relieve our debt.

  8. i ask the Almighty Father to please have st micheal interceed on behalf of my children and myself ,to drive away sickness , body mind and soul from us and to drive away all negativity in our homes and bodies and mind and souls may he help to create peace and goodness within and upoun us and may we be able to bring peace and joy to others. i ask this humbly from the Lord our GD to allow st micheal His arc angel to help us thanks be to GD and the Lord JESUS amen amen

  9. Please pray for:
    1. my mom Rosalina who was recently hospitalized due to pneumonia. She was released then was hospitalized again because she was feeling weak and dizzy. She can hardly sleep. Please pray that God gives her inner peace and remove her anxieties and heartaches especially because of confict among her children.
    2. my brother Pablo who has some form of dementia or alzheimer’s, that St. Michael protects him always.
    3. that i find good employment (before my unemployment benefits run out) where i won’t be fired nor let go nor laid off, in a positive work environment, surrounded by good ethical co-workers and management
    4. that i be led to my future husband and God blesses my life with children and a good marriage
    5. reconciliation and healing between my siblings and other family members, for mom’s sake
    Thank you. God bless you all.

  10. Please lead me to my future husband, for good health, that I do well in my job and for a better paying job.

    For Paula and George M’s marriage that their is love, respect and honor. And for their children, Lauren, Ryan, Madison and Mason that there is peace, love and understanding.

    For John B, Don B and Scott B and their families and situations.

    For Scott Z and his family and situations.

    For Fred G, Joanne K, Alexa A, Lolita and Don G, Art and Pat P, Kevin S, Cheryl E, Dot S, Ruth H and Jean T.

  11. I pray for my sister, Patricia and her children to forgive her husband, mother in law and sister in law an other relatives who are making her marriage life a difficult one. St. Michael pray for us

  12. Also Michael please bring the man that left me after 3 yrs when I found out I had cancer. And did everything to hurt me n tried to ruin my career basically threw me under the bus to cover his lies. And broke my heart when I had cancer. And bring him to his knees to see the hurt n pain he caused me n my family. Especially when I needed him most. Bring it to his heart to say sorry n tell the truth. I really need that.

  13. For all of my friends who have cancer for healing and peace. For my son Alex that he return to the Catholic church, find a good job and that his self esteem get better so that he is no longer depressed. He needs an angel!

  14. Heal me of cancer and all the side effects from treatments and the meds. Protect me n my family from illness and the wickedness of spiritual n non spiritual. Thank you for guarding us.

  15. Asking for prayers … perhaps through St. Michael – I can experience spiritual intercession in my life. My faith used to carry me through so many trials … somewhere along the way, after overcoming sooo much, I’ve grown cold, numb, with a hardened heart. I have filled my days with serving others through both my jobs that provide support to others, and visiting my mother who has Alzheimer’s, and keeping my daughter’s visitation schedule of my grandchildren. But, I simply go through the motions – giving all my time to others. I no longer visit Adoration Chapel. I first stopped attending daily Mass – but now, can not even bring myself to attend Sunday Mass. I feel as if chains have encased my spirit and my soul. It feels as if a dark place of despair dwells inside me. Robot and zombie like inside – to the outside world, to my residents, my family, my children and grandchildren, I put on a brave face. It feels sooo overwhelming to “be” me. But I believe that all the work and my schedule is what is keeping me ‘functional’ … thank you for your prayers. Hopeful that I can break free of this spiritual apathy that has crept in and taken hold of me.

  16. Please protect my family as I am going to die in a few months. Protect them from evil influences, May God continue to fill them with His Holy Spirit. Amen

  17. Please protect and heal my friend AMY from the depression she is facing. Please guide her to new life and new possibilities for work.

  18. St. Michael, I pray for total healing in my family.
    I want God’s special favour in all that I do. I pray for God’s special intervention in my prayer request. I applied for Visa and I pray God to grant it.
    I want you to help me in all that i do . Amen.

  19. St. Michael, I ask your intercession for healing for my friend Harriet, who is undergoing cancer treatment, and for my own spiritual healing. Please in this Lenten season may I find forgiveness in my heart and healing from a hurt done to me. Thank you.

  20. St. Michael, I ask for healing for my son Luke who needs physical healing. I also need spiritual and emotional healing and healing in certain relationships. Please intercede for us. In Jesus’s name we pray.

  21. Please protect me and my family from my ex-husband and the father of my children. Watch over us and keep us safe. Protect us from thieves, wield thy sword upon those who feel they can take what is not theirs.

  22. For the spiritual, physical and financial health of all my family. For the protections against evil and temptations. For our community where peace and happiness will rule becoming an example for others around the country. To keep up on the righteous path and helping us help others in that direction.

  23. St Michael the Archangel
    I offer you this prayer for my current relationship situation. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Take away all the pain and hurt. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Let us be able to acknowledge each other worth. Fill it with love and forgiveness.
    Intercede for any principalities and power of darkness for me and my family.
    For your intervention for my current educational challenges.

  24. St. Michael the Archangel please i beg u to protect me especially at my place of work to stop the person who have evil intention to destroy me. Protect also my family and friends from any harm. Thank u St. Michael.

  25. I pray for the protection of my family and peace for the world. I also pray for the healing of my brother from cancer, my daughter of seizures, my husband’s knee, my children’s allergies, my dad’s brain bleed and diabetes, my mom’s injuries and pain.

  26. Dear St. Michael, please offer your strength and steadfastness to Riley as he battles cancer. Provide healing to his body and conviction to his heart and mind during his treatment.

    Give us, his family the strength to continue our support and encouragement so that we may help him to continue to heal mentally and physically. Finally, help his immediate family to feel the power of God so that they may know Him and follow Him.

  27. Protect and heal my daughters form all evil. Restore my daughter’s health and protect her from all harm. In Jesus most holy name we pray!

  28. St Michael defend me and my companion from unchastity and lust. Pray that I have the moral courage to inspire holiness in him and all who surround me.

  29. Dear St. Michael, please protect my sons from the evil that is trying to take their souls. I pray constantly for them and I ask you to intercede for me to God in my prayers.

    I pray for my son’s business that it may thrive and prosper so he can support his family.

    I pray for my eyesight and my hearing. Please ask God to spare me the possibility of going blind.

    Thank you St. Michael for your intercession for me and my loved ones.

  30. Please pray for me to resist unchastity in my relationship with my companion. St Michael defend me, and empower me to inspire him to greater holiness.

  31. Please pray that I will land suitable professional employment ASAP and also for a financial miracle to clear up the fiasco that has developed while unemployed and which is now beyond repair without miraculous intervention.

  32. Please pray for a financial miracle. We are seniors and living on a very fixed income. We have medical bills and other bills piling up and need God’s intervention.

  33. St. Michael I pray that you help my son’s father find a job and I pray that he continues to seek you for help. I pray that my dark thoughts of self loathing remain at a distance. I also pray that even through this very questionable time of my families lives, that we remain knit together with the love we share for God and the church.


  34. I always have tried to pray daily to St. Michael to ask him for protection for me and my family against all forms of Evil.

  35. Dear Saint Michael, please intercede for us in unity with Our Blessed Mother that we may serve God our Father and our brothers and sisters in Christ with great humility and courage. Please stand before us in battle always. We pray that you will expose and vanquish all evil which attacks all of us and will beg the Holy Spirit to descend into all of our hearts. We need His Holiness, humility and strength so badly. Powerful Warrior and friend Saint Michael, thank you for your unfailing protection for us and our families. May Jesus Christ be praised Now and forever and may the Holy Will of God Our Father dwell deeply in all of our hearts, minds, and souls. We ask this in theHoly and Precious Name of Jesus. Amen.

  36. Dear St. Michael:

    I am in urgent need of protection from evil co-workers. My boss seems to instigate the matter and I feel overwhelmed.

    Please bless me with a new job and great boss who will respect me for the work that I do.


  37. As I keep on pray for my daughter Misty and I haven’t giving up.Please pray for her so she stop sleeping with men for her Addiction It break my heart to see her like that.My husband and I are rising her three Beautiful kids and it break my heart to give up her last one my boss has custody my husband said,we were to old to rises a baby and it still hurt.I please one off this she will stop using.pray for Misty Mason

  38. St Michael the Archangel please protect my daughter and remove her depression and suicidal tendencies. Also please remove my other child’s back pain.

  39. Dearest St. Michael, I love you. Guide me, help me to be strong in my faith and faithful to Our Loving God. You know the prayers I hold in my heart… Please pray for the healing of my soul and my life, help me to spend my forever loving and serving God, and that Satan will never be able to harm me/us again.

  40. Dear St. Michael The Archangel

    I pray that the bad dreams of people trying to end my life come to an end.
    I pray that any evil plans against me be destroyed, and i may soon receive the fruit of my womb.

  41. Archangel Michael, I pray for those on this site seeking healing, comfort, relief from burdens, and all concerns of heaven and the earth.

    I ask that you help me to do God’s holy will despite my many flaws.

    I pray for the least of us, that despite our feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing we might know the joy and hope from God’s holy will in our lives, and despite the cruelty and pain of this world we will know we are not alone because God is with us. Let this be the blessing and the song in our hearts.

    I pray you will stand beside those who feel discarded and alone, and that in their most desperate moments you will alleviate their loneliness, terror and pain.

    I pray for the joy of God’s heavenly host, that those most in need of a lift in faith and a lift in life will be pierced by the love of the heavens, and that all willing to receive might hear that faint song in their broken hearts. Heal our suffering and lead us to the joy of heaven.

    I ask this in the Lord’s name, through the blessing of our Lady, Amen.

  42. Dear St Michael the Archangel, please protect my family from all evil and dangers. I pray especially for D , protect him from all the dangers confronting him, that he may pass his exams
    I pray for A that she may get into a med school, J may get a new job, P may have a successful , fruitful marriage.
    Please pray for my health and my job, M cancer scare. My brothers and their family, my sister G.
    More especially, win my battle at 255HM God is stronger than all their antics. I strongly believe you will conquer them for me.

  43. St. Michael, please intercede on behalf of Malachi to heal him of cancer and that he be ordained a priest in the diocese of Syracuse. He has a heart after God’s heart, and is sorely needed as a shepherd of God’s people. Amen.

  44. Prayers for my spouse who has been in the grocery business 37 years and with the competition in the area his company is in jeopardy- we are older and his fear of losing his job has ruined his spirit- he is depressed and full of constant worry. I pray for his retirement with provision- favor – grace- wisdom – knowledge- health. He is a good hard working man who loves the Lord – wonderful father – husband and son. He has overcome with the Lord’s help so many obstacles – we got married at 17 with a baby- he worked so hard and sacrificed so much for us I just pray God blesses him and I with many years of adventure- and with our family and friends – to bring joy back into his life for the remainder of our lives together- he misses every weekend and holiday due to his retail hours I pray he is blessed with many years to enjoy those holidays with us all without being tired from work- to truly enjoy Christmas- 🙏🏻

  45. PLEASE help me to stop worrying& being nervous about everything especially work & work relationships
    PLEASE help me be financially stable
    PLEASE help me recover from my fall, vertigo and tinnitus.

  46. Saint Michael please intercede for the health and miraculous healing of my daughter Chloe. She can become tormented by suicide tendencies, and can self harm bringing great fear to me her Dad and her Mother and siblings. May God through your intercession bring peace to my daughters mind and life and may she live a life of faith and peace. Amen.

    Saint Michael please also pray for the protection and faith and in some cases conversions, of my mother, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces. And pray for my friends and enemies that Gods peace and love will prevail in all of our lives.

    Saint Michael also please intercede for me that I will win my battle against alcoholism which is ruining my life and faith. Amen.

    • Hi Ronan, I pray for your intentions. Please pray for my son to heal from his drug addiction. I think you may find healing through participation with others struggling as you do. You may consider starting a Catholic in Recovery group in your parish for healing of those with addiction and unhealthy attachments. If you go to the website, click on “meetings” and go from there.

    • Prayers to keep everyone safe and free of all the evil spirits. May we be blessed with harmony health and strength. Prayers to keep God’s word and follow him in this world of destruction and sorrow. May the lost souls be healed and brought back to the righteousness of the Lord.
      Please protect our church and the followers of the Lord. Amen

  47. St. Michael i pray for the protection of my family and the family of my brother peter from all evils and enemies.Amen
    I also pray for my daughter that she may get the job she is after.Amen

  48. St Michael pray for Calem who is now in palliative care and is only 15. Heal him off all his cancer and tumours. Also pray for my mum Bernadette who is unwell give her strength and healing, in Jesus name Amen.

  49. Yes St.Michael protect me and my son ryan and my husband Sean and my loved ones. Get all the evil away . Give us power . Long life and health and protection in Jesus Christ Name I Pray . Thank you

  50. Please keep my children and grandchildren safe, especially my daughter who is pregnant. Please protect my family as we travel.

  51. For timely resolution of condo issues
    For continued healing
    For support of healing profession
    For protection of home and business
    Thank you for your support

  52. St Michael save us from car accident,falls down bullies
    Saveus from. Spiritual attacks
    Bring ma uela and Adley backto mass,confession
    Help me.with my.ptyer and mission and groups
    For my permanent resident

    Save ll world leaders
    Bri g peace to our homes and community

  53. Please pray for my sons and brothers and Ara to come back to the faith, for and end to the abusive relationship I am in and for some peace in my life, for Fr. Bill, Fr. Tom, Fr. John, Fr. Dietrich and all priests, for the healing of Sarah, Mark, Alex, and Missy, for an end to abortion and for the Catholic Church, and that I may follow God’s Will. Thank you.

  54. Dear Saint Michael the Archangel, Please protect me from the snares and traps that my enemies set for me. Bathe me in the precious blood of our Lord Jesus. Please help our finances. Please help speed up my plans for a happy and peaceful life.

  55. total healing food obsession believe trust 102 see all plus self thru Jesus eyes Believe trust thank you let go food vice and Brad continue to Be the example of Jesus thru Actions see all thru Jesus eyes thank you

  56. Dear Archangel Michael please intercede for my husband Keith that is dementia diagnosis will not be as bad as we feared. Help me to help him and protect him. Let me overcome my fear of going out. Help my neighbour Premi and sister Nemmi tand Mickey that they may find comfort. In the name of the father.Amen

  57. Thank GOD for your existence St Michael the Archangel. I acknowledge us our Prince of Angel and Protector. Thank you for your humbleness and acknowledging that You are GOD servant. I pray that You help me during this difficulty I am currently facing with my husband. We have been fighting for no reason at all and he also suggested divorce. I pray that St Michael you help us to see ourselves as we are that we humbly come before GOD and ask forgiveness for our past hurts and pain we have caused to each other. Help my husband to realise his purpose as husband and father and to stop running away from his purpose. Help him to forgive the past hurts between him and my dad. Release him from pain and afflictions from the past and renew his spirit to love and put GOD first. Assist him in his addiction to alcohol, friends and affairs. Help him to find ways to deal with issues or disagreement. Help him to be humbly and acknowledge that all his blessings is from GOD.

    I pray that you help me with to be a good woman, wife and mother to our two kids. I pray that you may help me to have a breakthrough with my career. I pray that you help me to have courage, patience, hope and faith during this time to love, support and respect my husband. To love and care for our kids. I pray that you make known to me any area of my life that needs transformation in order that I have a intimate relationship with GOD.

    I pray for unity to my family and immediate family. I pray for unity for my husband and my dad. I pray for healing for my throat which has been feeling sore for two weeks and I feel like something is stuck on my throat but the doctor could not see anything.

    Protect my family from any evil. I pray for my kids protection. Please help my son from anger and agressiveness. Help to deal with unpleasant feeling or emotions in a better way without being aggressive and throwing tantrums. Help him to know that he is loved by GOD and that he is enough. Help him to be humbly, patience, kind, forgive and compassionate. Protect him from any evil.

    St Michael I pray that you keep my daughter save and protected always. Help them to be humbly, kind and forgiving. Keep her heart save from snare of the devil.

    Help my kids to do well with their studies. Help them to grow in love with GOD and strive to please HIM always.

    I pray for all my immediate families and friends keep them save from the snare of the evil one and increase their faith in GOD. Protect their marriages and their families.

    I pray for my parents and mom in law to be save and be in good health. Help them to have a good relationship with GOD and protect them from the evil one.

    In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

  58. Dear St Michael and Everyone here

    Firstly thank you for all the blessings I’ve received so far. I’m getting married in a few months. I’m scared because I’ll be moving to a new country. I know this isn’t a typical prayer to you but please bless my soon to be husband and I. Let us live our lives in love and in prayer. Let us always be safe and most of all happy for many many years to come.

    I also ask that you help my sister. She has been looking for a job for months. Her spirit is really broken.

    Please pray for us


  59. Dear St Michael and Everyone here

    Firstly thank you for all the blessings I’ve received so far. I’m getting married in a few months. I’m scared because I’ll be k

  60. Divine Grace, Arc Angel Michael, my Patron Arc angel, I divinely chose your name as my Chrismation name, I divinely pray your divine graces, to over come the snares of the devil and his attacks in my nuclear and extended family, some how to divinely overcome all curses, hexes, familiar spirits, and the grace to overcome all strange gods and some evil divination from all evil altars at any areas, in first heaven, second heaven , the grace to effectively over come every near success syndrome, to divine focus on my prayer life, persevere in my attendance of Morning Mass, daily, and Prayerlife to be well protected.
    Arc Angel Mike, I deeply need your intercession for my applications to grad school, yale MBA, and design school harvard graduate school of design, m.arch 2, and m.paid at HKS, heavenly grace to work immensely hard and get the degrees and use it to glorify, and vocational training at IYRS, heavenly provision in financial aid and visa, ( Break through with an mphill r.e finance at camb and heavenly provision, Food CLothing and basic Shelter, and the grace to be like Joseph and save up effectively in righteousness for the days ahead, and persevere to the very end, and gain Heaven, Saint Michael the arch angel defend us in the day of battle be our safe guide against the wickedness and snares of the devil may God rebuke him we humbly Pray, I need your help My Dearest Chrismation Arc Angel help me Sir, through Christ my savior with my needs

  61. St. Michael the Archangel. Pls grant me success in my forthcoming exams. Grant me a job, bless my husband, children, siblings, inlaws and parents.
    Heal my sick cousin. Protect the Church and our country. Defend us from the men of the underworld as the country’s election draws close. Amen.

  62. Please join me in prayer for protection and favor from God in all that I am attempting to do…buy this house
    My invention be a success…
    Find the love of my life
    Find the best career ever
    Family be restored


  63. Dear Angel Michael,
    Please intercede for protection of my family and extended family, from all spiritual devices of evil one.
    For closer relationship with our lord Jesus Christ.
    For peace in my country.
    These I ask through Christ our lord. Amen.

  64. Dear St Michael the Archangel,
    During this upcoming novena, I wish to dedicated most earnestly, my beloved husband who is also called Michael, I pray for his conversion to christianity, to surrender his life to the Lordship of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know and believe that there are many evil forces following and tormenting him, infidelity and divorce being the most prominent. I pray for restoration of our marriage.
    I sincerely ask that my family may settle as one together, grant us a financial breakthrough by providing a secure job for me to aid support my family.
    There is nothing impossible with God because in Him alone I trust and during this very special period I know that I am a conqueror through Christ Jesus my Lord.

  65. Dear St Michael .. the great Archangel
    who kicked the devil out of Heaven….

    please protect Our Holy Mother Church from those who are evil on the inside and are trying to destroy Her…

    please protect the Chinese Catholics who have suffered so much
    and hold back the hands of those who by making the wrong moves will destroy the Church in China.. Hold back their hands!

    for reconciliation with my sister who has so much against me because she has turned her back on The Lord and the Church.

    for Elizabeth that she may go to Heaven soon if it is God’s holy Will.

    For the good and holy cleric who needs strength and healing – he who has done so much for the Church… pls help him…

    For all my family who have left the Faith ..- that they return while they still can..

    For myself that God puts me where He wants me ..for the good of the Church…. and that He gives me renewed health and energy especially for my knees.

    in Jesus and Mary

  66. St Micheal Archangel please pray for my husband and son. They fight the ugly demons of addiction, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I know that they wish to be free from these debilitating illnesses so the can wake up refreshed with strength to do what the Lord has planned for them. Praise God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  67. St micheal the Archangle you are the healer and our protector from all evil and the have proteced me several times when i was.tempted from satan who was throtling my neck and making me not to talk i felt that he was close to me .i only say with my mouth locked up unable to talk praise the lord , praise the lord and i felt i was released from satan.i thank and praise you st micheal.

  68. Please for our business were in loosing financial and i pray to st. michael that help us protect and revive our financial status by this time…. i need big help now a days…. thanks Lord Almighty for giving me change to be with here and to be with people here praying also for the common good…

  69. Dear st Michael the Archangel please intercede for I and my husband as we make our plans to get international scholarships to further our education and bless the new business we just started. Amen

  70. St.Michael please protect my husband, his brother & wife from negativity and Satan who is trying to break up our marriage. Please heal my husbands heart, and help him find his way back into forgiveness & love.

  71. Please prayer for my children to prayer and know God.. have faith and to attend church with me.. Please prayer for me that i can overcome the fear of storms and lightning, to overcome my hypervigilent thoughts.. to protect my family..
    St Michael please help..

  72. St. Michael I commit my wedding plans and preparations into your hands. Help my partner and I to have an easy time planning and executing our vision for our wedding. I pray that by the blood of Jesus nothing bad happens during this time to prevent my wedding from taking place. May God’s peace and will be done as we intend to solemnise our union in His holy church. I put my trust and faith that June 30th will be a good day for me as I officially become Mrs.Ayugi.

  73. St. Michael, please protect my family and I from the stress and evil that fall upon us each day. Let our hearts be light and full of joy. Please cure us of all diseases, especially the liver and the brain. May we be always ready to serve God and to do his Will. Amen.

  74. Dear Saint Michael

    I pray for the protection of my family. I ask for healing in each of us. Guide and protect my boys from all the snares of evil on. Pray for the protection in our business as well.

  75. My wife and I have been out of JOB for 6 months now in New Zealand. Please pray for get a job soon and also pray for our 2 kids. St Michael the Archangel pray for us..
    Lord Jesus Christ Son of Living God Have Mercy on us sinners.

  76. St. Michael the Archangle you are known to be the protector of the Church, I pray you protect my family from any danger. Guide my family to be good followers of Jesus Christ. Protect our Country and block unnecessary wars. AMEN

  77. I am in urgent need of prayers for my husband, who is giving in to his temper and hurting everyone around him. Pray that St Michael intercede and pray to the Lord to give him peace of mind and understanding that only God can judge us and help him to forgive.
    Help him to turn to God in times of distress and may the holy spirit guide his every move.

  78. St Michael I pray for protection from evil spirit at work particularly during the time when I will be presenting evidence at a staff members disciplinary hearing.

    St Michael the Archangel please protect me.

  79. Pray for my protection from my enemies. Pray for my children and family that they be protected from evil.
    Thank you for answering my petitions.

  80. Dear St. Micheal Please help me to find a suitable job as I am Jobless for more than 7 months and having a tough time to take care of my family. I trust in you that you will take care of all my needs. Amen

  81. St Michael, pls pray for my son and my family. We miss our son so much and need to find peace and comfort and to keep our faith strong. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  82. Saint Michael thank you for always protecting me & my family .Please destroy all the demons of alcoholism,lies,partying,womanizing,adadultery in my boyfriend.Change him to faithful to me only as Iam to him,more reponsible ,loving,dedicated husband in future,honest,send good matured friends to him .Let Holy Spirit guide him all the time

    • My dear child. I am old. God does not change us or make us do anything. We must strongly desire in our own hearts to change. You are with the wrong man who has no desire or reason to change. He will not change and you cannot make him. It is best for you to move on and make Jesus the center of your life. You don’t “need” a man but you do NEED JESUS. If you put God first in your life the right people follow. Don’t bring unnecessary agony into your life by trying to dictate the lives around you. Take control of YOUR life and live for God. God bless you dear.

  83. Please keep my son, his team and all our military safe while they are deployed and return them all home physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy in Your name, we prayer, Amen.

  84. St Michael. Please intercede and heal my digestive issues. Remove the discomfort in my stomach area and end my discomfort with my ibs. I am grateful for the healing of my body. Thank you.

  85. St Michael please help me in all my financial and emotional stress and also debts please forgive me for my past mistakes and stupidity

  86. St Michael please pray for my son please relieve him from all drug addiction problem also st Michael please help me in all my financial and emotional stress and debts also please help me and giving me another chance o life please help me St Michael I really don’t know exactly how I can repay you

  87. St Michael please help me to get through my knee replacement operation. Also could you sort out my finances. I thank you for all your protection.

  88. St Michael please look after me I am in very big financial and emotional stress and debts also please make my debts go away I really don’t know exactly what happened . I am sorry that I I had a good chance to pay off everything when I had a chance to do so but I didn’t know what went wrong so please give me a second chance in life. I WOULD BE YOUR MOST OBEDIENT SERVANT.AĹSO LLPK AFTER MY SON AND MY FAMILY