St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

(Mention your intentions here)

With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Dear St Monica. Please pray that my husband has the strength to conquer his addictions. By doing that you will help save my marriage. In Jesus name we pray!

  2. Dear St. Monica, please join your prayers with mine to intercede for J & J with the Lord Jesus. Pray J accepts the help being offered with his alcoholism and J changes her mind with the divorce. Thank you St. Monica.
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  3. Saint Monica,
    Please intercede for my husband, that he finds the strength to stop using alcohol to curb his anxiety. Help him find peace, please pray for him.

  4. Dear St.Monica,
    please pray over my soon to be ex as he has a lot of issues.
    one being alcohol.
    pray that he gets help so he can help me with our kids.
    he is in a bad place right now,and he needs guidance!

  5. Pray for my husband ross to stop drinking alcohol and to take care of himself to be their for his children.

  6. Please pray that, if it be God’s will, my daughter and EK, a decent Catholic boy who brought her closer to the faith, will establish a romantic relationship. I fear that if it does not work out that she will gravitate to a sexually immoral relationship in her search for love and acceptance. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer.

  7. Please pray for me to continue healthy viable pregnancy and that I won’t miscarry. I hope to get a healthy heartbeat at my next sono. Thank you St. Anne for answering my prayers.

  8. Dear St. Monica,
    Please intercede for my children to have their faith restored and to come back to the church. My daughter and her fiance are both Catholic but have changed their beliefs and, I believe, they no longer believe in God. They are in separate need to have their hearts softened and minds opened in the next few months as they prepare for marriage. They have chosen to be married in the church for the sake of their families. I have been praying for years and pray that this is a first step in the restoration of their fath. I pray that a “St. Ambrose” will walk into their lives and provide the words that will lead to their conversion. Please pray and watch over these children

  9. Dear SaintMonica!

    Please pray and watch of my daughters families and husbands.
    They can be so wonderful at times until they drink. They become angry and mean to my daughters with no
    Peace until they fall asleep.
    Please pray they become the men they should be taking the responsibility of their families being a kind and loving husband and fathers.
    Thank you

  10. Dear Lord please take the alcohol issue away from the person I love. Open their eyes to the state of their health. Help all weekends to be filled with your spirit,may your presence be so strong, that it takes over every will. Keep people who like to drink away from this person, make them strong so they put their wife and family first. Break the stronghold of addiction to alcahol and convert and make them pure, amen.

  11. Dear St Monica,
    I feel so hopeless, I need your help for my son. it seems it one thing after another. He could use some help and your prayers.

  12. Intercede for me and my family to over come our tornmenting enemies. Pray for my dear mother who has athritis and nurmerous health problems

  13. As with your Wayward son, St. Monica please intercede for me for my sons Webby and Shula to stop their bad drinking habits. Let them know and understand who God is in their lives. Protect them from all the peer pressures and bad company. Intercede for my last born son who Autistic but can hear very well and likes going to Church. Let a miracle happen in his life so that people may know that God is steal healing the dumb and deaf.

  14. Please pray for my marriage as my husband wanted a separation and he says we can’t be married. Myself and our 1 and 2 yr old moved out and he is acting like a different person. I think he is seeing someone else. We have only been married for 2 years. He will not discuss our marriage and it’s been almost 11 weeks of separation. I am suffering so bad. I need a miracle.

  15. Please watch over my son keep him safe and working. He needs to find happiness I feel hopeless please pray for him.

  16. Please st Monica I pray for your help for my son who has strayed from his wife I pray that they can work this out and carry on with their lives and hopefully have a family please help my daughter in law to be able to forgive him I pray with all my heart for the both of them and to you blessed st Monica to please help them amen

  17. St Monica, as with your so. st. Augustine,
    please intercede for me and pray that my daughter Catie may have a tremendous spiritual awakening, turn to our Lord Jesus and and follow him on a strong journey and back to the Catholic faith. She needs so many prayers!!

    St Monca pray for us!

  18. My daughter got arrested for shoplifting tonight… This is after starting over for the 100th time in five years… After drugs, lying, stealing, running away, pornography, more drugs, more lying, more stealing…. She is only 17. I am out of hope for her. Pray that she turns from her sinful ways and rejects the rebellious spirit before she is dead, or pregnant or strung out on drugs.

  19. Saint Monica please intercede for my oldest son for mental and physical stability-a job where he is happy and to stop all addictions thank you dear Saint Monica

  20. St. Monica intercede for my daughter and son in law pray for their conversion and deliver them from their addiction and salvation of their souls and marriage if it be your will in Jesus name amen.

  21. Dear St. Monica,

    Please mother of St. Augustine, please help my husband and I conceive a child in my womb. I am bringing a rose to you when I see you in Rome soon! Have mercy on us and please to the feet of Jesus the prayers of our hearts.

    In Gods Great Glory,


  22. Pray for my daughter who is an alcoholic, atheist and mother. She is terribly troubled…I feel she lives a wreckless life and continues to make bad choices and is never accountable.

  23. St.Monica! I pray that my daughters be blessed with happiness in there new place of home in a new city. Keep them safe and always looked after.

  24. Dear Saint Monica
    Please intercede for my sons that they can start talking and loving each other. That they can get married to good girls. And the other one for his papers to be approved by immigration.

  25. Dear Saint Monica
    Please intercede for my sons that they can start talking and loving each other. That they can get married to good girls. And the other one for his papers to be approved by immigration.

  26. Dearest Saint Monica,
    Please intercede on my behalf unto God in Jesus name for my son, ETW. I pray that he returns to the Catholic Church and he becomes a respected person in society. I pray also that he returns to school and finishes. I pray you send him someone (a young lady) that is the same yoke, patience, respectful, faithful and educated. I pray that he listens to me because I won’t ever do anything to hurt him. I also pray that he stops getting upset and running away during our conversations about him listening and doing what is right.
    Thank you, I ask in Jesus Name for your constant intercessions.

  27. Dear St Monica, please intercede for my son, so that he can live closer to God. That he may change being wayward. Pray for me so that I may only be a good example to him. Amen

  28. Dear Saint Monica. Please intercede for me about my son I ask that he want to live closer to us. He finds a job by us not to far away. That he be happy if he has met the girl he is to marry.

  29. Dear St. Monica please pray my whole family to be closer to you and my children that they will continue their being good kids to us esp. my teenage boys . Touch their hearts to be good kids and they’ll continue their studies for their future. I come to you and ask this through your prayers that they will follow your steps. In Jesus Name! Amen..

  30. St. Monica, please hear my prayers and intercede for the intentions in my heart. I pray that my son reflects on his life and has a change of heart and makes decisions according to God’s will for him. Please assist me in praying for my son’s life and soul with the same dedication and faithfulness that you did for your prodigal son. Thank you, St. Monica.

  31. Dear Saint Monica please pray for my son to break off from drug, alcohol and sex addiction and for his total conversion of heart to God. Thank you Saint Monica for your powerful intercession.

  32. Please pray for my 12-year old son who gets easily frustrated and loses his temper easily. Bless him with a calm temperament.

  33. Dear St.Monica … I turn to you for help ..for intercession … my sister’s son, Shane … a heroin addict ….. my brother-in-law, John …brain atrophy from alcoholism … my friend’s son, Blake a heroin addict … my friend’s son, Tom .. an alcoholic …. my sister-in-law’s son ..a heroin addict …my friend’s grandson, Bryce a heroin addict … for all those mothers who mourn and pray for their sons/children … please Dear Mother of St.Augustine …sustain all of us who love and pray for God’s help & mercy for our sons/children

  34. Dear St. Monica. Please pray that my husband break his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Please take his anger and help him realize he is missing out on his children’s lives bc he stays up all night and sleeps all day. Please help him because in doing that you will also be helping my family be happy again. Please hear my prayers St. Monica.

  35. Please St. Monica please help my son to change his ways and have a change of heart. I love him so much and miss him.

  36. Dear Saint Monica, Please intercede for the intentions in my heart. I pray my son will be allowed to marry in the church. I worry so about the souls of my children.

  37. Dear St.Monica,I humbly ask for your help and intercession to please restore and save my marriage. My husband Curtis wants to file a divorce. He suddenly changed,without a valid reason he’s giving up on me.He brought up a lot of petty issues in the past and told me he is depressed,alone and lonely,with hatred and bitterness.I wasn’t aware he feels all negative thoughts about our marriage,we are currently living apart,he’s in school and I live with my mom and just gave birth to our first baby.I have a feeling he was poisoned and influenced with the people around him.I am praying it’s not 3rd party. I still love him even though he doesn’t feel the same way now.Please help me pray that his heart will be soften and he’ll be back to normal,and will value the sacrament of our marriage for the sake of our newborn baby,I don’t want her to grow up with broken family. I feel devastated but holding onto God’s grace and help that He will change and enter my husband’s mind and heart through Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Amen.

  38. Dear St. Monica, please deliver my son from the pain and torment that grips his soul. Please heal his addiction and anger. Help him hear God’s calling and feel the sweet mercy of Jesus. Please send him angels and grace to find his way out of this deep dark hole. In Jesus’s name, I pray.

  39. Please keep pray for my daughter,she still homeless hasn’t found her way back to our All Mighty God I haven’t given up hope I believe that our God has a plan for her.She still is using I try to get her help but keep on refused So keep in all pray,

  40. St. Monica, I come to you and ask that you pray for my one and only daughter. I pray that she realizes the boy she likes is no good for her and let’s him go out of her life. He has hurt my child so many times. I also pray that she becomes stronger and not continue to fall weak to peer pressure. I ask that God strengthen her and her mind. There are times when I feel as though she is weak for her so called friends. I ask that she be blessed with true friends and that she focuses on her studies in school. St. Monica, I pray everyday to my Lord and Savior for my child. I pray that you intercede and lift her up in prayer as you did with your own so , St..Augustine. I pray for an awesome relationship with my daughter. I ask that my prayers be heard in the name of Jesus Christ through the intercession of Mary our Mother and St. Monica. Amen

  41. Dear St. Monica, please intercede in my family’s time of need. Please let my daughter have a change of heart and make her realize that the boy she’s seeing is not worthy of her. He has hurt her and others in the past. She needs to let him go. Guide my sons and help them to stay on the right path and away from bad and evil. Please keep my children healthy, happy and safe. Bring them closer to God. Amen

    Please pray for my grandson and all the young people that needs
    our prayers Thank You. GodBless.

  43. Please help my son to have a change of heart and change his life i so miss him and need him in my life.

    • I will pray for you and could u please pray for me too as I am in a similar situation as your self. Good bless keep praying and have faith.

  44. Dear St. Monica please intercede in my family’s time of need. My oldest daughter has taken an unfavorable path to self-destruction. Please help her find the way back to Christ and mend our broken family. I feel defeated and alone at this time. This is greater than me.

  45. Dear Saint Monica, take our troubled little family under your protection. So many hearts are broken. So many fears are taking over. I pray continuously to no avail. Is anyone listening? We need the ultimate miracle. Thank you to all who are praying. God Bless

    • Believe me, someone is listening! Stay strong and do not lose hope. I will keep your little family in my prayers and ask you to pray for mine as well.

  46. Dear St Ann, St Monica, St Anthony St joseph and Blessed Mother- thank you for answered prayers. Please help my family we are in a crisis. My father is rapidly dying of metastatic cancer. My mother’s dementia has accelerated. My sister has become dysfunctional and destructive. It takes every ounce of my energy to help protect my parents from my sister. I need an army of angels. I need God’s strength and grace.
    Please help

  47. Please St Monica help my son to mature and be a better person I worry about him so much sometimes I feel so helpless. Pray for us

  48. St Monica, I pray for your intercession. My 18yr old son is wayward and has problems with teachers & his peers. I pray that he will turn away from all bad things & with God’s help believe the good news. I pray that he will make a success of his last year of schooling. My heart’s desire is that he finds hope in his future. Help him to realize that he needs to live a Christlike life. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

  49. i am a recent husband had been wrongly diagnosed with acid re flux disease for 2 years. it turned out he had colon rectal cancer. after finding out .. given a promising outcome but a long journey..2 weeks later he was gone…since then my3 children and i have been struggling,,trying to cope and deal with his loss…but my son has since become an alcoholic..drowning his sorrow in pain with drinking and lost his lust for life where he is becoming self destructive … suicidal when he is in his drunkenness.. he has also impregnated a girl during his drunkenness who has her own issues going on in her life plus a DUI… so i beseech wisdom, grace peace, love and acceptance during this difficult time in all of our lives.

  50. Please pray for my teenage son who is struggling with his faith and is really unhappy. Help cure his anxiety and stuttering.

  51. St. Monica please pray for me and renew my life, who so ever that is planning bad against me let him/her not sourced

  52. I pray that my husband will have a speedy recover. He is in a life and death situation. After many years of abusing alcohol, he has now been hospitalized and his health is now in danger. He is so young, and I’m praying that you can help him please!

  53. Please pray for my Atheist husband who is being held in the firm grips of alcoholism and internet addictions. His heart is very hardened to God. Praying for the intercession of St. Monica for the emotional protection and healing of myself and family, and most importantly that these children will grow to be disciples for Christ and warriors for righteousness rather then fall into the grip of sin that is destroying their father. May the devil loose the battle for their souls, even if we wins my husbands.

    • Please pray for my X husband and children. I left my marriage of 29 years because my husband could not remain faithful and was addicted to Pornography. My children will not speak to me, it has been over two years they will not forgive me for leaving even though they were adults and not living at home. I forgave my husband more than twice for his infidelity and I still feel guilty for leaving the marriage. They do not practice any sort of religion, in fact my daughter is Agnostic. I am Catholic and unfortunately I did not raise my children in the church which I now regret, I only had them baptized. My X husband was never baptized. I feel as though it’s too late, my family needs all the prayers possible. My heart is broken. Thank you and God bless.

  54. Please St Monica and other prayer warriors, pray for my 21year old daughter to have a relationship with me her to regain The Lord and make wise, healthy choices with people in her life..we need each other. She has anxiety and so do I. I am very depressed and so hurt without her. Please pray for a purpose in my life now as well..and Jesus can lead us both, especially back together. Thank you. Amen

  55. Dear St Monica; our precious Felipe… needs help fighting temptation and bad influences. Heal his brain from his inhability to learn make every part of him whole in the name of our lord Jesuschrist! We need your help !please

  56. My son is packing to move out of state with friends I have heard about this. How will I hold the rest of us together?

  57. I pray for your intercession, Saint Monica, my husband Felix of 21 years, is now having an emotional affair. I can’t take the hurt and pain it caused me. I pray now, please, help end their relationship. Let them stop all means of communication, banish the other woman from my husband’s mind, heart and life. Bring my husband back to me with all his heart, mind, and his whole being. Help my husband to love me again. I love him and I don’t want to lose him to another woman.

  58. St Monica. Pray for my son. He’s a good loving son who is going through a very difficult time. He suffers from depression. He’s scared that he will always feel like this and that he will never feel better. Please pray that he finds hope in his future. Please pray for him that he finds a passion and strenght in order to one day be able to help others who are going through the same. Let his pain not be in vain. Amen

  59. Dear St.Monica,
    Please pray for my marriage life. My husband said he will file an annulment because he doesn’t like me anymore because ive hurt him with harsh words. Although ive been asking for forgiveness before but he hasnt forgive me yet. I still love him. I told him that An annulment will not help us and will not give a good result to our son who is just 1 year old. We had arguments for the past 2 years.. but i am sorry for what i ve done. I dont want us to part ways. Pls help me pray St.Monica that Eddie will have a soft heart and accept me again.

  60. Saint Monica, please pray for my son whon is going through very difficult times. He is lonely, depress, confused, insecure and fighting temptation. Pray that he will find himself, his call in life, including peace of mind a spiritual director, someone that can guide him a sourse of encoragement and his future spouse. A prayerful humble girl that can together with him they can both share and participate in great service to god. In Jesus name we pray! Amen.

  61. I’m wishing hoping I can ask for a pray request for my problems below thank you kindly

    Help with money (line of credit/credit card problems, fix up home repair needs of over 140,000.00, health food for family, and money for when family get old.) to help with winning the lotto that would fix all of the above, and/or I’m getting old not much in the bank would like to enjoy little more of my life with my family which I only see for a few hours each day.

    This will help reduce my blood pressures which if I don’t reduce well let’s say that saying stress kills.

    Thank you for your time

  62. Dear St. Monica. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Please help my precious son protect and nurture his sobriety. Help him realize how truly loved he is. Please keep him safe and help him step closer to God every day. Amen

  63. Dear St. Monica; please hear my prayers for my precious son. Help him to nurture and protect his sobriety. Give him strength to overcome temptation. Bless him as he graduates from college and begins his career. Please keep him Close to God always. Bless the other troubled parents who have brought their prayers to you. Thank you for your continued blessings and hearing my desperate prayers. Amen

  64. Dear St Monica, thank you for all you have done this far to help my son. Please continue to guide him on his journey to a clean and drug free life. Help him to bring his heart mind and soul closer to Jesus. Thank you.

  65. St Momiva pray for my Son, while on his journey to and from work through rough neighborhoods of gang violence, keep he safe, and help him through his legal problems and well as personality and patients, pray for my son to be a loving Father and to be better understood, pray for favor an success, amen

    • St Monica pray for my Son, while on his journey to and from work through rough neighborhoods of gang violence, keep he safe, and help him through his legal problems and well as personality and patients, pray for my son to be a loving Father and to be better understood, pray for favor an success, amen

  66. st. monica pls pray for my son that he can get admission in st joseph school or he should be promoted in fatima school for 1st std pls pray for me dnt make my son spoil his year i am very tense pls pls pray for me

  67. My son, 19 years, going through a very hard time with his dad’s death, legal issues, depression, insecurity. Getting his life on track and found out his dad died violently. Please pray for him to not stray from the right path he’s on now and to be able to cope with his challenges. Thank you

  68. Prayers that my 21 yr old son wants to regain a relationship with me, his mom, again. Prayers that he breaks free from his dad’s influence to disrespect and reject me. Prayers to heal all my son’s hurts that came from an ugly divorce. And prayers for my ex husband, that he stops wanting to hurt me by using our sons… 5 yrs is too long. I had to move out of state to find peace. Prayers that my younger son’s good influence helps his brother. My 21 yr old son truly loved his girlfriend of 4 yrs, they had a baby in their teens. I nurtured a great relationship with his girlfriend… because of that, my son’s dad (my ex) and his new wife don’t like her and treated her poorly…bullied, taunted, made her cry, called her by my name insultingly, etc. My son didn’t stand up for her, he probably couldn’t. But he did say his gf and their baby meant everything to him, that he loved them more than anything. The gf finally broke it off, she told me she couldn’t take it anymore. She learned that (when my son was about 19/20) he told someone he couldn’t ‘like’ her because his dad and stepmom didn’t like her. Prayers that if their love for each other still exists and should be, let it prevail. Prayers to break this chain of hurt and bullying. I want both my son’s to be happy and healthy.

  69. Please keep my son safe, that there is work available to him, that his dui doesn’t effect his job. and that he finds a girl to love him and make him a better person. I need you help and feel helpless

  70. My best friend turned away from God by having SEX.
    Please could you pray for her.
    She needs this more than ever right now.

    Thanks in advance!

  71. My boyfriend and father to my 5 year old daughter just left me and I need to get through this pain, please help me..

  72. Pray for my daughter who has barely been married for one and a half years and looking to divorce her husband. They have one lovely son 5 months old. My son who is addicted marijuana and has a daughter 5 months brother who is addicted to alcohol and marijuana has a wife a 3 young children.