St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

(Mention your intentions here)

With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Praying for my son and his struggles with addiction. he is good and kind. Father, please give him the strength and courage to say no and to follow you.

  2. Dear St.Monica
    Please pray that juvenile court will sided with me on february 20 2015 reguarding my daughter j.t.I want her to live me and stay at my home and keep my home and for children services to never bother me ever again.
    Amen ty eve

  3. Please pray for my mother and father. They have a difficult marriage and are both alcoholics. My father stays out late and drives home. I worry he puts his life endanger and others endanger as well.

    We are so thankful for all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

  4. Dearest, Blessed St. Monica & St Augustine…..Please guide my son to Mary and Jesus’ feet and the foot of the Cross. He is such a good and charitable man but is so lost in the world of the almighty dollar, alcohol, vanity and women
    He is my only child, I had 4 miscarriages. He and I have always been so close and I love him with all my heart. He and I are victims of domestic violence and divorce. As bright as he is, he cannot quite see how his very soul is at stake.
    I pray that through your intercession and Our Blessed Mother…that he and I are both worthy to share at the a Wedding Feast with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Mary and all the Saints.
    Please help me to continue to pray for his and my salvation.

  5. St Theresa. Please pray that my daughter have a trouble free pregnancy….She needs your prayers..Amen. We are so thankful for all our blessing…Dear God please help my family in this time of need.. Amen

  6. St Monica. My marriage is in deep trouble. My wife is threatening to quit and she is not ready for reconciliation. I beg you to touch her heart and soften it so that she may forgive and come back so that we work on our marriage. St Monica, have mercy on me and do all within your power to make sure we don’t separate. I beg you.

  7. Dear St. Monica, Please pray that my daughter SC…..will be freed from all evil and have a true conversion of heart, Please assist her to have a prayerful, peaceful and positive life and not listen to others who may be trying to turn her away from the life Jesus

  8. Please St. Monica, help my oldest son with his alcohol addiction. Let him find his path in life and pursue it wholeheartedly. I’ve said so many prayers for months; you said prayers for years. I would like to see my son successful before too long. My health suffers from the stress and anxiety; I have dark circles under my eyes from tears. Thank you for all the gifts I have received. My son’s life means everything to me.

  9. I pray for my daughter Bianca that she may stray away from a path of lies and destruction. I pray that she develop a spirit filled relationship with you and help her to develop and cultivate her talents. May she lear to be responsible and look after her siblings. Help me to also accept her for what she is and to not ask for too much. Please help us to pay for all out debts as we are in deep financial trouble.

  10. Please pray for my daughter Sarah and her new son Daniel. Sarah is surrounded by evil influences and the Jezebel spirit who are taking her far from God and this family. She is using child as pawn to manipulate others and myself to continue on this path. Please destroy the influences of Brad (who worships Satan), the Isaacs, kali and all her present friends and remove all of them from her life. Also open my mothers eyes to the Isaac family who are deceiving her and stealing from her. Help me with my Zija business to be successful, and obtain stock in Russ company. Help me sell this truck and remove all the evil it has brought to this family though those who were asscoiated with it and my daughter. Help me to fulfill my fathers promise to keep the Isaac family away from his estate. Help Bobby stop the drugs and be clean and out of that environment and stop Pam for drinking and drniking so she can be a real mother to her daughter Amanda. Protect Amanda from the evil around her.
    bring my family love happiness peace and security now and always.
    Pray for Jason and Mary Elizabeth both in hospitals NICU for cancer and seizures. Please let no damage come to them from being so ill.
    Cover all of us with the Precious Blood of Jesus to protect us always.
    Thank you Jesus. St. Monica, Blessed Mother All the angels of heaven, Holy Spirit for hearing and answering my prayers
    Thank you Jesus

  11. Dear St. Monica, Please pray that my daughter will be freed from all her addictions, stop lying and stealing and have a true conversion of heart, and be better able to assist her children to go forward in life in Jesus name. Also, please assist her to have a peaceful and positive life and not listen to others who may be trying to turn her away from the life Jesus has in mind for her and her kids.

  12. Saint Monica,
    Pray for my daughter who has made statements about not being sure in her sexualiaty. May she come to peace within herself and return hole heartedly to the church.

  13. I pray for the healing of my vertigo and headaches, most especially the cause of these symptoms. I pray for healing of the infection that is causing my sickness right now. I pray that the Almighty Father will grant me a healthy neurological system and restore my body to full health. All these I pray in Jesus Name through the loving intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Padre Pio, St. Rita of Casia, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, St. Philomena, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Pedro Calungsod, St. John Paul II, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, and St. Therese of Avila.

  14. St. Monica please pray for my mothers friend and her son. Whatever they may be facing may you bring healing and peace over them.

  15. Please Saint Monica, Pray for me, for me to gain better strength, patients, My partner has just opened a new business and I’ve took on sole role with our 18month old daughter and I would like to be able to do my role with more energy and be able to learn everything won’t I plan in my day won’t always get done, I feel I’ve lost patients with a lot while trying to juggle house work, family, and most importantly to me is to make sure I can make life fun for our child, I would like to be able to do these things but I would most importantly like to be able to happily leave some out if need be and not get worked up about it. Please hear my prayer and pray for my happy family to grow and for our new business to be a full success and I would like to add please a a small prayer for my sister and her daughter to be happy and never allow her partner to hurt them with mind games and his silly hurtful ways and my brother to travel safely to and from Thailand and for my parent’s happiness and health please hear my prayer

  16. St. Monica please intercede in my 8 year marriage as my husband has lost faith in our relationship. He has recently asked for a divorce and I pray that you can soften his heart and let me back in. Please help us to get back on track and fall in love again the way we once were. Please help him to reject the devil and see the Lord’s light. I also pray that we may grow in faith together and with our children.

  17. St. Monica pls pray for and my husband for a good relationship no other women thAt is in between us, that will have a happy marriage and a happy family, and guide my children that is in college thank you bless us and guide us always

  18. St. Monica,

    Please pray for my wife. She has lost most of her faith in our marriage and recently professed doubts about wanting to remain Catholic. Our growth in faith together was one of the things that made me love her so much. We have a sacramental marriage formed in the Church, but she’s convinced herself otherwise. I love her very deeply and want us to remain true to the promise we made to each other and to God.

    She has harbored these doubts for a long time. Thus they are very strong, seemingly ineradicable. I fear that as her distaste for our marriage continues over the months, I will lose the strength necessary to continue defending “us.” Please, St. Monica, pray for me that I may have the patience, piety, and faith to endure in a Christian manner what may be a heavy, extremely painful cross to bear.

  19. Saint Monica, thank you so much for your prayers. I am only a few days into my novena and already I am receiving blessings from God. I know you are praying for my intention. I cannot be grateful enough for your prayers.

    • Saint Monica, Thank you for the wonderful blessings that my Son and I have recieved.. Please continue to pray for my kids and my husband.. I ask that God may bring the right people in their lives to help them be christian, loving and honorable human beings..Please Saint Monica continue to Pray for my older son that is in college. Please help him to make the right choices, and to be able turn away from partying. Please help him to be able to focus on school, and to work hard at his job. Please pray that all my family stays safe, healthy, and has peace in their hearts… Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  20. Please grant me patience and understanding as I continue to guide my son through his anxiety and OCD. Supply him with the courage he needs to believe in himself. Give him strength so he can learn to deal with the things he cannot change and give me patience to adjust to the things that need to change for him. How blessed and grateful I am to have him in my life. Pray for us.

  21. itisyour wordthathaskeptmestilllin husbandisstrugglingto have the LordJesus fulfilhim tgive him peace in day andin sleep,and in spirit. he uses pot as a crutch to ease his pain from his abusive past-usesitto quiet the demonsof his past in his head. heis a good man,and a man ofyour word.pleaseaidhim tobefulfiled with the holy spirit insteadofhis needfor potorsubstance.allowhim tosleep,annointhim with ease and protect him with your bloodJesus. thank you forgivinghim in my lifeheismy partnerand bestfriend and he deservestobe fullysaved.isurrendthis requestto you Lord Amen

  22. My son is not happy and is letting his health go, please help him find his way to happiness and resolve his financial worries. Please help my daughter make sound decisions for her health and a happy life for her and her child. Please include in my prayers sick family and friends, particularly Drew, Tom, Mark, Bess. Please help me with my job, until I can retire.

  23. Please pray for my son, Dan, as he struggles with alcoholism and despair. He was raised Catholic but questions God’s existence.
    Thank you!

  24. please pray for me and my family. St. Monica, pray for me/us. Please pray for my son. He is not Christian/unchurched. He knows nothing & thinks church is a cult & refuses to go. His wife is a christian, but he will not let them go. Please pray for my son: I am worried for his soul & (as I have always been) and for my grandchildren. What chance do they have? I am praying, please, I need intercessory prayer (as well as the world). I am no different/better than anyone. He has many needs/wounds. Has been misled. I have been ridiculed, some justly, some unjustly. Please pray for us.

  25. Please intercede! My son is getting involved in drinking alcohol and committing different forms of crime and sin one after the other. He wants to begin worshiping witchcraft. I pray that God touches his heart again and help him change to come back to his senses of being a strong Catholics who believes in the sacraments and comes back to join the family with good morals

  26. Dear ST.MONICA, I ask for your intercession on behalf of my son who has turned away from faith professing to atheism. He was raised in a good christian home. It truly hurts. I worry for his soul if he continues this path. I need your help

  27. Can the Novena to St. Monica be said any part of the year other than August 18?

    I need to pray for my daughter who believes in Jesus and prays to Him … but that is it. She refuses to attend Sunday Masses or even hear about Jesus being the One and True God … since she has married a non-Christian and one who is an atheist. She feels religion is man-made and that it divides… I am very anxious for her … how is she going to bring up two beautiful little girls in the Faith if she goes on in this way….?

  28. St Monica please pray for my wife Elizabeth. Free her from her love of alcohol and help her to strengthen her faith so that she can see the value in our marriage. Please let her and I continue being married and steer us clear from the pending divorce. Amen

  29. Saint Monica please pray for me and my husband during this difficult time in my marriage. Please pray that faith, hope and love will prevail over our difficulties.

  30. Dear St Monica pray for my wife and marriage that she drinks and eats healthy, values the marriage and that we both give respect to each other. Ask the Lord to remove all the fun, and desires that her sisters, and co workers who persuade her to achieve in drinking while they cast me as the spoiler for wanting a wife who does not drink and ridicule me.

    Her her to reach a closer bond to our Lord Jesus, with the desire of prayer, and praying more. Deep Down I know she has special qualities that can shine so bright and I ask you reveal these to her!

    Thank you

  31. Dear St Monic help my daughter see that alcohol and men will never make her happy. She is getting her second divorce and her children are only 11 & 5. Protect her children and may she turn back to GOD. May her children know God’s love for them. May they not be scared by their mother’s waywardness but may they become strong christian’s. May I be the loving and faithful grandmother these children and my other granchildren need. May we as grandparents show all are grandchildren & children that a marriage based in the Lord are marriages that bring peace and happiness. I give GOD praise and thanksgiving for my marriage of 47 years.

  32. Dear St. Monica, our daughter passed away 5 weeks ago and her husband and Father of our only grandchild is determined to restrict our participation in hers and his life and home despite our Daughter’s final wishes, that we continue to remain in her life just as before. He needs God in his life so that he will be able to see how much pain he is inflicting upon us. Please help me pray that he will open a Bible and begin to learn about our Dear Lord and His Laws to live by. Help him to soften his heart and mind and begin to honor our beloved daughters final wishes. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

  33. For my adult son. He is on drugs he has had a very rough life at such a young age. He thinks i am his enemy he hates me. I love him and i miss him. His relationship with his brothers is also strained. please pray for us our family.

  34. St Monica, I ask for prayers for my nephew who has chosen drugs and alcohol. Free him from his addiction. Heal him Dear Lord and St. Monica. Allow him to get the help he needs to turn his life around. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  35. Dearest Saint Monica – please help free my daughter Kathryn from her addiction and help her have an epiphany and conversion of heart. Please help her to be safe and give me peace of mind while I must endure my endless worry about her. Help me to also become stronger in my faith and trust in God’s plan and vision for her.

  36. Please pray for my husband. That he will rip up the divorce papers or tell his lawyer to forget it. That he may find the strength to help us rebuild our love for each other

  37. Please help my husband with all his addictions Joseph , My daughter and grandchildren stay safe from abuse . Let peace and love come into their hearts and show them the right path to you and Our Lord Jesus ! Help me through these very difficult times and continue to serve my God with patience , faith , hope and love keeping evil away from all of us . Amen .

  38. St. Monica,
    Please pray that my son M will be freed from all his addictions, stop stealing and have a true conversion of heart.

  39. St Monica I pray for my husband TC. That you may help us during this difficult time in our marriage. That he may reconsider not going through divorce. Give him the strength to fight and face his battles so that we can move forward in our marriage. Please do this for me and especially Brandon. As a mother I want stability for my son and my family.

  40. St. Monica, please show me how to be a better mother to help my son return to his family and to allow us time with our grandchildren. May he know our love for him and Gods love for him. Thank you for praying for us all.

  41. Dear st Monica, I pray for my family & especially for my husband kd who is an alcoholic. I pray he becomes a catholic or at least a christian and that through your Grace&by the power of the holy spirit that through the grace of God, he overcomes his mental health &alcoholic issues. I also pray for our beautiful young children. Like the Great St Augustine, please help them to overcome any issues that may be caused by growing up in an alcoholic family &help them to have a strong faith, hope, love & trust in you. By the power of the holy spirit, may they use the grace of God in their lives to achieve all they can be like st Augustine. Help me to be like Monica to rise to the challenges in my married, family and mothering to roles& by the grace of God give me the same courage, perseverance & faith to change my attitude& show tolerance, compassion, kindness, toward kirren&my family.

  42. Dear St. Monica,
    Please send your miracle in our family. Pls help my husband turn away from sin (Adultery) help him to value our family, love our family. Help him to repent from his sin. Pls help her mistress to realize the sin that they are doing.Please help me to become a good mother and wife. Please increase my faith. Help me to a right path of my life. Send me out to this darkness. Thank you.

  43. Please pray for my son who is an alchoholic and is rehabilitating. He is doing well, but has stopped going to AA meetings. Please give him the strength to continue and also bring him back to attending church. He has been estranged from the church and God many years, and I ask you to please intervene and guide him through his troubles. I also ask for prayer for his ex girlfriend who is keeping his daughter from him. Please guide he to forgive him and allow him to talk to his daughter. Amen.

  44. St. Monica i am a mother like you please pray for my 30 year old son to stay away from his vices-drugs, stealing, drinking, gambling, etc. Please pray for his conversion. I know this problem is taking its toll on my health, worries, anxieties and sleepless nights. Please give him enlightenment and focus on his job instead of going with barkadas who influence him so much. Please i pray for his conversion and return to God’s embrace.

  45. Dear st Monica, please pray for John to get a suitable job as early as possible and God to bless him with positive thoughts,faith in God,Confidence and gentleness and patience.Please pray Lord to take away every bindings and inner wounds and to fill him with God’s love,happiness and peace.Please pray Lord to be with him and to guide him always and to get God fearing faithful friends too in life.Thanks

  46. Please pray for Paul,Thomas,Sunil,Sunny ,John,Jose,Benny, Sabu, and every one addicted to alcohol for many years to get inner healing and healing from addiction to alcohol and its side effects ,to get washed in Jesu’s precious blood,and to get filled with Holy spirit.Please pray Lord to use them as His instruments in this world. and forgive their and their ancesters and let all the souls reach in heaven.Thanks

  47. Please pray that my son is cured of all his addictions, that he will stop stealing and most of all, have a true conversion of heart back to the Lord.

  48. Please offer prayers that my two sons will find lucrative jobs and be able to support themselves and their families, that they will both return to college, but more importantly, that they will let God into their lives once again, and that they will trust in Him to lead them down the right path.

  49. maybe people will think it odd to my prayer request, but I really need the support of prayer, if i may ask for the prayers, may God giving a miracle for me.
    Father, i really confused, has never been a person who comes to you for help, you leave it alone, please, giving a miracle for me, the man who took my virginity would be responsible, not escape and would keep his promise to me and my parents too, I leave my fears and problems in your hands. Please help me

  50. Please pray for my son and his wife…I pray that he quits drinking… Please dear God we need your help.. Please help him in God’s name .. Amen

  51. My son who is addicted to destructive behaviors. He has a tempermental nature and does not see it harming his chances for a bright future. He is smart, talented and handsome. It is a pain he carries with him that he feels can only be alleviated by intoxicated himself daily with drugs or alcohol. He thinks the world is against him and often causes arguments or negative confrontations to prove his point. He is a beautiful human being and I am praying daily that his pain is decreased and that God along with his agents protect him and heal him so that he can take care of himself properly. He is a young man and I am weary from worry about him. I surrender to the will of God on his behalf and thank all the angels along with you St. Monica as I am not able to continue on his life path with him as he now is. I almost do not recognize him from the beautiful boy he use to be. Please pray and intercede on his behalf. I accept that I am not in control and hand him over to you.

    Thank you,


  52. Saint Monica, I pray daily for my 29 year old son to return to our Lord . He has been estranged for four years from family, relatives, friends and all other friendships. He married a strong willed and controlling wife. I pray for her as well. We have a 2 1/2 year old grandson and have never met him. We have tried but we finally let go and let God. I thank God daily because I know he is taking care of it. GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME!

  53. St.Monica, I beg for help and intercession for my son. He has become an alcoholic and I am afraid he might lose his job because of his drinking
    problem. He is divorced now and he has 2 wonderful children. Please hear my prayer to enlighten him . Help him find his way to the Lord.
    Please give me strength and guide me how to deal with this problem.

  54. St. Monica I ask for your intercession for my son, who is a good person, but lacks confidence to truly be who God wants him to be. Please pray for his faithfulness to bring him through his life, and all its Demons thrown to him daily.

  55. Dear Saint Monica
    Please send your miracle in our family. Please help my husband to hear the voice of god, help him to turn away from sin-adultery. Help him to value our family. Please unite our heart and find forgiveness with each other. Help her mistress to see the wrong thing shes doing. Help me to be a good wife and mother, may i raise the god fearing and loving kids. Amen

  56. Please pray for my son Eric that he stops drinking so much finds his way in life his calling that he can return to college and get a degree that he returns to the Catholic Church

  57. Please pray for my son. For him to open his eyes to see Gods path. To open hoes ears to hear gods call to open his heart to feel Gods love. By the grace of God Jesus our Lord. Amen

  58. Please pray for my son David to continue on the road of rehabilitation from his drug addiction. He has fought with his addictions for 7 years. I will continue to Pray for all our Children and their Families for every reason everyday.

  59. Please pray for two of my sons. Both have lost their faith! I am so devastated and frightened for them. They were alter boys growing up, and have received the sacraments throughout their childhood. They witnessed two parents who are very faithful to the church, and attended Mass each Sunday as a family. How could this happen?? It is Christmas Day and my heart cries out for The Lord to forgive them and embrace them. Pray that their eyes will be open to the truth and Gods love!

  60. Pray for my son who has turned away from God and is involved with smoking Marijuana. Please direct him to a better path in life and help return him to his faith and become the son we once knew.
    Through Christ our Lord. Amen

  61. Please pray for my son Peter, that he has the strengthen to overcome his battle with addiction and he returns to his family that loves and misses him.

  62. Pray for my son to be close to god and to stay away from alcohol and to have more patients and for my brother who is adicktet to alcohol to have peace with his wife and children. .dear siant monika and siant augustine pray for me and my family. ..Amen

  63. Dear St Monica please pray and save my marriage. I ask that my husband turn away from adultery and help me to forgive him and he forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done to him. I need joy and peace in my heart. Please I pray that I raise my children with God’s love. Amen.

  64. Please pray for me son Matthew. May he find peace and find his way back to his family and those he loves and love him. May his mind and heart stay true to his faith and may he realize he can follow God and also live in this world. Please help me find him.

  65. Please pray for my son Matthew Sigl that he may find his way back to his family and friends and serve God in peace and love. Amen

    • Please pray for my son David to continue on the road of rehabilitation from his drug addiction. He has fought with his addictions for 7 years. I will continue to Pray for all our Children and their Families for every reason everyday. Please pray that my son Tom will make a good choice if he decides to get married. Please pray that my daughter Deni will stay close to her daughter Hannah.