St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

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With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. St Monica please pray for my son who is going through some personal struggles..and is suicidal..pray for his mental health..Amen

  2. St Monica, please here my prayers & touch my wife’s heart through God the Father. She suffers from alcoholism & at this point it will take the love & power of the Lord to heal her. Don’t let our son suffer any longer. Please give me direction in this difficult journey.

  3. St. Monica,

    Please help me guide my son thru the right path. Close all doors that are not good for him. Fill him with the holy spirit so he can become a happy child and happy. I pray to you with hopes that he could stop his drug addiction and become a better person.

    I pray to you in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy spirit, AMEN

  4. Please pray for my son Jose. He is just like your son Augustin. Difficult stubborn and the devil. Needs to immediately stay away from him. Pray for his heart to open for Jesus. Amen.

  5. St. Monica, I ask for your intercession and your help in my perseverance in prayer for this request. That my family members return to practicing the Catholic faith.

  6. St. Monica, I ask for your intercession in praying for my husband’s conversion. I have been praying to Our Blessed Mother, for awhile for this, and please pray that I will be given the grace for the patience and perservence you have had with your husband , Patricius, and son, St. Augustine. My husband has little knowledge of religion, as his family only attended church on occasional holidays.

    Also, for my children to return to the church.

  7. St.Monica Please pray that both my husband and I find decent jobs so that we can provide for our child. I pray that we both find job soon and not lose everything that we worked so hard to accomplish.

  8. St. Monica, please help me pray for my son. He is struggling with personal and substance abuse at 16. He is goin in te wrong direction and I want to help him before it’s too late. Fill his heart with the Holy Spirit so he can smile and be happy again. Please fill any voids he may have in his heart. He has a beautiful soul and I know his is not him. Please help him with whatever may be leading to this. God please let him see how much you love him and we as well. In the name of The Father, The Son , and The Holy Spirit. Amen

  9. St Monica, please pray for all those who have strayed off their Catholic faith, especially for my daughter, who is angry with God because she believes that God has unjustly punished her by given her a mental illness.
    For my wife who is so narcissistic that she blames everyone else, especially me for event that is considered bad in her opinion. She does not listen to others’ opinion or appreciate others’ effort to help cool her temperament saying that they are biased or fails to understand her.

  10. St. Monica…please pray for alcoholics everywhere, especially my sister who is a mother, daughter, sister and friend. Please pray for the children and families of those suffering the pain of alcoholism. Pray that we will accept God’s will and that we continue to walk in faith in love. Amen.

  11. i am praying this Novena for my alcoholic son, indulging to drugs, Otemperamental and maltreating to his children.
    I request St. Monica to intercede my prayers to God and help me pray that my son will be changed , to live a new life with love and care to his family. Praying also, for peace in the world and to every family. I thank God and praise Him for His love, glory, and honor forever and ever Amen.

  12. I’m praying to Saint Monica to help my Husband and my son. I ask the she intercede with me for my husband and son. For my son to be surround by positive people and to be a leader not a follower and leave the smoking alone. For my husband to stop drinking and to feel some type love in his heart for me. He has so much anger for me. I pray for his heart to change and to become kinder towards me and his children. He is always agitated with me especially. I just want peace for my family. Thank you Saint Monica for your intercession.

  13. St Monica Please pray to God for my daughter Mary-Catherine and my son Christopher, for Gods speedy intervention into their lives. They had a sudden turn from good into doing everything wrong in the past four years. Never have I seen so much negativity and vices piled up on a soul!! They both dropped out of school and would not take up any job. I fear that my daughter might be selling her body in prostitution! They don’t have any ambition whatsoever! They have lost interest in the faith. They seem to have adopted all vices one can think of! Please save my children, St Monica, and commit them into the bossom of God for conversion and the Grace for a turnaround in their lives. Amen.

  14. I am saying this novena for world peace . Every where you look there is people fighting one another in the name of religion , over countries and due to discrimination
    I pray to St Monica to help all these people to hear the word of God . And stop all the killing.
    In God’s name Amen

  15. St.Monica..Intervene in my is at the verge of breaking.Make my husband realize his mistakes..change 3 weeks son needs hims.we have lost him to another woman.Above all,fulfill the
    of his heart

  16. Dear Lord,

    I have been unemployed for over two years during this novena I ask all you to please pray with me as I beg for St. Monica’s intercession for the following:

    * that I may be handed a contract to sign for the consultancy opportunity I am waiting for.
    * that all the initiatives and opportunities my business partner and I are pursuing actually succeed.
    * that all my debts will be cleared and I can buy my own car.
    * that I may get accepted into an MBA program for next year.
    * that I may finally place my goods in storage nearby.
    * that I may leave my mothers house and get my own place.
    * that I may be led to holy matrimony with a God fearing man that we will just attempt to win together.
    * that I may be able to take my son to a good Catholic School.
    * lastly that I may celebrate my birthday this year, with a sense of achievement and hope.
    Lord hear my prayers…..

  17. Please keep me in your prayers I, m addicted to sleeping tablets & struggling to come off. I also pray for my relationship with my family & father that god my utter peace and forgiveness in our hearts.

  18. Pry for my family in trouble times. Lack of income separating and divorce . Sickness and Heath forgiveness and from pain from other sources that try to lead you away from good . And other thing that I need help on with understanding advice on legal matters please help me with all good in life

  19. Please pray for my son that he may come to know the Holy Spirit within him and desire to have a deeper relationship with
    God and his parents.

  20. Please lift up my struggling marriage and family. I pray that I can stand stronger with my self worth. That my husband sees me for who I am and loves me for that and stops constantly trying to make me feel less then I am by constantly harping on my shortcomings in his eyes and neglecting to see what I actually bring to our family. This has been years of struggle with the loss of children and alcoholism, sobriety and then more drinking. My heart is so heavy I don’t know where to turn but to you Lord. St Monica you are my patron saint I pray desperately to you for your intercession uniting it with that of our blessed mother and our Lord. I pray for a miracle and courage for me and transformation of such darkness in our home to the light of Christ.

  21. St. Monica please provide strength and guidance to my son in his time of struggle. He is a beautiful soul who is struggling with personal and substance issues. Please give him comfort and provide the strength he needs to become the happy. Please help him open his heart to God and have God see thought his eyes. Please wrap him and hug him tight. Make him feel loved and safe. We all love him and worry everyday. You know better than anyone the pain and suffering of a mother. Please protect him from any harm. I don’t want to loose him. Amen Amen Amen