St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

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With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Please, please pray for my son Joseph & girlfriend Jennie & newborn, Jayden (son). They are not getting along, baby is only 1 mo old. Not communicating at all. My son is very angry, she’s not communicating with him. My son is done and is not even going to let her know. I have booked a baby shower March 18th and have to cancel it per my son’s request. I am so devasted!!! I believe in Miracles! Please give them a miracle to reconcile, communicate and make a Godly life together with their son, Jayden! In Jesus name I pray and thank you in advance. Sincerely, Michele

  2. Please pray for my marriage. My husband has moved out and talked to a lawyer. He says he feels broken. Please help my husband to feel healing and return to our marriage.

  3. My marriage has been quite difficult. I have been cheated on by my husband with over 5ladies, through it all I have stayed and asked God to teach me how to forgive him. He has however rejected me and asked me for a break although he doesn’t want us to go separate ways. Lord Jesus am trusting in you for a miracle and asking that you may please restore my marriage. My heart is broken please heal me and restore me and help me to fully forgive

  4. Pray for my husband for his enlightenment. He has a daughter from another woman. Two years ago, there was a big fight between my husband and the other woman. It was brought to court, but was settled. All the while I thought they were no longer in contact because of the huge humiliation on the part of my husband. Last week, I got an email from Philippine Airline with an attachment of the other woman’s ticket to Singapore. My husband bought ticket for her. It means they were still in contact. He told me they were speaking only because of the child. I am not sure if I would believe him. I don’t trust him anymore. This has been on going for almost 10 years already. Many incidents have stopped me from filing a divorce, but this time I feel like pursuing it. Please help me pray for the right decision.

  5. Our son, who was raised Catholic, is really revolting in his marriage in so many ways- mostly by smoking dope and not caring at all about her, about his mom etc. there’s a lot of history with him- like he seems he has to live up to his siblings. For example his brother is a doctor. Anyway he really needs our prayers for so,so many reasons. Thanks and God bless.

  6. My son Kevin has been battling drug addiction for several years. He is 19 years old. He has had all the opportunity to make his life right but is weak. I love him so.. And worry every minute of the day for his well being. He lives now in a half way house in hopes of doing the right thing. I pray, and so do many for his full recovery. He had a good heart but is lost in his own demons. Please pray for him and for my family.
    Thank you
    Lucy.. Mom

  7. I need anyone praying the novena to Saint Monica to pray with me for my son …who has a problem with alcohol ….I’ve prayer many times for him but I need more help …Please pray for my son Jeremy

  8. Please pray that my ex husband will stop mentally abusing our kids and agree to 50/50 custody. Also, allow him to drop his anger for me.

  9. Please pray for my son to stop using drugs and let him learn how to choose friends that will influence his positively . So that he can learn to say no to devilish thinking like drug abuse and be a God fearing Person. He has not realised that has a problem and needs help. pray for my family for peace to prevail . pray for me too have peace, learn to forgive and God to give me the strength and show me the direction on how to help my son.

  10. Please pray for SD addictions.God please wrap him in your arms today & lead down the right path.To please perform at work today so he doesn’t loose his s job.For him to sincerely want help.Thank You our Merciful Savior