St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

(Mention your intentions here)

With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Please St Monica,St Agustine help my husband who has fallen prey to his addictions, he is so angry with me and blames me for everything when he is drinking, please cast out the demons, that tempt him to give in to his need for drinking and gambling, please help him.

  2. Saint Monica I ask for special intentions and prayers for my grand daughter EL.
    She was in an abusive relationship, now very depressed. Down on herself. Lost her job because of deep anxiety. Going to college but did not finish. I ask for prayers for her parents. They are so worried about her. She does not live near them. They begged her to come back and start new. She has to leave her rental mid June. No place to live, No job, no money. I am asking for a miracle in her life. That she will change her heart. We love her and know how someone can have a hold on your life and heart even when it is over. Prayers now for her. Amen

  3. Saint Monica, please help my son Mikey stay strong and drug free. Help him to fight the demons that are with him every day. Go to him, show him your love and help him change his life and turn to God just like your son St. Augustine. Saint Monica help me take his drug and alcohol adiction away. I pray that you can help me and give me the strength, courage and perseverance to continue to support him and change his life through prayer. Give him a Godly friend that will touch his heart and change his bad thoughts. I pray that he may become a good example of Christian virtues and life that he will follow. I pray also for me and our children and our family that they will be healed from the effects of living and loving an alcoholic. Help us to do your will in our lives. In Jesus Name I pray…AMEN.

  4. St Monica, please intercede on behalf of my trouble marriage. Please St Monica pray for my husband and my children to turn back to me. Pray for the healing of my Mental Health in the name of Jesus Amen. Thank you.

  5. i feel filled with joy ever since my son stopped drug addiction, even if it wasn’t easy for my family and I. chris never passed a day without taking spice.he’s been addicted for several years now, it made him irresponsible and less serious. fortunately i came across mary’s testimony on this blog on how diviner peterson helped her in healing her son from addiction through prayers. i’m greatful to st.monica and newgracefoundation. anyone with similar or any issue should contact him via email:[email protected]

  6. St Monica, please intercede on behalf of my troubled married and husband. Pray for healing and peace and a return to respecting fidelity and the values of the sacrament of marriage. Pray for healing of mental health. Thank you.

  7. Prayers for my addicted son please. Keep him safe and his parents also. Let him get help he needs and let us become family again. Thank you

  8. St.Monica please intercede as I pray for my son who is in desperate need of counsel and the love of God. It is hard to talk to him when he is not listening to my pleas. He is ruining his health dear lady by drinking to excess. Many of his friends he has pushed away because he cannot drink without becoming violent and I see no end to this my lady because he is always angry. I continue to pray for him daily for spiritual intervention
    He lives with someone that was a mentor to him for many years but this man had a stroke that limits his speech and impairs his thinking. My son refuses to listen to ,advise from me or this man to get help. All I can do is pray that God hears my pleas to touch my son and bring him back to the church because he says that he does not believe in God

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  11. dear st Monica intercede for me that my Husband Samson CU heart be turned back to me and fulfil his vow he n I took in the presence of The Trinity, mother Mary n all the angels n saints of God in heaven. so we would live n love each other till death do us part amen

  12. Dear God, Jesus and St Monica, I pray for the recovery of my husband from his alcohol addiction. I pray that for his conversion and that he comes to know your mercy and forgiveness. Please give me the strength, courage and perseverance to continue to support him as his wife a be a good example of Christian virtues and life that he will want to follow. I pray also for me and our children and our family that they will be healed from the effects of living and loving an alcoholic. Help us to do your will in our lives. AMEN.

  13. Dear St. Monica, please help Amy with Jaxon, who is misbehaving in school. Please guide Amy and Mike into making a commitment to bring their boys together as a family.

    Dear St. Monica watch over Caroline that she does not have another seizure and give Ashley peace knowing Caroline is being watched by you and all the saints.

    Dear St. Monica watch over my entire family, keeping us all getting along!

  14. Please pray that my daughter, who has shut me out of her life going on five years (along with preventing my visiting my three grandchildren) has a change of heart, returns to the special daughter she was, and welcomes me into her life again. I admit that there were times I used poor judgment in some situations, but all I ever wanted to do was help her. Also, please pray that my son, who has had addiction problems and succumbs to weakness periodically, gains the God given strength to defeat this. Thank you, St. Monica, and all for prayers and intentions.

  15. Dear Saint Monica, help me to intercede for the alcoholic behaviour of my three brothers. May they see alcohol as a poison. May you bring them closer to God by attending to mass. I pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

  16. Dear St. Monica, I just spoke to my nephew who I sent numerous prayers on, he can barely talk he’s so drunk. He calls me and doesn’t make sense when he talks. He isn’t taking care of himself, he misses doctor appointments and is addicted to alcohol. I pray he gets better before he gets kicked out of his apartment and doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Please give him the healing he needs to beat this addiction and get rid of all the demons and start living a good christian life. He also needs to start going back to church. Amen.

  17. Dearest St Anne, St Monica,St Joseph ,St Anthony and Blessed Mother, I thank you for answered prayers. I ask for your intercession for my children. I ask for Vicki to keep her job, that her company sees her as an asset, she is assigned a new buddy, and placed on several projects soon. I ask that her confidence grows at work and she become a project manager. I ask that she gets a good review this month. And most importantly, I ask that Vicki grows in her faith and relationship with God. I ask that Alie ‘s eyes heal from surgery and she no longer is light sensitive and her vision is perfect. I ask that she does well in all her classes, improves her rank and branches Aviation. I ask that Nick be offered a position soon on a PD. I ask that Alex shoulder surgery heals quickly. I ask all this through Christ my Lord

  18. Please St. Monica pray with me for the the fast recovery and healing of my brother who has just recently relapsed into a state of binge drinking. He had been sober for over 1 1/2 years but prior to was a binge drinker to the point he was binging 5-6 days of the week. It has been so hard for our parents, especially our mom.
    Please also St. Monica pray for my moms continued strength and endurance, she who has prayed to you for many, many years for the recovery of known and unknown alcoholics of this world. Through your intercession may our prayers be healed in Jesus’ name

  19. Please dear St. Monica intercede for me on my petitions before Jesus for the scourge of all vices be lifted from my family. That Jesus give all members of my family peace and gentleness of the heart. I ask for Jesus to send his grace for reversion back to the faith to them and that all petitions posted here by others be answered. In Jesus’ name I pray. Thank you for your intercession. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

  20. Pray that my son will not lose his soul in this culture of death. Pray that he is strong, able to discern God’s will for his life and that the grace of faith, conferred at Baptism, is renewed and strengthened.

  21. Dear Saint Monica. I come to you today because my family has the disease of alcoholism. My son Richard knows that he has a problem and cries all the time. He refuses to go to AA meetings so I come to you to ask God for a healing. My husbands family is effected with this disease so pray for them also. Richard sent for his birth certificate about two weeks ago and has not received it. He needs it real soon to present to his job or else they will have to let him go. I have faith that God will make sure that Richard will get his birth certificate on time. My husband and I are both retired and on a fixed income. I pray that are bank accounts are never in the red. We pay are ties faithfully. Pray for a healing for Julius forehead because he has vitiligo that is a white patch on his forehead and covers his right eye, also a healing for his diabetes and a healing for me for my thyroid and a healing for my dry hair caused by the medications. Thank you Saint Monica.

  22. St. Monica, please pray that the Holy Spirit captures the heart of my son, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter to bring the light of faith to their lives and the Good News to their hearts. Thank you for persevering in your love and faith.

  23. Please help me pray for my wayward children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. They don’t attend mass or bother to hear the word of God. They are big sinners, maybe some of the worst their are in the world

  24. Dearest St Anne, St Monica,St Joseph ,St Anthony and Blessed Mother, I thank you for answered prayers. I ask for your intercession for my children. I ask for Vicki to keep her job, that her company sees her as an asset, she is assigned a new buddy, and becomes confident and a project manager, and placed on several projects soon. I ask that she gets a good review this month. And most importantly, I ask that Vicki grows in her faith and relationship with God. I ask that Alie ‘s eyes heal from surgery quickly and her vision is perfect, that she does well in all her classes, improves her rank and branches aviation. I ask that Nick be offered a position soon on a PD. I ask that Alex shoulder surgery heals quickly. I ask all this through Christ my Lord

  25. I have a friend, who along with her husband are both struggling with drug addiction. I am substituting alcoholism with drug addiction: as I don’t think St. Monica will mind. I am also struggling with my marriage. I feel as if I am at a point of no return. Actually, I really don’t care very much if it works out or not. I ask God to provide me with His will, However, I find myself very confused discerning HIs or mine. thank you, HC

  26. Dear St. Monica, I pray for my nephew to get help with his alcohol addiction and his mental health. He doesn’t take his meds and drinks all the time, he can’t hold a job and is turning into a recluse. His hygiene happens are bad, letting his beard grow, not taking a shower and living in a sloppy apartment with beer cans and clothes all over, a big mess. Please help him.

  27. Any prayers, for my 23 year old son who just cannot find direction or a passion in life, are greatly appreciated. I will pray for all of you as well.

  28. My son (Kyaw Kelley ) is an alcoholic and addict. He fell and hit his head and now he is in the hospital with brain damage and they are giving him medication that will detox him and help with his withdrawals. They are not sure how severe the brain damage is at this point, they said it may or may not get better on its own. THe medication they have him on keeps him sedated and his speech is slurred if and when he tries to talk, which is very seldom because most of the time he is very heavily sedated. So, this is why I’m praying the St. Monica Novena and grateful to know that I will not be praying alone.
    Thank you and god bless you for this site and all who pray with and for other.

    Corinthia Johnson (the mother of Kyaw)

  29. Dear St. Monica,
    I pray to you to come to my family in this time of need. My son has turned away from the church and God, and my marriage is having difficulties.

    Please, St. Monica, intercede on behalf of my family’s great needs.

  30. Dear St Monica, please pray for my son so he can choose right. If his current girlfriend is not willing to get closer to God and just go with the motions, please remove her from his life.

    I pray that, if he chooses the sacrament of marriage, he chooses a holy woman. A woman who loves God above all else and is practicing the catholic faith. I pray for his future.

    If he chooses other vocation, I pray he gets closer to God and lives a holy life.

    Please St Monica, pray for my son. May he choose God first always.

    I also pray for my husband so he stops sinning, may he stop drinking and smoking. May he reject evil, go to confession and practice the catholic faith. May he have a total conversion and grow in holiness. Please St. Monica, pray for my husband’s soul.

    Thank you dear St Monica, for all the blessings I am to receive. May I follow your love and dedication to God. May Jesus always dictate my actions. May The Holy Spirit always guide so I choose right. May God, The Father, reign in my heart always.


    • St monica my so is 37 and he still believes the catholic way but has stop going to church please pray he returns and also hes lived with me for years now and im gettin old and am sickly and he said he would take care of me and im left by myself 4 days and nightsa week for him to go meet a girlfriend i dont think is a good thing please let him see he needs to stay with me until im gone .i need him i dnt want to be alone .please pray for me i am all along and need him here with me .

  31. Dear St. Monica, please intercede on behalf of my son that his grades improve, for him to accept what he has, to respect us, to be humbly, when we tell him no is no, to accept that. I believe in you St Monica that you are going to help me. I trust in you!

  32. I pray that both my sons May heal their relationship and treat each other and their significant others with respect and dignity. But, most of all that they come fully to know and love God Father Son and Holy Spirit with all their heart.

  33. Dear St. Monica, please intercede on behalf of our son G.and our granddaughter who is growing up with us for they continuous living at our home. I pray for his legalization, family union and best way for all of us.Protect our love, marriage and parenting. Thanks.Amen.

  34. Please help my grandson see the errors of his way. open his heart , mind, soul to the love of GOD, may he come to believe in GOD and all he doees for us.

  35. Dear St Monica, please pray that the right treatment and healing be made for my sons ADD. And that my husband will join me to help him.

  36. st Monica please pray for me my marriage is no more my heart is into pieces this Easter season I also need a job st Monica you were a mother too please pray for me I send you to God kindly

  37. Dear St. Monica, please intercede on behalf of my daughter that her grades improve and she is able to attend a good Catholic high school.

  38. My son & his wife have been in such turmoil for the past year. It’s gotten worse and the sad part is my three grandchildren have witnessed all of the nightmare we’ve been going through. They lost their home of 20 years and have moved in with me. His wife has left again and is seeing someone. My son has lost his his job of over 10 years so needless to say me & my grandchildren are living a nightmare that I see no end to. I’m a devout catholic who loves her God without him I don’t think I could survive this. Please asking for prayer for them but especially my grandchildren ages 14, 20 & 21. The 20 year old moved out and doesn’t speak to my son which is so sad. They both have abused drugs off & on in the past which I feel is the reason they lost their home. Please intercede with prayers for our situation.

  39. I pray for my children I am having difficulties at this time father was not in their life for eight years and decided to come within the last year.
    Father behind on child support and is making my life very difficult and brainwashing my children I pray that my children see the light and understand where I am coming from as a single mother…….
    Ever since father has came in the picture father has destroyed them mentally..
    Only reason father is doing this is because he does not want to pay back pay on child support or his future obligations…….
    Please help me in this need children are going through counseling and need a lot of restructure because of disrespect..
    Please help me

  40. I am praying for my husband’s deliverance from not believing in God, from sin, from infertility, from not being able to get a job, and from the harmful interference and manipulation from his family, and his lack of wisdom. I pray that all these will die with our Lord Jesus Christ on good l Friday and that a new person will rise with our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Day. Saint Monica, please pray for us so that my husband will agree to us going to see Reverend Father Timothy A. to seek for prayers.

    • I will keep you in prayer as He looked at His mother Mary on the road with His Cross, “Mother, I make all things new”His passion and Crucifixion were not in vain.

  41. Please help Bethany with her nursing school and her MS. Help Emily get a good job please I ask in Jesus holy name

  42. I ask for your prayer to secure a job.Since i left University it is about 17 years i have never had a job to be paid for even 50 Dollars. Dear saint Monica i call your ardent assistance to intercede for me and my family. present our case to our Blessed mother during this holy Week

  43. St.Monica, I was told of you the other day. I now want to journey with you during this difficult time. My daughter and I are in fight all the time since I found out she was having a sexual affair with my partner of 10 years now. I keep trying to forgive her and we move on as my child but she throws something else back to hurt me. She does not respect me at all she treats me like her child. St. Monica, Iam a lost troubled soul I need to find myself I need to be forgiven and follow my catholic faith and accept God’s will be done… I want to he delivered from believing in any man who comes my way and confuses me by telling me the how beautiful Iam and end up sleeping with them I need to he delivered from this. Please help me find peace and happiness before getting into marriage. st. Monica I dont want to grow old alone.. I need my husband that God created for me and together we shall be married in the house of our Lord… I need your intercession St. MONICA

  44. My family will turn to Christ. Carter will start taking care of his family. Peace and strength for Melissa. David’s tumor to shrink. Answer about direction for job. Settlement.

  45. I am praying for my husband’s conversion so that he will believe and that he will agree for us to see Father Timothy A. for prayers so that the Lord will bless us with children. I am praying that this Holy Week will be a transformational week for my husband so that he will come to know the Lord and that on Easter Monday we will go and see Father Timothy together for prayers. I know the Lord will win this battle. Saint Monica, pray for us.

  46. Dear St Monica, i pray for your intercession for my marriage with my husband who is a strong-headed atheist. I trust in your unceasing faithfulness for his conversion of heart and strength for my resolve.

  47. Dearest St Anne, St Monica,St Joseph ,St Anthony and Blessed Mother, I thank you for ansewed prayers. I ask for your intercession for my children. I ask for Vicki to keep her job, that her co sees her as an asset, she is assigned a new buddy, and becomes confident and a project manager. I ask that Alie ‘s eyes heal from surgery quickly and her vision is perfect, that she does well in all her classes, improves her rank and branches aviation. I ask that Nick be offered a position soon on a PD. I ask that Alex shoulder surgery go well and heals quickly. I ask all this through Christ my Lord.

  48. I ask for your prayers to soften the heart of my daughters mother that she will not denigrate me and cause negativity so as to harm my child.

    I am prevented from seeing my daughter as a result.

  49. Dear Saint Monica, I,your poor afflicted daughter come to your assistance i know that with your ardent help my daughters health will be restored in Jesus name I pray!

  50. Please pray for my granddaughter and my daughter….they are both going through a very difficult time…please I pray that they will get through this and have brighter days ahead..please look after them and keep them safe & give them the strength & wisdom that will guild them though the dark hours…Amen!

  51. St. Monica, I humbly ask for your intercession for my son Gerardo, to get rid of the anger that he has against us, for him to continue school. For him not to have thoughts that he wants everything. I trust in you

  52. Dear Saint Monica,
    Please help my husband achieve and maintain sobriety. I pray for my son, Steven, to find peace and self worth and also so that he is able to resolve all of his inner demons. Please keep him on the right path in life so that he can be happy, successful, and productive. Thank You.

  53. Thank you my St Monica for your intercession and for my son’s return, give him his Catholic faith fervent and keep him protected in his decisions, and help me to achieve my goals in work, restoration in wealth and health, Amen

  54. Thank you my St Monica for bringing my son home. Please help him thoroughly in decernment in his life work, correct his ADD, help me to work and regain my financial wealth to support this unit.

  55. Please pray for my daughter that she does not lose her job. She has not been herself and a little distracted at work since her husband has asked her for a divorce. She is a good worker. They called her from HR and told her not to come in Monday and afraid she is going to lose her job. I ask that you pray for my girl that God look upon her and help her through this terrible time.

  56. Dearest St Monica, St Ann, St Joseph, St Anthony and Blessed Mother, thank you for answered prayers. I humbly ask for your intercession for my children. I ask that Ali’s eye surgery be a success and her vision perfect and she has no pain. I ask for Vicki to have a smooth move into her new apt, she succeeds at her job; she is assigned a new buddy, and grows in her faith. I ask that Nick be offered a position onto town PD. I ask that Alex has shoulder surgery soon and it is successful. I ask that my mother‘s remaining days be peaceful and my sister is kinder and nicer and less confrontational. I ask this through Christ my Lord, amen.

  57. Thanks Lord forgiving us another day, thanks for more blessing you have given us as family. Through your intercession st. Monica pray for all marriage people who’re not in good terms give them more peace n help each other to reconcile in Jesus name amen.

  58. For my son who has fallen into alcohol, and immorality while at college. He has abandoned his family and I pray he find his way back to the scapular and the rosary and for the woman he is with to leave him as she is older and encouraging his drinking and immorality. Satan has taken advantage of my son’s vulnerability and depression. I pray for St. Monica’s intercession for the right people to intervene and show him the way back. I pray for his success. My heart is broken as his mother and I cry and pray for him every day. Thank you.