St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

(Mention your intentions here)

With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. St. Monica, please pray for my children, Justine, Jonathan, and Zachary that they give their lives to Jesus, for them to give up all ungodly things and to love and serve Our Lord all the days of their lives.

  2. Dear St Monica please whisper to my two sons who are now turning to be young adults, to always stay close to God. Please lead them good lives. May my younger son who used to serve in the church as an acolyte will go back to serving our Lord. I really dont know the reason for quitting after almost 7 years in serving the altar, but im hoping he will again. Thank you St. Monica.

  3. Dear St. Monica

    Please pray for my best friend Marissa that God will open her heart and bring her back to the Holy Catholic Faith.

    Thank you

  4. Dear St. Monica, I humbly ask you to please present my requests, my sorrowful heart, my tears to our Loving and Merciful Father in Heaven. I am requesting for the grace of conversion for my adulterous and alcoholic husband. For reconciliation and peace in our marriage. I am also asking for divine protection and guidance for my children, my daughter who is 16 who now thinks I’m her enemy who wants to ruin her social life. She thinks I love her siblings more than I love her. For my timid, reserved 14 year old son whom I worry about very much. He lacks confidence and is very shy. I pray that I find a good Catholic school for him where he will grow both in faith and confidence. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides him to be the person and everything God has created him to be. I pray for my 4 year old daughter and 14 year old step daughter. I ask that they are all always led and protected by the Holy Spirit and that they always find their way to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen!

  5. Dear Saint Monica, you are my hero. Please help me to pray as you did for the conversion of St. Augustine. Please pray for my oldest son to return to the church. Also pray for my newly adopted 14 year old daughter to open her heart and mind to the Catholic Church and all its beauty in the sacraments. Both children have told me that they do not want to be Catholic. I am heartbroken as I have become so close to Jesus and Mary in the past several months. I offer up my sorrow for the conversion of their hearts. I beg you to be my intercessor.

  6. Dear St. Monica Please pray for my family. I have a very difficult husband who refuses to give me money to run the home and this has resulted in mounting debts. It was fine when I was able to work and had a good wage but now I am full time carer for our disabled daughter reliant only on carers benefit and I am worried sick. I am drinking far too much and my son, who is very good with helping me financially is becoming increasingly angry at his father for behaving this way. Please pray for all of us. Thank You.

  7. I urgently ask request the intercession of Sr. Monica for my oldest son. To heal him of depression, addiction, anger, for him to realize and be thankful for the blessings in his life which is plentiful rather than what he doesn’t have, for him to recover his faith in The Lord and the Blessed Mother. I pray for the happiness and peace in his heart, to help him find what he has been longing for, a wonderful partner who he can spend the rest of his life with. From a pained mother’s heart, thank you so much for your intercession,

  8. Please pray for my son who is a firefighter. He was recently hospitalized with an infection. Lord please make my son free of any catastrophic illness or disease. May all test results return negative of illness and that he can be cured 100 percent of any infection or bacteria. Please allow him to be healthy, free of illness, mature of consciousness and to live a long and healthy life. He is extremely afraid and depressed. May you hear my prayer as his mother.

  9. Dearest St. Monica,
    I humbly ask you take my request to our most loving Father in Heaven and continue to pray for my families needs. Please intercede for my only daughter who has abandoned her one year old son. She is succumbed by the works of evil and says she no longer loves her son, an innocent child of God. She is blinded by promises and Earthly possessions. Please soften her heart and make her realize a child is a blessing from God, in any circumstance one may find themselves. Also, I pray for my sister, brother in law, and their boys. Alcohol has destroyed their lives, please continue to mend their family and may they never turn their backs on God or one another. I ask for all this in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Dear Saint Monica pray for my Marriage . I am married to a great guy for 26 years , and now he wants to end it we never faught I didn’t see it happing . He moved out 9 months ago he said maybe he never loved me but I don’t beleive that for a minute . I pray everyday God will lead him home to me and our children . Please pray for us .

  11. Dear Saint Monica, please intercede for us to the almighty God, for my son Tyler. He has been very unhappy, lazy, destructive. He has flunked school and been very rude and disrespectful to his brother, father, and I. He does not want to get a job. He has anxiety and behavior issues. Please help., Saint Monica. Please pray that Tyler be good and learn how to love to learn and work. Please pray that he turns to God and lives a life that would make God happy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In Jesus’ name, amen

  12. Dearest Saint Monica,

    I humbly request your intercession for the following graces,
    that my son should receive the grace of reconciliation and transformation. That he should refrain from bad company and bad habits.
    For peace in the marital home and parental home.
    That my children should revere the Christian sacraments that they have received and return to church to fulfill their Christian obligations.
    That my unmarried sister and brother should get justice in occupying my parental home and for an amicable settlement.

  13. Please hear my prayer for my son who just accepted the fact that he is an alcoholic. Please release the hurt from his heart for the lose of his Grandmother, a failed marriage, the divorce of his parents, disappointment with his sister who has cut him out of her life. Help him to find another way besides drinking to deal with the stress of everyday life. Let him know the love God and I have for him.

  14. Please help my son rebuke drugs. Give him the desire, strength and will power to stay clean. Thank you. Amen.

    Also, all praise and glory to our Lord for my husband’s beautiful sobriety. God is so great!

  15. dear st. monica, please pray for my son to be strong and be able to avoid the vices that is destroying his profession and his personality, especially the vice of smoking and drugs.. cover him with the Holy Spirit to be able to avoid bad people that tempt him to do bad things…. and please pray for my daughter , riah , that she be able to find the love of her life.. !

  16. St Monica Please hear my prayer of remorse and repent. I humbly
    ask for courage and strength to deal with my legal issues.I pray for God’s will,I am scred and need your help to bring more faith. I pray for god to have mercy on me and know I am not a criminal just another recovering drunk. I thank you for my Sobriety and for my wonderful life I could have never seen without the abstinence of alcohol .Please hear my prayers for me and all the drunks of the world may they too find peace

  17. St. Monica please pray for my daughter that has lost her faith. That she will find it and be able to teach it to her little family. Please St. Monica, my grandchildren need to attend church, do their Sacraments and know how great our Lord is..PLEASE! St. Monica hear my prayer..Amen

  18. Dear St Monica
    I pray for a miracle that my former partner will be cured of alcoholism and will acknowledge and address his issues.
    He was violent and abusive towards me and I pray he will see the error of his ways.
    I don’t know if there is any chance for us but I love him and I pray for himself that he can sort out his life. I pray he will see what he has lost in me. He had affairs also. I will have to go for counselling to get over what he did to me and try to rebuild my life, I pray I can.
    Thank you,

  19. ST. MONICA

  20. St. Monica, please pray for my children. (JC,JC,ZC)FOR THE NEGATIVE AND DARKNESS THAT SURROUND THEM TO BE REMOVED BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT …….. That they may accept and practice being devout Catholics. For them to stop fighting and smoking and dealing with drugs. For vocation in the church for each of them. I pray that they will soon love and honor Our Lord, and do everything in their power, to use their free will to bring His lost sheep home to Him.

  21. St. Monica please help me pray for my shattered marriage. For 14 years we have struggled but I don’t want to give up. I know the enemy is always trying hard to destroy marriages and families. Please don’t let this happen. I pray that my husband and boys will find their faith and love the Lord with a deep love and help others to do the same. We are looking at divorce right now. Please speak to his heart and make him realize in the power of prayer. He refuses to pray with me thinking it will not help but I believe where two or more are gathered in His name, God is in the midst of us. Please pray with me.

  22. Dearest St Monica please pray for my son Tom help him to realize that the sinful life he is leading will destroy him in the end. Please pray to Gid for a miracle and help him to return to our Lord Jesus and the church and come back to his family. We know this us not Gods will but that he is weak and has given into the dark side of this world. Please Ho me to persevere in my prayer for him until I die

  23. Dear Saint Monica,
    My fiancee has suddenly asked to post pone the wedding which was to happen on 24 th may 2014 . its just 5 more months i am so hurt and i dont know wat to do please pray for me and my fiancee her name is rachel she is all confused please pray.

  24. Dear Saint Monica,
    Please pray that my son will learn to love himself and to realize what we all know as the truth – that he is worthy of love and that God has great things in store for him.

  25. ST. Monica, St. Anne, St. Jude—
    Thanks for listening, for interceding, and for favors granted. Please continue. It is urgent! I will forever honor you and continue to spread your word.
    Also please help everyone who is praying to you and sincerely needs your help

  26. St. Monica—
    Please intercede for me and help my son and his wife work out their problems and be happy again. I am so worried about them. They have begun drinking and I think if they would stop things would get better.
    Also his son had a difficult year in college. He is waiting on his final grades. Please ask God to help him get the grades he needs to keep his scholarship. Without it he cannot finish college. He is in his third year.
    Please help us. I will forever be grateful and spread your word.


  28. Dear St Monica, my prayer is for my family and the struggles we are dealing with right now. My husband is an alcoholic and my children are hurting because of what they see and hear. I hurt too, but mostly because of their pain that I see. Please, I ask for intercessions for our family to return to peace, love and closeness to God. And that he is able to beat his addiction and be the father that Joseph was to Jesus. Give me strength to handle whatever comes my way and continue to be a faithful daughter. In Christ’s name, Amen.

  29. Deare st Monica. I need your prayers on the life of my brother(Lucky).for as this year ’13 is coming to an end.i put it as a prayer that all his lifes of alchol and street fighting,quick tempered will as well come an end.Amen Also i pray that God will in his love and for your sake grant a response to everyone request.AMEN

  30. St. Monica please intercede for our son, Sammy. He is distracted and unfocused in school and it is now affecting his self-esteem and grades. My husband and I need more patience when working with him so we may guide him in the right path. Please ask our loving and merciful God to cover Sammy with his love and compassion. To give him the focus he needs to be successful in school.

  31. Holy mother please intercede for my daughter that God will torch her spiritually,physically,mentally and socially. That she would be the obedient and loving child she was created to be. Also for stability and the grace of God in my family.

  32. Please cure Josh and Taylor of their addictions and help them find absoute faith in God and to have sucessful on track lives.
    For Eric to break his addiction to smoking
    A special intention for me.
    thank you blessed Mother and Jesus

  33. Blessed Mother and Holy Jesus please help Dominic’s surgery be a sucess.
    Please help cure Anthony’s seizures
    Thank you

  34. i ask that you the community join with me to pray for two of my sons. one is away from the church and married to a woman who is abusive to my son and my other children. we do not want to lose him but she is on constant attack . she doesnot take no responsibility for her actions and blames the others involved in the assault. her son now 4 years old busted his skull open because of her carelessness. they called me for help. it was horrible! my grandaughter by previous relationship is constant compared by this person to this child’s mother….my son has tried to provide and works at least 55 hours a week to provide for her, her and his son, and the daughter by previous relationship. he has stopped going to church…recently the assault was on me and i ended in the hospital for 4 days from an infection and pneumonia. st monica PLEASE help him and us.

    my other son is isolated from the family but is always drawn in this relationship arguements. he is a good person and has had fair result in relationships. he even tried a gay relationship and that did not do any good. the other one, his older brother that i mentioned attacked him in a public arena and verbally and physically attacked him.
    St MONICA please help

  35. Dear St Monica,

    Please help my fiance who is an alcholic, heal that drinking problem which he has, grant him the strength to fight the habit, heal his body, mind and spirit,and other parts of him that needs healing.Thank you all who will be praying for him and thank you St Monica for your intersession on his behalf.

  36. Dear St Monica,

    Please pray for my friend who is an alcholic but does not want to accept the fact that he is,he is very sturborn person and does not accept that he is wrong.I would like to pray for continuous healing fo body and mnid, presently he has a problem with his hand and going for medical evalation, please ask God to take over this situation,for it is said where two or more are joined in prayer God is present.

    Asking for prayer for a friend who is presently on the verge of lossing her home, business and family there a dark cloud hanging over the household, business and children, she is on the brink of giving up,plesae help her. God bless.continue to lift these persons in prayer.

  37. Dear St. Monica,
    Please help me with my wayward daughter. Heal her mind, body and soul. Also, please give me the strength to continue. And the good health and strength to raise her son.

  38. I want to thank st Monica for interceding for me. My second son sucks his thumb, and it’s been making him so absent minded and less attentive in class. His teacher has been complaining about it so I decided to offer the novena to st Monica for him. A month after the completion of the novena . I and my husband had a thought ; to try covering the finger with finger cover and Elastoplast . Then we also kept talking to him and encouraging him. We even promised to take him to chuckee cheese if he stopped. He has finally stopped. I thank our lord for answered prayers and st Monica for her intercession!!!! May the name of our lord be praised!!!!!

  39. I just wanted to witness to the power of the St. Anne Novena. I prayed the Novena to St. Anne, asking her to intercede to our Lord to help my daughter find a safe and loving daycare for my grandson to be born in December. My daughter had been stressing over not being able to find one for the last couple of months. Two days after the Novena ended, the name of a daycare not far from her came across her desk. After speaking to the manager and visiting the daycare, everything fell into place. There were multiple discounts because of where she worked, it is Christian based, etc, etc. The most wonderful news was that the lady that owns the franchise of is named Monica. Thanks be to God!! And thank you, St. Monica!!

  40. I think St. Monica got a nudge from St. Anne to pray especially hard for my petitions. I was called back from layoff. I returned to confession, mass, and the eucharist after five years. The holy priest prayed a deliverence prayer to help me with a habitual sin. (Please keep praying for our priests). I attended a rosary rally with a eucharistic procession. But soon afterward, I was attacked by satan, and I’m no longer in a state of grace. Looks like I need ‘frequent confessions’ to rid these chains. I’m making progress but still in shame. Thank you St. Monica and St. Ann for your intercessions. I’m on a path to purity to unite to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I’m weak, but novena’s give us strength! Alleluia!

  41. Heavenly Father and all of the Saints in Heaven,

    Please watch over all of your people who are struggling their own personal struggle. Be near them and help them in a way that will be the most helpful to each of them. Touch them with your loving hand and bring them peace.

    Help me to be a blessing to someone in need today. May I be a loving reflection of You in their eyes and heart.

    I ask this in Your name,

  42. Dear Saint Monica,

    I ask for your intercession for each of my children as they begin their new school year. Please protect them, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.
    Help me to have patience and trust.
    Thank you,

  43. Dear St. Monica,
    Please whisper profound thanksgiving into God’s being for my son’s safe return from Afghanistan after 26 combat area missions! He is an awesome
    Saint Monica intercede for me for the Lord’s blessed guidance, as our Good Shepherd, to call my four adult children and one Daughter In-Law into his fold again! Let the still small voice inside each of them respond to His calling them by name.
    As you, Saint Monica, are in His eternal presence, you know my mother’s heart to lift my children into the Enlightenment of His will for them. Provide for protection from all of Satan’s temptations and deceptions which pull each of them away from praising, witnessing, and responding to God’s perfect call for their lives.
    Thank you Patron Saint of Mothers. In union with Our Blessed Mother, along with Jesus Christ, please storm the throne of God, our Father with these petitions. Love, peace and joy of the Lord Jesus’ perfect sacrifice which makes all of these intercessions possible. JMJDC pray for us.

    • What a beautiful testimony and petition. My son, who embraced his faith as a child, got involved with drugs and is not living in God’s light. It is so frightening because he’s only 18, and was just about to be sworn into the Marines when he went off track. He has been in several very dangerous situations involving drugs and somehow comes out unscathed. He doesn’t know how. I do. It is absolutely the very powerful intercession of St. Monica, along with several other Saints that I pray daily to, but most definitely St. Monica hears a mother’s prayers and responds in a powerful and very comforting way.

  44. Thank you St Monica for answering my prayers. I finally found a job , even though it is part time, I am still grateful. Please continue to intercede for me and my family as we got a rejection on the extention of our resdence permit. We have have got a lawyer who has to appeal the case be reopened. We pray for a miracle and timely intervention. Also for our selection certificate that has to be issued. This will qualify us to go to Canada

    Thank you all for praying with me. I hope your requested was granted as well. God bless you all abundantly

  45. Please pray for my son, that he will come through his surgery on Friday without incident, and more importantly, for conversion in his soul, back into the fullness of truth in the Church, and back into full communion with Jesus. Please pray for the conversion of so many souls who the deceiver has led astray. God bless you for your faithfulness.

  46. After over a year of being unemployed I have been asked by a fabulous pro-life organization to take on the responsibilities of Outreach Director. This position speaks to not only my education but my experiences as well. My family and I have been blessed.

  47. St. Monica hearing all these things in the news with young boys committing murder left and right for no reason I pray for strength that I am able to raise both my children to do and make the right choices in life and that we are always being guarded and protected by the Holy Father. I pray that I’m a strong mother for my kids.

  48. I thank God for all his blessings. Peace and love among my family. I pray for my severely mental ill clients to maintain stability of mind/soul. Also to refrain from harming themselves and others. I pray for my colleague to return safely home after each working day. Strength for my sister and husband to raise their four children. Good health, financial stability, peace in the home. Thru St Monica’s intercession to continue to bless our Marriage of 31 years. Amen.

  49. Dear st monica

    Please pray for my daughter regarding rushing into marriage please let her realize she needs to get to know him better

  50. DEAR st monica
    Pray for my hubby tranfar pliz lord let your will be done this is the day i have been waitting for lord i trast in you lord pliz st monica pray for me i trst by tomorrw he will nw thefowwed

  51. Saint Monica,
    With a sincere and humble heart, I ask for the grace of your intercession to Jesus and to God himself for the help I desperately need. I am in dire need of a financial blessing for the payment of my debts, to find a new home, as I am losing mine and to obtain a new job. Although I am scared, I have great faith in prayer and I pray daily. I thank you in advance for any help you can provide me. Please hear the prayers of all the faithful praying your novena. Amen

  52. Dear st.monica,
    Pray for my soul and for my deliverance from forces against my total existence.i pray for my family and friends that they may see the light of God,and receive his mercy and Grace.pray for direction,wisdom,fulfillment and progress in my life,amen.

  53. St. Monica, I ask for your intercession for my marriage, that my husband will realize the damage his drinking has done to me and our marriage and stop drinking.

  54. Dearest St Monica (and to all who are praying for these intentions),

    Please Please beg for me before the throne of Jesus, I need your help in my mothering. Heal me of mind, heart, body, and soul. Heal and bless these little ones under my care, mind, heart, body and soul. So desperately I have been begging God for help and I need your intercessions. Ask the Lord to lead and guide me according to the path which is His will, to see clearly where He is leading me. Pray that all things work together for our good. Give me strength in the waiting, patient endurance, divine assistance. I am in the “slimy pit, the mud, the mire” and I need “my foot on the rock and a firm place to stand” (Ps 40:2). In the depth. Crying out please hear me.

  55. Please help me St. Monica I am losing my faith. Please give me the strength to get over the end of my relationship with Patti I am so depressed and lonely. I have prayed for our reconcillation but now it’s over give me the strength to get through these very long days of depair and lonliness

  56. Please St Monica pray for me and my husband we are trying to have a baby. That this month will not pass us by without me conceiving. Amen

  57. I’ve been praying this and other novenas so deeply..and today I got news of the
    Person I’ve been praying to come back to me after 8 months of being apart text our daughter that “he’s buying a house and getting married”..I’m so hurt I can’t
    Think straight! I’ve been crying all day even as I write this…so I’m really praying for a miracle!! I’m trying not to lose hope.yet I don’t understand.
    Please St.Monica pray for me and my intentions!! Father God please help me to see the good in all of this.i praise your Holy name and thank you for all my blessing..Amen

  58. Dear St Moninca

    I ask for your intercession in my sister Louisa’s life, that she may feel loved and needed again. But most of all that she sees God’s plan for her life and that she will follow him faithfully. Amen

  59. I pray for peace and live among my family. Young daughter to find a good husband. Financial stability. To pass upcoming exam. Please sit with me during exam and give me clarity of thought to pass thus test. Amen!

  60. Please pray for my friend George who had a bicycle accident -and thrown was over the handle bars and landed on his head (life saved by helmet).
    It’s been over a month now that he was in intensive care with the loss of use of his arms and legs -
    He’s just been moved to a rehab facility and his family and friends are praying that his ability to use his arms and legs will be returned soon..
    He has regained some feeling in his limbs but no ability yet to use his arms and legs.
    Thank you for your prayers for him and his family who need help to cope with his situation.
    Ray Mc

  61. St. Monica,

    Please help me pray for my father’s return to the faith with full mind and heart.

    Please pray for my sons. That they will both have great school years and grow in their knowelege and love of The Lord.

    Please pray for my marriage- that we always put each other first.

    Please pray for all those who yearn for God but have not the will to give themselves completely to Him.

    Please pray for my new business, that it will soon grow into an entity that allows me to better serve The Lord.

  62. St Monica, please pray for my best friend and husband, that he may become even close to Christ Jesus. Jesus please draw my husband even closer to you!

  63. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you for your prayers for all of us please intercede for S & S. as parents struggling with a son with an addiction-pray that the Lord heal him completely and have Him work for the rest of his life for your kingdom on earth.
    Please pray for Kari and her family as they deal with separation, school issues, teenage issues and college decisions. Give them the strength and wise council at this time.
    Please pray for all the concerns of our bible study ladies esp. those with illness, those wanting babies, dealing with children….
    Oh confirmation St. we implore and entrust you with our prayers.
    Ronda Ann Monica

  64. Dear st Monica, thru your intercession i pray that i concieve, bear and bring up my children in the same way u did with yours.I also pray for my bro David together with his wife Ednah who have turned to drinking and brewing that they have forgotten all abot the church

  65. I am praying this novena for all the intentions of others listed above & for my daughter & her spouse, that that may reconcile & truly learn to love unconditionally, & that they come back to Holy Mother Church. Thank you, God for having heard & answered me. Amen

  66. Dear St. Monica, I pray you guide my children toward Mary and Jesus and avoid the many temptations of the world. I pray for light for those in my family who have turned from doing the will of Our Lord. Please continue to help me with discernment and keep my heart pure and open to your grace. Help those on this site receive your blessings and peace.

    • Hi my name is Margaret I see your petition please help me pray for my 20 years daughter that let the temptations of this world got her. I am loosing my child I am at a depression stage can’t even pray GOD.

      • I’m goin thru the same thing with my daughter 18. It basically revolves around sex and freedom. A boy we despise> he took our daughter out of the catholic faithand brainwashed her .

      • Margarett,

        I know this post is older, but if you still need prayer, please contact me. I will intercede with you and for you. My husband and I are going through a great deal with our older son. Be blessed

  67. Dear St. Monica, I pray for complete,eternal healing of my daughters drug addiction. For a job for my oldest daughter in the field which she went to study in college . You know the pain which my heart endures. please intercede to our Gracious and Merciful Father in Heaven for my intentions.

  68. I pray to you, St. Monica, as a mother. Please intercede for me so that my son meets his right and perfect wife. That together, they may build a loving and spiritual relationship. I, also, pray for everyone’s intentions on this site.

  69. Dear St. Monica,
    I thank God for all His blessings and forgiveness of ours sins. Please help me pray for receiving the sacrament of marriage this year with Vic. Help both of us resolve our problems esp. our financial stability so we will have the courage to live on our own and enjoy marriage life. I want to have our own family. May God bless us with at least 1 healthy child. Bless our family. Please touch his family members that they will support and encourage him to have his own family. Help my family members with our safety, health,jobs and financial needs . Amen

  70. I praythat God will grant me strenght to hold on to my dream of my partner of 21 years returns and we are married.For my children to be blessed.And for my hardships(my job,finiances,the house ive been waiting to get,and most of all peace for my soul ive been crying every night for 8 months since David has left me.Please help him find his way back to me he is so confused! Thank you St.Monica for interceeding for me!Amen

  71. I pray u St Monica to please interceede for me,for God to grant me the following intentions of mine: For God’s protection and guardiance upon I and my family members. For God to grant me a life partner before the end of this year 2013 and a better job. For God to grant complete healing and total restoration upon my brother Chido and my mum Maureen. Finally,for God to grant my sister a green card and a life partner. Thank you St. Monica for interceeding for me,Amen!

  72. I ask for intercession and prayer for my brothers and sisters who were brought up in the Catholic faith but have left the church. May their faith be restored and may they find their way back to the church and bring up their children in the faith. I also pray for my mother who is heartbroken because of this situation.

    Thank you

    • Heartbroken is indeed the feeling..every time a new baby is baptized I grieve that none of my grandchildren have been blessed in this manner because their parents have fallen away from the church and say they do not believe. I pray that your prayers and mine which are so similar will be answered in the Lord’s name.

  73. St. Monica, I humbly pray and ask that news we will receive tomorrow following a series of exams and today’s PET scan on my husband reveal findings to be benign. Please bless us in this moment of need and give him strength and courage. Pray for us.

  74. Dearest Monica,

    Please help me with finding a good job to help my family and bills. Thank you for all the prayers that have been answered, may humility be part of my life and every souls life. Praise be to Jesus.

  75. I pray to St Monica to intercede for me & my husband – to renew our love mentally, physically. Stregthern & save our marriage. Pray for me & my family’s forgiveness of sins. Bless my children with good health, resolve all their health issues and bless them with long healthy life. Bind us with love and restore the peace, joy and happiness always among us.

  76. For a blessed and peaceful school year!
    For all my children, their parents and families; for our staff, administrator and head of school.
    That our school maybe be protected from all evil, harm, injury, attacks and crises this year. May we be filled with peace and joy and blessed with great fruitfulness this year and in the years to come.
    St Monica and St Augustine, pray for us!!! Bless all the children, their mothers and fathers and families and all of us who seek to serve them! Grant us peace, wisdom, right judgment and deep charity and joy! Amen.

    • Thanks MCC,

      Thanks for your beautiful expression of prayer for the beginning of the school year. I have kept your thoughts and plan to share it at our faculty meeting … you have expressed, what many of us in the field think about, each and every single day.

      May God bless you and your students with a very rich yet rewarding school year.

      Blessings always.

  77. Praying for my brother to be delivered from depression and alcohol, I love him and know the man he was. Giving thanks in advance to St. Monica

  78. Pray
    brothers (having alcoholic &drugs addiction) Especially Juan &mike they. Need directions in their life’s…
    For my marriage,my husband,our son’, education & health.

  79. my dear bro,
    Thanks for permitting me too to participate in this great effort. Do the right thing please, let me do it as our Good Lord needs me to do. May Our Lord guide and protect me and my family in this time of tribulation. Amen.

  80. Dear st. Monica, I pray dat u bless me wit a wife dat is hard working,caring, loving , hving d fear of God, d one dat can pray very well n a supportive one , I pray 4 good n god fearing children , I pray dat u bless me wit a good n profitable job dat I willl b proud of . I pray 4 moni to always locate me in jesus name . Amen

  81. I pray for people and families who are in financial struggle to come into our path daily so we can help them and bless them through our business.

    I pray for my mom who will have eye surgery this week, that she will be safe and have a speedy recovery.

  82. Thank you dear St Monica for interceding on my behalf, Thank you heavenly Father for hearing and answering my prayers, Thank you for giving me a place on the masters course. Thank you Jesus for your guiding light.

  83. Dear St. Monica

    I come to you with a heavy heart. I ask you to please intercede for me with my anxieties fears and needs. Please be with and help me not to ever lose sight of God. I pray that just like you I will have faith and pray for my son Lucas to be free of any kind of addictions and that in turn he will turn his life over to God.

    • My mom had an expression, “one day at a time”. God didn’t give us tomorrow yet, surrender tomorrow to Him. I will pray for your son.

    • Dear Saint Monica,

      I unite my heavy heart, fears, worries and anxieties with Alfira in coming to you asking for your prayers for my son Aaron, who also needs to be freed from all addictions and grow stronger in mind , body and spirit. Allow his heart softened to turn toward God and keep him from despair. I have been weak in my prayer for my children and implore your help to grow in faith and constancy. Amen

  84. I pray for my son Lucas that he will turn away from drugs and alcohol. Lord help him to love and serve you everyday of his life. Do not let the temptations of the world lead him to desttuction. Don’t ever let him separate from you and your love. Thank you

  85. Dear St. Monica,

    I implore you to ask Jesus to heal in body, mind and spirit: Katie, Meagan, Lorena, Julie, Jessica, David, Matthew, Jimmy and Larry. And peace and guidance for their parents.

    thank you,


    • Dear St Monica am pleading to intercede for my problems
      that as sinner i would coppy the same footsteps of your belovef
      son Augustine who is now St Augustine.St Monica i am pleading
      that you well me for a decision am waiting that should come outt
      positively .So that i will be a good example of all what your
      son St .Augustine passed through.Thanks

  86. Please pray that my marriage can be saved. After 26 years & 3 children, my husband has rekindled a relationship with his high school sweet heart and is “done” with me. St. Monica thank you for your example! please intercede on our behalf. May my husband choose to end his relationship with his girlfriend. May he choose to work with me to heal our marriage, to start fresh and be a family again. May he chose to be an honest, faithful, loving husband & father. Please protect us, give us strength and lead us on God’s path. In Jesus name, Amen