St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

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With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Dear st. Monica, please intervene to our Lord to help my son get stronger in his marriage for a better life with his sons. I pray that his wife will release the devil in her heart and get rid of the hate and ugliness she seems to have in order for this family to be united again as we were before she came into our family. I pray to be able to see our grand children more often without her interrupting their visit with us. I pray that you intervene to our Lord to guide my nephew to get help for his addition of drugs
    for the sake of my sister who is so stressed out and getting sick over his illness. Please, in Jesus Name I pray.

  2. Dearest St. Monica,

    Please help my husband in his deep misery. Please pray for his conversion and help our marriage. Please I beg you to ask God’s Mercy on us and he help us in our time of need. Amen.

  3. St Monica,

    Please help my daughter Jillian find guidance in her life. Her marriage is failing, due to her drug use, and might lose her job
    very soon. She cannot pick herself up and start over, refusing to have God in her life. Please give me the strength as her mother to help her and make the right decisions.

    Thank you

  4. Dear, St Monica. Please help me with my husband. He is struggling with anxiety and depression and is taking it out on me by intimidating, lecturing and belittling. I am coming to realize that he is controlling, emotionally and verbally abusive and a bully. Our five year old daughter sees this and I don’t want this to be a model for how she thinks she should be treated. Please help me to find the words to communicate with him effectively and stand up for myself. Please intercede for us St. Monica, we need your help.

  5. Dear saint Monica
    Please I pray for my family my husband my 3 beautiful daughters. I need UR intercession ! My husband is a liar caught up in the web of pill addiction. He wastes money and lies about his whereabouts And will put anything at stake to get his pills. He will lie all the time and make things up to make me look crazy he is verbally and financially abusive towards me and this marriage. Please saint Monica you are the saint for wives and troubled marriages. Please help my husband. Change his heart to see that myself and our 3 daughters are here loving him so much and depending on him. Please let him realize his role as provider and husband and not to abandon us anymore. We are solely depending on him to lead us and we are t getting very far Bc of his abusive wYs and his addiction. Please saint Monica. My youngest baby is only 2.5. Please before we run out of savings show this man tbe way to climb from the depths of depression and addiction and stand up do what’s rght get a better job and support and love his family. Please Monica I love my husband and I will stand by this man even when he does wrong ! Please change his heart and help him to be healed from this evil that has taken over him.

  6. My son is 16 year old and involve in drug and alcohol abuse, he don’t want to go to church for the past 3 years, we quarell every day at home because he constantly ask for money and if i say i don’t have he becomes arrogant he has join a group of boys who are doing criminal work and his schoolwork is very very very weak he failed all the terms.

    i request you to please pray for my son so that God have mercy on him and convert him to repent.

  7. Dear Saint Monica, I pray for your intercession. My husband will begin to understand the Catholic religion and my children will begin practising their religion. Please watch over my daughter so she will have a safe delivery of a healthy daughter in April and please give her patience and tolerance with her in laws this week. I thank you Amen

  8. St. Monica, I pray for your intercession. I am a single mother and I need patience. Please, I beg of you to ask the Lord, my savior, to assist me in this my time of need. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

  9. At Monica, Please pray for my son Tom! I just found out that he is a heroin addict and I feel hopeless with this addiction because it is so dangerous!

  10. Dear St. Monica please pray for my prodigal brother Subash, who is to be healed of his own addictions( alcoholism/smoking and talking bad words). I pray for him to return to the church and baptised and be surrounded by God. Kindly intercede for him to be an instrument of God to do his will. Like you may my widow mother’s prayers be answered and let her gets peace through God in her life.

    Kindly pray for him and my for my sick mother St. Monica.

    Your Catholic daughter

  11. Please pray for my partner beautiful saint monica that he stops drinking and he grows more mature and good husband for me. He doesn’t drink a lot but when he does he is aggressive moody and not the nice person he is when he is sober so please make him stop xx

  12. Dear St. Monica help all my family especially those in most need of prayer today and at this moment. Keep us safe from harm and free from all evil.

  13. The father of my kids has a great job and we are blessed but his drinking is hurting me terrible. Im getting to old to deal with it anymore, our girl is 19 in college ,son 23 engaged and another son 16 at home.I dont want to but i have made the decisin if it doesnt stop he has to leave it has to be done, i have health problems and im afraid im gonna get sicker. It will be the hardest thing ive ever had to do. Please pray for me give me guidance. Pray for his alcoholism too i dont think he will ever quit i love him but hate the bottle. God bless jill.

  14. St. Monica please pray for my son Luke, who struggles with the past to forgive God and himself,also to be healed of his own addictions( alcoholism). I pray he and his wife return to the church and have their daughter baptised and be surrounded by Godly people. Thank you St. Monica.

  15. Please pray for my son as too many years of addiction no job no sel steam. He is a father also but no motivation in life.

    • Please pray for my son as too many years of addiction no job no sel steam. He is a father also but no motivation in life. In Jesus name. Amen

  16. St.Monica, please pray for my son Ruben to soften his heart for his childern for him to be loving caring understanding, patient father that he never had, to stop thinking about himself only, to put God first always, put Godly people in his path to show him To serve God .

  17. everyone please keep my husband and myself in your prayers my husband and I have been together for 10 years married for five on November 21st of 2014 so we didn’t quite make 5 years yet I love my husband more than anything more than words can say I admire him I’ve honored him and I’ve loved him unconditionally, But he has been committing adultery for the past year. his girlfriend or the girl that he has been committing adultery on me with post everything on social media to be spiteful so I can see I’ve hurt enough. please pray for us and for my husband to find it in his heart to stop doing this to stop allowing this to happen and for his mind to change about me although we do not have children I’ve wanted that all my life. like I’ve said before I love my husband more than anything in this world I’ve been asking God to help us through this and I believe that he will please keep my husband and I in your prayers please pray that everything will work out we will get back together and I will life will be better than it was before if you are going through the same thing god bless you and I will pray for you this has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever endured.

    • Brandi,

      Please don’t do this. The Catholic Church does not expect you to stay with someone who is adulterous. After my husband hit me, I separated for a while and went back to him, thinking that I should. We didn’t have any children. I could have easily escaped. Now, I am stuck with an abusive man because I have a baby, and it would be too dangerous for her if I were to get out.

      Please don’t go back to him!!! Learn from me and save yourself.

  18. Please protect my family and help my son make wise decisions, be more responsible, be closer to God and have joy in his heart. bless all mothers give us patience and love to deal with our children. thankyou.

  19. My husband is faithful but has wishes I am not comfortable with like having other people in our marriage bed for me to be with while he watches. He is loving and wonderful in other ways just is very consumed with sexuality and practices that are not healthy for a Catholic marriage. He has strong faith so I am hoping that this can help turn him around permanently and he is no longer plagued by these desires. Thank you

  20. I pray for alex, justin and rest of friends who are addicted to alcohol and worldly things. i pray that God will have mercy on them and stop them from drinking alcohol and getting “wasted”. Please have mercy on them. I also pray that my future husband stops drinking alcohol and i hope he is a good catholic. I ask this request through the intercession of st monica.

  21. Pray for my nephews that accept his problem with alcoholism so that I can help and support him. That he stop keep company with friends that drink and smoke pot. I pray that he gets clean and because the good boy that he was born to be.
    Thank you

  22. Dear Saint Monica,
    Please pray for my husband. He is being very secretive and I’m sure he has a girlfriend. Help him to see that his family loves him and needs him.

  23. Dear st Monica, please pray for my sisters’ marriages which suffer divorce, separation and neglect, that God may restore unity, peace and love to their marriages. Pray also for Regina to turn away from drinking, smoking and promisquity, grant her the grace of prayerfulness and true devotion to God. And may her daughters not be influenced by the evils around them. Amen.

  24. Please pray for my daughter,to become responsible parent,to take control of her life, and to be a loving and cariing mother to her 9 yr old daughter.She is unemployed and I suspect substance abuse.St Monica please pray for us that we may grow closer to God.To love him as much as he loves us.Blessed father have mercy on us ,grant us your peace, we ask this in Jesus name.

  25. Help my son to battle of his drug addiction and live a normal life. Help him to be humble and not to get angry and aggressive. Keep all the bad friends company away from him. Help him to realized that I will support him if he decided to change for the better. Amen.Thank you.

  26. Dear Saint Monica,

    Please pray for my son to be set free and then once free to make the right choice to forgive and become the wonderful, kind man he was born to be. He has been wrongfully accused and visceously, relentlessly persecuted. Our family has grown stronger as we stand together, but you know the toll it has taken. Please release all of us so we may move forward with joy and happiness. Your example of grace and patience is a source of strength to me but I need your help. Whisper to God to smile on our beleagered family. Bless you.

  27. St Monica please pray for my partner he has been cheating on me eversince a gave birth to our son and also has alcohol issues. He has no time for me and the baby, makes up too many excuses and tells me and his family alot of lies just so he can spend his time and money on a woman who he thinks he loves and sleeps around with other men behind his back. Please help e

  28. Please prayer st monica for my son who has terrible rage and anger please pray go him to say focus in his studies at high school

  29. D ear st monica Intercede to Jesus for

    my son who has rage and anger wh ich makes him say and do terrible things please help him to stay focus in his studies at school

  30. Dear Saint Monica,
    Please send your miracle in our family. Pls help my husband to value our family. Pls help him in his life, pls help him not to sin anymore. Thank you

  31. Please pray for my family. My son has a mental disorder with periods of rage and anger. My husband who is his stepfather is unable to be around him which puts strain on our marriage. His daughters (my stepdaughters) haven’t been to our house in months due to my son’s behavior. My son is so young and has so much to learn. I feel I’m being pulled in so many directions that I am not sure what to do anymore. Please pray for my son so he has guidance to make better choices. Pray for my husband and stepdaughters that they learn how to forgive. Please pray for me to stay strong as I go through this stuggle of trying to keep the peace within our home.

  32. Please pray for my brother, his wife and 3 children. He married a mormon and became mormon about 14 years ago.Heavenly Father please open their hearts and eyes to your wonderful merciful love. Amen

  33. My prayer is for my children Bailee and Trace. They don’t go to mass like they used to. I go every week at different times hopeful one will attend with me. My son is making his conformation this year. I pray they come back to the church and feel the love Jesus has for them.

  34. Please pray for my son. He has informed me that he is an atheist. I pray daily that God will send the Holy Spirit to him, that his eyes will be opened to God and His love. Thank you.

  35. please pray for my family. My husband TS is an alcholic and its ruining our family. He is a great guy otherwise but needs a lot of prayer and guidance. Please pray that he wins his battle with alcholism and that he becomes a better father and husband for our family.

  36. Pls pray for Wayne and I that we can stop the alcohol in our lives and that we will both get some paid work that we r both suited to and start to go to mass together amen

  37. Please pray with us that my fiancée’s paperwork gets finalized soon so that we can start the annulment process to enable us to get married in the Catholic Church.

  38. Pls send your miracle to my husband, pls lead his life to a righteous. Help him to value our family. Pls help him not to commit adultery.

  39. Please pray that my niece and her family make amends and that my niece sees the unhealthy patterns in her current relationship and through God’s grace, has the courage and strength to change them. Thank you!

  40. Please pray for my fiancée. He spends months and months without stepping in Church. He owns a Bible but I rarely and I mean rarely see him reading it. I have never seen him go down on his knees at home saying a prayer. I don’t want to judge him that he doesn’t love God! But he says he’s not into this whole religion thing! He’s a great person. One time I went into constant prayer that he atleast starts to go to Church and after sometime we started going together, but this happened for like 4 consecutive Sundays and then stopped. We went to an Anglican Church because he’s Protestant and am Catholic. Every Sunday i tell him “am praying for u so that you also start going to Church” and he says…that’s good, although he says that it will come from his heart. Please pray for him so that he starts going to Church so we can praise God together.

  41. i am in need of prayer. I have a drinking problem. I’m waiting for counseling locally but it will be 2-3 weeks until I can see someone. I ask for your prayers and strength.

  42. Please pray for my son struggling daily . he’s only 32 years old his heart has been broken retreats to alcohol. you could never tell by looking at him. He’s smart, good looking intelligent. no he just lost his job and he wants to stop drinking desperately please pray for him I know there’s power in prayer God has brought me husband my children a lot of things

  43. My request is that I become more fervent in prayer. I want more than anything that my son return to Catholic faith and allows our Lord into his heart.

  44. I really believe in the powerful intercession of st.monica. whoever has trouble marriage life or whoever wants to receive special blessings from the lord please pray to st.monica and you will surely get 100% blessings from the lord. i pray to her each time i need any special grace from God and i get it for sure. thats why i will always continue to pray to her.

  45. Please pray for a friend of mine who is going through some serious family and alcohol problems and she won’t seek professional help. Please give her the strength she needs to deal with her problems and control her substance abuse

  46. please pray that my son be free from drugs and be free from the people who encourage hom to use it as cure to his osteophorissis. Touch him with your healing hnads Lord , so that he will not depend on drugs to each his pain. bring him back to us, bring back the harmony and peace in his family . i also pray for my sister Lolita who is suffering pain in her hip bones, heal her so that she will ot undergo operation.

  47. Please pray for our legal issue will be solved on Monday 10/27/14
    My husband is almost 80 years old singed something he did not read.
    Now we need prayers to have this resolved.

  48. Pls heal my daufhter’s pain and give good health. To become more faithful and religious and b thankful to our Lord Jways Christ with praise to our Heavenly Father

  49. Pray for the spirit of discernment for my son.

    Pray for the strong restoration of my marriage. That my husband understands Gods love and obligation toward us and in turn understands his love and obligation to his wife and marriage.

  50. With all humility I ask for the rescue of my two daughters who have turned to the ways of the world which are corrupt and leading away from Christ. I beg that they who have been marked for Christ through their baptism and confirmation, will return to Him with renewed hearts and mind and reject the wages of sin which is death of the soul.
    Amen and thanks be to God for his grace, mercy and benefits.

  51. Please pray for my two boys John an Charlie.That thay my return to the church and avoid those how seek bad in thare lives.And for my husband. To open his eyes in the lord and away from the alcohol.i ask this thru Christ our lord. Amen

  52. Please pray for all priests who are struggling with their faith and who need to place their trust in the Church and her teaching. Please pray especially for those in Ireland, where a number of priests seem to be struggling.

  53. Please pray for my son Jaymes recovery with addiction . Please pray that Andrew stays focused in college. Please pray for my legal battle with work that it all works out in my favor. Please Lord hear my prayers !

  54. Intercede for my 2nd son, Keith, that he may find it in his heart to forgive his Dad’s violent temper, for treating him unfairly, for all the pain & hurting words that he’s received. I ask for his conversion like your son St, Augustine for he has become temperamental like his Dad, that all the bitterness may be healed in Jesus’ name. Amen.