St. Monica Novena

Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

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With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. Dearest St Joseph, St Monica, St Ann, St Anthony and Blessed Mother, thank you help with answered prayers. I humbly ask for your assistance and prayerful intercession for my daughter Vicki. I ask that she be guided with God’s wisdom so that she may succeed at her job, that her grit and determination pays off. I ask that all the obstacles to her success fall away at her job, that she is given a new “buddy” to work with. I ask that she gains confidence in her abilities and is given a project manager position , and most importantly she is not fired but seen as an asset to the company. This is on my heart- and I ask that she draws closer to God in prayer and guidance. Amen

  2. Please please please, St Monica, I pray to you to help my husband with his addiction, which cause him to blame me and my family, for everything, please lift his depression, guide him so he will seek the help he needs with all his issues, please place him under your mantle and keep hime safe. I love him so much and I hate the fact that he can’t see that please help us.


  3. Dearest St Joseph, St Monica, St Ann, St Anthony and Blessed Mother, thank you help with answered prayers. I humbly ask for your assistance and prayerful intercession for my daughter Vicki. I ask that she be guided with God’s wisdom so that she may succeed at her job. I ask that all the obstacles to her success fall away at her job, especially her co workers. I ask that she gains confidence in her abilities and is given a project manager position , and most importantly she is not fired but seen as an asset to the company. This is on my heart- and I ask that she draws closer to God in prayer and guidance. Amen

  4. Dearest St Joseph,St Ann, St Monica,St Anthony, and Blessed Mother thank you for all my blessings and answered prayers. I ask for your intercession on behalf of my children . I ask that Vicki succeed at her job, that she is assigned a new “buddy” , that her boss and co workers see how hard she is working and think of her as an asset. I ask that Alie have successful eye surgery and do very well this semester improving her class standing, and branch aviation. I ask that Nick be accepted into a police academy. I ask that Dot continues to grow and make good decisions. I ask that Alex is guided in his decision for surgery. I ask that all my children grow in their relationship with God. I ask this through Christ my Lord and Savior -Amen

  5. I need you help st. Monica please pray for me now am lonely. Pray for my husband to change n stop humanizing. Thank Lord thank Jesus.

  6. Please pray and give thanks for the Lord answering my prayer request for the stronghold of drugs and alcohol to be broken off Antoine’s life. Let the Lord help him to realize he can break this addiction.

  7. Saint Monica

  8. I pray with a contrite heart for my husband of over 25 years to turn to God the Father in Jesus name with the intercession of St. Monica to stop drinking and smoking because of his age and his declining heatlth. I pray that he would stop going around heavy drug infested people who go in and out of jail and that he stops riding them in his vehicle. I pray that God opens his mind to cherishing what he has been blessed with and that he would continue taking care of his family and enjoying the blessings of being a grandfather. I also pray that he stops being envious of my educational success and that he would try and do the same. I pray for a newly constructed home for my husband and myself.

  9. That he may win his case and obtain legal status here. And that through that my family receives a true Godly and spiritual conversion.

  10. Saint Monica, please pray for my 17yr old Nicole. She has turned away from God & has not gone to church for over 6 months. She will not even pray with me now. She stopped being interested in school, which she always excelled, has started going out all night without knowing where she is. She has also started an activist/vegan lifestyle that makes her very angry & has been making herself sick. She has been accusing me of psychological actions I have never taken. She has new friends I do not know & she has been lying to me. She keeps me waiting for her hours & does not want to do any house work at all. She has been ill from an injury the last few years & is now making herself sicker. I sacrificed everything to keep her healthy & get her through school. There is only 2 mos. of high school left, & I am not sure she will graduate. It is my birthday & she does not even care to make or buy a card. Please pray for her & me. I am a single, sole supporting mother out of work & need help now. thank you & May God Bless You & all who pray for us.

  11. Both of my children were brought up in the church. Neither of them go o church unless I prod them when I visit. They both have children who are not baptized. I’ve been in pain about this for years now. St Monica pray for us

  12. That he may be granted asylum.
    May the Lord allow him to qualify for a bond while his court date is pending.
    He is ill and needs immediate medical attention which is not being provided!

  13. I was worried where my son was hanging out and I went in there to get him. I told him I would give him an hour and he seemed ok but I don’t want him hanging out there. He is angry now with me and he is upstairs now with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend. My husband and I are separated. Divorce is happening. Things are messed up. Please make sure my son is surrounded by heavenly angels. Ask for his protection.

  14. My daughter who was raised a practicing Catholic by practicing Catholic (RC) parents is now lost in a world far from any religion. She needs prayers and help much stronger than mine to bring her back into God’s good Grace. Her children are baptized but there is no concern for any further sacraments. She is interested only in herself and her alcoholic and hedonistic enjoyments. St Monica and everyone please pray for her.

  15. That he is granted asylym and legal status. That Our Lord Jesus Christ inspire the judge and case manager over seeing his case to grant his petition. He is ill and is in need of treatment not deportation. I need my family back. I pray for my family to please the Lord and to be spiritually united in prayer in order to obtain this miraculous favor.

  16. Please pray our grandson, Jamey will come back to the faith and sacraments. Please pray the deep hurt and hate he has against his father will be healed and they will be reunited.

  17. Please St Monica please help my husband Frank Who is an alcoholic who left me and children after 26 years of marriage, and who make poor choices and puts others before his family. He who suffers with anxiety and bi-polar issues I have always been there for him the kids and I and for him to do this devasted us.

  18. St.Monica please pray for my son,who is so addicted to social media,smoking weeds,many bad things, he lies alot, st.Monica intercess for me,put my son at foot for cross.Only Jesus can change him to have a normal, spiritual,,successful in his final exam and job.praise you.🙏🙏Amen

  19. Please saint monica hear my prayers and pray for my marriage of 17 years to be restored my husband wants to leave my whole world is shattered i have no children iam alone

  20. St Monica,Please pray for my husband -Patrick for a healing from his addiction to drink, and his continued faith in God’s healing powers.

    also remember him as he looks for a job.

  21. I want to pray for my daughter, who is addicted to social media, chatting ,does not give importance to prayer and studies.
    Chatting with boys, putting photos in the social media
    please pray for her conversion

  22. Thanks st Monica for your prayer to our marriages continue to pray for my family especially my children, through your intercession bring them to back to the church n strengthen their faith. Also am praying for my husband let’s his faith be Strong.

  23. Please pray for PC to open and soften his heart for me to put forth eveything effort possible to seek me in love and kindness to fix all tht has been ruined to become a man of God battling in victory his demons of abuse and addiction bring us together again so that our testimony can be one of hope and miracle and of answered prayer to all who doubted him that prayers are answered I invoke u please hear my petitions bless me with a grace of knowing uv heat for my pleasure amem

  24. Please pray that my adult children, AL and GL will return their hearts and respect for me. They have abandoned God and me. My son has not called in 5 years. My heart breaks. My husband does not love me and is an atheist. He gives me little money of what he has . I feel very alone. Jesus is my best friend. Thank you and God bless.

  25. Dear Saint Monica, I pray All Mighty God guides my prodigal son the way he guided your beloved son, St. Augustine. I plead to Him to help me and all mothers in my condition for your sake and that of Our Beloved Mother Mary, Jesus, all God’s prophets, as well as St. Rita, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Francis, St. Jude and all the elect in heaven. May God comfort & heal all mother’s who are broken hearted because of their prodigal sons’ actions. May He also guide the same sons towards his light and love. Amen.

  26. Dear Saint Monica
    I pray for your help to be free from the abuse of my husband. I ask that you pray for my girls and I to heal our hearts and minds from the damage that he has caused. Please give me the strength, courage and words I need to face him in court. Dont allow him to take my girls and continue hurting us. In Jesus name Amen

  27. Dear Jesus as always do pray for my husband and son to seek and for the both of them to give there life to the Lord in all things. My son is trying but he is very depresssed over his break up with a young that has left him so depressed I told drugs and alcohol is not the answer but his dad drinks all the time and is a very angry man also it’s hard to be treated ugly. I try not to angry but I do sometimes. The Bible says be angry but don’t sin. So I have been trying my best to listen to God word please pray for family my daughter Hannah needs prayer also because she see a lot and she no longer on the homer roll and it sadden me because I know it’s because of the household please Lord help me to strong old and wore out in the face. It shows a lot lately I feel like need a face lift so no one can see the saddness I am feeling inside. Thank for you prayers thank you St. Monic for interceding on my behalf.

  28. Desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity,my body can’t take it,success w/ home employment,no income for quite some time,very behind on my rent,I’m praying for a benefactor!

  29. please pray for sd so he will realize that he is digging himself deeper in a hole dued to his addiction.Give him the strength to pick himself up & to remove himself from all the bad influences that is bring him down.satan is out to destroy him & i pray to ask God to intervene & carry sd to the right path so he can have a clean normal happy life.God is Merciful & I know he wants SD to be healed as SD has a lot of goodness in him but has lost himself to the addiction & is a person that his family doesn’t even know anymore.Bring that kind. loving,smart person back to his family,Thank you SAINT MONICA,

  30. Please pray for my marriage and my children and my family. God knows what we need. We have so many problems right now. Please pray for us

  31. That God will heal my senior brother and restore to him good health. That peace and unity should come to the family of obiamaka.
    and ifeatu and obiamaka will deliver there babies without any problems.
    Father please give my parents many more years so that they enjoy their hard labour. Father please heal me of my sickness and grant me a brighter future amen

  32. St. Monica, please pray for my son Kevin to stop drinking alcohol and to turn his life around and get a better successful job and career and a successful future.

    Thank you

  33. Please hear our prayers for Joseph and Christina, my son and daughter-in-law and their children Ayden, Zachary, Sofia who ill with pneumonia and intensive care, and Jeremiah and Christina’s father, Richard. Jesus let them know you love them. Please lead them back to the Catholic Church. Soften their hearts and teach them to turn to you as children of God. In the name of God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. And through the intercession of our blessed lady Virgin Mary.

    I love you Jesus,

  34. St. Monica, please pray for my son. With all your heart, in the name of Lord Jesus, I humbly ask for prayers of healing – healing of every cell, body hair, and his spirit.

  35. Please pray for my son who at a very young age of 9 does impulsive things like say bad words, bang things when his angry and hurt those who annoys him even his 2 year old girl cousin. Pray for him that he may learn to be calm and act on reason whenever he encounters difficult people or situations. That he may be guided by the Holy Spirit towards humility and kindness. Lord we ask this in your merciful hands. Please help our son Zach. Amen

    • Dear St Monica, thank you for intercepting to our dear Lord and bringing Daren home. I ask you bring him full circle back to our Holy Catholic Church, the rosary , and to fulfill the path Our Lord lays out for him. To bring him to fulfill his highest call in this healing place. Please St Monica and St Augustine pray for this family unit to fulfill God’s Holy Plan. Please help all those praying for your intercession. Thank you. DEB

  36. Please pray for my son David Anthony to be able to find a job, to know that God loves him to have the confidence in himself and use the talents that a God gave him.

  37. Please pray that she realizes her addition is hurting so many, please bring her to know her bad habit and have god save her.

  38. Dear St Monica. I plead to you to watch over and guide my daughter Teresa Nicole and her son Zeke. Help her find strength to face her abuser, and to follow her faith back to those who love her. Help her to be strong to the evils in which she has allowed into her life and her innocent child Ezekiel. Help her to realize how much God and her family love her and help her to instil the faith upon her innocent baby. Prayers of strength and faith flow as she was blessed with a strong foundation. May she use that foundation to return and learn to love herself and God once again.

  39. Please pray for my daughter . Make sure she recovers from her sadness n have her stay away from bad things. Please Lord have mercy on her . St Monica .. please intercede for her . Thank you

  40. AW.
    Please pray for my husband healing from his addiction to drink, and his continued faith in God’s healing powers

  41. I pray that our family can be healed and move forward in love, positivity and dignity and have laughter and peace again. May my children have courage, strength, good positive friendships and not be harmed long term by the difficulties and sadness. Please pray for my husband that he wins the battle with alcohol and lack of self esteem and that he wins through with energy, hope and good health and attains the success he deserves – and that we make a wise and good decision now about our future apart or together. Thank you.

  42. Dear St. Monica thank you for freeing my son through your fervent prayer intercession, I am so grateful St Monica. Please allow him to heal now and for financial prosperity to support all. My love Deborah

  43. I pray to be a better christian and to follow the teachings of the bible. I also pray for delinquent children in my family and all families. I pray for mothers to love their children and treat them well and for me to be more loving and caring. I pray for alcoholics and families of alcoholics that they would find peace and happiness.

  44. St. Monica,
    Please pray for my grandson to stop using drugs and alcohol. Let him learn how to choose friends that will influence him in a positive way. I ask that you protect him from harm and allow him to make good choices. He has had all the opportunity to make his young life right, but he is weak. He has a good heart, but is lost in his own demons. Also, I ask that you pray for me and his family to have peace, learn to forgive and for strength and direction on how to help him.
    Please pray for him and for our family.

  45. Please pray for my boys Angel, Jerry Jr., & Joseph. I also ask for your prayers for my daughters Denise & Jovanny that they may turn away from sin and open their hearts to God and follow him and also to our dear Mother Mary. My oldest daughter Denise doesn’t believe in baptizing my grandson and it hurts me so that she’s denying him that beautiful gift that our Lord Jesus Christ left us to purify our souls! Please pray for my family my dear brothers and sisters in Christ and to you dear sweet St. Monica you understand more than anyone what I’m going through please pray for me as as well that I may have the strength and guidance to know what to say and do to guide my children towards our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  46. St Monica

    I pray for JDL, JVL and all children who are going astray that they would be obedient. I pray for homes and family to be happy and free of violence and be filled with love.


  47. Please pray for my Godson, St. Monica, that he recovers 100% and realizes the gravity of what he did and never does it again.

  48. My grandson is almost 2 yrs of age and he is not speaking words yet, his doctor says his communication skills are very low, I’m praying that he is not Autistic or any other learning or development complications. This world is filled with sick people who prey on children and or adults who have problems communicating. Please pray for my grandson to start communication verbally and to get to where he needs to be very soon, I promise to do my best along with my daughters and his father to help him any way possible.

  49. Saint Monica, please pray for my sons who I believe are both suffering from alcoholism. They are both loving men and one is attending church, but the other who has sought healing is turning his back on God once again because he feels unloved and doesn’t feel he can be helped. I pray for the Holy Spirit to come into their hearts to strengthen them and set them on the right path back to spiritual and bodily health.

  50. Please pray for my daughter, Tiff Ann, that she gets help and really truly overcomes her addictions, and become the beautiful daughter I used to know, and the tender mother her children would love to have back. After many interventions of reasons to change, the stronghold of the evil one still possess her. Please pray that the evil hold on her be broken and she opens her eyes and heart to follow and recover and come back to our family and the Lord. She once was a beautiful soul and loved God, and her family, but now she is so lost, praying for her return mind, body, and soul. That she may be at mass praising the Lord with us. Thank you Amen.

  51. Dear Saint Monica, please pray for me to our Lord regarding my husband Ed, although I work very hard also any ideas I have to simplify our lives he shuts me down, I’ve ask him to help me find a way to purchase a small piece of land that I would pay for so in our future I could build a tiny home. I do not desire anything extravagant because I know you have a home waiting for me. I ask to borrow 10,000 dollars that I would pay him back right away. The sad part of it all is it is both our money but I still have to ask permission for everything. I’m 51 yrs old and still feel like a child asking a parent for approval for anything. I’m becoming very bitter so much so sometimes I think if I just divorced him and we had to split everything up I would never have to ask. I could build a small home even thou I live in one now although I have no say in it so it is not my own. I truly never really owned someplace I could call my own and feel liked it would be taken away or told to move. Please St. Monica I really don’t like my husband right now and I’m beginning not to care about what he thinks anymore. Help me o continue to do well at work and please help me to find other ways to get a loan on my on or soften my husband’s heart that he will give in and let me for once decided on something in our lives. He really hates if I have good ideas that would help us both and his outlandish ideas leave us in debt or picking up the pieces on his crazy ideas. The reason I also have is that if he continues to make bad decisions in our retirement we would have nothing to show for but bad ideas, please help me dearest St. Monica.

  52. Please pray for my son’s healing from his addictions, that he be made whole again, receive the Graces he needs to return to his Faith, be motivated to look for, and find employment. St Monica, please pray for Don. Thank you.

  53. Pray for my sons family who is undergoing untold sufferings these last two yes. It not only financial but also my daughter in law and my granddaughter are both very sick. His business is not doing well and they are in deep trouble. Please pray for them

  54. Please pray for son.He was psychologically and emotionally tortured by my husband. He is too young to handle stress. I don’t want to lose him. I need him and he needs me too. Please pray for him to be forgiving and be strong especially in our current situation. St. Monica I ask your intercession to take care of my son and let him serve the Lord once again. Thank you all.

  55. Please pray for my teenage daughter who is very defiant, I ask that you protect her from harm an allow her to make the right choices and to meet people who will be a good example in catholic prayer and actions.
    St Monica Blessed Mother and all the Saints Please Pray for Amanda

  56. Please pray for my marriage! My husband and i are in a long distance relationship, he is over a year unemployed now & wasn’t able to send me money for about 6 months already. Last week i message him to send me some money so i can pay bills & buy our son his milk but he didn’t reply! I have a feeling he is avoiding me & i can feel his coldness to our relationship.
    Lord please help us overcome this struggles & our financial difficulties! Lord please give my husband a permanent job so he can go back to his old self again & come back to me & our son. This i pray in Jesus name Amen.

  57. Saint Monica please pray for my daughter to have a gift of faith, that she will believe that there is God. Please give her heart like Jesus, loving, patience, understanding and kind. She seem to have a bitter heart that she cannot see good things on certain person and always critical of other people . She is not happy Lord. Please pray for her and her boyfriend that they both will let Jesus enter their heart, mind and house. Please pray for healing of her thumb Saint Monica. In Jesus ‘ name i pray. Tylfamp.

  58. Saint Monica please pray for my daughter to have a gift of faith, that she will believe that there is God. Please give her heart like Jesus, loving, patience, understanding and kind. She seem to have a bitter heart that she cannot see good things on certain person and always critical of other people . She is not happy Lord and so negative of other people. Please pray for her and her boyfriend that they both will let Jesus enter their heart, mind and house. Please pray for healing of her thumb Saint Monica. In Jesus ‘ name i pray. Tylfamp.

  59. Please pray for my daughter not to go through with this bad decision which she going to leave and forget her family. And her dad and I will have to pick up the pieces again. Please pray and help us.

  60. Please, please pray for my son Joseph & girlfriend Jennie & newborn, Jayden (son). They are not getting along, baby is only 1 mo old. Not communicating at all. My son is very angry, she’s not communicating with him. My son is done and is not even going to let her know. I have booked a baby shower March 18th and have to cancel it per my son’s request. I am so devasted!!! I believe in Miracles! Please give them a miracle to reconcile, communicate and make a Godly life together with their son, Jayden! In Jesus name I pray and thank you in advance. Sincerely, Michele

    • Michele st Monica gave me a miracle. Please be close to baby Jayden until your son returns, I’m praying for you.

  61. Please pray for my marriage. My husband has moved out and talked to a lawyer. He says he feels broken. Please help my husband to feel healing and return to our marriage.

  62. My marriage has been quite difficult. I have been cheated on by my husband with over 5ladies, through it all I have stayed and asked God to teach me how to forgive him. He has however rejected me and asked me for a break although he doesn’t want us to go separate ways. Lord Jesus am trusting in you for a miracle and asking that you may please restore my marriage. My heart is broken please heal me and restore me and help me to fully forgive

  63. Pray for my husband for his enlightenment. He has a daughter from another woman. Two years ago, there was a big fight between my husband and the other woman. It was brought to court, but was settled. All the while I thought they were no longer in contact because of the huge humiliation on the part of my husband. Last week, I got an email from Philippine Airline with an attachment of the other woman’s ticket to Singapore. My husband bought ticket for her. It means they were still in contact. He told me they were speaking only because of the child. I am not sure if I would believe him. I don’t trust him anymore. This has been on going for almost 10 years already. Many incidents have stopped me from filing a divorce, but this time I feel like pursuing it. Please help me pray for the right decision.

  64. Our son, who was raised Catholic, is really revolting in his marriage in so many ways- mostly by smoking dope and not caring at all about her, about his mom etc. there’s a lot of history with him- like he seems he has to live up to his siblings. For example his brother is a doctor. Anyway he really needs our prayers for so,so many reasons. Thanks and God bless.

  65. My son Kevin has been battling drug addiction for several years. He is 19 years old. He has had all the opportunity to make his life right but is weak. I love him so.. And worry every minute of the day for his well being. He lives now in a half way house in hopes of doing the right thing. I pray, and so do many for his full recovery. He had a good heart but is lost in his own demons. Please pray for him and for my family.
    Thank you
    Lucy.. Mom

  66. I need anyone praying the novena to Saint Monica to pray with me for my son …who has a problem with alcohol ….I’ve prayer many times for him but I need more help …Please pray for my son Jeremy

  67. Please pray that my ex husband will stop mentally abusing our kids and agree to 50/50 custody. Also, allow him to drop his anger for me.

  68. Please pray for my son to stop using drugs and let him learn how to choose friends that will influence his positively . So that he can learn to say no to devilish thinking like drug abuse and be a God fearing Person. He has not realised that has a problem and needs help. pray for my family for peace to prevail . pray for me too have peace, learn to forgive and God to give me the strength and show me the direction on how to help my son.

  69. Please pray for SD addictions.God please wrap him in your arms today & lead down the right path.To please perform at work today so he doesn’t loose his s job.For him to sincerely want help.Thank You our Merciful Savior