St. Monica Novena

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Saint MonicaSt. Monica is a very powerful intercessor for all those to go to her for help.

She was the mother of St. Augustine who is a Doctor of the Church and a highly revered Saint, philosopher and theologian. St. Monica prayed for her wayward son and pagan husband fervently throughout her life.

After 17 years of prayer, St. Augustine converted and eventually became the great Saint we know him as today.

The novena begins on August 18th.

Saint Monica Novena Prayers

Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son.

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With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.

St. Monica is the Patron Saint of…

Married women
Difficult Marriages

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  1. St Monica please pray for my son Chad ask God to give Chad the guidance and strength he needs,help him to find work,housing and Love
    Love Mom

  2. Please pray my family becomes whole once again. Pray that my daughter find her way back to God, the church and the family who loves her.

  3. Dear St Monica, please help my in my request.
    1. My husband is applying for a new position in his company, as a team leader. I pray even before the cv goes through the channels, that the favor of Jesus will find his name. this job must have his name on it, Lord go make every crooked way straight. make all things possible. When we walk in your stature mighty Jesus, we are highly favoured. i claim, proclaim and speak the life giving word of God over this job that it will come to my husband, because it is Jesus will for us to prosper. we been in a financial struggle to long now, so mighty father you have your way in our lives and home, you the centre of our lives. annoint my husband with the fresh annointing as he goes for all the interviews, all will work out in his favour.

    2. I pray my big son gets his learner licence this week saturday he is scheduled to write. let your favor and strength be upon him. as i sent his Cv lord, your will also find favour upon him, that as he trains your annointing must flow over his mind, giving his the mind of Christ, knowlegde wisdom and understanding from Jesus throne room of grace. Bless our home, marriage, my children our health, our finances, our jobs. As our kids get their exam result, may it be favourable. Lord preserve my family friends and relatives to be cover under the Lord Armour and Shield. I claim good tiding for my family in Jesus name. Lords thank you for peace and tranquility in jesus mighty name.


  4. St Monica please pray for my son Chad ask God to guide Chad in the right direction to give him the strength he needs at this time in his life
    Love Mom

  5. Please pray that God brings our family back together. Pray for my husband and daughter that they turn to God in their struggles and find peace.

  6. Dear St Monica please help me get the means or the way to be free of this awful man . Everyday is getting worse he is revels in the fact he upsets me , especially the blasphemous hurtful things he says . I do not have the strength anymore to cope with this behaviour My son daughter and I need a better quality of life. Please St Monica We Place All Our Trust In You

  7. St. Monica please intercede in our request regarding our 15 year old Son who is being excluded for sexual misconduct as these didn’t happen how the school has framed it .
    Please let them accept for us to withdraw him instead by Friday or turn around as this is his final year. Let people speak out on his request even the teachers to speak on his behalf to be allowed to finish.
    Let him also learn from this and turn his life around and make good choices in future.
    I have been having sleepless nights and panic attack due to this please pray for me to have a happy ending to this problem Amen

  8. Please pray for my son as he has been accused of sexual misconduct which the school found out was wrong but said other people made allegations which they are not investigating.
    They have excluded him at his crucial GCSE period.
    Please I pray they have a change of heart and that it will not be in any record.
    Let the this be overturned miraculously

  9. St Monica I pray that through your intercession you will guide my son in his sobriety, help him to become involved in the right AA group and that he return to church and his faith. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  10. Please pray for my husbands addiction to drugs and alcohol and help him to find another way to deal with his depression. Please pray for our marriage as it is not stable now and we have children. Amen

  11. Please pray for me and my ex that he may come back to me.We were friends after our break up. Just today after 5 months I told him I still love him and it’s better if we don’t talk even as friends because he doesn’t respect me enough. I told him how much I love him but he said nothing about it and agreed to not be in contact. It hurts that I mean nothing to him. I love him a lot and I want him back. Please pray for us. Also that he may come back to the church. The church has always been so important in my life and it means nothing to him.

  12. Dear St. Monica please assist and come to the aid of my daughter who is need of help to overcome her addic t ion to alchohol. She is in denial and at times lack respect . Please come to my aid in this turbulent time i pray in Jesus almighty name Amen.

  13. St. Monica, please intercede for me that I would lose all cravings of alcohol that is taking over my life. Help me to be there for others and to more involved in the sacraments, especially confession and the Holy Eucharist. My heart felt thanks eternally. Allan

  14. Please pray for my Husband to stop drinking. May God guide him to be a better husband and father. And help me be patient and guide me closer to God. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

  15. Prayer for my family that my brother exgirlfiend will leave him without hurting him or us physically and that she gets the help she needs from God.

  16. Pray my husband and daughter return to God the church and those who love them. May they find peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Please intercede for us, St. Monica, that our marriage may be healed and strengthened as we recover for infidelity. Please pray for us that we may welcome a 3rd child into our home.

  18. Dear St. Monica,

    I need your guidance and protection upon my life. I have a jobless husband and he is also alocoholic and a smoker. He never visit church services at all. St. Monical please I beg your help upon his life. Help him quit from his bad addictions. I also have loans to be repaid but have not enough to repay my loans. I pray for forgiveness for what I have done. Please help me, guide me and protect me and I hope you will show or do something to help me repay my debts.
    Through your intercession St. Monica I Pray for help.

  19. St. Monica,
    Please help me recover from my alcohol addiction. It has been the cause of much turmoil and problems in my life, yet I cannot let go of it. Through Jesus and your strength and perseverance, please guide me in the right path in life and help me to have the clarity I need to quit this toxic substance. Thank you.

  20. I ask for prayers to our Lord through our Blessed Mother and St. Monica for my son who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Please pray for his deliverance. Thank you.

  21. I am thankful our family had a good visit w/ my daughter. I pray that she make good decisions find her health and happiness stay clean and sober and return to God the church and those who love her.

  22. Please Pray for Eric, Linda and I to turn away from sin and find God. Please Pray for Cody and his family and Carissa to Strengthen their faith in God.

  23. Dear St. Monica,

    Please pray for my husband so that he can finally quit drinking and be a better father and husband to us. Help him to realize that drinking is destructive and that his family comes first. Please bring him closer to you and God so that he can overcome this terrible addiction. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  24. St.Monica through your Intercession with DIVINE lord please pray for my kids that they will convert to accept God again and reunite with me .
    also pray for smooth relationship with my husband.

  25. Dear Saint Monica,

    Please watch over my son. He is facing so many issues in his life. Please help him make wise decisions.

    Thank you for your prayers and intercession dear Saint Monica. You are a source of strength.

  26. I pray that my husband’s loan for p145 000 at Barclays goes smoothly and it is approved next week so that we can pay for the debts we incurred when my daughter committed suicide last month. I don’t know how we will pay for all the household bills and my other daughter’s rental where she attends school if we don’t get this much needed money. Since we applied for the money there has been obstacles after obstacles preventing us from getting approval. Please Jesuus Christ clear away these obstacles and assist us financially. We ask in Jesus mighty name through whom all thing’s are possible

  27. Please pray for my daughter and husband that they make the right choices find health and happiness stay clean and sober and find God return to the church and those who love them.

  28. Prayers for my son Chrispine, who has become very difficult and stealing from my bedroom, refusing to go to work or any assignment given to him.
    Can not make even the sign of the cross!

  29. Please continue to pray for my daughter and husband to make the right choices, find health and happiness, to stay clean and sober, to find God the church and those who love them most. Thank you for your collective prayers may God hear all of us. Amen

  30. Dear St Monica need your help so badly this awful man is making our lives a misery.Today is going to be hard he is forbidding me to look after my sister Who is ill and having a heart operation next week he says I’m neglecting my duties at home This is very untrue as I try to keep things right because I know he resents me helping anyone . He is saying that Iam disobeying him . There will be lots of anger and shouting nastiness at me But I’m not abandoning my sister who depends on me.I have spent most of the 41years of marriage being frightened and miserable . I need strength and courage to stand up to him now Please St Monica I Place All My Trust In You Help Me Please

  31. St. Monica, please pray for my son to overcome his addictions to alcohol and nicotine and to become a better father to his sons

  32. Praise to God through your intercession St Monica that my son is approaching 120 days of sobriety. I ask for your continued intercession in giving him the strength during this holiday season to resist temptation and stay on the right path. I pray that he find another AA group that he can feel a part of and that he return to church on a regular basis. Through God all things are possible. Amen.

  33. Please pray for my family that we all be healed from our troubles. Especially for my daughter to make the right choices and return to God and church and all who love her.

  34. Dear St. Monica,

    I pray, through your intercession, that God may shine his light upon my sons so that they will do His will. Please, St. Monica, help me pray for them.

    Thank you.

  35. Dearly Beloved St. Monica I ask your prayers for my Sons. Shawn who needs these prayers to use his Alcohol issues and experiences to bring others to Christ. He has such truths about this problem I pray he bring help to all others like him. Craig is a war torn veteran and he could use your intercession to help him see his value to himself family and community. Ariel who suffers from depression and Anxieties she learns her Love is greater. David learn of GODS unconditional love and uses him to show others this same love. Thru your intercession St, Monica I pray for your help.

  36. Dear ST Monica please pray for my son Chad ask God to guide him in the right direction to find a job,housing and Love
    Love Mom

  37. Saint Monica,
    Prayer for my family. We need a healing. Please pray that resentment, anger, jealousy be removed. That my husband and I return as one. We are currently separated. 35yrs of marriage.

  38. I pray and thank God my husband went to church w me last Sunday. Please pray that my daughter return to God the church and those who love her. Help her turn away from her sin and make good healthy choices.

  39. I pray for my family – two sons, daughter and husband and myself that alcohol and drugs be removed from each one of us. My husband return home. My we each see the face of God our Father through His son, our Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. Saint Monica please intercede in prayer for me for healing and peace in my beautiful family.


  40. Please St. Monica Pray for our daughter Megan ask God to protect, guide, and heal her mind, body, and soul and to put her on to the right path, to reunite her with us once again.

  41. Please pray for my son and his wife to be converted to Christianity, pray that their hearts and minds will be open to JESUS our God and redeemer.

  42. please pray for healing of my heart and to find forgiveness.
    My daughter has made so many unhealthy decisions regarding living with a man who emotionally destructive to her and her 2 young boys, she is a single mom ,this is the third relationship with the same destructive type man. Prayers please

  43. Please pray for my daughter and husband..that they turn away from their sins and find the light of God the church and those who love them..

  44. Prayer for Marriage Reconcilation with my spouse AA urgently. I pray he returns home to me eager to work on your marriage. I reacted on his hurt to me and pushed him away with my anger, however, I need my marriage as it is of God. I pray a hedge of thorn bushes over him to keep the women affecting my marriage away, let them repell from him. Bless all of these women you know by name and by number that are in his life right now and are clouding his judgement to encouraging him to leave me and possible file for divource. Allow him Lord Jesus right now to let AA see me in the light, let him miss me and fall in love with me deeply and loving me as christ lov the chruch. Lord return my husband to you and he has lost sight of you. Bring him back to you, give him circumstances that will draw him back to you and closer than ever. Rebuke, bind out and cast out the spirit of alchololism, lust, decit, lie, unfatithfulness, adultery, infidelity and others that are hindering him from his relationship with you. Deliver, my husband in Jesus name. Remove his feelings for the other women, let the hedge of thron bushes make them get tired of him, let them be unattracted him and break all communciation and contact with them right now as you desttoy these relations for my marriage sake keep them as fas as the east is from the west from now and always. Let his heart love me and guide him home hastily. God through your son Jesus, I pray for a a divine miracle and urgent reconcilation of my marriage better than before. I pray in Jesus name that my husband see me in the light and out of the darkness. I pray that he misses my company and wants to call and communicate only with me and not with any of these women. I pray he starts to go out with me and not with these women and that he will always want me by his side like before. Let him want to communicate eveything happening to me and build back the communication. I pray me husband looses interest in all these women and any other that may show up and be interested only in me his wife. I pray he sees my inner and outer beauty and this captivates him always. Whatever hurt and wrong in especially words let him forgive me and let go of the past as his infidelity drov me to as him to leave. But I realize how much i miss him and want him back but i want him to realize my worth. For some reason he is comfortable where he is and doesn’t want to retun, but you all do the impossible and i know you can pack up his stuff and move his feet to retun home to his wife. Let him return home, let us start a family and love me with his all. Lord, allow him to prioritize you and them me and forsake all other. I pray you send wise counsel to speak to him and let him listen and act, let him get positive spiritual guidance to your prodigal son and my prodigal husband return to us.

    In Jesus name Amen.

  45. Dear St. Monica,
    I pray for deliverance from the disease of alcoholism for Aaron, Connie, Marty and Eric and for their return to faith in Christ and the Catholic Church. AMEN.
    To God be the glory.

  46. Prayer for my daughter who is lost help her find her faith again. Help her with her depression and anexity. Help keep her away from drinking.
    Thank you for yoghurt prayers.

  47. Dear St Monica,

    Please pray for our son and our daughter-in -law to be healed from the challenges in their new marriage. Thank you for your intercession.

  48. Please pray for me as I return to the faith, as well as for my husband and my mom to come back to the faith again. Please help us to bring our children up to love Jesus and serve Him.

  49. Please pray for my daughter that she turn away from her darkness and find the light of God return to church and those who love her.

  50. Pray for my Family. That we may find a way to communicate with our daughter. For my family to have patience and understanding of everyone’s needs and wants.

  51. Please pray for my son Chad to be self sufficient to find a job and housing and love in his life ,guide Chad to the right direction
    Love Mom

  52. St.Monica please pray for our marriage~that we may reconcile and heal our co dependence upon one another, and that the disease of alcoholism is healed fully. Please help us feel the love of God between and surrounding us always. Let us live in joy and gratitude for the simple blessings of life! Please bless the hearts of all who may be suffering the same grief and pain that we are. Thank you! Amen amen!

  53. Please pray for my daughter that she turn away from her darkness and find the light of God and come back to the church and those who love her.

  54. Please pray for my son Drew To be healed of his drug addiction and please pray for him to be self supporting and find a Christian wife, if it be Gods will fir him. I am very tired and weary as I have been praying for a miracle in his life for almost 40 yrs Please Lord have mercy on Drew and nyself. Amen

  55. Dear Saint Mornica,

    Please Pray for my Son Andrew to help him Overcome his Anxiety and his Struggles with School. I Pray that he be able to get his Peace and Joy back and Love School the way he used to.

    Thank You,


  56. Jane
    Pls. Pray for my son Emmanuel & his wife that they may be as one family again. Pls. For my daughter to have a child, and pray for me & my husband Joey that we may also be converted & that my grandchildren will always be safe.

  57. Please pray for my strength and wisdom to overcome my alcoholism.
    And please pray for my family to have healing. And please pray for my husband that his anxieties and stresses can be relieved.

    • Heavenly Father, please bless Jeri-Lynn and graciously grant her the strength and wisdom to overcome her alcoholism! Keep her out of harm’s way and put just the right people and opportunities in her path. For your son Jesus’ sake, Amen.

  58. Dear St. Monica,
    Pray for my father in law who is addicted to alcohol. Pray for my mother in law who is in financial problem and for my sister in law who is separated from her husband. Please pray that my sister in law gets united with her husband and please I beg to forgive all the wrongs we have done these days and please relieve us from all the problems and bless our home with God’s grace.

  59. Please pray for our daughter and help her overcome her struggles. We pray also she will return to being a practicing catholic as she once was

    • God bless you and your daughter. As the father of a troubled adult daughter, I think I can understand some of what you’re going through. Hang in there, man. Also, I have just now prayed that God will change her heart and bring the right people into her life.

  60. St Monica, please pray for me and give me strength to beat my addiction. I am an alcoholic and I desperately need your help and prayers.

    • Dear CM: Believe it or not, God loves you and thinks are a one of a kind masterpiece — even if you are addicted, and even if you have done things that you are ashamed of. Also, you are not alone. Find a 12-step program near you that works for you.

  61. St Monica please bring ths to God, pray for my son Chad to find a job and housing ask God to guide him and give him the strength he needs
    Love Mom

  62. Please help my son to get a job and start attending church again. I also need help for my grand daughter, since making confirmation she does not want to attend mass.

  63. Dear St. Monica,
    I am a new Christian. Please pray for my Son that he leads a life dedicated to our Lord and that he becomes financially independent from me and his Dad. He is such a good Son but struggling to become free. I too suffer from my own problems and can not enable my Son. Please pray for us both. I was given a hand held stone model of you many years ago. it fell off the shelf the other day and I finally read the inscription and looked you up on social media. Please forgive my ignorance of your Sainthood. I now hold it every day and pray to you. I do not have any relatives other than my immediate family of an ex husband and two sons.

  64. St Monica please take this request to God and pray for my son Chad to find a stable job and shelter,show him his self worth,give him the strength he needs to fight his addiction

    Love Mom

  65. My brother, John has been in an induced coma for almost two weeks. His outlook is bleak and his wife has been asked if she wants to take him off life support. Please pray for God’s will to either cure him and make him whole or take him home to his Maker. My heart is broken but I don’t want to see him suffer anymore. God bless him now and always.
    I pray for his wife and children.
    Please pray for me to accept God’s will even if it is painful.
    Thank you.

  66. I pray for my children,,Dan for his weight ,,for Casady that she may come deeper into her belief,,, and for Kate ,that she may be converted back to her faith return to the church

  67. I am begging Christ for the healing of our marriage and the conversion of our children, Manny, Ricardo,Sherri,Bonnie,Kim and Kathy.

  68. St Monica please pray for Chad to find work,and housing,and do have the strength to fight his drug addiction. Ask God to guide him and pray for him
    Love Mom

  69. Sain Monica,
    Please pray for my husband Jake. He’s left the faith and is very angry at God. Please pray for our marrital bond for he wants a divorce. Please pray for the protection of our children’s hearts during all this.