St. Peregrine Novena

Saint Peregrine NovenaSt. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients.

St. Peregrine was known for his holiness but also for a miraculous healing that he received.

He was scheduled to have his leg amputated because of a cancerous growth. The night before the surgery, he prayed for healing, received a vision of Christ coming down from the cross to touch his leg and was completely healed.

St. Peregrine Novena Prayers

Dear holy servant of God, St. Peregrine, we pray today for healing.

Intercede for us! God healed you of cancer and others were healed by your prayers. Please pray for the physical healing of…

(Mention your intentions)

These intentions bring us to our knees seeking your intercession for healing.

We are humbled by our physical limitations and ailments. We are so weak and so powerless. We are completely dependent upon God. And so, we ask that you pray for us…

Day 1 – Pray for us, that we will not let sickness bring us to despair
Day 2 – Pray for us, that we may persevere in hope
Day 3 – Pray for us, that we will have the courage to offer up our suffering in unity with the Cross
Day 4 – Pray for us, that the loneliness of our suffering will be consoled
Day 5 – Pray for us, that the fear of death will be replaced with the hope of everlasting life
Day 6 – Pray for us, that our suffering will not rob us of joy
Day 7 – Pray for us, that in our pain we will not become selfish but ever more selfless
Day 8 – Pray for us, that this sickness will teach me to depend more and more on God
Day 9 – Pray for us, that our lives will glorify God alone

We know, St. Peregrine, that you are a powerful intercessor because your life was completely given to God. We know that in as much as you pray for our healing, you are praying even more for our salvation.

A life of holiness like yours is more important that a life free of suffering and disease. Pray for our healing, but pray even more that we might come as close to Our Lord as you are.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

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  1. Pray for baby Marcel that he is cured of cancer. This baby has gone through 2 treatments of Chemo and is dealing with it so far tho with discomfort.

    Pray for my grandchildren living with me that they learn that life is not easy.

  2. Lord God, I praise and worship you. God if it is your will, bring healing to all loved ones who are now hospitalized and fighting to survive from the ravages of cancer. This I ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  3. Dear Saint Peregrine, I ask you with all my heart and soul to heal and help my son it has been a number of years now he has been recovering. He is desperately trying hard to get full strength back in his left leg and full balance back in his body to walk again. I know you suffered so much in your life time. I ask you as a mother to help him move forward this year and pick up some of threads of his life and go back to work. I as a mother have had moments of despair and tears watching him suffer and do everything he can to get better. I ask you to help him get some faith back and start to pray again. He hasn’t prayed for a while now. Give the faith and hope to start to pray again and put his faith in god. Please have pity and mercy on all those suffering with cancer give them the strength to keep going and over come this terrible illness. Help Saint Peregrine Help us I am a mother in worry and despair for my son. amen

  4. I pray for my sister flourish Abraham deliverance and liberation from poverty setback and internal heat affliction. I pray for end of barrenness for her. I pray for my healing from arthritis and release from curses and poverty and setback. I ask the Lord Jesus to liberate all organs in my body from diseases and infirmities. I pray for my children breakthrough maritally financially and my daughter Omotese total liberation from seizures and fits. I also pray for ejeme Eze and Jude to be blessed with Male children and good Jobs in Canada. Thank you for St peregrine and my Lord Jesus for answers.

  5. Dear St Peregrine, I pray for Beatrice Oluta that you may pray and intercede for her as she goes through her battle with cancer, that she may be strong in faith and leave everything to Jesus for he is able. This I also pray for all cancer patients in Kenya and all over the world. By your intervention St Peregrine may our prayers be answered. Amen

  6. 1. For all the people I know with cancer or survived cancer and to pray it never returns, Greg, Joanne, Linda, Vince, Dennis, Julia, Judy, Hanna, Nick, Hanna D., Jordy, Arlene. Melissa’s friend’s Dad just diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

    2. For my sister Joanne, to have a miracle and to get those bile draining tubes removed from her and that the chemo will miraculously cure her pancreatic cancern.

  7. please include my husband michael and my son mark both of whom have cancer which is now in remission, that they will continue to remain well, but most of all, that they will grow close to our divine lord and his blessed mother, and come to realize what is most important in this life. st.peregrine pray for them.

  8. For Shayna’s healing and recovery from cancer and a strengthening of faith and peace for her family and friends. Also for the souls of the faithful departed including Bob who died from cancer.

  9. St Peregrine, for your great intercession of those who are sick of physical, psychological or spiritual sickness , whether at home or hospital that our Father in heaven will grant them Divine healing.
    I also pray for the permanent healing of my daughter’s pile and mine as well. Thanks for your intercession.

  10. Praying for my sister-in-law that she will be healed of her cancer but if not that she will have a peaceful death. She is not expected to live more than a few weeks. Also pray for myself that my leukemia will remain stable and will not need chemo.

  11. Dear Saint Peregrine, I am asking you to intercede for my dear friends, Paul and Sherry, I pray for their healing of their cancer stricken bodies. I also ask for your intercession for their perseverance. Lord have mercy on their souls.

  12. Dear St Peregrine,
    I am requesting for you intercede for the healing of my friends, Paul and Sherry. I have faith in the Lord and so do they. Please intercede for them.

  13. Thank you Jesus for the situations I find myself in, you can not give a situation that I can not manage, and their is no impossible situation before, all impossible situations are turned to possible situations in your name, At Peregrine intercede for the following people, Boitshoko Mooketsi, Matshediso Mulalu, Josephine Nkani, Limited Nkani, Kefentse Nkani, Boatametse Modukanele and Masego Modukanele, St Peregrine intercede for the above-mentioned people and also for all who are sick in hospitals and home’s in the whole world, ask Jesus Christ and Mother of Sorrows to heal them, St Peregrine, pray for us, Amen


  15. Am praying that God may heal my daughter so that she is able to walk, talk and above all understand. I also pray for my mum to be healed of her back, her body pains and all the discomfort. May she regain strength to walk again.
    Also pray that my dad’s memory may recover and that she is able to enjoy company of family and friends.
    Also pray for all friends and family who are unwell and need healing.

  16. For Elizabeth, Elyse, Robert, Kevin, Xavier, Annabelle, Donna, Ron, Karen, Mindy, Debbie, Cindy, Jordan, Margie, Paul, Patti, Jack, River, Elizabeth’s friend and my own health, Thank you

  17. Dear holy servant of Almighty God, St. Peregrine please intercede for healing of my eyes, n my friend Eva from glaucoma and others suffering from different diseases. Lord please hear my prayer in Jesus’ name

  18. Please St. Peregrine. Thank you for the successful treatment of my friend Andrea. With cancer. Please pray for the continued finishing of the treatment .. Her and I will b eternally grateful. I ask your intercession in the Lord Jesus Christ

  19. Dear St Peregrine please intercede and pray for my intentions. Please pray for my mum for all the pain, suffering and the many things she had gone through with her illnesses in the past few years. I pray that she will be healed and I beg you and pray that she will not have cancer, may our Saviour have mercy on my mum and give her the strength, courage, Faith and hope to face each and every health problem or illness. May she not suffer and go through such pain. Please pray for my Dad, brother and I for the strength, courage and faith that we need and please heal us from all illnesses that we all face daily. St Peregrine I also ask you to Pray for the intentions of all those saying this Novena and their loved ones that they will be healed and our Saviour will guide them through difficult times and heal them..Amen

  20. Praying for cancer healing for myself, my Aunt Diane, my good friends Bill, John & Mike…along with Denise.

    Pray for us.

  21. I want to pray for my first cousin Mercedes Vera who is suffering with recurring Leukemia. May the Lord cure her of this very difficult disease/cancer. May he give her the strength not to give up but to rise up everytime it returns. Presently it has returned. Please Lord Jesus place your hand and cure her. St. Peregrino you who knows first hand please speak with our beloved lord and advocate for her. Amen

  22. Praying for total healing in my body, for the fibroids to shrink and to be able to conceive. Also praying for my sick aunt in hospital battling cancer and finally praying for general health amongst my family & friends. Father grant is healing & peace . Amen