St. Philomena Novena

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St Philomena NovenaWe will begin praying this novena August 2nd and her feast day is August 11th.

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About St. Philomena

Although very little is known about St. Philomena, devotion to her is widespread. She is known as a powerful intercessor and many saints and popes have had a devotion to her.

For hundreds of years, St. Philomena was entirely unknown, but then in 1802 the bones of a young girl were discovered in the catacomb of St. Priscilla in Rome. The tomb indicated that she was likely a virgin and martyr named Philomena. In 1805 the remains were moved to Mugnano, Italy and there were soon reports of miraculous healings taking place there.

According to, “Her popularity soon became widespread, with her most memorable devotees being St. John Vianney, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, St. Peter Eymard, and St. Peter Chanel. After being miraculously cured, Ven. Pauline Jaricot insisted that Pope Gregory XVI begin an examination for the beatification of St. Philomena, who was to become known as the “wonder worker”. After hundreds of other miraculous cures, she was beatified in 1837. St. Philomena, who the pope named as the Patroness of the Living Rosary and the Patroness of the Children of Mary, is the only person recognized as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession.”

St. Philomena Novena Prayers

Dearest St. Philomena, your prayers are powerful because you are so close to Our Lord. Your child-like faith and devotion are an inspiration to all of the faithful. Many miracles have occurred as a result of your intercession. In your closeness to Our Lord, please lift up these my intentions in prayer…

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St. Philomena, at such a young age, you gave everything to Jesus to be come a consecrated virgin for the Kingdom. Giving even more, you gave your live as you suffered a martyr’s death to preserve your gift to our Lord. Pray for me, that I might have the same faith and willingness to accept God’s will no matter the cost.


By Ralph Hammann (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Dear St. Philomena, we ask for your intercession for little Brady who was born at 25 weeks….we pray for the healing of his lungs and for the removal of whatever virus is causing his recent decline in health…we pray for him to be free from further complications and continue to grow and gain strength and health. We ask this all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, as well as your intercession, St. Philomena.

    Thank you.

  2. Dear st philomena, I ask for your intercession for me to deliver my septuplet in good health into our loving waiting arms and the medical professionals that we will be involved with will be filled with the love and directions of the Holy spirit. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

  3. Please pray for my daughter and her family, my son and his family. Neither in church, major health and financial difficulties. Spiritual problems. They need prayers !!! Please thank you all!

  4. St Philomena I want you to protect my baby from all spiritual harm and me to be a good mother to my baby guide me in every step as I raise her and let her never lack anything always provide for us..please bring back father of my baby back in our lives. Remove any obstacle coming between us. Let him commit to us physically mentally and Financially. Let us have Peace again remove all the pain agony and heartache that we have been experiencing. Thank you St Philomena I have faith you will answer my requests

  5. My Dearest Saint Philomena,

    Every single day I read about you,ever since I stumbled upon your pamphlet which was sitting in my drawer for quite some time.
    When I read that your Feast Day happens to be my Birthday I knew this was just not a coincidence but fate.
    I was crying desperately for a miracle in my life and you came to me through this pamphlet.
    I need your help and I want you to work a miracle in my life.I know for sure you will help me.

  6. Pray for me Saint Philomena. That I will be well and ready to take up Gods mission for me after the treatment of my kidney.

  7. I’m Asking for prayer for my son-in-law Sandro Mendez for his vision his eyes site to get better. for my son Edward Carrillo to find a place to live he’s homeless right now for him and his wife and children to came back to the church and have faith in the Catholic Church . For them to call him for a place when he puts his applications in . Here my parys .

  8. Dear St.Philomena.these is the first time that i ask of you.please help Randy that he can have a job in Jesus name amen.

  9. That through the intercession of St Philomena God should show me the right man with whom to spend the rest of my life. Please show me a sign father.

  10. Hi Kathy, perhaps you could contact the St. Philomena Universal Living Rosary Association and ask if they need volunteers to make rosaries for them. It would be an activity that the group could share and do together and offer it up for Keaton’s healing. Maybe those who are able to commit to a daily decade would be willing to sign up for a daily decade of the Universal Living Rosary and offer that decade for Keaton. Just some suggestions for you. God Bless you and your group for what you are doing.

  11. I’ve started a prayer service at our parish in Jan. This service is for a very sick little boy named Keaton. Keaton has been fighting cancer since he was 2yrs. old now he is 8. the specielist have run out of treatment options.

    Our group has been praying to St. Philomena for a miracle. He is now at home after more than 9 weeks of intensive hospital treatments. Now his family are all together .

    I’m running out of ideas for my prayer service. I try do to something different every time we meet. I’ve introduced her litany, her life story, her miracles, and gospel readings.

    Can you offer prayers for Keaton and maybe send me some ideas for our service.

    • Hi Kathy, perhaps you could contact the St. Philomena Universal Living Rosary Association and ask if they need volunteers to make rosaries for them. It would be an activity that the group could share and do together and offer it up for Keaton’s healing. Maybe those who are able to commit to a daily decade would be willing to sign up for a daily decade of the Universal Living Rosary and offer that decade for Keaton. Just some suggestions for you. God Bless you and your group for what you are doing.

  12. Please lift up my son and pray for him to find a good Christian woman for a mate. He is so lonely and feels inadequate…. he’s been bullied most of his life and has been searching for a Christian mate while staying celibate for the past 7 years or so. He is reaching the end and i worry for his mental state. Please pray that a Godly woman comes into his life. One that will love him and build a solid Christian family for the remainder of their lives here on Earth. Please bring her to him.

    • I am so sorry for your son being bullied. I will pray for him to have strength and also pray for.him to find love. God Bless!

  13. St. Philomena, I lift my mother up to you as she has suffered 4 paralytic strokes and as such is completely paralyzed….I pray for complete healing and deliverance from this paralytic strokes for my mother. Bring her back to good health and please release and give back her voice and sight so that she is able to talk and can also see and recognize us. We want to hear her once again O great St. Philomena…please come to our aid. Bless and heal my mother.
    I also pray for good health for all members of my family and assist us in our difficult times.
    I lift up all the sick, suffering in prayer.

  14. Saint Philomena,
    please for me. I have not being physical, spiritual and mental fit these past months as my body organs and glands are swollen. May they become back normal as they were on the day of my creation Please, may I experience your powerful intercession in my life, so that I will be a living testimony that you and I are serving a living; merciful and living God. I ask this in Jesus Name, Our Risen Lord and Savior Amen

  15. St Philomena,

    Pray for my young son who has been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Pray for him that he may be healed and have a healthy life. Pray for our family that we should not lose faith in God but rather be strengthened with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Pray also for all children suffering.

    St Philomena pray for my boy and us. Amen

  16. St. Philomena accept my prayers for Baby Christian who was born premature at 6 month gestational, I’m praying through your interssion that his lungs may develop, please allow him to live, please St. Philomena give strength to his mother and father as they are heart broken. Thank you St. Philomena

    • Prayers of health and safety for my family. Help my FIL with his cancer to fight. And for that wish in my heart that you show me an answer.

  17. I am currently on my fourth day of my Novena to St Philomena. I also wear her red and white cord at my waist.
    I suffer from bronchitis. I pray also for my family to be closer to the Lord’s Word.

  18. Please help my family and I are not in a positive relationship they r thinking nothing but bad thoughts and there is jealousy all over please help! I need my family support as a paid actress in film please help I’m suffering from depression and trauma domestic violence in the past and low self worth. Bad luck misfortune and
    Negative things I feel I can’t go on please help!
    I’m suffering from being over weight as well please help

  19. Dear St. Philomena, please help me in reconciling and restoring my marriage and family. Thank you I will be forever grateful

  20. Please pray for me, I have Fibromyalgia and along with it I can not sleep,please help for sleep, pain and the right med. for sleep and pain.

  21. I pray for a sporting request which brings so much happiness to so many people. I pray for good luck and St Philomena’s intercession before Divine Mercy. Amen. Thank you

  22. St. Philomena please join me as I Pray to St. Philimena to request for me to Our Lord to heal the left lower back, my left hip and my left leg. The pain is so bad I cannot walk unless I bend over.

  23. Pray for my son that his behavior improve. That his sore throat get better. That his sinus clear up.that he will sleep better understand more.

  24. Dear Saint Philomena,
    I pray to you that all the hatered and anger I have in my heart and soul be gone forever. That I will have nothing but forgiveness and peace in my mind,body and soul.
    I also ask Saint Philomena that you send me my husband soon. A kind, caring and respectful man.
    Thank you Saint Philomena for listening to my prayers.

  25. St. Philomena please pray for me and
    ask God in the name of Jesus to please heal the left side of my body. I have a adamaged nerve that is causing me a great deal of pain. Thank you.

  26. St Philomena, please give me a miracle and help me to get out of this awful situation I put myself in. Please give me a miracle and protect my future. Please help me to stay strong and hopeful and put my full trust in the Lord. Amen

  27. St. Phelomena, intercede for me in my sickness of Blood Pressure so that when i go for my next review next week i will be ok and the pressure will be back to normal.

    Again intercede for my niece Esmeralda who is giving me problems in her behavior in school. She has been having cases of indiscipline so that she can change her morals and live Godly life. I struggle to pay for her schools fees but she still has cases of indiscipline to an extend of being suspended from school. Help me St. Philemona i really want my niece to have a bright future. In Jesus name i believe and trust, Amen

  28. St Philomena

    please give a miracle to my childrens father. he is struggling with lung cancer. I ask for your intercession to give him a miracle/a second chance at life. However this may be, please guide him or lead him to physician or physicians who can make this possible. In Jesus name I pray this to you.

  29. For me and Steve to take our love to next level, so he can forgive and let me in to his heart
    I do love him am praying novena to St Philomena starting today. Will keep posted.

  30. Pray that my vein procedure be successful and be down soon. Pray that I have peace of mind. That a soul mate enter into my life a.pray that my son deposit in his account. That his worker work out. And his health improved.

  31. Dear St. Philomena. Please intercede on my son’s behalf on two fronts: his health and his marital status. Please help his health to improve immediately and long term and please please let him meet a Godly woman that he can love and cherish in holy matrimony and that she will do the same. He is desperately lonely. I need your intercession desperately. Please answer my prayers for my son.

  32. Pray that I will not lose hope in life. Give me strength to care for my disabled son.bring joy and happiness in my life. A soul mate a.that my vein procedure be successful and my insurance card come soon. And I find a new doctor.

  33. Dear St Philomena please answer my prayers and intercede for me. I ask that my husband, daughter and son in law have more patience. Anymore my husband acts more insensitive and acts like he doesn’t want me around. I pray that our money problems get resolved which may be adding to the problem. My grandchildren are very loved and treated well. I ask for everyone to always have patience with them.
    This next one is hard to say, I know my daughter loves me but she’s so hurtful on the way she talks to me anymore and so disrespectful. I come from a caring and loving family who are considerate of each other so this is so heart breaking for me right now. We brought her up well but she treats me like a child anymore and she never use to be like that. Please please intercede for me St Philomena and please answer my prayers.

  34. Dear St Philomena,
    Please pray for my husband Mike that his prostate cancer will have disappeared when he starts radiation therapy in April for God’s glory. Please pray that this trial will be for the benefit of our eternal salvation and that of our children and grandchildren. Not my will but God’s will be done.

  35. Dear St Philomena, I lift up Ron to our Lord today and I ask your loving intercession on his behalf. May our dear Lord Jesus touch his heart and help him to choose to go on the journey of healing Jesus has for Him, that he so desperately needs. May the Lord also please make his will for me in this situation at this time known to me and grant me the gift of the graces I need to carry out His will. Thank you sweet St. Philomena. I know that you understand me. In union with the intercession of our Most Holy mother Mary and by the merits of Jesus Holy Infancy I pray.

  36. St. Philomena pse plead with me to the might Lord for this year 2018 to be my year of holy matrimony. Iam praying for a wonderful wedding this year..

  37. Thank you St. Philomena. My brother in law has been told that what he thought was melanoma is actually skin lymphoma. It is cancer, and he has two kinds of skin lymphoma but both kinds are treatable and he can live with them. The prognosis could have been much worse so he and my sister are relieved. They will treat him with UV light treatment for 6 weeks and he will have to monitor himself because they said it will come back but it isn’t life threatening and they can treat him when he needs treatment. Thank you St. Philomena for you kind and loving innocence and intercession for him and all souls.