St. Philomena Novena

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St Philomena NovenaWe will begin praying this novena August 2nd and her feast day is August 11th.

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About St. Philomena

Although very little is known about St. Philomena, devotion to her is widespread. She is known as a powerful intercessor and many saints and popes have had a devotion to her.

For hundreds of years, St. Philomena was entirely unknown, but then in 1802 the bones of a young girl were discovered in the catacomb of St. Priscilla in Rome. The tomb indicated that she was likely a virgin and martyr named Philomena. In 1805 the remains were moved to Mugnano, Italy and there were soon reports of miraculous healings taking place there.

According to, “Her popularity soon became widespread, with her most memorable devotees being St. John Vianney, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, St. Peter Eymard, and St. Peter Chanel. After being miraculously cured, Ven. Pauline Jaricot insisted that Pope Gregory XVI begin an examination for the beatification of St. Philomena, who was to become known as the “wonder worker”. After hundreds of other miraculous cures, she was beatified in 1837. St. Philomena, who the pope named as the Patroness of the Living Rosary and the Patroness of the Children of Mary, is the only person recognized as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession.”

St. Philomena Novena Prayers

Dearest St. Philomena, your prayers are powerful because you are so close to Our Lord. Your child-like faith and devotion are an inspiration to all of the faithful. Many miracles have occurred as a result of your intercession. In your closeness to Our Lord, please lift up these my intentions in prayer…

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St. Philomena, at such a young age, you gave everything to Jesus to be come a consecrated virgin for the Kingdom. Giving even more, you gave your live as you suffered a martyr’s death to preserve your gift to our Lord. Pray for me, that I might have the same faith and willingness to accept God’s will no matter the cost.


By Ralph Hammann (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Dear St. Philomena, please pray and intercede for my brother in law Dean who was just diagnosed with a fast growing melanoma. The doctors are being slow to help him and we don’t know yet how far advanced this is but it’s been growing quickly. Please obtain for him the help he needs and God’s mercy and healing. Thank you St. Philomena. In Jesus name and by the merits of His Holy Infancy, I pray.

  2. Dearest St. Philomena I pray for your prayers for a justina love. I ask for your prayers that God would bring us togather as a family. I pray to win her heart. Amen

  3. Dear Saint Philomena, Please I ask you with all my heart and soul as a mother to heal and help our son Dominic, please help him get full nerves and strength back in his left leg. Heal his balance in his whole body to give him the stribliety to walk again. Please in this new year give him the courage strength and confidence to move forward and progress to walk safely with one crutch. It would mean so much for him to be able to go back to work again and pick up some of the threads of his life. Please help him heal him have mercy on him after three years and five months please take pity and here and answer our prayers I beg you. Saint Philomena pray for us. Please give me as a mother the faith to keep praying and to hope and trust in god no matter what. Thank you for helping our little grandson he is having antibiotic drips in his hand and the lump in his neck is starting to go down thank you Saint Philomena here our prayers let our cries come un to thee

  4. Dear Saint Philomena, I ask you with all my heart to heal our son Dominic. Heal his left leg give him the strength nerves and muscles he needs to walk. Heal his balance in his body help him get full balance to walk again I beg, He is doing everything he can to get better. Please come to his aid, heal any one who is sick in mind or body give them the help and healing they need I beg you, also help a couple that have just lost there 19 year old son over the weekend give them the strength to carry on and accept his passing. May his soul and the soul of the faithful departed Rest In Peace Amen. Please look after my little grandson Theo, he has a painful lump on his neck please let it go down and not be anything to serious I beg you he is only seven Saint Philomena help us all,

  5. Please pray for a dear friend family their 4 year old had an accident and He is fighting for his life his brain is not functioning right we need all the prayers we can get please help us pray We need all the prayers we can get to we can get this baby back home we have faith that he’s going to Be OK right now they’re doing to do a 2nd test so they can see if he had brain activity and it’s OK because the first one wasn’t what we expected

  6. I kindly request that may you join me in my prayers so as to get grade B in my national exams as i await my result,please

  7. Please pray j do good in school and keep focus on her education. Please heal Jake from his cancer. Please st philomena hear my prayers.

  8. Praise be to God.Father in heaven I am praying for financial break through to meet all our financial and basic needs.
    Blessed me with children, home of my own and a steady income.

    Our family is in urgent need of finances to cater for two transplants and other medical expenses…provide for us.
    Heal my mum and my niece.
    We thank you lord for providing to us before and for the gift of life.
    Keep away suffering and illnesses from us and I’ll all the sick in hospitals.

    I pray for peace in my marriage. Bless me with children probably f my own.
    I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  9. Praise be to God.Father in even I am praying for financial break through to meet all our financial and basic needs.
    Blessed me with children, home of my own and a steady income.

    Our family is in urgent need of finances to cater for two transplant and other medical expenses…provide for us
    Heal my mum and my niece.
    We thank you lord for providing to us before and for the gift of life.
    Keep away suffering and illnesses from us and I’ll all the sick in hospitals.

    I pray for peace in my marriage. Bless me with children probably f my own.
    I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  10. Dear Saint Philomena, Saint of Chasity and Purity…please intercede that if it be God’s will,my daughter’s relationship with a decent Catholic boy will be restored. He brought her closer to the faith. Please pray that she does not gravitate into sexual immorality or sexual activity. Thank you for your powerful intercession!

  11. St. Philomena you who helps people on impossible causes, we sincerely adore you and trust you in your unconditional love and sympathy to those who trust in you, I pray for my daughter Motselisi Clara Liphoto for scholarship and admission into the university to pursue her studies, give her all the best luck in her life and protect her from all evil. Pray for our family to be financially stable so that we be able to renovate and make ends meet and give us perfect life, and heal us from all ailments especially my mother who is going to undergo her operation and see clearly, we pray for all protection. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  12. Christ the King and all the Saints please hear our prayers and petition and fulfill it in Jesus name.

    I commit my 2 kids writing exams to excell, guide and annoint them as they write. Giving them fresh knowledge wisdom and understanding from your throne room of grace. Please help the older one, to get a nice admin job. A job close to home. A job with a good pay and benefits, that with suppliment our income. Please help us get out of our financial crunch. I pray the credit life insurance help offset my 2 personal loan. As i get my bonus, Lord, annoint and bless my bonus, to be stretched, help me pay my debts and hv enought to go from month to month. Bless us Lord has we been thru alot this year, with ill health and that lead us into heavy debt, please Dear Lord Christ our King, make our 2018 and the years to follow debt free and blessed. help us to have a pleasant lifestlye with peace joy, excellency, accuracy and abundance. Lord you going to make a way for us, and fullfill all our prayer. rule and reign in our midst, where ever we go be with us keep us safe under the shadow of your wings, care and protection. as Hubby work overtime, help in Lord in Jesus mighty name the name above all names. Let your seal, and protection be over us i pray. I pray the big son gets his learners next week, Lord help him learn and absorb all he learns.


  13. St Philomena… Annette my daughter was hurt on the job. May loose her job. P!ease help her. She needs your prayers as I do.

  14. I pray my conversation goes well with Gabriel and that he does not break up with me. I am praying this with all my heart

  15. Dear Saints, i kindly commit, my family and i to you.
    Kindly interceed for our peace joy happiness sound health and financial freedom. I commit my 2 sons as they write their exams, dear Jesus you be with them i pray.
    Help them to excell in Jesus mighty name, a name above all other names. Lord help the older son to procure a good job. help him pass his learners licence, i pray. Every company that his cv goes to must help him with a good job, dear Lord Jesus. Favor must find his name. All our debts must be freed, in Jesus mighty name Lord your blessing must walk thru our door i pray. help us dear Lord that 2018 must be our year, with peace joy happiness, sound health and abundance. I pray for my further bond application to be approved so that i free my debts and purchase a new car.

    Dear Lord Jesus hear my prayer, hear my cry. for your tranquility to rule in our midst and where ever we go.


  16. Good Morning!

    I would like to inquire if you give out St. Philomena’s Novena and the Red and White Cord? Personally I believe in the powerful and miraculous intercessions of this great Saint.

    It is my ardent wish to be able to have her Novena and Cord.

    Please help me.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.


    Maricor A. Salvador

  17. Dear Saint Philomena, I beg You obtain for me the great grace of good health both mentally, physically and spiritually, enough money and true love-the man of my dreams. Thank You!

  18. St. Philomena,

    Please intercede for my teen son who has Type 1 diabetes. His doctor told him he will not grow taller. He has so much to deal with the diabetes, please intercede to help him have a huge height growth spurt and grow 3 inches taller. Also, please help to keep his disease under control and make sure he is safe and healthy. Amen.

  19. St Philomena please bless my daughters and give them strength to get through there struggles at school and there love life. Please give them peace and happiness. I welcome you and love you to watch over our family.

  20. Please pray for my Joe, that he will receive the graces necessary to return to me, enter Holy Mother the Church, that we make our lives Holy & Pleasing in the eyes of almighty God, that he receive Our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, accept Our Lady under the title of Our Lady of Fatima as his mother & place himself under her Scapular Mantle of Mt Carmel so Our Lady can protect & defend him all the days of his life & lead him safely into eternity.
    Please also pray for my brothers David & Jim that they will be cured of their Cancer through their Radiation Tx & that my Brother-in-Law Joe will have successful open Heart Surgery this week & he will soon receive a Kidney Transplant. For all those who suffer from Cancer.

  21. St Philomena please intercede on my behalf to the Lord Jesus to heal my throat and neck pain. Ask the Lord to heal me. In Jesus name, AMEN!

  22. Oh Dear Saint Philomena, please hear and accept my plea. I am in financial distress. Please help me find a way to pay my debts. In Jesus name, Amen.

  23. Thank you for facilitating my prayer request St. Philomena. Strengthen my
    families faith in the ministry and lead
    others to praise God, Mother Mary and
    your name.

  24. Oh Philomena can you please pray for my family for assistance financially and otherwise, please pray for motselisi clara liphoto to get scholarship and be admmited to pursue her studies and protect her in every evil, I pray for my husband khatiso aaron liphoto to be elected to show his capability in the society. I cannot forget my pains to be healed and my mother to regain her sight through christ our Lord. Amen

  25. Saint Philomena, I was told that this was my year, that everything was going to change for the better… that God had great plans for me. I now see it was a joke. I lost the guy I was in love with for 6 years. I keep praying and nothing happens. I prayed for my frames to sell to have financial stability and they haven’t been sold. I prayed for my family to be healthy and things are getting worse. I asked for my dad’s business to flourish like before and it hasn’t. I’ve asked for that girl to get away from PM because we were together and now she has him. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to fix my situation, I’ve turned around and prayed almost every day and nothing seems to happen. I’m starting to think that not even heaven could hear me… or my prayers are being ignored… I’ve prayed every day for 5 months and all I get is not even a whisper of change.

    So I’m here for one last attempt. I pray PM leaves these girls that are standing in our way. I ask that You make him read the letter I gave him today, for him to talk to me this week and You bring him back to me and we reconcile and restart our relationship… I ask that You have him come back to me and not cheat and that he will be in love with me. I ask that all that I’m doing works for him to come back as every novena, candle, petition, and help from a person has been done on a daily basis to have him come back. I ask that You heal my dad’s eye and for him to see again. I ask that You help make my dad’s business flourish with business and let him find a good mechanic willing to work. I ask that You help my mom regain the strength she has lost… she doesn’t look good and no one knows what’s wrong with her. Let my sister have a better school year and let her be cleared of debt. Help me with financial stability. I ask for You to help Max feel better. I ask that I find a truthful healing person to remove the witchcraft done on us. I ask that You help my family with all of their needs and wants. So it is. Amen.

  26. St. Philomena, I pray for your intercetion for my children to be baptized. Also that you may lead, protect, and guide them throughout their lives. I pray for my cousin, my uncle, and my sister for their current health issues. I pray for the youth of today that they may come to know Christ and accept him in their lives.

  27. Saint Philomena, I have faith in your powerful intercession. Please pray for our financial situation to be improved. I ask Sint John Vianney to join with you in intercession on our behalf

  28. Philomenia please take care of my sisters baby. Doctors are saying she had a miscarriage. She so desperately wants to be a mother. I don’t want God to take him from her. Could you please ask god if she can have the opportunity to be a mom . I will try to get her back church and loving God again. Thank you and god bless

  29. My daughter Katie that she will be close with me again.Tony needs a job and help for his drinking.Ted my husband to treat me right.Tom’s health and his vision to be restored.

  30. Please Saint Philomena, please heal my moms hip.Please give her good health,life and energy. May my mom and dad and mom in law live a healthy long life.bless their old age with peace.Amen

  31. Mr. Hammamann,
    While your end statement “No matter the cost” is noble , for most people, it would be an incredibly high price to pay, especially in this world where suffering reigns supreme. Jesus, Himself, in His Infinite Love, Mercy and Wisdom would NOT ask that of us, for the very fact that He has been here and KNOWS what it is like to suffer. What Jesus asks of us is to have Compassion and Love for one another, and for Love and Reverence for The TRINITY and for everything which is the creation of Almighty God. Do not ask that others accept and seek suffering – it is NOT God’s way…it is Man’s way.

  32. Intercede on my petitions for my children, grandchildren and entire family. Lift the scourge of vices from them that they may receive the gift of grace of faith and return to the church. Forgiveness of the mistakes and failures I made on raising them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  33. This is an emergency prayer for all to pray for little Auggie he’s only 3 years old he had heart surgery about 2 weeks ago he was doing fine last night he broke up with the highest fever and water around his heart please let’s all pray for this child that his fever go down in the water should dissipate this is a family that’s hurting so much and has gone through so much but she has twins Amanda and Auggie they’ve had so many problems with these babies and his parents loves children’s Amanda and especially

  34. Please pray, through the intercession of St Philomena, for my 34 year old daughter who has triple negative breast cancer, that genetic testing results will be negative to avoid further complications in her treatment.
    St Philomena, pray for us.

  35. St. Philomena,

    Please pray for me that my sciatica and groin pain would be healed.
    God’s will be done.
    St. Philomena pray for us.


  36. Dear Saint Philomena, please intercede for me. I am in financial distress. I am so sorry for my sins. I am thankful for the blessings the Dear Lord has bestowed upon me. I am just in such a terrible mess now. Amen.

  37. Please pray for my 19 year old son who is discerning the priesthood. Please help him to know your Holy Will Lord. Make it clear to him the direction You want him to go. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  38. St Philomena, you called me to you with a strong assertion and you continued to call to me when I moved throughout my life and forgot about you. So here I come, desperate and in hopeful need, to your feet to beg for your intercession. Please, St Philomena, hear my prayers and intercede for me. We want another baby with all our hearts. We pray that you hear our prayers, and the prayers of our sweet boy in heaven, and that together you two might be warriors for us in this prayer. I’m trusting in you, strong willed Saint. Please don’t abandon me.

  39. St. Philomena please intercede for my in my present necessity with my children and my lack of career and direction. Please fortify my faith that despite this uncertain time i will do what God wills. I need your guidance, support and sign so i do not make things worse, as i always tend to choose the wrong thing or make bad decisions. Amen

  40. Dear St Philomena,
    please intercede for me and aks God to bless me with a good and stable job that i will enoy in a flexible and respectful work environment. A job that will also keep me close to Jesus and the sacraments.
    God will not refuse you anything .Please pray for me and obtain for me this favor through your powerful intercession.
    Thank you!

  41. Dear Saint Philomena, I come to You because I am lost and scared. PM and I haven’t reconciled and I’m getting scared. Please give me the faith that what I am being told that he’s coming back to me to be true. That he and I are meant to be just like the archangels said. God and Saint Philomena I don’t want to lose him for these almost 6 years that we’ve been in love with each other have been the time I’ve begged for us to be together without anyone standing in the way. Please I need Your help. He’s out of town at the moment and I am scared that he might be in contact with the person who stepped between us. Let him miss me… let PM think of me and when he gets home let him reach out to me. Give us the chance to fix this and not let 6 years go in vain. Let all my candles, novenas, prayers, and everything not go in vain. I don’t want to lose him. Give me back the faith that I will get PM back… please I don’t want to lose the faith that we could fix this… I love him and I need Your help. So it is. Amen.

  42. A return to the Catholic faith of all who have left it–especially those in my own family. Wisdom and understanding in handling the needs of our country by President Trump and all elected officials. That justice be served by holding the corrupt elected officials accountable for their deeds. An end to abortion and the political system that is killing Christians in the Middle East. That all our Catholic priests be led by the Holy Spirit in proclaiming the irreversable truth of the Gospel—give them courage to speak out against all the things recent judges have said are truths–which are NOT. I pray these things in Jesus Holy Name.

  43. We are a youth group of Immaculate Conception Parish, Luanshya, Zambia. Our group is called St. Philomena Small Christian Community (The Seniour Youths). We are officially celebrating our Patronnes Saint on Saturday 12th August 2017 and beginning our novena on Wed 2nd August 2017. I am one of the executive members for our group please pray for us always. We are willing to learn more and more about our saint please enrich us with what you can.



  44. Dear Saint Philomena, I come here requesting for a miracle. I want all evil removed from me and from PM. Let us finally be together like the archangels said. Let us fight against all evil and obstacles so we could get back together. Please don’t fail my novenas and my 9hr novenas I’ve done all this past week. Please here my prayer and bring us together just like the angels said we should be. In Jesus name, so it is. Amen.

  45. Dear Saint Philomena, I come to You with the biggest request ever. Please show me a miracle and bring me back PM. I’ve been told he’s going to come back but I’ve been told the opposite too and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not so I come to ask for Your help to bring him back to me. I’ve done all that I can do and I don’t know what else to do. I can’t spend 100s of dollars to get help… I’m just falling apart Saint Philomena. Let me break the evil spell they have on me and the evil spell they have on him. God and Saint Philomena… I want him back. The arch angels said he’s for me so why am I struggling? Why isn’t my petitions heard? God and Saint Philomena please don’t leave me alone in all of this. I trust the angels and I trust the positive readings and I trust the man helping me out but why can’t I see a difference? God remove all obstacles in his and my way preventing us from getting back together. Remove all people preventing us from getting back together. Please I love him and want him back. Please help me. So it is amen.

  46. st.philomena i ask you and all the saints to pray that me and the man i love may never fall weak in front of difficulties that we are facing with our families due to our love. bless both of us with grace, courage, love, trust and faith in each other and in the love that we share. and that we can face face all consequences and defend our love with utmost sincerity, assertiveness, respect. and once these difficulties are over we may become one by the sacrament of marriage. bless us that we may never doubt our love and stay strong and never leave each other’s side.

  47. Dear Saint Philomena, I come to You for help with PM. Please we haven’t talked yet and I ask that if You could remove all obstacles preventing us from being together. Saint Philomena, please guide his heart to talk to me so we could fix this. Please don’t let it elongate any further. Please show me a miracle and let me talk to PM. Let him approach me so we could finally talk about our situation and let us fix things before it’s too late. Please with the breaking sound of my heart I pray that You help PM to ask to talk to me and we fix things and we get back together… please remove all obstacles and people standing in our way. So it is. Amen.

  48. Dear Saint Philomena, I come to You with a broken heart hoping for a miracle. Let Paulo ask to see me today so we could talk things through. Please Saint Philomena don’t let this get lost forever… let Paulo ask to see me today. Let us both be outside at the same time so he could ask to talk to me. Please dear Saint Philomena let Paulo and I talk today to fix our relationship before it’s too late. I love him and want to talk to him. Please I beg of You help me and show me a miracle. Amen.

  49. Saint Phelomenia I come to you to please watch over my beautiful granddaughter Emelia Elizabeth.
    Please let her heal with no complications.
    Saint Philomenia guide her and show her Gods love. ❤️

  50. Saint Philomena, please I’m about to go home from work and I just need Your help. Please let Paulo and I talk today or this week. Let him approach me so we could talk about our relationship. Please let us reach a compromise but please help me with him for I really need us to fix our situation before it’s too late. Give him the strength and courage to come up to me and talk to me please. They say he misses me so please let him talk to me so we could fix this situation before it’s too late. I want to be the one that talks to him but I know it’s in him that he needs to finally open up. So please let us talk this week so we could fix our situation. Please help us save our relationship. So it is. Amen.

  51. Dearest Saint Philomena… I come to You for Your help with Paulo. Please allow us to talk this week. Please let him approach me and let us talk our situation out and reach a compromise in our relationship. Please Dear Saint Philomena I really love Paulo and I was told by some friends that he wants to talk to me. Please don’t let him back down from us talking. Let us fix things and reach a compromise in our relationship for I don’t want to lose him. Please bless us with Your grace and let Paulo and I talk and fix our situation… please for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  52. St Philomena please help me with my relationship with John. Please fill his heart with love for me and have him stop cheating on me and end his relationship with Julie. Please heal and save my relationship with John. Amen. Thank you St Philomena.

  53. St. Philomena please help my husband tomorrow. I have never been so afraid for our future as I am now. He is a good man and doesn’t deserve what he is going though right now. Please help bring peace and calm back into our lives and our future. My faith in you is strong please intervene to help him.

  54. Dear Saint Philomena, I’m losing Paulo. He blocked my number. I hate to be pushy but I was. God and Saint Philomena help me fix this. She’s casting stuff to separate us. Please let him see it let him find something out about it and let him walk away. She has another guy in her life, why take him away from me. I love him and I’m willing to put up a fight for him. I’m willing to do anything to gain him back. Please don’t let these people fail me. Please don’t let what I’m doing go in vain. I don’t want to lose him. I’ve been told that we are meant to be together so please help me with him. I love him with all my heart. I don’t want to quit fighting. For once I found the purpose of fighting for someone and not just let them slip through my hands. Please and help me financially so I could keep having them help me. Please bring him back to me. Amen.

  55. Dear Saint Philomena, please help me with Paulo. We haven’t spoken to each other since the day of our argument over the phone. Please bring a speedy reconciliation between Paulo and I. Let him terminate his conversations with his ex girlfriends for now I found out it’s not just one. Let him leave them alone and let him come back to me. Let us work these issues out and let us get back together. Please Saint Philomena, I humbly come to ask for Your help to bring us stability back into our lives with us being together. I need Your help to also shine Your grace on the people helping me. Please let them all work to our favor and bring us back together I truly need Your help in this. Amen.

  56. Dearest Saint Philomena, I continuously come to ask for Your help with Paulo. He’s ex girlfriend keeps coming between us that we actually got into a fight and we said somethings that hurt each other. Please remove her from our lives as we were happy together. Please let Paulo talk to me and let us fix things. Let us not leave this like this and let her stop coming between us. She is influencing him into getting into trouble. She has her own boyfriend so I ask that she stops coming between us. Please help me and don’t let everything I’m doing go in vain. I ask that You help us rekindle our love for each other and fix things before it’s too late. Amen.

  57. St. Philomena pray for me .. my love life has been distroyed completely because of small mistake . My partner is not trusting me and hates me for that . She lost job and that’s why hates me . I need her to get a job and same respect as before and kindly melt her heart and let her understand my love for her .. kindly pray for my family and my job . Forgive me sins lord . Let miracle happens in lords name .. amen

  58. Dear Holy St. Philomena:
    Hear my prayers today, I beg of you and give me a sign. We’ve not seen our precious black and whites cats in over a week. I pray that they are OK and will return with a sighting today. Please give me this sign. Please lift up my spirit and energy today. I pray for healing all around. I pray for my family; I pray for my son and to hear from him; I pray for love, a husband and a wedding; I pray for a good week back at work after a vacation; I pray for those kitties that are no where to be seen; Bring them back to us quickly. Thank you for hearing my prayers; I pray for Debbie and her home; I pray for Polly and her happiness; I pray for my sister’s mental health; I pray to make this new house a happy home that will bring about the best chapter of my life; Thank you for listening and interceding on my behalf thru Christ our Lord.

  59. Dear Saint Philomena, I’m coming to You to save my relationship with Paulo. I can’t have him walk away from me like this. Please help our relationship. Don’t let him leave me please. Let Paulo understand that I love him and I’m willing to be strong by his side. I need Your help. Remove all evil being cast onto us. Let me regain him like I did in the beginning. Please don’t let all of my prayers, novenas, and candles go in vain. I love him and I am so afraid of losing him after it took us 6 years to finally come together. Saint Philomena with Your help and the grace of God please let me have a good reading today with whomever I go with. Please let their be light in our relationship and still hope. Please I need a speedy miracle. Let Paulo and I rekindle our love for each other and make it remain happy and united. Please please please help me for I still love him and want to fight for him. Please let me have good readings about our relationship. Let whatever wrong they are doing to us be fought off by the grace of God. Don’t let Paulo leave me. Please I ask for Your speedy help bring him back to me. Amen.

  60. I humbly come to You Saint Philomena to help me still with PM. I’m scared of losing him for me walking up to him and asking him about why his ex girlfriend was there. Please let us mend the issue that happened and let us be happy with each other. Please don’t let PM leave me for I am scared. Please help us see each other this Friday so we could talk and fix our relationship. He’s also talking about leaving. Let his thoughts get over that and let him not leave. Let him stay with me and build our relationship for good. Don’t let him leave me and don’t let him walk away please for I love him. I need Your help for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  61. Saint Philomena I come to You in hopes and fears to be fixed. Saint Philomena PM’s ex girlfriend was at his house on Sunday. She’s coming between us once again. Please help my relationship with PM and don’t let her and others come between us. Please protect our relationship from any evil magic or people wanting to separate us like her and his family. Let it become harmonious once again between us and let PM and I fight against all odds to be together. Remove the obstacles coming between us. Let him look for me like he used to. Let him ask to be with me this Friday so we could talk and let it be a good day. Let us be happy together. Please help us fix our relationship and let us be happy. I beg of You, I need Your continuous help for I can’t do this on my own. Please help me and don’t let his ex girlfriends come between us. Amen.

  62. Saint Philomena, I humbly come to beg for Your help for I am hopeless and alone. I’m afraid of losing PM. I’ve tried to get in contact with him but he ignored my text. Saint Philomena I am in love with him and I am losing my faith in everything. I need Your help to better my relationship with PM. I don’t know what else to do. They say I won’t lose him but here I am at wits end, lost and tired. Please something in me says that we will fight and come out triumphant but my spirit has been shot and it is weak. Please give me the strength and power to continue going and for PM to finally be considerate and continue this relationship with me. For him to respond to all my text messages and phone calls. Please let me talk to the lady L today for I need Your help and to guide her hands and prayers to better my situation. Please let PM love me please for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  63. Saint Philomena, thank you. I continue to ask for Your help. Please let PM and I see each other tonight so we could continue to talk. Please help us talk and spend the night together. Please don’t let PM leave. Let him take our relationship serious and let him not want to leave our hometown anymore. I ask of You to please let him and I talk today and let everything get better between him and I. Let him understand that I could love him and stand by him all the time through the tough times unlike his past relationships. Please help me. Let PM and I talk tonight. Amen.

  64. Saint Philomena please I ask for Your continuous help with PM. I come to You because I’m hopeless and alone. We are suppose to see each other today, PM and I but he hasn’t responded to my text to see when we both could see each other. Everyone is telling me he will see me and he will be with me but I need Your help and God’s help in all of this. Please let PM respond to my text and let him and I see each other so we could talk and I hand him his present. I ask for Your speedy help for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  65. Dear Saint Philomena I need Your help. Please come to my aide. I need to talk to PM tonight please let him and I speak, let him and I talk about us please. I truly and honestly need Your help. I’m desperate for they told me bad news when they read my cards. I was told horrible things while I was told he loved me and wanted to be with me. Saint Philomena please hear my prayers. Let PM fall in love with my words. Let my words fill his heart and soul and let him just be with me. Please don’t let him set his mind and heart on no one else. Please let L be right about us and let her pray for us to be in a relationship just like we’ve planned it. Please help me with PM let him come home and let us both talk about us and let us fix what’s broken and be happy together. Please don’t let him be with anyone else I pray to you. Please help me for I truly need Your help. Amen.

  66. Dear Saint Philomena, please let PM and I see each other today so I could hand him the present I got for him. Let him enjoy it and be happy. Let my text message I send him this morning make him feel loved and come asking to see me and to tell me good things. Please I am terrified as to what is crossing through his mind. PM and I have come this far just for himbto act so cold. Please let us fix whatever happened and let us be happy. Please and let me talk to the lady L today cause I truly also need her help. I am lost and confused and I truly need a miracle on my petitions please. I love PM and I need Your help.

  67. Dear Saint Philomena, I am confused. I was told something about PM but I don’t know if to believe it. I feel like I’m losing him. I’ve come this far with him and I don’t want to let him go. Please it is breaking my heart every day that I wish to be with him and finally for PM to initiate our relationship. Please I ask You to guide me to the right person that could knock down any black magic they may be doing to him. Please. Guide me to that person and let it work. I don’t know what to think anymore but I don’t want him to leave me. Please let the 2 ladies I trust be right about him. That he will ask me to be his girlfriend and that we will be happy together. Please help me for I can’t do this on my own. Please don’t let what I’m doing go in vain. Amen.

  68. Dear Saint Philomena, I come and ask for continuous help with PM. I’m scared of losing him. We haven’t texted since Thursday and I don’t know what’s going on. Please let him go back to the ways when he would text me and call me. Let him feel love for me like I feel for him. I know they tell me he’s falling for me but I don’t know what to do, he makes me nervous when we don’t speak. Please let him and I initiate our relationship as it has been a little over 2 months and I don’t know what he thinks. Please let PM go back to calling me and texting me. Let him miss me like I miss him. Open his heart to let mine in. Please Saint Philomena, help me and show me a miracle in all of this. Amen.

  69. Dear Saint Philomena, I come here to continue asking for Your help. Something happened when PM and I spent the day together. He acted different and even mentioned how he wanted to get rid of the phone I keep in contact with him. I know he’s not good at technology but I didn’t expect him to want to get rid of his phone. Then he walked away without a kiss. I am not sure what’s going on. I’m scared as he doesn’t communicate as much with me like before. I feel like I’m fighting a battle I can’t win. They say he loves me but I am not sure sometimes. Please help me for I can’t do this on my own. Please let him and I spend more quality time together and let us be happy with each other please? I truly need Your help in this. Amen.

  70. Dear Saint Philomena, I desperately come to ask for Your help. I’m confused as to what is going on with PM. I asked if we could spend the day on Thursday as I asked for the day from work to give him quality time as we don’t see each other but once a week… yet he hasn’t replied. Please help me with PM. I’m being told he loves me and wants to be with me but I’m not too sure as to what’s going on. Please have him answer me today. Please have him want to see me. Please I do this all to give him my quality time since I work and he’s busy all the time. Please let him want to see me please I need Your help for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

    • Hi EB: I am not sure how I came to this site (well, I am but that is not the point of my reply) and have been reading your prayers and requests to our dear Saint Philomena and I couldn’t help to stay quiet. She helped me tremendously when I was in need of help, but I also know that it was me who sought different paths to solve my problems and I did this thanks to Her.

      Please read on: The Holy Trinity and, in this case, Saint Philomena answers all our prayers in 3 ways: They say yes and give you what you want; They say No and give you something better; or they say Wait and give you the best.

      Please, move on from the “relationship” with PM and forget him – it is obvious he is not in love with you and doesn’t respect you. Stop pushing yourself into the relationship, stop trying to find goodness in him when he is interested in giving his best to others. I am afraid that pushing yourself to make him love you will only end up in your feelings getting hurt more than they have already. My mom told me when I was a little boy to remember always that God says: “help yourself (from any situation) and I will help you”. You seem like a caring and loving woman, but this man you are seeing doesn’t know your value – he is interested in other goals. Please, move on and pray for strength and a quick recovery from the “breakup” – you will be much happier and can concentrate on another person that might be truly interested in you. I hope you will read this and listen to your heart. God bless you, ASP

  71. Dear Saint Philomena, I humbly come to ask for Your help. Please help me with PM. We are trying to see where us goes and we have 2 months in this. I pray that we finally initiate a relationship as he is someone different in my life that despite my fears, he still doesn’t cease to amaze me. Saint Philomena, please guide my love into his heart and let him love me. Let him be more romantic and let him text me and call me more often like we did at the start. Please let him be as loving as he was on Monday of last week where he searched for me. Let him start wanting to spend more time with me and let his family encourage it. Please help me with PM and let us start spending more time with each other. Please for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  72. Dear Saint Philomena, I’m scared of losing PM. I’ve been texting him and he fails to reply. I’m not the type to complain because one we aren’t yet officially a couple and two I don’t want to push him away. They told me he’s not talking to his ex girlfriend anymore and that he wants to be with me… but not getting a response makes me believe the opposite. Please help me with PM please… I need Your help for I can’t do this on my own. I’m getting confused about what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I don’t want to lose him. Please don’t let what I’m doing go in vain and let us finally be a couple. Amen.

  73. Dear Saint Philomena, I come here for Your help. I first pray that You help me have a good day as I haven’t been really having one in a while. I’ve been scolded over following rules from our finance department. Also I am afraid of things going wrong today. Dear Saint Philomena, PM got home late last night and I’m hoping since he has been getting home early at nights he doesn’t do this as a habit. Also, I ask for Your help in removing all those who oppose from us being together. Remove the evil his ex girlfriend maybe doing to separate us and let him focus on us. Let him not communicate with her anymore as it breaks my heart just thinking about the possibility of him wanting her. Monday we spent it together and he made me happy… really happy. He asked about the little things and asked how my day was. Please let him finally ask me to be his girlfriend, we’ve been trying it for 2 months now and I finally want us to move forward with this. I’m falling for him. Please help us. Amen.

  74. Dear Saint Philomena, I desperately come to ask for Your help. I feel alone and confused. PM has been acting different with me. I wish it was all in my head but I’m not sure. I ask for Your help for PM and I to get back on track where he used to call me and ask how I was. I’m scared of losing him and I’m scared he may want someone else. I’m alone in this battle and I truly need Your help in this. So please come and hear my petition and answer my prayers. Please help me with PM and let him realize that I truly like him and truly want to be with him. Please don’t let what I’m doing go in vain. I need Your help for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.

  75. Dear Holy St. Philomena, please hear my prayers! I pray for a peaceful, detached, happy and productive day. I pray for divine protection around my home and property; I pray for healing for Aunt Phyllis, my father, Sylvia, my sister, KS and my jaw; I pray for healing in a broken apart family; I pray to do very well at work and to be guided on the best way to communicate with BS; I pray for love, a husband and a wedding in the mountains; I pray for protection in all ways around my home while i’m on vacation; I pray for true friends, both new and old; I pray that some of my old friends come back into my life; I pray for a deeper closeness with my son and that he will move back home to live and work; I pray for Polly and her happiness; I pray to have this 2nd chapter of a new home to be the happiest time of my life; I pray that my home is filled with love, husband, son, friends family, joy, peace, safety and a deep love of life and you.

  76. Dear St. Philomena, please hear my prayers.
    I pray for peace of mind today; I pray that I let go of others emotional taps into my life and that I understand that I can’t do everything or take care of everyone; I pray for my son and that he will move back home to live and work; I pray for healing for phyllis, dad, sylvia; I pray to be guided about today; I pray for rest; I pray for divine protection around my home and life and that I will be spiritually guided; I pray for true friends; I pray that Lisa finds a better job quickly; I pray for healing in my family and that I will be detached and take care of myself; I pray for love and a husband and a wedding in the mountains; I pray for DB’s forgiveness; I pray that I will have a house sitter and car in my carport when I go to the lake and that my home will be safe; I pray for our police officers and that they will receive a great raise; I pray for new and old friends to come back in to my life including TS, LMG and DB; I pray to be strong mentally and have great physical energy; I Pray to do well and work and to receive a good raise; I pray for abundance in all areas of life for me and my son and family; I Pray for Polly…..

  77. Dearest St. Philomena:
    I have a special prayer today for a great salary increase for our public safety personnel in my county. I live in a large county with a high crime rate and our officers are paid one of the lowest salaries across the metro area. Our hard working officers are leaving because other counties & cities can offer more. We only have 700 officers and should have 1100. It’s being discussed amongst the county and board of commissioners. I pray that you will intercede on their behalf and bring to them a salary that makes that dangerous job worthwhile… where they can live a decent life. Please, I beg of you….bring a great compensation package to fruition. It cannot wait any longer. Hear my prayers.

  78. Dearest St Philomena… I ask for your intercession to our God, through Jesus & Mary, for the miracle we need to come forth.. finances for us relocate by tbe sale of my property immediately… my mother to be in our completely & her be safe from those use & are not honorable in their ways.. for all children to safe & only be touched by others in loving-kind ways. Thank you.

  79. Dear Saint Philomena, please help me in my prayers. I need a miracle. I want PM to start talking to me more often, for him to spend more time with me. I want whatever evil anyone may be causing us goes away. I hope his mother was sincere about wanting me to be his girlfriend. I am falling for him and I need Your help. Please let us break all obstacles and all evil. Let him stay away from his exes and let him focus on us. Please I need Your help for I can’t do this on my own. Amen.