Sometimes We Need a Reminder!

Have you ever started praying a novena only to forget to pray it after a few days?

This used to happen to me all the time!

I started this website to help me and you to remember to pray all 9 days of the novena prayers. I do this by sending you email reminders with the novena prayers right in the body of the email.

Now, if you’re like me, you check your email every day. So, when you’re checking your email, you will be reminded to get praying!

It turns out that I’m not the only one who needs reminding… So far, several thousand people have joined in praying novenas with the help of these little reminders!

You can get your own reminder and pray together with thousands of others by signing up here:

About Me

John-Paul and Annie Deddens

Hi there, my name is John-Paul Deddens. I’m just a regular Catholic guy.

I work full-time in the pro-life movement as the director of a non-profit that I started. So, by day I save lives, by night I remind you to pray!

I started this site because I wanted to pray more novenas, but I would constantly forget to do it on the right days.

It got to the point where I would not pray novenas because I didn’t think it was worth starting and not finishing. I realized that this was a problem when…

A while back, my girlfriend (now she’s my wife!) asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with her. I declined because I knew I would forget to pray everyday.

As I thought about my response, I realized that it really wasn’t good enough and I set out to create something to help me to remember to pray.

And PrayMoreNovenas.com was born!

It has grown so much in just a few short years that now my wife Annie is working full-time on this ministry!

A lot of prayers have been answered and God has blessed this community. I hope you will join us!


What People are Saying…

“This is really great, John-Paul! Thank you so much for doing this :)”
- Grace K.

“Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service! I LOVE it that the prayers come right to my inbox – NO excuses, and NO more forgetting! God bless you!”
- I.S.

“Just a word of thanks and gratitude to you for helping me and LOTS of people pray. I really appreciate all the time, effort, and work that is involved in such a work of God. God bless you, thank you!”
- Connie M.

“THANK YOU so much for sending us this novena each day.”
- Liz

“I wanted to tell you that I have felt a wonderful sense of unity by being a part of this prayerful endeavor… Thank you!”
- Patty

Join us in prayer here:


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  1. Greetings! The Peace and Joy of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and yours!

    I wanted to offer a suggestion for a future novena. This one may have some political implications, but please research it and see if you may want to offer it for your readers.

    The novena is in honor of the beatification of and sainthood petition for Blessed Karl of Austria, AKA Charles I of the Austrian Empire.

    This has been on my mind because of the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo. Because his wive, the Archduchess Sophie, did not meet with the approval of the Emperor (she was not a noble, but a lady-in-waiting when Franz met her), the Emperor would permit the marriage only if Franz agreed that none of their children would be permitted to inherit the throne. (Franz would have become Emperor, but none of his children.) Thus, when Franz and Sophie were killed, Karl became the Heir to the Empire, 20 years before he would have been expected to have the experience and training necessary.

    Both Karl and his wife Zita were devoted and faithful Catholics. (In fact, now that Karl has been beatified there is a growing movement to have Zita beatified, too.) Karl’s downfall was that he was a firm promoter of Pope Benedict XV’s peace plan. However, he was thwarted both by the efforts of the supporters of Kaiser Wilhelm and the actions of President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson, in particular, was a devoted Mason and notorious anti-Catholic. He wanted to have nothing to do with any Papal peace plan. After the war, Wilson made it a point to lay much of the blame for the war on Karl. (Wilhelm abdicated, and retained much of his wealth; Karl, however, did not abdicate, and so was blamed for the war.)

    Eventually, Karl, Zita, and their children were exiled to the island of Madiera and were forced to live in a hovel on starvation rations. Karl frequently gave his rations to his children and especially his pregnant wife. This weakened him to the point where when he got sick, he had no strength to fight the illness. He died on April 1st 1922 with his eyes on the Blessed Sacrament. His memorial is 21 October; he was beatified on 3 October 2004.

    I believe the example of his life is why we see so many kings, queens, princes, dukes and duchess’ who are saints or Blesseds or Servants of G_D. However, I can find no examples (and I mean NO examples) of a democratically-elected leader whose life example has caused people to open petitions for his or her beatification. Given the quality of leadership in America today, I think we should encourage devotion to Blessed Karl.

    (And just think: what if you DO promote a novena to him, and as a result of that Novena someone has a miraculous cure? I’m just sayin’… :) )

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Jim Carroll

  2. 9 day novena to St. Joseph for my husband Glenn to find a job and for myself Sharon to find a better paying one.

  3. 3 Day Miracle Prayer to the Holy Spirit
    Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything
    and show me the way to reach my ideal.
    You who give me the divine gift to forgive
    and forget the wrong that is done to me
    and you who are in all instances of my life with me.
    I, in this short dialogue,
    want to thank you for everything,
    and confirm once more that I never want
    to be separated from you no matter
    how great the material desires may be,
    I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory.

    You must pray this prayer 3 consecutive days without asking your wish. After the 3rd day, your wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this dialogue as your favor has been granted.

  4. I am so wrapped in getting onto this web site. I’m a visitor from Australia to USA to visit my family, only to find them in such turmoil do to my sons drinking. He is an alcoholic and wants help though refuses it. Please include him in your prayers it is his and families only hope. He is my very beautiful son. I will include your intensions in with mine.
    God bless you all

  5. Dear John-Paul, I love your enthusiasm for prayer! Thank you for helping people cultivate habits of prayer to encounter Jesus in a personal way.
    You asked elsewhere on your blog for Catholic bloggers to share their sites with you. I work for the Apostleship of Prayer, and my official blog is Praying With Grace.org. Please check it out!
    I have a feeling you might be intrigued by the Apostleship of Prayer–feel free to contact me so we can connect about our mutual passion: helping people pray!

  6. Thanks for this website. Have you ever been offered to translate this to different languages. I know spanish and also a lot of people that would love to have something like this in their native language.

  7. I thank you for giving reminders of these special novenas! My dilemma is that I forgot to start this all important Holy Spirit novena! Should I start with the day you are on (5), or start from the beginning. I didn’t know exactly what to do, as I would like to be among the 1000′s that are praying for the same intention. Thank you in advance for a suggestion. God reward you.

  8. Mary, Undoer of Knots has powerfully interceded for my prayer-intention. I obtained the online project I prayed for over five other qualified candidates. Thank you very much, Blessed Mother!

  9. As Padre Pio has stated, he was still able to pray for the happy death of his great great grandfather 100yrs after his death. I would appreciate prayers for the happy death of my son’s father Kenneth Duane Helms who died Feb 20, 2012. I have had masses said for him, and I know God is both just and full of mercy, but I still fear for and think about Ken’s soul (and with good reason). You are all now in my thoughts and prayers. If allowed, I would like to have my email address visible in case anyone who is struggling needs to reach out personally. I deal with depression, sorrow, guilt, remorse, disgust at myself at times, low self-esteem (list goes on). I’m not a stranger to emotional pain….. [email protected]

  10. Dear John Paul,
    I feel certain that the Lord led me to your ministry! I had stopped saying novenas for the same reason. I was feeling really bad about that. I too thought it was just me and feel so much better just knowing I’m not alone and that now I have a wonderful solution.
    Thank you for your beautiful ministry. It seems that we need this with today’s distractions now more than ever.
    God Bless,

  11. I would love your help to get these prayers in Spanish also. So we can reach out & share these blessings with many millions more :-)

  12. I’ve been praying with you for about 2 years now and I’m so happy my friend told me about you! Knowing so many people pray with you and for you makes me feel so blessed! I love novenas & having them sent to me is a blessing, I can pray any place any time. God bless you!

  13. Dear Friends: Thank you for your website. It is good to pray with others and for others. I will try to always remember you are with me

    You are John Paul. Please pray for Paul John. He is a very special person in need of the prayers of everyone on this website. When he is healed, I will let everyone know of God’s miracle.


  14. This is a Godsend. So many times I’ve forgotten to pray a novena I have started. Thank You.
    Is it ok to start the Mary Undoer of Knots at this point?

  15. thank you for setting up the site. do you pray for healing? I have a loved one that needs divine intervention for his continued health after chemo. We are blessed each day to see him getting better but now we need God’s everlasting love to fully restore him so he can continue to care for his daughter.

  16. I would like to talk to someone from pray more novenas as we might want to incorporate somethings in our church. I have spoken to our Pastor, I need more information, could someone e-mail me & send me a contact person name and number.

  17. Hello John Paul,
    When will I start to get daily novena reminders? I just joined and eager to start. Thank you.

  18. Hey John Paul and Annie!

    THANK YOU for stepping up and doing this!!! Ingenious! I tell all my friends about this site! You have taken the excuse out of not praying a novena! Since joining Pray More Novenas I have prayed more novenas and have prayed them more fervently. I pray the Lord continue to bless you both in your ministry! Thank you for saying YES to Him and His Mother….and all the Communion of Saints! God Bless you!!!

  19. God bless John-Paul and Annie.Iam thanking you both for inspiration
    and am just blessed and am looking forward to praying and share with my friends and even my muslim friends are requesting i pray for them too! At work all want me to share with them my endless joy in Christ Jesus.Amen…

  20. I need prayer for my health that my thyroid be better and I be 125lbs again I weigh 137 now but my real weight should be 125 but having thyroid promblems put weight on me I even have high blood pressure too take medicine for it also I just want to be all well again and healthy so please pray for me and I don’t have enough money to have my own place and my disabilityccheck is olny 573.00 a month and i can’t even afford my own place and living with someone i don’t want too everything is high price and just need a money windfall blessings to happen for me hoping i win the contest i enter in it would really help and I would be so grateful to St Jude if i win I wouldn’t need my disability check no more and I be wise with the money I would have my own house and give to the needy and pay my taxes on it and help my family and give to a church and I keep believing i recieve this miracle also I need prayer the right guy will come into my life and God knows what my heart that I asked him to bring the right person into my life just need extra prayer for my needs Godbless you thank you

  21. I prayed got a temp job with very little pay .going for it please let me know whether this is for me . Jesus .needed urgent prayer for my daughter to find a good catholic .SL partner . find me a way to save my home you know Jesus what and how i can pay off my home . I do not want to loose going for daily mass . my two sons to have peace the curse in my family to be banished from this generation and into next may the precious Blood of Jesus Christ cover my whole family.

  22. Hi…I am more than very new at this. I do NOT KNOW how to make any Novena except I know it is 9 days of prayers> Does it involve saying a Rosary plus other prayers? Is there a booklet on how to make The Divine mercy Novena? I have heard of ‘caplets’ or something?
    I have never made a Novena of any kinds…
    Can someone help or give me a link I can go to ….to get the right information?
    Thank you….

  23. Last year I submitted my paperwork for my annullment, and got an affirmative response from my local diocese in 5 months. I have been waiting patiently for the archdiocese to send me a letter saying that my annullment is complete so that I can be free.

  24. It is wonderful what God is doing for me always.may His name be praised forever Amen! Within the time we were praying the novena to St. Padre Pio,my Niece who has been having unbearable pains from Gallbladder experienced wonderful relieve.I thank God and all the Saints we have been praying to and you all my Friends in the Praymorenovenas Community. The Lord is good all the time.

  25. Dear Team..

    I had prayed for a job for my husband in dubai.. and through the intercession of St Jospeh , my prayers were answered. He has been offered the job and will be soon moving to dubai.

  26. Could you please add a page to the site for answered novena prayers? I’ve never had any luck praying novenas in the past and a friend is really urging me to pray the Walk of the Incarnation. It worked a miracle for her, and her other intentions have come to fruition too, but I think hers is a one-off case and not the norm. It would help me to read about others who have had concrete, positive experiences from praying novenas as I make my decision about praying this novena.

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s had this question or could benefit from such a page.

    • I have also witnessed at least one miracle as the result of someone praying the Walk of the Incarnation. In addition, I’ve had all of my requests answered. This novena, also called the “novena for impossible requests,” is incredibly powerful! I strongly recommend that everyone pray this novena. Nearly everyone that I’ve known to pray it has said they will pray it every year for the rest of their lives because their results have been so incredible! Pray for 3 very difficult intentions; you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    • Dear AMH:

      I do not know of any site either in the USA or Mexico that tells people their prayer on the novena has been answered. In Mexico, there is a tradition that when a novena helps our cause or needs, the post an add in the wanted adds in all the city’s newspaper, or even in huge billboards.

      I do want to remind you, that prayer is always answered. The answer might be a NO to what we wish for, but it is still an answer. Saint Thomas did not believe that the Lord had risen from the grave and says ” i will not believe until I put my finger in his holes and my hand in his wounded side.” Take or add a few words.

      Remember that when we pray, we need to have Faith, to abandon ourselves in His hands and endless mercy; he also has His own time to answer our prayers because He has a plan for us, He can see the big picture but we can only see our part of the picture.

      I am telling you this not because I do not have any problems in my life, each one of us has their own cross to bear. But I can say to you with no doubt what so ever, if one is willing to believe and just let Him take charge of our life, He WILL work wonders.

      May the Lord bless you and your family and provide what you need now and always.


      Your sister in Christ,


  27. I met a wonderful guy from Nigeria by the name of Kenneth and we have a daughter together. He loves God and want to repent but he needs help. Please pray for him to stop selling drugs so that he can lead a normal life. I cant marry him because of that because I know God does not like that. Please pray for him to stop selling drugs. Also that God give him a good business idea.

  28. I please ask for prayers for my husband who has many addictions. For him to be brought into Gods light and that God will help him to grow a wonderful prayer life. I also pray for my children, that they will always meet friends that will bring them closer to Christ and for their vocations. I ask for peace in our families and for financial freedom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  29. The second anniversary of my fathers death is on March 12, 2014,. It is also my mothers 89th birthday. I will go to visit my fathers tomb and also help my mother make it through the day as it is also a day of celebration that she is still with us. It is very conflicting for me please pray for my family that we may find peace in the Lord that day. Also please pray for my fathers soul in heaven. Thank you.

  30. My family and I have been served an eviction notice and we are currently battling to find suitable and affordable accommodation. I pray to St Jude to intercede with God during this desperate time and to also make the landlord show more compassion in allowing my family more time to search for suitable accommodation.

    St Jude pray for us in our time of need. Amen

    Liesl and family

  31. I pray that my daughter gets accepted to this program thru her school. Its a great opportunity for her. Also, I’m making a huge decision with my boyfriend and I’m hoping that its the question I’ve been waiting for.. St.Francis please guide me in the right directio…Amen

  32. I am a new comer to this web site and i believe that God will hear all my prayers. Please pray for my children to finish their education. My middle child started college years ago but did not complete. I have prayed everyday for him to go back to school. He said his mind is not settled and that he gets so scared. Please pray for him that every satanic demons in his life should be destroy in Jesus name. Please pray for my two sons to have a good wife that will make them happy. Please pray for my daughter to have a settle home with her husband and child. I need prayer for peace in my heart, home and at work. Thank you and God will continue to be with you and your family.

  33. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion. Let me start out though by thanking you for this website. I have been praying novenas now through this website for several months, and I enjoy it very much. I know there is a novena announcement coming very soon for February, but I wanted to make a suggestion for March. I was born on the feast of the Annunciation, March 25. I would love it if we could pray the Annunciation Novena in March. Since this feast day is so special to me, I would love to pray this novena, knowing that I would be praying it along with so many people. Thanks for all the good work you are doing.

    • Mary Beth, even if that is not the one chosen for March I will pray it with you. That way you will not be alone in praying it.


  34. Please pray for our priest, Fr. Phil, who has just been diagnosed with cancer and is currently hospitalized. He pastors two churches, so it it quite a blow to many.


  36. I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer and will begin daily radiation treatments this week. I pray for myself and ask others to pray for me that I bring glory to God, have serenity and peace and am a good witness of my faith . God’s will be done .

  37. Tonight, January 6th the night before the cancer novena to St. Periguine, I ask for prayers for my cousin whose husband may be on his last hours due to complications from a brain tumor.

  38. For my sister Diane who has had surgery for cancer and is beginning today, Dec. 19 chemo. I ask that she be healed and given strength in mind, body, and soul. That the all side effects from the chemo are taken away and God’s power is infused in these treatments to heal Diane.

  39. I want to thank you for providing this site. It has been a comfort to me in this past year with several difficulties our family has faced. I would like to request prayers for my daughter and son-in-law. They are expecting their first child in a few months and just found out that he has a severe heart defect. While recovery rates are 80-90% he will have to have several surgeries in the first four years of his life. I am praying for a miracle–a healing for my grandson. And for God to give my daughter and her husband the strength to get through this. They are strong in their faith and I know God will get them through this. Thank you.

  40. Hi! Just signed up to join the prayer novena to the holy spirit. I used to have this before but when the hard copy got lost I stopped. Tonight I had a visitor and I ask her to help me pray for the success of my daughter’s forthcoming exam in january 24,2014 in LA, USA, when she asked me if I pray the novena of the holy spirit then I told her that I stopped doing it because I lost the hard copy. It turned that I was reminded to search in the internet and thanks God I found this website. I thought of praying this whatever result of my daughters examination. I will entrust everything to God because He’s the source of all. Thanks for accepting me. May God bless thid website always!

  41. It is my first time to pray anovena and iam glad to be part of your praying family.I need you to join me in prayer as i prayer for my family.My husband is facing financial constraits the debts are growing bigger and bigger and the family progress is at astand still he is losing hope and courage to move on,our parents ailing health,my kids education and my brother who is becoming an alchol addict.I need you in my prayer.

  42. My sister starting sending me the Novena prayers, and I have been praying the Immaculate Conception novena. I was just about to say today’s prayer when I saw what it was for. My eyes teared up because I have been separated from my husband for almost one year. We have an adult child with severe psychiatric issues and my husband is a combat vet. My husband’s PTSD was growing worse every year (we have been married 15 years) and he began to take his aggression out on us which caused so much turmoil I had to take my son out of the situation. My husband has not forgiven me nor will he talk to me or get help. I would love my family back. I am so glad we’re praying for all these needs…today is a special one for me. Thank you and God Bless.

  43. I have never prayed a novena before. I have prayed hard to Our Holy Father and Holy Mother as well as the Arch Angels. I hope by joining this prayer group I will learn to pray the Novena with devotion. I would like to pray with the group for my Son Jonathan who is only 19 years old and his girlfriend Rachel. They are both battling drug addiction. I have recently helped my son detox at home. He seems to really have a desire to be clean but his girlfriend does not. His girlfriend has already overdosed and I worry that she or they will leave this world to soon if they don’t change their ways. We need prayers.

  44. Please pray for Silas Ficek. He is the son of a dear friend and he is very ill. Your prayers are appreciated.

    Prayer is very powerful and we feel blessed to have found this site. We are thankful to receive the novena reminders they send.

  45. Please someone pray for me. I’m suffering with horrible migraines and tinnitus. I just want to feel normal again. I’m so under stress with four children and had a real big out if state move. I need help. I’m at the point I don’t want to leave my bed and feeling depressed with the constant head pain and ringing in the ear. I’m nothing without God this I know but feeling like he’s been real busy and maybe can’t hear me. I’m so sad and afraid. I’m sorry to bother you but I can’t do this alone.

  46. Please pray for my husband to find a job and stay with the job. He needs help to stop drinking. He drinks 24/7. I also need prayers that my son makes the right choices. I need peace between my husband and son. I pray my son gets into his own low income apartments. Hope to hear from them soon. It’s been like 6 months he apply for apartments.

    God Bless You

  47. Hi, Friends in Christ,

    What a wonderful feeling of unity and love. I thank you for your efforts in gathering us
    together in prayer. I would like to ask you to pray for me to find a new purpose in life.
    My husband and I have recently divorced after 38 years of marriage. It was a hard
    decision for me since we were also involved in a 30 year old business. I am having a hard time finding a new life. If you could keep me in your prayers I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you and may God bless you all.

  48. Please pray for my children in school. They need help with their grades. I’m doing all that I can do but it seems that it is just not enough. They study and study but test grades are not good. Can you please help me pray for them.

    Thank You

  49. Hello,

    First i do thank you for the noble idea of coming up with this site to touch many peoples lives.

    I am just new year and i do reguest your prayers for i am in a very difficult situations especially debts and financil challenges something dragging me into world of shamefullness.as a result of this am loosing my very close friends.Also i pray to God to abolish all bad intentions my enemies may have for me.

    Also pray for me to get a promotion in my job as next week am going to do my performance appraisal.And i also look for long term partner(wife) who can be always there for me especially at this time of difficulties

    May our good GOD bless you abudantly all of you.

  50. Hello,
    I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU and God bless you for making it possible for me and my family to say the St Jude novena.
    I am a single mother of an infant and I have been struggling to find a job since I waa made redundant whilst on maternity leave.
    Just before the novena started, I had been informed that a role I had been interviewing foroover the last tgree months had been put on hold ‘until further notice’. I was desperate and in great distress. Within two days of saying the novena, I received a phone call from the same company saying recruitment for the role would recommence abd inviting me for a final interview. I got the job on day 5 and what’s more, it pays better than my old job!
    I cannot thank God ans St Jude enough for this but I just wanted to encourage everyone out there – St Jude is really the miracle worker and God IS able! :) Thank you very much for making it possible for me to say the novena at a time I desperately needed to.
    God bless you all always.

  51. I just want to thank you very much for starting this. I have wanted to pray more novenas but always would forget or would skip a couple days then just quit. Well I’m a recent college graduate and majored in xray technology. I have had the hardest time finding a job and about a month and half ago I interviewed at my dream hospital/ideal place to live. I never heard back from them and just decided I didn’t get the job. Until we started doing the St Jude novena. I received a call back from them this past Friday tellin me sorry for the long wait but we would like to extend the offer to you :)) God is so amazing as are the saints who pray for us!! So thanks for doing this great way to keep our faith going especially us college age kids!

  52. Dear JP

    Thank you very much for this website.a friend of mine introduced me to it and funny enough i had just started praying St Jude’s novena.I found you guys on day 3.I had lost faith.I am in school,no job,no salary,no savings and no sponsor.Everyone told me it is a bad idea but somehow i felt this is where i should be.i started a journey with only faith in my heart.It’s two months.I have had good samaritans help with the first deposit,still waiting on the second.I eat everyday and sleep happy.I have nothing but my faith yet I am content.This weeks novena has brought many blessings.Job adverts have popped up out of the blue.

    Sometimes miracles or answers dont come as huge notices.I have received many.Please pray for God to strengthen my faith in him and so that i continue to have more miracles.

  53. I need prayers for my teenage daughter. She is having suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her so that these thoughts can be taken from her. Thank you. Amen.

  54. Thank you for offering up all our prayers with your own as you began this ministry with your wife. I am so grateful and excited to begin the practice of praying novenas more often and successfully. I will be praying specifically for my husband who is estranged from his father the past 5 years after many years of childhood abuse and a final and lasting argument in adulthood. We’ve been invited to share Christmas at my in laws family home this year for the first time since, and I pray my husband has the strength and confidence to accept the invitation with grace and be responsible for his part in their argument while providing the best example he knows how of self control and personal responsibility as well as forgiveness for our children. Mother Mary, pray for us with all the angels and saints.

  55. Pax Christi!

    Please pray for my friend David who is in prison. He really needs our help.

    Thank you all.

    God bless.

  56. Dear JP. Thank you for the good work. I love it daily. Please pray for my mother during this and coming novenas. Doctors have found in the recent biopsy that she has an INVASIVE MALIGNANT MELANOMA (TUMOR).
    The Tumor cells are diffusely and strongly positive for mart-1 and
    negative for Pancytokeratin, supporting the above diagnosis.

    She has been bleeding since about two months.
    Please pray for her healing.

  57. Help me pray for my daughters to get jobs that suit their qualifications and for my family to get rid of debts and be financially stable.

  58. I have been praying with St. Theresa, St Monica, St. Pio, St Jude, St. Thomas and the guardian angels for years for my husband and my son. I have yet to receive a rose or maybe I don’t recognize it. I have many rose plants around my house, I thought maybe a new bloom would appear or some spectacular picture would arrive in the mail from something totally unrelated.
    I won’t give up and I don’t want to worry because I know our Lord loves us all and wants everyone to be in heaven with Him. I know prayers are not magic formulas and that if the prayed for person still rejects God’s love the prayers are not wasted but put where they will do good in that person’s life, perhaps to offset the negative example. That doesn’t stop the hurt I feel when I pray so hard for something so good and nothing happens to indicate some future hope for that person’s soul.

  59. October 1, 2013
    Please pray for my daughter and husband who have been married for 6 years and unable to conceive. After several tests and medical appointments the diagonsis of unexplanable inferility was given to them. They so desire to have a family.
    Recently, I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia and deal with daily pain. I would appreciate prayers that I am able to continue to my daily activities of volunteering in our community since my retirement.
    Thank you

  60. Please pray with me for my family. To keep them safe from the allure of drugs & that those recovering from addictions will renew their faith & gain strength from it. I ask for help in being an example of Christ’s love in all that do. And finally, for the financial security of my family and all those in need.
    Dearest Mary, Mother of God, please pray for us.

  61. please join me to pray for approval for my final profession of vows in medical missionaries of mary congregation. Also pray for my sisters in their difficulties they are facing in their homes, and my friend’s husband to return to her and their son.

  62. Just want to know if all of these novenas are approved by Vatican and or the Pope ? What you r doing is great and I hope you get many graces from this but remember we have to be obedient first, if we are not then no amount of novenas will matter because. Jesus was obedient to the point of death to his father, we must also do the same.

    God Bless

    Richard Carlucci

    P.S. Pray for me I get a good job, Newly married with my first baby on the way. Its a boy and we are naming him Sebastian, after “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Sebastian”. If that picture doesn’t melt your heart…..

  63. I have never prayed through St. Anne but have been inspired by Anne testimony and today I am embarking on praying a Novena to St. Anne in search for a husband. Only God knows how I am desperately tired of being this lonely! It draws my faith back, I hate it! I need to stay close to my saviour all the days of my life but this has not let me be!!!! Kindly pray for me because i believe in the power of group prayer.

  64. Will you be praying a novena to St. Michael the Archangel, and St Gabriel and St Raphael, whose feast day is Sept. 29? We desperately need their intercession in our society these days. Thank you and God bless.

  65. Dear John Paul and Annie….

    Must be shorter than I wish (have to pick up little 5 yr old ella…grand daughter…from school, here in winnipeg, manitoba, canada! (reknown for being the coldest city in world in the POP< category of over 600,000 …LOL!) Currently at 750,000 and growing!

    Simply want to say thank you soooooooo much! I had just finished two novenas (Mary, Undoer of knots….and one to St Joseph)! While online…searching for other novenas, I came upon YOUR web site! And now no need to look elsewhere!!!!

    And also fyi:!!!! I use a similar line quite often! I save lives during day…and keep ALL playing in evenings and over weekends!!! LOL!!

    Will explain more in near future! Just wanted to connect with you and Annie! A beautiful couple…and GODhas blessed me…with many beautiful people within my life!

    So you may have a glimpse… I include the following link…so you may see how BLESSED I AM!


    John Robertson
    The Richest Man in Town!
    One of 16 siblings (10 brothers/6 sisters…all still alive!)
    Father to seven…grandfather to 9…with #10 arriving Xmas week…and #11 at easter!


  66. Many people are joining together to pray to Sts. Cosmas and Damian (twin saints/physicians from Syria) to pray for peace in Syria and in the whole world. Their feast day is September 26th. The novena will run Sept. 17th – 25th. Would you consider offering this novena to your mailing list? The prayer is as follows:

    NOVENA PRAYER FOR SYRIA – September 17 to 25.

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    O God of peace, who are peace itself and whom a spirit of discord cannot grasp, nor a violent mind receive, grant that those who are one in heart may persevere in what is good and that those in conflict may forget evil and so be healed.

    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
    Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    One God, for ever and ever.

    May you be magnified, O Lord, by the revered memory of your Saints Cosmas and Damian, for with providence beyond words you have conferred on them everlasting glory, and on us, your unfailing help.

    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
    Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    One God, for ever and ever.

    Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us
    Saints Cosmas and Damian, pray for us

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  67. John-Paul, thank you for carring the world along with prayers, keep it up,God must surely reward you with heaven. Amen.

  68. I am in a very non productive and desperate place which has placed my faith in serious doubt. I have prayed many a novena and rosary none of which were ever answered but right now I need God’s positive intervention. It is a financial and emotional request to get back in the grove of life.

    I am truly in need of God’s intercession.

    • Patrick, I feel like I’m in exactly the same situation you describe. I will pray for you if you will pray for me. My son’s middle name is Patrick.

      • My name is Kathleen and my son’s name is Patrick. He needs prayers for similar situations in his life and I need help in praying for him. Please pray with and for us also.

  69. Dear brother thanks for your prayers.Now I request to for my family. My sisters and my brother are suffering in their family for various reason. such as toomuch debt, case in court, misunderstanding from officers, husband’s torture, hearing a bad words from husband, divorce confusion with wife. please pray for us to be realeased from this burden. thank you. I too will pray for you. I am a catholic.

  70. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this website, I live in hope that with praying together perhaps the lord will hear our prayers, I so wish to find a job so as I can support my family and to find a place to live in the country, My shoulders feel so heavy with worry as they return to school, I do pray that they are happy, where we live there are alot of neighbours who cause us trouble I get depressed living here as if suffocating, Please give me the courage I need and show me the correct path to take, My children are the best gift I want the best for them, their happiness and safety are paramount to me.



    • I want to assure you of my prayers. Normatter what the Doctors mention about Sister Rachael’s case, the Lord will heal her by the power in his blood.
      Pls be encouraged!

  71. Am glad to be one among the million who hav joined your website.I will be grateful after my prayers will be answered. Please pray for me to get a very nice job.I also request you to join me in my prayers that God show me the right person to have him in my lifetime.

    • i am requesting for prayers for gerry and victoria to get a good job and for gerry ortega to get called for an interview and gets hired for the job i also pray that Victoria gets a job and to keep Victoria motherinlaw away from hereto keep all jeolous and evil people away from Victoria gerry ortega and the expecting baby to protect them from all evil people and to stop for my daughter to stop being be evil please help me pray for them and there unborn child is being born and for Jason to pass his interview fir a job and to protect my daughter Jessica granddaughter selina and for me to get a house and have the money gore the closing cost please let me have a home for my family and a job
      thank you please help me pray for my request

      thank you Judy