Sometimes We Need a Reminder!

Have you ever started praying a novena only to forget to pray it after a few days?

This used to happen to me all the time!

I started this website to help me and you to remember to pray all 9 days of the novena prayers. I do this by sending you email reminders with the novena prayers right in the body of the email.

Now, if you’re like me, you check your email every day. So, when you’re checking your email, you will be reminded to get praying!

It turns out that I’m not the only one who needs reminding… So far, several thousand people have joined in praying novenas with the help of these little reminders!

You can get your own reminder and pray together with thousands of others by signing up here:

About Me

John-Paul and Annie Deddens

Hi there, my name is John-Paul Deddens. I’m just a regular Catholic guy.

I work full-time in the pro-life movement as the director of a non-profit that I started. So, by day I save lives, by night I remind you to pray!

I started this site because I wanted to pray more novenas, but I would constantly forget to do it on the right days.

It got to the point where I would not pray novenas because I didn’t think it was worth starting and not finishing. I realized that this was a problem when…

A while back, my girlfriend (now she’s my wife!) asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with her. I declined because I knew I would forget to pray everyday.

As I thought about my response, I realized that it really wasn’t good enough and I set out to create something to help me to remember to pray.

And PrayMoreNovenas.com was born!

It has grown so much in just a few short years that now my wife Annie is working full-time on this ministry!

A lot of prayers have been answered and God has blessed this community. I hope you will join us!


What People are Saying…

“This is really great, John-Paul! Thank you so much for doing this :)”
- Grace K.

“Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service! I LOVE it that the prayers come right to my inbox – NO excuses, and NO more forgetting! God bless you!”
- I.S.

“Just a word of thanks and gratitude to you for helping me and LOTS of people pray. I really appreciate all the time, effort, and work that is involved in such a work of God. God bless you, thank you!”
- Connie M.

“THANK YOU so much for sending us this novena each day.”
- Liz

“I wanted to tell you that I have felt a wonderful sense of unity by being a part of this prayerful endeavor… Thank you!”
- Patty

Join us in prayer here:


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  1. Please keep a dear friend/sister of mine in your prayers as they say goodbye to her Dad today. As he is welcomed into heaven, please pray for healing in their hearts as this is very unexpected. Thank you.

  2. Okay- so, my family has been praying almost every novena with you for over a year. I know that God answers every prayer we send His way, but over the long year with no visible answers – in other words, I wasn’t getting the answers I wanted – my dh and I began to laugh that we were novena proof! No novenas would “work” for us.

    This, of course, is faulty thinking – our prayers are not coins in a vending machine with the expectation that the snack or soda we want comes out.

    Rather our prayers, even novenas with specific intentions or requests, are to be offered as gifts of love as a thank you to God for ALL He has already given us from the gift of His son and His death and resurrection, to our treasure of faith and on and on. Our prayers are a ‘Thank You’ note to our loving Father for all He has and will do for us.

    So, we began the novena to St. Monica with the intention of finding employment for my older daughters who recently found themselves unemployed….you know what is going to happen don’t you?? :-)

    I didn’t even finish it when one daughter got an offer for a lovely job with a small Catholic company and today – the feast of Monica’s son, St. Augustine – my other daughter got an offer for a job with a Christian organization!

    I am laughing and shaking my head at God’s timing and love – He is truly good!

    Thanks for your ministry!

  3. Hi, I’m now at a different church from being a Catholic for the last 2 years. Is it wrong to be praying the Novenas’.

  4. First, I’d like to thank you for this ministry. I join in on all the Novenas. Just finished the Saint Monica novena.
    I sent a donation on 8/13. My card statement shows a charge of $84.00. I don’t think I submitted that amount. Could you please check your records and see why you have this amount charged?
    Thank you for your assistance.

  5. Would you be so kind enough as to resend the Day 6-the St. Monica Novena. It looks like that some of my emails are being directed to SPAM. I found today in SPAM the Day 9. Thank you and God bless you.

  6. Dear Prayer Warriors,

    Tomorrow morning we are beginning a Power Novena for a young women named Rachel Woell. She is supposed to be starting her senior year of high school, but instead she has just been told that there are few options left to treat her brain tumor. Tomorrow morning (8/23) at 6:00 am (CDT) we will begin to pray the rosary every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours. If anyone would like to participate, the support would be greatly appreciated.

    God is amazing! Blessings to you all!

  7. Hi

    This is my first time I ever participated in a novena…so I am new to all this…I have been drawn to this almost like a calling…I have been a single mom for 24 years and loved every minute of it, but I have to admit I’ve been thru hell and back and I have dragged my two kids along, now adults…my son is mentally challenged and has a nerve disorder called neurofybromitosis…I know he hurts he just doesn’t tell me…the thing is I just don’t want his illness to progress to worse, then my daughter oh my daughter she is the youngest of the two and she suffers from severe depression,PTSD and anxiety attacks….I fear she is wasting away her beautiful heart and potential, for her I ask the same that her illness doesn’t progress into something worse…I too suffer from severe depression and social anxiety…we are constantly struggling to put food on the table oh st. Jude please help our broken family….

  8. Hullo john-paul and Annie, my name is mukisa yvonne sikada residing in uganda, East Africa, i was introduced to these novenas by sister Diva,i would like to take this opportunity to than kyou both for the regular novenas and the reminders.they have been so helpful for most things i pray for really come to reality like when i prayed for a shop for my clothing business which is doing quite well.your doing a great job and may the lord bless you for that. thank you very much.

  9. Hi, I am requesting prayer during this novena for the ability to conceive. I have been diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrome, borderline diabetes, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle and weakened ovulation. I asking to keep myself and my partner in your thoughts and prayers. I will not claim what doctors have diagnosed for all things are possible through Christ. Thanks in advance

  10. Hi John-Paul and Annie,
    I received day 1, day 2 and day 3 of St. Monica Novena, but didn’t receive day 4 today.
    Would you please send to me?
    Thank you.

  11. These novenas are very powerful and reach so many people. Would you be able to make a novena to stop the black mass set to take place on Sept. 21st in Oklahoma City? We need every prayer.

    St. Michael, defend us!

  12. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    I want to thank you both for these novena reminders. My sister first sent it to me back in May 2014. She had joined to pray novenas, as she finds community from it, and I do too. I know you are in Our Dear Lord’s heart. I just wanted you to know what a blessing this had been to me. I pray more, and my heart is full of hope and love for all who need our collective prayers. What a compassionate loving couple God has given us in you both and I know he will bless you for your advocacy.
    Sincerely, Francine

  13. praise Jesus! I have just bumped into your website and I am so happy that I can now join a family of prayer.May our good God bless for the great job