Sometimes We Need a Reminder!

Have you ever started praying a novena only to forget to pray it after a few days?

This used to happen to me all the time!

I started this website to help me and you to remember to pray all 9 days of the novena prayers. I do this by sending you email reminders with the novena prayers right in the body of the email.

Now, if you’re like me, you check your email every day. So, when you’re checking your email, you will be reminded to get praying!

It turns out that I’m not the only one who needs reminding… So far, several thousand people have joined in praying novenas with the help of these little reminders!

You can get your own reminder and pray together with thousands of others by signing up here:

About Us

John-Paul and Annie Deddens

Hi there, our names are John-Paul and Annie Deddens. We’re just a regular Catholic couple.

I (John-Paul) started this site because I wanted to pray more novenas, but I would constantly forget to do it on the right days.

It got to the point where I would not pray novenas because I didn’t think it was worth starting and not finishing. I realized that this was a problem when…

A while back, my girlfriend (now she’s my wife!) asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with her. I declined because I knew I would forget to pray everyday.

As I thought about my response, I realized that it really wasn’t good enough and I set out to create something to help me to remember to pray.

And PrayMoreNovenas.com was born!

At the time, I worked full-time in the pro-life movement as the director of a non-profit I started, Students for Life. So, by day I would save lives, by night I would remind you to pray! Annie was a local news producer.

It has grown so much in just a few short years that now my wife Annie and I are now working full-time on this ministry!

A lot of prayers have been answered and God has blessed this community. I hope you will join us!


What People are Saying…

“This is really great, John-Paul! Thank you so much for doing this :)”
– Grace K.

“Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service! I LOVE it that the prayers come right to my inbox – NO excuses, and NO more forgetting! God bless you!”
– I.S.

“Just a word of thanks and gratitude to you for helping me and LOTS of people pray. I really appreciate all the time, effort, and work that is involved in such a work of God. God bless you, thank you!”
– Connie M.

“THANK YOU so much for sending us this novena each day.”
– Liz

“I wanted to tell you that I have felt a wonderful sense of unity by being a part of this prayerful endeavor… Thank you!”
– Patty

Join us in prayer here:


Other Things We Do

Annie writes a blog called Catholic Wife, Catholic Life.
John-Paul is still involved with Students for Life of Illinois.
We also run Pope Quotes.

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  1. I was attempting to leave a donation but I simply cannot find a ‘submit’ button on my computer when I put all my information in. Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. I was receiving these novenas on your special person list and I stop getting them a couple of weeks ago. Don’t know what happened. Could you please start sending me the novenas at the e-mail on the top of this reply. Thank you John Paul and Annie.

  3. Sorry to use this space for a business matter, but could not find any other website to communicate with you.

    I guess my last email didn’t get delivered. I am sorry, but I am getting a little annoyed.

    I recently had my computer hacked and had to reconstruct all my auto-pays. You deducted $7 from my account on the 3rd of this month and then again on the 19th. Can you please fix this. I do appreciate all you novenas and prayers. I am truly blessed by this website. Thank you and God Bless you and the good work that you do.

  4. Wondering why I have not received the past two days of St. Anne novena. I have checked my spam box and there is nothing there. Thanks for your help.

  5. I am so thankful for the Pray More Novena apostolate. It’s very refreshing to see this dynamic young couple on fire for Jesus and His Church! May our Lord continue His blessings upon them always!

  6. I do not know how I have been unsubscribed and cannot get back in with this email address which is the only one I have. Can you help

  7. Hello – I have loved praying all Novenas with you until recently when I had to unsubscribe to everything to my email. I have tried to resubmit my request to join but can not due to the program having me listed as unsubscribed. Could you please resubmit me to your list? Thanking you in advance and God bless!

  8. I love your Novenas that you make available. They are so important in these times! It is great to know that so many prayer warriors are joining in solidarity in the communion of Saints.! God- Bless

    Joe Ott “Cause of Our Joy ‘ Radio

  9. I pray many of the novenas you share. I’m praying a novena to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, whose feast is July 16. I thought for sure you’d have it. I’m sorry you don’t. Maybe next year?

  10. I had just sign up, Ill be be looking forward to join this Novena Prayer. Could I please ask you to help me pray for the healing of my husband’s cancer, for good health and for financially able to pay our debts. With the power of prayers, I believe that everything is possible!! Thank you!

  11. I’m guessing you guys have a schedule or something, but could you throw in a novena for peace & unity sometime? I’m sure we’ve said one before, but now it seems like we need it more than ever…. With all the violence, Dallas & elsewhere, it would be nice to pray as a community for something we so desperately need in our world :(

  12. July 9, 2:50pm
    Pl pray my sister house sells quickly. She is a widow and needs to get out of this house as it is so big and the expense is draining her funds.

    We have found a small 2 bedroom condo for her that is perfect for her. She just recently had a heart attack. She has tried for 6 yrs to sell her house without success. She needs to sell her house within a couple months to be able to purchase this condo and have a small nest egg for future expenses. She has reduced it several times. Please pray for her that it sells this time around. Thank you! In JESUS Christ Our Lord AMEN !!!

  13. I am a volunteer with my archdiocese’s human trafficking initiative. My assignment is to get folks praying for our initiative. Are you aware of a novena for the victims, both ale and female, of human trafficking. Thanks much!

  14. Please pray for my family which is being torn apart by my husband’s infidelity and his lack of trust and hope that rings can improve. He has given up. I am having a very difficult time accepting this. Our 2 children do not know yet, but we will have to say something soon as we can’t hide this any longer. (I’ve asked him to sleep on the couch, so they’re going to see that and probably start to ask questions.) I believe that all things are possible with God, and I know He is with me, but this is an extremely difficult thing for me. I have never been in so much anguish in my life: for our children for him and for myself. This is a very perilous and miserable other he has chosen. I do not plan to give up easily but it is difficult to remain hopeful and not despair.

  15. My name is Juanita, I am writing to ask if you could put my 9 year old niece Antonia in your prayers, if you can pray a novena for her health. She is sick and needs all the prayers she can get.
    Thank you so very much,

  16. Are you aware of this planned 54 day Rosary novena? It’s scheduled for August 15 through October 7. Will you be supporting it?

    61 years ago it was a 54 day Rosary novena that was instrumental in my eventually meeting and marrying my wife. We just celebrated our 60th anniversary about two months ago. (this is an extremely short version of the full story)

    God Bless……

  17. We would like to do a novena of thanksgiving for answered prayers about a serious family situation. Which novena would you recommend? Thanks and God bless your ministry!

  18. I’d like to thank God for allowing me to stumble across your website which has helped me start praying again.
    I am a Catholic wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, sister in-law and friend in need of returning to weekly mass, I’ve stopped attending as we live in a very small community and we are suffering with many different types of hardships in our life and am embarrassed to run into people because of many reasons. We were so involved with our Church, I worked in the rectory for 17 yrs, now I may be homeless in a month.
    If you can find the time to pray for me it would mean the world.
    I admire a young couple as yourselves and the work you do.
    God Bless you both and all in need of getting back to church and God.

  19. I dont want my name to be made public please as long as you remember me

  20. Hi John Paul & Annie.

    Pls consider posting a novena to:
    (a) St Dymphna – patron saint of those suffering from nervous disorders and all sorts of mental afflictions; and
    (b) St M Kolbe – patron saint of those addicted to drugs.

    Thank you, and God Bless You.


    • Thank you. I just finished saying a novena for my brother who is very sick on her hospital right now because of drug addiction. My little brother needs Jesus Christ as massive amounts of healing. He is full of pain and more pain emotionally. I need prayer that we can find him a beautiful program and also that the great Lord will touch him inside and out in ways like nothing before. Amen and thank you for letting me know who the Saint was for drug addiction. This was meant for me tonight.

  21. ALERT: answered prayer
    Prayer is so powerful. I have been praying with Pray More Novenas for 1.5 years and now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I have posted many of my prayer intentions and wondered why my prayers were not being answered. Behold, God is great, pray pray pray, the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary, all the angels and saints, I couldn’t have won this battle without you. Through this journey myself and my family have become so much closer to God. Trust in God, it is hard to let yourself go and say “Jesus, this is my problem, I give it to you, I place all my trust in you”, I say, don’t lose hope, have patience, Jesus is working behind the scenes to give you a better life. I love you all my brothers and sisters in Christ and pray that you too will receive the grace of God. John-Paul and Annie, I love you.

  22. I’ve been unemployed for over six years with a wife & two kids. B’cos of that it’s putting strain on the marriage, even with a treat of divorce. Last Friday, I decided to seek help from my parish priest to start a business. I need US$4000.00 to set up the business which can employ not less than 10 youths in the church with the potential of employing 200 + in the next two years. The response I got is our bishop has instructed them not to do such things anymore. I was very sad & wanted to solicit help from anywhere possible, fortunately I chance on this site & decided to join you for these novenas for there’s strength in numbers. I’ve been doing all duties as a good church member. For the past six years, I’ve paid all my dues ( church & harvest dues). Can you please join me to pray to get my business started?

  23. Just wanted to share that the power of prayer works! I prayed the “Our Lady Untier of Knots” novena earlier this spring, asking for help with a career situation, and literally days after the novena ended I received a surprise job offer. God is good and THANK YOU for creating this community!

  24. Am so glad being able to join this group. I know it will help me a lot to be praying always because due to some difficulties in my life I’ve not been able to pray but am sure now that with this link I will be praying always. May God bless you. MM.

  25. I’m trying to sign up for daily reminder and I’m not getting the confirmation email. Have tried numerous times.
    Thank you.

  26. Hi, I haven’t received any emails from you since the 4th of May. I have tried to register again this afternoon but there have been no emails from you to reactivate the form. I have checked on both my inbox and spam several times but nothing.

    I did do the Novena to Our Lady, Untier of Knots, and some of it worked but not all. Thank you very much.


  27. Plz plz all the Comunity members pray for me am very depressed due to my mum she very sick and haven’t seen her for 15yrs so plz pray for her to get better so can go see her

  28. I just recently joined your site. What a wonderful way to remind me daily about nine day Novenas! My usual is the Miraculous Medal Novena which is said every Monday evening at my church or St. Jude Novena.
    Reading about Pentecost and it’s meaning, I realized that I had never directed a novena to the Holy Spirit. Thanks to your site, I finally accomplished it! My daughter, who is 43, was expecting her second child – I was a nervous wreck because of her age – I know that may sound silly, but most of her friends’ children are already heading into their teen years. I prayed for her and the baby. Joyfully, baby Jacob arrived at 9lbs 3oz – Mother and Jacob are doing just fine.

  29. now I know many novenas because of guys I really appreciated this effort that you did so that we can strengthen our faith through Prayers’. Me and my wife Monica we are so proud about this website, you inspired us guys. We love u,one day when GOD gives us chance will like to visit you and spend some quality time with you. And I know its going to happen in Jesus Name AMEN!

  30. now I know many novenas because of guys I really appreciated this effort that you did so that we can strengthen our faith through Prayers’. Me and my wife Monica we are so proud about this website, you inspired us guys. We love u,one day when GOD gives us chance will like to visit you and spend some quality time with you. And I know its going to happen in Jesus Name AMEN!

  31. John-Paul and Annie, for some reason, which I do not know, I was “unsubscribed” from PrayMoreNovenas.com.

    Now I am now trying to sign up again, but to no avail!! The message says “You’re Almost Done”, that an e-mail was sent to me to confirm, and if I don’t see it to check my junk and/or spam folder.

    I do not see it – I’ve checked my e-mails, my junk, and my spam folders, and there’s NOTHING there.

    You say if it’s not there to “fill out the form” – what/where is the form?!! PLEASE help!!

    Thank you.

  32. I am so thankful and blessed to have discovered praymorenovenas.com. I am at a stage in my life where I seek depth, a greater understanding and knowledge of the catholic prayers I memorized as a boy and teenager. I was born a Catholic, raised a catholic, educated in parochial schools. Now an adult, I seek a deeper meaning and depth to my faith. Thank you for creating this tool and medium.

  33. Thanks so much! That’s the first novena I’ve ever completed–what a wonderful idea you had!
    I prayed the Novena to the Holy Spirit and already sense His presence more powerfully. God bless you in this important work!

  34. Thank you for this site .
    Please pray for my two children E & L, and for many other Yong kids out there who are being sexually groomed or abuse. There is not much I can do with no evidence. The final hearing is in end of June. Please pray for us. Thank you

  35. Dear Annie, John-Paul,
    Thank you so much for the Novenas. Your both doing a tremendous service. faithful witnesses spreading the Word and Love of God.
    God bless,

  36. I fell off your novena list Friday morning and can no longer get your novenas. I have tried to sign up again several times and it tells me to click on confirmatory email to get started. The email never comes. Even as I print this comment it has been accidentally deleted 2 times so it cannot be sent. Something is preventing me from getting these novenas, and the more it happens the more determined I am to override it. Please help me fight this computer glitch and put me back on your mailing list. Thanks

  37. 1) For a new job to replace the one I just lost. One that will be fulfilling remuneration and career wise and allow me have time for my family
    2) For business opportunities and financial breakthrough for my husband to enable him fulfil his role and responsibilities as the head of the family..

  38. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you have any clergy or religious involved in your organization.
    Thank you

  39. Please consider a Novena to St Rita this year. Her feast day is May 22. She is the saint of impossible causes.

    Very powerful saint!

  40. Queen of Heaven Mother Mary I pray that you undo all the knots in my life, in brothers lives in my mother’s life and in my father’s life. Mary mother of GOD undoer of knots I humbly pray and ask you to untie the knots of jobless and financial struggle in my families lives, give us financial breakthrough. I believe it is done

  41. I have been doing these novenas for quite some time and find them so very helpful and many of my prayers have been answered. I just have a comment about the last novena, Our lady undoer of knots. I don’t like to say such negative and complaining prayers over and over. I much prefer praying in a thankful and joyous voice. The last novena I felt I had to skim over to get to the prayer because it felt like I was complaining about things in my life very woefully.

  42. Please join this urgent prayer petition to the Mary Undoer of Knots novena for my my sister, Nora, who is dying in a hospice facility and has recently began to “guppy breathe,” a sign her hospice said may not be long for her to pass on.
    May Jesus and Mary send legions of heavenly Angels to peacefully take her to heaven or to give her a great big, awesome miracle of healing
    as her loved ones, family, and friends gather to storm heaven on her behalf. Nora is greatly loved.
    Thank you, and may God bless you and any people that prayer her.

  43. Dearest Ms. Annie, I wish to thank you all for this novena prayer to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. I have been praying this Daily prayer for Our Mother Mary to undo a knotty E.R. medical billing dilemma I have with the Veterans Administration. As I was in prayer, along with your sweet voice recording, my telephone range and I received some encouraging updates on the dilemma, which gives me great hope in the undoing of this knot. Thank you and I thank Our Lady, Undoer of Knots!! God love you all…..and your website photograph shows you and John-Paul as a loving, Godly couple.

  44. Good evening, John-Paul and Annie,

    I hope your ears were ringing just a little while ago – our RCIA team was talking about you and your website!

    Anyway, we’re asking for your help. One of our group is a young lady who is flying to California on May 11 for a major job interview where she is being considered for a professorship and teaching physical therapy. One of the team members suggested that since we have a little bit of time, our RCIA group might consider praying a novena for her. Can you help us with some prayers? We found that there’s a St. Christine the Astonishing for is a patron saint, I believe of either teachers or physical therapists, as well as a St. Germaine. We’d like to have something to share with the group for our class next Monday.

    Thanks for your help, and God bless!!!

  45. I prayed the 3 prayers Ali posted and pray for answered prayers to family needs for my son, my granddaughter, and my daughter. Amen

  46. Publishing as promised. Thank you

    Prayer for a Special Request
    Oh! Dear Mother of God, Our Lady of
    Conception Aparecida!
    Oh! Saint Rita of Cassia and Saint Jude worker
    of miracles and helper of impossible causes pray for me
    Saint Expedite, Saint of urgent causes, Saint
    Edwiges the Saint of the needy,
    you know how desperate I feel, please ask Jesus
    to help me.
    (Here mention vour request)
    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored and
    glorified forever.

    Pray: 1 Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be
    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to
    the Holy Spirit As was in the beginning, is now, and ever
    shall be, world without end. Amen _

    Pray for 3 days. Publish on the 3rd day. See
    what happen on the 4th day

    HEART OF JESUS In the past I have asked for many favors,
    this time ask for this special one (name your request) Take
    it clear Heart of Jesus and place it with your av.-n broken
    heart where your Father will see it. Then in His merciful
    eyes it will become your faxour, not mine. Amen
    Say prayer for 3 days, promise publication and favor will be granted.
    Never known to fail

    (pray for 3 days or 3 hours straight)

    Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed
    me the way to reach mv ideals, You who gave me the divine
    gift to forgive and forget the that is done to me and
    You who are in all instances of my life With me, I want to
    thank You for everything and confirm once more that
    I never want to be separated from You no matter how great
    the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my
    loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen

    In Jesus Christ, your Son’s name, I ask that you grant me
    (State your specific request or intention here!)

    While making the request, you must promise either:
    (a) To publish this prayer or
    (b) To Circulate the favor

    This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the
    3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult
    it may be

  47. I am being victimized, verbally and emotionally traumatized and harrassed at my work place. My source of livelihood is being threatened and snatched away from me.

    I have 4 children to bring up.

    I pray that the good Lord, helps me through this trying time and in His infinite mercy gives me a better job or place of work, where I will be better appreciated.

    For the individuals harrassing me, I pray for God’s forgiveness for them and that they should desist from bringing this type of emotional trauma to another individual.


    • I am going through the same sort of issues at work.
      I pray for help all the time.
      I have had 3 interviews and am now waiting on my DBS to clear and am praying hard for that to arrive quickly.
      Don’t give up.
      Lord in your mercy hear our prayers

  48. I pray tonight that God will help my brother and sister in law conceive a child. They have been going through a difficult time with at least two miscarriages that I know of. I pray that God will give them the strength to get through this and to keep them positive through future conceptions. I know they will be great parents and I can only pray that they will have the chance of sharing their life with their own children.

  49. Please pray for my husband who has multiple problems. He has a brain injury and has seizures. The medicine he has taken is no longer working. He has memory loss and confusion. He is a type 2 diabetic and is uncontrolled. His kidneys are at 40 %. He also has hypertension and high cholesterol. We have been married for over 32 years and it’s very heartbreaking to see him like this. I’m having a hard time trying to understand God’s will for him and need prayer too. God bless each of you and thank you so much.

    • May God give you and your precious husband strength in your adversity and show you the fruits of your suffering. God bless you

  50. I am new to this site and I don’t completely understand the Novenas. Also I am new to God. However I do believe in the power of prayer. I ask that you pray for my family. My family is going through some trying times right now and really need the guidance of our Lord. I am a recovering substance abuser (due to prescription pain meds) I am a recent cancer survivor, Paise God. Between my cancer and my addiction my family has been through some very rough times. I ask that you pray for our Lords guidance and to comfort us through these trying times. Thank you and God bless.

    • Julia, I’m praying for you and your family. I will pray to Saint Max Kolbe to keep you strong in your recovery. Blessings

  51. Dearest John-Paul and Annie
    May the Lord bless you for having created this site.
    I really enjoy saying my Novenas

  52. Aunt Elsie uncle Frankie iris flo Rita PEO faith Sammy Mandy mike mike Sarah max Elissa & family Robert I an Debbie Gloria gibert Victoria Linda my home health coworkers my family that my coworkers may win so that we may all leave

  53. Please pray for a VERY successful surgery for Shawn and a miraculous and super-quick recovery. Thank you and God bless you.

  54. Keeping in mind the trials of Father Tom Uzhunnalil, who is still under threat of crucifixion by ISIS. Here is a suggestion for a possible novena:

    Feast of Our Lady of Ransom, Sept. 24

    Both the Trinitarian and Mercedarian religious orders were formed to arrange to ransom Christians captured by the Moors. The Feast of Our Lady of Ransom was set up to support both of these orders in their work.



  55. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Deddens,
    Happy Easter and May the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you.

    I have recently become a subscriber to your Pray More Novenas website and I am happy to help share about your ministry. I do have a question though, as I have been reading through the intentions of other members in order to pray for them I have noticed that mine are not included after I receive the message that the intention has Ben received and is waiting for approval. Am I doing something wrong? I am asking because I pray novenas for others and I would appreciate it if the prayers for them could be lifted up as well. As scripture says, Where ever two or more are gathered in His name….
    Could you please tell me how to do this properly in order to be included?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless you both as you continue in your ministry.

    Diane Tippins

  56. Please pray for my grandson that he may be healed of his negative attitude and bitterness and that he may connect with his father and me.Make him realise he is a Baptised Christian and that he may burn with desire for our Lord Jesus.

  57. I just subscribed to your sight after having a transformational experience with God. My mother is helping me through her faith and fellowship to go through a terrible time in my life. After the visit I received a sense of divine introspection which I know has changed me forever & the relationship I have with God. I believe that God’s grace works through us & through other people to reconnect us with spirit. I turned my life over to God’s divine will for me, only later the next day to receive YOUR WEBSITE link waiting for me sent from my mother explaining what it was AND that the novenas were starting the very next day! God has made a true believer out of me in spite of my hardships, in the midst of my lowest moments and my darkest hours, during my “dark night of the soul.” I’ve just read on your site the “about” section and I truly believe that God, when accepted in, is working through us all. This includes the two of you! God sees us all and knows what is in our hearts, and knows just how his presence in us can be used for the good of His Divine Will & Grace. he will work through the both of you to move the Heavens here on Earth. As above so below & as within, so without. May the Lord guide & bless you and in his grace during these prayer groups, hear our prayers & receive our adoration and gratitude for the eternal love He has for us all. Amen

  58. My daughter is suffering from a eating disorder. I pray everyday and several times a day for her healing. She is such a sweet person and the eating disorder has preoccupied her thoughts and her life. It’s heartbreaking to watch her daily struggle through this. I ask our lord to allow her to see his reflection as she looks at her own reflection so that she can see his perfection. I pray that the Holy Spirit fills her life with faith, healing, love, forgiveness, joy and happiness. I am asking for prayers for healing for our sweet daughter. Jg

  59. A few prayers have been answered and we thank St Joseph
    My daughters friend finally got a job after months of looking and will start soon
    My grand daughter 9 months old was mot sleeping well at all since she was born. Was awake so much of the time. We were praying so hard for intervention and I know St. Joseph sent a sleep consultant for advice and now it has been a week and she has been sleeping through the night and long naps through the day. PRAISE BE TO GOD!
    Now we have a happy baby and happy parents.

  60. My friends son-in-law is on heroin! They have a little baby girl and they desperately need your prayers. Please, please, prayer them all.
    Thank you.

  61. Hi I was told about your site from my sister-in-law. I have had trouble trying to meditate but feel like God is driving me towards certain goals and I look for synchronicities and find them. 3 years ago when my daughter who was 36 and two babies 1 and 2 1/2 was diagnosed with breast cancer I had a spiritual awakening. I can’t tell you how deeply this cut and mended as we went on a tough roller coaster ride. When it seemed like it was terrible we prayed at a healing Mass at a church in MA The next week when looking for a paper at her house to write message I pulled out a scrappy one which still had the words HOPE written at the top. (Must have been a pad with those words at top.) My daughter had a double mastectomy chemo in Boston lymph nodes removed and recovered perfectly. She is cancer free and expecting a daughter in May or June. I thank God at random times since then for this which appeared to be impossible. Before all of this I had a blog and still do. After retiring from teaching I began writing books about my kids in school and their difficult situations. My book Tumbleweed Kid will be out soon (Revised) I have a couple of others in the process and all deal with relationships of all kinds. Having been on a few TV shoes radio shows and on-line stuff I am working on getting the word out about loving kids and nurturing them with compassion and mindfulness. I feel like God has sent me to this site. I really want to change peoples’ hearts for the better and keep my heart good also. I know there were so many people praying for my daughter from so many people involved in numerous churches and the kindnesses extended were unbelievable. God cured her I have no doubt. I will also sign up for your blog group and you can visit my website anytime. I am not sure this e-mail will go through if I put it here because they read it as spam. Looking forward to some information healing and contributions. My name can me found on google also as well as my posts. Thanks & God Bless pam

  62. How do I request the St. Peregrine Novena get started for a co-worker whose sister is battling terminal cancer? I don’t have the list of all her family and friends she’d like to invite in the Novena.
    Thank you,
    Carol Sepulveda

  63. Have y’all thought about a text option? I know that receiving the novena prayers on my phone would be a HUGE help for me as I basically only check my email at work and have 3 little boys at home so quiet computer time is basically non-existent. A reminder w/ the prayer each morning to my phone would be a life saver!

    Thanks for considering my request and thanks for doing this ministry! What a blessing you are to many!

  64. Please pray for a woman who lost her husband. She is now financially very troubled and struggles with grief and thoughts of suicide. While her children try to understand and help, they carry around a lot of “baggage” from their childhood. They really don’t believe this “struggle” with grief stems from real feelings and is just the way she operates. They have bent over backwards in helping their parents over the years, are continuing to try to help her and they are just filled with hurt and cynicism. Please pray for healing for this family and that they can find balance for all.

  65. Please pray for us that God will help my husband and I with our debt (and Parent Plus College Loan for my daughter) so I can return to being a stay at home mom to take care of my 11 year old son and my family. I also pray for peace within my family. Please pray for my husband PD and where he works that the working conditions improve, it is a very dangerous place to work. I pray for good grades for my 11 year old son, he is struggling a bit at this time and for his good health and happiness. Blessings for my Son, MD for good health, happiness and success with his career as he graduates Culinary School. My Daughter, AD for good health, happiness and safety as she works mid-nights at a hospital as a Registered Nurse. I pray for my sisters KO and KO for good health, happiness and peace. For my brother DO and his family for good health, happiness and peace. For my extended family for good health, happiness and peace and for friends. For my mother SO and father BO and grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins who have gone before us, that they are up in Heaven looking down and protecting us all and enjoying peace and happiness in Heaven!!!

  66. To whom it may concern,

    The Novena to St. Joseph begins tomorrow and the Archbishop of Ottawa has instructed the Faithful of his diocese to pray this novena against the legalization and implementation of euthanasia in Canada, which is currently being considered by Parliament due to a recent Supreme Court decision:

    I know it is late notice, but could you include this in your next email blast to ask an extra intention of all praying this novena to join the Faithful of the Archdiocese of Ottawa to pray against the legalization of this evil?

    Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

    Dominus tecum,

  67. Please, please pray for my Mother. We are all destraught. She has secondary cancer in her brain and lungs. She is our world and we cant lose her to this. She is such a wonderful and holy woman. Please hold her in your prayers, I know miricles happen, please let it be her that recieves a miracle x

  68. Sir / Madam,

    Can you please help me to get a Novena to St. Louis Martin & St. Zelie Martin – Parents of st. Theresa of Liseux. It for asking their intercession for a couples life program, where many families having different problems related to their relationship, broken marriages, childless couples, health, job, finance and children’s concerns etc. Can you please help me. We have chosen them as the Patron saint for this program.

    Waiting for your quick response.

    God Bless You & your family

    Jipson & Joscelin

  69. Please pray for our relationship with my partner. I pray to strengthen our relationship with love and praying to be bind soon in God’s Holy sacrament of matrimony, that we together as one will say our vows, that we can avoid all temptations in our relationship,that everyday love will always be felt in each other’s heart. that we feel each day that we need each others love and care..

  70. Goodmorning dear friends in christ….am one of the spiritual daughters of Padre Pio…..i love him so much because have seen him answering my prayers whenever i sent him requests through my guardian Angel….thanks a lot Padre Pio and my guardian Angel…..

    Please Padre Pio ….i kindly request you to assist me with financial capital to start up my own business by next month…..i have already sent and am still sending my guardian Angel to you….please help me

  71. Plz, plz, plz pray to St. Jude, Mother Mary,, St Anne & Lord Jesus to rush to the assistance of my daughter. Her entire life has crashed around her. She picked a career on our behest and she is being constantly humiliated by her professors, tobthe extent they are intentionally failing her. Plz, this time too the same professor was there. Plz let her clear the exam this time, plz my God, plz help us. We are going through the worst & most rough phase of our life.
    Also the boy whom she loves has totally stopped communicating with her, to the extent of blocking her. God, what went wrong we don’t know. When it looked like they had settled down, he suddenly just left her. God, my child is a very noble person, someone who has always been good, respectful, honest. You yourself know that. Plz God, bring back her love and her dignity back to her. I beg at your feet, I cry at your heart. Plz end her suffering. Plz intercede and rush to help her in both cases – her exams & college, career as well as bringing her first love back to her. Plz get him to contact her once again. She is crying from inside, you have read her letters written to you. Plz bring him back to her. I beg of you my Lord. I lay my whole life before you… Plz rush now. As time is moving ahead, she is losing her faith. Plz end her miseries. I am responsible, punish me, but plz now rush to her aid. I beg of you.

  72. My boyfriend and I are looking to move closer to our families by the beginning of this summer. Please pray that a job will be available for me when the time comes for us to move. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. God Bless!

  73. Please help me pray to St. Jude to help me in this desperate and difficult moment in my life. I need money to start my business and to pay my debts, my creditors are constantly harassing me. The person who promised to help me wants to change his mind all of a sudden and I feel like committing suicide. Please pray that God will touch my helper’s heart to lend me the money. May I find favour in his eyes. Amen

  74. Please pray to St Jude to assist us with our difficult financial situations. Please pray that our daughter’s court case to be successful and award us with huge amount of money.
    Please also pray for my eldest son to find a lovely Catholic girl that comes from a beautiful family background and to get married and bless them with family. Please pray for my husband
    to find a good job or to be happy at where he is and please stop all the people that are so nasty to him and pray that he can come out of his depression very soon. Thank you.