Sometimes We Need a Reminder!

Have you ever started praying a novena only to forget to pray it after a few days?

This used to happen to me all the time!

I started this website to help me and you to remember to pray all 9 days of the novena prayers. I do this by sending you email reminders with the novena prayers right in the body of the email.

Now, if you’re like me, you check your email every day. So, when you’re checking your email, you will be reminded to get praying!

It turns out that I’m not the only one who needs reminding… So far, several thousand people have joined in praying novenas with the help of these little reminders!

You can get your own reminder and pray together with thousands of others by signing up here:

About Us

John-Paul and Annie Deddens

Hi there, our names are John-Paul and Annie Deddens. We’re just a regular Catholic couple.

I (John-Paul) started this site because I wanted to pray more novenas, but I would constantly forget to do it on the right days.

It got to the point where I would not pray novenas because I didn’t think it was worth starting and not finishing. I realized that this was a problem when…

A while back, my girlfriend (now she’s my wife!) asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with her. I declined because I knew I would forget to pray everyday.

As I thought about my response, I realized that it really wasn’t good enough and I set out to create something to help me to remember to pray.

And PrayMoreNovenas.com was born!

At the time, I worked full-time in the pro-life movement as the director of a non-profit I started, Students for Life. So, by day I would save lives, by night I would remind you to pray! Annie was a local news producer.

It has grown so much in just a few short years that now my wife Annie and I are now working full-time on this ministry!

A lot of prayers have been answered and God has blessed this community. I hope you will join us!


What People are Saying…

“This is really great, John-Paul! Thank you so much for doing this :)”
– Grace K.

“Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service! I LOVE it that the prayers come right to my inbox – NO excuses, and NO more forgetting! God bless you!”
– I.S.

“Just a word of thanks and gratitude to you for helping me and LOTS of people pray. I really appreciate all the time, effort, and work that is involved in such a work of God. God bless you, thank you!”
– Connie M.

“THANK YOU so much for sending us this novena each day.”
– Liz

“I wanted to tell you that I have felt a wonderful sense of unity by being a part of this prayerful endeavor… Thank you!”
– Patty

Join us in prayer here:


Other Things We Do

Annie writes a blog called Catholic Wife, Catholic Life.
John-Paul is still involved with Students for Life of Illinois.
We also run Pope Quotes.

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  1. I am praying that God will give a suitable job soon I need to support my children needs I am widow and alone supporting my 2 daughters

  2. Just joined up today…beginning a Novena to St. Anne for (2) friends having physical & medical problems, one is a mystery ailment. I prayed Day One to St. Anne, will I receive reminders about this particular Novena or something else in progress. I need all the memory help I can get. If this Novena is answered in the way we hope there are a few good people hoping to visit the Shrine in Canada in Thanksgiving.

  3. Shalom, thank you so much for all you both are doing to further the kingdom of God. I am blessed through you.

    If I may, I have a thought or two. I have been praying, along with you and many others, through the novenas. It is mentioned often to pray for those married and sometimes single. I submit to you that thrre is two large groups that are repeatedly left out. Those who are divorced (by desire or NOT) and those in religious orders. Those of us that fit into either category also have unique needs and a multitude of trials.

    I don’t think I need to go into all the reasons they need prayer, most are well known. They are in unique situations all of yhem and unfortunately, at least for the divorced with families, an easy target for Satan to create doubt of God’s love for them.

    I also have a question or two, why are there no novenas to old testament souls? Are there novenas for the newer saints (St JP II, St Padre Pio, St Mother Teresa, ect )? And the lesser known or popular (St Anthony, St Francis of Assissi, St Rafqa, and others)?

    In any case, thank you again, Peni

  4. I am about to pray the Novena to St. Ann. I am praying for help in finding a good man with whom to share my life. I would appreciate your prayers as well.

  5. Years ago, I was looking for a way to pray more. I received a complete healing body mind and soul and I have tried to devote myself to pray with our ceasing in Thanksgiving. I was reading another Catholic website and found you. Not long after my first few Novenas you and Annie were married and starting your beautiful ministry. I am blessed that you, Annie and this community are in my life.
    I am emailing to ask you to pray for my teenage daughter. She is in need of a miracle. She is a beautiful Catholic child who lives her faith everyday. Please pray that a space opens up for her at the Catholic high school she has applied to attend. She has been placed on a waiting list for reasons we do not understand. She has only attended Catholic schools her entire life and is a great student. I know this seems small but I ask you and our community to pray for a miracle. Thank you. Danielle

  6. My name is carol and I’m looking for work, I resigned from my last employer on December 26/2014 because I was over worked and under appreciated. I was doing three people jobs and still wasn’t enough for my peers, I am a scheduler/ Coordinator for a home care agency I felt like I was a councillor to my caregivers most days. My coworker and nurse director was talking about me behind my back I wasn’t comfortable any more and the nurse lied on me and I confronted her on the phone with others on the line and she wasn’t please and wanted to write me up so I resigned and praying for the good Lord to bless me with the right job, I ask in Jesus Name. Thank you guys for your prayers.

  7. Have been praying St. Joseph’s Novena, the last prayer being today. I have had my house on market for three months. It sold today, St. Joseph’s birthday!

  8. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    It is so comforting to know that we are all united world wide in our faith and God Bless you both for your wonderful work. I attend a weekly novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at St. Scholasticas parish church every Wednesday evening and Mass every morning. I feel the whole world needs our prayers and love. God has truly blessed me over my lifetime and I continually pray for all my family and for all those who have no one to pray for them. I do not know what I would have done during the times of trial without the knowledge that the good Lord has us all in His loving care. I really appreciate the novenas which you send to me and ask God to bless you as well for your mission. Pat.

  9. Your Novena’s helps me start my day inspired with love, hope , joy, knowing those whom are in my prayers will experience these wonderful feelings of security.
    John Paul & Annie thanks for bringing many people together
    to be blessed….all for the Glory of God.
    Geeta H.

  10. Hello. I believe I already sent an email, but this screen popped up so thought I wld send a note here too. I just wanted to make sure when I sign up for the Novenas that I will automatically get all of the novenas emailed to me. Or do I have to click on each Novena to be sent to me?



    • [email protected] says:

      I do like the comes please do it for me to I will like to have kids pry Emmaculata

  11. Please help me to go back to live with my husband. Make his heart soften and realize we belong together We’ve been separated 5 weeks and I’m in so much pain. I just want to go back to him. He won’t talk to me at all. I love and miss him please answer. My prayers soon before I go insane. In Jesus name. ThAnk you.

  12. I am in a difficult situation right now, a colleague file a case against me (criminal and administrative) what saddened me is the fact that I did not do something to hurt her. She is so angry I ask for her forgiveness just to have an end with this. But she did not listen, yesterday we had a preliminary investigation she told me in front of the jury that i am a lier.

    I am a manager in the company and she is one of my subordinates. I can do something to harm her but I refused to.

    Please help me to pray that God touch her heart and find forgiveness.. I am not used to this kind of situation i am so helpless..

    Please include me in your prayers.

  13. My Dear Faithful Catholics,
    I work at a parish office.
    Our parish is going to place a copy of the Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet in each of our Sunday bulletins in another week. I got to thinking that we should put a link to a website that contains this novena. Your site was the first that I have visited. WOW! You two are amazing. God clearly worked in your life. Would it be okay if we use a link to your website on our parish website?
    I am so drawn to the fact that you make the novena available through personal email or through your site. I am also drawn to your posting other novenas. It is important though that I have your permission to post a link to your site.
    What a gift. Blessings

  14. Prayer request for my nephew who has abandonment issues from his mother and father , my brother. Prayers for them to reconcile and for my nephew to settle down and conquer his addictions once and for all.
    His name is George II.

  15. I have recently turned in my resignation at my current job because it is taking away so much time from my family and not providing us a secure future … I have applied for multiple jobs that will allow for all of the above to be remedied and am praying that the right job is offered to me very soon.

  16. Started with you a few years ago, and lose contact in the last couple of months.
    We have been praying for a heart transplant for a baby girl named Claire since last spring.
    Yesterday, God granted us a Miracle. Claire has a new heart.
    Please also pray for the donor family, that God will Bless them always.
    In praise to God and his Blessed Mother.

  17. My Novena is for my 84 year old Dad soon to be 85. He will under go Carotid Aorata surgery and I am trusting God that he will have a succesful surgery. I am asking for many prayers for my request.

    Thank you for praying for my Dad.


  18. I pray for a safe warm home to live in, where we will feel at home and not frighten that it will be taken from us now that mom and dad are gone. Please protect us from the hatred that my family shows toward my child and I . Pray for us and our safety! and a home an apartment anything we can call home! God Bless All

  19. I have just joined. By reading the comments and testimonies above, i feel am part of the team of prayer worriors. Thanks so much.

  20. Thank you soo much i have a habit of starting a novena and forgeting some days and when i start again i dont finish and also i confuse the days sometimes i dont know which day i f its the third or which one it is but now the with the emails i will be checking very day.I had started the living rosary novena but this month i stopped because i forgot but with the help of God i will start tomorrow 1st of March.Im and im interested in doing the pro-life work but im praying for God to help me to find a way to get started.Please dont forget to send me any november of the month God bless you as continue to do the work of God

  21. I have a question about the 9 day St. Therese novena that you display. Is there a copyright problem if I make copies of it and give it out to our church people? Could let me know or give me you phone number so I can talk with you about it.
    Thanks, John Hoolehan

  22. We would like to contact you to find if there is a copyright to your 9 day novena to St Therese.

    Please provide a phone number for me to call you or e-mail the answer.

    Thanks. God Bless, Sharon Hoolehan

    Member of The Shrine Of The Little Flower

  23. hey..help in prayers my relationship with my man is under rocks.i dont want to loose him now and i want to get a better job so that i can support my family and myself propery

  24. Please pray for me, I have mutiple illnesses, awaiting for Court date to determine if I am approved for Disability. Awaiting a response from SSI TO see if approved. Living off my 401k and going through a divorce which he doesn’t want to give me Alimony. Any and all prayers appreciated.
    Thank you

  25. Thank you John-Paul. This website is God sent. My sense of community and universality of the Catholic Church is always strengthened by praying this novena with everyone. I have received many blessings and graces through the novenas. Thank you for your good works. To God be the glory.

  26. I want her to be set free from the pain she has been plagued with a for a little longer than a year. Could you please tell tell me one that I should of been saying the moment we found out she had cancer. And now one for the road If that makes any sense.
    Thank you

  27. I really appreciate you getting back to me about the website not allowing to enroll in any other novenas. It seems as it doesn’t recognize me as an already registered member and asks me to click on your link from your email to confirm the registration. But no new email from you is forthcoming since I have already registered, so I’m hung up at the “you’re almost done page…”
    Could it be that your novenas are on a particular schedule and can only be accessed then? I did not see any schedules posted but who knows…
    Or is it perhaps I misunderstood and only the first one is free but a donation is needed for subsequent ones…???
    I’ll await your reply.
    Thank you again

  28. Hello,
    I am loving the novena reminders! What a neat idea. Thank you for putting this together for us out here. Like you, i was always forgetting and would lose track somewhere in the middle.
    I was wondering, how many novenas do you send out and how often do they come? Do you have a calendar of them? How do you know which ones to do and when?
    Can you tell I am excited about the prospect of this? ;) LOL.

    Thank you.

  29. Please storm the gates of heaven for me in marriage (D & J.) D is involved in something not sure what all but he’s lying and I know in my heart it’s serious sin against our intimacy.Urgent prayer for D to be convicted of his sin against me, our marriage and family(four adult kids and 5 grandchildren) and D’s conversion to complete honesty with me about what he’s involved in and complet confession of sins to me and a Priest and for us then to be able to start over.

  30. Good afternoon,

    And thanks so much for this it is so good to know that a lot of young people still believe in the power of prayer, and also in the Catholic Faith. I feel so fortunate to have joined this community. I will join in the prayers as I also request all our members to pray for me and my family. Well done John-Paul and Annie.

  31. I use to get your novenas on a regular basis. Now I have to read my daughter’s email to get the novena. Somehow my subscription/email or address was dropped off from your list. I love your novenas and I am just wondering if we got hacked because we no longer receive your emails and you are not listed on my blocked spam or email.
    God Bless You Both. Have a Happy Valentine.

  32. Just found you today. Signed up. I too had the same problem, as you, John-Paul. So I am very happy to participate in this ministry. It’s my Lenten offering. Wishing you continued success and blessings in your life.

    P.s. My youngest son is named John Paul.
    Oh. And could you add the novena of St. Theresa the little flower?

  33. I think I got dropped from the e-mail list. I haven’t received anything in awhile. Please double-check to be sure I’m on the list. Thanks!

  34. Hi everyone, I have joined this community to complete my novenas and receive graces. My major concern this time is my job. I am in a fix and don’t want to loose my job. I promise to be as sincere as I can towards my job. I am just so scared about it when ever I think about my job apart from crying there is nothing that I can do. I request you all to please pray for me so that I don’t loose job. I normally don’t check my emails regularly but if this works I will do the novenas genuinely.