Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Novena

Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary

Novena for Marriage and Family

In this novena, we will be praying for greater holiness in marriage and the family!

The family is so very important in our lives and in our society! So, we are going to pray that the sacrament of marriage is strengthened and that families are sanctified.

Join thousands of faithful here.

Novena Prayers for the Nativity of Our Lady

Prayer for Marriage and Family

Jesus, I trust in you. Please grant through your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your hope into my family.

Jesus, I trust in you. Please grant through your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your love into my family.

Jesus, I trust in you. Please grant through your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your mercy into my family.

Our Lady, on this feast of your birth, please pray for stronger and holier marriages.


Day 1

Most lovable Mother Mary, our Father in Heaven created you with delight. You are His creature whom He made worthy to become the holy Mother of His Son. You were born into a family of Saints. Pray for me today that my joy in your Son will increase and that my family may become more holy.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 2

Oh most holy daughter of Adam, your precious Son chose you as the vessel for his entry to the world. Where our first mother, Eve, fell short, you fulfilled God’s call for a Mother’s holiness. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may be born to new life through your Son.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 3

Immaculate daughter of Saints Joachim and Anne, you are the door to the Eternal Word who made you the source of His Sacred Blood. You are a model for all Christian sons and daughters. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul and that I may have a greater devotion to your Son’s Precious Blood.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 4

Oh most holy daughter of the line of King David, the Redeemer of the world loves you with the singular love of a Child for His mother. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may have a greater love and devotion to my Mother and Father.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 5

Most holy Mary, the Holy Spirit preserved you from sin so that our Lord would have a fitting vessel to enter the world. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may remain faithful to your Son until the end.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 6

Oh holy Mother, St. Joachim and St. Anne were delighted to love and care for so holy a child. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may show greater charity to my parents and grandparents in word, prayer and deed.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 7

Holy Mother, your birth caused great joy to the angels, because they saw your holiness caused by your Son’s resurrection. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that your graces may rain down on all married couples.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 8

Heavenly Mother, your birth gave great joy to all the world because it signaled the coming of Jesus Christ, who would save the whole world by His life, death and resurrection. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may be exceedingly patient with my family and loved ones.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 9

Mother Mary, you pray for me as your child. Thank you for welcoming me into the Holy Family. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may increase my devotion to the Holy Family.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

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  1. Oh thanks for the month do September and for answering my prayers in August
    Lord help me to art for my younger brothers and sisters
    Lord thank you for blessing and answering my prayers, I know you have already bless me , let you name be praise. Thank you for you extra ordinary blessings to my husband a he starts school oh Lord he will come this school and pick up a job immediately Father thank You I advance

    Lord bless me for my own school work and open the door for me to all possibilities amen
    Bless my job that I will have all blessings available in that job thank you so much Jesus

  2. Through the intercession of the immaculate heart of Mary please pray for my marriage and family to be healed and restored and that Lenny will stop this divorce. Please Blessed Mother pray that his heart will be changed want to come home. Amen.

  3. Please pray with me so that with our Mother Mary’s intercession, all my illnesses and all the illnesses in my family will be eradicated, and that my family and I remain strong to serve our Almighty Father forever and also for the following prayers:

    1. That my son be successful in getting the job that he is being considered for and be financially able to get his own home for himself and his young family Amen.

    2. That my daughter manages to get all the equipment and financial help for her young business to be successful and also receive all the financial help to finish all the jobs that need doing in their home. Amen

    3. That I also get the financial help I need to do the jobs around my house and that all that my family and I do in our lives is blessed with success .Amen.

  4. St Jude I am stepping out in faith again hoping you hear and answer my prayer this time and publishing this prayer: please let my relationship with BD be reunited and lead to holy matrimony nothing is impossible it to difficult fir you St Jude. Blessed Mother please join St Jude for my prayer request to finally be as one with BD and be one big happy family.

    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.

  5. Good morning Blessed Mother, Thanks for being here for us and for interceding for all of us making this novena. My intention for today is for peace and blessings to all marriages in my family , especially the ones who need the most help right now. Jesus already know who they are. so just put in your motherly word to him for help for them.
    Mother, I also ask for your continual protection for Sydn’I. Please see to it that she has a very good and happy school year as she starts off in a new school and town. Let her feel your presence and that she gets to know that you are with her always and that she is yours.
    Praise be to JESUS

  6. Pray for the sickness in my family that god will send healing also pray for a urgent miracle on my financial needs thank you may

  7. That the wound heals and we are able to find another place to live. A home that holds new memories. That we continue to do well in school and find new positions.

  8. I pray my young son and I can be reunited with my older children and grandchildren. Please bless us with the gift of being near our loved ones.We all need each other’s love and support.

  9. I want you to join me in praying for a friend who finds it difficult to marry because he believes spiritually he is married to a god of a sea which hunts him always and drives all the women in his life away. I believe our dear Lord Jesus can break this demonic act and I need you to join me in praying for him. thanks.

  10. I pray that my family becomes stronger with my husband as a dedicated head of the family. I pray that my husband dedicates his life to us, and let him renew his dedication. I pray that my husband comes back to our bed and let him love me again. I pray that my life be extended so I can be part of my family longer. Please I pray that God, Jesus, The a Holy Spirit and all the Saints help me overcome my cancer and Mother Mary help me. Amen

  11. Dear Mother,
    Pray that Fred Nyakundi’s departed soul may rest in eternal peace. Pray for consolation and assistance for his family.
    Pray for deliverance and healing of Anastassia’s son Emmanuel.

  12. Hail Mary, I pray and plead with you to intercede for me to be blessed to find an honest, trustworthy and respectful companion in life.

  13. I just want to say thank you Lord for making me, my family and loved ones to see today. We appreciate your love and mercy upon us. I pray that this new month will be a blessing to us all and a breakthrough in our lives. I make these prayer through Christ our Lord Amen.

  14. Bonny Omeri and the Family.
    I am confident that this novena is a special one for the above family. For many years the family has been tormented by alcoholism, frustrations, now violence and the children for the first time being abandoned by their mother to cook by themselves. Myself and the relatives of Bonny have been praying that bonny should one day leave taking alcohol and three weeks ago, he decided to implement. He abstained from taking alcohol and in the first week, he suffered slight hallucinations. Through the second and the third week, he gained a lot of stability and withdrawal syndrome was already going. Surprisingly, the devil used the wife to insult him that eventually ended up by Bonny slapping her and she fled to her parents leaving three small children with Bonny and causing yet another terrible depressions. Because of the unfortunate event, Omeri Bonny is under serious stress and has resumed taking alcohol that is deteriorating his mental and body health again. On Saturday 30th August 2014, his Father and Brother in Law brought the wife back to resettle them for the children’s welfare and the family stability. May this very worthy novena by the genuine intentions of the participants through St. Jude, Our Mother MARY to her SON JESUS change the bad route of the family for the benefit of the children?
    I still repeat that I am confident that this novena is the special one for the family. This is because; the moment of change began at the dawn of the novena as the devil started the angry attack to flee forever.
    Joseph Ogwal.

  15. May our loving Lord and Mother Mary watch over VR and VZ as they make their way North today and embark on a new adventure in their lives…..and their upcoming celebration of marriage.
    I give thanks to God for all of His goodness and graces that He has bestowed in our family.

  16. Mother Mary please intercede for me & my family for God’s favour & blessings. Now that my children are going back to school kindly pray that God will continue to be with them & make them to always excel in their studies and other school Activities Amen.

  17. Pray for my husband to come back in our lives and treat his family better. Pray that he starts communicating with us and providing financial support. He is lost in his life without god and pray for him to take god first in his life. Pray for us to be more patient and wait for his return and not file for divorce yet.

  18. Desperate for prayers…
    I have moved for a job and cannot sell my home in another state. My bills are stacking higher. With 4 children to feed and care for, we took on a project that has now consumed us. (bought a HUGE fixer upper with our savings and some help from my family, it was cheap so we can have a place to live where we moved) We have a child that is determined to break up the family and is being a behavioral issue. We are under stress over whelmed and over worked. Trying to make a better life or our children.
    Mother Mary-bless me so that I can be a good mother through all of this and give the children the guidance they need.
    Heavenly father- bless my husband, give him the strength to carry on and be a good father
    Jesus- grant us the patience that we can work this all out together.
    Holy spirit- please give us the wisdom and strength

  19. Blessed Mother I thank you for everything please keep my family safe. Mother I pray my children will come back to God and go to Mass.

  20. Please our Mother release tendencies of anger and meanness in my husband. Release him to be more generous financially. I’m asking for My son Paul to find true live & joy in his life. Allow JoJo to be happy in the arms of The Lord. Please give blessings to Jill Jason Mattea & Christian & Harriet.

  21. Pls pray for my daughter n son-n-law that there may be love, faithfulness n unity and their marriage may be saved n blessed n washed clean in the precious blood of Jesus n through the intercession of Mother Mary and their love may be fruitful & God may bless them with a gift of a child soon, IJN.
    Pls pray for my son that God may work a financial miracle n be given the grace to bear the wedding expenses on his own n pay off all his debts soon, IJN
    Pls pray that my husband may be given the grace to forgive n love all his people who has broken n hurt him n be able to live in peace n unity & the treatment he is undergoing be a great success and remain sober always n be able to give up his drinking habits completely, IJN,
    Pls pray for my elder son to work with patience, courage n strength n enjoy it n finds time for his family,IJN
    Pls pray for my younger son to study well n pass all the exams with flying colors, IJN.

  22. Holy Mary mother of God,You are in heaven intercessing for us.Kindlychange my abusive husband to be a God fearing Husband.He turned away from church and he is an alcoholic.He abuses,me,my children and friends.Sometimes am tempted to give up and leave him.God give me strength to percervere as you did with the cross.Am weak,confused and bitter lord.Mary mother of God,pray and come to my rescue.
    Help my daughter to get a work permit.And the other two in school to excel and forget about the behaviour of their father whom they have now confessed that they feel hatred building towards him.

  23. Pray for continued peace in our country and God to grant our leaders more wisdom to govern and steer us towards growth and unity. Through mother Mary’s intercession I pray for the church to grow in unity, faith and to withstand the demonic forces surrounding us. Please protect our children and help us to guide them in your ways. I also pray to God to reveal his plan in my life and bring forth my spouse to be united with me in mind, soul & holy matrimony. I also seek God’s favor in improved work environment and ability to work positively through my daily task to a successful victorious end.

  24. My most lovable and immaculate mother, who has never failed to intercede for me, I ran to u again for help. This time, I am praying for your intercession on my marriage and family. Mother, please pray for me so that God will amend my marraige which is marked by violent, gossip, influence of bad friends, waywardness of my husband, and all the maltreatment I receive from him. That God in His infinite mercy, should loose my husband from all evil chains and evil covenants, alchohol and wayward behaviour. Make him to love me and his kids and stop lavishing money on useless friends and things. Make him to come back to God and realise that it is only God holds his entire being. Let God arrest every evil tendencies in him which is already affecting our children. Mother of sorrows, pray for me and every body in similar situations. Amen.

  25. pl pray that the spouse whom the Lord has been showing me in vision after vision may now come forth in flesh and blood and that we may be reunited in holy matrimony which is also the Lords will for me pl pl pray that he may expeditiously come forth and that all that the Lord has promised to me viz. a loving husband ,a home of my own and also that not a single drop of tear will fall from my eye.,all these promises may now be fulfilled in the precious name of the Lord Jesus.thanks.

  26. Dear Mother, hope u will soon help me by answering my prayers. I will always be a grateful client and daughter to you. Praise the lord

  27. 1.Prayer for father who has a leg injury after being hit by a car.
    2.Prayer for my sister( 51 years old) who is epileptic since birth and presently suffering for malaria.
    3.Prayer for my daughter who is pregnant for safe delivery.
    4. Prayer for my daughter Clara for breakthrough

    • Respected sister,I do not know much about your state but believe me whenever I come in the Lords presence I will definitely pray that in accordance with the Lords will u n ur spouse will definitely be united in holy matrimony .I already have said a big AMEN to that.

  28. That through our holy mother Mary’s intercession my daughter will receive relief from frequent migraine headaches and healing from a skin affliction.

  29. I pray for intercession of Mother Mary for my husband to know and realize how he hurts me and children for being unfaithful, moving with woman who were once my friends. I also pray that my husbands goes back to church Catholic for he stopped going to church. when we go to church is when he goes out to meet his women.

    Another is for daughter and the boyfriend to reason and plans their things together which will last in marriage.

    Another intention is my children as they go back to school not to be occupied by what their father does me and to them fighting, insults, threat and not providing that they concentrate on their studies.

  30. Prayer Intentions:
    1. Financial help to be able to pay back g, m’s money
    2. Financial help to be able to meet and pay our expenses such as utilities, etc as well as tithes, investment and savings;
    3. That Gerry will be back to Myanmar for longer time with a much better work package;
    4. that Miguel will do well in his school, hpefully make it to the Dean’s list and graduate with flying color;
    5. Healing in our family: relationship, communication, all anger and bitterness and hurts gone; and
    5. Fulfillment of all the wishes and desires of my hert, all my dreams and plans and I lift up all my prayers and petitions, problemwsm needs and worries as well as Gerry’s, Camille’s Miggy’s, Mommy Alice, Kuya Noli, Jocelyn, Dennis, Paul, Marinol, Noel, Mommy Rosario and all the people I promised to pray for.

    Thank you

  31. Hi!
    I am privilage to be part of this spiritual exercise. For God said where two or more are gathered in my name I am with them. I solicit your prayers for Peace, Love and Serenity in my family. My family has gone through a lot of challenges which is threntening the unity of the family. Please help us in prayer for Gods forgiveness and deliverance from all forces of darkness tormenting the members of my family. Please pray for us in Jesus name Amen.

  32. GoD please dignify me with marriage. Grant me a husband who is God fearing and bless my siblings with marriage as well. Nothing is impossible with you dear Jesus. Amen