Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Novena

Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary

Novena for Marriage and Family

In this novena, we will be praying for greater holiness in marriage and the family!

The family is so very important in our lives and in our society! So, we are going to pray that the sacrament of marriage is strengthened and that families are sanctified.

Join thousands of faithful here.

Novena Prayers for the Nativity of Our Lady

Prayer for Marriage and Family

Jesus, I trust in You. Please grant through Your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your hope into my family.

Jesus, I trust in You. Please grant through Your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your love into my family.

Jesus, I trust in You. Please grant through Your mother’s intercession that I may always bring Your mercy into my family.

Our Lady, on this feast of your birth, please pray for stronger and holier marriages.


Day 1

Most lovable Mother Mary, our Father in Heaven created you with delight. You are His creature whom He made worthy to become the holy Mother of His Son. You were born into a family of Saints. Pray for me today that my joy in your Son will increase and that my family may become more holy.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 2

Oh most holy daughter of Adam, your precious Son chose you as the vessel for his entry to the world. Where our first mother, Eve, fell short, you fulfilled God’s call for a Mother’s holiness. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may be born to new life through your Son.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 3

Immaculate daughter of Saints Joachim and Anne, you are the door to the Eternal Word who made you the source of His Sacred Blood. You are a model for all Christian sons and daughters. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul and that I may have a greater devotion to your Son’s Precious Blood.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 4

Oh most holy daughter of the line of King David, the Redeemer of the world loves you with the singular love of a Child for His mother. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may have a greater love and devotion to my Mother and Father.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 5

Most holy Mary, the Holy Spirit preserved you from sin so that our Lord would have a fitting vessel to enter the world. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may remain faithful to your Son until the end.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 6

Oh holy Mother, St. Joachim and St. Anne were delighted to love and care for so holy a child. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may show greater charity to my parents and grandparents in word, prayer and deed.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 7

Holy Mother, your birth caused great joy to the angels, because they saw your holiness caused by your Son’s resurrection. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that your graces may rain down on all married couples.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 8

Heavenly Mother, your birth gave great joy to all the world because it signaled the coming of Jesus Christ, who would save the whole world by His life, death and resurrection. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may be exceedingly patient with my family and loved ones.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

Day 9

Mother Mary, you pray for me as your child. Thank you for welcoming me into the Holy Family. Pray for me today that the feast of your birth may give great joy to my soul that I may increase my devotion to the Holy Family.

Dearest Mother, please pray for me and for these my intentions…

(State your intentions)

Hail Mary…

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  1. I have alway prayed for my son to grow up in a fully family set up of a father, and mother. my spouse wants us to separate and that he is already having an affair and flirting around. I pray that you join me in prayers so as we be back together and trust each other as a family. Thank you

  2. Am deepina… Married for months.. I and my husband are facing a marriage crisis.. It was my mistake..i went astray and tried cheating my husband.. Now he wants a divorce.. I pleaded for my forgiveness and am ashamed of my self.. I turn to god and ask for forgiveness.. M a non catholic but still hav faith in Christianity.. I am repenting day and night.. I need prayes that my marriage survives..god forgives me and my husbands heart is transformed.. Please do prayer fo me

  3. Please pray that Tracy does not harden her heart and continues with the divorce. Pray that she sees the help I am seeking and that the wrongs I committed were from my fears. Nothing matters more to me than her and my two children. Pray that it be God’s will and desire that her heart softens and that she once again will try and it will not be in vain. Let me accept His will with whatever happens

  4. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and that Tracy’s heart is not hardened. That she forgives me and we start trusting each other again. Pray that any influences that may be guiding her to divorce stop. May it be God’s will and pleasing to Him that our marriage is restored. That it is better to raise Jack and Ashley in a united home rather than one divided. I love my wife and want to spend my life with her. Amen

  5. I am asking for prayer, I have had two affairs on my spouse and I am so ashamed. I felt empty and needed something more, my spouse was gone a lot and I was left home. We have been married for 25 years. I love my spouse more than anything but the guilt is killing me inside. I can’t come to terms with why I would do something so horrible when I have the most amazing spouse alive. I’ve asked for forgiveness several times, I want peace back in my heart forever. I want to go to heaven, I help people and I go to church. I don’t know if God will forgive me for this or not, I am in desperate need of help and prayer. This is something I would never do again and spouse loves me so much. We are happy, very happy but I have guilt that is so heavy, I just need reassurance that I may enter the Kindom of Heaven. Please pray for me and offer guidance. In Christ name, Amen.

  6. Do I have to do a rosary for this novena? I am new to this and I want to do this novena but I want to do it right. Or do I just do the prayer per day? Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. I am asking for prayers for my husband and I. I found out that he has been having an affair for over a year. We have been married for 16 years and for some reason I am not ready to give up on my marriage. I still suspect the affair is going on, and yet I am here. I know I am the only one trying to save this marriage and yet I am still here. I feel he is in love with this other woman and yet I am still here. Why? I am praying and hoping that he finds his way back to me. That he will give his heart back to me. I can just imagine what this sounds like to all of you, but please pray for us. That we can find happiness again with each other and that it is God’s will.

    • Dear Sister, My heart goes out to you and your marriage. I will be sending love your way and my prayers. stay hopeful, that is what you must do, for strength you must rely on God, He is your stength. As long as you have hope the fight isn’t over. God bless you.

    • Don’t give up on anything that you love or is important to you. I will pray for you that you and your husband get back together


    • BH,

      Replying a little late…just joined this prayer group. I feel your pain and sorrow. My wife had an affair as well and it brought me to my knees. Just know that it is not your fault. This trial will be a blessing. I know that sounds crazy, but my prayer life and relationship with our blessed Trininity and Saints have never been stronger. Satan is a lier and he deceived your husband. Pray hard and let your husband see Christ in you. God bless you!

      Your brother in Christ Jesus,


  8. Please pray for my sister T that her
    Appeal for a visa to study in Australia and working rights is successful. Hearing is on 15 December. She has absolutely
    Nothing to go back to in her country
    of origin. Lord in your mercy… Hear our prayer

  9. Please pray for James a 5 yr old boy with a Duchenne muscular dystrophy & that they find a cure. I’m also praying for love, for a man to build a life with / marry. reunite me with MB. Help him realize we belong together, over his fears and realize that he deserves to be happy & loved. God if u have chosen someone other than MB for me then please bring him to me. I’m tired of being alone & desperately want to share my life with.
    Thank u for all I do have & continue to watch over me and my loved ones.

  10. Mahalo Ke Akua, mahalo na aumakua, mahalo Jesus and blessed mother Mary! I am eternally endebted to you for coming to my rescue, finding favor in my ohana, and answering all my prayers! Mahalo for the presentation of this novena dear angelic ohana! I am overjoyed and full of love for you all. Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo! amen.

  11. That my son & his family be protected from all evil.
    May our Father in Heaven , together with our Blessed Mother, send him a suitable partner to help him care for them, as he is a single parent of three children.
    In the name of The Blessed Trinity,

  12. Please pray that our Blessed Mother intercedes in my prayer; that my beautiful Wife (Ivy) that left with my 2 year old son, find it in her harden heart that I have caused, to return Home and reconcile our marriage and become a Loving Family once again. That she may forgive me for all the hurt I’ve caused and together with the Grace of God, become Husband and Wife again. That she may end this situation with the courts, before it completely destroys our Family. This I humbly beg our Lord to hear my prayer. -Amen
    God Bless You All!

  13. I am unhappy. I was abuse by my husband he sing over our house and land to his daughter from a previous marriage. I am fighting a case I don’t have money to pay. This American man whant me to divorce my husband and marry him. Help me make the right decision

  14. Please pray that God will give me the grace, patience,direction, guidance and the strength to carry out His will in my marital situation. My husband continues to see his lover on a daily basis
    I pray to get holly matrimony

  15. Please pray that Pam and I can get together for a loving relationship. I would like her to know how interested I am in seeing her and being with her. But I’m too shy to approach her and express my feelings. Pray that I develop the courage to initiate contact with her.

  16. Please pray that God will give me direction, guidance and the strength to carry out His will in my marital situation. My husband continues to see his lover on a daily basis.

  17. I thank GOD for his many blessings. I am praying to ge financially stable and debt free I am struggling this month to pay all of my bills. I need a major financial blessing by the end of the month. I am asking for favor & protection @all times w myself and family. I am asking GOD to bless me w a new home big enough for my family. I am asking for favor and protection @ all times on the job. Please crown my son’s head w knowledge as u GOD can only do. I ask for favor w any legal or financial situation pending for me. I am stressed out needing assistance financially. GOD I KNOW U R SO AWESOME.

  18. Dear All,
    Please pray that I will get a job soon and hope my financial difficulties will solve as soon as possible. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  19. Please help me pray that i should pass entrance examination of Human Resources Management am about to take on 29th September 2014. God should give me wisdom and favour me.

  20. Pls help me pray that through this novena I can get a better paying job at hospital before ending of this month in Jesus name I pray amen.

  21. I pray a BIG prayer
    I pray the love of my life comes back to me. I pray to St Anne to be loved by a man and he came to me! Now he has been scared by love. I believe in God. That he will bring him back to me and we can work through and past the tough times!
    I pray for all couple in my situation!
    Loves and hugs to all

  22. I pray that my brother and my grandparents may truly and sincerely seek relationships with God; that God may place people in their eyes who will lead them back to the fullness of Truth.

  23. Today at 2:38 PM

    Peace & Love to you both John-Paul & Annie. Thanks for keeping me in your prayer and yes I have some special prayer request. That I get the finance to start my media catholic business and for Melissa York and myself that we built a relationship that will be the result of a marriage. Thank you in advance and God bless

  24. Saint Therese, please make possible I can continue doing HS reviews. Let me know soon. Thank you.
    Pray Tan gets some benefits with her job very soon. Thank you.

  25. Holy trinity please pray for us that God will give us a miracle sending us a child so we be called as a one family.may i conceived.Amen.

  26. I Clarence needs a large financial miracle right away im very desperate I don’t every novena every Saint possible for finances and nothing ever came thru I think Im starting to give up but I always say the good Lord will always come but never happened..I”M TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF A SICK MOTHER to as this financial burden has wayed both us down pretty good so please pray for me thank you and God Bless yous.

  27. I’m new at this site and I ask you to join me in praying for all 3 of my children to come back to the church and turn their lives around – my heart is breaking
    Thank you

  28. Hi all,

    Peace be with you all.

    My husband and I have been going through a lot of trials and tribulations for the past few years now. God blessed me with a wonderful spouse who is a very good husband and a wonderful father to our 2 kids. He is very down to earth, good in all the sense and truly selfless. We met and a year later we were married. Throughout the almost 12 years of our marital life I came to realize that we do actually share a lot of similar characteristics. Unlike me, he does not go to church every Sunday as I do with our 2 kids but he is the most God fearing person I have ever met. I am not trying to portray him as a perfect man, no! we do also have our own issues as all couples out there but at the end of the day we always manage to bring peace in our home.

    Please help me pray for our marriage as I have a nosy mother-in-law who is forever interfering in our marriage and has also mislead her son a lot. I am sure that if not by God’s grace and the true love that exists between us she would have already succeeded to separate us because she is the cause of the majority of our problems. The sad thing is that as everybody and as men most especially he loves his mom so much that he does not see all her evil tricks and how manipulative she is.

    our finances were very good back then and therefore we were always there for people (family and friends) whenever they needed us. Our situation has turned to the point where we struggle to provide for our family.
    We have already lost all we used to have: businesses, house etc… but God is all we have never lost.

    My husband is about to be kicked out from his workshop because he can’t pay his monthly rent anymore. we have some amazing business opportunities that we can’t convert in real assets because of lack of funds.

    Please help me pray for a complete breakthrough and for his health which also got affected because of too much stress. God has to answer our prayer about the workshop very soon otherwise I don’t know how worse things will become for us.

    Thank you for your patience and your prayers for all of us on this list.

    May God bless us all and answers all our prayers in the name of he who went from places to places to solve the unsolvable, his son Jesus Christ.

  29. Hello Everyone!

    I am struggling with finding joy and balance in my life and am trying to break free from the strongholds of fear, procrastination and pride. Would you please pray that I will be open to letting God work in my life/heart in order to break these strongholds as I feel like my relationship with God is in a dry season.

    I would also like to ask prayer for my son. He is 3 and struggling with the issue of aggression towards his younger brother and other children. I feel like I live on edge because I never know when this behavior will rear it’s ugly head, and it’s exhausting!!! Please pray that God will give me strength, patience, wisdom and guidance to address this issue in a loving way and that God will work on changing his heart to be more kind to his brother and friends.

    Thanks and God Bless!!!

  30. I want you all to remember me in your prayers, I have been having seriously sharp pain at d center of my back and right side of my body.i need you all to pray for me as a family that I may receive my divine healing and testify abt the goodness of the Lord in my life Amen.

  31. I greet you reading this email in the name of our lord Jesus. Please pray with me to find employment. I am educated enough to be employable. As you pray for others pray for me as well. May Almighty God bless you in Jesus name. Amen

  32. Please pray for my husband because he is very sick. He has Stage IV Esophageal Cancer and we know that it is going to take a miracle from God to save him. He has been through 8 rounds of chemo and each round makes him so sick and he is in bed most of the time. We need your prayers desperately. Also, please pray for me as I have a back problem and a knee problem. I am his care giver and his only care giver so I am asking for your prayers also. God can do what man cannot and God is a great God. Thank all of you for your prayers and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

    Take care and thank you again !!


    • I will pray for you and if I may suggest you also pray to St. Peregrine, as he is the patron saint of cancer! 7 Our Fathers, 7 Hail Mary’s and 7 Glory Be’s, inserting your request after each prayer! God bless you-

  33. Please everybody, pray for me. My marriage is about to end for no reason and just cause. My husband doesn’t want to hear, he is only speaking breaking up without trying to solve the problem. Please I have been praying and made God the foundation. I trust in the name Jesus and pray my marriage will not break and me put to shame.

  34. Dear Prayer Group,

    Please pray that I get a trustworthy driver who will be able to drive me to my new job which is one hour. As I have to travel alone I am a bit scared but with prayers nothing is impossible.

    Kindly intercede for me to find the right person.

    God bless !

  35. Please pray for God’s intentions for my family to come to fruition. Especially since my ex husband abandoned his three beautiful daughters 5 years ago. My days are filled with unbelievable pain and I feel like giving up. But I keep praying. Thank you all for your prayers and God bless you all!

  36. Please pray for the cats of Carradoc Hall, who are ferals being removed from the site where they’ve lived for over 10 years. They are in danger of being caught in leg traps set out for a fox, and each day they are there is dangerous, due to cars, people, and leg traps. I am now unable to feed daily as well. I’ve cared for them for 7 years but am banned from feeding them now. I have 9 at home I’ve trapped –in dog crates and they aren’t happy. I’m trying desperately hard to find homes, not making any headway. All I need are 3 good barn homes to step forward each taking 4-5 cats, and it would DONE.

    Please pray for the miracle of QUICK placement in GOOD barn homes. Pray for 3 people to step forward to help out with emergency or permanent shelter. It is so so hard to do this, but I am praying each night, and I ask all to pray with me.

  37. I would like to thank God for all my blessings. My beautiful 2 boys, please keep them healthy and safe.
    I have such a big financial problem. I am in this financial hole and I cant get out of it. My husband does not work all the time, please give him a steady job. I am so in debt that I keep finding ways to get in more debt.Please guide my husband and myself to handle money better. And please give us a fresh clean new start in our finances.Please pray that I will be able to pay my mortgage, I dont want to loose my home. Please pray for us.

  38. Pray to pass my Nursing Nclex Exam coming on October

    Pray for my 4 children to do good in school

    Pray to get a new job and a good case to work on Wednesday or Thursday

    Pray for my family and my husband bless him and protect him

    Heal my diseases DM and Htn

  39. Pray that I may be healead from this fear and able to sleep
    with out any medication (insomia). So that I can function during the day and restore my mental health.

    Thank you and God Bless

  40. Pray for me for the following intentions
    1. Total conversion of my husband into the catholic faith.
    2. I need a good job because I am currently unemployed.
    3. Better job for my husband
    4. Financial breakthrough for us so that we can pay our rent which is due on October 2014.
    5. Pray for holy, peaceful and a happy family.
    Mother Mary pray for us.
    Thank you all

  41. Pray that I might be healed completely from the pain in my spine i have visited all doctors to no availso my only hope is the Great Healer Jesus Christ.That He will grant me the means to pay off debts.