Novena for Pope Benedict XVI

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The Pope is always praying for us and working to help us to have a deeper faith in Christ. It’s very important for us to lift up our Holy Father in prayer. This novena is meant for the faithful to support the Pope through prayer.

At the close of his pontificate, we are hoping to get 50,000 people to pray this novena leading up to his last day. In addition, another resource you can use to enrich your life with the teachings and sayings of Pope Benedict XVI is You can sign-up to receive daily quotations from Popes including Pope Benedict!

Please join us in prayer from Feb 20th-28th and share this novena with your friends.

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Novena Prayers

Day 1 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Heavenly father, Your Providence guides the Church and the successor to St. Peter, Pope Benedict XVI. May he be protected at all times from spiritual attacks so that he may lead Your Church to greater holiness and unity through Your Holy Spirit.

Day 2 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Prince of Peace, we come to You today to ask for Your grace of peace for our Holy Father. There are many problems in the world and in the Church that he must address everyday. We beg You for peace in the world, peace in our hearts as we face the brokenness of a fallen world and peace for the Pope as he shepherds Your Church.

Day 3 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Dear Lord, Your servant Benedict has given his life for the Church and for You. As he now steps down from leadership, please protect his health as he grows older so that he can continue to serve You in prayer.

Day 4 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Jesus, You gave to us a great Pope in Benedict XVI. You blessed him with wisdom, insight and intelligence to help guide Your Church on an intellectual level. We pray for his ministry as a teacher specifically through his writing. We pray that his writings about You will reach the whole world with Your saving message. We pray for a deeper understanding of our faith through the Pope’s writings.

Day 5 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Jesus, we pray for our beloved Pope and for his intentions. We pray for his personal intentions and for his recent decision to retire. That Your will be done through the election of his successor.

Day 6 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Lord, source of eternal life and truth, give to Your shepherd, Benedict XVI, a spirit of courage and right judgment, a spirit of knowledge and love. By governing with fidelity those entrusted to his care in these last days of his rule, may he, as successor to the Apostle Peter and the Vicar of Christ, build Your Church into a sacrament of unity, love and peace for all the world.

Day 7 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Heavenly Father, our Pope has shown us an example of great humility. May he be blessed as You promised in Holy Scripture for he is meek and humble of heart. Grant that the whole world will be moved by his example.

Day 8 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

Lord Jesus, You suffered persecutions and physical anguish for our sake. Grant, we pray, that the Holy Father is strengthened to unite the sufferings he has endured due to persecutions and his physical limitations to Your cross.

Day 9 – Pope Benedict XVI Novena

On this final day of his reign as Pope, we pray to You Almighty God, that Pope Benedict XVI will grow ever closer to You. May Pope Benedict’s prayers for the Church be answered. May Pope Benedict’s prayers for the Papacy be answered. May Pope Benedict’s prayers for all of us be answered – According to Your Holy will.

After praying the daily prayers above, finish with the following prayers.

[Insert your intentions and personal petitions for the Pope here]

Prayer for the Pope:

Let us pray for Benedict, the Pope.
May the Lord preserve him,
give him a long life,
make him blessed upon the earth,
and not hand him over
to the power of his enemies.
May Your hand be upon Your holy servant.
And upon Your son, whom You have anointed.

Closing: The Prayer of St. Benedict

Gracious and holy Father,
please give to our Pope and
to us the faithful:
intellect to understand You;
reason to discern You;
diligence to seek You;
wisdom to find You;
a spirit to know You;
a heart to meditate upon You;
ears to hear You;
eyes to see You;
a tongue to proclaim You;
a way of life pleasing to You;
patience to wait for You;
and perseverance to look for You.

Grant Your servant the
Pope and us the faithful:
a perfect end,
Your holy presence.
A blessed resurrection,
And life everlasting.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be…



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  1. There are so many in my life today that need my help and mostly my
    prayers as that is all I am able to do for them as their needs are so
    great. These novenas help me to have more trust that help in Gods
    way will lighten their burdens.

  2. THANK YOU for the NOVENAS!!! I LOVEPOPE BENEDICT XVI and pray he has many more years of LIFE! SILMY BOURSICOT

  3. I pray for Pope Benedict to find peace and rest from his works. May the Holy See annoint a new sheppard for your flock oh LORD in need of your guidance and mercy of Prince of Peace. Please help my family and me with our illnesses. Help us with our financial burden and lift us oh LORD to know your peace and give us the Wisdom to get out of the mess our worldly nation creates. Thank you for all your blessing and may we continue to spread your word by helping others in need.

  4. Dear Lord here we are your children granting our prayers to you
    and we believe that you know us better than we do for our selves, guide us father,
    don’t lead us into temptations and we pray that you keep us together with the pope the Benedict of xvi being good children for your kingdom,

    i pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ amen.

  5. I pray to our father in heaven that he may bless my Dad and protect him as he goes through hip surgery this coming week. May the Holy Spirit keep him safe and bring him back to us.


  6. I pray that beloved Pope Benedict will live the remaining time of his life in prayer, happiness and comfort. I pray that I will always be humble enough to ask for forgiveness and repent. I pray that my country will repent and turn from it’s destructive path. I pray that the next Pope will be a true crusader of the faith and that his heart will be truly open to the will of God. I pray that my husband and children, family and friends will always seek forgiveness and repentance and guidance from our Lord, for he is our shepard and we his humble sheep. God Bless you Pope Benedict and thank you for your years of courage.


    Yours in Christ


  7. Lord, you know my desperate need. I pray you hear mine and all of our prayers and if it be your Will, please answer them expediently and favorably.The intentions for this novena are for the health and spiritual well being of Pope Benedict XVI and the church. May we lift all of our prayers to Our Father in heaven for strong and devout leadership in our church and our individual intentions. In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. I thank God for Pope Benedict’s life & Papacy and for the rich liturgy he is leaving us.I pray for the rest of his life a pious humble rendering of himself to God in prayer & in the writings,and publications which I believe he is going to put out. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead & guide him.
    I pray God to Guide & Protect me and my family as we relocate from USA to Africa, and He will make known to me His plans for my future life. His will be done. I abandon myself to His will!

  9. Thank you for encouraging us to pray for our Holy Father. This we actually do on daily basis but there is need to pray more intensely for him and for the Church especially during this period when it seems hell has been let loose. There are serious temptations everywhere especially in Catholic families. The devil is fighting hard to tear families apart, but we trust in the powerful prayers of the Holy Mass and the powerful intercessions of our Mother Mary. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart will surely triumph! God please intervene in the life and family of F.U.A.

  10. dear Lord, here iam referring ma challenges and our pope Benedict who is going to retire into your hands, thanks Lord for hearing ma humble prayer because you
    know us better than we do!.

    i pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  11. I pray for my son and his arm issues that God’s plan for him will unfold and he can fulfill his dream. I pray for his success this semester. I pray for my husband that he will start feeling better and that the surgeries will be successful. I pray for my families health and well being. I pray for Pope Benedict that his remaining years with us on this earth will be full of grace and peace. I pray for the Cardinals to select our new pope. May he be a man of honor. Someone full of God’s grace and mercy. May God help us with our finances that we may be able to pay for my son’s tuition and not leave him with any debt.

  12. I pray for Pope Benedict … may God keep him close to His heart. I pray that we embrace God’s will with the Church and our new Pope.

    I pray for my family members, and for all those who are sick, that God touch each of them with His healing hand.

    I pray for my family, friends … for my private prayers, and also for all those who are praying this Novena with me. Lord, hear our prayers.

    In Your Name, Amen.

  13. Please may you remember me in your prayers that God almighty may finish the good work he started in my life; to successfully secure the job for me.

  14. For my family and particularly my mum as she celebrates her birthday tomorrow i pray for God’s grace and mercy on her and that she would find fulfillment in her life work and family and concerning we her children
    i pray also for God’s mercy as i end a job to begin another that the transiyion will be smooth and that all obstacles that may stand to hinder me from gaining the employment fully God should come to my aid
    i pray always that all spirit that are not working under the authority of God will b removed far from me and the spirit of Christ and his blood be upon me and my family now and always for i trust in God’s mercy
    i also pray for our current pope and the new pope and
    that the foundations laid by peter will not be shaken but waxstrong through the centuries

  15. here iam Lord,i lay my life in your hands for help in which ever way it may be
    together with my family and all the sick and even those who are in wars that you help them get peace.

    in the name of the loving father i pray. amen.

  16. Prayers for a friends sister who is dying of cancer. She has lots of children, some of them very young. Prayers for a miracle!

    Special intention for my husband.

    Prayers for our family and marriage. Pope John Paul II died on our wedding day so we have known Pope Benedict our whole married life. Prayers for the Pope as well.

  17. Praying for God mercy on my family. Prays that my family will be able to buy a comfortable home,my kids got a good school, save delivery, good health for my parents, and for my school to be successfully completed. Prays for God to give His church a new leader

  18. My personal intention is for my husband to have faith and for my children to develop their faith more deeply, and for the increased faithfulness of Catholic families throughout the world.

  19. My prayer intentions are that Pope Benedict remain a strong, faithful, prayerful leader for our church and society. I pray that he be abundantly blessed whether here or in eternity for his service. I pray that the cardinals that will our new pope allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit when electing our new pope. I pray that the cardinals elect the man who most closely resembles Jesus Christ as pope-may he be charismatic to touch all people profoundly, may he be powerful yet humble, may he be faithful to our Father, may he be able to inspire people everywhere, and mostly may he be filled with love, be love, share love, inspire love.

  20. Among us has been a shepherd who has guided us tremendously to the extent that we don’t want to let him go therefore lord give the courage to accept what we can’t change and for pope Benedict give him strength of mind and body during this time. we can’t forget to thank you for you guidance up to this time. Father bless the cardinals with your holy spirit as they are at this most important business for your Church preserve the seat of Peter as the world is even demanding for Pope who can change the Gospel therefore God save us of such a scenario

  21. I need a good job, and LORD grant my heart desires including my plans to get scholarship and as well to study my Masters in Europe

  22. Out of pride and conceit we had high hopes for our son Paul Benedict. His names were especially chosen for what they represented . Now he is 22 yrs old and very much in need of our prayers because of the life style he has chosen at this moment. Of your charity please add him to your prayer requests. Pray that he once again comes to recognise the good Lord’s love for him and his need for the enlightenment that only the Holy Spirit can bring through Jesus Christ. That he once more turns back to Holy Mother Church for the dispensation of grace through the Sacraments and for never ending hope, love and encouragement in his life.. You can be assured of our prayers for all who are praying with us, wherever you may be. Kevin and Jean Burgess.

    • Dear Kevin and Jean,

      My heart goes out to you as a mother of two. It is painful to raise your children in the faith and watch them go astray. But do not lose hope, Paul Benedict will return to the faith. Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel all speak to this – fresh life will be breathed into him and God will imprint his laws on his heart.

      You will be in my prayers. If you haven’t already been doing so, pray Psalm 91 for him each night.

      God bless you,


      • Thank you Dorothy..we appreciate your input. It is a blessing in itself to receive words of encouragement from other Catholic Christians. It is good to be reminded of the need for constant trust and hope in the Lord, for perseverance in love and faith……. God be with you now and always.

  23. Please pray for us to have a forgiving and loving heart to all those who hurt and misunderstand us, and also to receive forgiveness from them. Pray for our family that we may grow in faith and spirit that we may be able to work for the glory of GOD.

  24. I pray for Pope Benedict each day as I pray my rosary. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide in the election of his successor. The Church needs to be even stronger today than ever before. The world is in such disarray and the Pope needs to be a driving force in the reorientation and the return to Christianity.

    I pray and ask for prayers for the employment of my son-in-law. He is a wonferful Christian man, husband and father. This was all so sudden and his head is still reeling. Pray that he does not become discouraged in his search.

  25. I pray for our beloved Pope. May our good God Bless him.
    For the College of Cardinals, that wisdom and knowledge will lead them to the right decision for a new Pope.
    My humble request is, I have to be back to normal after the accident happened on 1st November 2012, my own scooter fell on me, femur bone’s head was crushed and surgery done, it was removed / another piece is implanted, still walking with walker,
    my idea is to print this Novena on the back side of the pictures of the Past Very Respected Popes and give at the Chapel on next Sunday morning,
    With prayers for all those suffering and require more blessings than me.
    Let HE bless all others and then consider my humble request.

  26. Help me in prayer of my sister inlaw by the name Gladys, who is about to be done a very sensitive operation of a tumor in her neck.

    Pray for her successiful operation and a quick recovery.


  27. Lord Jesus , we pray for us to have a forgiving and loving heart to our brothers and sisters.Bless our life with peace and joy.

  28. Pope Benedict the Brave has always been my hero! I am proud to join this prayer chain for him and for the Church we all love!

    • I like this Dan, Pope Benedict the Brave. Indeed, it takes a courageous and humble person to make such a difficult decision. I am so grateful that a whole lot of people are praying for him. That is what he needs and that is what the Church needs. God bless you!


  29. I want to pray for my cousin as he embarks on a competitive scholarship interview weekend. He desperately needs to be awarded the scholarship in order for him to afford college, as his family is struggling to make ends meet. I also pray for his father who is battling a relapse of multiple myeloma and kidney problems as he begins a new chemo regimen. Please pray also for his wife and two young daughters. Grant them the strength and the courage they need to fight this battle and may it bring them closer together as a family instead of driving them apart.

  30. My intentions for this novena are for the health and spiritual well being of Pope Benedict XVI and the church. May we lift our prayers to Our Father in heaven for strong and devout leadership in our church. Lord, you know my sorrows and needs. I pray you hear all of our prayers and if it be your Will, answer them expediently and favorably. In Jesus name, Amen.

  31. dear Dad as you know well that when achild get frightened runs to the
    dad for help and me too here i do to you, father i beg you to help me persevier the hard situations and my parents are passing through, its really not easy but i believe that with you Lord i can stand strong!.

    Father here i grant our pope in your hands and the entire church to help and make us remain strong in our faith not to be shaken by the stanic ways!, here i pray
    oh lord, Lord here us!.

  32. For all those sick, struggling, or suffering from a loss, may they be comforted through God’s word and the Holy Spirit. I also pray for my son’s surgery tomorrow that he has a speedy recovery.

  33. Dearest Jesus!
    I pray for a God fearing loving husband. Please get me one from your storehouse i know you have many. You said Jesus its not good for a man or woman to be alone in the book of Genesis. I am your daughter have mercy on me and deliver me from loneliness.I pray for peace in my mind and heart, change my heart that i may always have a sense of humor the size of a mountain and make people smile and laugh.
    Your beloved daughter

    • Lilian, your prayer made me smile and chuckle. I know God has a partner in his storehouse for you, and I trust that He will send you one, even from this website, after he reads your prayer. May it be so! FIAT!

  34. May God Bless the Pope for his great humility.
    May he find peace and joy from his comment.
    Pray for him my brothers and sisters that he will regain his health and strength. Pray also for me in my search for a new job and for my son who is a candidate this year.

    Peace be with you all.

  35. I pray that my mother will be protected and not taken advantage of by my adult sibling. I pray that she will someday allow me to help her in ways that will keep her safe, and that receives the respect and appreciation that she deserves.

    I also pray that God will lead my son in the direction He has chosen for him and that my son has the strength to accept that path.

  36. For Pope Benedict and our for our next Pope. For our holy priests. For my mother who is hospitalized and suffering. For my father who hasn’t left her side. Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us and intercede on our behalf. Dear Jesus, have mercy on us! We put all our trust in you!

  37. For God’s health restoration upon pope benedith xvi. Am praying for divine connection for marriage.for a God fearing life partner and career transformation from contract to full staff.sacred heart of Jesus, i place my trust in you.

  38. Dear Lord, God the Father Almighty,
    I only have one request in this lifetime. I want to construct a 6-door apartment for my nephews and nieces who are starting their married life.They cannot afford to rent an apartment inside the subdivision. Right now they are renting an apartment in squatters area where their growing children will suffer in the long run. I want them to live a peaceful life in a peaceful environment. Help me Lord, God the Father Almighty make my dream come true. I don’t know how I could do this, but I’m focusing my mind on this dream of mine. Through Pope Benedict and in Jesus Name, Amen. So Help Me God.

  39. I pray for my friends and family, for God to make my job in diaomond bank a reality, for a life partner, for my parents, let God bless their efforts with success. For the Pope and the church. For my colleagues in Diamond bank, God grant their heart desires. And for all who does nt have someone to help or pray for them, for God to continue to b with them. And for all who are participating in this prayer for God to grant all our wishes and prayers. Amen

  40. Let us pray for peaceful retirement & protection of our Pope and that the new Pope will be able to unite all sects of religions under one Shepherd

  41. I would like to add the following intentions:

    Please remember my friend Sister Teresa, her mother and family in prayer. Her mother passed away this week and she asked us to pray for her mother’s soul.

    Please pray for the patients and their families at our Cancer Center; especially for our medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. We’ve had many deaths in the last few months and the physician’s need to be uplifted.

    Please pray for my family and for me, so that we grow closer to God our Father, God our Son, God the Holy Spirit. Amen

  42. First of all I pray for the Pope and all that God brings his way…I pray that he may have a long relaxing rest of his life getting closer to God as he waits to be called home. And, next I pray that God grant my family and I a new spirit filled life after being flooded out of our home last month. Let these hard times bring us closer to him and show us the true meaning and importance of life. I also ask that everyone pray that God may provide for us in this time of need! AMEN!!!

    • *Him

      AND…I also pray that we as Catholics get a new leader that will be just what God wants us to have in these troubling times we face on Earth!!!

  43. I pray for good health for each member of my family especially my sister who has cancer. I pray for my kids to perform and behave well in school and may they be out of danger always. May God guide them and lead them to have good friends and be able to make good decisions in their lives when they grow old.

    I also offer this prayer for the forgiveness of sins and for the souls in purgatory.

  44. Thank you Lord for you precense in our lives. WE ask for your holy sppirit to bring healing to our family as well as a job for my husband and better business at our business. we lift up our hearts to the Lord and ask for His greatest Blessings on out POPE may the Holy Spirt lght his path.

  45. I pray the pope has some quiet time to pray and may he cntinue to be a source of blessing to all Catholics and the church and may the Almighty God continue to help and guide us as we prepare to elect another pope to take charge of God’s Holy Church.AMEN

  46. I pray for my country Kenya as we go to the polls once again on the 4th of March 2013. Father I ask for peace especially given the outcome from the last elections in 2007/2008 where so many lives were lost as a result of the disputed elections. Father give us wisdom so that we cast our votes we are choosing the leader who you have chosen for us.

    I entrust all your children here in Kenya to your loving care. Father bless Kenya with the deserving leader.

  47. I pray for the health of our dearest Pope. May the good Lord grant him enough strength during this time he is aging.
    I pray for my ailing mother as well and for my relationship with my boyfriend to strengthen more and more.

  48. Please keep me in your prayers as I journey through this first year out of college and start my career as a nurse. I pray that I make rational and intelligent decisions. I am also struggling right now with finances. There has been a lot of worrying.

  49. Pope Benidict for a happy and healthy retirement. And a wonderful new Pope. For myself and my whole family for conversion, reconciliation and salvation.
    For peace and peace of mind and happiness For good health and safety and no catastrophes and no disaster fall upon them. For the desires of their heart. For a happy and very wonderful outcome for T &P’s problems. For daugh to like me. For the girls weddings weather any turn out beautiful. M&M’s annulment to come thru babies to be safe …for G-kids to be baptized. My B. mistKe to be okay w/God.J&me get along better and we both are patient ..Our minds to be sharp. To get rid of stuff in basement and sold, cleaned etc w/ effecting our health. Finances go well for all of more Cancer in family. Mike and deb’s sav.kellyand Matt find the best fields& assign.And spouses for them..Julie stay close to home. All frind spouses that don’t hurt their faith.Scott to come back to catholic faith and a conversion for all my grand kids to cath. even deb. Susie wt. and Deb and all my boys and J&me,missy too. Mark & Bob to enjoy good health,miracle for Bob.D.M. Cen. To go well and me smarts to lead it w/ ease and love. Me to be more holy and a nicer person, ESP. To Jack.
    Will to exercise and eat right to be healthy me a& all. also Inc. all my intentions remembered after this is submitted.elect the right Pope.a holy lent. And America to

  50. Please pray for all the children & adults afflicted with a Leukodystrophy, their families & their caregivers who most often are parents or a spouse. The many leukodystrophies are genetic in origin: incurable, terminal illness. Those afflicted suffer greatly.

  51. I pray for Pope Benedict that his health may improve and that he may be kept safe.

    I pray that a good replacement be found in the election of a new Pope.

    I pray for all cancer patients that the good Lord may ease their suffering.

    I pray for a good relation between me and my son. Dear Lord make him understand the importance of a family and bring him closer to you.

    I pray for peace in Pakistan.

    I pray for my good health and the strength to cope with my daily routine.

  52. God I need help to win. As I am not a gambler, this is my only avenue to make a big difference in my life for these monetary needs. Thankyou for all my blessings everyday, time is limited before I am totally homeless. Take of Ma, Bunz and all of her bratts, my Cossins that never left home. My son , he seems to finally be getting it 10 years late. Take care of Dusty and StarCat with bratt Dino, may they always live in comfort without fear of anything. I love how they love me, Thankyou lord. Please keep our special Rowe, Pope Benedict in happy and in good health, he is good.

  53. I pray for Pope Benedict, that his retirement will be filled with peace, health and joy. I also pray for my family, my husbands continued success at work, my oldest daughter to be successful in her new job venture, and also that she will soon meet someone to share her future with, my younger daughter will graduate this semester and will continue her education, and for my son, that he will stay in school and will make good choices regarding his future, and for his health that he will be feeling better soon. For a special little boy in our life Bennett that God will watch over him and protect. And for myself that I stay on this path of inner peace and for my journey with God continue to grow

  54. I will pray this novena every night for nine days following my rosary prayer. Praying that our Lord will bless him in health and spirit. Praying for all men who enter the ministry and for peace in our world.