Our Lady of Lourdes Novena

About Our Lady of Lourdes

“Mercy is the tangible expression of God's love in the world.-

Saint Bernadette was a young girl gathering firewood in the French town of Lourdes with her sister and a friend when the Virgin Mary appeared to her and spoke to her.

Our Lady appeared to Saint Bernadette a total of 18 times! During these apparitions, Bernadette asked her name and Mary replied: “I am the Immaculate Conception.” Another time, Our lady told Bernadette where to dig to find a miraculous spring. And another time, Mary told Bernadette to build a church at the grotto where she had appeared to her.

The image of Mary at Lourdes is known as Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of the Rosary.

The water from the miraculous spring has cured and healed many people ever since. Millions of pilgrims go to Lourdes to see the place where Mary appeared and to bathe in the spring to be healed and blessed.

Our Lady of Lourdes Novena Prayers

Our Lady of Lourdes, we come to you like little Bernadette at the grotto. We pray with childlike trust in you.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, when you appeared in Lourdes, you made it a holy sanctuary where many have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both spiritual and corporal. We pray me with confidence for your holy intercession.

(State your intentions here)

Holy Mother of the Rosary, we feel confident that your prayers on our behalf will be graciously heard by God.

Day 1: Immaculate Mother, show us your mercy, O Mother of God.
Day 2: Immaculate Mother, comfort us in our affliction.
Day 3: Immaculate Mother, pray that we may have hope in times of trial.
Day 4: Immaculate Mother, pray for the grace of God to be our strength.
Day 5: Immaculate Mother, pray that we may reach the consolation of heaven.
Day 6: Immaculate Mother, manifest in us your sweetness and beauty.
Day 7: Immaculate Mother, shower us with the love of your pure heart.
Day 8: Immaculate Mother, fill our hearts with love for Jesus and for you.
Day 9: Immaculate Mother, give us what your motherly heart sees we need at this moment.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, we fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, our mother; to you do we come, before you we stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer us.


Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!

Saint Bernadette, pray for us!


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  1. please blessing mother
    pray for my kids and grand kids heath
    and for my sons addiction
    thank you God bless

  2. Hello Catholics.
    Am in my 3rd years nursing school and soon doing exams to go to my final year i would like to join hands with me so that you can help me pray for my successfully completion of my nursing school and for this challenging third year.Thank you so much.God bless you.

  3. Please pray as we need help because we are having financial struggles. We hope that we can fulfill all our financial obligations. Amen.

  4. Just saw swelling between my clavicle and scapular both sides. Mother Mary, Let it not be any thing of the cancers when i go to the Drs, Interceed for me and heal me what ever it is.Thanks for being there 24/7 for us to lean to when we are desperate. Pray for us Our Lady of Lourdes. Pray for us St Bernadette, Fellow friends in Novena prayers Pray for me

  5. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray to your Holy Son that he will heal my mother. Please don’t let her die. Please fellow Catholics pray for my mother! Thank you and God bless and hear your prayers as well!

  6. Pray, Holy Mary, please let the ex husband go away leave us alone children were home for spring break he didn’t call or come by to see the kids or to make peace. Which shows that he doesn’t care about the kids at all. God please let this divorce end quickly he still living in sin. Adultry. Have mercy.Amen!

  7. Please pray for my health. I have hyperuricemia and fatty liver. I experience nauseated and fainting. I need to be healthy so I can get back to work.
    Thank you for sharing this novena..

  8. Please pray for my company which I have started on my own. It is about 2 years. Business is not good. Please pray for me that I have the strength, wisdom & ideas to bring in more business to the company.

    Our Lady please help me.

  9. Please pray for the complete restoration of health for Diane and Johns children and Deborah’s children. Paul, Matthew, Andrew, Michael, Marie, john, Naomi, and Abigail.

  10. Hello, sorry to bother you but I am doing the Saint Joseph novenas and I’ve only received up to the fifth I am missing the sixth and seventh novena. Today would’ve been the seventh day. I was just wondering if there’s anything wrong. Thank you so much God bless you!


  11. Thank you for sharing these Novenas. May God continue to shower you with His richest blessings. Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us.
    May our prayers be graciously answered for S. and her daughter Amen.

  12. After praying to Mother Mary my throat issues are practically gone and my aunt finally got over a medical hurdle she has been struggling with for several months. I also feel more at peace during a stressful time. Thank you, Mother Mary. I love you.

  13. Praying for God’s continues guidance in my life and my family. Also praying for God to bless my sister and I with a good spouse who we are going to grow together in Christ with and not fall short of His glory. Amen

  14. Dear Blessed Mother Mary,
    B is having difficulty with a disrespectful
    employee. please help B in having the employee W removed from the Company
    in a timely manner professionally.

  15. Pray for Sara as she moves through her divorce. Her husband had and continues to have an affair. She wants custody of children and move to Milwaukee to be near family for support, have the boys attend a Catholic school. Have Matt open heart and mind to this option.

  16. My special prayer request is to Saint Pedro Pio.  I’ve just found out about this saint for motherhood and pregnancy.  I pray our daughter does not suffer any more baby losses and pray she gets to experience the miracle of carrying and delivering a child.
    She has had one stillbirth,  a late miscarriage and a medical extraction due to multiple defects and failure to thrive. Medically, we almost lost our daughter on all three occasions.  She has tried several IUI’s and IVF procedures to no avail.  It has been very discouraging, both physically and emotionally, for her and her husband.  She is older in age now and has given up.  I don’t want to give up, I want to believe there is hope.

    Thank you and God bless.