Novena to St. Anne

St. Anne NovenaAlthough Saint Anne is not mentioned in the Bible, she is the holy mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. When we pray the St. Anne Novena, we are asking help from our Blessed Mother’s mother!

Saint Anne’s feast day is on July 26th, so the St. Anne Novena is traditionally started on July 17th — but you can pray it anytime.

Devotion to St. Anne began early in the history of the Catholic Church. As she was favored by God to become the mother of the holy Virgin Mary, she is often invoked as the Patron of mothers as well as for relationships, among other things.

Answered Prayers from this Novena

I prayed this St. Anne Novena a little more than two years ago (and many times since), and soon-after, I met my future husband. I felt like St. Anne was watching over me and praying for me as I got to know, dated and fell in love with the man I will soon call my husband.

- Annie, John-Paul’s wife

Novena Prayers to St. Anne

Here is a traditional novena to St. Anne.

First, recite this prayer.

Glorious St. Anne, filled with compassion for those who invoke you, with love for those who suffer, heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I kneel at your feet and humbly beg you to take my present need under your special protection…

(State your intention here.)

Vouchsafe to recommend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before the throne of Jesus. Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted. Above all, obtain for me the grace to one day meet God face to face, with you and Mary and all the angels and saints, praising Him through all eternity.


Then, recite the prayer for the proper day.

St. Anne Novena, Day One

Great Saint Anne, engrave indelibly on my heart and in my mind the words that have reclaimed and sanctified so many sinners:

“What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world if he lose his own soul?” May this be the principle fruit of these prayers by which I will strive to honor you during this novena.

At your feet renew my resolution to invoke you daily, not only for the success of my temporal affairs and to be preserved from sickness and suffering, but above all, that I may be preserved from all sin, that I may gain eternal salvation and that I will receive the special grace of…

(State your intention here.)

O most powerful Saint Anne, do not let me lose my soul, but obtain for me the grace of heaven, there with you, your blessed spouse, and your glorious daughter, to sing the praise of the Most Holy and Adorable Trinity forever and ever.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Two

Glorious Saint Anne, how can you be otherwise than overflowing with tenderness toward sinners like myself, since you are the grandmother of Him who shed His blood for us, and the mother of her whom the saints call advocate of sinners? To you, therefore, I address my prayers with confidence.

Vouchsafe to commend me to Jesus and Mary so that, at your request, I may be granted remission of my sins, perseverance, the love of God, charity for all mankind, and the special grace of…

(State your intention here.)

…for which I stand in need at the present time. O most powerful protectress, let me not lose my soul, but pray for me that through the merits of Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mary, I may have the great happiness of seeing them, of loving and praising them with you through all eternity.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day three

Beloved of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, mother of the Queen of Heaven, take us and all who are dear to us under your special care. Obtain for us the virtues you instilled in the heart of her who was destined to become Mother of God, and the graces with which you were endowed. O model of Christian womanhood, pray that we may imitate your example in our homes and families, listen to our petitions,

(State your intention here.)

Guardian of the infancy and childhood of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, obtain the graces necessary for all who enter the marriage state, that imitating your virtues they may sanctify their homes and lead the souls entrusted to their care to eternal glory. Amen.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Four

Glorious Saint Anne, I kneel in confidence at your feet, for you also have tasted the bitterness and sorrow of life. My need, the cause of my request, is…

(State your intention here.)

Good Saint Anne, you who did suffer much during the twenty years that preceded your glorious maternity, I beseech you, by all your sufferings and humiliations, to grant my prayer.

I pray to you, through your love for your glorious spouse Saint Joachim, through your love for your immaculate child, through the joy you did feel at the moment of her happy birth, not to refuse me. Bless me, bless my family and all who are dear to me, so that some day we may all be with you in the glory of heaven, for all eternity.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Five

Great Saint Anne, how far I am from resembling you. I so easily give way to impatience and discouragement; and so easily give up praying when God does not at once answer my request. Prayer is the key to all heavenly treasures and I cannot pray, because my weak faith and lack of confidence fail me at the slightest delay. O my powerful protectress, come to my aid, listen to my petition…

(State your intention here.)

Make my confidence and fervor, supported by the promise of Jesus Christ, increase as the trial to which God in His goodness subjects me is prolonged, that I may obtain like you more than I can venture to ask for. In the future I will remember that I am made for heaven and not for earth; for eternity and not for time; that consequently I must ask, above all, the salvation of my soul which is assured to all who pray properly and who persevere in prayer.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Six

Glorious Saint Anne, mother of the Mother of God, I beg your powerful intercession for the freedom from my sins and the assistance I need in my troubles…

(State your intention here.)

What can I not hope for if you deign to take me under your protection? The Most High has been pleased to grant the prayers of sinners, whenever you have been charitable enough to be their advocate.

Therefore, I beg you to help me in all spiritual and temporal dangers; to guide me in the true path of Christian perfection, and finally to obtain for me the grace of a happy death, so that I may contemplate your beloved Jesus and daughter Mary in your loving companionship throughout all eternity.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Seven

O Good Saint Anne, so justly called the mother of the infirm, the cure for those who suffer from disease, look kindly upon the sick for whom I pray.

Alleviate their sufferings; cause them to sanctify their sufferings by patience and complete submission to the Divine Will; finally deign to obtain health for them and with it the firm resolution to honor Jesus, Mary, and yourself by the faithful performance of duties.

But, merciful Saint Anne, I ask you above all for the salvation of my soul, rather than bodily health, for I am convinced that this fleeting life is given us solely to assure us a better one. I cannot obtain that better life without the help of God’s graces. I earnestly beg them of you for the sick and for myself, especially the petition for which I am making in this novena…

(State your intention here.)

…through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Immaculate Mother, and through your efficacious and powerful mediation, I pray.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Eight

Remember, O Saint Anne, you whose name signifies grace and mercy, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, and sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, good, and kind mother; I take refuge at your feet, burdened with the weight of my sins. O holy mother of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, despise not my petition…

(State your intention here.)

…but hear me and grant my prayer.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Nine

Most holy mother of the Virgin Mary, glorious Saint Anne, I, a miserable sinner, confiding in your kindness, choose you today as my special advocate. I offer all my interests to your care and maternal solicitude. O my very good mother and advocate, deign to accept me and to adopt me as your child.

O glorious Saint Anne, I beg you, by the passion of my most loving Jesus, the Son of Mary, your most holy daughter, to assist me in all the necessities both of my body and my soul. Venerable Mother, I beg you to obtain for me the favor I seek in this novena…

(State your intention here.)

…and the grace of leading a life perfectly conformable in all things to the Divine Will. I place my soul in your hands and in those of your kind daughter. I ask for your favor in order that, appearing under your patronage before the Supreme Judge, He may find me worthy of enjoying His Divine Presence in your holy companionship in Heaven.


Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory Be to the Father…

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

They are not a match, Come find yours!

St. Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary

Saint Anne was born in Bethlehem and eventually married Saint Joachim, a shepherd from Nazareth, in Galilee.

Her name, Anne, actually derives from the Hebrew name Hannah meaning grace. There is not a lot of literature about the life of St. Anne, but what we do know about her comes from apocryphal literature, history and legend.

The story goes that St. Anne was married to St. Joachim for many years (some stories report as many as twenty years) without being able to have children. After much ridicule and sorrow because they could not conceive, both separately pleaded to God to take away their sterility, promising that they would dedicate their child to the service of God.

Their prayers were heard.

An angel soon appeared before both of them, declaring that St. Anne would conceive and give birth to a child who would be blessed by the entire world. That child was named Mary, and today, she is our blessed Virgin Mother. After their daughter’s birth, St. Anne and St. Joachim dedicated Mary to God at the temple of Jerusalem, where she spent a lot of her childhood.

St. Anne is the Patron of…

The intercession of St. Anne is called on especially in the following cases:

  • Mothers
  • Grandmothers
  • Unmarried women
  • Women in labor
  • Infertile women
  • Housewives
  • Cabinet-makers
  • Miners

You can pray the St. Anne Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!

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  1. Dear St.Anne.

    Thank you for bringing my baby safely in this world. But she has trouble swallowing her food, she coughs and reflux’s when she is fed. Bless her dear Mother to come us of these complicated issues which tires her sucking. Be with her mother at each and every second her life. Bless all other babies who are in the NICU who suffer different types of complications.
    Send them all home safe and healthy.

  2. St. Anne,
    I pray for a miracle cure and healing for my daughter Heather Neuner. For the past 5 years she has been fighting Chronic Lyme Disease and Babesia, a Malaria type illness that attacks the red blood cells that she got from a tick bite years ago. It has disabled her and she cannot work or go to school because her symptoms include unpredictable seizures, tremors, muscle weakness, vertigo, migraines, air hunger, chronic fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Insurance does not cover the medical bills and the treatments are expensive and only help the symptoms but there is no cure. Many have died from it or taken their own lives because they feel so much like a burden on their families after years of suffering and deterioration. She has tried to get Disability income but they have turned her down because she is 24 with little work history. She has let go of her pride and set up a fundraiser on the web site for Heather Neuner but has received few donations. She is trying to hard to handle this but is devastated by this point and losing hope that she will ever come through this or ever be able to care for herself. She is feeling so alone, angry, unimportant and unloved. We are both struggling with our faith in GOD. We are exhausted in every way and need him to pick us up and carry us at this point. My daughter is my world and I will do anything to fix her but I am running out of options to help her or ways to keep her positive. We can no longer do this alone. Please, Please, Please send us your love, your healing, your strength, your blessings. We cannot do this alone anymore. Pray for us. Amen. Patty

  3. St. Anne,
    Im praying and asking for your intercession, please make my fiance to be a faithful and loyal to me, make us a better couple, allow us to spend the rest of our lives together, remove all the doubts and bad thoughts in his mind and fill it with deep love,respect,patience and understanding to me, make us worth it for each other,please st anne, dont allow anyone,person,situation to keep us apart, instead make us more stronger to keep our relationship, keep in our mind and heart each other whenever we are, dont allow satan to interfer all our plan in our marriage life,. Amen

  4. I just finished this novena and I wanted to thank St Anne for already letting me see the power of this novena. I have seen an improvement in our communication and our commitment. Thank you St Anne I am forever grateful.

  5. Dear St. Anne,

    Pls. hear my prayers and petitions that I will meet my future husband before this year ends that God will give me according to His will..I claimed and thank you for my answered prayers..thank you..i love you..

  6. Ipray to you st Anne to meet my future husband very soon.Am spirtually week and l need prayer to overcome what is happening in my life.l have been hurt and rejected,please lead me to aman who is going to love me and my children, who is going to provide a good home for us. Please st Anne hear me and help me very soon. If paul is my future husband let him come back to me.Also l pray for faith and hope,will always praise your name.Amen.

  7. My Dearest St. Anne,
    Please let my daughter find her future husband soon, I don’t want her to be alone, take her out of her confusion, I know she feels lost right now. Please give her patience. Let her know how much God loves her. I pray she opens her heart and her mind, so the man of her dreams can find her, thank you

  8. Dear Saint Anne, I pray to you with a heavy heart to reunite me with the man I love. An opportunity has come for us to reconnect, please remove any obstacles in our way so that we may continue to grow together forever and become a true family. I will endeavour to spread my devotion to you every day of my life. Please saint Anne Grant me the love of this man. Amen

  9. Dear St. Anne
    Thank you for answering my prayers so far and forgive me for asking for more, but please continue to strengthen the relationship between Amir and I, in love. Join us together, as a couple, in love, not just friends. Let him go back to declaring his love for me and our future together, not another day apart. Remove all obstacles and obstructions, restore what Satan stole and let us live what God brought together. Please now, rather than later. We have both been through so much, no more time apart, alone or wasted. I believe and have SEEN your miracles St. Anne, I devote myself to you and have faith you will deliver this to me. Please unite Amir and I together, forever, as a couple, in love. Let us move towards marriage, always and forever. Thank you, all the angels, saints, your daughter, The Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, and most of all God.

  10. Dear Saint Anne,
    All my life I wished to have a daughter and name her Anna. I loved this name not knowing it was yours the mother of Saint Mary, not knowing it was yours the patron of mothers and unmarried women…
    I also prayed and still pray a lot to meet someone and have my own family. This morning something strange pushed me to research you and that’s how I learnt who you are and who mostly prays to you and for what. I feel like I’ve loved this name all my life for a reason, I feel hopeful as I had lost hope meeting someone and making a family. I will pray your novena, please Saint Anne, answer my prayer and let me meet a nice man and make a nice family. If I have a daughter I will name her Anna as now I love this name even more. Please do not be late answering my prayers, as I want my mom and aunt to be healthy and enjoy seeing me settled and happy and see my children and I don’t want to grow old alone. Thank you Saint Anne.

  11. Dear Saint Anne,
    Please pray to God for me that my relationship will survive the trials it is currently facing. I have waited so long to find this wonderful man and I believe that God would not have brought me to him after so long if it was not meant to be. Now, though, because of outside circumstances, he is facing depression and is experiencing hopelessness and self-loathing. Please pray that he is healed so that he can love himself and his life and me and pray that I be given the patience and love to endure the wait. Thank you! Amen.

  12. Oh dear st. Anne pleas hear my prayer , I am helpless and at the point of giving up on my relationship with my husband. I know that we wher to young to start this relationship but I know we can do it I have faith in you I just want us to come together as one i want to feel happy when he is near me and not anger or doughts .I have came to you because I can’t not fine the way out I love him and the last thing I want to do is lose him. I want this love to last forever ,I put my relationship in your hands and I hope that you can help us with all our troubles. Thank you so much . Amen

  13. St Anne, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to help mend my relationship with the love of my life Timothy. Please fill him with inner strength and direction and help him to overcome his fears in order to reunite us, so that we may be together again soon and one day be a family. I will endeavour to spread my devotion to you and ask that you do not leave the alter of Mary until these prayers have been heard. As a mother please here my prayers, show me what I also must do to guide us back together again. Amen

  14. dear st.anne, pls hear and grant my prayer , a sorrowful heart who are longing to have a child and to experienced the joy of concieving and having a baby , i am humbly asking you to have mercy on us that we may also experienced being parents and the overjoyed feeling of having a child .thank you

  15. St Anne please hear my prayers and petitions.. I offer this novena to you to please help me to bring back the man that I love into my life.. please open up his mind and make him realized that I am worth for his love… give us another chance to reunite our love that we’ve started and continue it with full of love and happiness trough your guidance… Amen..

  16. I pray to you to St.Anne. for a second child. I know i have crossed my age, but everything is possible in your intercession. Keep my womb healthy and strong so that I carry on second pregnancy. Will always praise your name.
    Thank you.

  17. I have been praying to meet my future husband very soon. I really need a man in my spiritually weak and need prayers to overcome what I’m going through. I know that GOd has a purpose in my life and pray that his will be done very soon.

  18. Dear Saint Anne

    Please pray for me. I have been in and out of relationships. Every man finds fault with me. I have been hurt and rejected. I ask saint Anne that shame , disappointment and rejection maybe removed from my life completely. I ask that you may lead me to a man who will love me for who I am. Who will take care of me and the family we will build. An intelligent man who is wealthy and who loves God.

  19. Dear saint anne,

    Please help me pray that I meet the one God has planned for me soon. One who will love and respect me for the rest of his life, and be my best friend here on earth. Harden not my heart that it may learn to open up and love again.

    Please hear my prayer and help guide me to the path intended for me. Amen.

  20. Dear St Anne,

    Please hear my prayer. Let me meet my future husband . I waited for long time. A catholic person very loving, caring and understanding. Who also take care of my father.
    Everyday i say your novena.
    Please hear my pray soon.

    Thank you St Anne.

  21. Glorious St. Anne,

    I humbly pray that you hear my prayer for my Mom who has diabetes. That she may have her healthy body back, it hurts me to see her crying because of her illness. Please, I beg you, help my mommy.

    I also pray that the loan she is applying will be granted so that her medication will be continuous and will have a fast recovery.

    Glorious St. Anne, intercede for me.

  22. St.Anne, I began my novena to you today for your help to please send my husband Isaac back home to us quickly and safely.Isaac and I have been together for 13 years married for 2 we have a 9 year old son Abraham.Isaac leaves us for long periods of time to use methamphetamines,this time he has been gone for 2 weeks so far,please help my family we love him,miss him,and worry for him.Please I beg of you send him home and help to save our marriage,I love my husband so very much, Please help us.

  23. St. Anne please hear my prayer and intercede in reuniting Amir and I in our relationship, in love. Oh sweet beautiful Mother of The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of all Mothers, please remove any demons and obstacles and cast Satan out back to hell, keeping him from separating Amir and I any further. Reconcile what God brought together, in love, as man and woman, together forever. Please bring us together, to live in love forever, soon. Let the joy outweigh the pain. Let the love and laughter outweigh the sorrow. Please sweet St. Anne, please hear my prayer and intercede quickly. I am in pain. Please reunite us, Janet & Amir, and keep us together, in love, forever, now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

  24. St. Anne,
    Please intercede and hear and answer my prayer and petition. Reunite Amir and I in love, as a couple, now. Reconcile the relationship between us, remove all demons, devils, works of evil and obstacles that are keeping us apart. Oh most holy Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, shine your Motherly love on this relationship that God brought together. Please heal Amir’s heart and remove his fears and doubts, please reunite us together as man and woman together forever now. Let the joy outweigh the pain, let us live, together forever, in love with each other. Please St. Anne hear and help us soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.




  28. Dear Saint Anne,
    Please bless me and my daughter that you will allow M and I to be together and marry and live as a family. Please help him to clear away his present situation and make room for us in his life and heart. Please provide a way for us. I thank you Saint Anne for your dear prayers on my behalf.

  29. Dear st.Anne.. this is the first time I am praying to you… st. Anne I pray to you that my fiance faizal comes back to me and marry me.. help me to be a good wife and my faizal a dear husband to me.. help my faizal marrying me… and bless us with a happy married life…

  30. I pray to St Anne for myself that I will be a good wife, and that i will grow in my faith. If the lord has a husband for me I pray for him. I also pray for my parents , brothers , sisters , and their children. Thank you St. Anne for answering my prayer.

  31. i should not be scared when i find the match in knowing he is the one and it is fine.

    please pray saint anne that anuj patel of chicago is single still as I wish to also meet him this has been upsetting worrying me and i have been ancxious as i would also want to contact him.

  32. I just remain depressed saint anne , I keep crying as all my cousisn are married and friends. If the guy is from UK he is not a mummys boy or typical old fashioned but hes caring loving and he moves to america. Or someoen born in america alittle modern not too modern. But this match comes in to my life atleast this year. as i am cosy at home but I am worried being left out single and parents are worried that i shall be aloen in the world. Please bring me a loving caring man with a good job who will accept care bring the best of me and my fmaily be supportive.
    so far i meet people but no luck and then i have missed few chances

    • bring the match and take away all the confusion so i can see him and know he is the one then just meeting lots of people and not being able to decide. I need to know right this is the one and meet the one. No one is replying to my help in america to introduce me and its march.I am another year older in november I am very depressed worried saint anne. I compare to other happily married girls and then give up and dont want to search but i want a husband and dont want to try so hard to find one

  33. please help me saint anne,grant me my wish. I am feeling very lonely depressed and upset wishing for a special loving caring kind man to come in to my life to bring the best out of me and my parents. I am in my thirties and time is going so fast, I long for a husband but someone who will accept all my faults as being the only child I am very protected and spoilt. I need someone who will care for my parents later also and who may not mind moving abroad.

    so far I am getting rejections or finding no luck and i remain confused. I am already 34 and time is rolling. All my cousins have friends. My parents remain worried.

    No one introduces me and I am meeting the wrong people

    I just want this match which ever way to cometo me or direct me to go to him but so there are no regrets from guys in the past.

    please bring this match in my life.

    amen, reshma

  34. Dearest St Anne.. Pls guide me to my future husband who will love me and caring towards me and my family.. I leave this petition to you.. thks in advance.. Amen

  35. Dear God and St. Anne Novena, hear this relationship prayer. I have loved well. I’ve given my heart to someone who has not honored that gift. Help me to forgive, heal and move on with my life. Guide me to the partner you know is perfect for me so that I may open the door to new happiness.
    Help me walk in faith until that time of our first meeting. Show me how I can become a partner worthy of love. Then guide me through every stage of our relationship, so that, as we move ever closer to you, we grow closer to each other in love, in joy, and in faith. I wanted to grow a relationship and build a career centered around my faith and I wanted to marry some who shared those same values and the same faith. Thank you God and St. Anne Novena, for hearing my prayer. Amen

  36. Dear St. Anne,

    I humbly ask for your powerful intercession to help me find a loving, kind husband and father to my future children who God has entrusted for me. I pray that you help us find each other. Please help me to be patient and full of faith in my heart. If it is MTL, please help him open his heart to me. I thank you for hearing my prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen


  37. St. Anne,

    I have prayed the Novena to you before and you answered me, now I come to you again to bring my soul mate to me, to commit to me and tell me he loves me and to spend the rest of my life with this man. Saint Anne, pray for me.

  38. Dear St Anne,
    Please intercede on my behalf for a good Catholic spouse with whom my two children and I can share a blessed and prosperous future. I have been divorced for 7 years now and have not had any success in finding a good man for a husband. I am also pleading for a good father to my teens especially my daughter who has been rejected by her dad. Please respond to my prayer speedily.

  39. DEAREST St ANN,.

  40. Thank you to Saint Anne for her powerful intercession and to God for answering my prayers. I had made this novena a few months ago to Saint Anne for my sister-in-laws’ sister to conceive a healthy baby. I happily report that after 10 difficult years of trying, she has finally conceived. Praise God and I thank Him for the gift of prayer and for our heavenly intercessors. Thank you Saint Anne.

  41. Please bring my future husband to me. Please let him be the person that I can be close to God with. Let him be my rock. Please let me meet him soon.

  42. Dear St. Anne, This is my first time praying to you, I’m so lonely I pray that you that you can help me find a girl for me for a relationship that’s right for me Amen.

  43. St. Anne,

    I am starting this novena today. I pray that i may meet the one. My true soulmate. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I am trying to patiently wait for the right person but it grows more and more difficult. I beg you to please show me my soulmate and let us start our lasting relationship. I love you, thank you for loving me.

  44. Dear St. Anne,
    I have started my novena today. I pray that you help open the eyes and heart of the man that I love. He is struggling with commitment. Please re-open his heart to me. He is the love of my life.

  45. Thank you St Anne for helping me in October with a desperate situation that even the doctor was not too hopeful about. I ask you to continue to help me in my quest for a happy, healthy and holy family. Give me the strength, courage and honesty to do what I must do kindly and in a timely manner. I am very weak and scared and probably being selfish in this regard xxxx

  46. Dear St. Anne, I have completed my novenas, and I really hope that my prayers will be answered as soon as possible. I am desperately in need of your help. Please intercede in my relationship with K. Please guide us so that we can overcome all the obstacles that have been keeping us apart. Please bring my petition to God, I am seeking for God’s mercy and blessing to bring us back together again and never let anything or anyone to stop us.

  47. St. Anne I ask for your help in finding my future spouse. I have been in many relationships that resulted in a broken heart. I am asking for you to intercede on my behalf that I may finally meet the person I will marry and have a family with. Please help me.