Novena to St. Anne

St. Anne NovenaAlthough Saint Anne is not mentioned in the Bible, she is the holy mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. When we pray the St. Anne Novena, we are asking help from our Blessed Mother’s mother!

Saint Anne’s feast day is on July 26th, so the St. Anne Novena is traditionally started on July 17th — but you can pray it anytime.

Devotion to St. Anne began early in the history of the Catholic Church. As she was favored by God to become the mother of the holy Virgin Mary, she is often invoked as the Patron of mothers as well as for relationships, among other things.

Answered Prayers from this Novena

I prayed this St. Anne Novena a little more than two years ago (and many times since), and soon-after, I met my future husband. I felt like St. Anne was watching over me and praying for me as I got to know, dated and fell in love with the man I will soon call my husband.

- Annie, John-Paul’s wife

Novena Prayers to St. Anne

Recite the prayer for the proper day.

St. Anne Novena, Day One

Great Saint Anne, engrave indelibly on my heart and in my mind the words that have reclaimed and sanctified so many sinners:

“What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world if he lose his own soul?” May this be the principal fruit of these prayers by which I will strive to honor you during this novena.

At your feet renew my resolution to invoke you daily, not only for the success of my temporal affairs and to be preserved from sickness and suffering, but above all, that I may be preserved from all sin, that I may gain eternal salvation and that I will receive the special grace of…

(State your intention here.)

O most powerful Saint Anne, do not let me lose my soul, but obtain for me the grace of heaven, there with you, your blessed spouse, and your glorious daughter, to sing the praise of the Most Holy and Adorable Trinity forever and ever.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Two

Glorious Saint Anne, how can you be otherwise than overflowing with tenderness toward sinners like myself, since you are the grandmother of Him who shed His blood for us, and the mother of her whom the saints call advocate of sinners? To you, therefore, I address my prayers with confidence.

Vouchsafe to commend me to Jesus and Mary so that, at your request, I may be granted remission of my sins, perseverance, the love of God, charity for all mankind, and the special grace of…

(State your intention here.)

…for which I stand in need at the present time. O most powerful protectress, let me not lose my soul, but pray for me that through the merits of Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mary, I may have the great happiness of seeing them, of loving and praising them with you through all eternity.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day three

Beloved of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, mother of the Queen of Heaven, take us and all who are dear to us under your special care. Obtain for us the virtues you instilled in the heart of her who was destined to become Mother of God, and the graces with which you were endowed. O model of Christian womanhood, pray that we may imitate your example in our homes and families, listen to our petitions,

(State your intention here.)

Guardian of the infancy and childhood of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, obtain the graces necessary for all who enter the marriage state, that imitating your virtues they may sanctify their homes and lead the souls entrusted to their care to eternal glory. Amen.

Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Four

Glorious Saint Anne, I kneel in confidence at your feet, for you also have tasted the bitterness and sorrow of life. My need, the cause of my request, is…

(State your intention here.)

Good Saint Anne, you who did suffer much during the twenty years that preceded your glorious maternity, I beseech you, by all your sufferings and humiliations, to grant my prayer.

I pray to you, through your love for your glorious spouse Saint Joachim, through your love for your immaculate child, through the joy you did feel at the moment of her happy birth, not to refuse me. Bless me, bless my family and all who are dear to me, so that some day we may all be with you in the glory of heaven, for all eternity.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Five

Great Saint Anne, how far I am from resembling you. I so easily give way to impatience and discouragement; and so easily give up praying when God does not at once answer my request. Prayer is the key to all heavenly treasures and I cannot pray, because my weak faith and lack of confidence fail me at the slightest delay. O my powerful protectress, come to my aid, listen to my petition…

(State your intention here.)

Make my confidence and fervor, supported by the promise of Jesus Christ, increase as the trial to which God in His goodness subjects me is prolonged, that I may obtain like you more than I can venture to ask for. In the future I will remember that I am made for heaven and not for earth; for eternity and not for time; that consequently I must ask, above all, the salvation of my soul which is assured to all who pray properly and who persevere in prayer.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Six

Glorious Saint Anne, mother of the Mother of God, I beg your powerful intercession for the freedom from my sins and the assistance I need in my troubles…

(State your intention here.)

What can I not hope for if you deign to take me under your protection? The Most High has been pleased to grant the prayers of sinners, whenever you have been charitable enough to be their advocate.

Therefore, I beg you to help me in all spiritual and temporal dangers; to guide me in the true path of Christian perfection, and finally to obtain for me the grace of a happy death, so that I may contemplate your beloved Jesus and daughter Mary in your loving companionship throughout all eternity.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Seven

O Good Saint Anne, so justly called the mother of the infirm, the cure for those who suffer from disease, look kindly upon the sick for whom I pray.

Alleviate their sufferings; cause them to sanctify their sufferings by patience and complete submission to the Divine Will; finally deign to obtain health for them and with it the firm resolution to honor Jesus, Mary, and yourself by the faithful performance of duties.

But, merciful Saint Anne, I ask you above all for the salvation of my soul, rather than bodily health, for I am convinced that this fleeting life is given us solely to assure us a better one. I cannot obtain that better life without the help of God\’s graces. I earnestly beg them of you for the sick and for myself, especially the petition for which I am making in this novena…

(State your intention here.)

…through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Immaculate Mother, and through your efficacious and powerful mediation, I pray.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Eight

Remember, O Saint Anne, you whose name signifies grace and mercy, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, and sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, good, and kind mother; I take refuge at your feet, burdened with the weight of my sins. O holy mother of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, despise not my petition…

(State your intention here.)

…but hear me and grant my prayer.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

St. Anne Novena, Day Nine

Most holy mother of the Virgin Mary, glorious Saint Anne, I, a miserable sinner, confiding in your kindness, choose you today as my special advocate. I offer all my interests to your care and maternal solicitude. O my very good mother and advocate, deign to accept me and to adopt me as your child.

O glorious Saint Anne, I beg you, by the passion of my most loving Jesus, the Son of Mary, your most holy daughter, to assist me in all the necessities both of my body and my soul. Venerable Mother, I beg you to obtain for me the favor I seek in this novena…

(State your intention here.)

…and the grace of leading a life perfectly conformable in all things to the Divine Will. I place my soul in your hands and in those of your kind daughter. I ask for your favor in order that, appearing under your patronage before the Supreme Judge, He may find me worthy of enjoying His Divine Presence in your holy companionship in Heaven.


Pray for us, Saint Anne!

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

They are not a match, Come find yours!

St. Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary

Saint Anne was born in Bethlehem and eventually married Saint Joachim, a shepherd from Nazareth, in Galilee.

Her name, Anne, actually derives from the Hebrew name Hannah meaning grace. There is not a lot of literature about the life of St. Anne, but what we do know about her comes from apocryphal literature, history and legend.

The story goes that St. Anne was married to St. Joachim for many years (some stories report as many as twenty years) without being able to have children. After much ridicule and sorrow because they could not conceive, both separately pleaded to God to take away their sterility, promising that they would dedicate their child to the service of God.

Their prayers were heard.

An angel soon appeared before both of them, declaring that St. Anne would conceive and give birth to a child who would be blessed by the entire world. That child was named Mary, and today, she is our blessed Virgin Mother. After their daughter’s birth, St. Anne and St. Joachim dedicated Mary to God at the temple of Jerusalem, where she spent a lot of her childhood.

St. Anne is the Patron of…

The intercession of St. Anne is called on especially in the following cases:

  • Mothers
  • Grandmothers
  • Unmarried women
  • Women in labor
  • Infertile women
  • Housewives
  • Cabinet-makers
  • Miners

You can pray the St. Anne Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!

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  1. Please pray that my son will come back to his Catholic faith and will find a good Catholic wife. Please guide my grandsons to always follow the ways of Jesus Christ and keep them in good health and providing them with good minds to be able to proclaim the goodness of our faith. Please guide my husband to you Jesus and the Catholic faith. Please put the spark of faith back in my daughter and son-in-law. They will start to attend Mass.
    Thank you for hearing my prayers.

  2. Thank you St Anne, St Josemaria, St Jude, St Cajetan, St Joesph and our Blessed Mother. I have been praying to you all for the last month to help me get a new job and today I got the call I was waiting for. Thank you God, thank you holy men and women for your aid.

  3. St Anne I come to you again I have faith in you. I surrender my sister Deb to you. She needs your help. My sister has such a good heart please help her to combat this evil person who’s so bad to hear. I am asking you she wants to sale her house please make it happens for her. When she gets to court in the morning please protect her. Help win this battle. She is the only one I have. Please you guard her and make her win this petition I have faith in you. Please I am begging you. I will make your name known. I trust you!!

  4. Dear Saint Anne please intercede on my behalf for a full time job and i’ll pray for all those who are asking for your guidance and support some who have a much more difficult situation than I do

  5. St. Anne – Please intercede before your loving Grandson Jesus and ask him to please grant my daughter Dawn a miracle healing and free her body of the pain ans suffering from RSDS and all the other diseases she is suffering with. Please pray to Jesus to stop her rapid weight gain as the doctors cannot find any reason for her gaining half her normal body weight in the past 6 months. This frightens us both, she so deserves a miracle now.
    Please pray to Jesus that our financial situation will improve very soon as my funds are running out and it worries me so. What is to happen to us now and in the future I plea for blessings and a healing miracle. In Jesus name I pray – Amen

  6. St Anne…I pray that you will help me resolve my financial issues and help me get back on my feet soon. I pray for spiritual healing and an increase in my faith. Please help all those who implore your assistance. AMEN

  7. Good St Ann
    Please intercede for all those considering abortion. That they may consider adoption instead. And pray for all those who have given there children to loving couples who were unable to have children.
    Please pray that my children may find employment

  8. Dear Saint Anne,

    Intercede to Jesus for me as an unmarried woman to find my husband. I also pray for my sisters, brothers and my friend to find their perfect spouse. I pray for healing from every kind of disease and sickness myself, members of my family and my friends are suffering from. Pray that the good Lord grant us complete and permanent healing.

    Pray to to Jesus for me that my financial situation and that of my family and friends improve that we may be able to afford all our liabilities, needs and wants. Bless the family business, may it never remain stagnant, so that we may be a blessing to people. Amen

    May God’s will always be done in my life. Amen.

  9. Praying for good health for myself & my family. Free me dear Lord from all unhealthy desires that the devil brings my way. I pray for all couples especially our friends who are trying to conceive. Also for my daughter to find a God fearing man. Please bring her peace & happiness & may she grow closer to her family & siblings.

  10. Please pray that my husband gets well soon from pneumonia and that our employment situation improves. Thank you and God Bless!!!

  11. For my nephew, Zack, who is in a half-way house recovering from meth addiction, that he would remain clean and that the job interview he is having today will result in permanent employment.

  12. Dear St.Anne
    I trust that through your intercession God will bless me with a spiritual, solid, caring, understanding and who is willing to marry me. My biological clock is ticking. I just want to be married soon and have at least one child. I trust also that I will be free from problems of having children.
    Bless my mum’s marriage.
    Bless all those having difficulty having children. Thanks

  13. Dear St.Anne,
    Thank you for interceeding to our prayers. please always ask God to forgive our sins. Bless all couples asking for children. Grant me patience to my petition of having my own family and all unmarried women. Please guide and teach all mothers and single women having difficulty in budgeting household income. Help and touch Vic to think and plan for our marriage . Bless us with normal children and help us both find a good job to help us survive financially. Teach us to be wise in spending our income and not to forget to give charity to the less fortunate. please always guide and protect the health,safety and jobs of our family. May my father be contented and happy in his life and lookforward in serving you again. Take away Maria in his life,we know that she’s only using and taking advantage of him. May the soul of my mom be with you in heaven. Amen

  14. I pray that St Anne will ask Jesus to help my daughter Lauren to pass her physical therapy exam. Lauren is working where my grandma lives in a nursing home. Grandma is 96 years old and still spunky. If Lauren does not pass the exam, she will lose her job at the nursing home.

    Lauren’s earthly mother, grandma, and great grandma are asking this request.

    In Jesus’s name, Amen

  15. Dearest StAnne-please pray for a miracle thst our family member Bruce will be healed from his cancer!

    Also, Im I right in trusting that the Lords will is not for me to be with FD? Giving up doesn’t seem to be right choice either. Why is it I see my future and life with him but in the natural it seem impossible. We are further apart now more than ever before we are almost like strangers. I have been patient giving him this time apart.but not sure if I should move on. It seems the logical thing yo do but my heart won’t let me. The Lord is telling me to be still and hold on. It’s just getting harder I miss F so much my heart aches.please remove the fear he has in committing to me let him know all will be ok. Please St Anne do something,send me a sign.

  16. Dear St. Anne, save me from sexual sins and make me whole again. I pray that through your intercession God will grant me a companion that I can continue to give him praise with. Thank you

  17. I would like to thank you for the St. Anne Novena. I know God answers prayers according to our faith. My prayer is already answered and he’s working on both of us.

  18. Just wanted to share the good news, that yesterday on the seventh day of the novena,my prayer was answered! We have been waiting for an answer from our Diocese as to whether we could get married.We have been in a lengthy marriage prep, with three different priests,my conversion and an annulment of my first marriage. Yesterday Father L. called me and we have been granted permission to marry! All glory to God! This has been a seven year process. Thank you St.Anne for hearing my prayer. Thank you for your novena website. I pray that everyone has their prayers answered!

  19. Dear St. Anne,
    I pray with you that on this 8th day of novena God is doing a new thing for his people. I know your prayers for married women to conceive will happen suddenly. With these consistent prayers of St. Anne I am strongly believing my daughter will be employed today, our mortgage paid in full and we are debt free in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for putting food on the table to feed my daughter and her 2 children. I pray along with St. Anne that every person praying these novenas shall see results and answers to their prayers today. God’s glory shall be our reward this day in Jesus name Amen. Thank you gracious St. Anne Amen

  20. Dear St. Anne,
    I pray with you that on this 8th day of novena God is doing a new thing for his people. I know your prayers for married women to conceive will happen suddenly. With these consistent prayers of St. Anne I am strongly believing my daughter will be employed today, our mortgage paid in full and we are debt free in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for putting food on the table to feed my daughter and her 2 children. I pray along with St. Anne that every person praying these novenas shall see results and answers to their prayers today. God’s glory shall be our reward this day in Jesus name Amen. Thank you gracious St. Anne Amen

  21. St Anne intercede for JO and I to draw closer to each other and always put you amidst all our plans, give us the wisdom to grow more in faith each day.

    I pray for all those taking part in this novena looking for some one for marriage, St Anne guide their footsteps and let that special person cross their path soon. Amen

  22. My petition for my daughter to be saved from influence of a guy who try take her away from her family the husband and from the children. I urgently need help

  23. St. Anne we humble come before you to intercede for every woman praying for fruit of the womb that their prayer will be answered.
    I pray for mercy and grace upon my husband, daughter and I
    I pray that my sis and her husband are able to resolve issues they have in their marriage.
    I pray that every one praying this Novena heart desire will be granted.

  24. I pray for a closer walk with Jesus, our holy spiritual Partner; for me, my family members and every christian especially, those joint in this st Anne novena.
    The LORD work miracles for us. Let’s rejoice in Him always!

  25. Blessed Virgin Mary, please help me, I am feeling so overwhelmed and desperate again, my 20 year old son has become so lazy and does not help me around the house and with the chores as I cannot afford a domestic cleaner, I am a single mother and widow and I need help please. Please help me with my finances, please help me to always have the money I need to pay for food and other things for the children and I. Please help me with the problem I am having with Patrick Govender at Reed Stanley, I am not sure why he never ever sends me statements and does not reply to my e-mail’s about the money I owe. Please allow there to be a peaceful solution to this problem. Please motivate and guide my son’s Kalvin and Jordin to always do well in their academics at school and college. Please help me to cope, I have been feeling very depressed of late and I think that my job is killing my soul. I would love to do a job where I can help people, in the healing field, I have been told that I would make an excellent therapist and counsellor as I am a good listener and have a lot of life experience. Please help me, I need to feel your presence in my heart and my mind. I have been widowed for over 10 years now and I thought that Victor would become my new life partner. Please heal our relationship and help him to know in his heart & mind that I am the woman that God has chosen to be with him. Thank you for listening to my prayers and always helping me, thank you thank you thank you, amen

  26. Please SaintbAnne I need healing and deliverance from anxiety and worry. Please intercede for my friend Al that he will be baptized ! Thank you.

  27. praying for those who are childless please st. anne interceed for them to our mary mother,please pray for hubby to change and live in harmony as our family is still young.
    amen and GOD bless all of you.

  28. Pray for divine protaction and provision in ma family.and. For God to. Send my life partner I pray in jesus name.

  29. Dear St.Anne
    I need you to pray for the healing of my soul that I will feel more whole. Pray that I will be free from illnesses and worries. Pray for the removal of negative karma dwelling in me. I also pray for deliverance of sex sin, impurity and selfishness. That I will object to premarital sex. Sustain my family with good health. Pray that each
    and everyone’s intention throughout this novena comes to past. Thank uj St. Anne for yojr intercession. Amen

  30. For my family, that we will never go far from God and every decision that’s made in the family will be according to God’s will. Health in family especially for husband and son. Wisdom for daughter who is sitting for exam in October. Husband’s business to prosper.

  31. Please pray for my son. He left the Catholic Church. I haven’t seen him for about 4 yrs. I hear that he’s getting married soon. I pray that he makes the right choice. Please saint Anne help me bring him back to Jesus.

  32. praying for a marriage partner. May God graciously hear my prayers. praying for my challenging job. needs God’s guidance ineverything I do. amen

  33. Thank you St. Anne and friends — the healing has already begun–my daughter’s surgery went well and we are looking forward to a complete recovery! We all feel so blessed!

  34. good night my prayer is for the children who sincerely needs your help in many ways I pray for them an also the comfort of many families in many ways also for help with my family and others for help financially to help buy our own home a business for employment for people help for my mum also a place of bible studies this is my prayer Amen

  35. For my cousin to be released from his charges & be reunited with his family & to follow the path of God & Jesus! For my uncle & aunt to have faith & give them strength, in Jesus name! Amen

  36. Please keep my sister Patsy Trujillo and daughter Renee and myself Diana in your prayers as we are dealing with this breast cancer

  37. Please pray that my husband recovers fully from pneumonia and regains his strength and also that our employment dilemma be resolved!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!

  38. I pray to find a partner to live and cherish. Someone go protect me and help me through life’s troubling times and stand up fof me no matter what!

  39. Please pray fof me. I M so hurt and depressed by the treatment I receive from my daughters. They are so ungrateful for my efforts and concern for my grand children. My heart is broken and um not sure how to go o !

    • Mia you are in my prayers. I am walking in your shoes at this moment with one of my daughters. I understand the pain you are feeling. Being a grandmother St Anne understand us and how we can hurt. Please don’t give up–keep praying and have FAITH!! Consider yourself hugged! God Bless!

  40. Dearest St Anne,
    I ask you with a sincere heart to put before Jesus my prayer request. Please help me with my generalized anxiety disorder and all the many phobias that I deal with on a regular basis. For all those suffering with mental illness. Please give us strength and help ease our pain.
    Also, I ask you for continue help for my husbund at work and his relationship with his boss.
    Thank you for helping me while saying this novena. Keep myself and my loved ones close to your heart.

  41. Dear St Anne,

    I ask you to pray for all who are suffering especially Peter, Dominic, Julia, Rebecca, Kathleen and Rita.

    To also offer to your Divine Grandson, P>C>D> that they will meet the spouses our Eternal Father has for them.

    For there is nothing more important than to do His Will.

  42. St. Anne – please intercede before your loving Grandson JESUS for my daughter Dawn who has been suffering with RSDS for several years, ask Jesus to heal her tired body of this disease and all it’s bad side effects which are to many to list. I beg for her rapid weight gain stop now as her doctors do not know the reason for this and she continues to gain weight by the week she went from being 98 pounds to 158 pounds in about 6 months and continues to gain weight. Thus adding to her already high level of pain 24/7. I beg of Jesus to send healing favor to Dawn now, as she so deserves a break of all her pain and side effects. I pray for a healing of my daughter Dawn and financial miracle to help us both. In Jesus name I ask, beg and pray.

  43. St . Anne asking for your continuous divine intervention to please help me pass my nclex-rn on my 1st attempt and able to work as a registered nurse in any u.s state.
    Good health for my son and loved ones.
    My family can overcome all financial struggle.
    Live a happy simple contented life with my partner and our son free from lies, cheating, stress and temptation.
    That my partner can find it in his heart to make amends and fix things with my family.
    My sister can hit her target so she can send her children to decent school and pay for the bills and she will be chosen as one of the representative to attend the conference in new orleans.
    My brother ivajn can provide a better life for his family specially his son sabsab.
    My brother ijay can do good in his new job. In Jesus name amen. .Thank you for everything.

  44. Dear St Anne
    Interced for me for both physical and spiritual healing. Though I frequently ran short of your glory I know I am your loved and cherished child. If it is according to your Holy Will let me be on my feet again so that I may serve you better. I ask this through the intersession of St Anne. Amen.

  45. Dear st Anne
    Today I pray for a special physical and spiritual healing for my family and I so that we may fervently serve you here on earth. Amen.

  46. I am praying for my daughter, Amanda, who is having twins. These babies are first children for Amanda and her husband, Brennan. They have tried to have children for several years, so this pregnancy is definitely an answered prayer. She just found out that one of the twins seems to have a swollen brain ventricle. We are devastated and waiting on a test to see the severity of the problem. Please, please pray for healing for this sweet and innocent child of God. Thank you and I will pray for each of you also. In God’s name and St. Anne’s name I pray. With love to each of you. Please help us.
    Love, Mamie -(Terri)–Amanda’s mother

  47. For the sincere love of RAD I pray that he comes back to his senses Lord guide him in the right direction please

  48. I thank the LORD for great encouragement and rekindled hope as i continue to participate in this novena.
    Praying for the complete healing of my Emma and all the sick. I am so desperate about his sickness. May the LORD increase my faith.
    LORD work miracles for me; only You can help me. Thro’ JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.
    How i love You my God!

  49. Financial breakthrough for me & my husband; protection of my children against evil & harm; my marriage to remain blissful; my sis O to conceive child asap; my three brothers to be successful in their endeavors; my three sisters’ marriages to remain blissful.

  50. Dearest grand mother st Anne, todaybisbday seven, today I am weak and worried. Worries as ever as I am depressed of being single at 37. I have a lot if challenges but I am holding on. I can write and ask you but all is need is a miracle. May your will as a grand mother to be be done.

    I have been heart broken from one relationship to the next. I met someone called Pat a few weeks ago and really liked him. Pleas bless us as we both journey together in holiness and give me patience.

    St Anne, at Anne, find me a husband . Please help me

    Your grand daughter


  51. Dear st Anne,
    Pray for all those who are suffering from chronic diseases. May they recieve the blessing and divine healing from our lord through your intercession. And also hear our prayers.
    In the name of our lord jesus christ amen.

  52. Just want to thank st Anne and our Father in heaven for releasing my friend Jeff Smith by taking him home to our lord no more suffering amen

  53. Please pray for us; we desperately need to sell our motor home and car in order for us to purchase our house. We gave up everything to start our own business. I pray for the business connections so we can be givers and not borrowers. In Jesus name amen.

    God I pray for world peace and softened hearts; that the sick, lonely, and the lost feel the comfort and guidance in your loving arms.

  54. For increased healing in mind body soul and heart
    For my friend Cheryl To be cured of her addiction to alcohol and bi polar
    For my children Michael Andrea
    To find a wife who believes in Jesus
    For my family and friends

    Thanks :)

  55. Please heal me from these anxiety and depression feelings I beg you. Thank you in thy sons name Jesus Christ. Amen