St. Joseph Novena

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st. joseph novenaSt. Joseph is a powerful patron. He is, as John Paul II called him, the Guardian of the Redeemer. He humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. Therefore, St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries.

St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and so we come to him with this novena with a sense of humility because of his great humility.

There are actually a few different feast days for Saint Joseph, but March 19th has been most celebrated as his feast day in Western Christianity. But of course, you can pray a novena to him anytime.


St. Joseph Answers Prayers

I started this novena a month and a half after my husband was released from his job. He had one interview but no job offers. Thankfully on the 7th day, he received a job offer and starts his new job and career a week from tomorrow. Thank you St. Joseph and the Lord for hearing my prayers!

– Sam

Thanks be to God through the intercession of St. Joseph!!! The contract for our new house was signed today on St. Joseph’s feast day…the day after I finished the novena!

– Christy

St. Joseph Novena Prayers

Saint Joseph, you are the faithful protector and intercessor of all who love and venerate you. You know that I have confidence in you and that, after Jesus and Mary, I come to you as an example for holiness, for you are especially close with God. Therefore, I humbly commend myself, with all who are dear to me and all that belong to me, to your intercession. I beg of you, by your love for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon me during life and to assist me at the hour of my death.

Glorious Saint Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate Virgin, pray for me to have a pure, humble, charitable mind, and perfect resignation to the divine Will. Be my guide, my father, and my model through life that I may die as you did in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace I now implore:

(Mention your request)

Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I feel confident that your prayers on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

Day 1 – St. Joseph Most Just, Pray for us!
Day 2 – St. Joseph Most Prudent, Pray for us!
Day 3 – St. Joseph Most Loving Husband, Pray for us!
Day 4 – St. Joseph Most Strong, Pray for us!
Day 5 – St. Joseph Most Obedient, Pray for us!
Day 6 – St. Joseph Most Faithful, Pray for us!
Day 7 – St. Joseph Pillar of Families, Pray for us!
Day 8 – St. Joseph Patron of the Dying, Pray for us!
Day 9 – St. Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray for us!


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


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More About St. Joseph

Most of everything we know about Saint Joseph comes from Scripture. There is some disagreement about his genealogy, but both Mark and Matthew say his descent is from David, the greatest king of Israel — and yet, he was a very humble, working man. He was a carpenter.

It is said that it was probably in Nazareth that St. Joseph was betrothed to and married Mary. After discovering that Mary was pregnant, also after their betrothal, he knew that the child was not his – and as such, he had planned on divorcing her quietly.

However, an angel came to him in a dream and told him that the child Mary was carrying was the son of God. Immediately upon hearing this, Joseph took Mary as his wife.

The angel came a second time to tell him his family was in danger, and he also reacted immediately by leaving everything behind him — his family, friends, and all that he owned — to go to Egypt with Mary and their newborn baby, Jesus.

There is a lot we don’t know about St. Joseph, but we do know that he loved Jesus as his own son, he respected God and he was a righteous man. (Matthew 1:18)

He is the Patron of…

St. Joseph is known to help the faithful especially by praying for the following:

  • People
    • Cabinetmakers, carpenters and craftsmen
    • Confectioners
    • The dying
    • Engineers
    • Families
    • Fathers
    • Workers
    • House Hunters
    • People in doubt
    • Travelers
  • Countries
    • Canada
    • China
    • Korea
    • Viet Nam
  • Other
    • Happy death
    • Holy death
    • Universal Church
    • Vatican II

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  1. Blessed St.Joseph, I come to you and ask that you help and intercede for me, T and our family in this financial difficulty we are in. I ask that you help t find and obtain gainful employment soon. Please let his interview this Thursday open up the opportunity for him to make more money and give him a better title. Please bless him and help him in the right direction to be a good employee,husband and father. I also pray dear St. Joseph, that even tho we don’t need it RIGHT NOW-I pray that we are able to move into a bigger home for our family. It’s hard having 2 children sleep in our bedroom – as we all could use some space of our own. Please help bless my family and I. I love you St. Joseph, I put my whole faith and trust into you and ask for your miraculous intercession. I’m Jesus’ name.amen

  2. I’m currently praying this novena right now. On the 2nd day of starting this novena, one of the work/career related favors I am praying for- for an improvement in my work/financial situation, came through. I got a call from one of the senior leader of operations in my work region offering me the opportunity to pick up an additional day at work, which would really help me a lot. Thank you St Joseph. Thank you Jesus, Mary and all the Saints. Please grant me my other hearts desires.

  3. I prayed to Saint Joseph for a paticular position, in 2005. I received that position due to his intercession. I am again, in need of his help for a position (as I received before). Therefore, I am praying for Saint Joseph’s intercession, once again. Please pray with me. God Bless.

  4. St Joseph, I come to you with a humble heart that you intercede for my family.

    Please pray for my husband to be brought to the light of Salvation of Jesus Christ. Please resist him from committing any adulterous behaviour. Please stop him from following the wrong friends or associates pulling him from our marriage. Amen.

  5. Thanks for St. Joseph a very powerful novena.I was job hunting and before i could finish, i was called for orientation and now i have a new job. Thanks St. Joseph.

  6. Dear St Joseph, please help me to bring back my husband to me and to my family, binds our marriage. Please touch his heart and mind to enlightened and i know nothing is impossible. i asked you father to heal my pains, struggles and bless me for the hope. Please hear and answer my prayer in the name of jesus.

  7. I said this novena when I was job hunting, and on the 5th day I was called for an interview and eventually, that job I have today. My mom used the same and got a contract too. Very powerful novena. Than you St. Joseph

  8. My dearest Saint Joseph, I pray to you to help my son and his wife to sell their house as soon as possible. They are in dire need to sell it due to financial difficulties. Their premature twin boys are still recuperating and his wife can not work in order to look after the boys. My son is the only one working right now to support his family.
    Please, please Saint Joseph I beg you to bless and help this young family.

  9. Dearest God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary and St. Joseph. I pray to enlighten and protect my brother JP. He is a loving, kind, and caring brother, son, friend, and husband(to his wife). He deserves to be happy and be surrounds by kind people. Always take care of him. Hoping, one day he will reunite with our father. They will talk to each other again. Hoping, soon, my brother will solve his problems and so he will smile again. Amen.
    Thanks for all the unconditional love and blessings!!!
    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ. :)
    I believe you will answer all our prayers at the right time. :)

  10. dear st. Joseph I am in the process of buying a home for my family I pray that everything will go smooth from start to finish and my home will sell and pray for a smooth transition, and quick approval in all financial matters concerning this process. st Joseph I pray to you before the throne of God my request be granted Amen! glory be to the father and if the son and the holy spirt amen

  11. I humbly seek St Joseph’s prayers and help in finding a decent and well paying job. I have been unemployed since 2011 and my last employer refused to pay out my terminal benefits up to now, I have lost self confidence and hope. Please help. I have been to various interviews and the interviewers never get back to me. I am devastated.

  12. St. Joseph, I open my heart to you and ask for your assistance in this financial distress I am in. I also ask for T to find gainful employment to provide more than enough for our family financially. Also for our marriage to grow stronger and that we both will have a more loving and open heart with strong faith.
    In Jesus’ name. Amen

  13. Look after us and get our family together again we miss you and hope that you will forgive us and that you will come home to stay with is

  14. Glorious St.Joseph I implore you to intercede ob my behalf with God to restore my marriage. Let my ex-wife Kimberly forgive the heartache I have caused her. Let live a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life as man and wife.

  15. Dear St Josephs, I humbly ask you to pray for me to get a well paying job, have applied to many places some I get negative response and some there is no response I kindly request you to pray for me to secure a well paying job soon.Amen

  16. Oh St. Joseph, please hear my prayers and cries of help. Intercede for me at the feet of your foster son, Jesus Christ, please beg of Him to answer my request for a financial miracle. I don’t need nor do I want wealth- I ask for enough to pay off all of my debts and to have a little cushion for emergencies and to make sure all 5 of my children are always taken care of. I ask for T to find and obtain gainful employment that allows him to provide more than enough financially for our family. And I pray that our marriage gets better and stronger- that he will be stronger in faith and be the good Catholic husband and father we need him to be. Please St. Joseph, pray for me! Amen

  17. Most loving St. Joseph, please pray for me, I have been looking for a job to no avail, my visa is supposed to expire the last week of next month , I have 2 kids back home to cater for and am also a single mother, please pray for me to get a job soon.Thank you so much

  18. Saint Joseph i pray to you that you are able to help my husband and myself through this difficult time in our marriage.

  19. Loving St.Joseph thank you for answering my prayers. please continue to guide my husband and i to continue on the right path to save our home

  20. Please pray for my friend T that he finds a great job and is able to be successful. He has lost everything and is homeless. His faith is so strong that he feels God is ready to release him from his struggles now. In Jesus’ name God please bless him abundantly. Amen

  21. Fellow Believers in Christ, Please pray with me to St.Joseph, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ that I may be restored to good health. I pray for divine healing from Cancer, Diabetes and Hypertension.
    Our prayers will always be answered when we pray together believing in the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  22. Loving St Joseph,please pray for my family,keep them safe,healthy,happy.Please send them loving and loyal friends and colleagues.Please be with H today,let him achieve all that he aims for in his career.Pleas be with him and his brother always,send them inner peace. Please pray for K,I,M,M,M,C,C,MRD,A and all who are sick,please heal them.Thankyou so much.x

  23. St Joseph,I place my prayers and requests in your merciful hands and pray for your loving intercession.Thankyou.x

  24. Please pray for my son who just completed lineman school. He has been applying to jobs everywhere as an apprentice lineman but has had no luck finding a job. Please pray that he will be employed soon, In Jesus name I ask.

  25. Thank you St Joseph, for answering my prayers for my son Kristoffer Flores, he was accepted for PA School!

  26. St Joseph watch over my family and pray that myself and my daughter will talk to one other and build up are relationship and be a family togther again

  27. Dear the Father, the Son, Mama Mary, St. Joseph
    Please enlighten the mind of the people who are responsible for the house we are trying to buy. Have mercy on my love ones and I. We did everything, tried our best, all the efforts, and spend so much money and time on this, please do not let us fail. You know how hard working we all are, and I can’t afford to lose all the money we’ve earned just because we couldn’t get the house. (Hoping this wouldn’t hapen). (Sadly, if we can’t buy the house, we might not get our downpayment back. That money I’ve been saving for many many months ;( ) Please give me more strength for my job. I can’t carry heavy things (I have scoliosis) and not allowed to get stress, but that’s my job is all about. Hoping one day I’ll be in a position at work where I should belong. Please one day, my boyfriend will have coworkers who can help him with his department, so he doesn’t need to do all the work. Boss and managers will appreciate him being hardworking and not give him difficult times. My mom will find a job where she belong, because she has problem too and can’t do heavy work. My father, brother and his fiance will find a good and stable jobs. My brother and his wife, give them strength, always healthy, both of them have more than one job, they don’t get enough rest. My youngest brother, guide and protect him with his studies and him being by himself where he lives now (dorm), hoping he will graduate and have the job he dream of. My niece, always healthy. Our dog, always healthy. Please guide and protect us all. All of us have healthy life. I love my family so much :) Thank you so much for the love, support, understanding and all. I know you are always listening :) I have faith in you. I believe in you. Amen!

  28. **Please take this prayer my brothers and sisters, it is so powerful, the Lord will assist you and I keep your intentions in my prayers as well. Peace be with you and your family.

    Shoulders Wound of Jesus Christ
    Can be said once for serious emergencies, NEVER known to fail…

    Oh loving Jesus, meek lamb of God, I a miserable sinner salute and worship the most sacred wound of Thy Shoulder, On which Thou didst bear Thy heavy cross, which so tore Thy flesh and laid Thy bones as to inflict an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy most Blessed Body.
    I adore Thee, Oh Jesus most sorrowful, I praise and glorify Thee, and give thankfully to thee for this most Holy and sacred and painful wound, beseeching Thee by that exceeding pain, and by the crushing burden of Thy heavy Cross to be merciful to me on towards Heaven along the way of Thy Cross.(Mention Petition). Amen to all.

    This prayer will NEVER fail! Publication MUST happen immediately after prayer. Note from Donor: for a speedy help any situation. To bring you closer to Jesus. For urgent causes.

    People who use this prayer say, This is a powerful prayer–Have complete faith in God’s promise to grant all that you ask through it. Unfailing, Efficacious, Effective.

    This most powerful prayer must be said for requests and most urgent help. After you have said it and asked for you requests – This Prayer must be published.

    Thank Jesus for blessings received, please stay with my family and keep evil away, please hear the worries in my heart and guide the way.

    • St. Joseph please hear our prayers for employment for my husband and myself. Please help find gainful positions so that we may serve our Church and community with the gifts God has granted us. May we find good consistent and dependable work with affordable and good health insurance for ourselves and our girls. Ease the anxiety by sending help as soon as possible. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I beg for your help and guidance. Amen

  29. St.Joseph please help me to pray to lord jesus that my husband can find a good job for him, that he can received a positive response to the company that he applied and he will be employed. And i pray also for the proctection of our children and family…Amen

  30. Oh St.Joseph, you know my husband’s stress and heavy burdens he has right now with not being able to provide enough financially for our family. St. Joseph I started your novena today. I beg of you St. Joseph,please don’t let us down- we need your help for a miracle for Trevor to find gainful employment Now! Please bless him with a good job that will allow him to provide more than enough financially for our family. Please guide him in the right direction for employment as well as to be the best husband,father,son and employee. St.Joseph,foster father of our Dear Lord,Jesus Christ please hear my plea for help. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  31. St Joseph,please watch over my family,guide,guard and protect us always.Please allow P to gain a place on the course,please keep H safe in his life.I place them in your loving hands and ask for your intercession for them and all who call on you.Thankyou for all that you do.x

  32. Thank you so much St. Joseph….A week after I finished the novena, I found out that my house was out of active foreclosure and had been offered a modification. Thank you so much for your intercession and I will continue to pray and have faith. My prayers have been answered!!!

    Amen, Amen Amen!!!!

  33. Dear the Father, the Son, Mama Mary, and St. Joseph.
    Please always guide and protect my love ones and I.
    I hope someday all of us will find jobs we deserved.
    Forgive us in all our sins. Great health for all of us.
    The people who live in the house we bought, hoping they will find a home soon where they want to live, and we can move in to our new house. And everybody’s happy. :) The overall price of the house hoping it is not too high. Hoping the monthly price is not too high also.
    Have mercy on us. Hear our prayers my dear Lord.
    Thank you for all your blessings.

  34. Loving St Joseph,today we go for the tests.Please allow these health tests to be clear and healthy. We place Paul in the palm of your safe and merciful hands and ask please for your help.Please intercede for him and pray with us that all will be well in his life.We place Huw a
    So in your loving arms and pray that you will watch over both boys always.Please stay close to us and to all who call on you,especially the sick and elderly.Thankyou.x

  35. God we need your help, My Husband make a very big mistake ,now we have accumulated too much debt ,and now we cannot imagine to overcome it.We really in big debt , without your help , We really don’t what to do, Lord I beg you to intercede our name.Please help us, Please forgive our sins,Please forgive my husband sin.

    God Please walk with us, help us make decision.Please guide my husband,hope he wont make any mistakes anymore,your are his most powerfull ally, and his best partner.Please Join him so that he may succeed in his career ,as for our family and his customer service. Good judgment of the powers granted to him, so guide him doing the right .All of us in your Heavenly name. We really need your help .Please help us remove our debts.Amen

  36. Loving St Joseph,please intercede for us,stay close to those who call on your prayers.Please forgive me as I implore your protection and intercession.I place all my hopes and requests in your merciful hands.Thankyou.x

  37. Help me secure the finance manager position at caritas and be the best manager theyve ever had.
    Help me get a favourable audit report
    heal winny
    intelligence wisdom snd energy tom perform my job perfectly

  38. Loving St Joseph,please heal Paul,let his tests on Monday be clear.Please intercede for him.I place him in your merciful hands and ask for your intercession.Please pray with us and ask Our Loving God to watch over us and all who need your help.Stay close to us always please,guide and protect us.I place my requests in the palms of your safe hands.Thankyou.x

  39. Please heal Paul,please let his tests be clear.Please watch over my family,guide,guard and protect us.Please stay close to us and all who call on you,especially the sick and elderly.Please pray for the boys,I place them in your merciful arms.Thankyou for praying for us .x

  40. st Joseph help me when i am in difficult please get me a job before 22nd may my husband death anniversary will come if i get some children or tution to teach the children or supply food get your miracle done

    st joseph i had given some amount of money to one person pleasehelp me that person will return my money back please help me i have to pay my electricity bill thankyou for giving me support.

  41. St Joseph ,please intercede for Paul,let all tests be clear,please guide,guard and protect him.Send him your loving spirit please pray for him that all will be well.I place him and my family in your merciful hands.Thankyou.x

  42. St. Joseph, I pray that you may grant me financial breakthrough to be able to take care of my family and settle bills. Please intercede for me so that I may live without struggle to tackle the responsibilities I have at hand. Thank you for listening to me.Amen

  43. Dear St. Joseph,

    I come before you as somebody seeking employment may you intercede for me to God our father and pray with me as I seek to find a job, to be able to provide for my family and be a unifying factor in my family. In the name of Jesus who died for our sake. Amen

  44. Loving St. Josh,please heal Paul,please let all of his tests be clear and healthy.I place both boys in your loving hands and ask for your intercession.Please stay close to the sick,elderly and all who need your prayers.Thankyou.x

  45. St. Joseph please look after my family especially my mom whose job is not having a good situation right now and she’s a single mom working for the three of us. One college, a disabled and a 9th grade. Please blessed us.

  46. Thank you for answered prayers for my daughter. Pray for my son-in-law who is having some health problems.

  47. St Joseph please look after my kids and myself and that we will look out for one other and life will get better for us

  48. dear saint joseph john paul and annie please pray for me that my fullbody both hands will cure fast suddenly today very bad itching and allergic had come out fullbody i had taken a medicine but still its itching give me good health i dont have money to spend on doctor get a miracle and support me from finance problem i dont have a job i have to pay my bills and loan amount kindly help me in the name of jesus and mary

  49. St. Joseph, this is Hau, please pray for me that I will be able to find and live in an affordable home that includes utilities, convenient to everything, in a safe neighborhood full of clean energies, surrounded by people who are Christians, won’t steal, will be honest and ethical.

  50. Loving St Joseph,please intercede for my sons,let the tests be clear,keep them healthy,happy,safe.Please pray for I,S,H,P,K,C,M and all who call on your merciful intercession.Stay close to us please.Thankyou for listening.x

  51. saint joseph anthony infant jesus please help my daughter iska monthly period nahi aya char mahina hua dava kiya kuch fida nahi hua kutch miracle ker ke us ka period arna jeruri hai.

  52. Loving St Joseph,please heal Paul,please let his tests be clear,please intercede for him.Please pray that all will be well,pray for all who are sick and in pain.x

  53. Dearest St Joseph please send me a good catholic man who will be my husband. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer.

  54. I started this Novena for my husband and my 2 son-in-laws that they would get overtime on their jobs, so they could catch up on bills and live more financially comfortable lives. I am so happy to say that all 3 of them have worked overtime and my husband’s job has been so busy, that there are not enough hours. Thank you My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and St. Joseph for bringing to the Lord my prayers. I praise you God and will never stop praying. You are my all, my everything. I love you, God. Amen!

  55. Oh, St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God. I place in you all my interests and desires. Oh, St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

    Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary of contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me and ask him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls – Pray for me.

    This prayer was found in the fifteenth year of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In 1505 it was sent from the Pope to Emperor Charles when he was going into battle. Whoever shall read this prayer or hear it or keep it about themselves, shall never die a sudden death, or be drowned, not shall poison take effect of them; neither shall they fall into the hands of the enemy; or shall be burned in any fire, or shall be overpowered in battle.

    Say for nine mornings for anything you may desire. It has never been known to fail, so be sure you really want what you ask.

    Thank you St. Joseph for all the graces that we have so grateful received. Please keep our family always under your care and guides to the Father. I ask this in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  56. St Joseph I am asking you to helpmy husband with a court case we are behind on bill and like most people cannot pay our way please give us work and food on our table give us your blessing wit the almighty God he will bless us with the normal things we need to get by and help me stop worrying and may u help and pray for all the people who need ur help thank you

  57. Please intercede for P loving St Joseph,please let his tests be clear of any serious illness.Stay close to him,to I and her son who has cancer.Please pray for H,K and all who call on you.I place them in your loving and merciful hands and ask for your prayers and for you to place our requests before Our Father in Heaven.xx

  58. Help me, dear St. Joseph. You are the saint of workers. I need another job so that I can afford to pay my rent and bills and take care of my necessities. Either that or an opportunity in my current job so that I can stay in it. I love helping the homeless. My job is actually doing something good helping the homeless and hungry. I love it. If it is possible, please present an opportunity in my current job so that I can stay but make enough money to live or place an opportunity in front of me doing the same type of work. I can’t affort to take care of myself. My paycheck doesn’t cover my rent and bills and other obligations. I am struggling. Please help me St. Joseph. Pray for me. Amen.

  59. Blessed ST Joseph,pray for my blended family,watch over them keep them in your loving arms,especially those who so venerable IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

  60. Saint Joseph help me with the emptiness of my heart. Implore the Lord Creator through you foster Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to fill my heart with the woman who would be by my side till the end of time. Pray for me Saint Joseph!

  61. Dear St Joseph faithful spouse of Our Lady and Virgin Mary Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I trust and I believe in your prayers to God Our Father in Heaven, in the name of His Son and your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. He will grant Graces and our temporal needs while still alive. Especially the intended business wishing to commence as a courier. I beg you St Joseph to pray for me in this plan of mine. As of today we are celebrating the works day. Grant me please St Joseph the wisdom of managing to get a contract from Skynet. Help me with you humble and obedient prayers to God Our Father, intercede for me and all people who need your assistance. St Joseph I rely on your prayers and positive response.

    St Joseph pray for us. Amen

  62. Dear St Joseph,

    Please help my husband. He has been out of work for 9 months, struggling with anxiety, depression, and alcohol. He has an informal interview tomorrow. I pray for your intersession, that the interview goes well and he is able to support our family doing a job that makes use of his talents. St Joseph, I pray for his health and happiness. I try not to give up hope. Please hear our prayers St Joseph!

  63. Blessed St. Joseph, heal our family,our blended families,in our desire to become closer to GOD,help us to see and open our hearts and souls to HIS devine love AMEN

  64. Saint Joseph

    Please i ask you to help my company not to shutdown or close the company and will continuous working in-spite of many problem that we are facing right now,,try to convince the owner and the partners not to loose hope,and don’t give up they company for the people also working here.please lord and saint Joseph,if this will happen i hope and i pray that i would find a better job here or in is for my family.i ask your guidance oh lord Jesus Christ.Amen

  65. St.Joseph intercede for a very good job for my husband till his retirement. Job that he will enjoy doing all his life. Where he would be paid good as per the need of the family upbringing. Where he would also enjoy a good family life. Jesus, mary, joseph pray and intercede for my family to live in peace and make jesus the centre of our lives. Amen.

  66. st. Joseph, please, please answer my prayers. Please help my husband get a job that he enjoys, that fulfills him, where he’s appreciated and he can make the wages necessary to maintain our household. Thank you for hearing my prayers and granting them. Amen.