St. Joseph Novena

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st. joseph novenaSt. Joseph is a powerful patron. He is, as John Paul II called him, the Guardian of the Redeemer. He humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. Therefore, St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries.

St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and so we come to him with this novena with a sense of humility because of his great humility.

There are actually a few different feast days for Saint Joseph, but March 19th has been most celebrated as his feast day in Western Christianity. But of course, you can pray a novena to him anytime.


St. Joseph Answers Prayers

I started this novena a month and a half after my husband was released from his job. He had one interview but no job offers. Thankfully on the 7th day, he received a job offer and starts his new job and career a week from tomorrow. Thank you St. Joseph and the Lord for hearing my prayers!

– Sam

Thanks be to God through the intercession of St. Joseph!!! The contract for our new house was signed today on St. Joseph’s feast day…the day after I finished the novena!

– Christy

St. Joseph Novena Prayers

Saint Joseph, you are the faithful protector and intercessor of all who love and venerate you. You know that I have confidence in you and that, after Jesus and Mary, I come to you as an example for holiness, for you are especially close with God. Therefore, I humbly commend myself, with all who are dear to me and all that belong to me, to your intercession. I beg of you, by your love for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon me during life and to assist me at the hour of my death.

Glorious Saint Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate Virgin, pray for me to have a pure, humble, charitable mind, and perfect resignation to the divine Will. Be my guide, my father, and my model through life that I may die as you did in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace I now implore:

(Mention your request)

Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I feel confident that your prayers on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

Day 1 – St. Joseph Most Just, Pray for us!
Day 2 – St. Joseph Most Prudent, Pray for us!
Day 3 – St. Joseph Most Loving Husband, Pray for us!
Day 4 – St. Joseph Most Strong, Pray for us!
Day 5 – St. Joseph Most Obedient, Pray for us!
Day 6 – St. Joseph Most Faithful, Pray for us!
Day 7 – St. Joseph Pillar of Families, Pray for us!
Day 8 – St. Joseph Patron of the Dying, Pray for us!
Day 9 – St. Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray for us!


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


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More About St. Joseph

Most of everything we know about Saint Joseph comes from Scripture. There is some disagreement about his genealogy, but both Mark and Matthew say his descent is from David, the greatest king of Israel — and yet, he was a very humble, working man. He was a carpenter.

It is said that it was probably in Nazareth that St. Joseph was betrothed to and married Mary. After discovering that Mary was pregnant, also after their betrothal, he knew that the child was not his – and as such, he had planned on divorcing her quietly.

However, an angel came to him in a dream and told him that the child Mary was carrying was the son of God. Immediately upon hearing this, Joseph took Mary as his wife.

The angel came a second time to tell him his family was in danger, and he also reacted immediately by leaving everything behind him — his family, friends, and all that he owned — to go to Egypt with Mary and their newborn baby, Jesus.

There is a lot we don’t know about St. Joseph, but we do know that he loved Jesus as his own son, he respected God and he was a righteous man. (Matthew 1:18)

He is the Patron of…

St. Joseph is known to help the faithful especially by praying for the following:

  • People
    • Cabinetmakers, carpenters and craftsmen
    • Confectioners
    • The dying
    • Engineers
    • Families
    • Fathers
    • Workers
    • House Hunters
    • People in doubt
    • Travelers
  • Countries
    • Canada
    • China
    • Korea
    • Viet Nam
  • Other
    • Happy death
    • Holy death
    • Universal Church
    • Vatican II

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  1. St Joseph,
    Please help us to make the right decisions while dealing with our neighbour. Please guide our surveyors in their work and help them to help us resolve this situation.
    Please pray for our neighbour that he may do the right thing.

  2. I prayed the novena for my husband to find a job to fulfill him where he can give back to others . He starts on Soon. Thank you St Joseph for hearing my prayer

  3. Pls pray for my husband to get a job that will help us in our daily needs and pay for the school fees. He has been out of employment for 3 months.
    St Joseph please intercede for my husband to the Lord our God..Amen.
    Mrs KNK

  4. St Joseph,
    Please pray for me that I may get success in every area of my life which I deserve Please bring happiness and justice in my life.
    Thank you.

  5. Please St Joseph we are in need of your most precious help for my husband needs a job .He like you works with his hands on it work.We will be eternally grateful for your help in speaking with Jesus and Mary andGod on this .my prayers hopefully will be heard .amen

  6. St Joseph, guide and direct my daughter in her new job. Take away her stress and give her the success she truly deserves. I have faith that all will be well for her.

  7. Saint Joseph,
    I pray from the bottom of my heart, my husband and I have been trying sell this home in Donna, Texas for over a year and still not able to sell it.. I ask for your prayers and guidance to sell this home that we no longer need. Thank you Saint Joseph..Amen

  8. Please St Joseph pray for my son, D, that he finds suitable employment. He has been without work since February 2016 and has three daughters to support. Thank you St Joseph for your prayers.

  9. Please St. Joseph pray for my family to be able to sell our house. The financial burden is too great on us. We are struggling everyday and scared if we can make it. Please pray for my husband to find a job to help me with our children. Thank you St Joseph for your prayers and your blessings.

  10. Please pray for infant baby Joseph. Please pray that all his tests come back fine and he live a long healthy life. Thank you.

  11. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please pray for my unborn grandson. Please pray that he is born healthy and free from any serious birth or genetic defects. Please pray that his bones are strong and growing normally and proportionally. Please pray that all his organs and systems are functioning properly. Please pray that he is born healthy and live a long healthy life. Please pray for his mother that her c section surgery go well without any complications. Please pray that she recover quickly and completely. Thank you.

  12. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please pray for my unborn grandson that he is healthy. Please pray that he bones are strong and growing normally and proportionally. Please pray that he does not have any serious birth or genetic defects and thathe live a long healthy happy life. Please pray for his mother that her surgery go well and she recover quickly without any complications. Thank you.

  13. I finished the Novena to St. Joseph today. I feel blessed that the foster father of our Lord has mercifully brought my intention, through Mary, to the Glorious Throne of God. I leave this now in the loving hands of my Father in heaven – His will be done according to His loving design.

  14. st. joseph please intercede to Jesus for mike to find a good paying job close to home. deliver him from alcohol and drugs, take the taste and the desire to drink and to do drugs away now and forever. fill his life with joy, peace,and happiness. thank you for hearing my prayers. bobbie

  15. St Joseph,
    Foster Father of Jesus,
    Please help me to have a spirit of positivity and please help me to over come self doubt, please intercede for me that I become more cheerful and help me with my self esteem, I want to have high self esteem and a positive outlook on myself, please help me to know and understand the many gifts and talents God has given me, please intercede for me and help me to be always prudent and wise in the people I surround myself and my Son with, please help me with my car reform, my outlook on life, please Intercede for me and help me to see the good in myself and others, please intercede for me, I need patience and prudence in my speech and my actions, please intercede in my tenancy, please help me to understand how to be more social within the Latin community, please intercede for healing for me, I need healing of memories and emotions. Amen

  16. Dear St Joseph,

    Kindly grant suitable employment and with haste, as I has been a long time since I was able to give glory to God through the work of human hands. I have wrestled with the Angel, and my spirit is very much impoverished with each passing day that I see no clear sign of the end of my distress and yet see looming future financial troubles. Kindly hear my plea and ask of your infant Jesus to take pity on me and answer my prayers.

  17. Saint Joseph,

    Please help my husband J find employment- He has been out of work since June of 2015. He is becoming very discouraged and with your help I believe he will find a job that he will be happy in.

  18. Please St Joseph remember me and and family and give us your holy protection and assistance in living a good life and obtaining our heart desire in good way for the bettetment of all I askin Jesus holy name

  19. ST.Joseph I beg of you to help me get emplyeed with a better paying job immediately. My husband been out of work since January 2016 and I’m only working 22 hours a week. Beautiful and powerful St. Joseph help me vet this job I applied for a week ago in Jesus Holy name, Amen.

  20. St. Joseph, please help my husband and my daughter to find a well compensated and stable job. They have been struggling for so many months to find a professional job. I’m begging you St. Joseph. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  21. Please bless my daughter in her search for a new job. Guide and direct her in the right direction. I have faith that all will work out for her. Amen!

  22. St. Joseph, please intercede for me and pray with me to our Lord for my my family, for the election of Donald Trump, my job situation, friends and financial situation. In Jesus’ Name we pray! Amen! xox

  23. St. Joseph:
    I humble myself in asking for your guidance in finding employment. To help me and my husband. My worries are so big and I am praying you can help me in this on going journey.

  24. GOD please help the widow Charmaine E.G. and her children Kalvin and Jordin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP THEM GOD. Please make her financially free / financially independent and dissolve all of her debt incurred since her husband died, GOD PLEASE HELP – THANK YOU GOD OUR BELOVED HEAVENLY FATHER AMEN

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  26. Saint Joseph, I humbly stand before you and ask for a renewed wholeness in my marriage. Please change his heart….or mine…according to God’s loving design.

  27. Praying my family that are looking for a job like Brandie and Bianca and Floydale get the job that you have for them in Jesus name

  28. St Joseph please pray for me to find a potential loving, caring and above all God fearing man. Jesus Mary and Joseph i trust in you. Mk

  29. Pray that my money problem go away…there is never effort money to pay all my bills….I need peace, help to hold on to my faith ….that God will open the window unto me….pray that I stay strong. in the Lord

  30. St. Joseph –
    I pray you hear and intercede on the behalf of all those who request. I’d appreciate a hand in selling my home, it has been on the market for two years and I implore your intercession in finding the right people to fall in love with it and decide to purchase it. I know all is done in your time but appreciate your help soon. Thank and bless you.

  31. Dear Saint Joseph please help me get accepted into VA hospital. I got two interviews but the first one they didn’t accept me. Please help me get accepted/ entered in VA hospital. That they will give me the shift and weekend I want. Thank you…Saint Joseph help us also on our mortgage hoping we won’t go foreclosure. Help my kids on their studies, help them focus and bless my husband and touch his heart to help me on our expenses. I believe in you Saint Joseph and I thank you for everything.

  32. Dear St Joseph my great friend.. I thank you for answering my prayer for a wonderful loving committed man to come into my life some time ago . . I pray again this novena for our relationship as he is distant at present due to work and family issues and I love and miss him so much . I pray that he returns quickly and that we are a loving committed couple again.. St Joseph you know what’s in my heart please intercede for me .. Thank you and I believe in you St Joseph.

  33. Please st. Joseph help my husband with his job . and to have more faith in God and in pray please st. Joseph help the women to fix his time for part time not full time ! Please help pray .in the name of the father and to holy. Spirt amen. Anna

  34. looking for prayer to St Joseph the cover is yellow and the booklet is about three pages lost mine and am sick over it please help!!!

  35. Dear St. Joseph, please pray for me. I have been unemployed for 3 months. I have been to 1 interview and no offers. My fear is I may run out of funds and my daughter and I will be homeless. Please! Please! Grant me favor with this request. Please hear my cry.

  36. Dear St. Joseph, please pray for me as I am out of Job for last 6 months. I am been going for various interviews but I am not getting a job. Please pray for me so that I could secure a job immediately St. Joseph. I am loosing my hope and my ground. Please hear me St.Joseph.

  37. Thank you, St. Joseph, for prayers answered — for hearing my novena request that we were able to smoothly sell our home to kind buyers, and help us to find a home that perfectly suited our needs in a welcoming community. Thank you St. Joseph, my Lord Jesus Christ, and God Almighty. Amen.

  38. please pray for my son. He is newly married and needs to find a good job to support his family and they their news life started. He has been working hard and trying to keep positive. It’s been a real struggle. I pray that st Joseph will hear my prayers and help my family as he has many times before in other ways

  39. Dear St. Joseph,

    I humble myself as i ask you to pray for me to get a better job. I have sent so many job applications and i have not received even one interview call. I am not going to give up because i trust in you for help. Please stand with me in prayer.
    Thank you St. Joseph.

  40. Dear St Joseph
    please pray for me I need a job as soon as I can my life has turned so bad .I have been out of job for 2 years and I have kids.I don’t know how I’m going to pay university fees.I have been called to 2 teacher interviews but its been so quiet. Please; please I’m so desperate to make my life possible.

  41. Please help my daughter find a job. I humbly ask that you assist her in her search. She is getting discouraged but I have faith that you will hear my prayers.

  42. Dear St. Joseph,

    I come to you with this one humble request and petition of finding employment. I am praying that the applications have made to several organizations to be successful. Moreover, my dream organization that I am looking forward to and waiting for an interview call. St. Joseph pass my prayers to the Almighty God that I will be successful in my search in Jesus name. Amen.

  43. Please bring more men to our youth group!!!! Men are needed to help run our discipleship groups, and boys need to be discipled by other men, not just women. I beg you, St. Joseph, and St. Anthony, to bring us more men for this ministry.

    Please be with a friend also who is struggling, and all who have asked me to pray for them. Help them, be present to us, and pray for us all to be the best possible versions of ourselves.


  44. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please help me find a job. Please help the right job find me so I can help pay my bills and help my family. I have been looking and praying and nothing has found me. Please help me. Amen

  45. Dear st. Joseph,

    Tomorrow will mark one week since I had an interview for job I would love to get. I have been looking for s job for a while and this job is one I know I can do supremely well and help the company and many other people. I ask for your hflp solving my job search issue and give me the opportunity to prove I can do the job, provide for my family and help the many people I know I can help.
    Give the courage and support to stay positive and until I hear positive new from “OR”. One thing I must admit is that the time I had off looking for a job has given the opportunity to connect more with my kids and become much closer to them. I had no idea how much closer it brought me espacially to my son and for that I am incredibly appreciative.

    Thank you my liars Jesus christ, Mary mother if God and St. Joseph for all the support and help you afforded me and my family over the years and I ask for your help just one more time. Please let me hear positive news about this job.

    I am forever grateful. Thank you.

  46. Please pray for my son and that others who have made mistakes toward him find it in their heart to be honest and don’t want bad things to happen toward him Amen

  47. Dear St Joseph
    I’m a newlywed wife to decent and God fearing man; who seems to be down on luck in getting a job since we got married. He is a good provider and very humble as well as modest. He won’t admit that we’re struggling but I know deep down he’s scared to be a faliure in providing for his new family. Once upon a time he walked with God; he used to be a pastor but he left the ministry. I know for sure once he gets down on his knees and starts praying again and walks with God one more time his life will change for the better.
    St Joseph I come specifically to you as you were a carpenter as my husband who also is a framer and builds houses. I humbly request your assistance in helping my husband.
    Thank you St Joseph.

    • I would like to thank St Joseph for granting my prayers about my husband Mark, since my last prayer request my husband has been getting jobs. In a day he gets either two or three job offers. Thank you again St Joseph.
      We are humbly blessed .

  48. Dear st. Joseph,

    Tonight I ask for your help more than ever in helping find a new job. I interviewed for a job on 9/1 and this is the ultimate job for me. Please help me land this job and solve my job search issue. I made a promise to help other in need and I will honor my commitment. I pray I hear good news soon and I ask for your support more than ever.

    Thank you St. Joseph.

  49. Please pray my husband finds a job soon. He has been without work for almost a year. We are caring for his elderly parents, as well as our children in a small apartment and are hardly able to make ends meet. I’ve had to beg from family to pay for rent and buy food. Those wells are dry now and we are almost going to end up homeless. Please pray for us!! Pray that he finds a job!! I beseech you all!!

  50. Saint Joseph,

    I pray that you bring my boyfriend back to me. For him to see all the love i have for him, and for him to see and trust i will be more responsible with my budgeting. I pray we will be back together and live a long and happy life together.

    Thank you St. Joseph, my Jesus, and my blessed Mother


  51. Dear Saint Joseph:
    I ask for your help and pray for solving all the job problems of my husband. My family depends on him and on his job.
    St Joseph please pray for my husbands job.
    Thank you st. Joseph, my lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  52. St Joseph, I feel lost my career and I am not using the talents the Lord bestowed on me. I am answerable on my final days. Please intercede for me to gain a stable full time job and residency in my present country.
    You moved to places and you know how difficult it is to settle down in a new environment, I feel like a nomad with nothing in my hand. No social or financial or job security. Please St Joseph pray for me to your beloved son. Amen.

  53. Dear Saint Joseph:
    I ask for your help and pray that I hear some good news about the job I interviewed for on Thursday. I need this job more than anything. My family depends on me and on this job.
    I need your support this time more than ever and I will do my best to help other in need.
    Thank you st. Joseph, my lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  54. Dear Saint Joseph: After two years of an abusive work environment, I decided to leave my job. I need your help securing anew on zoo as I am the only breadwinner in my household not to mention I support both my elderly parents. I interviewed today with a great company that I feel is a great place to be and I need your help more than ever to help me secure a job with this company. I ask for your help so I provide for those who count on me and to allow me to help others who need help. I am forever grateful and thankful for your help.

  55. Thank you, St. Joseph, for prayers answered. For hearing my novena request to sell our home that has been for sale for 8 years. Thank you for bringing the qualified buyers and for the smooth closing. Thank you St. Joseph, my Lord Jesus Christ, and God Almighty. Amen.

  56. St Joseph, I really need you to intercede for me. You know well that I don’t have my parents around and all i rely on the holy trinity and your blessed wife. Worries just keep circulating us and all I ask is to take them away and fill us with happiness, good health and prosperity. Please pray that the sellers of the house we bought move out soon and don’t continue to keep increasing their stay by a week everytime. That all the papers come to us properly and we able to give it out on rent to the right people. I also ask you to pray for my husband and me as we have moved to this new country for work, that he may continue to be blessed by you and all his salaries come on time and he grows in his career. For me to get a good job in this career that will help me grow professionally and personally besides paying me well. That this rental we staying in is protected by you and the landlords, neighbours, managers etc are nice. I surrender all my worries to your son Jesus and ask you to intercede for us. Amen.

  57. Dear St. Joseph, you provided a home for Mary and Jesus, please also pray that the Lord will provide comfortable, safe, affordable homes for my sister Kathy, and for my daughter Shannon. Knowing that God has plans for their good, I trust in your intercession, St. Joseph.

  58. St. Joseph, the patron of families pray for my family to be God fearing members and to live in unity and love. Pray for my children who have gone back to school for concentration and hardworking. Also for my financial status. I have so many unsettled debts and uncompleted projects.

    St. Joseph pray for me.

  59. DEAR SAINT JOSEPH, Lovely Patron Saint of most loving and faithful husbands, I have been praying for a long time and I will continue to pray, am humble, very, very humbly asking for the Holy Sacrament Marriage this year. Please send me a very loving and faithful husband like you. Am humbly asking for a happy family, beautiful and healthy kids, please help me financially that my investment be fruitful and please help me with a business am going to open. You know how much am struggling, how much am crying, day and night, please, please pray for me. I know HOLY GOD will answer me through your Holy prayers. One day I will celebrate my wedding. Amen!!!

  60. On the 9th day, we got finally got a house which we’ve been asking for. Thanks FATHER YAHWEH and ST. JOSEPH .


  61. Today I started my Novena to St. Joseph praying for his assistance on helping my husband and I to be approved for a mortgage on a new home we would like to purchase. I will have faith and I know St. Joseph will come to our aid and fulfill our request. He has been very helpful in his graces with my immediate family and extended.

    Please pray for us!

  62. The day after I began this novena, I received a phone call for a job interview. I went to the interview yesterday and today I received the job offer! Thank you St. Joseph.

  63. Please pray that Nicole will sell her house and that the circumstances will be peaceful and blessed. Amen Thank you very much. Dianne

  64. DeseSt Joseph, tonight I come to you. I have been praying this novena for a while now and I know you are working in my life. Please give me the patience I am needing. I miss him St Joseph. Please give me the reason to hold on and thank you for answering my prayers.

  65. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank St. Joseph Novena for employment, St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Monica, St. Joseph of Cupertino, Blessed Mother, St Anthony and all the Angels and Saints for guiding my brother in finding a job. He had been unemployed for 1.5 years. He will start working tomorrow. I just do not have words to express how thankful I am for prayers answered. Prayers are amazing when we have faith.

  66. Dear Lord please help the buyer for my house agree upon the inspections that the seller can only afford and do
    House needs to clos sept 15,2016
    Please pray for me

  67. Dear St Joseph please pray for the completion of renovation works at home in time for the christening of our daughter. Amen