St. Joseph Novena

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st. joseph novenaSt. Joseph is a powerful patron. He is, as John Paul II called him, the Guardian of the Redeemer. He humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. Therefore, St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries.

St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and so we come to him with this novena with a sense of humility because of his great humility.

There are actually a few different feast days for Saint Joseph, but March 19th has been most celebrated as his feast day in Western Christianity. But of course, you can pray a novena to him anytime.


St. Joseph Answers Prayers

I started this novena a month and a half after my husband was released from his job. He had one interview but no job offers. Thankfully on the 7th day, he received a job offer and starts his new job and career a week from tomorrow. Thank you St. Joseph and the Lord for hearing my prayers!

– Sam

Thanks be to God through the intercession of St. Joseph!!! The contract for our new house was signed today on St. Joseph’s feast day…the day after I finished the novena!

– Christy

St. Joseph Novena Prayers

Saint Joseph, you are the faithful protector and intercessor of all who love and venerate you. You know that I have confidence in you and that, after Jesus and Mary, I come to you as an example for holiness, for you are especially close with God. Therefore, I humbly commend myself, with all who are dear to me and all that belong to me, to your intercession. I beg of you, by your love for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon me during life and to assist me at the hour of my death.

Glorious Saint Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate Virgin, pray for me to have a pure, humble, charitable mind, and perfect resignation to the divine Will. Be my guide, my father, and my model through life that I may die as you did in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace I now implore:

(Mention your request)

Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I feel confident that your prayers on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

Day 1 – St. Joseph Most Just, Pray for us!
Day 2 – St. Joseph Most Prudent, Pray for us!
Day 3 – St. Joseph Most Loving Husband, Pray for us!
Day 4 – St. Joseph Most Strong, Pray for us!
Day 5 – St. Joseph Most Obedient, Pray for us!
Day 6 – St. Joseph Most Faithful, Pray for us!
Day 7 – St. Joseph Pillar of Families, Pray for us!
Day 8 – St. Joseph Patron of the Dying, Pray for us!
Day 9 – St. Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray for us!


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


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More About St. Joseph

Most of everything we know about Saint Joseph comes from Scripture. There is some disagreement about his genealogy, but both Mark and Matthew say his descent is from David, the greatest king of Israel — and yet, he was a very humble, working man. He was a carpenter.

It is said that it was probably in Nazareth that St. Joseph was betrothed to and married Mary. After discovering that Mary was pregnant, also after their betrothal, he knew that the child was not his – and as such, he had planned on divorcing her quietly.

However, an angel came to him in a dream and told him that the child Mary was carrying was the son of God. Immediately upon hearing this, Joseph took Mary as his wife.

The angel came a second time to tell him his family was in danger, and he also reacted immediately by leaving everything behind him — his family, friends, and all that he owned — to go to Egypt with Mary and their newborn baby, Jesus.

There is a lot we don’t know about St. Joseph, but we do know that he loved Jesus as his own son, he respected God and he was a righteous man. (Matthew 1:18)

He is the Patron of…

St. Joseph is known to help the faithful especially by praying for the following:

  • People
    • Cabinetmakers, carpenters and craftsmen
    • Confectioners
    • The dying
    • Engineers
    • Families
    • Fathers
    • Workers
    • House Hunters
    • People in doubt
    • Travelers
  • Countries
    • Canada
    • China
    • Korea
    • Viet Nam
  • Other
    • Happy death
    • Holy death
    • Universal Church
    • Vatican II

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  1. St Joseoh,please hear my prayers for the boys.Please intercede for them.I place all my prayers in your safe hands.Thankyou.x

  2. St Joseph,I continue to pray for your intercession.Please allow Paul a place on the course,please hear my prayers for Huw.I place my family and all who need your merciful intervention in your safe hands.Please pray with us.Thankyou.x

  3. Miracle Prayer

    Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favors.
    This time I ask for a special one (mention here), Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken Heart where your father sees it. Then, in His merciful eyes it will become Your Favors not mine. Amen.

    say for 3 days and publish

  4. Dear St. Joseph. Please intercede in the sale of the farm in VA. I have done all I possibly can do. I’m already taking a loss. Yet, it doesn’t want to sell. Please bring forth the family that is to live there. I have always entrusted the sale of our homes and each time you have helped. Thank you.
    Please, unite my family. There is as o much division. I especially commend into your care T and K. T needs to be a good caring father. K needs him so much. Please protect, guide, and do not allow any spiritual or physical harm to K.

  5. My husband died cancer at young age 40years old, left me with 2 kids, 3 year old boy and 4 year old daughter. We are desperate for a house close to public transport, walk distance to catholic school and Catholic Church for my kids education and faith in God’s love

  6. St Joseph,please intercede for me.Please allow Paul a place on the course,please hear my prayers for Huw.I place my boys in your merciful hands and continue to pray for your intercession.Stay close to all who call on you please.x

  7. Thank you so much the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, St. Joseph and everyone who prayed for me. My prayers came true. :) I hope my other family members will find jobs they deserve, permanent jobs, so they don’t have problems when it comes to money. Healthy lives and more blessings to all of us. Amen. Thank you so much for all the blessings. :)

  8. Please pray for my daughter Chloe that she will forgive me and that we will be a family again i miss her please pray for is

  9. Oh St.Joseph ,Dear St. Expedite and Faithful friend of Jesus-St. Jude,
    I humbly beg for your immediate intercession. My family and I are in desperate and immediate need for a financial miracle. Just got a call that we are now being sued by 4 creditors :( we are so depressed. We don’t have enough money for groceries, bills,mortgage, car payments and just everyday living stuff. By no means do I want material things- I just want my kids to have a good childhood and not see us struggle financially. I also ask that you provide my husband a job opportunity to obtain gainful employment that allows him to provide more than enough financially for our family. We are in desperate need of a miracle only
    Our Lord and you special Patron Saints are capable of doing for us. Please help me in my urgent need! I promise to spread the special names of you wonderful saints in Thanksgiving of prayers answered. Amen.


  10. Oh St.Joseph, please come to my immediate and urgent need. My husband and I are in financial pain right now. We need to be able to maintain a healthy and safe home for our 5 children. We are struggling more than ever right now. 3 months past due on mortgage payments, received foreclosure paperwork, so many past due bills,collections and another suing in the works for my medical bill. We feel so alone and are starting to lose faith. Please let things get better for our family. Please ask your divine son to Bless us with a financial miracle immediately. Please help my husband find and obtain gainful employment so that he can provide more than enough for our family financially and not have to worry about comission and meeting quotas every month. St. Joseph, I ask you with a humble and loving heart. Please intercede and pray for us! amen.

  11. I thank God for life, my loved ones health, and the income we have. I pray that I wont loose my hours at the school, we did get a few students this year this can make our future at that school uncertainly. I pray for financial stability. Now that I was able to start paying back my studly loans the unstable times started again. I got just one year stability.Please help me to stay humble, pure of heart, stay calm and don’t loose faith and my smile, and tranquility. Protect and bless my family and loved ones. Thank you for them. Help me to find enough hours to survive and keep the other jobs I have. Help me to be wise with my finance my decision an exceed at my jobs so I can keep them. I don’t have any choice than have more than one. Protect us Lord




    Thank you St. Anthony for your intercession.

  13. The first time I prayed this novena, I was not sure weather to apply for a certain job since I love my current one. I asked st. Joseph to intervene and I believe I am still in my current job for a good reason. I also asked him to help my brother come back home which he did. I have prayed yet again that he gets a job. He reports to his new job on Monday.
    abba father, may your name forever be glorified.

  14. I started praying this novena to St. Joseph so my husband would get busy at work and that there would be overtime. Thank you, St. Joseph, for bringing my prayer to God. There is now so much work at my husband’s shop, he is working 12 hr. days and Saturday. God is so good.

  15. St Joseph,please hear my prayers for the boys,please intercede for them.I place all my hopes and prayers in your merciful hands and ask please for your help.Please stay close to us and all who call on your intercession.Thankyou.x

  16. Dear St. Joseph. I’m imploring your intercession in the sale of my house. Please bring forth the people that are looking for a place such as mine. Let the sale be uneventful and the outcome be pleasing to both sides. I have always placed our homes in your hands and without fail you have always come thru. I trust you.

  17. St Joseph,I place my sons in your loving arms and pray for your intercession.Please watch over them,guide them always.Please hear my prayers for them.Thankyou.x

  18. St Joseph,I continue to place my prayers in your loving hands.Please pray for my family,please watch over them.Please pray for Paul to be given a place on the course,there are only 12 places.Please allow Huw success and happiness in his post.I pray that you keep them safe,healthy,happy.Thankyou for all that you do.x

  19. Thank you St. Joseph after this novena I landed a permanent teaching contract for Science. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession to God.

    I Love You!

  20. Thank you St. Joseph! Shortly after finishing the novena our prayers were answered favorably. This, after two years of a stale housing market. Thank you St Jospeh for your intercession. Prayers will be continued. X

  21. Dear St. Joseph, I ask,pray and beg of you to come to mine and my husband’s aide right now. Please ask your son, Jesus Christ, to bless us with the things we need in our life right now. I ask that you will guide and help T to get a good job that will provide more than enough financially for our family. If it means moving I am willing as long as my family and I are always safe and healthy. I ask that you intercede for us so that our home Doesn’t go into active foreclosure. We just received the letter that we have to come up with $3100 by July 17 or we will be in active foreclosure. Please bring us financial peace and freedom from our debts,past due bills,etc… Even with this small pt job I was offered- we are still going to be short about $800 each month. we can’t afford to live right now. Please help us and pray for us! In Jesus ‘ amen.

  22. Dear St Joseph

    Please restore my son’s job offer that has been withdrawn due to change in rules. He is very depressed and confused. He had worked very hard for this. Please help him to get back his job and the necessary work permit. He needs a miracle, I place him in your hands.

  23. St Joseph,please intercede for me,please hear my prayers for my family.I place them all in your merciful hands and continue to pray for your inter cessions.Thankyou.x

  24. St Joseph,please watch over my sons,please keep them safe,healthy,happy.I place them in your loving arms and pray for your merciful protection.Stay close to them always.Thankyou so much.x

  25. Dear St Joseph,

    Please intercede For Me I Need To Sell My Home When Every The Time Is Right I Thank You And Praise You For All The Prayers Youve Answered

  26. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please pray for the victims of violence. Help the families forgive the person that cost them so much pain.

    I need your intercession for my son, my friend’s son, and myself for a career and that will help us become better citizens in Christ. Pray for my family members that are dealing with mental and physical illnesses.


  27. St. Joseph, I call on you in my immediate and urgent need. I don’t even want to wake up in the morning – just because I am forced to think about the financial mess we are in. I have the constant reminders of being 3 months past due on our mortgage payments, receiving more and more collection notices and suings each day. I don’t know how to cope with any of this. I know it is said that God only gives us what we can handle. But I am losing strength and faith. I have 5 children to take care of. I’ve applied for a job that will hopefully help out a lil (if I even get it) but it’s not going to be a life saving job. Please send me some kind of miracle that will help my family and I financially. Please don’t let my prayers go unanswered. I don’t understand why God would want us to lose our house or car. or struggle to put food on the table. If my husband could get a better paying job that isn’t based on comission maybe we would be better off. Please St.Joseph, pray for me! amen.

  28. Loving St Joseph,I place all my hopes and prayers in your safe hands and pray for your merciful intercession.Please stay close to us and all who call on you.Thankyou.x

  29. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please pray for the victims’ families in the Charleston,South Carolina shooting. Help us find forgiveness for the shooter.


  30. St. Joseph, please intercede for me! I am in urgent need. I have been praying so hard for a long time. we are still in this financial mess and it’s only getting worse. we are now 3 months past due on our mortgage payments. And the bills just keep pouring in. How are we to take care of our 5 children without proper finances? I don’t know what else to do or where else to turn. Also will you please bless my husband with a better paying job that is m-f and a little closers to home? if he can at least get a new job he can take the money out of his 401k to pay off our debt. Please, whatever the answer may be to these problems – please guide us and help us to love and appreciate God’s answer. Please let the suings, the collectors and all the other stressful things be removed from our lives and give us peace in our minds and hearts.
    St. Joseph, please pray for us. amen

  31. St Joseph,please hear my prayers for Paul and Huw,please intercede for them.I place all my prayers and hopes in your safe hand.Please allow Paul a place on the course,please send Huw the key he needs.Stay close to all who call on your merciful help.Thankyou.x

  32. St Joseph,
    Thank you so much for hearing my prayers! I got the confirmation from one firm today for a one year retainership job. If all goes well, it will become permanent after a year. I will continue to pray to you for my career growth. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession.

  33. Loving St Joseph,please hear my prayers for the boys,please will you intercede for them.I place them in your merciful hands and pray for your intercession.Thankyou.x

  34. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please intercede for the children that suffer due to wars and natural disasters.

    I do need your intercession for my son, Brandt, my friend’s son, Josh and myself for a career change that will make us better Christians and citizens. Pray for my family and friends that need prayers to get them thru their illnesses.

    I am truly grateful for all my gifts that the Lord has given my family and myself.

    Thank you!

  35. St Joseph please intervene for My daughter and son-in-law in their effort to negotiate their house in Alabama. I pray that the builder is willing to meet them half way in their efforts and they can have a quick closing. I pray that my inspection goes well on my house in Covington and we can all move to be close together. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

  36. Loving St Joseph,I place all my hopes and prayers in your safe hands and ask please for your merciful intercession.Thankyou.x

  37. St Joseph,
    Thank you so much for hearing our prayers! My husband got confirmation today that he has a 6 month consulting job and if all goes well, will become perminant! I will continue to pray to you that this time goes well for him, that his employment continues. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession. I will pray for all others in need of work.

  38. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please intercede on the behalf of the children that live each day in the war zone areas. Let there be a leader that preaching love and peace not hate and power. Pray for families that are trying to rebuild after a natural disaster.

    I need your intercession for my son, Brandt, my friend’s son, Josh, and myself to find a career that will help change our lives for the better. Also need your intercession for my family members that are dealing with mental and physical illness.

    Thank you
    GOD is Great!

  39. Loving St Joseph,please hear my prayers,please intercede for Paul,Huw Keith,Alex,Conall.Please allow Paul a place on the course,please intercede for Huw.Watch over us please,stay close to all who call on you.Thankyou so much.x

  40. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Pray that the families that survive natural disasters will rebuild with God’s guidance. Please intercede that leaders will preach peace and love not power and hate in the Middle East.

    I need your intercession for my family, friends and myself to get a career so we can be better citizens. Thank you Saint Joseph for all your help.


  41. dear heavenly father mother mary novena this is my humbly request to you pray for my daughter tanaz her throat will be fine and relief from cough i am her mother since four days she is continously coughing so many medicine i had given to her nothing is happening i worried about my daughter please stop coughing her get a miracle that her health will be ok and fit for ever

  42. Loving St Joseph,I place all my prayers in your merciful hands and ask for your intercession.Please allow Paul a place on the course,please intercede for Huw,Alex,Conall.Thankyou.x

  43. Loving St Joseph,please hear my prayers.I place all my prayers in your merciful hands and ask for your intercession.Thankyou.x

  44. St.Joseph, please help my family and I in our urgent need. We are almost 3 months past due on mortgage payments with no catching up in site. Please provide us with a miracle that will allow us to catch up on our mortgage payments and all the other bills we are past due on. My husband works on comission and has had some very bad months again. Please allow something good to happen as well as a good job opportunity to come to T that will allow him to provide more than enough financially for our family. St.Joseph, please lay your loving hands on us and intercede for us. Thank you my loving St. Joseph.

  45. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please intercede for families that need guidance in the natural disaster areas to rebuild in God’s name. Pray that a leader will appear in the Middle East that preaches peace and love not hate and power.

    I need your intercession for my family and friends in finding a career that will be fulfilling and will make us a better citizen in this world. Prayer for my family and friends during their battles with their illnesses.


  46. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please intercede for the family that are trying to rebuild after a natural disaster and trying to survive in the war zone areas of the world in God’s name and guidance.

    Please pray for my family members and friends that need a job and career. Help my family members that are coping with a ailment. God is wonderful! Thank you Saint Joseph for your intercessions.

  47. St.Joseph, please, I beg of you to please intercede for me and my family immediately. Just when I’m starting to feel positive and like things will be ok -something more happens (bad) it feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders right now. This financial stress is weighing heavy on me and it’s affecting my marriage. I wish I knew what I am doing wrong. I pray,I have faith in God and all His saints, I do good with what I do have. I just don’t understand this. I’m not asking for wealth or material items. I just ask for enough money to pay our debts,catch up on the mortgage payments that are almost 3 months behind,for T to be able to re-lease or somehow get a loan for a reliable vehicle and to be able to take care of our family of 7 financially. I don’t understand where I am going wrong. There are so many ppl that don’t believe in God that have anything and everything they could possibly imagine. I understand our ignorance put us in the financial problem we are in- but I would give just about anything to have a fresh start one last time and prove that I will do only good. Please Lord, with your loving hands and the divine intercession of your foster father, St. Joseph, I beg of you to please come to my aide. I need you now!

  48. Dear st. Joseph, thank u for answering my prayer reg: our rate going lower, I will con’t to pray to u in hopes to pay off our home within 10 years, I will follow through with my commentment as I promised to u, I want to thank u with all my heart in helping us. Sincerely (humbly) gloria

  49. Loving St Joseph,please hear my prayers,please allow Paul a place on the course.Please intercede for Paul,Huw,Alex,Conall,Keith.I place all my prayers in your merciful hands and ask for your intercession.Thankyou.x

  50. Dear Lord, Mama Mary, St. Joseph
    Please everyone pray for my brother jp.
    He doesn’t want to share his problems with us, and Lord, you know what in his mind and heart. Please enlighten his mind and heart to think positive thoughts only. To show him how wonderful life is. You are the only one who can help him with his problems. Please, Lord, we can’t lose him. Please everyone pray for my brother jp. Please, Lord, guide and protect him. Amen. Bless jp my Lord. Thank you so much.

  51. Dear Saint Joseph,

    With your prayers and God’s guidance, the people of natural disasters can rebuild and support their family. Also leaders that preach peace in war zones can be heard over hate and power.

    Please intercede on behalf of my son, my friend’s son, and myself for a career so we can better citizen in this world. Please pray for people in my family that are dealing with an ailment.


  52. St.Joseph, I beg for your immediate intercession in this great and urgent time of need we are in. Please send a financial miracle to my family and I . And if we are meant to move out of state for a job for T-let it be. Just please, love and guide us every step of the way. Please my beloved St. Joseph, pray for me! Amen

  53. Dear God, Mama Mary, St. Joseph
    Please guide and protect my brother jp.
    Help him deal with his problems. He needs you the most.
    Enlighten his heart and mind so he can find peace.
    He is always stressful, so please, give him strenght.
    Take him away from the people who take advantage of his kindness.
    He is generous, kind and loving son, husband, friend, and a brother. Amen. Thank you for everything.
    Thank you so much because anytime soon we will get the key for our new home. Please guide and protect our new home. Filled it with all your love. Bless our home and our family. Amen.

  54. Dear Saint Joseph,

    I need your intercession. I am depressed and need your help. I been out of work for a long time. Please pray that my son, Brandt, my friend’s son, Josh, and myself will find a career with your guidance and God’s love. Thank your for listening.